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Moe Rewards

  • Category: Food & Drink
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 3.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Moe's Southwest Grill
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
3,407 Ratings
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Moe Rewards App

Welcome to Moe’s! If you’re here, that means you’re hungry…we got you covered. Order ahead, save your faves, view your recent orders and get the Moe’s you love, customized to your liking, with just a few clicks.   App Features • Easy ordering where you can customize to your liking. • You choose how to get it: pickup, delivery or curbside. • Save your favorite orders and quickly access your recent orders. • Save your go-to delivery addresses   About Moe Rewards • Join Moe Rewards and earn 1 point for every $1 spent. Earn 100 points and we’ll give you $10 in banked rewards. • Earn points automatically when you order through our app or online. When ordering in-restaurant you can scan at the register or scan the barcode at the bottom of your receipt. • Free cup of queso just for joining Moe Rewards. • We send you a free birthday burrito every year.     Don’t forget to turn on your notifications. That’s how you’ll hear about exclusive offers and menu options. CA Privacy Notice: Do Not Sell My Info:

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Moe Rewards app reviews

  • Issue with Notification Bubble not Clearing 4/5

    By mrose519
    Overall I have no issues with the Moe’s app besides one. There is always a red number notification on the app. Not sure why. I’ve tried everything to clear it and it still won’t go away, telling me I have 4 unread notifications when in reality there isn’t even a notifications section to the app. Would love for this to get fixed in the next update.
  • Useless 1/5

    By HumanPalm
    I know my password but can’t log in so I reset it. Then logging in with the correct new password, I literally saved the password, I get “please enter a correct email and password” Reset again- same thing Reset again and again- always the same
  • Logging into the app is a PAIN 2/5

    By A.D is ME.
    It keeps telling me that my password or email is incorrect (even though I know it isn’t). So I changed my password, and ITS STILL TELLING ME THAT ITS INCORRECT. SOMETHING IS SERIOUSLY WRONG WITH THIS APP!!!
  • HAS A BUG 1/5

    By Marina Bowbina
    I love Moes but there app isn’t working correctly! I can login on there website on my laptop but when I tried to use the app it says all my credentials are wrong. I reset my password to see if that was the problem and it wasn’t. I am unimpressed and I have a lot points saved up and I’d like to cash them in but am locked out of my account.
  • Cannot login at all 1/5

    By Darella7
    Even after changing the password many times - I still cannot login!
  • Can’t Log In 1/5

    By danceeye
    I entered my correct email and password multiple times and it doesn’t work on the app. It works perfectly fine with a web browser, but just not the app. Unusable.
  • New app doesn’t work correctly 2/5

    By 123hrop
    Since update the app doesn’t work correctly.. when I scan my receipts to add to my rewards says receipt scanned but hadn’t added points to my account in over 3 weeks Hopefully there will be a fix soon
  • Cannot order Kids’ Meals + Missing ingredients 1/5

    By JKT0902
    With this last update I all of a sudden can’t order kids’ meals from the app or the actual web site any longer. With both, a message displays that a drink must be chosen, but no drinks are given as options. Also, inexplicably, ingredients appear to be missing from some dishes even though they are still available on others. Makes no sense. We rely solely on the app to order and unfortunately Moe’s will continue to lose our business until this issue with the kids’ meals is resolved, hopefully soon.
  • Repeat customer ousted by useless app 1/5

    By hailee18
    I’ve used the app hundreds of times. And now I cannot even sign in to my profile, it always says “incorrect email and password” which is untrue. I even changed the password to see if it would let me in, nope. I can however login with those same credentials on the website, wow. Guess Moe’s is going to allow a poorly executed app deter repeat customers from purchasing. Note they are also now charging a $0.35 service fee on every order purchased via the app or website “used to help pay for the restaurant’s app and website.” Which doesn’t seem to be helping their app development :/
  • Terrible 1/5

    By CapitalsFan007
    Doesn’t remember payment options, can’t find recent orders, but they show up on the website No Apple Pay option
  • App not working 1/5

    By tunehead17
    No technical support to fix the problem. 7 active notifications that have been showing for 2 weeks now and no way to get rid of them. Password reset doesn’t work so now I can’t login into the app at all. Unbelievable disaster of an app and technical support team.
  • Not all of the app works 1/5

    By xochitl3
    Unable to order kids meals through the app, doesn’t have an option to choose a drink for it so it won’t take the order for the kids meal.
  • I have phantom notifications 3/5

    By johnr9412
    There’s 3 notification badges on the app that WILL NOT GO AWAY
  • No menu 1/5

    By Ella2.__
    The app won’t even let me view the menu
  • Notifications won’t disappear 1/5

    By pcanter33
    The app sends multiple push notifications, and then has no way to remove the red dots from the app on the Home Screen... pretty bad design.
  • That app simply Doesn’t work 1/5

    By ShredderJay
    The app hasn’t worked for at least a week now. I’ve done the software update to my phone to see if that was it... nope. “Uh-oh something went wrong” is all that you get over and over and over again if you try and do anything. I have about 400 points I’ve tried to upload from an order last week and the whole app is down. Not impressed
  • Needing update 4/5

    By Mrz_Wright
    The app I think has a bug, my notifications (number) will not go away, and it’s annoying. Probably just needs an update
  • Bug when ordering kids meal 2/5

    By Dawn9678
    Loves the app until we could no longer order a kids meal. Creates an error when you try to submit saying choose a kids drink however there is no option to choose a kids drink.
  • Update the app 1/5

    By Novice pic taker
    I have had the dreaded 16 notification on my app for several weeks. When I go into the app there are no notifications and it won’t go away. I am OCD about not having any notifications so I’m about to delete it if you can’t fix it.
  • I love Moe’s, but hate this app 1/5

    By Ohhotttdamn
    I get Moe’s literally like once a week and loved ordering through the app at work for delivery! But recently everytime I go to order the prices are horribly wrong! It tries charging me 17$ for a bowl! And that’s before delivery and taxes!
  • BEWARE-New Mobile App Fee 3/5

    By Kyle B. in ATL
    I was placing a mobile app order for my local Moe’s. I noticed at the pay screen that the taxes were higher than usual. Turns out that a convenience fee is now added on to Mobile App orders. Even when using rewards points to pay. Decided to order in store, and no fee. BEWARE!
  • Do not use for ordering 1/5

    By Harry Daniells
    If you order a homewrecker, you can’t add cheese, jalapeños, cilantro, or cucumbers. How did they screw that up?
  • Can never log in 1/5

    By Ngdckrn7
    I can never log in. I change my password and it still says it’s wrong. Super annoying
  • Won’t clear notifications 1/5

    By DebsSw,(;:
    This app will not clear notifications. Help!!!!!!!
  • Where are the notifications? 3/5

    By Quinn5690
    I literally have 5 notifications now but can’t find them anywhere in the app! App is not user friendly for ordering. Will probably just delete it.
  • Let us clear notifications 2/5

    By PeepsChicken
    For god’s sake, let us clear notifications. I’ve currently got a little red “7” notifications showing on my app Icon, and I can’t clear them no matter what I do. This is not a new problem.
  • Still Hate This App... 1/5

    By GatorPetko
    All I can see is the menu to order...I get notifications and when I click to open the app I cannot find where or what the notification is...seriously...?!?! I wish you would change this as I honestly wish I could give this app 0 stars instead of the one Update: I still hate this app...I get notifications that I don’t know where on the app they are AND they never clear...I still wish I could give this “0” stars as I could give the one star to a more deserving app...not this Moe’s or should I say...Woe’s app
  • Needs Apple Pay 3/5

    By JCD89
    Crazy that still no Apple Pay, your main competitor has this feature and it’s a breeze to order with them. Also, why can’t I get cucumbers and black olives with bowl? It lets me with salad.. and I couldn’t do it before.. doesn’t make much sense; so I tend to order less than before.
  • Missing ingredients? 1/5

    By ThAdEa82
    How is tomato not an ingredient option? Now my points have been deleted because I haven’t been back due to no tomato? Before I would have ordered if you had tomato. Now I want my points back plus tomato. 🍅
  • Can’t customize order 1/5

    By boof boi
    You used to be able to actually build your burrito but now they just preset it. That defeats the whole purpose of Moe’s
  • Notifications won’t clear 2/5

    By Tinefoil
    I have been seeing the same notifications for the app since I’ve signed up and I don’t know how to get rid of the number.
  • Meh 3/5

    By B Stadiem
    You can’t add a gift card, which is a pretty basic function.
  • Terrible costumer service 1/5

    By Sookamazooka
    This app is terrible, I’ve used this app in the past with no issues what so ever. Today I’ve waited well over an hour for my order, got tired of waiting and decided to check where my order was at. First, there’s no way to track your order or contact the delivery person through this app. Second, the store themselves are of no help as they’re not trained to deal with issues regarding this. After calling I learned they didn’t even receive my order even though they happily charged me for the food, delivery fees, and tip. They didn’t offer any resolution, refund, or were able to help at all. This app could definitely use improvement.
  • Worked once, now it’s unusable. 1/5

    By J Ajax
    This app used to work once upon a time, but it seems every time they update it, it gets worse. For multiple iterations, they removed most of the ingredient choices. This iteration added back many (but not all) choices, but now every time I try to order, my location “is either closed or cannot be prepared prior to close”, despite being 4 hours prior to closing...
  • Salsa silliness & missing selections 2/5

    By Edit Dude
    Moe’s offers at least two red salsas (Kaiser and El Guapo) and often more, including the hot red salsa I often enjoy. There is also sometimes more than one variety of green salsa. But the app only avails a choice of red or green with no further granularity. Apparently the workers get to just randomly decide which one to give you. As it happens, I’m not fond of the flavor of El Guapo. The space for special instructions could potentially be used to clarify, but it forces a stupidly tiny upper limit of characters. More issues: okay it may be hard to avail ALL the choices of the Coke Freestyle machine, but current app offers next to nothing, and tea (sweet or unsweet) is completely absent. Also absent is the ability to premium protein such as steak. It’s just gone from the app. A store worker I called implied they didn’t serve it at all any more but I later saw it as $1 extra on the menu board. Why not in the app?
  • Buggy releases plague app 3/5

    By amabotu
    This app constantly has badge notification issues, currently I’m showing 18 notifications and i can’t clear them. The app also crashes mid order. These two sides and more have been plaguing this app for about three versions back. Sadly this makes loving Moe’s difficult.
  • Has good points and bad points 3/5

    By Worst app to date.
    The app overall is good. Easy online ordering, redeeming of rewards and customization of what you want. The only real problem I have and it seems to be more prevalent with this new update (Moe’s 3.3) is the clearing of notifications. When I get a notification it always shows up as 12 notifications and now they won’t clear. Please fix this and I will adjust my rating upward. Tired of seeing “12” on my iPhone all the time.
  • Could we please? 5/5

    By zeemie11
    Could we please make it so we could save our delivery instructions with our address? I have to type my gate code and instructions every time, and I order a lot 😂 love the updates so much; this app is now way easier to use. It’s really brilliant.
  • Joke 1/5

    By Tabby two shoes333444
    This app is a complete joke. Can’t even use rewards. Store said problem with the app. Been multiple different days on multiple different occasions it has failed.. and still charged me lol
  • Never works 2/5

    By bonjovi19
    I have had this app over a year and it never works. Continues to tell me oops something went wrong try again later. You can’t take advantage of deals that says order through the app if it never works.
  • Apple Pay 3/5

    By saabrian
    I’d use it for mobile ordering if they added Apple Pay to it.
  • Limited Customization 1/5

    By His piece of clay
    The app for some reason does not let you add beans when you order a stack. At the restaurant that is not the case and the description of the product on the app literally says you can add beans. I keep checking back to see if they fix this and they don’t. Unfortunately, that’s a deal breaker for me and has prevented me from giving them my money which I’m assuming they want.
  • Can’t use Moe’s gift card? 3/5

    By 007 Benny
    Don’t work in the app or website.
  • 0 for Not Working 1/5

    By moes monday
    This app used to be great. However, for the last year we have basically been unable to order online. I’m not sure if it’s only our local store. It will say online ordering not available...and then work when you finally arrive at the store and wait in line. Sad that this is the new consistency. Enjoy eating Moe’s...just not the app experience.
  • Cannot redeem gift cards 1/5

    By cactushackedus
    Decent app, much improved over the months I’ve used it, but can’t redeem gift cards purchased online. Really? The pandemic is forcing us to order takeout instead of dining in, and the inability to redeem gift cards in the app is forcing me to go to the restaurant, place my order in person, and spend more time in a public space. If I can get discounts applied to my for account via links in my email, I should be able to apply gift card value via a link.
  • Menu 2/5

    By Pooh1324
    I use to love the app because I work right next to Moe’s. I would use it to look at the menu ahead of time so that I knew what I wanted or even to order ahead. Now the apps won’t even let me look at the menu without selecting pickup or delivery. The only problem is apparently online ordering isn’t available for my store 🤦🏾‍♀️. So I might as well just delete the app and look the menu up online some that’s what I have to do anyway.
  • No Good 2/5

    By i h anthony
    Dev team: Test before you deploy. I went through the trouble of downloading, signing up, and entering rewards code. My reward appears in ‘My rewards’ but cant be used in app. Bad user experience. Reflects badly on Moes.
  • Don’t waste your time 1/5

    By Nolan_Peter56
    This app has been broken for at least six months. When you order for delivery, it takes your ZIP Code and fills that in as your house number - your food never makes it to you! It’s happened twice and despite a half dozen calls to the corporate office and half dozen calls to the store location, nothing is fixed. They obviously don’t care about their customers enough to fix their broken app
  • App Issues 1/5

    By Nurse DAH
    Something is wrong with my App!!...It keeps saying uh oh something is wrong😩😩😩..Is there a new app or something?

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