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MMAjunkie App

MMA fans: This is the app you’ve been waiting for. The new and improved MMAjunkie app includes live play-by-play of events, as well as breaking news and analysis from our award-winning team of writers and editors. Among the improvements: - Optional push notifications, so you can know first when news breaks - Video highlights and photos from events - A faster, better user interface - An enhanced audio experience for MMAjunkie Radio - The ability to filter news for your favorite organizations, including the UFC, Bellator, WSOF, Cage Warriors and AXS TV Fights - An enhanced Rumors/Events section to check out upcoming cards and to get past results So, seriously: Stop what you’re doing and download it. You won’t be disappointed.

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MMAjunkie app reviews

  • Too many ads 2/5

    By Dima83az
    This app would be great if I wasn’t peppered with ads so many times that it makes it a chore to read any articles (much less watch a video) in this app. On desktop, I can have an ad blocker, but whoever optioned the ads for this site leaned a little too hard on them.
  • Horrible Ad Whores 1/5

    By Greg21040
    If you thought it couldn’t get any worse... now ads automatically start playing the video WITH audio! This app is so ad driven it’s ridiculous.
  • Latest update is the worst 1/5

    By Buddha_SAMPenn
    Print is’s a pain to read articles as not only is the font smaller it doesn’t show the full article and you constantly have to thumb scroll right and left
  • Used to be good 1/5

    By Smathskyjc
    Now it is super buggy and has been for a while...too many ads, no volume. Redundant feed...sad
  • Too many ads 1/5

    By Ac_prettyboy
    This app and website is horrible now that you are flooded with ads, it really makes the site unreadable and makes me look elsewhere for mma news.
  • Crashes All The Time Now 1/5

    By Bdogg82
    It's a waste of time now just go to the website on Safari instead. Edit: New update, which now cuts off half of the text and has managed to make this horrible app even worse. This may be the most inept developer in the history of the app store.
  • Can't read the articles! 1/5

    By Deemit
    After the latest update, every article is cut off halfway down, then there is a ton of white space. It seems like everyone they "update" the app it gets harder to use. Come on guys! I would really like to read your articles, if only you would let me...
  • Couple notes 3/5

    By big fraiz
    I like the app to stay up with current affairs in the sport but Twitter mailbag needs to be revamped it’s too aggressive and vindictive. The two writers are always taking lot shots at each other rather than staying on topic. I’ve stopped reading it. Also the Twitter reacts segment needs to be cleaned up. On a mobile device it doesn’t load well and is constantly refreshing making it difficult to read .
  • Ads pop up and hold you hostage 1/5

    By sirmatt06
    I used to like this app but they now have these video ads that pop up while scrolling or reading an article so you can’t see anything else. Gonna give them another week before I delete this forever.
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By Brickits
    Can’t watch their native videos and when they add in social network links, it doesn’t load for 5 minutes and just keeps resetting to the top. They are going down hill and don’t seem to want to fix it. Check out mmafighting app. Much better.
  • Not very good 2/5

    By Kinleywan
    This app used to be better, but the more recent updates have ruined it. Mostly videos that don't load or don't match the title and a bunch of links to what people said on twitter. That's about all it is now. I'll be looking for another mma news app.
  • Best yet but needs work 3/5

    By TonyFam7777
    This is the best MMA app but it crashes sometimes. It has potential to be great.
  • Really, really, really SLOW! 1/5

    By Sheehan13
    By far the slowest app on my phone and it's only a news app! Easily takes a 2 to 5 minutes to load. I have been able to start my laptop completely up and get online to find MMA news quicker than this app can open a find the same info.
  • Ads ads and more ads 1/5

    By Asus use
    If I have to watch an ad before every article I'll delete the app
  • Very Slow and stop responding! 1/5

    By ScoolC
    So slow when loading the article page. Very very slow and when trying to play the video. Sometimes the video not even loading!!!!! Needed to be fixed!!!!!
  • Horrible 1/5

    By allen verga
    None of the videos work
  • Use to love... now pop up ads 1/5

    By HansomeHan
    Annoying.... keep getting pop up ads while trying to read in peace... Bellator pop up of Silva vs Sonnen every 10 seconds... ANNOYING. Deleting..
  • Why don't you have comments 1/5

    By Kingces13
    The app was way better when we we're able to comment. I like talking to other fans
  • Still the best source of MMA news 5/5

    Yes there are ad popups now, but if that is the price to keep the absolute best source of MMA news free then I am willing to adapt to it.
  • Good content terrible app 1/5

    By Barfly420
    Your app is getting worse. The ads take over the article, the first part to the story cannot be seen. Please fix this as you have some of the best writers in the biz.
  • Last update was terminal. 1/5

    By Jgrimsley6
    Didn't have any issues with the app until the last update stopped it from working in any way. Take responsibility for your product, not repairing or removing a currently unusable product from the market is an insult to the consumer.
  • Version 7 aka "Ellipsis Fever" 1/5

    By Gloobert
    This used to be my main app for... Then version 7 came out and I del... The article headline descriptions get cutoff mid-sent... Here are some examples fro... "Flyweight Matheus Nicolau pu..." "Suddenly political Donald Cer..." "Conor McGregor still wants to..." "Twitter Mailbag: Is it time to st..." "With Gunnar Nelson back trai..."
  • Member Berries 1/5

    By MrPeedOff
    Member when this app used to have information... when it used to let you read a story... rename this app to AddsRUs.. just sad that it fell off... MMA torch is my new home
  • Looks really ugly now 1/5

    By DPino86
    Used to love this app as a MMA news source, but the new layout and ads look awful. Just get the bleacher report team stream app, much better.
  • App is total garbage 1/5

    By AceMcCluskey
    Junkie used to be my MOST used app, I just deleted it because of the never ending ads. You can't even scroll through an article to the bottom because the bottom has been replaced with 4 reebok ads. Way to ruin a good thing.
  • Getting worse and worse 1/5

    By Freq Nrd Shopper
    This app keeps getting worse and worse! So many repetitions and so many adds. Many other much better MMA news apps.
  • Get rid of the video headlines! 1/5

    By Benny and Jax
    The MMAjunkie app use to be great, easy to read and a great source of news. Used to be! Now the huge video headlines hog up most your phones screen which make it hard to read and scroll through. Please go back to the olde format!!
  • Very slow! 1/5

    By Jerome bone
    Loading times are way too long if it works at all.
  • Too many advertisements 1/5

    By Irunlots
    Too many advertisements. In the content in the ad is disgusting.
  • Poor Version 1/5

    By Lcmodlin
    MMA Junkie was the go to app for MMA news....until this latest version. Barely touch an ad while scrolling though the headlines that are repeated over and over and videos start playing or you end up on an ad that you can't get away from. Put things in chronological order for crying out loud. It doesn't have a landscape mode for tablets either, which is annoying but not a huge deal compared to the general layout.
  • Too many ads and ads that you can't close 1/5

    By WC_13
    This app has always been trash. There are way too many ads on this app and they pop up even if you do not click on them but that isn't the worst thing. The new update has ads that pop up on their own and can not be closed. There is actually no X or way to close them down so the only option is to exit out of the app and go back into it.
  • Best update yet, EXCEPT for the auto-pop-up ads! 2/5

    By Ludecrasher
    This new update works great, but all of a sudden these ads keep popping up and playing videos without us even clicking on them. I know you guys get ads to help pay for the app and I don't mind them except for the fact that they keep playing the videos all on their own as if you clicked on them to view them. Very annoying to the point id rather not see any news here. I'll check back in a week or so to see if it gets fixed.
  • Pop up Ads. Really? 1/5

    Used to be ok at best. Now unusable due to pop up ads when you browse down to select the article that you want to read. Get rid of it or Im getting my mma news and stories elsewhere.
  • No Audio for Videos 1/5

    By DrMorganSmith
    Updated the App on my IPhone 6 and now videos no longer play audio.
  • Update ok 2/5

    By PaulCoy
    Ok I know it's all nice looking but it doesn't show you the updates in fight cards you can't watch. I can't watch all the fights and find out the results. It's just ok.
  • Screw the haters! This update is the bomb!! 5/5

    Great update! This app is one of my favorite now!! It hasn't crashed once for me, and it is very user friendly!! Great job guys!!👌🏻
  • Don't like update 1/5

    By gotdanes
    This update is no good. UFC 200 you show Tate as a draw against Nunes when Tate tapped. Upcoming events in the next few weeks aren't even showing who's on the card but they did in the previous version. Fonts are too small to read. You tried to cram too much in too little space
  • Smh 1/5

    By Mataleon13
    Do not update! This update crashes worse than a holly holm head kick to Ronda rouseys face!!
  • New version crashes 3/5

    By Mr Finance
    Has always worked good and he new update isn't working right.
  • P.O.S. 1/5

    By disfunkshun
    Do not waste your time with this. App is awful. Writing and coverage is even worse.
  • Pass on the App 1/5

    By mikeybear32
    So sick of this app not being updated, can't click on fighter profiles. Not complete statistics.
  • Keeps Crashing! 1/5

    By cre34
    I want to give you guys 5 stars but I can't even open the app anymore, it continually crashes. I sent you an email and that even got rejected, said your support email address is no good. Please fix the app.
  • Can't even open 1/5

    By MattW212967
    They recently did an update to this app, and now I can't even open the app. Before it even loads it immediately crashes. I thought it was my iPhone, but nope every other review on here has the SAME issue!! Fix it!! I'm going to a different MMA news app!! I had been using this for a year now. You guys lost a user with this, and NOT FIXING IT!!!!!!
  • Stop changing the app!!! 1/5

    By dustyburmeister
    When it works it works. Stop adding video content that doesn't even relate to the news clip. And yah why keep changing it. Used to be flawless mma news. It now has me looking for a new news outlet. Keeps crashing. I just deleted the app for the 2x time. Hope when I get the urge to download it again it works. I could prob say that all of the mma community uses mmajunkie app for one reason or another and often. But with so many glitches and issues, man your making it tough for use to keep it up.
  • App keeps crashing before it opens 1/5

    By DisGirl1462
    Please fix it
  • App stopped loading 1/5

    By J Benton Wolters
    Used be one of my main mma information sources. But the app started crashing and will no longer load. Deleted, re-installed, nothing will get it to work. Used to be great, now worthless
  • App crashes, videos don't work 1/5

    By ivel420
    Lately the app has been crashing constantly. When it does work the articles that say they have video the video doesn't work most of the time. The GIFs used don't show at all and just leave a blank white spot on the page(Ben Fowlkes uses one every Twitter mailbag and they always show up as a blank answer following a question) I will be using my web browser to view you website from now on or my much more reliable mmafighting app for my mma news
  • BS 1/5

    By Hokage47
    This app is flat out broken!
  • Crash 1/5

    By Kmarttt
    This app crashes all the time shortly after opening

MMAjunkie app comments

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