MLB Home Run Derby 2021

MLB Home Run Derby 2021

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  • Current Version: 9.2.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: MLB
  • Compatibility: Android
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MLB Home Run Derby 2021 App

STEP UP TO PLATE! Now featuring the 2021 Home Run Derby Champion, Pete Alonso, MLB Home Run Derby brings the non-stop action of the Home Run Derby to you. Do you have the skill to be a Home Run Derby Champion? With three distinct game modes, 100+ batters to collect, and constant live events - there is always a reason to swing for the fences in MLB Home Run Derby! 3 DIFFERENT MODES FOR SMASHING HOMERS! - Duel online with other sluggers in live PVP contests that see how many home runs you can hit on a timer! Earn the best rewards in online competition! - Head to the Arcade to hit targets and score big points! Stay in the slugfest as long as you can keep sending them yard! - Compete in the Derby to take on the best batters in baseball for a Home Run Derby Championship! Can you win 3 rounds against the top home run hitters in MLB? BATTLE THE BEST ONLINE FOR TOP REWARDS! - Play against millions of MLB fans from around the world! - Unlock exclusive new content in the Season Pass, with new content every month! - Win baseball packs with every online victory - with new and unique rewards cycled daily - New limited time events every week to unlock rare players! - Top the leaderboards daily to unlock the best rewards! Earn more wins to climb to the top! - Join the Classic Tournament every weekend for the best way to earn Classic Packs and legendary players like Jorge Posada, Chipper Jones, Keith Hernandez, and Jackie Robinson! AUTHENTIC MLB ACTION - Unlock new 2021 sluggers like Joey Gallo (Yankees), Rafael Devers (Red Sox), and Adam Duvall (Braves) as well as Epic versions of club favorites like DJ LeMahieu (Yankees), Randy Arozarena (Rays), or Eloy Jimenez (White Sox) - Signature batting stances for your favorite sluggers - Change the uniform of your classic sluggers to any of your favorite teams they played on throughout their careers! - Unlock Home, Away, and Alternate uniforms for all MLB teams! - Hit homers in Truist Park (Atlanta Braves) and unlock every MLB ballpark with in-app purchase STAY IN THE COMPETITION WITH LIVE EVENTS - New batters released with live events like team specific events ( such as “NYY vs BOS Week” ), or themed events like “Catchers Pack” event - Exclusive gear dropped frequently throughout the year - New bundles, packs, and rewards available for each new event COMPLETE YOUR COLLECTION! - Over 100 batters to collect so you can find your favorite slugger! - Unlock Retro uniforms to suit up your batter in classic style - Free Daily Rewards in a monthly calendar - Free rewards with every Season Pass - Free Packs every four hours -- just login to redeem! Follow @HRDerbyGame on Twitter and Like @hrderbygame on Facebook! ©/™ 2021 MLB. All rights reserved. Officially Licensed Product of MLB Players, Inc. MLBPA trademarks, copyrighted works and other intellectual property rights are owned and/or held by MLBPA and may not be used without the written consent of MLBPA or MLB Players, Inc. Visit, the Players Choice on the web. Official Licensee – Major League Alumni Marketing, Inc. Jackie Robinson ™ is a trademark of the Estate of Jackie Robinson & Mrs. Rachel Robinson.

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MLB Home Run Derby 2021 app reviews

  • Nice 4/5

    I like that u added the Mets black jerseys, player hats, and more accessories plus another way to buy jerseys. But you forgot the black Mets hat and I’d like it if you could just flat out buy jerseys for the same price as players (normal = 50 mlbbucks rare =325 mlbbucks epic = 625 mlbbucks)
  • Please add Field of dreams stadium and Iconic sluggers 4/5

    By FHF3
    How about adding Wander Franco Tampa Bay rays…:.and Luis Robert of the White Sox !!!!! It would also be really awesome if you would create the Field of Dreams cornfield stadium that MLB hosted recently. Also, you must add Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, Willie Mays, Hank Aaron, and other iconic sluggers.
  • More “Pay To Win” than anything 2/5

    By Ringneckllama
    This game is great in graphics and gameplay but when you start out, you can hardly progress and when you try out multiplayer, everyone you go against is mega “Pay To Win”, if this game had more things that made it less of a “Pay To Win” game like better free rewards or more rewards in the card packs then it would have at least made this game decent but this game still needs some MAJOR balancing to the way it plays
  • Ridiculous 1/5

    By HOODY2929
    I’m going to start writing a bad review and giving this game 1 star EVERYDAY!!! Unless the MANY problems this game has gets fixed. I’m losing in multiplayer just because the game is messing up. Not counting my home runs and calling fair balls foul. This game really gave me 900ft. for a hit I blasted to center field out the park and NO home run! How does a ball go that far and not be a home run? This is ridiculous!!! And that’s just one problem out of the many. I really do like this game but it just seems to get WORSE. You guys focus on updating the wrong things instead of correcting this terrible game play. And jus because I been playing the game for so long I’m trying to give it chances but this is just getting bad. It’s extremely frustrating. I will go out of my way to destroy this game if I have to but how bout y’all jus fix it!?!?! How bout that? Is it really that hard? Please fix these problems or I’m going on a warpath. I promise you that!
  • Garbage 1/5

    By gydgjfdhuibh
    This is a Terrible game because whenever you are at the last second and you’re about to hit the final home run to win it always goes, do you want 10 more seconds.Completely messes you up. Also not to mention that the game one time glitched out and the whole field got smaller so it was a foul ball so I lost the game. One other thing the pitcher always pitches inside whichAlways messes you up.
  • Freezing 1/5

    By Zdtb
    App freezes up your phone when you play a video! Unacceptable!!
  • Total Joke. 2/5

    By Jay52278
    I first started playing this game a few months ago and loved it. I enjoyed the perks of winning and increasing my presence. That faded quickly. Aside from the pitches getting harder as your ab goes on, which I am fine with…it’s the other crap that makes this an insufferable app. First, there have been many times I would have 5 or 6 hr lead only to see that my opponent has tied..and sometimes past me both in number of homers and distance. Second, the app will let your opponent somehow see more pitches despite the same elapsed time. I tested this out and purposely would swing and miss at pitches in order to generate the next possible quickest pitch…I literally went down two home runs while I had only received one pitch. My advice to anyone playing. This game is rigged…you aren’t playing “head to head” against another live person..think about it, really how many people are actually playing the exact moment you are that would allow head to head play. Sad because this app has potential. My advice to the developers of make your money from ads…just don’t make it obvious that this game is soooo rigged. Then again, it’s an mlb app and as a lifelong baseball fan it doesn’t surprise me that just like everything else, mlb screw up something that could benefit the game.
  • Why ant homerun derby not working 1/5

    By Slotomania slot machines
    Homer derby is not working
  • It’s fun, but very rigged! 2/5

    By Q country listener
    This game is blatantly rigged. You opponent in multiplayer will almost always beat you. You can have a good stretch going, never miss a single pitch, 30 home runs in a row! And somehow, your opponent will get 32. Also, you can hit the ball in the exact same spot several times in a row and get all home runs, then hit the same spot again, and it falls just short. The game is set up to keep you from winning. I’m honestly convinced that multiplayer is just you against bots! And the matchmaking is horrible if it is people. How do I, as a B- player with low level ball players, get matched with an A+ player with Legendary guys that have insane stats? It’s rigged! That’s how. And also, if you aren’t using boosts, it’s almost impossible to hit the ball. This entire game is set up so that you constantly pump money into it just to try and win. And don’t even get me started on the ridiculous amount of time and effort it takes to obtain uniforms. Uniforms that you can’t even use in multiplayer. I have been playing for over 2 years and have yet to unlock more than one uniform. My advice, just find a different baseball game.
  • Updates have ruined this fun game 3/5

    By LebronJames is good
    I love this game, but recent updates have forced me to retire. The 9/26 update reset thee years of achievement when it required a new account. RIP MLB Derby. Twins64
  • Game is rigged 1/5

    By Mickmjf
    You can only get up to a certain score then you lose no matter what. Also the passive boost doesn’t work. After contacting support they resolved nothing. Evidently if you don’t purchase more money you lose. All options don’t work that you purchase with the coins you earned. Also the ball doesn’t speed up when holding the screen.
  • Need to fix the bugs 3/5

    By Christopher Halling
    They need to fix the AI bug in multiplayer mode. The AI consistently outperforms the rating of the person you are supposedly playing against. They need to fix the algorithm to randomize the stadiums. I have series objectives for Citi Field that have been sitting there a week bc I have not played in Citi Field. When you get series objectives for certain parks, they should become more frequently played. They need to fix the issue with hitting a home run and it not being counted. It has happened to me in Dodger stadium when I hit the DODGER sign in center field, in MinuteMaid park, in Fenway. It happens all the time in domes like Tropicana Field and Rogers Centre. They need to fix the bug with the ads. The ads will freeze up at the end and make me hold down the buttons to force restart, then I have to click cancel to get back to the game and exit the ad. They really should get rid of the ads where you have to click on buttons 3 times to exit the ad. If I wanted to download the app in the ad, I would not be clicking exit. Seems like they just take money from advertisers but do not check the ads before putting in the codes. They also need to fix the issue “no videos available” when trying to skip series objectives or shorten time for packs of cards.
  • Doesn’t work anymore 2/5

    By JacksonPillman
    This is a awesome games but ever sense two days ago I cannot get into the game it just stays on the starting page for limited amount of time also i noticed this because I wanted to buy something on the game and it didn’t work pls help me get into this games I really like it.
  • Great game 5/5

    By buttchek on a stick
    Fun to play and easy to learn
  • This game is horrible 1/5

    By bdhdw
    This game is so laggy and frustrating. It makes me so mad playing it
  • Lachlan Teaver 5/5

    By lachlan teaver
    The game is very fun and it is the most fun game I’ve ever played and it has been great fun for me and the best mode is Derby mode you can win 10 MLBucks for 1st place!
  • I can only hit ground balls 1/5

    By baseballr45
    I don’t know why but sometimes I can only hit ground balls. I don’t know what the reason for this but they need to fix it.
  • Probably great but can’t get in 2/5

    By TPV27
    It is probably gonna be good but when I tried to get in it just kicked me out of it and bring me back to my iPad home screen
  • The game never loads 2/5

    By KeShawn K Jones
    Every time I open the app it never loads. It’s not my connection it’s the game. Fix it
  • Can’t log in 1/5

    By Jared Ingersol
    Got a new phone and have not been able to Log in through Facebook for the last 3 months, even with the new update that came today. Very frustrating.
  • Can’t Open 4/5

    By 3ANT6
    I can’t open the game after today’s update 9/8/2021.
  • Fun but…. 3/5

    By Drumboyce
    I like this game but have some issues. First issue is playing multiplayer in the domes. Pretty frustrating how many hits don’t count in the domes with Toronto being the worst! It also doesn’t help how the game either has the balls flying low or other times popping straight up. So if it’s popping up and your in a dome just reset the game cause you’re probably playing someone 10 levels above you and half your homers don’t count. Fun stuff.. Arcade mode is kind of pointless the pitcher is further away so you can’t really practice your timing and those targets are ridiculously hard to hit considering there isn’t really anyway to aim. Derby mode is cool if you’re trying to get bucks and it’s pretty easy. One other thing why do the multiplayer packs have a stupid timer on them? Just let me open them! Some of them have a 20 hour timer on them so unless you want to spend bucks or watch horrible ads you just have to wait?
  • Glitches 2/5

    By kennerbabe84
    To many glitches. I hit a home run but doesn’t come up As a home run. It ridiculous
  • Won’t let me access the game anymore 1/5

    By Evenly Match
    I keep getting an error code 10008 saying it can’t connect to the game server. I’ve played this game for a couple months now and had a lot of great players and even spent some $. Now it won’t let me log in using my Apple ID or anything so I’ve lost everything. Please help me with this. I want my account back
  • Don’t bother - Multiplayer broken 1/5

    By GrigoJoe
    Just says “loading tournament”, never gives the option to start. Same with multiplayer leaderboard. Never loads, crashes the app since it never connects.
  • Multi player having issues 2/5

    By rzSKi
    This game is pretty good. However recently the multi player option is not working. It just says ‘loading’ without ever starting.
  • Fun but glitchy 2/5

    By jjstapl79
    Server is down on a regular basis. Ads freeze at the end and app needs force closed and restarted. When it works it’s fun
  • Mad 1/5

    By pgyoungfly
    Facebook log in is broken and I’ve spent so much money on stadiums and players on my account smh
  • Bull 👍hitty 1/5

    By (D)(E)(A)(T)(H)
    If you ever watched a home run derby you know the pitchers don’t throw curves, sliders and stupid junk. It really becomes not fun and stupid.
  • 0/5 1/5

    By Timmy1372
    Game is so bad. What a waste of time
  • No love for the Mariners!! 1/5

    By shock me
    I know as team, they have as been mediocre. But my goodness absolutely no representation at all. But don’t worry plenty of big markets. These teams even have pitchers on here. The M’s have a guy that played there one year and the great Edgar. But was not a power hitter. What gives. Sad, very sad corporate America.
  • Pitcher issue 1/5

    By jaysaya004
    The pitcher always throws bad throws when you are on a roll. It gets frustrating.
  • This game is very enjoyable at times but the pitcher will drop a nasty curve on you very often 3/5

    By memejedn
    Could be better
  • Stuff 5/5

    By DSLeubner
    The game is super fun but the difficulty for me even with a legend to hit an 800 ft home run is almost impossible for me and other people are doing it on a daily basis. ADD A VLADIMIR GURRERO JR LEGEND PLEASE!!!!!!!!
  • Sound 3/5

    By hdjskoakqksnxvdvhd
    The sound would not work
  • Fix the bugs! 2/5

    By JamilSmith
    It seems that whoever developed this game comes around occasionally to put a few new hitter on and offer some new expensive player package, but has to be prodded into fixing any bugs in the game. And there are so, so many. Enough that it makes gameplay considerably less enjoyable. The newest one has to do with the uniforms, which remain absurdly difficult to obtain in the first place. But once you do, it’d be swell if you could actually use them in multiplayer—but now, they just revert to the default uniform, no matter which you choose. Then—this part is just funny—if you immediately hit the button to play again, sometimes your hitter will take on a new uniform of a team he isn’t on! As humorous as it is to see Bryce Harper the Padre or Aaron Judge the Met, the real issues have to do with scoring. Every park, still, has spots where a ball will hit over the wall in fair territory and it’ll either be slow to count—or not count at all. You can occasionally win a multiplayer game and your player rating will drop, not your opponent’s.
  • Please fix 3/5

    By Cannery12
    Stuck on marlins uniforms /crashes and it says it’s unlocked but when you go there they are all unlocked. Also chosen uniforms don’t stay chosen, reverts back to generic. Sometimes crashes when open cards. Icon of player is blank when playing a game. I like this game but price is too high for a game and too many points /home runs are needed to get to next rewards.
  • Trash 1/5

    By shxjxjxhxbx
    I won the game and I said I did it and I tied it up and I had a bigger home run and then this game is Flippin bowl crap
  • Smh 1/5

    By cooliofoolioww
  • Fun fun. Feel like you actually swinging the bat 5/5

    By Burgh07
    GreT game
  • Customer Service 3/5

    By Southpaw14
    I love the game itself, it’s great. It’s addicting and I play everyday on my phone. Customer Service seems initially responds with a generic message but overall it is not good. For example if the game had a glitch they fix it but never give you the rewards or ranking you lost. I also think people have found a way to cheat because I can be up by 5 HR in multiplayer and will not miss a ball and they will hit 2 to my one. If everything is the same then how is this possible. Also the card prize are weak, no one wants uniforms as a prize.
  • FROZEN 4/5

    By closetojumping
    When I try to join it will not work
  • Juan Soto for mvp 5/5

    By dbx.
    Juan Soto is the best player in the mlb
  • Mlb 2021 2/5

    By Bobc123
    I completely agree more with the review by “Good But Flawed.” I’ve been playing this game for 3 years and I get frustrated because I keep getting the same players over and over when I win cards, but it takes way too long to to complete uniforms. Some players, I’ll never use like Charley Blackman, but I get him daily. I will not put a batter at the plate without a complete uniform.
  • Great game needs improvements 5/5

    By Andrew McNeill
    I love this game but I’m maxed out at 100 power and contact and still have yet to hit 700-900ft homers but other players I play hit them all day!! What’s up with that? Also I’d love to see an option to disable the white trail behind the ball that’s getting annoying. If I’m using a player I should be able to level that player up without waiting for more cards
  • Fun 1/5

    By Deke 44-40
    The game designers have programmed pitchers to throw bad pitchers when your hitter gets on a roll. No need to do that. Why spend money in a game where the developers give this big reason not too.
  • Great more like bad 3/5

    By Smith$$$
    Every time I hit a great or good it isn’t a home run but when I hit an ok I usually get a home run
  • It is not letting me hit the ball into the out field. 5/5

    By JR78fuzionstyle
    This game is broken 😡
  • Kinda fun... 3/5

    By BobbyRossPaintz
    The graphics are not very good. The multiplayer game mode is just bots. It’s very unrealistic and I can hit a home run that’s at a 89.9 degree angle.