MLB Home Run Derby 2021

MLB Home Run Derby 2021

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  • Current Version: 9.1.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: MLB
  • Compatibility: Android
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MLB Home Run Derby 2021 App

STEP UP TO PLATE! MLB Home Run Derby brings the non-stop action of the Home Run Derby to you. Do you have the skill to be a Home Run Derby Champion? With three distinct game modes, 100+ batters to collect, and constant live events - there is always a reason to swing for the fences in MLB Home Run Derby! 3 DIFFERENT MODES FOR SMASHING HOMERS! - Duel online with other sluggers in live PVP contests that see how many home runs you can hit on a timer! Earn the best rewards in online competition! - Head to the Arcade to hit targets and score big points! Stay in the slugfest as long as you can keep sending them yard! - Compete in the Derby to take on the best batters in baseball for a Home Run Derby Championship! Can you win 3 rounds against the top home run hitters in MLB? BATTLE THE BEST ONLINE FOR TOP REWARDS! - Play against millions of MLB fans from around the world! - Unlock exclusive new content in the Season Pass, with new content every month! - Win baseball packs with every online victory - with new and unique rewards cycled daily - New limited time events every week to unlock rare players! - Top the leaderboards daily to unlock the best rewards! Earn more wins to climb to the top! - Join the Classic Tournament every weekend for the best way to earn Classic Packs and legendary players like Jorge Posada, Chipper Jones, Keith Hernandez, and Jackie Robinson! AUTHENTIC MLB ACTION - Unlock new 2021 sluggers like Francisco Lindor (Mets), Nolan Arenado (Cardinals), and Joc Pederson (Cubs) as well as Epic versions of club favorites like DJ LeMahieu (Yankees), Randy Arozarena (Rays), or Eloy Jimenez (White Sox) - Signature batting stances for your favorite sluggers - Change the uniform of your classic sluggers to any of your favorite teams they played on throughout their careers! - Unlock Home, Away, and Alternate uniforms for all MLB teams! - Hit homers in Coors Field (Colorado Rockies) and unlock every MLB ballpark with in-app purchase STAY IN THE COMPETITION WITH LIVE EVENTS - New batters released with live events like team specific events ( such as “NYY vs BOS Week” ), or themed events like “Catchers Pack” event - Exclusive gear dropped frequently throughout the year - New bundles, packs, and rewards available for each new event COMPLETE YOUR COLLECTION! - Over 100 batters to collect so you can find your favorite slugger! - Unlock Retro uniforms to suit up your batter in classic style - Free Daily Rewards in a monthly calendar - Free rewards with every Season Pass - Free Packs every four hours -- just login to redeem! Follow @HRDerbyGame on Twitter and Like @hrderbygame on Facebook! ©/™ 2021 MLB. All rights reserved. Officially Licensed Product of MLB Players, Inc. MLBPA trademarks, copyrighted works and other intellectual property rights are owned and/or held by MLBPA and may not be used without the written consent of MLBPA or MLB Players, Inc. Visit, the Players Choice on the web. Official Licensee – Major League Alumni Marketing, Inc. Jackie Robinson ™ is a trademark of the Estate of Jackie Robinson & Mrs. Rachel Robinson.

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MLB Home Run Derby 2021 app reviews

  • Kinda fun... 3/5

    By BobbyRossPaintz
    The graphics are not very good. The multiplayer game mode is just bots. It’s very unrealistic and I can hit a home run that’s at a 89.9 degree angle.
  • Was fun 3/5

    By RJ15🏀🏈
    This game was fun, until I wanted to use my Apple ID, no matter what I did, I could not use my Apple ID, it kept telling me I needed to agree to the terms of use and privacy policy, but I couldn’t find those anywhere
  • App Needs Fixing 1/5

    By Curious Customr
    App started acting up i.e kicked me from being logged in/every time I open to play, it asked for the nickname. Nickname given, it started me from the beginning. Level(s) earned/Coins/Money/players earned all deleted
  • great game except 4/5

    By ddorn1976
    This is a great game however sometimes it will not let you play players on-line and you have to log out and log back in and even then sometimes it does not work!
  • Multiplayer 3/5

    By whateverdude00
    Been trying to play a multiplayer game for 6 hours now, just kept loading. Restarted the game twice, even uninstalled and downloaded it twice. Smh
  • Greatest 5/5

    By Evelyn's The Best
    Best game ever
  • Want to give more stars but? 2/5

    By Goldenfingy
    I just started this game and the first set of challenges included playing 3 multiplayer rounds. I got 2 finished and the game won’t match me for a third. Been trying for hours now 👎👎
  • No ad skip 2/5

    By generic default name
    Ever since the new update the ads that you could watch to double your prizes, add more cards, and skip certain tasks has disappeared. It’s sad to say I wish that we had the ad function back. Also the multiplayer is getting ridiculous people are now hitting 34 to 35 home runs in a single period which is insane. It makes it so hard to win when you play against the higher A level players. The cost of the game is so expensive too. I mean $6 for a single stadium? That’s insane. Also I believe in one of the stadium’s if you hit the roof while you are getting a home run it only counts it as a foul ball. It s usually fun game aside from the new update. Please address these concerns.
  • Customer Service 1/5

    By Southpaw14
    I love the game itself, it’s great. The problem is customer service, they send a automatic reply and I have never gotten a response besides that. The game is either rigged or there is a way to cheat because I can be up by 5 HR in multiplayer and will not miss a ball and they will hit 2 to my one. If everything is the same then how is this possible. Also the card prize are weak, no one wants uniforms as a prize.
  • Great game with 1 issue 5/5

    By prokidplayz
    Can you please fix the distance tracker when you hit a home run. If I barely hit a ball out, it will say it went 600 feet. It I crush it, it says it goes 470. Can you please fix this, because it is kind of annoying now. Could you also make you able to upgrade players by playing with them more, but still unlocking them with cards, that would be great if you could do those things. But overall, 5 star game. And 1 more thing? Can you please update the classic players stats? These past home run leaders shouldn’t have that bad of power. And also please add more classics. Why is there no Ken Griffey Jr, or maybe even Babe Ruth? Ted Williams? Hank Aaron? So can you please update your game with some of these ideas.
  • Bad 1/5

    By yony27
    I bought the season pass and I spent 4,99 and they didn't put me the purchase. it's a lie
  • Fun but a waste of time 3/5

    By hfjtbfth
    The game is really fun but I can’t get multiplayer to work and the packs are way over priced and the gear but the rest is good. And the pitching is so ricking bad it’s like the’re trying to strike yo out come on it’s a home run derby and the are throwing drop balls and the drop out of the zone so I can’t hit them. The braves bullpen has better pitching and they are so bad the pitching is just terrible.
  • Game problems 1/5

    By mxkfkxbdjjf
    It just keeps crashing on me.
  • Bad game 1/5

    By Goatboor
    I will write bad reviews every day for the next year. Stop making worthless games you idiots
  • Very meh type of game 2/5

    By Porky porky pork
    This game looks fun and easy but it is not. Whenever you try to guess where the ball is going to be and you tap the screen it goes where you don’t want it. This is especially annoying when you guess it right and then it moved you to some completely other place! Another reason is the batter moves so slow like even when you time it right and it says great timing it’s not very close to the ball at all. My second to last reason is that it’s really very hard to hit a homerun the only thing you every really hit is foul balls or you hit grounders which are only from like 10-13 coins if YOU’RE LUCKY if not you only get maybe 4-7 coins. My final reason is it is so glitchy personally I’m not sure how to explain that’s how glitchy it is. If you have gotten this part thank you and I appreciate you reading my feedback.
  • mike tyson punch out 5/5

    By Drew Migz 79
    i would do anything for a chance to knock out any one of this games developers.
  • Fun game.. been playing for over a year 5/5

    By Ninermyk
    Great home run derby sim.. some oddball things like home runs not counting but overall lots of fun…Love today’s update…some great new animation….
  • Can’t log in 1/5

    By Jared Ingersol
    Got a new phone and have not been able to Log in through Facebook for the last week, even with the new update that came today. Very frustrating.
  • Terrible timing 3/5

    By dylonp12
    This game is really fun but it says wait for the pitch and that’s what I do but then I just pull it foul.greatgamecouldbebetter
  • Enjoying it so far, but have a problem I don’t understand. 5/5

    By Islandersfan75
    I just downloaded the app and I’m enjoying it so far, even though I haven’t hit any home runs yet. However, I have run into a problem. I don’t know how to accept the terms of service and privacy terms so I can use my MLB account. It takes me to both, but there’s no buttons to accept them. What do I do since I need to sign up for multiplayer?
  • Rigged 1/5

    By Guendn172
    I feel like it's impossible to win in multiplayer
  • Game is unavailable a lot lately! 1/5

    By MikeDyo
    I’m not sure if this issue has been fully fixed because the game has been unavailable to play live games a lot this week. *0-0 forfeit wins are the worst* Programmers need to fix this huge flaw. Somehow when a game is about to start it suddenly ends and the player determined the winner by forfeit loses the rating points. Check the logs for these 0-0 wins and figure out what’s going wrong.
  • Have not been able to play Multiplayer 1/5

    By MadinSC
    I have not been able to play Multiplayer for over 24hrs now. This is getting frustrating with every update their are new issues with the app. Please fix ASAP!!!!!
  • Problem upgrading 4/5

    By TES417
    I cannot upgrade to Season Pass Plus. I get these messages: -Purchase failed Error Code 20005 -Failed to connect to In-App Purchase server. Error Code 10010 I am connected to Wifi.
  • Not good 1/5

    By snehfhfh
    Bad it is impossible
  • The game is good but it could be top peak if they just fix a couple of bugs and stuff 5/5

    By ffgyfhjhf
  • Alan 5/5

    By snanasjjs
    Carlos hits grounders not homer’s
  • Doesn’t Load 4/5

    By Ninja_Indy
    The game is a great game, but recently it has stopped letting me load into the game altogether. It’ll go through the intro then get stuck on a black screen and it doesn’t do anything after that. I have left it on the screen for 5+ minutes multiple times hoping it would eventually load and it never would. Still love the game, but please fix it soon so I can play it again.
  • Please add Iconic sluggers 4/5

    By FHF3
    For the classic lineup, you must add Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, Henry Aaron, and Negro League stars like Josh Gibson....and start them off at 100 power!! Not these weak power/contact ratings you’ve been going with lately. A steroid era lineup of sluggers would be awesome with Jose Canseco, Bonds, McGwire, Sosa, etc... Seriously, how can you have a homerun game and not have these icons included, yet instead have singles hitters like Boggs, Carew, and other average players? Makes no sense at all!! Classic ballparks like Polo Grounds would be nice...along with fantasy stadiums set in exotic locations with HUGE dimensions like 600 feet to center, 475 down the foul lines. We need those huge dimensions if we are hitting 935 foot bombs!!
  • Garbo 1/5

    By Parabol8
    It’s just bad
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Hesthen77
    I just downloaded this because it did look cool, however I can’t play it because it won’t log in through Facebook and when I try to create an account it keeps telling me password doesn’t meet criteria. It says 8-15 characters with one upper, lower case and one number I’ve tried 9 different variations with no success. Why do you even need a password? ITS A GAME!
  • please help! 3/5

    By connor ange
    i loved this game but when i needed some storage i deleted it. i redownloaded it like a week later and tried to sign in with my facebook account. Every time i click sign in with my account on facebook it takes me right backs to the home screen. i really want my account back so if anyone knows what’s wrong please let me know.
  • Kept clicking me off 1/5

    By Similar problems to madden
    I re downloaded this game because of the 2021 home run derby. First I tried logging in it kept saying that there was an error. Second when I tried doing the Touriel the game still kept clicking me off. I will not be downloading this ever again.
  • Great game! 4/5

    By Preist_3
    Its a very good game but we NEED Roberto Clemente and Ken Griffey Jr. Also uniforms shouldn't be that hard to get.
  • $$$$$ 2/5

    By Ginger NY
    Cool game but you need to spend too much real money to get anywhere. One ballpark unless you buy more. And unlocking other players takes forever.
  • Crashes A LOT 3/5

    By noodle1747
    This is a fantastic game. But it crashes WAY to much. For example I try to do stuff with my player, it crashes please buy the game BUT u will deal with a lot of crashing.😕
  • MLB home run derby 5/5

    By korkdawg
    Love game but I seem to lost all my data come plz fix it plz
  • So hard 1/5

    By a nother game
    I was seeing the add looked fun so I downloaded it and it was saying click on a player I did it said oh click on a cackled so I did it’s said I had one but wasn’t there not worth it.
  • Cool 4/5

    By brusfa07
    Needs more levels
  • Dumb 1/5

    By Carolinapsych
    I’m am so tired when I am about to win a head on head but the pitcher is terrible and throws up down left and right plz just let the pitcher throw where the bat is set up.
  • It’s ok 4/5

    By morgan mcnicholas
    The game is really fun I hit a 760 homer but if you make people buy the parks of their favorite baseball teams then they’ll go find another game in the intro the guy did not buy the parks he had them for free ... I fell like this kind of a scam game because the pitcher throws balls not strikes and the distance of home runs are kind of short in the derby. The other player beat me in the multiplayer mode by 10097 plz fix the mistakes Morgan McNicholas
  • Bad game 1/5

    By jervhehdvy
    Bad game Bad game bad game bad game bad game bad game bad game bad game bad game bad game bad game bad game bad game bad game bad game bad game bad game bad game bad game bad game bad game bad game bad game bad game bad game bad game bad game bad game bad game bad game bad game bad game bad game bad game bad game bad game bad game bad game bad game bad game bad game bad game bad game bad game bad game bad game bad game bad game bad game bad game bad game bad game Bad game bad game bad game bad game bad game Bad game bad game bad game bad game bad game bad game bad game bad game bad game bad game bad game bad game bad game bad game bad game bad game bad game bad game bad game bad game bad game bad game bad game bad game bad game bad game bad game bad game bad game bad game bad game bad game bad game bad game bad game bad game bad game bad game
  • MLB home run durby 5/5

    By I'm the real Joc pederson
    This game is the bomb
  • It is rigged 1/5

    By 18388484873
    You shouldn’t start with the longest stadium. I feel like you should start with someone with more power (your game stinks)
  • F this 1/5

    By ananunas
    This game is really bad and it not even let me hit any home runs this game is stupid you should work on it more
  • Never worked 1/5

    By Theology Man
    I could never play the game. Every time I would go to play the game t he screen would go black and it would never load.
  • Bad 1/5

    By ballestrasse
    Wouldn’t let me play and every time I got on it logged me off I have tried for 2 months
  • Good and Bad 1/5

    By Mr. money $$
    IT is an easy fun game but signing in to the game does not work
  • Fun but needs improvement 3/5

    By Weatherboy43
    This game is an enjoyable “timesuck,” because it doesn’t require a lot of thinning or strategizing. However, there are a few areas they could improve to make it more user friendly: - when opening packs, if you click on the players listed to buy “level up” cards, it shouldn’t just instantly charge you bu instead ask if you’re sure. A couple times now I accidentally clicked on that area and basically drained my coins without intending to - when you open a pack and receive enough cards to level up a player, it should give you the option to do that right away from the same interface instead of making you find the player later in the equip menu - it would be great if they gave you the ability to select from a few different better views