Moment – Screen Time Tracker

Moment – Screen Time Tracker

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  • Current Version: 3.4.2
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  • Developer: Kevin Holesh
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Moment – Screen Time Tracker App

Track how much you and your family use your phone and tablet each day, automatically • See what apps you use the most too! Moment is the first and only app on the App Store to do this. • Set daily limits on yourself and find a balance for the screens in your life. Moment Family • Monitor all of your family member’s screen time too. - Look at your entire family’s day from the comfort of your own device. • Start screen-free family dinner time, which means for the next 60 minutes, every time a person in your family picks up their phone or tablet, an annoying alert will go off and everyone will hear it. How embarrassing! - You can decide how long each family dinner time will last. - Everyone in your family can start family dinner time, including your children. - Schedule it for the same time every day. • Change a family member’s daily limit and force them to put down their phone when they’re over that limit. The Highlights • Tracks how much you use your phone or tablet automatically. • Keeps track of what apps you use the most almost automatically (iPhone only). • Trains you with the Coach to use your phone less, if that’s your goal. • Logs how many times you pick up your phone each day. • Force yourself off your device when you’re over your limit, and force your family members to do the same. • Break down each day to see when you’re on your device and what apps you’re using. • Tracks where you go each day, and have it plotted on a map. • Invisible app. Once you set it up and as long as the app is running in the background, you never have to open it again. • Choose from 6 relaxing reminder sounds and 6 intense sounds for your daily limit reminders. Apple Watch • Quickly see how long you and your family have used your phone today. - You’ll see a colorful icon for each one of your family members on your glance. Green means well under their daily limit, yellow means getting close, and red screams they went overboard. • No, the app doesn’t track how long you spend looking at your watch. Warning to parents: Moment is not strictly about parental control. Using Moment Family as a parent gives you certain powers, but your children have power too. • If your daughter notices you on your phone while you’re supposed to be watching a family movie together, she can start family dinner time for the entire family until the movie is over. That means no one can pick up their phone, and you as the parent can’t turn that family dinner time off. • Your entire family can see everyone else’s screen time for the day from the family scoreboard. You can see if your son is over his limit for the day, and he can see if you are over yours! Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. Moment has been designed to use GPS sparingly.


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Moment – Screen Time Tracker app reviews

  • Great idea but.... 3/5

    By Krista Joffe
    I love this idea, but I have apps that I passively use - a lot! One app I use every night is Sleep Cycle. I don’t see that as a app I can exclude, so every morning, I wake up and I’m already over my limit 😬 I’m going to have to delete Moment from my phone 😕
  • 35 hours in a day 2/5

    By Bobby9990€
    I had just started using the app which I enjoyed until it told me that I had spent 35 hours in one day on my phone. Even if I had used my phone a lot, there are only 24 hours in a day so this there is obviously some bug there and then there is no way to go back and delete a day so my averages were completely skewed from that one severely flawed day.
  • Manual snapshots result in inconsistent data 2/5

    By RubyRubyRed
    Having to remember to take a snapshot of battery usage daily and then constantly clean those photos out of my collection means that the collected data is inconsistent. I gave up on that aspect of tracking. I sometimes use the app to determine when I was off my phone to go to sleep or something but the tracking is inconsistent as well and not always correct.
  • Eye opening 5/5

    By Lindze
    This app was recommended on another app, Calm, for tracking how much you’re on your phone. I’ve felt I’m addicted to screen time for a while, but having Moment track my was even worse than I thought! Can’t wait to start boot camp.
  • My location has nothing to do with my screen time 2/5

    By TheologyStudent
    I think the concept of this app is brilliant. And extremely helpful. But I don’t understand why it needs constant access to my location. What does my location have to do with the apps I use?? Literally the only app I have that turned on for is Maps. I get a notification every ten minutes that Moment has stopped tracking my phone usage because it does not have access to my location. So without that, I can’t use the app at all. Which to me, is pretty pointless. I would love to give this app another try. At least explain why location is so important (maybe there is something I don’t understand). Though I would prefer is the location was fixed so it wasn’t a requirement to effectively use the app.
  • Great idea 3/5

    By melindaw1977
    I love the concept but it won’t let me upgrade to premium. Will delete and look for something else.
  • Really wanted to use this! 2/5

    By leighbell
    I LOVE the idea of this app, but I can say with absolute confidence that it’s not working. When I look at my screen time, it shows specific things like the time I supposedly started using my phone, and then how long I was looking at it for. Except, there are multiple instances where I know for certain that wasn’t the case. For example, one day it said I started using it at 1:30, and then was using it for THREE HOURS. But I was hanging out with friends, talking, for the entire time. I checked the time exactly twice while I was with them. Another time it showed that I was using the phone for a two hour block when I was watching a movie with a friend. And so on. I’m really disappointed. I think I use my phone less than the average, but I was really hoping to get some concrete information to either verify that or show me I needed to work on it. I guess if I go to the trouble of reading the app’s time estimates and subtract the times I feel sure about, I might get a decent picture. But there’s definitely something wonky in the app.
  • Battery Screenshots 5/5

    By Scott Faircloth
    Hey just fyi you don’t need to swipe the little screenshot away before you take another screenshot.
  • Must be me.. 1/5

    By JonH2O
    I can’t get this to anywhere near accuracy. I see the same usage for each itemized thing when I go into days. I take the photos. I can’t tell if it accepts them or not. What’s to do wrong? I am displaying all the hours and stuff. Like it will say Ive used my phone for 5 hours but it’s only 4am and I just woke up so what’s up with that? And some days it will say I used my phone for like 10 hours which is probably accurate but the app usage only says 1 hour and the rest is random crap for 5 minutes here 5 minutes there. Forget it. I have no use for this stupid thing. Sounds like I’m the stupid one.
  • Great concept, expectations are a bit unrealistic. 4/5

    By mcain1980
    I freely admit I’m on my phone a lot. I never thought about how much, but I thought I’d give this a shot and see what I thought. I like the app. I think it was a genius idea. My only gripe is that you can’t realistically expect people to use their phones for less than 3 hours a day. Our whole lives are on these devices. They wake us up in the morning, and help us keep track of our day. Not to mention the texts and calls we get. I know you can modify that setting in the options, but I still think the goal you have isn’t reasonable.
  • It's great! 5/5

    By oinks by the sea
    Helps make great progress for the future. Their is a glitch on the survey before the bored and brilliant challenge. Someone forgot to add a answer button. Thank you :)
  • Awesome App. Everyone should use it!! 5/5

    By LoveThisMovieandOctoberBaby!
    This app is awesome! Didn’t realize how many hours I spent every day staring at my phone. Especially the hours on social media! Wait til you see your numbers. You’ll be shocked! This app has gotten me off my phone & I’ve slept more hours this week than for months before since I told it to keep me off my phone between 12am-8am. Love having the extra support!! Thank you for creating this!!!
  • Beautiful, simple. 5/5

    By AndrewHaglund
    The new feature that uses motion gets the job done without doing anything at all, totally automated tracking! The battery screenshot feature is a clever hack to get app usage data and isn’t too much of a hassle. If you don’t want to take screenshots every day or week, the motion feature will give you enough insight into how much time you spend on your phone in general. I haven’t paid for pro yet, but it’s $4 and a no-brainer. On Jan 1 I set my phone to grayscale to see if I’d use my phone less. Moment Premium would give me that answer! Keep it up, great app.
  • Excellent app 5/5

    By SailorGirlBonk
    Worth every penny for the paid version- two weeks in and I’ve changed my relationship with my phone for the better!
  • Flawed in an unfixable way 1/5

    By Bertonski
    I really want to use this app to decrease my time playing games or surfing the web. The problem is the app tracks ALL screen time and I use my phone a lot during the day for business (QuickBooks and email etc), I use fitness tracking apps for running, listen to self-help books in the car with Audible, and in the evening I will watch Netflix on my phone instead of traditional TV. I set the app to give me reminders for when I’ve been on too long because I want the reminders to tell me when I’m wasting time playing a game or surfing the web, but I don’t want the reminders when I’m working with clients, engaging in healthy activities, or watching a show! Very annoying and the only thing I can do is change my notifications before each app I use, which is time-consuming and unrealistic. It’s my understanding from the developer there’s no way to distinguish screen time by app when the phone is being actively used (apps can be removed from reporting) so I removed it from my phone because it just can’t do what I need it to do. I need it to only be “on” for certain apps and right now that seems impossible. Also separately I appreciate how candid the developer is about privacy but I don’t like how invasive this app is with tracking. If it did everything that worked for me I’d be more likely to trade-off with trust but not for what it is right now.
  • Helps! 5/5

    By Supersparky0125
    This app has and is helping me with not over spending time on my Phone.
  • Absolutely terrifying! 5/5

    By WillConnors
    If you want to lament about how much time you spend on your phone, this is the perfect app
  • New battery Screen 3/5

    By Songza Mourner
    It was good. But I updated my phone yesterday now the battery screen is completely different and doesn’t show app usage. I think this app will not work now with the latest update? Bummer since I just paid for it last week.
  • Moment 5/5

    By Sarah Yates Mora
    Great app, love seeing how much time I’m wasting on mindless scrolling. Inspired to make changes!
  • Too Much Screen Time Required 2/5

    By Julie707
    I started out liking this app and even paid for the premium version. But in less than a week I was frustrated and disappointed enough with its performance and by how much time and work a screen-time minimizer app required out of me, that I uninstalled it. Now it is stated clearly that there is no tech support, just a pretty good FAQ section. I went there to find out if the premium option was a one-time or subscription service (one-time) and actually found answers to many of the problems I had. Unfortunately, the solutions required such an amazing amount of work on my part that I was glad I made my decision to quit. Also some of the challenges were not reasonable. One of my daily my challenges was to remove my most time-consuming app, which was my lock screen. Wut?
  • Doesn’t Deliver 1/5

    By appocalypse
    I got the app in hopes of tracking app usage. App usage does not work for me. Followed instructions and get a message “no app usage found, use the clock...” I did use the clock, not sure what the problem is. No tech support so, nowhere to go but to not recommend the app. I have been trying for a week. Giving up. iPhone X iOS 11.2.6
  • صالح 2/5

    By saleh12
    مشكلته مايدعم العربية
  • How many hours in a day? 2/5

    By needsnewbrain
    I just woke up a half hour ago and I got a reminder that I've been on my phone for four hours. Yesterday I got an alert that I got my daily limit, which I put at 23 hours and 50 minutes around the time I was leaving work, at which point there had not been that many hours in the day. I put it that high because the day before I'd "hit my limit" of ten hours before the phone had been on for six hours. I don't know what the problem is, but it doesn't seem to be what the developer has patiently explained to everyone else who has complained. The idea is good, the implementation is not. The app did teach me, however, that most of what I wanted to know I can find in the battery section of settings, (by tapping on the clock icon next to battery usage by app), the iPhone already tells me what I bought this app for! Built in for free! Goodbye Moment, I really wanted you to work, but you have been frustrating and obnoxious, and increased my screen time because I was searching everywhere for an explanation and a fix that fit my experience.
  • Inaccurate notifications 2/5

    By yesitsmyrealnickname
    Over the last few days I have received what feels like an ending notifications that I took the daily screenshot, instead of the weekly one. This is completely wrong. I didn’t have this problem when I first downloaded the app, so I’m guessing something must’ve happened with the last update. The notifications are annoying and when any app becomes annoying, it becomes unusable.
  • Absolutely helps my anxiety 5/5

    By RicochetRabbitGirl
    It gets rid of all the apps you realize that you don’t need after a while, that we’re just causing you hard ache. I love this app I support it all the way five stars!Certain apps that have no business in my life, that are making me stress out or jealous or just anything. And it takes him away and it points out my little Faults, and then it helps me fix him. Fantastic out good job
  • Great app 5/5

    By Jakebamford11891
    Great app for seeing the insane amount of time spent on these things. Pretty good app even without purchasing premium
  • Sorry! 2/5

    By JG mom
    I really wanted to like this app. I even paid for the upgrade hoping I would get more from it but I just don’t. I’m a habitual app closer so keeping it running in the background has been the biggest problem for me. I close it without even realizing I’ve done so then get the Forced Quit message when I go to check my time. I also have trouble with the battery screen shots. I can get the app to recognize my screen shots occasionally but not every time which is frustrating. I think the idea is great and I’m glad it works for some people. I just don’t think I’m one of them. I’m going to hang on to it a little longer and see if I have more success. I’ll update if I do!
  • I’m in a coma according to this app 1/5

    By Greenmombr
    Even though, according to Moment, I hit 5 hours of screen time a day, it still shows me sleeping 15 hours. I usually sleep between 5-6, so is love to know how this is working. My most used apps never show up. It always says this will be available next time I upload a battery usage screenshot. Sometimes when I know I’ve been on my phone for over an hour I’ll get a notice that I’ve been on for 20 minutes so far that day. And I’m not talking about at midnight. I just don’t understand how it’s getting my data so wonky. The killer, and what prompted me to finally write a review, is that it currently says for the day I’ve slept 24 hours and 16 minutes. Doesn’t a day max out at 24 hours? I woke up at 8am this morning, immediately spent about 30 minutes on the phone, used it throughout the day, and now it’s 1:44am.
  • Shames me into putting my phone down 😂 5/5

    By JDanielle82
    I have a problem with being on my phone too much and this app is just what I needed.
  • Great tracker 5/5

    By rush4ratio
    I love that it doesn’t track phone call time. And it opened my eyes to how my phone use skyrockets over weekends!
  • Purchased Paid Version, doesn’t work as it should. 3/5

    By JakeOlson
    This is a great idea... My biggest complaint is paying for it to “exclude certain apps” like google maps. Then it doesn’t do it. And gives me reminders of where with screen time while navigating. I emailed about it, requesting a refund as that was the only reason I paid, but never received a response. Ending up deleting the app entirely most likely since it won’t give me an accurate representation of the screen time I’d actually like to track on a day to day basis.
  • Needs some work 2/5

    By jrt681
    So many of us use our phone for occasional positive things, like an app to track sleep quality or white noise to fall asleep. Since I do those things each night, Moment says that I’m on my phone for the full amount of time I’m asleep. A whitelist to eliminate apps I don’t wish to track would be incredibly useful, as right now Moment is useless if I can’t parse out that data.
  • What’s the point? 1/5

    By akwardsmile
    The purpose of this app can be summarized in one statement: stop using your smart phone... okay 🤔 What is the point of this app??? Seriously, it fails on all aspects: no utility, no entertainment, no effect. Do you really think me knowing how much time I spend on my phone will guilt me into using my phone less? Do you really think the notifications to not take pictures or delete an app will work? So dumb. Sorry not sorry.
  • “App Use Detection” is not automated or passive. 2/5

    By ptoxiq
    Good concept, but manual app use detection is a wonky workaround pushed onto the user due to app’s lack of an actual automated and passive app use detection feature. Per direction from Moment, if you want Moment to inform you of how much you use all other apps, you must take screenshots of battery usage per app by doing this 6 plus step process daily or weekly: [settings > battery > tap the clock > tap last 7 days > scroll > take screenshot > scroll further > screenshot > repeat until the entire list has been screenshotted ]
  • Battery 4/5

    By The Best Keyboard
    It’s a great app, but it used so much of my battery. It drained 40% of my battery when I was barely using it. It’s an amazing app. I just wish it can cope with my battery.
  • Drains battery 3/5

    By Usman_1
    It's a great concept but it started eating up battery like anything. The other concern is the cumbersome work flow of screen capture and copying.
  • Somewhat disappointing 2/5

    By steadierfooting
    I paid for the premium version so that I could exclude specific apps from my total usage. On any given day, I might need to use Waze or Google Maps for up to 3 hours during an inter-office commute, two different fitness apps during a 60+ minute workout, the Podcast app during my commute and a meditation app. What I wanted to track and cut down on was mindless FB/Twitter scrolling. Unfortunately the app’s limitations render it not terribly helpful. The app can’t tell what app you’re using in real time so it sounds its alarm as soon as you hit your max time and continues to do so until the end of the day which is super annoying during a commute or workout or worse during meditation. In order to get accurate stats on usage you have to take a screenshot of battery usage every morning. Then the app will exclude specified apps from the total usage. Mildly helpful but also data I can gather on my own just from looking at the battery usage. I tried closing the app so it would stop tracking (and thus stop sending a notification) during a workout but the alarm still went off. If you’re not someone who needs to use their phone for specific tasks throughout the day, this app will likely be helpful. Otherwise, it may end up another aggravation in your day.
  • Small problems 4/5

    By Trinity😚
    I love this app. It has helped me so much, but I do have two minor problems that I believe should be fixed. Last night I used a sleep-tracker, and it really stressed me out when I woke up (at 6am) and already had “7 hours of screen time today”. There was nothing I could do to fix it which really stressed me out. It definitely messed up my average. This brings me to my next problem. 12:00. It should create a border at the 12:00 hour, but instead the app takes all the time you’ve been on your phone and puts it into the next day. It could be midnight and I’ll already have an hour of phone use on Moment. That’s all I really have to explain. Goodbye!!
  • Excellent idea, but quirks still need to be worked out 2/5

    By 2Swans
    This app was amazing for the first 12 hours!!! Then I used my sleep monitoring app all night long and it said I had 10 hrs of usage!! So I tried to remove the app, so it wouldn’t count the time from it, but the app is no where to be found when searched for. I’m thinking this is because the sleep app is plugged into the power source and not used or detected by the battery usage time counter. Anyway, it was quite disappointing. Especially since I forked over a lot of $$ for the premium version. I think this app will be great, but give it time, there are kinks to be worked out.
  • A waste of money 1/5

    By Regretin' it
    I very, very rarely write a review, but this app disappointed me enough to write one. I thought that Moment was a great idea, but even though I asked it not to include time on my Spotify app, podcasts, email, my runkeeper, and maps, it still does. I wanted it to track my social media, and game time (basically time wasters) only, and it lacks the ability to do that. So I found it annoying when I'd be listening to music or using maps, and the app would tell me I was close to my limit, or over it, or whatever. It's not useful if it can't filter between what I think is a positive use of time and wasting time. I initially gave it two stars, but I decided that was too generous, and bumped it down to one. Seriously, I can look at battery usage on my own to see how much time I've spent in a given app, after the fact, on my own. I don't need to pay for that-- Which I did. 😒😑 I just deleted this app...which I'd paid for.
  • Too inaccurate 2/5

    By promyk
    I wish this worked as intended. The app was giving me crazy hours (12+) so I figured it must be adding my alarm app that I have on during the night. I bought premium so that I could exclude it, but I can’t do that! It doesn’t show up as any usage in pictures and unless it does, I can’t select it. Woke up today to 8hrs already. Pointless :(
  • More useful than I thought it would be 4/5

    By MisfiredSynapses
    I just got this app a couple days ago so no complaints as far as having an app constantly using your location. Cool concept. I was amazed to see just how much idle time I have just to play around with my phone all day. I'd definitely recommend this app to anyone trying to be more productive with their spare time or simply trying to figure out where all the hours of the day go.
  • So Useful! 5/5

    By Jctusa2011
    Holy cow, I’m addicted to checking my phone! There’s a saying- “ what gets measured gets managed.” This app is helping me measure, and manage, my screen time. Super-useful app.
  • Love the idea 2/5

    By Coachme.ibc
    I love the idea of this app... but honestly having to take a screen shot of my usage constantly... makes me nuts and causes me to spend even more time on my phone! And too many notifications which I can’t figure out how to turn off. Deleting the app until I have some time to figure it all out.
  • “Force Quit” 2/5

    By mtkynthos
    This is a message I have been getting since trying to operate this app. I purchased the upgrade but feel I want my money back. I’m an older techno peasant so perhaps it me. I do spend way too much time on my phone though and want to stop. I thought this app would help and it may. However, Kev, you seem like a great guy and I appreciate your ethics!!
  • Luckily it was only free 1/5

    By EekayOkay
    I had considered getting the upgrade but decided to wait for a week. Luckily I did because the app only managed to track my baseline app usage then somehow didn’t detect my screenshots after that. The fact that it automatically sends that screenshot to the Moment server seems dubious to me - perhaps better if we can upload ourselves instead of “auto detect”. It also didn’t register my usage correctly after 7 pm on the SECOND day! Uninstalled.
  • This tracks your every move 1/5

    By Excellent714
    I downloaded and tried to use this app with high hopes. However, in order to do that, you must allow them to TRACK YOUR LOCATION AND EVERY MOVE YOU MAKE! This is an invasion of your privacy and also uses up your battery regardless what they say. Be very careful of invasive apps like this as there can be nothing good to come of it. On top of that, the app just doesn’t work. Unless they want money just to see it, then it does nothing since I installed it 2 days ago. How can I even consider giving them money for this if it won’t do a thing.
  • Unsure 2/5

    By Mirandalonso
    I’m hesitant to buy premium because there’s reviews instead of better specifics on what i’m getting in each option I click on. If there was a video or a 12-hour trial where I can make sure I was getting what I wanted out of it, I’d be more inclined to buy it. I only want to limit two apps on my phone so that they shut off after one hour of usage each day. That’s all I’m looking for. Can your app do that?
  • Share your privacy 1/5

    By AbhiAvatar
    Beware! This app requires you to share your location always in order to do its work.
  • Premium 2/5

    By Gaylillesbean
    Most of the basic features that it advertises used to be free but they cost money now? What the heck, this is completely unfair, go back to your old ways, I’m deleting the app because I don’t have money to waste on things I used to be able to do for free!

Moment – Screen Time Tracker app comments


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