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MoboReader-The Alpha King

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MoboReader-The Alpha King App

Enjoy your favorite books on the go with a customizable reading experience and millions of best sellers, novels, science fiction, romance, fantasy, fanfiction and more. FEATURES * Many Many Books Provides both paid and free ebooks including romance, werewolf/vampire, billionaire, marriage, action, adventure, fantasy, young adult fiction, fanfiction, LGBT, classic, xuanhuan, wuxia novel & more original work. New stories are updated daily! * Moboreader Original Series Sweet Twins: Indulge in Daddy's Love Take my breath away My Wife is an Aloof Beauty The Spoiled Girl Deep Affection: Honey, Come Back To Me Billionaire's Gift Rebirth of martial god * Free Offer & Sale Free books and special offers; Free trial reading chapters and episodes; Free Coins for you to buy paid ebooks and chapters. * Customizable Reading Features Build up your own bookshelf and enrich your collections. Real paper book simulation, text size adjustment, night theme and more for you to find the best reading style. * Read Books Offline Save and preload your favorite stories and take them with you wherever you go, even when you're offline. Import books from your phone and read EPUB files, text documents, UMD files and other 30 file formats of e-books with MoboReader. * Audiobooks Listen to all your favorite ebooks with our easy-to-use audiobook player. About Auto-Renewable Subscriptions - Auto-renewable subscriptions in the app include Check-in Coins Packs. - Coins Packs: $20, $30, $50 and $100. - Payment: The purchase will be charged to your iTunes account. - Renewal: When you subscribe to check-in coins packs, your subscription will renew automatically. You'll be charged at the start of each billing cycle until you cancel your subscription. Subscriptions are automatically charged each billing period, whether monthly or another period, and you may be charged no more than 24 hours before the beginning of each billing period. - Cancellation: You may cancel a subscription at any time more than 24 hours before your renewal date. - Privacy Policy: - Subscription Terms and Conditions: - Terms of Use: Any questions or advice? Please contact us: Email: [email protected] Facebook:

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MoboReader-The Alpha King app reviews

  • I love the books 5/5

    By Charity1983
    I love the books on here they leave you hanging and you want to read more and more and more keep it up
  • What does it cost so much to read 1 book? 2/5

    By Mrs. Icy
    This app could be great. Some of the stories are engaging and a nice change from scrolling social media. I should have checked price and chapters prior to downloading because it’s ridiculous. I honestly thought it would cost about $20 to read a book on this platform!! Boy was I wrong. The first book I came across to read I just realized has 1087 chapters that are about 3-5 pages each. Each chapter costs between 27-30 coins. For $20 you get 2000 coins. On the low end it’s going to cost about 20K coins. So 1087*27=29349 coins // 29349coins/2000coins= 14.6745 coin packs 14.6745*19.99=$293.34 to read that one book. That’s OUTRAGEOUS!!
  • Cost is ridiculous 1/5

    By kiki271
    You can buy a book for $20 prepare to pay $100 to finish one on here. Small chapters, many chapters 300 or more you pay by chapter, stories drag on and repetitive drama. Not worth it.
  • MoboReader 5/5

    By nugget3x
    I love the books I give 5 stars for that but 3 stars I’ve read over29 chapters and the free coins that was offer for reading 10 chapters I haven’t gotten any..
  • confused! 5/5

    By Marty Leeee
    the web site is not well written! I found no place on their web site with explanation of how the web site works and how one can earn coins.
  • Adorable twins. Daddy stay away 5/5

    By Happyreader2
    Love this story. How do I purchase more coins to continue to read. I have a apple account, not pay pal. Please help so I can finish this wonderful story.
  • FRAUD. Charges your cards with no subscription or use of app 1/5

    By ?mcdvhdxsgg th Hecht gf
    This app charges your cards even if you don’t have a subscription with them or using their app. When you try to talk to someone nobody is around this app is a scam for money don’t use it
  • Ridiculous fees 1/5

    By SheaCKY
    The book I’m reading is good but the fees are ridiculous. It’s run of the mill fiction with 1st edition classic prices by the time you finish a book.
  • BIG RIP OFF 1/5

    By Feachers
    The average cost of a book is $10 and best seller $30 but in order to read the books provided you have to buy tickets/ tokens. The story line is not bad for the book I chose to read but I have reached over 500 chapters and the book is never ending…. I have foolishly spent in excess of $75 already!!!! I will Be reporting this to the Better Business Bureau and Consumer Affairs!!!!
  • Great Books 5/5

    By 11MzH
    Love the book I’m reading but hate that I can only read so much per day. Wish coins cane easier to enjoy more time reading.
  • App not giving coins 1/5

    By maduser01
    I’ve spent some real money for some of the books I’ve been reading. This app is constantly cheating me out of the coins. I’ve reached out several times to customer support with no response and their is never any agents available to chat and address issues. Great book’s customer service is horrible.
  • Expensive 5/5

    By alittlebeth
    This app is too expensive. So instead of finishing reading the novel that later on that’s dragging the story. I change to a different novel. High way robbery just to support the author to finish reading the novel. So i am deciding to stop pretty soon. Coz nobody especially can afford yo be in debt just to finish reading the novel.
  • Too Expensive…Chapters not long enough 1/5

    By GoGoReader
    Facebook brought me to download this app. The book content has been great, but the chapters are too short and more like paragraphs (4-5 pages long). I have spent $80 on one book and have made it to Chapter 516. That’s just crazy to spend that much money and not even read one complete book. Just my opinion!! I do like the Audio though - it’s lacking on emphasis and a little choppy at times, but similar to most generic read out’s.
  • I love to read 5/5

    By Harp. Fam.
    I am really enjoying this app. I like that I can earn points to unlock chapters.
  • Can’t get enough 5/5

    By this addicted reader
    Look I love to read and spend a lot of money on books but this app gives me the chapters to read for free everyday and then that makes me put it down but I do give myself so much each week to spend in chapter but I try not and use them all in one day but really it makes you feel better just by reading a little every day and you don’t get burned out by power reading like I always do
  • Entertaining but ridiculous costs! 2/5

    By Aries329
    I became addicted to the story I was reading, but who in their right mind charges an reasonable amount for continuing to read. Chapter after chapter. You can buy a book just as great for waaaaaay less than they keep asking. Not fair for us who are actually trying to support your app. The greed is insane.
  • Love the books 5/5

    By hereeherreherere
    I love the books. Absolutely, though the paying for coins is rough😂 lack of self control to be honest 😂
  • There are very good books to read 5/5

    By she tha
    Enjoying reading the books just wish you didn’t have to pay to read the books. Maybe a option to just purchase the books would be better.
  • Too expensive 2/5

    By lilred67601
    They should charge a monthly fee of like $9.99 like audiobooks does or amazon. To access their books. Or limit the books to like 3 books a month. It’s like over $200 to read one book. Ridiculous!! These aren’t even top selling novels. I got too frustrated with it.
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By annoyed follower
    This app is horrible. It’s not user friendly. It’s the worst in every possible aspect. It does not let you change settings to see reward options. Redeeming rewards is not easy. Why cant I just buy the book outright and read it? I hate this app!
  • The stories are great but 5/5

    By Mrs Qnique
    I enjoyed the books but they can be a little expensive. I gave spent close to $200 on one novel and i didn’t realize it. The format is a little bit hard to understand also.
  • Substitute wife 5/5

    By grands/2382
    I’m enjoying this book that I have a hard time putting it down.
  • Unlimited option needed 5/5

    By Hidden Dragon e24
    I enjoy reading the books but I wish there was an unlimited purchase option.
  • I’m just writing this review for 50 free coins. 5/5

    By Jeasicaxwasxhere
    It’s good I guess. I’ve recently gotten into the phone books. Idk. I’d rather just pay a subscription fee or pay x amount of dollars for a book and be done with it. But I guess watching 900 ads is cool.
  • My honest opinion 5/5

    By bhchvv
    Love the books on this app the books are great I just wish they’d honor the monthly subscription you pay for verses you only getting a few coins and turn around and have to purchase more and before you know it you’ve spent 200.00 to read a book you can’t even get a real copy of.
  • Substitute Bride 5/5

    By Diva Catering
    Best book ever!!!! A must read
  • Good books, very expensive 1/5

    By shanekey
    I completed the first few chapters at the free rate. Then decided to sign up for the subscription to keep reading. Turns out the daily credit is only applied after you log in for 30 days. Not a credit every day. Piece of junk Will not be purchasing any new credits as you pay 20-30 coins for a “chapter” that is only 4-5 paragraphs The developer needs to figure out a better way to do business otherwise he won’t have one very long. And to the developers who posted that prices are set by the authors, sounds like a pile of ****
  • Not happy 1/5

    By LadySkyDragon
    I purchased a daily bundle subscription and it has not given me any of the daily coins this is not good I have asked for help on the app but no one will respond I don’t like wasting money on something I enjoy if I’m not getting what is paid for why am I buying
  • Contacted App Support - No Results 1/5

    By CL USN
    I’ve contacted app support multiple times and nothing has been resolved about someone hacking my account or attaching to my account. I have changed my password 3 times already and provided screenshots and still no resolution. I sent an email and was told to contact app support which has done nothing.
  • All books 5/5

    By Sharonthacker8
    All the books are little pricey tho
  • RIP OFFFFFF! 1/5

    By dmtz54
    I paid $20 for a monthly package, it wasn’t even enough to finish ONE book. I got to chapter 67 and it said I had to buy more coins to keep reading. The book is 1042 chapters! Sounds like the book is really long but they made ever chapter like 4 pages so it actually isn’t a long book. I’d have to pay like $200 to read it! WHAAATTT TTTHHHHEEE EEEFFFFF!!!!!!!! >:[ !
  • Costly app 1/5

    By baybaybaybay1994
    It costs more to read unedited books here than it does to just buy a book from the store. I don’t mind helping support up and coming writers, but I don’t want to spend an abundance of money doing so.
  • Substitute wife 1/5

    By fun7235
    Book is great but I signed up for $29.99 month but then I got to the end of a chapter and they are wanting me to pay $49.99 to continue and now I can’t figure out how to cancel my 29.99 subscription and cancel the whole thing
  • Great 5/5

    By Spinky14
    It is an amazing app the store use are well put together
  • Good but not enough coins 3/5

    By SerenityLyn!
    I enjoy the app and am loving these stories but sad that it’s such little coins when you check in and so many coins for the stories and why did you take away the ability to trade in your points for coins on your own, now I have to wait sometimes up to a day for the points to trade to coins
  • Mrs.Robertson 2/5

    By robbynrobertson
    This app is not bad but charging to much to read the stories and I can just go to Audiobook and pay less and read whatever I want. Get rid of the coins and tickets
  • Update 1/5

    By Fed up with site
    Not good I pay the money to go to the next chapters and you don’t update the system to allow me to do this you turn around and you keep charging me more, so please fix this
  • Alternative wife 1/5

    By Maggs2828
    So far I spend $80 dollars and book going on and on and on - who knows how much more I have to pay to read the whole book - I would go to book store and get me 4 book for this price or more
  • Stealing Coins 3/5

    By DMoish
    If you all value your money you spend don’t use this app! I bought 1,000 coins yesterday for $10. I unlocked in bulk 20 chapters for 666 coins, I go to finish reading those chapters today and all of them are locked again! My coins balance and 0 because they took 666 coins plus the remaining I had after purchasing and expect me to pay to unlock those chapters again! You can never talk to some one in customer service because it always sends a message back stating representative is away from the desk! It’s some really good books on here, but the app itself is horrible!
  • TooMuch 5/5

    By Amelia 67
    I do not understand why someone should have to pay over $40.00 to read one book! That’s Highway robbery!!!
  • Annoying app What? its a game scam… bleak 1/5

    By Izip useless for music
    I was enjoying reading a book, what I thought was an app to read a book but it turned out to be a gaming platform… do this then do that then you earn stars coins among other layers of junk. After they took $15 bucks I never did finish the book. It’s a crumby app. It belongs over there with the rest of the fish wrap. In the circular file. Dud app.
  • Review 5/5

    By luckiiKP
    This app has great books but it's a little complicated how to earn coins to be able to read for free.
  • App is a SCAM (I’d give it 0 stars if I could) 1/5

    By Tris the Book Lover
    Every book I tried to read was so difficult to understand due to all of the spelling and basic grammatical errors. There is also no way to obtain coins so you can read books without forking over a serious amount of money. I’m not paying $200 for a book that is under 300 pages and has the grammar level of a 2nd grader. The app also tries to make you believe that earning tickets through watching ads will translate into coins but it doesn’t. Basically this app is trash, there is zero vetting process for the authors so the book quality is poor, and it is a waste of your time. Try the kindle app or Wattpad.
  • Beautiful 5/5

    By Rika Blakeney
    Love the stories so far
  • Way too expensive! 1/5

    By kmaeser
    It shouldn't cost more than a new release, hardback book to finish a story. It's ridiculously overpriced for stories that have multiple grammar and spelling errors. I am curious and want to know how the story I started ends, but not enough to put $100 or more. This app and other reading apps that require coins to unlock chapters are a huge scam.
  • Love the books! 5/5

    By Reader0412724
    Love the books I get easily sucked in and plenty of ways to earn free coins :)
  • Books 5/5

    By leenamasri
    Love the book
  • eh 3/5

    By 👩🏻🤌🏻
    the stories are good but cost way to much, if you don’t want to buy coins for the chapters you have to check in 3-4 days before you can unlock one chapter which is super annoying
  • Your novels are very good but to expensive. 4/5

    By Big Mama’s
    Hoping you diced to lower the prices or set a price up front. As far I concer I will no longer keep reading your novels,I wish I could but I’m an a set budget. Martha S.
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