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Money Network Mobile App

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  • Current Version: 7.3.8
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: First Data Corporation
  • Compatibility: Android
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Money Network Mobile App App

The Money Network® Mobile App* is a convenient and secure way to keep track of your money on the go. The app is available to Money Network Account holders and Secondary Cardholders† (family members or dependents 14+ years or older). The app is free to download and gives you more control of your money with 24/7 access to your Account information anytime, anywhere! Key Features:†,‡ • Quick View to see balances without login • Account balance and transaction details • Piggy Banks to set aside money • Account alerts for balance, deposits, withdrawals and more • Financial wellness tips • Fingerprint/Touch ID • Card Lock and Unlock • Locator for in-network ATMs, check cashing locations and retail reload agents • Budgeting & Spending tools Visit us at for more information. *Standard message and data rates may apply. †Fees may apply. See the Fee Schedule and Transaction Limit Schedule for the Money Network® Service for more information. ‡All features may not be available, please log in to the Money Network Mobile App and view your navigation menu to see the features available to you. Cards issued by MetaBank®, N.A., Member FDIC. ©2021 Money Network Financial, LLC.

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Money Network Mobile App app reviews

  • Bad App 1/5

    By Metrix012
    The face ID never works. it's a bad app
  • Terrible. If I could give 0 stars, I would. 1/5

    By Tr3v0r_3than_Chan
    The atm map is extremely inaccurate. I called to close my account. The customer service agent answered, not stating their name or anything and asked why I called. I told them I called to close my account. They asked for my name, phone number and email. I was hesitant at first because it seemed like a scam. I eventually gave them the information. They told me that my account was closed and that I wouldn’t be able to log in anymore. I wanted to test that out and attempted to log in. I was able to log into my “closed account” around 5 times. I communicated this to the customer service agent and they told me my account was closed. I asked them if it was closed, why could I still access it via the app. The only reason they gave me as to why I could still access it was because the account was not closed online. I asked them if my account was closed on the system, why wouldn’t it be closed online? The agent only told me that they were going to submit a report to their manager about this instead of actively trying to fix the issue. Whenever I asked a question, they avoided giving me a direct answer. The entire thing seemed like a scam. It felt like one of those stereotypical Indian scam calls. In the end they basically hung up on me without saying anything. Terrible app, terrible network, terrible customer service.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Deleting The App for Good
    Features of the app barely work and customer support knows literally nothing
  • Wow really 2/5

    By Spid3r98
    Doing so well until Friday 13th y’all misplaced 320 during bank transfer and refuse to locate or refund regardless the fact that I enter the acc and routing numbers correctly
  • Horrible customer service 1/5

    By smedina*
    My mom just called me and the representative that helped her was rude and didn’t want to help. She said he kept sighing and smacked his lips like he was annoyed with her calling. She’s needed help but he made her feel like she was a burden. There’s no where to file a complaint for that rep but it’s unacceptable. I hope no one treats his parents or elders that way. Money network, you need to pull that call and coach your rep on how to take a call and how to treat others with respect!
  • Loved Exceed by Money Network 5/5

    By Shane B
    Not sure what the deal is between being able to use the Exceed by Money Network app versus this Money Network app. One day it just forced me over. I loved the Exceed app, and this was very similar I guess. The Money Network card is one of the few reasons I miss working for Walmart. It is a beautiful thing that these large corporations that admittedly pay employees at-or-very-near minimum wage are able to offer a money management solution that allows people to break away from the endless fees of the major banks out there.
  • yas 5/5

    By Cupcake 23456
    and ur sick and ur married but ur dying
  • 0/10 Wouldn’t Recommend 1/5

    By gray1234576
    Lost 70$ from this app . Didn’t even get a number to call when the money was stolen .
  • Stole my money 1/5

    By Derrick flowersboi
    MoneyNetworkSucks they took my money will not give it back and say it is not my problem Do not use them please they will steal your money
  • Can’t login 2/5

    By MechWarriorZero
    Can’t login into my account
  • It’s okay.. 1/5

    By chuji__
    It’s an okay app but please change how long it takes to transfer to another bank account, I needed money asap and it takes two to three business days and I’m honestly super mad please change this since it’s not easy to change how I get paid every week
  • stolen money:))) 1/5

    By sinisterweasley
    this was used as my pay card for a job i quit a couple months ago. i had money on the card when one day, every single last cent on the account disappeared. in the transaction history, it said all of the money was taken for "account maintenance fees". this is an awful app, do not get it
  • Worst app 1/5

    By moe aka moneymoe
    The worst app ever, couldn’t login for the past 2 weeks
  • Plz help me 1/5

    By xk2fly
    So I tried transfer $3000 to my bank and I still haven’t gotten it and it’s been 4 days I called my bank and they said they never got a transfer so idk what happened to my money but I want it back I even got a screenshot of me trying transfer money if y’all need any proof I tried to call y’all and that didn’t help much or tell me anything about my situation
  • Horrible App 1/5

    By AnnieW42
    This is the worst banking app ever. After this most recent update, the app won’t even open and I no longer can access my money. Figure it out!
  • Doesn’t even work 1/5

    By Kalifyujun
    This crap app didn’t even work. Told me to call the number on the back of the card.
  • Sending money is a joke 1/5

    By eatmycock999
    Your guys sending money system is the worst sending money system I have ever seen it literally makes me send money 10 times because u don’t provide “valid nickname” so I end up having to put in random names everytime I send money. And it doesn’t even save your contacts so, no point rlly
  • Garbage and old 1/5

    By NolanPatterson
    Can not keep up with progressive banks that offer easy use. Money transfers are or dated and the app is empty and useless. Grown adults came together and really thought this was a good use of money to invest in. Horrible app and horrible developers. Horrible, horrible, and horrible. -Nolan Patterson Tucson, Az
  • This bank is a fraud 1/5

    By SoCalGhstRydr
    Someone hacked my account, stole money. I filed my dispute. Did everything in a timely manner. Even changed my card number. They refuse to assist me in getting my money back.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Harvard313
    Been banking with them for years to find out they can’t send out the right bank statement to apply for a home loan
  • Invalid birthdate 1/5

    By iW_nutella
    Im trying to make an account but because i was born on leap year I cant make one because it says the date is invalid. So stupid.
  • useless app 1/5

    By pemandu bas
    l called service center because l could not log in. Even with temporary password given by the bank l still cannot log in. So frustrating!
  • Other accounts 1/5

    By neffe4006
    Apparently when having more then one money card it’s impossible to put in a new account because of user ID and there is nothing I can do about it not even add it to Apple Pay
  • App always crash 1/5

    By Chamorrrro
    7 out of 10 times the app is crashing. Worst customer service ever.
  • Can’t login. 1/5

    By chezdora
    This app was working perfectly up until a few days ago. Now I can’t login at all. Please fix.
  • This app is dumb. 1/5

    By notahappyperson69
    Charges a service fee to move money to an outside account; which I guess is fine but it takes 2-3 business days to get to the other account. There’s not even an option to do it instantaneously.
  • Absolute useless 1/5

    By Jroq82
    App quit working all of a sudden one day. And with not actual support to get help on the app not working it makes it frustrating to even deal with this company. I only use it for the stimulus payment we all got and now I have over 1k in my account t and can’t even get to it. Just an absolute garbage of a company to handle such a huge role.
  • DeeRoss 5/5

    By mommaDi4
    I’m not very phone savvy, I figured it out on my own it literally was so simple!! I absolutely love this!
  • Needs help 3/5

    By wilss25
    There is no way to contact someone if you have questions about transactions.
  • manager sent me this even though i wanted direct deposit 1/5

    By aleaismad
    kinda a scummy app takes your money and fines you monthly even though it’s only like 15 but i didn’t ask to be put in this but here we are, scummy scummy
  • Lots of problems 1/5

    By Emily58034
    The customer service representatives I've spoken too have all been nice. They honestly try to help me, but I feel like there guide to fix issues runs in a giant loop. I’ve had my card almost two years and in that whole period I’ve never been able to use my account. Because when I got to verify my email it never sends me the email. I’ve spoken to numerous people on the phone and always wait the allotted time but the issue isn’t ever any closer to be resolved. So I am currently on my way to getting a new bank or card holder because this is ridiculous.
  • 👎🏻 1/5

    By davidc3753
    Money randomly come off of my account with me knowing i didnt spend it and i camt get my money back
  • No 1/5

    By rick&M
    Needs the biggest update, feels like 1842 using this “bank” done
  • Horrible 1/5

    By hoeyoucrusty
    They locked my card because i hadn’t spent anything for 30 days. When I called to open it back up, they told me to fax them my state ID. So I did. Still locked. Then they wanted my social security card. They’re probably just gonna steal my money if they haven’t already. Horrible people with a horrible app
  • The worst pay card 1/5

    By ētd
    If your a smart person then you will NOT own this card under any situation.
  • Downloading 2/5

    By sliink85n
    The app wouldn’t let me update and then I tried re-downloading the app and now it’s not letting me. How do I get the app back????????
  • Error 2/5

    By DarkWolf3216
    I’m unable to login. Every time I open the app it says “please make sure you are on the latest app version and are on a reliable network”. But I have no update option in the App Store and my wifi is connected and works perfectly fine. Not only that I’ve added it to my Apple wallet but it won’t let me use it via the app. Can you please fix this thnx.
  • Constant reinstalling 1/5

    By f_felly23
    This app is trash. I unfortunately have to use it for work but the app is always crashing and I have to delete it and reinstall it on a consistent basis. It’s also dumb that I have to pay to have it transferred to my own bank account. I don’t know why my job would use such a terrible app to transfer money to us
  • The version update glitch 2/5

    By isaac278
    So I just noticed today that it asked me to make sure I had the latest version and to be on a secure network and now I can’t even open my own account on the app at the moment it keeps saying the same thing about I need the latest update or version and whenever I look for an update it was updated a few days ago and it’s still haveing trouble please fix this new bug that has arised on the app please and thank you
  • Put your money elsewhere 1/5

    By sblight
    Extremely difficult to log in. Every time I need to log in, my password is not recognized nor are my security questions/answers. Therefore, I must call in- wait on hold- explain multiple times (NONE of the customer service associates actually listen)- create a new password (which I store in my phone- even though it won’t work the next time I try) then, finally log in!!.... that was just to log in, the steps to transfer money are even more cumbersome. So, get direct deposit. Don’t waste your time.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By jayyyyyy00090999
    Went to the atm to pull off 60 dollars Nd the card charged it 110 smh wow 🤦🏾‍♀️
  • Worse customer service ever! 1/5

    By Blackboy$6679
    This is the only card I ever had that allowed unauthorized charges and don’t go out the way to help you recover your money! Cancel immediately!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Steal Money 1/5

    By TylanTy
    I got this card from my job and the first time I bought food with the card which came to $52 and charged me $104 I told them that they double charged me and said the money would go back on my card and they only gave me $52 back, I told them they didn’t give me all the money back and the lady starts arguing with me as if I’m dumb reading all my purchases. Again this happens I got .10 cents worth of gas because the pump wasn’t working it I check my card and they charged me $79, so I called and she said they’d give it back in 30 days so I started telling her they can’t do that and then I check my card again and I was missing $158 so then I go on to tell them that this is not legal and she’s arguing with me as if it is. This goes on to happen 3 more times over the past 8 months of having this card. They have never once given me that money back. At one point they even took $500 and told me that it would go back on in 30 days, and a week later I get $479 back. I’m surprised no one shut this company down yet it’s ridiculous.
  • 5 Star Review: 5/5

    By akahowarf
    Very dependable for my account information. Very happy with everything.
  • Theft 1/5

    By aliyah 2021
    They had a systemGlitch which causes them to take over $18-$19 in overdraft or not overdraft but ATM fees from me why it wouldn’t even let me pull the money out that I had on my card so I called the next day to get all that money reimbursed to me and they only reimburse me five out of six ATM transaction fees because I said that’s all they’re allowed to so they basically stole from me
  • App not working 1/5

    By H.W.98
    Won’t let me access my account my internet connection is NOT THE ISSUE the app updated and now I can’t access it whatsoever
  • DONT USE THIS BANK/whatever 1/5

    By Bl4ck Mos3s
    I have lost more than 1000$ DOLLARS using this bank and they wont help me someone stole my wallet and used it they didn’t refund but 50 DOLLARS There customer service is the WORST i cant type to you how much i DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY
  • Not letting me log in 1/5

    By hdbsnsmanana12
    i’m trying to log in to my account and it keeps saying make sure you are using the latest version or make sure you have a reliable network and i have both so i can’t log in and unlock my card not very happy with using this anymore just annoyed with it at this point.
  • Uh.. 1/5

    By hdbrbjwhxbrbisibebtixne
    Can’t sign into the app, it’s updated to the latest version and was working with WiFi before, yet it repeatedly tells me I need both