Moment – Balance Screen Time

Moment – Balance Screen Time

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Moment – Balance Screen Time App

Moment enables you to use your phone in a healthy way, giving you back time for the parts of life that matter most. By understanding your device usage, you can learn to manage the time you spend on it. See how much time you’re spending on your phone and which apps you’re using most. Rethink the way you use your phone, one day at a time, through guided coaching sessions at your own pace. Moment will help subtly change your usage habits to help you get your time back. Disconnect together by monitoring your family’s device usage and establishing screen-free times. You can work together with your family to ensure accountability and reduce screen time as a team. Take back control over your phone usage and find new time each day with Moment. Moment Features: Device Addiction Coaching • Train with the Coach to use your phone less, if that’s your goal. • Learn how to modify your behavior in small ways to reduce your phone usage. • Moment runs in the background to help manage your usage without needing to open it. Time Management & Measurement • Track how much you use your phone or tablet automatically. • Keep track of what apps you use the most (iPhone only). • Log how many times you pick up your phone each day. • Break down each day to see when you’re on your device and what apps you’re using. • Track where you go each day and have it plotted on a map. Friends and Family Support • Establish phone-free times for your family so you can disconnect together. • Improve your focus and connections by decreasing your screen time. • Let your friends and family know you’re putting down your phone for a while to reduce distractions and improve accountability. Apple Watch • Quickly see how long you and your family have used your phone today. • No, the app doesn’t track how long you spend looking at your watch. Smartphones are great tools for productivity, entertainment and connectivity, but like all things, are best used in moderation. Learn to manage device addiction with simple coaching and management techniques from Moment. Warning to parents: Moment is not strictly about parental control. Using Moment Family as a parent gives you certain powers, but your children have power too. • If your daughter notices you on your phone while you’re supposed to be watching a family movie together, she can start family dinner time for the entire family until the movie is over. That means no one can pick up their phone, and you as the parent can’t turn that family dinner time off. • Your entire family can see everyone else’s screen time for the day from the family scoreboard. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. Moment has been designed to use GPS sparingly. SUBSCRIPTION PRICING AND TERMS Moment offers two auto-renewing subscription options: $7.99 per month $59.99 per year These prices are for United States customers. Pricing in other countries may vary and actual charges may be converted to your local currency depending on the country of residence. Your Moment Coach subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. You will be charged through your iTunes account within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. You can manage your subscription and turn off auto-renewal in your iTunes Account settings. Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when you purchase a subscription. Terms of service: Privacy policy:

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Moment – Balance Screen Time app reviews

  • Life Changing Experience!!!! 5/5

    By JayZuckerman
    Only 3 days of using this awesome app and it has done wonders for me. Their “Bored & Brilliant” course just teaches you that it’s possible to appreciate boredom and be happy as you are bored. And man, I’ve even done things that I never thought I’d be doing. Also, I 100% recommend this to anybody who has any type of phone addiction. No seriously, this stuff works. I promise I’ve never been so positive and patient in my life!!! So please give this app a try. No more stressing over stuff that doesn’t concern you.
  • Constant location access??? 3/5

    By Crab Apple Jr.
    Why does this app need my location all the time, even when I’m not using the phone? I thought the point of this was to track my app usage, not track my whereabouts. That being said, it looks like a good app all around Take away location being needed 24/7 please
  • Not working anymore 2/5

    By wigwamgrl
    I can still use it to monitor pickups and get a general sense of my time, but I can’t exclude Maps, etc. I used Moments in the past with no problems. I recently downloaded it again. I know how to take the screenshots of my battery. And I just spent 15 minutes trying to get it just right. I quit. I tried things that didn’t even make sense. I am going to switch to daily and see if that helps.
  • Crap App 1/5

    By .X22.
    Most annoying thing it did was inaccurately counted “pick-ups” against me. Example, I downloaded the app, got it all set up and it said 1m of phone use and 1pick-up. Cool. I lock my phone and go do some things then come back and sot on my phone for about 5min. Then open the moment app. Im now at 20 pick-ups and 4min of phone usage. The minutes might be correct but I hadn’t touched my phone since locking it earlier, i left it on the couch and did not carry it around the house or anything.
  • Review 5/5

    By Jo QH
    For some reason I can’t see my January activity. I do desperately need to see January 20th and it won’t let me.
  • What happened? 2/5

    By Gimirzz
    This app used to be really good and accurate but ever since the updates it misses a lot of my iPhone usage and I don’t understand why.
  • For you 5/5

    By its the real moonlight
    Thank you so much for letting me know how much technology I use a day and thank you for telling me what to do like a photo free day or like phone out of reach it makes me happy I get to see the world more clearly Thx and you guys are so incredible
  • Not Bad 5/5

    By Naif.Bin.F
    Need more Features
  • Amazing app, but some changes were less helpful 3/5

    By 14588837560
    Let me say this: last year, I would’ve given the app 5 stars (and this is not at all with a bitter heart, but I do hope the developers read this). Now, it’s at a solid 3 to 4 stars. I lost my phone and never ever update my apps, so once I did update Moment (necessarily, since my phone was stolen), I was saddened to see that the courses are now under a monthly subscription basis rather than the one time fee (was it six dollars?). For someone of my income level, the cost is prohibitive (but others I’m sure could and would pay for it). It’s like I hopped into a cryogenic cube and the future is more expensive (but it’s only a year later!). Perhaps that’s my fault for only updating my devices when my belongings are stolen. Also, on a much less serious note, I know in updates they’ve mentioned making the app more aesthetically pleasing, but I actually liked the green and white theme better, with the airier mandala! Just my opinion. All in all, it’s still a great app, I just can’t afford the funner features anymore. A nice thing would’ve been to carry over the people who tested in Beta to a waived fee for the courses in the new version (maybe that’s asking too much)(but I did pay 5.99, and with the update, now that money disappeared into a black hole— but I have so much more time to think about it 😉 !)
  • Annoying in app noises 1/5

    By AYogscastJaffa
    While in app, even with the ringer off, the app will make incredibly loud pinging noises once in a while.
  • Pointless 2/5

    By Rendroc
    This needs to be useable without setting tracking location to Always. My battery will last 5 minutes if I’m constantly using GPS. I would like to keep track of screen time because I’m trying to manage my usage, but this app isn’t the tool I need.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Rem810926
    I love this app because it really makes you think about how much time you spend on your phone. It has challenged me to put it down and find other ways of spending my time. I love the courses for premium members. I just wish that when you finish them all the app will still give you daily goals to keep you on point. I also wish that you can have screen free time put on until you take it off. Also during that time it would be nice if certain apps could be blocked from usage. That way you can’t cheat.
  • Helpful 5/5

    By Kem_boston
    Trying to reduce my screen addiction and this is helpful! Thanks!
  • Inconsistent 3/5

    By Anonie Non Mous
    Some days it counts absolutely everything (great!). Other days, nada. I could be on the phone all day long, and it wouldn’t count any of it. That’s not very helpful to me.
  • Awful now 1/5

    By wifiebfgh
    Used to be great, update ruined it. Can't stand the app anymore
  • Highly Inaccurate 1/5

    By Heather-Marie-0830
    Moments tells me the average person picks up there phone 41x per day and I should try to stay under... but somehow it logged me picking up my phone 50x while driving today. And seriously, I have to take a screenshot and upload it for Moments to record what apps I’m using? The usable features of this app are very limited!
  • Can’t STAND the ringer at all 1/5

    By sub9999
    Firstly I can’t stand the ringer which is really loud and annoying and I can’t seem to change it. Secondly it tracks the time that I use doing things like the app ITSELF which I don’t like because what I want to track is the time I spend playing games or surfing the web not phone calls and texting sand stuff like that but it’s a good idea for an app though. Also It TRACKS u I mean why the hell does it have to track maybe I’d give it something other than one star if it didn’t track
  • Spent money on app, lost paid for features 👎🏻 2/5

    By Tesniak
    Disappointed that I bought premium features and they were basically taken away... I liked knowing my pickups with time stamps and that feature seems to be gone now. I’m not going to get a coach subscription so I feel like I lost out... this doesn’t do much more than the screen time setting on iPhone at this point.
  • It is an okay app. 3/5

    By Emma J Cool
    This app is not for everyone, but it serves its purpose. First of all, the app tracks your location all the time and I do not understand why this feature is relevant to understanding and limiting your screen time usage. Also, the app tries to help you spend less time on your phone and other devices, but it is in the form of an app, which defeats the purpose of trying to limit your screen time. I believe that it is great to be aware of how you spend your free time so that you can improve yourself as a person and if you want to watch your screen time, this app may work for you.
  • Better than Apple’s Screen Time, but only because of app tracking 3/5

    By manny12123
    Had deleted this app for a while and was disappointed to come back to find that it now requires a subscription for the coach feature, and the prices are not really reasonable. Doing the battery screenshots to track apps is annoying, but I understand this is the only way the app can track it. I wish it had a graph showing usage throughout the day so I can see what times I’m using my phone too much. Other than that, it does its job.
  • Great when it works! 3/5

    By Tommy H.
    I’d say it works about 50% of the time. Some days it logs my activity and other days it doesn’t. The App Use detection feature has never worked properly after sending multiple screenshots of activity for a month. It’s very buggy as previous reviewers had mentioned. Would not pay for anything in this app until the basic free features actually work properly. Great concept overall if it worked.
  • Don’t be Duped 1/5

    By barista brian
    Our digital lives are, arguably, problematic. This app is an acknowledgment of that fact but, sadly, contributes to the problem. I deleted it after less than one week of confusing settings, nag screens, and “high maintenance” apparently necessary for the app to actually help deal with our (possibly) more-than-optimum use of digital devices. Screenshots to make app work? Managing screenshots? ANOTHER digital life “chore?” And, screen time while plugged in? NOT logged. I spend a LOT of time plugged in. On charger. Fail. The ONLY reason I might want to revisit the possible use of this app is if they make it less confusing. Really. I’m fed up. Seems every app (there are ZILLIONS, and EVERY one is a “solution” to a “problem”) has its own learning curve. I learned how to use MS Word for Mac without a manual. That was fun. But that was back before smartass phones when you could get real work done and actually run a small business with a just few apps. And make “pick ups” a stand-by-itself function. No bizarre “screenshot” nuisance or illogical exceptions because I’m charging. HINT: a pick up is a pick up. This app was SUPPOSED to help with fighting the Black Hole of Digital Domination. Instead, it’s part of the problem. If you let it.
  • Cant input the screenshot 1/5

    By Dan HR
    The app always crashes when I click the notification and there seems to be no other way to upload the photo... Help?
  • Better than Screen Time 5/5

    By vvsam
    Wonderful app! I like the nudging reminders you can set. And I much prefer the soft limits as contrasted with Apple’s Screen Time hard limits, where, if I use Maps while driving around town, I exhaust my screen time for the day and get locked out of everything. Which means I need to turn Screen Time off for that day.
  • Hate The Update 1/5

    By Angie(MillerTime)
    Like soo many others, I used to love Moment, even paid for premium. But after this update, it’s useless to me. All the features I loved are gone, including the detailed insights page that was so informative and daily limits. I never get any reminders anymore to let me know how long I’ve been on my phone. How do I get the features I’ve paid for back??
  • Great idea, but I find it distracting 3/5

    By PeanutsMom5411
    I really wanted to like this app, but quite frankly with all of the reminders it triggers me to pick my phone up, or alerts my smart watch more often then I feel like I’m actually using my phone. Also, recently, it started to give me notifications that the app had been closed about once every 30 minutes, Despite the fact that I was not even using my phone. The fact that Apple now has their own improved app and phone usage makes me feel like there’s nothing really special that this app offers.
  • No pude utilizarla 2/5

    By Achattas
    Al estar en inglés, no pude comprender del todo. A las pocas horas de instalarlo se disparó un alerta al querer realizar un llamado, que no podía quitar ni cambiar la configuración.
  • Constant location tracking required 1/5

    By MGD-64
    I was so excited to use this app. Unfortunately, they track your location regardless of whether you are using the app or not. They say they need to do this for “technical reasons“. I don’t give any app of the ability to track my whereabouts 24/7 and I’m certainly not going to give it to an app that is just supposed to tell me how much time I spend on my phone. It is a total overreach. Additionally....Not to mention the amount of data that would be used by this app while tracking all of my comings and goings. There is no believable justification for needing to know where I’ve spent my time...short of data mining and generating income by selling this info. It’s also interesting that the other screen time apps that I looked into don’t require location tracking. If they decide to turn off their ridiculous location requirements, I’ll happily change my review.
  • Recent updates are buggy 3/5

    By fjshddusbd
    The app was great before the updates in December. App use detection is buggy and unreliable. If you take the screenshots before the app asks for them, it won’t recognize that you’ve already done them, and sometimes it doesn’t even ask you for the screenshots, so you forget and your tracking usage is skewed. That’s when it recognizes the screen shots. Sometimes it’ll ask for the screenshots repeatedly after you’ve already done them, and then say no usage found, then it manages to find the usage 5 minutes later.
  • Not working even close to accurately 1/5

    By Running_on_faith
    Why did you update to the version which changed the app logo 😢
  • Won’t show Instagram 3/5

    By Bianca7001
    I use to love this app but it has stopped showing me usage for Instagram which one of the main reasons I use it, when I take the screenshots it has every app but Instagram which makes it pretty inaccurate.
  • Used to be good. 1/5

    By Neato McShneato
    This app was once my favorite for screen-time tracking, but since the recent updates it has become essentially unusable. They've removed important components, the tracking is no longer accurate, and changed the entire layout to the point I've had to find a new app. Very unfortunate.
  • UPDATED REVIEW: The app was great. Now I can’t log in. 4/5

    By Screwed?!
    UPDATE: Moment support fixed the issue! If you paid for the app before they started the subscription, just email their support and they’ll get your access to Coach back! (Note: I didn’t realize this, but you don’t need to log into an account to access Coach. Those are two separate things. So don’t worry if you don’t have a Moment account.) I’m subtracting one star because the user interface isn’t as useful or intuitive as the old Moment. Otherwise, awesome app! Edit: Per developer request, I have sent an email with my information on 12/26/2018. If my purchase is restored I will update this review. Original review: I loved Moment - I even paid for the app (BEFORE there was a subscription). Now that it’s updated, I can’t log in. I’ve even tried ALL the emails I have, although I’m fairly sure the one I tried first was correct, but every time I try to reset my password, it says it doesn’t recognize my email. Was this a way to force everyone who already paid for the app to get a subscription?
  • Update 4.0 ruined the app 3/5

    By ILoveDannyDuncanVirginityRocks
    This app was pretty phenomenal, before update 4.0 which redesigned the home screen, and changed screen time and pick up goals to where they don’t even work anymore. They also added moment coach subscription which somewhat defeats the purpose of getting premium if you don’t want to fork over a ton of cash for the subscriptions they have. I used to be a huge fan of this app, however with this update that came a little while ago, I rarely use moment as opposed to before the update I would love looking at all the features, tracking my time etc.
  • Why did you change the app? 1/5

    By redl0tus
    I used to open it and Immediately see usage per day. Now it’s all weird. Says it needs access to my camera whereas before it only said it needed access IF I wanted a usage breakdown by app (I don’t). Just give me what I had before. I also paid for this app before. And now it’s offering me a paid version (again?). Deleting. Now iPhone has screen time feature.
  • Crashes still 1/5

    By Snowduner02
    When the app works it’s good but even the new update it still crashes when I open it!
  • Previously better 4/5

    By geekykate3
    I’ve been using Moment since May of 2017, so almost two years. It was previously a really good tool for tracking my screen time, and I love the ability to export my data. However, over the past four months, it hasn’t been working correctly. I’ll open the app and find it wasn’t tracking anything that morning, and it’s amount of screen time and the Apple Screen Time don’t match. I have a feeling this has more to do with iOS than the actual app, but if there’s a fix, that would be great. It still tells me when I force close it, but lately when it turns off I have no idea, and it seems to be random.
  • Great for tracking how much time you and your family’s time on your divorces 5/5

    By Hwatts362
  • This why can’t use my phone for more then an hour 1/5

    By nickname0315
  • Useful, but too preachy 3/5

    By MiralMS
    Installed this app on the advice of a friend who was really surprised when its features revealed how much screen time she was spending every day. Figured I could also benefit from something like that, so I installed it 3 months ago. Definitely made me realize I need to cut down on browsing aimlessly, but there are problems. For one, it’s not been very accurate in counting the minutes at least half a dozen times. (Sometimes it strangely fails to record time spent online). Got the updated version a few days ago, and it was really intrusive. The alerts that pop up by default were needlessly frequent & filled with language that made me feel like a 5 year old. I changed their frequency in the settings after a day of this moralizing tone. Interface text sounds pretty much the same—annoying as heck, especially when it constantly asks to be enabled to access Settings to connect to certain apps to collect more specific information about where you need to reduce screen time. Ultimately, I’m glad I have this app to check in occasionally to figure out when I need to log off. If you are one of those who are on some higher mission to attain great mindfulness, you can probably tolerate this app much better. I’m just not looking for that myself. I have meditation apps, and I just need to use this one as a simple counter.
  • Just the coach I need to live the life I want 5/5

    By User129078
    The prompts to follow through on my screen time goals are great! I’m spending less time staring at a mini screen and more time in the real world.
  • Skittish and inaccurate 2/5

    By MsLB1111
    Besides the fact that this app crashes at least 3 times a day, where is it getting its data? For example, today it says I have been on my phone for 1 hr and 58min. It also says I’ve been on it for 53% of my waking hours. I’ve been up for 11 hours so far. What kind of crazy common core math is that?? I give it another week to improve then it’s buh-bye!
  • Moment 5/5

    By Padowen
    Awesome 😎
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Doreencpa
    I would love it if it worked. My screen time and the amount of time I pick up the phone is so low that I know in a day I didn’t pick up my phone 8 times lol. Wish it worked!!!
  • I want to love the app BUT... 2/5

    By MassCommie
    When setting screen free time, I’ll set it for small increments of time (10-20min) and then press the power button on the phone to put it to sleep. The app is supposed to make the phone ring when you pick it up too early and use it. However, the app rings CONSTANTLY while you’re not using it and aren’t on the screen!! It rings when you don’t use it, rings when you do use it; the only option is to not use the scheduling tool at all and have some actual peace. I do like everything else about the app but it just won’t stop ringing when the feature that should be its defining thing is beyond awful. If this gets fixed so that the app doesn’t ring when the phone is in use, then I’ll change my review because I like everything else about it so far.
  • Great for tracking 5/5

    By Jl346829
    Love this app! It’s great for tracking screen time!
  • The best data tool to get back to real life! 5/5

    By dsbattista
    Insights tab is revolutionary! Phone boot camp is free & a MUST. What are you waiting for? Install.
  • Review 2/5

    By oslo1820
    Nice set up an everything but when I dyed my phone for at lest a half hour I checked the timer and is still said clearly 0m I kept checking but bothering changed.
  • could be much better 2/5

    By Abby Danes
    I liked Moment much more before the update a few months back. Now I can’t figure out the exact times I spent on days past the current month. It gives me averages and I need the actual exact amounts for each day of every month. Very disappointed I can’t do this anymore, the app won’t allow me to look back on any farther than January. Please help fix this or explain.

Moment – Balance Screen Time app comments

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