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  • Current Version: 2.0.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Moe's Southwest Grill
  • Compatibility: Android
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Moe Rewards App

Welcome to Moe’s! Order ahead, save your faves and earn rewards with just a few taps. Personalize your Moe’s Southwest Grill experience. FEATURES • Earn Rewards – Earn 10 points for every $1 spent at Moe’s Southwest Grill; when you earn 1,000 points, you’ll receive a $10 credit. Boom. • Birthday Burrito – Get a free burrito on your birthday every year. Happy birthday to you. • Order Ahead – Save your time and order from the app to skip the line. Easy peasy. • Save your Faves – We’ll remind you what you like. Or what you don’t. • Join through Facebook and get 50 free points. We should totally be Facebook friends. • Refer a friend – 50 points for them and 100 points for you when they scan their first visit. It’s a win-win for everyone. • Receive exclusive offers and hear the latest Moe’s news. You know you wanna. • Moe Rewards is only available for guests 13 years of age and older. After you register, don’t forget to turn on your notifications. That’s how you’ll hear about the exclusive offers and latest menu options.

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Moe Rewards app reviews

  • App is garbage does not open 1/5

    By sm_rcf
    App is garbage and does not open on iPhone XS Max latest OS. Devs should get on this as they're losing money.
  • Reset password doesn’t happen 1/5

    By Gaggk987654
    Twice I have had to reset my password. The app tells me an email will be sent. It never shows up. Fix it or remove it.
  • Verify details glitch 1/5

    By Soccer ideal
    Keeps asking to verify details because it says my phone number has to be 10 digits but every time I change it, it pops back up again in less than a second, so I can’t do anything on the app
  • App Not Working 1/5

    By DesY1908
    My App will not open. I tap and it blinks. Won’t open. Very frustrating when I have rewards and cannot use! And the App Support link does NOT work!
  • Moe’s Friday 5/5

    By JpzLuvBug913
    Since my started kindergarten, my husband and I told him if he’s good all week and does everything he needs to do in school and at home he gets to pick what we eat every Friday for dinner. My son is not in 3rd grade and we are still coming to Moe’s. We love it here except for when the AC goes out. Other then that no complaints.
  • Can’t figure it out 1/5

    By Eugeeeeene
    How do I order two bowls? Points thing work fine, but I can’t figure out pre ordering. How do I ask for items on the side?
  • What’s going on? 2/5

    By damapr
    I started out loving this app but I’m not so sure anymore. It takes forever for your point to register which is really weird. Made a big mobile order on Moe Monday two weeks ago and my points still haven’t been added to my account.
  • Crashes 1/5

    By KMAC64
    App crashes on startup. Can’t use points or redeem offers because of it.
  • Something missing..? 3/5

    By Googan1
    To whom it may concern although this might fall on deaf ears every time I go to Moe’s there’s always something missing, cilantro rice, pinto beans, green peppers etc. etc. etc. everybody there is nice sometimes the salsa is missing sometimes the salsa dips on the side bar are missing but it’s never perfect all the time and you are a Mexican restaurant that runs out of Mexican items very disappointing . I really hope somebody takes all these words and encouragement as feedback in a way to train and make your product better I will continue to go there but the prognosis is not looking good for long-term usage of your product thank you
  • Forgot password... 1/5

    By Brewniversity
    I have totally given up when it comes to changing my password because I can’t remember what it used to be. I’ve made so many attempts to correct this & have had no luck. I continue to get emails for reward offers but there’s no way I can access my information in the app to redeem them. Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to settle for CHIPOTLE.
  • Took away options for toppings 1/5

    By Kcbrenay
    Took away options for toppings in the menu. Now I have to go in to order. Really disappointing at least give a comment section for each item so we can request the toppings we like.
  • Welcome to Slows 1/5

    By Ronaldo Coltata
    Mo’s East Peoria continues to do down hill. Today their seemed to be little motivation by the staff. Very slow and disorganized.
  • What’s the point 2/5

    By bolass007
    What is the point of having the app if every time you order and take the food home, it is wrong. Either missing an extra ingredient or the wrong item. You literally have to go into store and watch them make it. Welcome to the future.
  • Must visit 5/5

    By visitmoeisamost
    Always great food and excellent service. Very friendly staff
  • Error validating basket 1/5

    By SuperNova1186
    Seriously? This app is total trash
  • Fire 5/5

    By Turdstone
    Nuff said
  • Our local Westborough Moe’s Rocks 5/5

    By Eperce
    The staff are great and friendly. As a vegan, I love Moe’s bc Moe’s is one of the few tofu vegan burritos. TY Moe’s for feeding my hungry Vegan family of five every week! Bro E
  • Love 4/5

    By Patsyco
    Love Moe’s! So easy to earn rewards!
  • Good in theory. Poor in delivery. 1/5

    By TicksDigMe
    ***UPDATE*** As of 9/1/19, I’m done with the app. I’ll go out of my way to wait in line during off-peak hours, so I can actually see I’m getting what I’m paying for, but I’m not going to waste time with online ordering when they continually screw up the order (multiple locations) by leaving off meat and extras. I mean why am I paying $13-$14 for a $10 salad, when I’m getting it without the meat, bacon, and guac I’m paying to get? ******************************************** Good app idea in theory. Poor in delivery. Awkward interface. Adds on peculiar items, like onions and lime, but completely leaves out things like lettuce/shredded cheese. You can add/remove likes/nuisance items, but it would be better if the app left them all unchecked and let you decide. I’ve ordered using the app approximately a dozen times, and about half the time, premium items that I’ve paid for - bacon/guac/queso/etc. - are left off. One time, I ordered a salad with chicken, bacon, mushrooms, and guac, and it came, “naked,” with NO meat whatsoever, and no guac or mushrooms. Twice, I’ve ordered and paid for a mini masterpiece (kid’s quesadilla) with chicken. Both time they had only cheese. Hard shell tacos often are switched to soft shell. No biggie for me, but the kids prefer hard shell. Overall it beats waiting in line behind 8-10 indecisive people during lunch hour or the dinner rush, but if your order’s not right 1/2 the time, why even bother? You’re almost better wasting time in line and watching the meals being made, so at least you know you’re getting what you paid for, instead of being nickeled and dimed for premium items they leave off or forget. Similar to the Die Hard franchise, they really do F—- you at the drive-through. Or in this case, via online ordering where you can’t see what items were left out until you’re home or at the office. And what’s with not being able to order a stack online? I suppose getting credit towards $$$ off after 10, or so purchases is supposed to be a bonus, but really, with all I’ve been screwed out of, I’m actually in a deficit, even with $10 off a $32 order. My kids no longer want to eat there, and say they want to go to Chipotle next time. I generally patronize Moe’s in the Buffalo and Albany, NY areas.
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By Louannpa
    Worse app ever, but they keep giving me a $10 credit so I’ll take it. Lol
  • Messed up order 2/5

    By Shawtynigga
    I usually don’t have problems with the app but today I went to pick up my order and the receipt showed the default burrito options, as did the email. I choose several different options but when i placed the order it changed back. I didn’t realize until I was already back at the office. It’s been 4 months since the last app update which I think is a problem. I think it’s time to revamp the app.
  • Adding Payment Nightmare 2/5

    By BigUser909LLane
    App required me to scan my card, but was incapable of recognizing 3 of my 4 cards. Unless it’s the classic layout with raised numbers on front, it won’t work. 9 of 10 cards these days have the numbers on the back, so significantly outdated
  • Always great except ... 4/5

    By 2(&8?37$97:($996)@9
    Please please please go back to using chicken breasts. The dark meat is not as good (even kind of chewy), not as healthy, and is a cheaper cut of meat and prices did not go down even though you’re using cheaper meat.) please.
  • Can’t use Mobile Order 1/5

    By BkAXP
    They slam you with all these promotions only with using the app but when you attempt to do so the app doesn’t work. Whenever trying to place an order once you get to the toppings the app goes bonkers and keeps sending you back to the previous page. Not worth the deal or hassle, just use Chipotle. They don’t have as many deals but Atleast their app works and they give you good sized portions.
  • Could be better 1/5

    By elipin4128
    Too expensive for all the sides.... sloppy workers. Pay so much extra for sides and they just slap it on. Portions are small for the money
  • App Doesn’t Even Work! 1/5

    By Sysyphus
    Using an iPhone XS with the latest iOS and the app crashes every time I try and open it. Kind of disappointing to not even have a basic functioning app in 2019. Step it up guys!
  • Been Better Amigo 4/5

    By JJnSurfCity
    Tonight was not the best effort; a bit disappointed. We missed Moe’s Monday yesterday (traveling) and decided to go for it tonight. Chips seemed a little stale and my Homewrecker was overloaded with lettuce and tomatoes and short guacamole and chicken. Portion size seemed smaller too. Friendly feedback- I’ll be back!
  • New number can’t login 1/5

    By ginalevy518
    Well the app is just good for the points when I was able to login. But now, I can’t since I got a new phone number. Since the number belonged to someone else, “it was already taken” when I tried to login with the FaceBook button. Then when I tried to login with my old number it gave the same response. I tried several times to email the support team but no one has gotten back to me. I guess I won’t be going to Moe’s. It’s pointless if I can’t collect points. Not gonna waste my time.
  • Awful, LOUD music!! 2/5

    By Mama Dog55
    Food and service great. Bad, LOUD, rap music was BAD!!
  • This app doesn’t work 1/5

    By Dannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
    This app gets update once a year. You should fire the person who is managing that.I haven’t been able to even open it since the last update. The app crashes every time I try to open it.
  • Y’all need Jesus 1/5

    By nctown
    Why in the name of the Lort have you made it so I cannot turn notifications off? I went deep into that app, man. Jim Morrison Deep. Errol Flynn Deep. I cannot stand the red dot and I don’t want to open the app to make it go away. Fix it, App Jesus.
  • Useless App 1/5

    By Yoloboy666
    I can’t even open the app and my iPhone is updated and the app is updated. I don’t usually write reviews even if I’m dissatisfied but this app is complete garbage.
  • Space for chips on the side PLEASE 3/5

    By King_BigMac95
    For the most part, the app is fine. However, there needs to be a separate space for instructions. For instance - when I order nachos, I do NOT want them with the ingredients - it makes them soggy and gross. The chips need to be on the side. Nowhere on the app has a place for me to tell them that. I’ve put it on the space where is says “Who’s it for” (that’s not a correct space for instructions, anyway) but they don’t pay attention and still the chips are in the mix. So, please put in a separate space for instructions so people like myself will actually use the app and not get frustrated when their order isn’t how it should be.
  • App is Garbage 1/5

    By mrhoope
    Their app isn’t functioning properly. Currently It tries to charge the $5.55 moe Monday deal in addition to the regular burrito price. This is the SECOND time I’ve alerted them to a problem with their app and the online ordering process. Last time I got a brushed off answer. How do they expect people to order online if their app doesn’t work properly. Even more frustrating is that I have tried to give feedback and it wasn’t appreciated.
  • App crashes on start 1/5

    By Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!/Alex
    Can’t even open it lol iPhone XS Max iOS 12.1.1
  • App doesn’t work 1/5

    By PcolaG8r
    App claims it can’t connect to internet to finalize orders. But every other app works fine. Something wrong on the Moe’s end.
  • Poobear 3/5

    By owjdjfo
    App is Okay but when you want to use it sometimes the store is temporarily down or the store didn’t get your order and it’s not ready when you go to pick it up.
  • Dear Moe’s 5/5

    By grandma goose1
    Love your food, service and staff!! ❤️
  • Keeps crashing! 1/5

    By DarkShadow1000
    I can’t even open the app. It crashes as soon as I press on it.
  • Surprised 1/5

    By MusicIsLife246
    I usually don't write reviews but at this point I'm honestly kinda shocked. My birthday was a week ago and supposedly they gave me a few birthday burrito type thing and I was at a Moe's in Clemson, SC and she said I had it and I could use it for the next time I visited. Well I went to the Anderson Moe's to see if they'd scan my app or help me and they said since I can't find it in my app the tough?? They wouldn't even help me by scanning it like the lady in the Clemson store had it. I can't seem to even find it in my app history. This is crazy that they just refuse to be helpful. I love more but I honestly wish their employees would just get on the same page because at this point the app is useless.
  • Poor 2/5

    By Jack the Beanstalker
    Have to press Add to item and add to order too may times to add 1 thing. Then when finally added it comes up wrong price in moe mondays.
  • We love Moe’s 5/5

    By britt and fer
    Hubby and I love our Moe’s!!! It’s always good and especially refreshing when it’s hot and humid out they Indiana summer!! My fav part (besides the food) is the moes app that’s super easy to use and I earn free credit just from eating at Moe’s that I would already be doing anyways!! The easiest receipt barcode scanner ever! Before u even realized u have scanned it it’s already done!! Thank u Moe’s
  • Moes 5/5

    By Deester1
    Great app. Great Store. Keep up the great work. Your Williamsburg store is the best.
  • Clunky 2/5

    By JOELeo12
    App needs to be improved! Very annoying making a whole order and having to cancel it because you don’t know which payment you are going to use and cannot add a new one at the time of checkout.
  • Never works for Moe Monday 2/5

    By IncanThunder
    I always get an error for the Moe Monday order
  • Like website 1/5

    By regisfarias
    Does not work, slow, do not access your login, allow you prepare your order so ask to to login again, after you did, there are no order there...terrible
  • Love it 5/5

    By Ab78654
    I go almost every Tuesday with my kids and we all love it. The staff in Oneonta is friendly and helpful. Love the rewards on the app too!
  • Welcome to Moe’s poor app 2/5

    By BigJohnATL
    Downloaded the app since I’ve found the using the Chipotle app works well to order in advance and avoid lines. Well, this app feels very clunky and poorly designed. Had to press “add item” or “add to order” way too many times - and it kept bringing me back to prior screen - so wasn’t sure if even worked. I kept getting errors for missing “flavor” when trying to order the burrito. When I pressed the “burrito” again to check my options, it reset the order options instead of showing me what I had selected already. The app doesn’t have all of options for drinks when making it a meal (i.e Coke Zero) - I figured I would make my own when I got there - but if so, why have require selection from limited flavor options? When I decided to make it a meal and selected a side item, it won’t let me change it without canceling the entire order. It isn’t clear which side items are included with the meal when forced to make a selection (i.e. guacamole sizes). Was finally able to get it to work. Overly complicated app for trying to place an order. Ended up not using it and went to my building restaurant instead.
  • Pretty much garbage, kind of like their food. 1/5

    By Rudesolopaul
    Always buggy, no internal notifications in the app, janky navigation, small buttons... a load of horse crap.

Moe Rewards app comments

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