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Money Network Mobile App

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  • Current Version: 5.8.1
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Money Network Mobile App App

The Money Network Mobile App (My MN) is an account management tool for Money Network® cardholders. With My MN, you can have easy, quick access to your Account information anytime, anywhere! Please note that the screenshots reflect some features which may not be available to all the users.

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Money Network Mobile App app reviews

  • The Worst 1/5

    By TiaDR
    I called customer service because I am not able to login into the app to transfer my funds and the guy on the phone was very rude I am so sick of this card and this ADP company they have the worst customer service and card EVER!!
  • Please FIX!! 1/5

    By glo.bvtman
    I’m not even able to log into my account fix this bug please, I need my money
  • Server problems 3/5

    By Demoz420
    For some reason I go on to check my account and instantly get a server connection prompt try again like what the hell so I delete and redownload and still same issue
  • Useless 1/5

    By Dynamite_Dan
    This app and company are useless. I have to use this card because of a job, and I have fought with customer service for almost 2 months now to allow me to get my my own dang money. Can’t sign in, and then customer service is “not allowed” to literally do anything to help me. I’ve had to hand write and sign a letter to remind them my birthdate, which they refuse to process over the phone or through email or any other 21st century communication method. The second I’m done with this current job I’m ditching this money hungry “business”. Avoid at all costs
  • I am not getting my email for my username 1/5

    By q201888
    I keep trying to get my username and it says it’s sending to email but I never get it , is there another way to get my username?
  • Love it! 5/5

    By TattedMadaam
    I was skeptical at first. But I absolutely love this app. I can see all my transactions in real time! No more calling to check my balance. Also, I have called customer service with my card twice before downloading the app and never had a problem with them!
  • Don’t use 1/5

    By stupidcard
    Within hours of having a fraudulent/unauthorized charge on my card I called customer service. I got someone in a foreign country who said the charge was listed as pending and I had to wait to see if it goes through. I told them it was not authorized and to cancel the payment. Was told to just wait to see if it goes through. Well it went through and I called back. Again a person from a foreign country now told me I would have to cancel my card and wait for a new one. Then fill out a form for the fraudulent charge. The new card could take up to 5-7 days to get and the form the same amount of time. But after getting the form I had only 10 days to return it. After that it could take up to 90 days to get my money back if at all. All other cards that I’ve heard about put your money back in right away. Horrible customer service. I kept asking for a supervisor and was told there was none. So it’s been over three weeks now and no contact from the company about the charge or even a number to call and check on the status. Funny part when sending this review it asks for a nickname to sign off with. I tried to use “hate this card” and it was already taken. So is ihatethiscard.
  • Not helpful 1/5

    By Nfb061417
    I don’t even have an option to upload my first check into my card.
  • Hate this app now 1/5

    By Anointedsunshine86
    I had no problems with this app up until now. I went to rest my password and it told me my security answer who wrong and I didn’t change my question so I could answer the next one. Now my account is locked online and on the app.

    By AJwiththeAK
    I love this app! It’s really simple and straight forward.. although the Piggy Banks help me stay organized, only 3 piggy banks can be made at the moment.. maybe consider adding a few more? :)
  • Useless 1/5

    By sechug
    Spoke with customer service 6 TIMES, to get money taken fraudulently from my account. They told me multiple times it works go back to my about the next day. After a week, the money is still gone and they're trekking me the merchant has to put it back although it's STILL in pending status. I can't have access to MY money because someone put a hold on it without my permission. And money network WON'T fix it, even tho they've said it would be back multiple times. I am now telling money network to go to ****! I'm done being screwed over and my money being stolen!
  • Savings??? 2/5

    By k_c123
    My app has no savings options or half of the options displayed in the pictures above.. I would like to know why.
  • Idk why this card even exists 1/5

    By brii097281911
    You literally can’t use it anywhere . The amount of money in the card randomly starts dropping within the same week. So annoying now I have to go investigate like if anyone has time for this .
  • Logging into my account 1/5

    By trm72701
    I just recently started using my pay card after a few years but I can’t log in to the app. I can’t remember my password or security questions. Then when I called customer service they given me a few temp passwords. And told me that I couldn’t reset my security questions. Headed back to the bank.
  • Great ap 5/5

    By riosmeg89
    This is a awesome way to be able to keep track of you paystubs and know that the case manager is getting everything thing she needs. Documentation is key for me right now and this is a very cheap way to manage your budget
  • This card is not useful 1/5

    By camyrac
    Horrible customer services horrible security card can Easily get hacked and you will not get your money back you’re just have to take a loss I would not recommend getting this card if you use it just get your money off of it and put it somewhere else it is horrible I don’t recommend it at all
  • Just Downloaded...Got Good Recommendations from Coworkers 3/5

    By Tara Toxic
    I just downloaded the app 4 days ago...after being with the company for 3.5 years! I never thought about a possible app until I saw it listed on the ADP Total Pay website! I have NEVER had issues with the card...well nothing severe anyway! I'm reading everyone's reviews about the app...and my only reaction is EYE-ROLLING AT ALL OF YOU WHINERS! TO "LWOOD3" that posted on Apr are ridiculous and hilarious!!! You rated them with ONE STAR...because you are upset about being charged $2.50 for using out-of-network ATM's 🤣🤣 You obviously didn't read the fee schedule or ANY card use/payment/withdrawal terms EVER! Obviously you can't use ANY cards at whatever ATM you want and expect to not get charged a fee! Can you take your bank account credit/debit card to ANY ATM and withdraw money without your bank and the ATM owner both charging you fees??!! NO YOU CAN'T! The fact that YOU DID NOT READ THE TERMS OF THE CARD is YOUR FAULT and there's absolutely no valid reason to blame it on Money Network! (P.S. YOUR GRAMMAR AND PROPER WORD CONTEXT USAGE ARE HORRIBLE AND SAD!!) The rest of you are complaining about the app not doing this or that...but did you ever try to install updates for the app, uninstall then reinstall, or rebooting your phone? These issues are not typical!
  • Terrible app, can’t access money 1/5

    By Dachshunds furever
    This is a terrible bank, I get paid on this card and everytime I try to use it, it declines. There’s money on the card! The phone numbers for customer service they give you are fake, and IF you do get Ahold of them, it’s an absolute joke.
  • App Works Fine company sham 2/5

    By Mateox14
    Money network is a company that charges you fees to access your money. I have to go to the bank and do a cash advance in order to deposit money into my own bank account which money network charges a fee for. What a rip off considering many people with money network card are low income individuals and could spend hundreds in fees annually.
  • It’s bad 1/5

    By Nyemia
    I kept seeing bad reviews on this app, but I mainly just needed it to tell me my balance and money transactions, so I thought I didn’t need to worry much. I should have worried, I should have been very worried. I can’t even verify my phone number, although I’ve already done it once, it just keeps saying “Invalid or missing mobile number” even though the the number is just sitting there! I literally can’t get past the account setup to properly evaluate how bad this app is.
  • Still waiting on MY Money!!! 1/5

    By 1PissedoffRellik
    So I’m told by 2 different places they refunded and also paid me and I NEVER RECEIVED IT!! I’ve done talked to both of them now something needs to be done by this BS Money Network Crap!! Not Happy and I’ll have my Attorney Waiting Thanks... AND YOUR WELCOME!!!
  • Horrible company 1/5

    By steph2337
    DO NOT use this company!!! They canceled my card the Friday before Christmas without telling me. Asked what happened didn’t know. They are sending me a new one that will get here in 10 days!! Asked if I could get it faster said that I could pay $10 and get it in 3 business day. Not going to help. Asked if they had someone in the USA.. they do not. Rude people that you have to speak to. I will changing to direct deposit just warning anyone else.
  • The worst customer service 1/5

    By Rose4863
    I have called six times about my replacement card to be told it was fed exed. Called today to be told it was sent regular mail. Since when is it acceptable to blatantly lie to your customers? The most uncaring service I have encountered and forget getting a supervisor they don’t exist, they just hang up on you.
  • Stupid 1/5

    By darealhbic
    This app is trash it doesn’t even look like that when you download it the customer service is trash I’ve been waiting for a dispute for a month after they said it take 5days
  • Honest review 1/5

    By Mr. Qualls
    Very crappy, wouldn’t even let me in. It said my card info was wrong when it definitely wasn’t. There is also no phone number I can contact to personally help or get more information on.
  • Easy 5/5

    By Cari Surf
    Easily can manage and view my income just how it should be. 👍
  • Disappointed 4/5

    By Katiemm226
    I’m very disappointed in this app, so I won’t be using it much longer. If you see bad reviews, please try to fix your app. The biggest problem I have is that when I pay for something, my balance DOES NOT CHANGE. I’ll pay for something and I can’t see how much I have left nor is it in my pay history... I refresh the app and log out, I close it and open it again yet my balance is still the same for DAYS. I’m over it.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By OsloMarlo
  • Wow 1/5

    By Phatboi1k
    Just a terrible service like why is your servers always down we have our money in piggy banks but I cannot get to it cause the servers down this is terrible
  • Problems lately 3/5

    By jarae😋
    So I have no clue what’s been going on with the app. I’ve had my card since last year. Never had problems until like the past 2 months. The app keeps crashing saying N/A and that your app isn’t working at the moment. It’s should really be fixed.
  • Can’t create a savings on the app 1/5

    By Josewyyy
    No savings account
  • Need to be fixed 1/5

    By 🤪👁
    Would u fix this it won’t let me see my money
  • App doesn’t work 1/5

    By SphinxNightmare
    90% of the time when I need to check my balance the app doesn’t want to load, you’d be better off switching to ANY OTHER BANK IN THE WORLD THEN TRYING TO USE THIS APP l, never in my life have I been this dissatisfied with an app let alone a bank.
  • Stupid 1/5

    By lakaiayahs
  • What the heck!!!!!!! 1/5

    By Tkeyak26
    Why won’t it load now this app is broken fix it please!!!!!
  • This app is getting worst 1/5

    By Classyclassyme
    Can’t even sign too transfer money over been waiting an hour smh !!!
  • Puzzled 1/5

    By Sandra bland
    This app is pitiful...
  • Server Busy 1/5

    By lovelifeliv
    As of recent, I am unable to view my transaction history because the server is always busy.
  • Horrible 100% High Maintenance 1/5

    By Meggs72
    Too frustrated to list all of the reasons I will NEVER use this account again. I will simply say I’ve wasted hours of valuable time simply trying to access my money. HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • No notifications!! 3/5

    By wtrish
    While this is a convenient way to get paid, I never get my notifications that I have turned on.
  • Customer Service is THEE WORST! 1/5

    By SheLuvsThaD________COWBOYS!!
    I’ve been waiting for a refund for a month now. Called in very politely, but no one showed any concerns to help me resolve the issue. Called both companies on 3 way, and the company that owes me, provided proof that the refund was submitted. Money Network claims to not have the technology to see if I had a pending refund! Plus, I was speaking with a “Supervisor”??? How Sway!!? Please train your reps on how to “act” like they care at least. Should be a bit more engaged and eager to resolve issues, when dealing with other people’s money. They should also know, if it weren’t for customers calling in, they wouldn’t have employment.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By yours truly100
    Terrible customer service!!!for one you can’t understand them because of their broken English for two they try and play mind games with you about your money I highly recommend to anyone please DO NOT use this banking system!!!Its awful
  • Not sure why everyone is complaining 5/5

    By TopNotcch
    I’ve had this app for 3 years and never had any problems. I’ve never had money missing, I’m not charged a fee, and my piggy bank has always worked fine. They’ve updated the app so you can now use your fingerprint to login and that works great!
  • App no good 1/5

    By Appnogood0stars
    Had card now 3 years app on my phone and now it doesn't work, uninstall re-install repeatedly still not working. Customer service which isn't any not knowledgeable at all, tried on 4 different devices. Sometimes if you use it on a Friday and go to use somewhere else same day it will hold your money from the first purchase till Tuesday or Wednesday of next week and not allow you to use it for the 2nd purchase on Friday that same day.this card is beginning to be ridiculous
  • Why the App not free anymore 3/5

    By Tatebigb
    Trying to download this again& it want let me unless it has my card information, why is that?!

    By Jebandpooky
    Use direct deposit with your regular checking or savings account if you have one. One of the best features, MOVING MONEY, is not available. Yet they have it in the menu screenshot. Do not use this card.
  • False Advertising 2/5

    By 2018year
    The app doesn’t even look like that. I’m having trouble logging in on the computer with the same user id and password from the app and it’s saying it won’t recognize and I can’t transfer money from the app. #frustrated
  • Horrible 1/5

    By feinhoe
    I wish I could vote this 0 stars. I’ve been trying to get a verification code for my card so it can activate. I started my first job and this app won’t let me activate my card and won’t even let me log in! I even called the customer service but nothing worked. Please fix this app or I’m suing. This is ridiculous
  • Very poor service 1/5

    By thepreludedude
    I am on short term disability and receive a paper check. Never had a problem uploading a pic to the app. Now since about 5 days ago it will not let me access the deposit check area. Says platform not enabled. After 45 minutes talking to a non-English speaking person I was told they are working on it. So now I have to physically go somewhere to cash my check. Thanks.

Money Network Mobile App app comments

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