MLB Home Run Derby 19

MLB Home Run Derby 19

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  • Current Version: 7.1.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: MLB
  • Compatibility: Android
117,350 Ratings
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MLB Home Run Derby 19 App

The latest installment of MLB Home Run Derby is here. Hit homers, smoke the competition and become the King of the Derby! AUTHENTIC MLB FUN MLB Home Run Derby is the only official Home Run Derby game on the App Store presented by Major League Baseball and the MLBPA. In Single Player Derby mode, play bracket-style timed rounds based on the real-life official Derby format. ACTION-PACKED HEAD TO HEAD MULTIPLAYER Face off head to head against millions of players from around the world for bragging rights, a spot on the leaderboard and more rewards than ever before! BRAND NEW SIGNATURE BATTER STANCES & REVAMPED PLAYER MODELS Completely revamped player models and brand new signature batter stances add more authenticity to your game. ALL-NEW CLASSIC TIER PLAYERS FEATURING MLB LEGENDS For the first time ever, swing for the fences with MLB Legends such as Jackie Robinson, Ted Williams, Ernie Banks and more! MORE MLB PLAYERS THAN EVER BEFORE! We are rolling out more limited edition MLB players throughout the season including Vladimir Guerrero Jr., Christian Yelich, Domingo Santana, Shin-Soo Chu, Jason Heyward, Brandon Belt, Carlos Correa, and more! LEVEL UP YOUR PLAYERS Earn packs and collect cards to unlock and improve your players. Upgrade your stats to be competitive at any level! HIGHER FIDELITY MLB BALLPARKS All 30 MLB Ballparks have been completely revamped to look more spectacular than ever! TAILOR YOUR MLB PLAYER WITH MORE GEAR Customize your look and upgrade your gear. Look out for our brand new classic gear! MORE WAYS TO EARN PACKS Earn packs by completing our new “Series” objectives! ----------------------------- Follow: Like: ----------------------------- ©/™ 2019 MLB. All rights reserved. OFFICIALLY LICENSED PRODUCT OF MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL PLAYERS ASSOCIATION-MLBPA trademarks and copyrighted works, including the MLBPA logo, and other intellectual property rights are owned and/or held by MLBPA and may not be used without MLBPA’s written consent. Visit, the Players Choice on the web. Official Licensee – Major League Alumni Marketing, Inc. Jackie Robinson ™ is a trademark of the Estate of Jackie Robinson & Mrs. Rachel Robinson.

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MLB Home Run Derby 19 app reviews

  • Horrible game 1/5

    By ballsachat
    The reason I think this is such a bad game is because if you tap were the pitch is the bat goes in the top of the zone please fix it will be a better game
  • MLB HRD 5/5

    By uinicorn333
    Not very good graphics but fun.
  • MLB 5/5

    It would be nice not to have to go on Facebook to unlock classic players. Also the music could change. Other than that it’s great!
  • 2019 great home run derby 3/5

    By fcravo
    I like it very much
  • 🤯 3/5

    By 'odofkeod
    How are you suppose to make the switch hitters switch hit?
  • Mlb home run derby 3/5

    It should be less money or no money to buy different stadiums. 5 bucks is kind of ridiculous
  • Bots, Bots and more Bots 1/5

    By hloiuoioyti
    Most of the games you play in Multiplayer are against bots where the outcome is predetermined and your skill in this game does not determine the outcome. Of course these games are very frustrating and not fun or satisfying. This game just manipulates its players. The performance by your opponent is not real but fictitious results generated by the game to achieve its desired outcome. Just play the game for a while and you will experience what I am talking about here. However, I can prove what I am stating here by telling you the following. I have played this game on almost a daily basis for about 6 months. When I first started playing, I wasn’t very good and lost most of my multiplayer games. At that point my player rating was very low and justifiably so. Over time, as I practiced I got better and better and my player rating continually improved. Now I am at the point where I can hit every pitch thrown to me in the multiplayer mode for a home run and my player rating is quite high. Now I experience games that just don’t make sense. For example, and this happens all the time now, I am paired against an opponent whose rating is several hundred points lower than mine and I lose. These are not real games against other players because someone with a rating several hundred points lower than me would not have the skill to hit every one of his pitches for a home run. If this person could than his rating would be much higher than is shown. One gets progressively better in this game. It is not realistic for a player to hit 100% of pitches for a HR in one game and then only 50% in the next. Almost half of the games I play now are like this. I see my opponent has quite a low rating and he goes on to hit just about every pitch for a HR and I end up losing by 1 or 2 HR’s. I am done playing this game because I want to play an honest game! Why couldn’t MLB just make this an honest game. MLB makes quite a large effort to ensure the fans believe the actual game played by major league players is honest. I am starting to question whether that is actually true. To be honest and have integrity, you have to do the right thing All of the time not just some of the time or under specific circumstances. This Home Run Derby game is deceitful and now makes me question the integrity of MLB played by the major leaguers!!!
  • Bull crap 1/5

    By !!!'???????
    It’s ridiculous when you play tournament mode and pay 3000 upgrade on my guy Aaron judge and every single time I get up 3 homeruns the stupid pitcher starts throwing way outside and I counted 8 times in a row I swung and missed ! And lost every single time !!! You need to fix that cause it’s no fun playing if pitcher won’t throw across the plate !!! It’s homerun derby !! Should be no curve balls or way inside especially throwing 8 in row!!! Come on now!!!!!
  • MLB derby is rigged an ran by losers 1/5

    By isuradickhead
    Major League Baseball needs to take there name off this game because the People who run this game never played baseball if they did they were beach warmers ( mamas boy ) couldn’t hit couldn’t catch
  • Worst and most annoying thing ever 1/5

    Once I was down by 1 hr and I needed one to win I had 5 hits in a row that were home runs but it counted foul and I had lost and that made me delete the game and write this review
  • Horrible 5/5

    By Eat garbage
    Can't hit it a single ball. Deleted👎🏼❗️
  • The greatest game 5/5

    By R0M€
    Thank you for letting me play an amazing game like this it helps me to learn how improve my batting skills.
  • Bad game ever 1/5

    Why does the my bat not go to the spot I tap on why does the pitcher throw about 5 miles per hour and why does the balls u hit so hard go backwards and do go out and why isn’t there a button to tap to hit the ball like a power swing or a contact swing
  • My review 5/5

    By Ced2112
    This game so fun I play it everyday.
  • Error Code 10001 3/5

    Fun game. Had it for a few hours. Can’t log into my MLB account to save my data. Got error code over and over. My latest speed test on SpeedSmart is ping 62, 60.45 download, 33.21 up. Que es la problama?
  • Fun but disappointing at the same time 2/5

    By William601
    Overall the game is fun to play but do not waste a single dollar from your wallet trying to get the good players and the good gear as this will still not give you an edge to win. I have epic players and legendary gear and still lose 90% of the head to head games I play. I will hit a homerun and before my ball even lands my opponent will hit 2 more. Or, I will be ahead of my opponent and the pitcher will start throwing curve balls, sinkers or anything to make you miss for like 10 pitches straight until the other guy passes you by 5 or 6 homeruns. You would think that having some of the best equipment in the game would push you some more to the winning side but nope!!!! You can hit just as many homeruns with the character you start the game with as you can with an epic or legendary character.
  • No Stars For You! 1/5

    By Is every nickname used?
    So one game I can hit 12-15 home runs and the next game the pitcher is throwing curve balls and sliders low and outside, low and inside, high and inside with no chance of hitting a home run. Holy mother of god It’s a frickin home run derby not a strike out derby. Did whoever wrote this game just want to piss of the players? Good lord! The only reason I’m fixing this one star is because I can’t give it minus one star.
  • Super frustrating! 2/5

    By baseball super god
    It was hard to hit a home run and super glitchy
  • Terrible don’t play it 1/5

    By aggdfvdc
    This game is dome because I can not get a single home run and you swing way to slow you swing like you are a turtle. DO NOT play this game
  • Retiring with Legend status 4/5

    By Fluffhead20
    I played this game probably every day for almost two years and got to the end (level 100) a little while back. Other than the basic glitches, my only issue is once you Max out a player (after level 14) or equipment (after level 10), they keep giving you cards for these items. Now probably 80-90 percent of the cards I get in most packs are useless. It’s nice they try to add new players to keep you interested but stop giving cards on something when it’s Max’d out! Thanks it’s been fun but at least I can now get my life back!
  • Crappy glitch 5/5

    By justinlied
    This review 💯 It would be nice if when the game has connection issues and causes me to have to choose quit so I can access the home screen I didn’t have to take a ratings hit for my player, especially when I win the round. Please fix
  • Sooo fun 5/5

    By ilylynnn
    Wow. Such a great game. I play nonstop everyday. But there are some glitches in the pitching or that’s just my internet.😂 I agree with a person. MLB should add player cards more often. I love this game! And it’s free! Definitely a must have.
  • MLB 5/5

    By Jakubowl
    This game is really fun but it’s hard for me because you have too do it
  • Sometimes doesn’t work 4/5

    By MBuffalo
    Love it!
  • New Player Ideas. 4/5

    By FHF3
    Please consider creating Juan Soto and start him off at a 95 power level. Also, please create classic legends like Babe Ruth, Hank Aaron, Mickey Mantle, Canseco, A-Rod, Frank Robinson, Foxx, and others. These legends deserve an intro power level of at least 95-100 Also, how about classic stadiums like Polo Grounds, Crosley Field, Ebbets Field, and more? A fantasy type stadium set in exotic locations would be fun with huge measurements like 600 feet to center, 530 down each foul line....
  • It’s a great game, when it works. 4/5

    By kbritt76
    ** Update from below. Thank you to the developers for fixing the game. I’m sure I’m not the only player who could not use the multiplayer function. It took 30-48 hours to get fixed. I’ve seen worse for sure. My rating goes from a 1 Star to 4 Star because the game can still be a little glitchy. However, it’s definitely in my top 4 games right now. Thank you again. Right now the Multiplayer is not working at all! When multiple player works Derby is still a little glitchy. Otherwise, this game is super fun! It’s a shame the developers don’t know what they are doing or no one is updating it. Somewhere the makers are not listening to the customers. This review would change to 4 Stars if they fix the Multiplayer.
  • Taking my packs 1/5

    By bigB 8888
    Won several multiplayer games and had pack going through the countdown to open. Come back to game few hours later and the pack is gone. Lost many, support tickets sent in and ....... crickets. Not the slightest response. Thank you for the glitches and no customer service
  • May I Play? 1/5

    By Choose another name187
    I’d really like to play your game.. if only it would stop glitching
  • Fun, but buggy 3/5

    By Quadpus
    Has anyone else had trouble playing the Tournament game? I’ve been playing for about a month with no issues and this morning when I tried to play multi player game, it said I needed to sign in, but when I checked my settings, it said I was already signed in. Hey MLB Home Run Derby App Support HELP!!!!
  • Horrible human beings running this! 1/5

    By 816kev
    Anyone who creates an app with the intention to cheat people out of their time and money, should be shut down. When you contact the developers with concerns they never respond. Way to go bunch of crooks.
  • Devastated by glitch. 1/5

    By Cal_Bear96
    Home Run Derby 2019 is by far my favorite game I’ve ever had on a cell phone. My son and I spent hours and hours playing the game, racking up all kinds of achievements. I bought a few extra stadiums, we got our rank all the way into the 90s (99 is as high as you can get as far as I know). We unlocked special players (limited edition players, classic old-time players classic players from the 70s and 80s). Using an I-phone SE. Yesterday, the phone updated to iOS 13.1.3. Today, after working at first (leading me to question whether the upgrade is the cause of the problem) the game (7.1.4, the most current version) refused to let me play tournament mode (multi-player) unless I log in. So I go to settings, and it shows I’m already logged in! When I try to log in, all I get are error messages. So I call and talk to support, who has me delete and re-install the app. Still having problems, so first guy, who was very nice, he elevates it to level 2. Only he sends me the wrong place. Very nice person at level 2 tried to help, but level 2 (where I was sent) is for MLB tv, not games. Level 2 guy is able to confirm my account is valid and help me change my password. Beyond that, he has to submit a ticket. Eventually, I am able to re-install (for like the fifth time) and log back in. I still have all the stadiums I purchased, and all the players I unlocked, BUT ALL THE ACHIEVEMENTS ARE GONE. The game has me at level 1, with no statistics at all (which is of course impossible). How could I have unlocke dh players at levels 10 and 11 and classic players and limited edition players, etc and have no statistics? So disappointed. My son and I literally spent more than 200 hours working up our ranks. All for nothing now. If anyone has any advice, please put it out there for me. Thanks.
  • Server 5/5

    By Ben Pressley
    The sever only works half the time and it’s getting very annoying. There has to be something that can be done to fix this. Other than that 5 stars.
  • What happened? 4/5

    By JimboSlice415
    I love this game, play it constantly. But two days ago the game logged me out and I can’t log back in. I keep getting an error code cannot connect to server. Please fix this so I can continue playing
  • Create a player 5/5

    By Big Beine
    I love the game and I think it’s fantastic, but you should have a “create a player” mode or something or make the old stadiums like Shibe Park, County Stadium, Ebbets Field, Montreal Olympic Stadium, etc. that would be cool. The game is becoming too repetitive and it gets a little boring after a while. But otherwise, it’s an awesome game.
  • Carlos 5/5

    By whatitdo912
    Super fun game
  • No fun 1/5

    By Gtpd22
    The 2 player home run derby is faulty. I just finished playing 3 games and the opponent is getting pitches twice as fast as I was. I hit 3 back to back home runs to my opponents 6, how is that possible?
  • MLB Home Run Durban 5/5

    By fhdhdhdvdbdb
    It is a great game and gives the best simulation of baseball. I just can’t stop playing when I’m not playing baseball. I think that this will get your kids to like me the sport better. I 😻this game. I rate this game ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • Gold Aaron judge? 4/5

    By mlb himerun lover
    I love the game because once I leveled up my characters they we’re unstoppable but I recently got Aaron judge and I’m wondering how you get the gold Aaron judge card
  • Fun but buggy 3/5

    By Molbss
    I really enjoy playing this but a few things bug me. The distance meter for Petco Park is wildly incosistent. I've hit homers off of the light towers and not have them count. Some of the targets in arcade mode are nearly impossible to hit. Also don't like that we have to purchase stadiums for previous years that we had until the current version. UPDATE: When will the swing mechanics be fixed? I’ve hardly played the game since the update that messed that up.
  • Home run derby 5/5

    By Ann w.
    It is a great app for my kids
  • Super Fun 5/5

    By tvgxbwusw
    This game is the best homerun derby game I have EVER PLAYED
  • Best game 5/5

    By unknowed12345
    First there is no ads witch surprised me . It is also so much fun to you get to collect deferent players and stadiums
  • This game is sick 5/5

    By abatsmon rox
    Get this game
  • awsome 5/5

    By gabrielasrivera
  • Easy to lose progress, customer service is a joke 2/5

    By Enlytment
    I had a Samsung Android and switched to iPhone. I had everything saved and synced through Facebook and my account. I downloaded the app and synced up the accounts and most of my purchases and players I earned restored but I had a few legend and epic players that stayed locked. I Contacted customer support and they replied and said to sign out and sign in again. I did that and they gave me 2 packs of cards and extra coins but the players are still locked. I have contacted them 2 times since with no reply but the automated message. I lost time and money with not type of restoration.
  • Big Ton 5/5

    By Lee Sims
  • Can’t seem to create an account 3/5

    By Mak808z
    I have chosen a password that fits the guidelines and I can’t seem to be able to create an account. I keep getting a 10013 code
  • Ruined 1/5

    By Ben Web
    This game WAS fun. Absolutely terrible now. I swing too early and still can’t pull the ball. I hit 10 plus opposite field home runs foul per match. FIX THE GAME PEOPLE.
  • I’m done 1/5

    By fruitcose
    Finally gonna uninstall this game. Tired of the cheating in multiplayer. There’s no way I’m playing an actual person. Opponent scores just tally up too quickly to be actual person. Tired of all the same cards that are already maxed out whenever I open a pack. Tired of the extra run the opponent always get when time runs out. Tired of the intentional sloppy pitching of balls you can’t possibly hit whenever you’re ahead. Tired of paying money for packs that only have maybe 4 cards in them. Game just gets frustrating after a while

MLB Home Run Derby 19 app comments

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