MLB Ballpark

MLB Ballpark

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  • Current Version: 10.2.0
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: MLB
  • Compatibility: Android
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MLB Ballpark App

The MLB Ballpark app is your mobile companion when visiting your favorite Major League Baseball ballparks. The official MLB Ballpark application perfectly complements and personalizes your trip with digital ticketing functionality, mobile check-in, offers, rewards and exclusive content. **** Ballpark Features (iPhone) **** • Access and manage your tickets (MLB account required; select clubs) • Team schedule, ticket information and sales and promotional event listings • Interactive map with directory of food, beverage, merchandise and other amenities • Check In for offers and rewards • View scores and photos from all your ballpark visits • Customize to feature a designated favorite MLB team • Social media clubhouse, including social rewards for select clubs • Directions and parking information © 2021 MLB Advanced Media, L.P. All Major League Baseball trademarks and copyrights used herein are the property of the applicable MLB entity. All rights reserved.

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MLB Ballpark app reviews

  • Lag to get tix 2/5

    By c'mon MLB!
    Expect a lag “getting” your tickets. Mine didn’t show up until the next day… which was infuriating, especially if you’re purchasing day-of, coordinating with others, or down right impatient about the boatload of money (including fees) you just laid-out, with nothing to show. You’ll navigate the app trying to re-log-in, but find yourself unable to do so. Instead you’ll fumble around to “select your favorite team” which is probably the least helpful feature. Maybe the FAQ will help? No, it won’t. It’ll just redirect you. There is literally no value to this app. (Revised from 1 to 2 start when my tickets finally showed up)
  • Not very user friendly to buy parking 1/5

    By JTF12021
    Difficult to just buy parking then a hassle to try and find it when I pulled up to ticket window
  • Horrendous Technology. 1/5

    By kellyyy90
    Two freaking nights in a row the app has been down and we’ve been forced to wait in the will call line with everyone else whose app is down and can’t access their tickets. If you’re going to force us to use the app for season tickets at least make sure it works. Livid.
  • Terrible app, even worse UX 1/5

    By Winston Niles Rumfoord
    As a mobile product manager, I can say this is one of the worst apps I’ve ever used. It’s full of iframed mobile web pages that can’t even keep you signed in. Seriously cutting into revenue, as I couldn’t even purchase 8-tickets on three attempts of “reset your password.” MLB, you make too much profit to make such a terrible app.
  • If I could give zero stars I would. 1/5

    By TEE_KAY_13
    This app is literal garbage. Error messages when you try to do anything… Want to add a ticket to your wallet app? Error message. Want to forward a ticket to another member in your group? Error message. Want to cancel said transfer that failed to begin with? Error message. I’m sorry, but you think they would have at least tried the most basic of tasks before putting this app on the market. So embarrassing. 🤦🏻‍♀️
  • Terrible useless app 1/5

    By Matt7557
    I tried to buy tickets to the Nationals game. The tickets I bought show up on the Nats website but not in this garbage app. After spending 2 hours on the phone with MLB trying to troubleshoot the problem, they basically told me it’s not their problem and to try calling the nationals. There’s no need to have this app, other teams such as the Orioles just email you your tickets. MLB should just email you your tickets instead of forcing you to use this terrible app that does not work.
  • My tickets disappeared 1/5

    By Thomas Toones
    The app had me down load the already downloaded app again. My 20 purchased tickets disappeared. No idea how to get them back or where to get help.
  • Says I’m verified but tickets aren’t appearing 1/5

    By JakeBohenko
    Using the the right email too
  • Tickets not showing up 1/5

    By shaodben
    Spent $140 on tickets and they aren’t showing up. This app is a rip off and so frustrating to use. I got an email saying my tickets had been bought but a week later aren’t showing up.
  • Worst setup ever 1/5

    By Dablues38
    It only gets one star because you have to give one. I purchased tickets and get the email confirmation and follow the directions to download the app. For whatever you need to enter a credit card to download a free app, but whatever. Once it's downloaded I follow the directions to access the tickets and they aren't there. Nothing works. I used the contract us option to get feed back on how to access the tickets and no response. No wonder attendance is down.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By metalinmyblood
    Horrible app. My tickets have disappeared every time I have used this app to purchase them. Absolutely awful
  • Could not get tickets 1/5

    By mlb app is the worst
    This app is the worst. I purchased tickets to the game and they did not show up in the app. I’m waiting in a line of approx 300 people with the same issue while missing the game. The teams should just send PDFs instead of making rely on this not ready for prime time app.
  • Horrible experience 1/5

    By Carl391
    Bought tickets on these and tried to transfer them to my mother for Mother’s Day and it was not allowing me to do that. Made a complete waste of $150. Will never trust this app to do anything ever again
  • Broken 1/5

    By Chris rothacher
    This app is terrible and the mlb should have its ducks in a row at this point. We are almost 3 months into the season and we still have lines of over 600 people that can’t access tickets and have to queue up to get physical tickets. So much for fighting scalpers. Morons.
  • All fans locked out of game in San Francisco 1/5

    By JJH49
    Brilliant MLB. Forced everyone into this lame app and now none of the fans can get in the ballpark So many bugs it’s an embarrassment that Apple hasn’t kicked it out of the App Store.
  • Trash 1/5

    By jaaaaaa7
    Absolute trash app. Worst thing to do was have the other apps partner with this one because I can’t even access or send tickets I’ve purchased to the people who I’m going to the game with
  • Non-functional 1/5

    By Beej1919
    If the ballpark app is the only way to access tickets, and the app doesn’t work, then how do you get in to the game!?
  • Terrible App 1/5

    By xbchief
    App doesn’t show tickets even after being charged. Terrible.
  • Forwarding feature broken 2/5

    By rselwitz824
    Extremely frustrating it completely times out and doesn’t work.
  • Useless Steps 1/5

    By Jeffk3763
    I have always, and will continue to just use Apple wallet or a website to access my tickets. Forcing me to download this app, which I just made an account is useless. All i did was collect my tickets and then transfer them to my Apple wallet and then uninstall the app. The app didn’t kill my family or anything but why add a useless step that takes 15 minutes to complete? EDIT: Wish I could go to 0 stars based on the canned response every 1 star review gets. My issue wasn’t with the app, it’s that the app exists at all.
  • where are my tickets 1/5

    By sench 76666666666
    I bought tickets through another app that I’ve used plenary of times but never had to go through mlb ballpark app. I verified my email when prompted to and received another email saying my tickets were forwarded to me. However, when I go on the all the tickets are nowhere to be found.
  • Annoying App 1/5

    By SK-All-day
    Forcing fans to download this app to get access to online tickets is annoying at best. Will be deleting this app shortly after the game.
  • Cancer in app form 1/5

    By Rusty Deez
    Truly cancerous to have this app. Notifications, ordering a hot dog, ticket malfunctions. Technology should improve and streamline things, not make it twice as hard and thrice as long to get anything done.
  • Forced to download to attend a game 1/5

    By Nathan Adair
    Your website makes it excruciatingly difficult to download my digital tickets without getting your app. I don’t want your stupid app on my phone and the experience is so poor I honestly am thinking that I’ll just go see a basketball or hockey game next time instead.
  • Doesn’t load correctly, slow. 1/5

    By jooby34
    Needs to be fixed.
  • Coercive Nonsense 1/5

    By Staniscia22
    The fact that you can only get your tickets by downloading this app is a strong-arm technique that adds an unnecessary level of complexity to an already onerous process
  • Steals my tickets 1/5

    By Spaneele
    If I could rate it zero stars I would. As a long time season ticket holder I am stuck with this. I wish we could go back to paper at this point. Every time we transfer tickets, an email arrives saying accept tickets. I do. But tickets don’t appear in Ballpark. Then we have to cancel and resend and usually it works the second or third try after long periods of wasted time. Really a frustrating nightmare.
  • Ticket not showing. 1/5

    By Doctor_Strange
    I purchased tickets through the app. I made sure I was logged onto my mlb account. My tickets aren’t displaying. This is the first issue I’ve had with this app. I hope it’s the last issue I have.
  • Cant even open the app 1/5

    By hello ope
    Created a legitimate login on the app, kept getting error messages. Went to desktop and logged in fine. Mobile app doesn’t work. Not sure how to go to a baseball game if I can’t get to my tickets in this horrible nonworking app.
  • Alerts 1/5

    By Dhosta
    Got non stop alerts every minute for an hour, found the resolution uninstall the app.
  • Worst app I’ve ever had 1/5

    By billsarenumber1
    I’ve had iPhones for over 10 years now and this is the first review I’ve ever done. This app is terrible. I don’t have access to my tickets on it. Don’t bother with it
  • Annoying test notifications 1/5

    By Friend called Matt
    This app was required to go to a Blue Jays game in Buffalo. I received 5 test push notifications in a matter of minutes before finally turning them off.
  • Notification spam 1/5

    By GTB2
    This app is a notification spammer
  • Why all the test pushes? 1/5

    By crash89
    This is driving me nuts. I have gotten over a dozen “test push” notifications in the last 30 minutes. Make it stop!
  • Push Notifications 1/5

    By Grggjghfrbhdnd
    They have been constantly sending testing push notifications non-stop all morning. MLB fire your developers ASAP. Thanks.
  • Do you realize you are pushing test notifications to everyone? 1/5

    By llopuy
    What kind of developers do you hire? You are pushing test notifications to live users. Had to uninstall it. Good luck keeping your jobs!
  • Stop sending me Push Notificiations 1/5

    By ahnafy
    Stop sending me push notifications test messages! Shouldn’t you be doing this is your dev and test environments and not in production? Come on now!
  • Test push notifications 1/5

    By Btorrez
    What the heck is going on!?!? I’ve received a dozen “test push notifications” within the last half hour
  • Push Notifications 1/5

    By Lala Patrice
    For the love of God!! Stop sending test. push notifications!!!!!
  • Push notification testing 1/5

    By Bringbacktheatm
    Been getting push notification for the last 15 minutes, ever 30 seconds, for “testing”. Super annoying.
  • Notifications 1/5

    By Skipzmcgee
    Just deleted this app because of all the nonsense notifications.
  • Fastest Uninstall of my Life 1/5

    By Hxzhajkakaksjxc
    I got a notification from this app saying, I kid you not, “Push Notification Testing.” How on earth a test operation gets pushed to prod and impacts all users is just beyond me. Indicates just gross incompetency on every level of development, QA testing and management on a scale I’ve genuinely never seen on iOS. Fastest uninstall of my life
  • Verified email, haven’t received my tickets 3/5

    By Kylekjc
    I purchased tickets through the Gametime app and verified my email with this app and still can’t get my tickets. Please help
  • Awful 1/5

    By nickname17431
    The site made me reset my valid password only for it not to work.
  • When did this app start 5/5

    By hfnfbh
    I love the app and looking back on my history of games......would love to go back in time and check into some older games.....I started in 2016, cam support tell me when the app came out?
  • Ballpark app 3/5

    By Doreen fasolayti doo
    This app is ok. The app lags a lot. I can’t transfer tickets. As there is a deep drive by Nick Castellanos that will be a homerun that will make it a four to nothing ball game.

    By Pete Doincalbob
    App always says it has technical errors when trying to confirm email.
  • Boycott MLB 1/5

    By Rwmullis79
    Boycott MLB. Support the Braves and local vendors.
  • TERRIBLE 1/5

    By bffsgujbff
    This app is awful and not user friendly. 0 out of 5 stars
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