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Money Network Mobile App

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  • Current Version: 6.1.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: First Data Corporation
  • Compatibility: Android
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Money Network Mobile App App

The Money Network Mobile App (My MN) is an account management tool for Money Network® cardholders. With My MN, you can have easy, quick access to your Account information anytime, anywhere! Please note that the screenshots reflect some features which may not be available to all the users.

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Money Network Mobile App app reviews

  • app is broken 1/5

    By floral €ock
    when i was trying to set up my card it kept crashing every time i tried to put in the numbers for the debit card
  • App issue 1/5

    By nekacoward
    I downloaded the app onto my iPhone and when I open it its says a balance of zero dollars and I just got paid then when I uninstalled it from my other phone it started saying the same thing wat is wrong with this app now...I never had a problem with this app until now wat can I do?
  • Worst 1/5

    By Do not get this card
    Worst customer service and worst card you would ever have
  • Smh 1/5

    By Thegrimrico
    Just wish they cared about the all they would know what’s going on
  • Stupid!!!! 1/5

    By im tiredd :)
    I used this card and app for two jobs I had. I have money in my savings and account. Went to check the app and it said $0.00 for both account and savings. I pulled out my money I had in the account. I called the money network people and they said there was nothing they can do and they couldn’t move my money from my savings to my account. So now I have no access to my money. Please don’t use this. Please set up a bank account as soon as you can because this isn’t worth it. The only reason I have used this is because I haven’t gotten the chance to set up a bank account yet. DO NOT USE THIS!!!!!!!!! I have 0 access to my savings !!!!!!
  • Annoying 1/5

    By babsmkci
    I am trying to active me card and it keeps crashing on me and it is getting really annoying and I’m not happy with it I have my whole check in there and I need to active it
  • Awful app 1/5

    By The Absolute Greatest
    This is an awful app. I downloaded it multiple times, each time I tried to access my account it crashed. When I finally was able to open my account it then took $10 out for some reason without any authorization. Do not use this app or this card.
  • It will not let me activate my card through app 1/5

    By kailyn cook
    Everytime I go to activate my card through the app, it crashes the second I type a number.
  • Feed up 1/5

    By Aaronsmommy
    I should not have to verify my identity EVERYTIME I log in it’s a waste of time.

    By ASBLUNT21
  • Difficult app.. 2/5

    By AshleyShPi
    I appreciate that I have something for my phone that works almost like a bank app for this pay card. However, I will sometimes make purchases and even though the transaction amount wasn’t the rest of the money I have in my account (I had $9 made a $7 transaction) it takes my balance down to $0.00. In the transaction history it doesn’t take out any more or less than the transaction but where does that couple dollars go? It’s happened twice now, it’s a recent issue. Also, trying to set up a automatic piggy bank, it allows me to put the amount but where it says “when should we feed the piggy bank?” It only has dollar amounts. No dates or options to put WHEN to put money into the account. Maybe I’m missing something, but I’ve looked. I’ve updated the app. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled. It’s very difficult and especially not knowing where some of my money is going is very irritating and frustrating.
  • Lost $600 1/5

    By loolooleeleelala
    I wish i could give 0 stars. After filing out all the correct information, I attempted to transfer $600 dollars into my bank account. However, it never showed up at my bank. This company lost my $600 and I called them multiple times to try and solve the problem. Every time I called I had to deal with an automated beginning that took forever to navigate, and then employees who did not help at all. I mean AT ALL. All they did was repeat the same thing over and over back to me. I also called my bank, but then had not received anything from money network. This was in August- it is now February and I have not gotten my money and i doubt i ever will. Literally 60 hours of my life down the drain. Please do not use this app or let your employer force you to use this.
  • Can’t activate card 1/5

    By Wateremblem
    So recently I had to get a replacement card but whenever I try to activate it the app just forces itself to close so now I can’t use my new card
  • Can’t add card 1/5

    By Fredstroman
    I recently started a new job but can’t seem to add my card, the app keeps crashing when clicking a single letter. P.s. I’ve also tried other devices
  • The app is USELESS 1/5

    By nainai7991
    This app is constantly crashing, you can’t do anything on it. Worthless.
  • Worst Money app I have ever had. 1/5

    By Nickname349290527/
    They keep taking money out of my account and not telling me. And everytime I am on customer service they are rude. The website is absolute trash and does not give you any information about what happens when the freeze your card for no reason.
  • Not good 2/5

    By Restoring Data...
    It will always charge you $3.75 when you try to deposit money... i will not recommend this card. It has a lot of charges and your money will end up going to them. So not recommended
  • .. 2/5

    By Thatbucky
    I literally just downloaded this to activate my card and every single time I try to activate it, it crashes.
  • Doesn’t have near the functionality advertised 1/5

    By troyschmud
    Can’t move money so unless I’m going to an ATM and then deposit to a real account there is no routing or account number for transfers or anything. The WORST prepaid card I’ve ever seen
  • App Crashes more times than you can count. 1/5

    By ehrneownfjxownfb
    Can’t even activate my card through the app. When you go to put in the number for the card, the app closes and you have to sogn in again only to have the same thing happen. What a joke.
  • worse service EVER 1/5

    By dimplessssssssssssses
    if i could give them ZERO stars i would. They always take your money and then make you wait for 7 business days to get it back. How tf can you take something thats not a payment and then do NOT put it back until 7-10 business days this is the WORSE service ever I DO NOT recommend AT ALL
  • Would give 5 but 2/5

    By sunshine64694269933
    I loved this app . But now I can’t sign in. It says “an error please again later” I have money in my piggy bank. Luckily there’s another app so I was able to access my money. I liked this app better then the other one but might just delete this app.
  • Incredibly frustrating 1/5

    By Dangusus
    Trying to activate my account and it crashes every time I try to enter the card number. Thanks for wasting a bunch of my time, so annoying!!!!
  • Good app 3/5

    By TreSosa314
    Everything works good but where is move money option?
  • Stay away from money network 1/5

    By Dickfaced
    This app is garbage and the cards are garbage. They get hacked easily and there is no customer support. Do not use money network at all costs!
  • Angry!!!! 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 1/5

    By kristylove29
    So I been with money network for about 4.5 years and now I’m all of a sudden just havin FM problem after problem with get into my account!!! And all they can yell is me do wait 24 hours 🤬🤬🤬😡🥵
  • Trash 1/5

    By TeZZ7373
    It keeps logging me out of app when I try to set my pin
  • Keeps crashing 1/5

    By berrienbunny
    Every time I try to activate my card the app crashes, I’d give this app no stars if I could.
  • the app 1/5

    By Emmagitt
  • Thieves 1/5

    By YR110497
    I was a happy customer for 4yrs until recently $18,000 disappeared from my account with no explanation. I opened up many disputes but the own company/bank canceled all of them saying there was no work around to get the money back. I called their customer support asking for further explanation on how I could get my hard earned money back but they just kept turning me down and even got to the point where they hung up on me every time I called. I don’t recommend this for anyone except if you really want your money stolen I am upset and there Is nothing I can do.
  • It’s cool 3/5

    By gbesoheartless
    Nice app and card NO PROBLEMS cash check whenever through app use app to find surcharge free atms and I love the piggy bank feature I get my pay from my job one day early and I like this card I use to be a big fan of mycontrolcard but they starting making things pricey and difficult thanks money network. P.s please fix trusted devices feature I logged in on my friends phone one time due to no internet and I removed him from trusted devices but guess what he can still still see my balance when he opens the app and I even change the settings again to don’t see my balance and he could still see it when he open it and I couldn’t the changes only applied to the phone I had not his phone. Now I’m a little worried that any old phone I had the app downloaded on that person can see my balance as long as they have internet connection please fix super intrusive
  • Defective app DO NOT DOWNLOAD 1/5

    By Presious911
    Literally every time I try to activate my card The apps shut down completely and logged me out Not using
  • Put your crash 1/5

    By Flemhog
    It asks for your card info (understandably), when you start to type it the app crashes. Useless!
  • It’s trippin 1/5

    By LiLiThaGoat
    Every time I go to type in my card number the whole app shut down 🤦🏾‍♂️

    By cnicolem20
    I downloaded the app to activate my card, every time I try to type in the card number the app shuts down. I’ve deleted the app and reinstalled, I’ve turned my phone off and on, I updated my phone to the newest version, NOTHING fixes this issue, so I’m out of money until I get ahold of a phone to call to active. Let’s pray that even works. Extremely aggravating.
  • I'm tired of having to verify my account everytime I log in 1/5

    By JustNoMoneyNetwork
    I always have to exit out of the app, go to my email to get my pin number, log back into the app, punch in the pin, go to settings and then it just buffers that I have to reset the app and start over again! I've done this 10 times already and it's so dumb. I never had this issue and had this app for over two years. Negative 1 star.
  • Email every time 1/5

    By Finfan24
    It has a feature where when an unrecognized device tries to log-in you have to get sent an email with a code to verify which is fine and all. But on my iphone everytime i try to login i hve to get sent a verification code and i shouldnt have to jump thru hoops to check on my account how do u not recognize this device that i have authorized, used literally hundreds of times, and downloaded the day i got this phone over 2 years ago. Aggregating
  • Unprofessional 1/5

    By bbking444
    They take your money and don’t put it back
  • False Advertisement 1/5

    By Typhani1788
    The preview of what is on the app is NOT accurate. I don’t have any of the options shown. Unable to transfer funds because I don’t have the options shown...SCAM!!
  • This company is a scam. Don’t use them 1/5

    By KebBeb
    They take advantage of loss laws favoring employers in 25 U.S. states to outsource all there customer service work to India. They will put you account on hold for no reason and once it’s on hold you’ll never going to see that money again unless you file a lawsuit. They are impossible to contact and use multiple fax numbers to avoid you. They don’t even have a real mailing address, just a PO Box. They’ve only managed to avoid a class action lawsuit because what they are doing is technically legal, they’re just using all the loopholes. Overall a terrible company that deserves to be shutdown. Do not use them. The app works okay so long as they don’t freeze your account.
  • No Ratings for This App 1/5

    By BadApp55
    I tried to sign in and activate my card but every time I try to it takes me out the moment I press one number it kicks me out and it’s getting really annoying please fix your app or take it down because it’s annoying the fact that I can’t even activate my card even when I press one number fix that problem asap
  • send me my card!! 1/5

    By Purplepig356843
    my card has been expired and ive called them twice already saying they have “shipped” it and it still hasnt been mailed to me 😡 i have to call a third time to see whats going on
  • Happy with app 4/5

    By BakerLiz75
    I’ve had this since 2018, never had any issues with it. I only wish they’d add a fingerprint login feature, as other financial apps have. Otherwise, no problems.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By ...00056
    Can’t even uninstall the app
  • Missing features 2/5

    By Jaym98
    My app is fully updated but for some reason from the moment I downloaded it I’ve been missing about half of the features. I tried deleting and re downloading it and still I’m missing the features that I really need.
  • This app is horrible 1/5

    By heya34444
    Can’t even type numbers out to activate card without the app crashing. Smh this company needs to do better.
  • Unhappy 1/5

    By Goat2807
    I have tried many times to use this app. I can login but when I try to do an action like setup my pay card the app crashes. I have tried downloading it again and the problem still occurs. Please fix this!
  • Horrible 1/5

    By le pair
    I can’t even touch my money cause as soon as I click on activate card it immediately crashes and continues to do it I have absolutely no control over anything
  • Fix the app ASAP! 1/5

    By AbiLuna408
    When are you guys gonna fix the “activate card” section on the app?? It keeps crashing when I try and put my info in

Money Network Mobile App app comments

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