Modern Combat Versus

Modern Combat Versus

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  • Current Version: 1.6.5
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Gameloft
  • Compatibility: Android
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Modern Combat Versus App

Drop into fun, action-packed gameplay that defines a new era of mobile shooter games. Choose your Agent, master your role, and dominate the battlefield with your team. From skilled attackers to supportive defenders and covert assassins, there’s an Agent for every playstyle. FEATURES • Deploy into 4v4 multiplayer battles featuring a set of competitive team-based game modes. • Play as 17+ specialized Agents, each equipped with unique weapons and abilities! • Create or join a clan to connect with players from around the world. • Host Live Tournaments with custom lobbies, spectator mode, and in-game prizes! • Battle across 6 distinct maps ranging from close-quarters combat to long-range warfare. • Compete in ranked seasons, earn trophies, and get promoted to higher leagues. • Customize your Agents with cosmetic skins featuring unique designs and weapon camos. • Pick up and play using groundbreaking, intuitive controls. • Experience console-quality graphics, stunning visuals, and next-gen effects. _____________________________________________ Visit our official site at Check out the new blog at Don't forget to follow us on social media: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: YouTube: This app allows you to purchase virtual items within the app and may contain third-party advertisements that may redirect you to a third-party site. Terms of Use: Privacy Policy: End-User License Agreement:


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Modern Combat Versus app reviews

  • hdjdgosvsg 5/5

    By vjdjdhjx
  • Ehh 2/5

    By poison23
    Good game but the lagging is HORRIBLE . Needs to get fixed.... and for the past couple of days it hasn’t given me rewards after completing contracts I’m still owed loot crates and diamonds. PLEASE GUYS FIX THIS!
  • Unfair 1/5

    By J0.1
    Extended battles are annoying for the winning team. Unfair matching for PvP. Too many cons more than pros.

    By Jmaxm218
    Creators please read.. I just played my first game online as part of the introduction, I got 11 kills and zero deaths while holding the zone. Then, after the game, it says I have been found for abusing/hacking the game, when I did nothing! Please fix ASAP!!!!
  • Awesomeness 5/5

    By lord brook
    Y’all game is awesome although I do think it needs a jumping machanic like in black ops three but that my suggestion your game is good keep up the great work
  • Lags 1/5

    By youngdaggerduc
    Trash game
  • Please read this 4/5

    By wren6300
    Lag and unfair matching system. Overall a decent game
  • Haven’t played but looks really fun 5/5

    By chickenfarthead
    Can’t wait to play during the summer
  • Extended battles 3/5

    By Kemehameha
    I understand that extended battles could be come backs for the losing team, yet it has been an infuriating experience for the winning team at the same time. I suggest to either to remove remove the ability to reset the extended time, or to completely remove extended battles at once. Fix this issue, please.
  • Kult ruins this game. 2/5

    By Yaron12345
    Something needs to be done about that slowing auto killing spray that Kult has, and two death traps that slow you to nothing and does all of your Health in half a second? What is wrong with you developers? Seriously EVERYONE abuses Kult and only plays him, when they’re losing they just turn to him and it’s auto win. Take him out of the game or nerf him.
  • Some doubts 4/5

    By canearane
    i like the game but it has some doubts that need to be fixed I got banned for nothing right after I trained and it has bugs that need to be fixed but other than that great game
  • Game is good but... 1/5

    By Cegulch
    frame drops in the middle of a gunfight makes the game unplayable and no fun, developers were so obsessed with good graphics and particle effects that frames drop out of nowhere
  • Dope 5/5

    By Kuuzko
  • It’s great 4/5

    By Oaks tree
    I think the idea of the game and execution is well done. It’s just small things that kinda take away from the experience. One is the inability to jump/crouch. Two is matchmaking. Sometimes I will encounter blatant cheaters, and afk’s. Love the constant updates.
  • It stupid 1/5

    By arcoleo
    It unbalanced and not fair game and that why I delete it
  • Lost everything - TWICE! 1/5

    By Ddhhdbjhhfvjjjjjhvvc
    I made huge leaps in this game, and then... major update changes. I lost absolutely everything! I wrote to the developers, continued playing from zero, and made a ton of progress. The developers wrote me back, updated my game... and it failed. I’m back to zero again. Developers- just restore my progress. Between the two times I’ve had to gain all characters and XP, I’d have everything fully unlocked. All new characters. Everything 100%. I’m frustrated that this is the 3rd time I’m starting at zero.
  • Hi 5/5

    By Gsydydyd
    It’s the best
  • Game changing glitch 5/5

    By Solojungle
    I was just in a game, and I’ve been playing this game a lot, it’s just great. But in the game I was just in, idk if it’s even a glitch but it was 4v5. Idk how the extra guy got in. It even had his character changing at the top.... Update- it happened again this time there were 6 people on the opposing side vs us (4) fix it
  • Fun game but matchmaking is trash 3/5

    By reol is a good band
    The game is fun, heroes or whatever those characters are called are nice too, very lively. But when you are matched against people who are at least 10 levels above and are higher rank like bronze versus plat or even diamond! I think the play is taken away when they just two shot you with their advanced hero.
  • Cool game 5/5

    By Graham33453
    I love killing my enemies
  • Good but too many glitches 3/5

    By Bmok73
    It’s a good shooting game but too many glitches which gets annoying.
  • Great game 5/5

    By Icymight
    This game is very fun the PvP is easy to get behind and is not very complicated in some elements it is paid to win but in other elements it is not.
  • I Rock But... 4/5

    By Squidly5412
    Lag GREAT HOLY LAG ITS LIKE WORLD WAR 1 IS HAPPENING IN MY IPAD ALL OVER AGAIN. I'm having fun and then next round lag eats my brains It's SO ANNOYING plz fix
  • Unbalanced as it gets 1/5

    By Rockoth
    The game is decent but if you are just picking it up, either pay a bunch of money to get upgrade points or expect not to win a single match because people have already upgraded their agents to the max. Absolutely ridiculous pay to win BS.
  • More 3/5

    By Marilynstones
    Just need more characters and better guns and need to customize characters and lags but the rest is good
  • Please help... 1/5

    By .Mr. D
    I purchased the Knox’s Boxes for $9.99 and did not receive the 1400 gems...
  • Add system 4/5

    By datpoeceofWOOD
    This is a great game overall. The thing that is bad is the add system. It is broken
  • STOP!! 4/5

    By Tsm_Jaic7217
    What’s the point of having trophies if there gonna get taken away???!!!!
  • Fix’s and Ideas 5/5

    By countrychevy999
    I feel like that the shield for kan the enemies shouldn’t be able to get in it that’s not far and you should add more people and weapons
  • New update is unfair for old players 4/5

    By The player called Noob
    Before the new update when there were still credits, where you buy agents, I played this game. I am not saying the new update is bad, it is just that all the agents are really easy to get. For example, I bought monarch for, I think, 11,250 credits. Now you only have to wait a week or so to get a legendary crate from daily rewards and you get it. This is unfair to the people who played this game before, because we worked so hard to get one agent. What I think is that this game can either help us sell our old characters for gems or whatever(refund) or give us some upgrades for our character. Thanks, Some player called Noob
  • lag and bug 1/5

    By jdjdbxb
    lag and so many bug
  • Someone hacked the game 5/5

    By gameloft boy
    I think you guys should know someone already has the new agent Cub and he’s not out yet it’s not fair please fix this
  • Excellent game 5/5

    By oberon0101
    It is an excellent game but i have one problem now with this game. Actually i lost my game control settings. How can i restore it ? Please help me ) thanks
  • Please Help 5/5

    By MikeBurst
    Lately Modern Combat Versus Have Been Really Laggy For Me And I’m Playing On IPhone 6s Plus With Very Good Wifi it never used to happen after a while it just randomly started happening please help if u need my gamertag it’s $Mike_Swervo$
  • FIX 3/5

    By Samthe_man45
    The game is really good and has potential but some problems with the game kills the experience. The match making in the game is very off balance and the damage output for ghost is very glitchy to the point were a shot from up close with his shotgun does 500 damage to the enemy player. Please fix these problems and the experience would be much more enjoyable.
  • No log out feature...why?!?! 1/5

    By Stargazer°
    I love this game with a passion! The only thing is you can’t sign all...this is so bad because I want to play with other people who have played on my phone and now I can’t even get back on my own account. Add a feature to log off PLEASE!!
  • Good, but needs LOTS of work 1/5

    By WhyareUugly
    Amazing graphics and the controls are decent, however I have some serious gripes with the software. For starters when I’m moving a character forward but then let’s say the combat gets heated and I need to backpedal, the game for some reason does not respond to the back motion and carries me forward directly into enemies, more often than not getting me killed or worse yet causing me to lose the match. That’s not good at all, especially for a combat game. Please fix. In addition, there are serious lag issues which are “Horrendous” and rendering the match unplayable. And I have found an unpleasant surprise on more than one character, where the character will reload but do it twice in a row without my consent. Especially with Knox where I’ve been in a battle and he unnecessarily double taps the clip, I’ve had one reload take 15 - 20 seconds and this is without lag. Unacceptable. There is also a serious hacking problem going on with some players not taking damage or dying and in some cases moving at speeds not capable by the character. I don’t really care about new characters or maps, what’s there is sufficient for me, just fix these issues ASAP. One last point, the player with MVP on the losing team should not lose trophies, it’s extremely unfair, especially when your on a team with lazy teammates who sit back in corners not contesting at all in zone matches. If these are fixed, I will immediately give 5 stars.
  • Best game for iOS 5/5

    By Big red bus imports
    Super stoked
  • Horrible Game 1/5

    By Potionz
    Don’t even bother playing this excuse of a game it’s so bad.The matchmaking feels like trying to get a 7 on a dice it’s hard to even win.In just an hour or so I lost 100 trophies because it would always match me up against pros and my team was always full of noobs and it’s just so hard to win now I don’t even think I want to play this stupid game anymore.Improve the matchmaking and make it more fair Gameloft not just some impossible to escape hole to hell.
  • It’s Amazing But... 5/5

    By McKueen
    I want to know how to play as an atacker because I don’t know how. The game freezes a lot. But what ever. Every time I play I’m the good one. I want to play as an atacker too. How can I do that??
  • Snowman mask 5/5

    By maxudi
    Please put the snowman mask on the black market 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
  • This game is awsome 4/5

    By Darkshevia
    I love the high speed action and gameplay! Definitely worth downloading!
  • About the matchmaking 4/5

    By AdjuctReaper
    The game is really good but their is one thing you should do fix matchmaking pls make it like people from almost the same league pls not like the starter league mix with the platinum league together pls do something about this.
  • Problemas 2/5

    By Artickone
    Es muy lento y enbeces no se encuentran los kompańeros del clan se pierde mucho la conexion arréglenlo.
  • Best first persons shooter game ever!!!!!! 5/5

    By hashtag#101
    I have tried almost ever first persons shooter game there is but this one is the best!!! Amazing graphics and almost flawless gameplay!! It is the best!!
  • Adictivo 5/5

    By jajwjejejd
    Este es un juego al que te ases adicto rapido pir eso me gusta y. O tiene hackers ni bugs gracias gameloft
  • Pretty good 4/5

    By happy patato
    Not enough game modes and customization but a good idea. Also a little glitchy
  • New class 4/5

    By Mars minister
    This game is awesome I really enjoy playing it and I have an Idea to make it better, a new agent class called medics. Their guns/abilities would heal their team.
  • It is a good app but 4/5

    By grgyey
    It’s a good game but
  • best game! 5/5

    By Lijahhbmob
    love this game!!❤️🚀

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