Monopoly - Classic Board Game

Monopoly - Classic Board Game

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  • Current Version: 1.7.5
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Marmalade Game Studio
  • Compatibility: Android
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130,856 Ratings
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Monopoly - Classic Board Game App

Play Hasbro’s official Monopoly board game by yourself, with family and friends or players around the world. Play online or offline on your mobile or tablet. It’s the game you love with no ads! It's the #1 Paid board game in over 100 countries - with 3 Millions Downloads since launch. "Monopoly on mobile includes cross-platform online multiplayer, which means you can open up a lobby, have your friends join your games, and all play together in perfect harmony. Beautiful, right?” Dave Aubrey - PocketGamer This is a fully immersive board game experience with amazing graphics and animations. The whole classic game is available with no ads, so you get the fun of the Monopoly board game without distractions. Invite your friends and family to game night with one of the app stores favourite top paid games. POPULAR FEATURES One of the greatest board games Play the Hasbro classic Monopoly game by yourself, with family and friends or players around the world on your mobile or tablet! Full, ad-free game Play the complete classic game with no pay-to-win or ad pop-ups. Roll the dice and risk it all to become the wealthiest landlord tycoon on the board! House rules Put the official Hasbro rule book down and play with your favourite house rules Quick mode Roll the dice, risk it all and get paid - finish the board game faster than ever Single player Play against our challenging AI - no need for family and friends Offline multiplayer Pass a single device between up to 4 players for an offline wifi-free experience Online multiplayer Distance doesn’t interrupt play when you connect with fans around the world or invite friends and family to a private game Season Pass Be the top landlord tycoon on new themed boards, exclusive to the mobile game. With 9 boards and 1 more yet to be revealed, no 2 games are the same! Risk it all in the L.A. Monstropolis alternate universe. Be spooked in Transylvania. See the future in New York 2121, or travel back in time to Victorian London, Historic Tokyo, Belle Époque era Paris and 1930s Atlantic City! Unlock new player pieces, properties and chance cards with each theme! HOW TO PLAY Choose your player mode Play this classic Hasbro board game in a variety of online and offline player modes. Put your landlord skills to the test against our challenging AI opponents and be a property tycoon in single player mode. Compete with friends and family wherever you are in online multiplayer. Play WiFi-free when you pass & play one device around a group of players. The choice is yours as you buy up the board! Select your rules If you’re one of the many people who have never actually read the rules of Monopoly, you can still play the game exactly how you like! Play without auctions, add cash to Free Parking, or pay $400 for landing directly on GO! Choose to stick to the classic Hasbro rule book, get a fixed selection of the most popular house rules, or customise your rules to suit your own preferences! Choose your piece Choose from the modern and classic player pieces, including: scottie, cat, T-rex, rubber duck, the car, the top hat and the battleship! Enter the board Experience the thrill of bankrupting your family and friends and becoming the wealthiest landlord tycoon on the board! It’s just as you remember, plus fun animations and an AI banker who’s on everyone’s side! Build your property empire Roll the dice, take investment risks, bid for properties in auctions, make your way around the board and BUY real estate, COLLECT rent and BUILD hotels to become a property tycoon. Play Marmalade Game Studio’s multiplayer games with friends and family wherever you are! Our online games with friends include Clue/Cluedo, The Game of Life, The Game of Life 2 and Battleship.

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Monopoly - Classic Board Game app reviews

  • Great Game!!! 5/5

    By AshleyA!
    Really fun game to play! Great to play with friends, especially the ones who live out of state. Awesome bonding!
  • Great game 5/5

    By mjn60
    The graphics are great. So far it appears as if the only way to victory is to make your AI opponent easy.
  • Goliath Charters Key West always wins! 5/5

    By Craigory Jinkins
    This game is awesome!
  • Getting my money back 1/5

    By ThisUssrnameisTaken
    Honestly how rigged can a game be. Don’t give me your little “We would never intentionally rig MONOLOLY” thing either. I’ve seen and heard enough that you guys do indeed rig the game. It’s quite obvious from these reviews and you guys think it’s funny lol. Honestly contacting apple and getting my money back then going to use a 3rd Party MONOLOLY that’s not rigged.
  • Fixed! 1/5

    By brooklynn_89
    You pay for the app and you don’t have any good luck unless you pay more
  • Glitchy 1/5

    By Sandeys
    I own the season pass, all boards. I love this version of the game. However, the app REPEATEDLY fails during online games. It freezes and cannot be continued, no matter how long you wait. This happens MULTIPLE games in a row. If you can’t finish an online game, or the next, or the next, it’s pointless. Also, the video chat has never worked. *Far too expensive to have so many unusable functions.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Anne Malewicz
    Awesome game to play and I love how they have different theme boards.
  • Monopoly 5/5

    By missylazo
    Just love
  • Fun but flawed 3/5

    By riemer16
    Just accept that the computer always wins, I had most of the board with multiple hotels and then the computer got money from community chest and stuff and got enough to put hotels on things and that’s all I ever landed on after that and had to mortgage everything to pay the rent
  • Game Suggestions! 5/5

    Here are some of my suggestions that should be added: 1. Player Profile Page. This can be accessed in game and after the game (see below). This would include W/L ratio. This should include AI wins and losses after the player leaves an online multiplayer match, so as to prevent someone from having 0 losses and infinite wins by just leaving. It could also include features like favorite token and favorite map, and overall total Monopoly wealth combined from all games! You could also have a section where players comment on their profile page, send friend requests through just a button, and more. This would require revamping the currently quite complicated friend request system. 2. A log of recent game finishes. You know how there’s that page at the end of every game showing total rent accumulated, total rent paid, and total wealth? Hopefully we could see a log of previously played games with that page. And from that page we should be able to click on the players’ names to get to their profile page! 3. Online multiplayer tournaments. The winner would receive 5 points, 2nd place 2 points, 3rd place 1 point, and last place 0 points. If a player leaves during a game, the AI would finish up the game for the player so he or she could still receive his or her deserved points accordingly. There would be a total game limit such as 50 or 100 games, and the tournament would run over a span of two weeks or so, or as long as needed to accommodate all the players’ games, with a live updating leaderboard. Winners could receive colored names, unique tokens, and cool prizes that can’t be bought with in-app purchases! Thanks for your consideration, and please let me know what the design team thinks of my suggestions!
  • Fun but needs improvements 3/5

    By 3:16 John
    I love Monopoly and I love the fact that I can play with random people or friends. One issue I have with this game is that when you are playing against the computer, you will definitely know it. The computer tends to do extreme cheating with every turn. Also, the game freezes about 70% of the time causing you to have exit your current game and start over. It’s so frustrating!!! Lastly, I would love to see the chat feature turned on for playing with random people, not just with friends that you know. Overall, it’s a good game. Will definitely be better with improvements.
  • Playing online 5/5

    By DonTines
    It seems that if a player leaves the game it takes forever 30 minutes or more for the game to reset
  • It is the game 🥴 5/5

    By ChxxrsclubYTTT
    it like the cardboard version but I can’t touch it. This game is portable thoo
  • Not a fan 2/5

    By Louie0204
    There should be a timer for how long you have to make a play/trade. You have to pay for new game pieces and boards when you should be able to gain points/coins to unlock. Gets boring fast wish i could get my money back. Not really what i wanted it to be.
  • So many memories 5/5

    By Grandma Shark doo doo doo
    I play this with my family and since we are all so busy and live in different places it's nice we have our favorite childhood game to play to help us stay connected and chat while we play on line.
  • Fix Online Multiplayer 1/5

    By hgghhjgd
    Everyone goes slow as molasses... well I understand you can’t control that, but since they do, you are gonna be bored between turns and want to exit the app... however, if you do this, you will lose connection! Dumbest thing ever. Should not be that hard to allow those to re-enter, or put everyone on a 10 second time limit to roll before/ after their turn
  • I love but 4/5

    By hot dog 12345
    The free parking does not work can you plz fix it if you can that would be good
  • Re 5/5

    By Dipmire
    I Love This Game It Is Fun.
  • Communism 5/5

    By i vant think of a nickname 2
    Very very good it’s like communism the game
  • Why pay for everything? 4/5

    By smt_05
    I love playing monopoly my only concern is that I payed already for the full experience of monopoly which I got but all the other features they have you have to buy. Like other themes and other tokens I get the tokens but the themes? You could have it to were after you finish a goal you unlock a new theme? Or something like that? At least unlock one theme for an “example” to encourage people to buy more. Other than that the game is great almost as if I’m actually playing at a table with family.😊
  • Fun 5/5

    By Ty_harper12
    Very very fun game
  • Game Logic for Rolls Flawed 1/5

    By Arik1138
    The game logic for rolls seems flawed and will definitely appear to favor one player over another. For instance, unlike in real life game play the app game has an unusually high number of doubles and especially three doubles in a row (which sends the player to jail). The most unlikely rolls 2s and 12s will come up more often when there is an advantage/disadvantage to the player, rather than relying on true random chance.
  • Friends 3/5

    By danqaru
    I really wanna know how to add friends
  • Monopoly! 5/5

    By Robert.Bobbi
    Just like the original game👌easy and fun. I recommend it 👍
  • Great game 5/5

    By we'll take the tab
    Great game for me and my son
  • Winner takes all 4/5

    By Hop on Pop Jr.
    I would like it if you could turn off the rule where if you bankrupt someone you take all their real estate. Better if it goes back to the bank and players needing to land on property again to buy. Also I would love to be able to play mega monopoly here! Any chance that Is in development?
  • Not the best not the worst 3/5

    By TeezysUniverse
    Once you buy the app initially that should be it. Your wins get you nothing when they should atleast get you access to other location options. Would be nice to also to have some kind of skip option or some pass for when a player gets in a tight situation. Love that the game lets you personalize your trades. Love how it gives the auction option. Getting through th board is not a hassle. I think that the person who wins the game in the end should get some type of prize and motivation to keep playing
  • Fun, but… 3/5

    By kemells1
    Playing Monopoly is enjoyable. However, the game is quite glitchy. Sometimes after my or another players go, the game will just stop working. All of the graphics continue on and players are able to communicate using the chat, but none of us are able to actually play nor does the timer start going so I know its not because a player is idle. Please update this.
  • All fun but… 3/5

    By togoodfordia
    All fun but there should be time limit for the “end turn “option I’ve been in the middle of playing and people never end up playing on their turn so therefore game lost. Such a disappointment other than that I LOVE JUST PLEASE FIX
  • I don’t normally pay for apps 5/5

    By cassiegisfun
    We have a game night at my brothers on the weekends and since so many of us have kids, we can involve them in the game while they are home with their kids. I play it by myself against the AI pretty often too! Super fun! It’s worth the 5 bux, honestly
  • Monopoly 5/5

    By tick tock 🔥😻
    Buen juego excelente app 📲😍💸
  • Great app 5/5

    By upscalesnail
    Great job on this app
  • Hi 5/5

    By Luca's Dad
    Great to play with friends or enemies
  • Great 5/5

    By BoozeybooWiggles
    Almost as good as the board game in some ways, but actually better in other ways!
  • 👍🏾 5/5

    By Mrs Teri W.
    I just started playing today, and I’m addicted already.. No glitches so far; game works just fine.
  • Fast play 5/5

    By Altabirdmn
    Once you’re skilled at the game you can play a 4 person 1 real player and 3 artificial players in as little as 25 minutes
  • Froze! 2/5

    By millabran
    You’ll play the game for hours for it to just freeze on you!!! it’s very irritating and time wasted 🙄🙄🙄 the game is fun but you’ll never know if this is the game that it will freeze or let you finish the entire game.
  • All I Wanted It To Be 5/5

    By ozannab
    This game is everything I was looking for. I love that I can choose my favorite house rules and the difficulty of my opponents when I play against computers.
  • Monopoly iPhone 5/5

    By Starry eyed reviewer
    Fun game. Computer has different settings
  • Fun 5/5

    By alpacka90
    Been playing the game and its alot of fun! Like playing real monopoly at home
  • Best game ever! 5/5

    By rosyozz
    This game will teach anyone how to do almost anything. It’s a strategy for life. When to move how to pull back. You can also learn what type of person you are!!!
  • Players can not roll and you have to wait sometimes 5+ mins 1/5

    By MaximusDaGoat
    The fact that you can’t vote other players off the game for not playing makes this game unworthy of 5 stars. Great game but if someone wants to they can put their phone down until everyone quits.
  • online / add friends vs online / random 3/5

    By Dumdahday
    The games appreciated but I’d be the happiest if we could add friends to online vs randoms and not so much just the current Play friends with computer .
  • Yessss 5/5

    By NolmtCOBB
    Great game, I love that I don’t have to do all the math
  • Flawed Algorithm 1/5

    By jake34_34
    The game algorithm is full of bugs. Just don’t bother downloading it cause it will make you stressed.
  • Great and all but… 4/5

    By Darthsake
    The only thing I wish is I could play with my wife against other people online. That would make it 5 stars for sure.
  • How to win in monopoly 5/5

    By Kamaiya Griffin
    I am only seven years old and my name is Kamaiya and I won monopoly and it’s going to be the quick version so if you keep getting houses don’t buy anything you really don’t need and also the first one to be Saikou will be last
  • Amusingly rigged against humans, purchases don’t transfer 4/5

    By CallyKS
    So this is a pretty customizable version of monopoly that a friend and I play regularly and have done some experiments with. We’ve concluded that with two human players and two NPCs, regardless of the setting level of the NPCs, the game will skew in favor of the non human players. The more difficult the setting on the non human players, the more rigged it is. Which I personally find absolutely hilarious, but other people may want a fairer game. On another note, I purchased a theme on my iPhone, got an iPad, was able to sign in and load my profile but my purchases did not transfer over despite multiple attempts. Very odd, but I just got one theme, this would be more of a problem for those that purchases far more. Four out of five, fun version of monopoly, the purchases not transferring over is a problem though.
  • Dice rolls are not random 1/5

    By Andiaye07
    Quit manipulating the dice rolls in multiplayer. The whole point of monopoly is the random factor. Dont try to control the game based on momentum. Not everyone has the same strategy.