MLB Beat the Streak

MLB Beat the Streak

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  • Current Version: 10.0.1
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: MLB
  • Compatibility: Android
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MLB Beat the Streak App

Win millions of dollars and be the first to take down baseball’s toughest streak from your iPhone with MLB Beat the Streak®. The concept is simple: pick one or two MLB players who you think will get a hit each day, make correct picks for 57 straight games to beat the all-time hitting streak record of 56 games and the grand prize could be yours. Should either of your players go hitless, your streak will start all over. The game is free and takes only 15 seconds a day to play. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. Must be a legal resident of the U.S. or Canada (excl. Quebec) & 21+ years of age. Ends following the conclusion of the final game of 2021 MLB regular season. The US$5,600,000 prize is subject to applicable taxes & awarded as winner's choice of 30-yr annuity of US$186,667 per year without interest or lump sum payment of the estimated present value of the prize, which as of February 25, 2021, equals US$4,245,306.17. If no eligible participant achieves a 57-game hitting streak, the US$5,600,000 prize will not be awarded. In no event will more than one (1) US$5,600,000 prize be awarded. Void in Quebec & where prohibited. See Official Rules, which govern, for complete details: © 2021 MLB Advanced Media, L.P. Major League Baseball trademarks and copyrights are used with permission of MLB Advanced Media, L.P. All rights reserved.

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MLB Beat the Streak app reviews

  • Leaderboard Doesn’t Function 3/5

    By TimW753210
    Love the app, one of my favorite games out there, but you definitely used to be able to click on an entry on the leaderboard and see who they’ve picked and the app doesn’t let you do that anymore
  • Beat the streak 1/5

    By GDantham
    Love the game love to play ..every single day I have to make up a new identity because it won’t recognize me or my password please fix .. We like the game but have run out of patience and deleted you please fix it Bonham
  • Please fix the filters and notifications!!!!! 2/5

    By Nicky Breakz
    This app is unusable w/out working filters and notifications. Please fix both ASAP!!!!!
  • Oops remove this review please 3/5

    By spudart
  • My selected player went 4 for 5 2/5

    By i want my hit
    2 days ago I doubled down with J.D. Martinez (1 for 4) and Jesse Winker (4 for 5) an was only counted for 1 hit for the day instead of 2 second time this happened to me first time this season please fix this
  • Good App, 5 streak prizes need to be better 3/5

    By ljajai
    Love beat the streak, and am happy to use it every day. However, it’s annoying when I got a 5 day streak and get the World Series sweepstakes or the tops bunt card. One prize that would make it better would be rewards/packs with MLB the show. Most people who are playing this app are likely playing the show.
  • please bring back groups!!!! 2/5

    By drew_up_a_win
    the group feature of this app used to be amazing. it made the contest so much more enjoyable and got a ton more of my friends and family to play it. now we can’t see how each other are doing, and it has taken a lot of fun out of the game, and most of them have stopped playing entirely. please please please bring back groups
  • Trash 1/5

    By Dhtotzke
    This app keeps getting worse. I don’t even know how thats possible.
  • They make it difficult 2/5

    By Bagelguy
    This is 2021! You’re telling me they can’t update anything but at the very end of the day? Pitcher changes, postponed games and, yes, hits! Those need to be updated basically live, it’s not that hard. This is so frustrating!
  • Can you actually win 5.6 million? 1/5

    By Aubin Paul
    In the app, under the prizes section, after you get to the prizes for a 55 hit streak, it doesn’t say anything about winning 5.6 million dollars? Is that an error or are you people false advertising? Please update that terms and conditions so people know what they are playing for.
  • App is terrible 1/5

    By Legacyofnomad
    Filters don’t work at all, takes all the fun out of it.
  • Does not keep you signed in 1/5

    By Spokane Cubs Fan
    I have to sign in almost every time I open the app. Very annoying! MLB, why can’t you make it so it remembers your sign in data!
  • Use to love it 1/5

    By Kapu Prophet
    I use to love playing BTS. But why can’t it save my log in. I hate having to log in all the time. I also hate that they got rid of the groups. Not even worth playing anymore.
  • Barely Functional 2/5

    By Wyld_Stallyns
    The app crashes every time I go to the leaderboard and try to look at other profiles. Also, I really wish there was Groups so you can add friends and keep up with them or compete with them. That would make this so much more fun. Plus, some fun notifications would be nice letting you know how your picks performed and how your streak is getting better.
  • Bring back groups 1/5

    By azftjfdhbcyi
    Nothing more to say - Groups is essential to participating
  • Great Game - Terribly Managed 1/5

    By scherping
    I absolutely love this game, but the app is terrible. I think the developers have just given up and it’s sad. My biggest complaint about the app is that it SHOULD be such an easy fix. This app isn’t doomed, someone just has to try. That’s it, just try a little to make it great. Here’s one more 1 star review in hopes they bring back groups and make it semi-functional.
  • Bugged 1/5

    By gbar2098
    Filters are extremely buggy, produce players that don’t match the filter at all. That’s always been an issue, but now probable pitchers aren’t even being listed on the app? Functionality is essentially zero.
  • Doesn’t work don’t download 1/5

    By moloko5
    Is it a joke? Who approved the release of this garbage? It has two screens neither of which do anything at all.
  • Glitchy 2/5

    By YayaBananas3
    Any time I use the filters, if I use two instead of one it says swing and a miss there’s no results try again. It doesn’t matter what combination of filters I use. I know this just isn’t right. It’s very irritating.
  • Completely useless 1/5

    By markg454
    - can’t login on iOS - no notifications - no groups - filter selectors nearly never work What a piece of junk.
  • Improve the app 1/5

    By bring back wwe
    Fix custom searches plz and stop logging me out
  • Some Players Not Available 3/5

    By JM💰💵
    Some players are not available on certain games, even though they are on the roster and in the lineup. For example I want to pick Ty France tomorrow against the Astros but he’s not in the list of Mariners players. Also the pick history doesn’t work for me.
  • Getting harder to enjoy 2/5

    By Ridgewell
    I hate to jump on the apparent bandwagon, but this appears to be the only forum available for getting developer attention. Functionality for this app has diminished greatly over the years and this year is worse than ever. Custom research fails to produce any results and players are entirely excluded. For me, the worst part is that it won't save my login credentials or allow for biometrics (face ID), so I have to type my uname/pass every... single... time... I enter the app. It's a huge hassle that could easily be avoided, which is how I am starting to feel about the entire app.
  • Filtering doesn’t work; won’t install 1/5

    By Dave Sonn
    The filtering keeps returning no results or wrong results. I deleted the app to try and force/pull down a new version. Now the app won’t install to my phone and I have to use it from the cloud every time. This app is way worse than the previous version.
  • Terrible UI 1/5

    By htowngang
    this seems like it was built for a class project… bring back the groups and let you search for players
  • Pathetic 1/5

    By Ghfbthjbvbitvh
    So many steaks on the leaderboard just jump up by 2 for no reason. Such a pathetic app anyone who participated in developing this app should be fired on the spot
  • Not as Good/Fun Now 1/5

    By csmead719
    Used to be able to see all your picks leading to your current streak. Can’t any longer. Custom filter feature no longer works, which is really the most important feature of the app. Had a lot of fun doing this two years ago, but has been a less than stellar experience this year. It’s disappointing for sure.
  • Unfortunately lost a bit of functionality. 2/5

    By Steelpanz
    I’m safely assuming the organization has had massive turnover in app developers and support personnel. The app is a shell of what it used to be and lacks the group feature of old and also seems to have an issue on my device with notifications not pushing. And oddly, the player search filters don’t work consistently. I can select a series of parameters and search, only to get the notorious “swing and miss” error. But after going back and searching the same parameters a few times, results suddenly and surprisingly pop up. It’s entirely inconsistent. And search allows you to search for players who aren’t even in the starting lineup. It’s as if the poor development team was given this app after Covid and told to keep it going. It just doesn’t seem like there’s experience there to make this function close to what it was a couple years ago. I hate to delete it because it’s such a great link to keep interest in the sport. But without notifications, I forget to login and make picks with players who aren’t in the starting lineup or even be able to see players using filters.
  • Broken app for years 1/5

    By Kfree35
    I've been playing beat the streak for 8 years or so and this app should be so much better. They need to bring back groups so I can play with my friends and see their picks. Makes playing beat the streak a lot more fun and engaging. Also, the custom filter search is completely broken. I can't get it to return any players with even the most generic search. Ie - the only filter is top of lineup (should get three players from every team) and instead I get no results. The concept of this app is so simple, it's shocking that they can't get it right. Makes me think that there is not anybody working on it at all.
  • Broken without updates 1/5

    By Pongahoo
    Could you please perform maintenance on this app? This app works intermittently. No updates. Junk.
  • Use to be better now lots of bugs 1/5

    By J Blauvelt
    2 years ago you could create small groups and track how well you were doing vs your friends. Last year they took this away. Why? That was one of the best features. Now the only way to know this is to ask them. This years version is riddled with bugs. When you win a scratch off they take forever before they show in your profile (days instead of after you win it). You also need to log in constantly now. But it doesn’t tell you that until after you try to make a selection! Very annoying. Then you have to log in and make your selection again! It also won’t let you pick a player in the first game of a double header. Tried that twice now! The game is very fun to play. Seems they would be constantly improving on it ha regressing.
  • History 2/5

    By CM Gymnastics rocks!
    Can’t see previous streaks from prior years. I would like to see my best streak to see if I could beat it.
  • Awful App!! 1/5

    By josephtr23
    This app is honesty awful! It consistently crashes when you try to select users on the leaderboard and I don’t receive my scratch off prizes for my streaks! I emailed the customer service team and they emailed back with directions that didn’t make any sense. I’d give 0 stars if I could. Fix your app, I know you have the money.
  • App barely works 2/5

    By hungryinnj
    I’ve been playing for years on this app. The app took a MAJOR step back this year and has many bugs that need fixing. It appears they changed it for the worse and have other corrections to fix. This game the app hosts is great, but please, get it together and tighten things up for a smooth and functioning experience.
  • It use to work but now it’s crap 1/5

    By PatricknLA
    Can you please fix the app, hire competent IT people that understand smart phone apps, how about some notices when a player we installed to play for a day it’s playing, SMS message, email you have both methods to contact us. It is basically unusable now not worth the space it occupies on my phone. Why does BET MGM allow there good name to be dragged through the mud ? Hire GOOD competent IT PEOPLE it’s 2021

    By AJDB505
    It would get more stars, but you got rid of the groups! It’s so much more fun competing against family and friends. BRING BACK GROUPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Where’s my prizes ? 2/5

    By 90172653$49
    Got a 5 game hit streak and 10 game hit streak and have yet to receive my scratch off prizes. I reinstalled the app 3 times.... please fix this
  • Wont Give me Prize 1/5

    By mathnerd69
    Right now I have a streak of 14 and it hasn’t given me my scratch off prize of 10 plz give it to me
  • App needs a ton of fixes. 2/5

    By djm5150
    I have to login every day and make my selection all over again. The fun has been taken out of this app.
  • Can’t Pick Player in 2nd Game of DH 1/5

    By DK in Bay Area
    The hits just keep coming (not in a good way). When I try to pick a player in the second game of a doubleheader, the error message “You have submitted a player after that player’s lock time. Please make another pick.” This is in today’s NYM/COL game, which appears to have the same lock time as the first game of the DH. I can pick player in 2nd game of Tor/KC game which has a correct lock time. I wonder if their sponsor BetMGM developers are watching? Or even worse for them, the MLB app developers?
  • Somehow it gets worse every year 2/5

    By Jasonrrr32
    This app somehow finds a way to function less and get worse every year. Took a few days of trying just to get my profile to load, they removed groups, and now I’m at a streak of 6 and received no scratch off for a streak of 5 games.
  • Won’t load 1/5

    By Bigjohn452
    I have to use my computer. It is almost as if it needs an update but has not got one! Has lost out on many games because I didn’t have access right away
  • Groups 1/5

    By kechni
    Much less enjoyable when you cannot add a group for friends.
  • Glitchy 2/5

    By TheTwoGunKid55
    I’ve literally doubled down 3 days in a row and I am 3 for 3 on double down but the badge is still locked
  • Bring back Groups! 1/5

    By johnny eno
    Groups made it fun to play, why would this feature be eliminated? Cmon now, just bring it back.
  • Why is the interface on this so bad? 2/5

    By pabst-it
    Why MLB? Why?
  • Beat the streak review 2/5

    By g626363
    Good game must bring back groups much more fun with groups also has a lot of bugs and glitches early in season
  • Cant check EULA, rules acknowledgement 1/5

    By priblo
    Why do developers have the need to fix things that are not broken? Newest update shows only a part of the checkbox to acknowledge that the user knows the rules, etc - and it can’t be checked off. So I can’t play on my phone, screen can’t be adjusted Very sloppy unchecked work. Something that was a fun diversion has become a nuisance. Nice work.
  • It’s just so bad 1/5

    By Im A dragon
    Feels like it was coded by a pretty good Highschooler.
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