Monash University FODMAP diet

Monash University FODMAP diet

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  • Current Version: 3.0.9
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Monash University
  • Compatibility: Android
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Monash University FODMAP diet App

Researchers at Monash University have developed the low FODMAP diet and a corresponding app to assist in the management of gastrointestinal symptoms associated with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). The Monash University FODMAP diet works by swapping foods high in fermentable carbohydrates (FODMAPs), with low FODMAP alternatives. Around 75% of people with IBS experience symptom relief on a low FODMAP diet. The app comes directly from the research team at Monash and includes the following: - General information about the FODMAP diet and IBS. - Easy to understand tutorials to guide you through the app and the 3-Step FODMAP diet. - A Food Guide detailing the FODMAP content for hundreds of foods using a simple 'traffic light system'. - A list of branded products that have been certified by Monash as low FODMAP. - A collection of over 70 nutritious, low FODMAP recipes. - Functions that allow you to create your own shopping list and add notes to individual foods - A Diary that enables you to record food eaten, IBS symptoms, bowel habits and stress levels. The Diary will also guide you through step 2 of the diet - FODMAP reintroduction. - The ability to adjust units of measurement (metric or imperial) and activate colour blindness assistance.

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Monash University FODMAP diet app reviews

  • I’m red/green colorblind so it’s not helpful 3/5

    By Cyberbabe22
    App looks great but all the foods are categorized by colors of red green and yellow. I’m red/ green colorblind so it’s not very helpful for me :/
  • Very helpful 4/5

    By MLBG123
    This app is the first thing that truly helped get my IBS under control. The traffic light symbol takes the guesswork out of which foods are okay. Well worth the price.
  • High cost for no information 1/5

    By Vikki717
    For the price of the app all you get is a list of vendors and a few meal ideas. Any additional information needs to be purchased for 30 or more in the app. With today’s technology one would think we could scan a barcode to see if the food is suitable, but I can’t find any local store name foods in the app. Waste of money and time. Use Google and notepad
  • Super helpful 5/5

    By clhwa03
    I found this app very helpful there are a few deficiencies which I think will be updated as foods are tested but overall it’s extremely helpful
  • A guide but not perfect 3/5

    By Crabbytummy
    I have had this app for years as I was informed it was researched, accurate information. Unfortunately, I was unable to eat many foods the app had as safe. I would look at other sites and find fructose was reported as a problem. Monash has now done further research and changed certain foods from green to red. I hope this helps and I credit them for correcting information. I also realize we all have various degrees of tolerance. I still use this regularly.
  • Best app ever 5/5

    By Brody1584
    Been out of work for 2 months so I was very hesitant to spend 8$ but this app makes my life so much better worth every penny. Also wish they would add basic things like what kinda salt and how much but it’s still a very good app.
  • A must-have for starting the diet 5/5

    By GyahWhat
    I love, love, LOVE the new feature where you can re-set the green lights to match the particular fodmaps that are bothering you. (Once you finally figure that out! But start with foods low in all fodmaps.) The print out chart from the doctors office (showing low and high fodmap foods) needs to go in the trash- too much misinformation. Just get this handy index from the source of fodmap research! Must have it when grocery shopping!
  • Missing key feature 3/5

    By LovetoLearn
    Would be nice if a list of all food high in a certain category (e.g., fructans) was available to more easily know what to avoid.
  • Terrific app! 5/5

    By grandma'scookies
    This app has helped me more than I can say in the last 3 years. Easy to use and accurate. Only recommendation I have for the developers is to change the cursor color to black in the food search bar. Well worth the purchase price!
  • Excellent App - has helped me greatly 5/5

    By JorgeDickle
    I rely on this app for assistance with my choices of food. It has been invaluable for assisting me in getting a handle on the complicated disease known as S.I.B.O. With the help of this app and my dietician/nutritionist I have been almost entirely symptom free for almost one year without any additional antibiotics or other medicines. I only wish that more USA foods were listed.
  • Super helpful 5/5

    By Steph FNP
    As a person with IBS, this app has changed my life. Highly recommend it for anyone attempting the low FODMAP diet. It is easy to use and explains a lot about IBS and how to follow the low FODMAP diet. Totally worth the cost
  • Very helpful 5/5

    By taekoy
    Used this app through the elimination and reintroduction diets. Now that I have symptoms under control, don’t need the daily diary part, but it’s handy during any kind of flare up. Showed it to my gastro doctor and he is going to recommend it to his patients.
  • Easy to comprehend 5/5

    By IHC Sage
    New to FODMAPs, this explains the processes the gut goes through and why I may react. Easy to use and the guide is a terrific shopping tool.
  • Can’t do without 5/5

    By Ieiv
    The app has been a blessing. It helps me figure out what I can and can’t touch. It is specially useful when grocery shopping. Since I can’t remember everything, the app is useful on helping you avoid the ones that you shouldn’t touch. Although I wish it had more or rather other foods included. They have mentioned Mexican but what we eat isn’t exactly Mexican it’s Nicaraguan so there’s ingredients and fruits not included. I’m hoping it will have a wider array of food listings in the future. It also needs to be a little more specific. Example: it mentions mango but it doesn’t say if it’s ripe mango or green mango. I am one that will only eat the green one. I dislike the ripe one. So it would be more useful to know which one and what variety of mango since there’s many different types. What I am still having a hard time knowing and understanding is when the ingredients on an item say it has dextrose or maltodextrin types. I still don’t know if those are ok or if they’re bad for me and they’re not on the list for me to remind me. But over all, it is s very helpful app and amazing helper when shopping. Now we only need to make all the low FODMAP items more easily available everywhere. More often than not I have to wait to order from Fody and they don’t have everything I would need. There’s ome other companies I have seen that claim low FODMAP but when you look at the ingredients it isn’t clear on the example: “flavors” if it contains an item that is or isn’t low FODMAP so I stay away from them. But over all I am having an easier time than I was before this app, so I am very happy with it and I always recommend it to those that may need it.
  • Scam? 1/5

    By DramaJP
    The first thing this app does is try to sell you meal plans and groceries. Not cool after I just spent money on the app itself. Then a quick view of the food lists shows contradictory information. For example 250ml of black tea made with water appears twice, and one is green while the other is yellow, with absolutely no indication of how they are different. This app does not instill confidence. I think I just spent $8 on a scam.
  • The Cure for my symptoms 5/5

    By 6890plx
    I had tried using a Fodmap food list before without any results, so I just assumed I was going to suffer indefinitely. But I found this after a recent doctors visit at her recommendation, and even though I was skeptical, following the information in this app has completely alleviated all my digestive symptoms. Being able to see the quantity of food allowed before overloading my body is something I had never seen before. The restrictiveness is hard, but works.
  • Missing Key Functions 3/5

    By Anonymy9876
    Overall the app is useful and helpful however for $8 (USD) I was hoping I would have the ability to (1) scan foods and see the ratings and (2) look up brand names. Not all food items are the same. The database seems to be extensive including multiple countries worth of info. Scanning and a detailed database of foods shouldn’t be far off the abilities.
  • It’s the source 5/5

    By abowler
    The researchers at Monash University invented the FODMAP acronym. They test and retest food. I don’t know of another app that can claim that. If you look in the fine print, you will see acknowledgment of using and referral to Monash for information about food content. Sometimes a flare makes more sense if a food has more FODMAPs than you knew (change in storage and transportation can change food content, hence the need to retest ) And the diary is easier to use than it appears from first glance. I can use it to compare the effects of diet and stress on my symptoms. I’ve been diagnosed with IBS for forty years. This is the best tool in my IBS management toolbox.
  • Should be free 1/5

    By velob53
    This app is a marketing tool for a brand of low fodmap prepared meals and products. So this is a case of paying for a commercial. Not terribly expensive, but still. It’s difficult to get past all the advertised products to get to the generic info. I’m addition, the prepared meals they’re marketing are packed with high-fodmap ingredients according to their app!
  • Not as good 3/5

    By Shelby jacox
    There are other free* FODMAP apps that seem to do more. I am a bit disappointed that for $8 it’s not a better food diary. It would be nice to show a trend of information if you take the time to detail what you’re eating. At least to show something you enter could show a trend to your symptoms and there is nothing I could see that showed a way to track that without reading each meal you entered and making your own way to graph or track it. I was hoping to just look at something after a week of entries and identify that I ate “eggs 5 days” and I had this symptom consistently for a similar time frame 12 hours later. May be I’m doing things wrong
  • Worth the money 5/5

    By MomofIBSkid
    I am a mother to a child with IBS. Low FODMAP diet can be very confusing. I was hesitant to purchase this app based on the reviews. I have been using this app for over a year. Some of the complaints are valid. The journal process can be improved. But most complaints can be lack of understanding the diet and how to use the app. Monash is the leader in this area of study. The updated information is key to keeping my son’s health on track. I use this app in conjunction with a bar code scanning low FODMAP app to be very useful.
  • Just ok but no scanner and not for USA 2/5

    By kiniluv
    I’ll just cut to the chase and bullet point the important stuff: - no scanner in app. Another app called spoonful has this but you have to pay again - certified list is useless in USA and should be an interactive page such as clicking on a company would bring up hyperlinks of what they sell - a lot of foods missing - need a dining out section of information. Come on guys we can’t eat at home all the time and when traveling this would be helpful - it would be great to have cuisine types on here as well Not worth the money and it’s slow, unreliable and NOT for Americans
  • Rip off! 1/5

    By lizguil
    This app is really difficult to figure out. Only buy it if you have hours to devote to getting started. I want my money back!
  • Great app with one simple bug 5/5

    By andoruk
    EDIT: To clarify, my point is not about heads and stalks being differently rated. My point is that both of those are green for small servings and red for high servings, but one is rated overall green and the other overall red. This app is great, thanks to Monash for developing it! There's one bug that I tried to submit feedback for but the app didn't let me - foods like broccoli heads vs. stalks are rated overall green for the heads and red for the stalks. My guess about the bug: heads are rated green for small servings and red for large, while stalks are rated red for large servings and green for small. Because of the difference in the sorting order, they are rated differently overall when they should be the same. Or maybe I'm misinterpreting something?
  • Common foods not listed 2/5

    There are several common foods not listed. I searched for ham and nothing but cheeses came up. The search function doesn’t result what you type in. So far this app has been useless for everything I’ve searched for.
  • Lifesaver 5/5

    By Brenda in US
    I refer to the Monash app for meals I am preparing as well as when eating out. It has spared me a lot of discomfort and provided guidance in my FODMAP journey. It has made all the difference to me in managing my IBS symptoms and I am so grateful to have it on my phone as an aid.
  • Flawed, but best FODMAP content source 4/5

    By Bbbbbttttting
    Somewhat inconsistent and a bit of a pain to use, but much more authoritative than anything else out there. Annoying that their Send Feedback function seems to be broken.
  • Useful, but wish diary sharing worked 3/5

    By Dr. Jimmy C.
    This is a useful app, and I use the Diary feature to log my activity. Unfortunately, the sharing feature doesn’t work (I’m trying to share my log with my dietician). After generating the report, when I click the share icon, a progress wheel flashes briefly, but nothing else happens. It’ll be nice to if this feature gets fixed so I can email the report.
  • Okay 4/5

    By Brealee91
    You should be able to add food items from the guide section to your diary. I don't like that they give you a seven day "meal" plan with specific recipes for each day, I'd rather enter individual foods that I cook up and make for myself. Additionally serving sizes of the foods would be helpful to be able to track. A copy/paste feature for the diary would also be so helpful in tracking meals. Inputting food into the diary takes a lot of time, so being able to add things you’ve entered before would make it much more user friendly! Also there aren't really any US brands, it would be cool to see a bar scanner so users could add products to be submitted for review or something. The data base is good, but the diary... not so much.
  • Helpful but frustrating 3/5

    By webwmn
    If you have IBS and serious food sensitivities this app can help. However it’s very heavy on prepared processed food and a lot of that is not available in the USA. Many weird foods I never heard of and a lot of basic foods are missing.
  • Great App, but not for Americans 4/5

    By Delainey2001
    I love this app and all of its opportunities. My favorite is the food diary because it has so many options to write about! I do think that it is hard for Americans to really enjoy this app! Maybe try to get an American to put in some food options! I also think the Food Diary should have a notification center so customers can set notifications throughout the day or the end of the day! Both if those options aside I am in love with this app! It is so helpful to me . I was diagnosed with Crohns Disease July 2021 and this app has been so helpful! Thank you Monash Creaters!
  • Just starting with the app but 3/5

    By AZDoodle
    It doesn’t setup a profile which will share across devises. It is easier to enter meals on a devise with a larger keyboard and screen but I carry my phone. Trying to remember what I ate until I have the larger device available doesn’t work.
  • Not geared towards Americans 2/5

    By jettybird5
    This app appears to be mostly geared to Australians. No US options for alternative milk offered so, in the end, I suspect this isn’t going to be very useful to me.
  • Be careful when transferring to new phone 4/5

    I really like this app but when I updated my phone the information I logged didn’t transfer over with it. Make sure you download and email yourself a copy before you get a new phone. Also, I liked how the app knew what day and time it was but now I have to choose the time every time I place a new entry. Not sure why that’s the case now. Only a minor annoyance though. This app definitely eased my low FODMAP journey and is worth the money in my opinion.
  • Spot on! 5/5

    By Angi334
    I bought this app so that I could try following a low FODMAP diet to see if I would feel better. At first I continued to eat the foods I normally ate and when I felt symptoms I would check the app for all the foods I had eaten that day. And every time I felt bad I discovered that I had in fact eaten a red light food. This app is so spot on and it's so very simple to use and understand. It's my partner in my journey to feeling my best all of the time. I could never memorize all the foods in this app and whether their safe or not. It's definitely a must have if you wish to eat a low FODMAP diet.
  • A total game changer. A must purchase! 5/5

    By Alpha Goodwin
    Real science. Clear research. Easy to understand how individual foods impact your body and helps you keep track of symptoms.
  • Not color blind friendly 3/5

    By blondon47
    This is such an important app for my well-being. My only criticism, and it’s a big one for me, is that I can’t interpret the results without the help of someone else because I’m red green colorblind. About one in 20 men is color blind, so hoping you can solve for this.
  • Pushing FODY Food Co 2/5

    By OFisherJr
    I’d give this app a high rating if it weren’t for them pushing food from FODY Food Co. I thought this App was from an University. They should identify brands from different companies. They note a certain food from Fody Food Co has a certain rating but if they think we’re going to start our shopping with them they can forget it. We’re interested in commonly, locally available food not lining the pockets of one specific company.
  • not heavily us focused 2/5

    By Mikem,
    the certified product guides is very international and once i set it to US it got to a very short list 70 recipes isn’t a lot once you split it down to meal types
  • #Foods in database 3/5

    By Easy record keeping
    I was surprised to see how few foods there are in the database considering the cost. I have found a free version with more general foods. One plus was this app tells you which Fodmaps are in each food item.
  • Disappointing for a paid app vs the other free versions out there 2/5

    By Splurch42
    Being able to look up a specific food is great but available on other apps.Most of the rest of the app is just information.They really need to add more interaction with the food guide like being able to search for all the foods containing or not containing specific fodmaps. Being able to change your sensitivity is nice but without a way to easily see a full list of what to avoid it’s just time consuming going over everything to see when the whole point of the app is to save time with easy references. Also, having brand name products tested but not naming the brand is not very helpful.
  • Essential resource 5/5

    By NSHale
    This app is marvelous. So well thought out and researched. It is of enormous use to anyone who needs to limit their FODMAP intake. The filter option is invaluable. You don’t have to think things through; it does it for you. Even down to the number of ounces you could be allowed for a particular food. I’m very grateful for this app.
  • Always have trouble downloading the app 1/5

    By sivee59
    The app itself is good if you are able to download it when you need some information, lately I haven’t been able to connect to it. Keep getting a message can not connect to THIER service try later. I think the cost of this app is too much to have to go through this. Someone on thier side needs to change this, it’s very frustrating.
  • Lost all the information I tracked in the diary! 3/5

    By healthyfitaps
    The app wasn’t working for some reason. So I updated and I lost all the information that was on my diary that I took so much effort to track!!
  • Tech difficulties 3/5

    By LadyRitsu
    Hello so I’ve recently updated the app and now it’s telling me that “the content is unavailable please check in another time”. So I waited and checked it again and the same message appears. So I turned my phone completely off and it still appears. What is going on with the app? 😭
  • My go-to guide! 5/5

    By ean2891
    My husband has had IBS for 20+ years, but could never figure out what was wrong. We knew he was lactose intolerant, but there were so many more problems than just that. In 2018, after blood tests, cat scans, excrement sampling, colonoscopies, etc., his gastroenterologist suggested we try a FODMAP diet. Parsing through all the conflicting information felt impossible, and in the end, the best source was getting it straight from the horse’s mouth: Monash University. After months of elimination and reintroduction, we discovered that he is Fructan intolerant on top of the lactose intolerance. He has now been off fructans (or on low fructans) for 3 years, and his IBS is virtually gone! Unless he accidentally gets too much, he feels 100%! We use the app EVERY SINGLE DAY just to check if some random food or other is okay to eat. I recommended it to everyone with IBS, just in case they solve their issues. (And we’ve had five friends that have found their solutions, so that’s amazing!) Definitely worth a few bucks!
  • Needs an update. 3/5

    By DanMC PT
    The filters do not work. Nothing changes when selecting sensitivity. Also in-app “feedback” button does not work.
  • Incredibly Useful 5/5

    By CCML86
    This app and diet has really transformed my life. After suffering for years with stomach discomfort, I was recently diagnosed with IBS. Starting the diet was difficult, but this made it so much easier and manageable. My only suggestion is that I wish it had more US products, especially as more people are being diagnosed with IBS in the states. Partnering with organizations that test more US products and foods would be a great next logical step!
  • Parmesan, Blue Cheese 1/5

    By No Neuro Babble
    Standing in the supermarket trying to see if I can buy Parmesan cheese. I had to Google that. They have country tabs but you have to select your country every time you search. Same ingredients slightly different name, different proportions in different orders and different color ratings.