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  • Category: Food & Drink
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  • Current Version: 1.0.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: LevelUp Consulting, LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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Modern Market App

Enjoy food that moves you forward™. Now it’s simple with the Modern Market app. Like our belief that food fosters growth and has the power to inspire, the Modern Market app is just as straightforward - order ahead, pay and earn rewards both in-restaurant and online. Convenience is now at your fingertips. Easy navigation lets you move effortlessly between finding your closest Modern Market and placing an order to paying and checking your rewards. The in-app menu with helpful entree and ingredient images also allow for easy browsing if you just can’t decide between the Tender Belly BLT+A or the Curry Salmon Bowl. Register today and earn $5.00 automatically. Earn $10 for every $100 you spend using the app. And receive an ongoing 10% off reward within five days of your last visit. You think that’s a lot of rewards? We’re just getting started. REWARDS OVERVIEW: - The Casual Diner Status: A $10 credit on your birthday - The Regular Status: A $2 credit toward any late afternoon purchase and the first to be invited to special events - The True Foodie: A $5 credit toward any breakfast purchase and free Modern Market swag OTHER FEATURES: - Access online ordering through the app - Link your prefered form of payment to the app (no need to carry a wallet) - Scan and pay in-app at the restaurant via QR code to earn rewards - Checkout online and earn rewards - Refer a friend to the app and they’ll score $5 credit - you’ll also score $5 credit when they spend $5 more - Find your closest Modern Market - Send Modern Market gift cards to friends - Easily keep track of your rewards and transaction history from the app We’re pretty social and love hearing from our guests. Want to reach out? Connect with us on Instagram (@modernmarket), Facebook (, Twitter (@modmarket) or [email protected]

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Modern Market app reviews

  • Great Food TERRIBLE APP and I have dozens 1/5

    By Dallas Foodie 1000
    It took 30 minutes to set up, kept kicking me out and not intuitive. It took me 30 minutes to set up and order lunch. I was trying to avoid the line at the restaurant and this terrible app was worse than the line at the restaurant. I had to go back in 3 times to set up and 4 times to place my order. I would love to know who at their corporate office was in charge of this piece of work!
  • Bomb 5/5

    By Soft tissue liberator
    Awesome people + awesome nutritious food
  • Modern Market is delicious... 1/5

    By Tulsi17
    The app and website ordering are horrendous. Adding a new payment method and address are so frustrating. You're surely losing business this way. Oh, and the site wouldn't take my full name while adding a payment method. It wasn't until I used just my first name that the payment method worked. How is that a good thing?
  • No reward points from online orders 1/5

    By abhvg
    The fact that you cannot get credit towards rewards when ordering from the app. And the manager at the market doesn’t know
  • Great Restaurant, Terrible App 1/5

    By greenrabbit3
    Modern Market has been a great restaurant option for quick healthier meals and gluten-free options! The app however is barely functional most of the time... I try to use the Order Ahead function all the time and it has only been successful a couple times, I usually get the “oops! Something went wrong” message while selecting location, menu items and at checkout, and have to repeatedly login throughout the ordering and checkout process. In the end it won’t let me place the order, and this has been going on for over a year and two different phones. Hope some day they can get a better app!
  • Great Hills - AUSTIN 3/5

    By getittogetheraustin
    I use to love this place but it has gotten dirty.
  • Modern Market 5/5

    By daddy_chongo
    My wife and I love the freshness and convenience of this establishment! The Ahwatukee location has great customer service!
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By efard
    I love their food but the app is horrible. Even when you order thru the app, it won’t apply existing rewards or let you earn new rewards. Levelup designed it this way. Don’t waste your time with this app.
  • Good scan to pay, horrible to go ordering 2/5

    By Hoopla lama 23550-$--6
    The only reasons I use this app are the scan payment and the rewards. Everything else about this app is horrific, I have never had a worse experience trying to order food than using this app. Also, if you have a reward to redeem you can’t add it to the order in the app! You have to go in store to redeem rewards using the scan payments.
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By TJ 55533
    Tried ordering seven times. Gave up. Each time I tried to add something to my order, I ended up back at the start page with everything deleted from my order.
  • Fast, friendly, healthy! 5/5

    By Dea2622
    My son has issues with gluten. There are many things for him to eat here. We eat at modern market once per week. Delicious, healthy food. Fast friendly service. Rewards!
  • Great Food; Worst App Ever 1/5

    By atechsan
    Despite the fact thaI love the food and really do want to order it, I find myself avoiding Modern Market because this app is so cumbersome and clunky. It doesn't link my profile to anything useful. When attempting to place an order, i’m required to select my nearest location at least three times...every single time. Ordering an item is a separate chore in itself with the multiple pages of customizations to go through if you decide you don't want the ciabatta bread (an example). I can’t speak to whether it remembers my most frequent orders because i usually just give up and order from a competitor. It’s a shame because, despite the food being really fresh and well prepared, I’m not willing to struggle this much to obtain it.
  • So convenient and easy to use 5/5

    By Fshnfntc
    Love the app for an easy way to pay, track rewards and order pick up & delivery. MM is my fave local spot.
  • Love the food, App is awful 1/5

    By Hdubw
    This app is nonsensical-it takes me about 20 minutes every time I try to use it to make an order because it is the opposite of user-friendly. Once you are in the menu and placing an order, if you hit the wrong “back arrow” button, it takes you back to the very beginning and loses any progress you’ve made. It never saves my info even though I’ve tried to save my profile many times, and it doesn’t work with auto-fill. These are just the glaring issues. It feels like using a computer browser view on a cellphone but more complicated. I love this restaurant and their new delivery service w/doordash is great, but PLEASE fix the app!!
  • Awful system 1/5

    By Ildude35
    I remember when this app started and they removed the 10% off returning receipt deal and they moved it to the app. The app has a pretty terrible interface and I mostly live by cash so it’s only bothersome to try and use. Now they don’t even seem to give you the deal at all and the app is still garbage so I wrote this review
  • No rewards 1/5

    By norstar1
    I don’t get anymore Credits like I use to. Please Send more rewards
  • Terrrible UI design 1/5

    By TangLaoshi
    This review is about the app, not the food (the food is great - but it seems all the five star reviews for the app are actually about the food and missing the point). This is a textbook case of bad app design. Every day I order the same thing from the same location. Why can’t it remember this? I ha d a user account and am signed in, but every time I must go through at least a dozen taps and navigate a complex series of screens to just order the same basic item. Why?? Can’t you at least have a default location option or remember my last location? Every time I use it, the thing pops up asking permission to get my location, then apparently does absolutely nothing with that information, so I still have to manually select the state, then the location, the select order online, etc etc. EVERY SINGLE TIME. Come on, use some common sense. Look at the CAVA app if you want a good example of how this SHOULD work. Also, in many cases the buttons are small and squished together so it’s easy to accidentally tap the wrong one. Also, the “lets chat” bubble pops up very conspicuously blocking the order button. Come on, why can’t you just shut up and take my money??? Terrible from a business perspective and an app design perspective. It’s a good thing that their food is good, though, which keeps me using this crappy app every day.
  • Rewards 1/5

    By hooked75
    I cannot get anyone to help me to add my rewards from a recent transaction.
  • Bad App. Won’t Store Credit card info. 1/5

    By Csam6
    First time user and the app would not store my credit card info. Tried many times but failed. Unable to order.
  • Matt 2/5

    By Amelioratenow
    Modern Market = awesome, but the app’s poor design doesn’t reflect it. There are so many user experience flaws that it makes navigating the app and ordering food a pain.
  • Mrs 5/5

    By ricky 2324
    Best place to enjoy a healthy affordable meal.
  • Buggy App 2/5

    By Marcwayne
    This app is incredibly annoying! I’ve been charged twice on an order, sometimes it won’t take my login credentials so I can’t get the points, other times I get weird errors and it won’t allow me to make an order. Love the restaurant but can’t stand this app. I prefer LevelUp, and only moved to this app to be able to order online.
  • App is terrible 1/5

    By ColoradoLunchOrders
    Each time I switch between menu items, I have to go back our , choose location, then select order online. Did this 5 times and will no longer order mod market. Guys, check out the Panera App! It is phenomenal and can pick up food within 5 min of ordering 😀. Sorry Mod Market
  • Excellent food, service 5/5

    By alot&more
    Mod market satisfies, never disappoints & is our fave, go-to restaurant. Many thanks for consistently providing us the best food at a great price. Certainly makes life easier!
  • Looks like no one tested it 1/5

    By techangelist
    Hard to order with it. Does not find closest location even after enabling location search. And once you select the location to order, it forgets the next time you want to order. The powers that be at modern market obviously just checked their box - Do we have an app? Yep. Good enough.
  • Web wrapper 1/5

    By Gman570
    This is not a very good app in terms of ux. You open the app click menu and it will ask to use your location. Then it asks you to select a state and city to look at a menu for even though it should just use your location. You can order online for pickup or delivery. You have the choice of breakfast or lunch and dinner. I wanted breakfast in the afternoon so I clicked that option. Thought I would go with one of their breakfast bowls so I selected that. I clicked the bread icon to see if I could change to a different type of bread. It removed the item. OK that's fine so I click again and it says it was added but the icon is now grayed out like it's not part of my order. I decide to go to the other bowl instead so I swipe back. It brings me to the main page of the app. Now I have to go through the first few steps. So I select my state again and my location and navigate back to the bowls to select the other one. I add it to my cart click the icon in the top right and prepare for checkout. It wants me to sign in or continue as a guest. I have an account so I sign in. I have 5 dollars off my first purchase and it says it will be applied on checkout. I go to the final purchase page. I don't see the $5 deducted but OK maybe it will just not charge me for that. I hit the submit button. I get an error that I can't order breakfast past a certain time. So I have to go back to the main page. Select my state. Select my location. Oder online. Lunch and dinner. I finally am able to order my food. My cc is stored with them. There is no apple pay option. This is a terrible ux. Modern Market,please look at the Panera app for how an app should be built. Please hire some people to make your app usable. I might just order from them next time because it doesn't take 20 minutes to place an order with Panera.
  • Delicious 5/5

    By rgoran2
    I can’t say enough about the food!! I first tried MM at a free preview night, then when I recently won an Instagram giveaway to MM and love this place!! Highly recommend the Basil Chicken Pesto sandwich, the BBQ pizza, and the Mac & Cheese!
  • Terrible app, consistently late 1/5

    By Imperial Clasher
    Consistently late on mobile ordering, which is compounded by how long it takes to order. Despite being an app it looks like you are navigating a poorly formatted website. This is no reflection on the food though. I suffer through the horrible user experience due to the referral rewards and there is a mod market near me.
  • Unusable 1/5

    By cmac2005
    You can’t use the app. I think the reviews are for the food. App is absolutely terrible. You’re losing business.
  • Best Wholesome Food App EVER 5/5

    By Quickplay123
    If you value wholesome, healthy food, eat here. Then treat your pocketbook by using the app when you order either in person or on your device. The perks of this app are amazing. Incredible deals!
  • App does not work 1/5

    By Seahorn
    Crashes every time trying to place an order
  • Incredible food and wonderful service! 5/5

    By Paula HR
    We love Modern Market and come here often. Yesterday we discovered the breakfast burritos.... YUM!
  • Great brand, awful App 1/5

    By WestEater
    The preloading of credit to the account assures mod market we will spend with them regardless of quality/service. It feels like a presumption on their part w/ limited any meaningful loyalty benefits. Your marketing department needs to take a lesson from Chik Fil A on what loyalty rewards look like.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Broadleoh
    Don’t entice people with discounts and convenience of using an app, then the app doesn’t work. It’s great seeing my $5 credit apply, then I enter my card information and it adds the $5 right back on top....
  • App is unusable 1/5

    By TobyP
    As many have said, this app is unintuitive, glitchy, and not worth the trouble. It won’t stop me from going to Modern Market altogether, but when time is an issue, which is often is, I’ll eat somewhere with a working app.
  • Great restaurant, not so great app 2/5

    By beachboy dn
    Disappointed in the app: no Apple Pay, no iOS keyboard with predictive text, no access to keychain to save and generate passwords from iOS keyboard... nothing to tell me the value of allowing push notifications (what are you going to send me?) Please add things, it makes the user experience so much better, and makes me want to use it (and visit the restaurant) more.
  • Good food, horrible app 1/5

    By colooutdoormomma
    This loyalty customer was excited about a loyalty app but this app is frustrating at best. The pages don’t load, not allowing you to order. Changes such as adding a new payment card never save, the list just goes on and on in regards to the issues this app has.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Garyljjr
    What good is adding the CC when you can’t automatically pay with it making an online order. Pathetic
  • Losing sales because of how bad this is 1/5

    By Liz 416
    This app is useless. You are losing sales because of it. It’s clunky and buggy. It doesn’t even have a cart/bag button. It randomly crashes and sometimes has server failures. Fire your dev company and try again. This needs an overhaul. If it fails, I simply go to another establishment.
  • Awful mobile experience 1/5

    By gumball83
    I love Modern Market but despise this app. I have to touch a link 5-6 times before it will work. The page randomly scrolls by itself. However, the worst part is that when I complete an order, I’ll get an error message that it didn’t go through. When I try again, it says my order has already been placed. Then I have to call the store to confirm, which defeats the purpose of ordering on the app. C’mon guys!
  • Can’t add credit card 1/5

    By Ben-jamin2142
    It purely doesn’t work.
  • Shameful app 1/5

    By Hughdkdjjdjd
    Won’t save cc info. Won’t allow online orders to process. Doesn’t adjust bill for online credits/promos. Food is decent (slightly overpriced for the serving size) but not worth the hassle. Their idea of customer service is to provide the app developer phone number and have you reach out. Issues have persisted for years... surprised they’re still using Levelup consulting or whatever.
  • Placing an order is impossible 1/5

    By Banana-na7
    It never stores my card info, always says my login is wrong which it’s not. Never applies rewards. Freezes. This app just really stinks.
  • Never works 3/5

    By RobTheKrn
    No matter what I do the app never allows me to use my rewards or screw my points. It tell me to contact the local store where I ordered and they said they can’t help. I don’t collect points or I’m not able to use rewards. I continually have to put in my credit card info and sign up again using different emails because the account says it is not active.
  • Worst food ordering app ever 1/5

    By wclaymore
    I tried for 30 minutes to order breakfast with this app but it just wouldn’t let me. I had to enter my credit card in three different places before it would use my credit card. Once I had that in place, I get a “JSON” error and still can’t order any food. This really doesn’t want my business.
  • Love the food, hate the app 1/5

    By Mbrown.atx
    Aside from a very dated look and feel, this app has never actually worked to order anything. 1 star for a working readable menu, but either app programming or back-end processing restricts any further utility.
  • App bad Food good 2/5

    By Carebayr
    This app needs improvement. It doesn’t apply my rewards and it doesn’t store my local favorite location. I tend not to use the app and I eat here often. Out of the few times I used the app I had a problem with one order not adding additional items that were paid for. The food, however, is very good.
  • Two thumbs down 1/5

    By SarahFulls
    This app is horrible. I get an error every single time I attempt to place an order, just like using their full website. I hope they can resolve these issues.
  • Terrible customer experience 1/5

    By yfz450killer
    You should really just start over. The app is bad it orders multiple items at wrong location after you log into the one you want to visit. I removed my cc because if it does not work how can I trust you with my CC information?

Modern Market app comments

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