Monster Demolition - Giants 3D

Monster Demolition - Giants 3D

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  • Current Version: 1.4.1
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: SayGames LTD
  • Compatibility: Android
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Monster Demolition - Giants 3D App

► IT’S A SMASH HIT GAME! The pixelated apocalypse is here, and all that stands between humanity and the forces of destruction is you and your truck. So climb up to the cab, put your foot to the floor, and race straight for the action in this wildly entertaining demolition game where the only way to win is to hit the giant monsters head-on with all you've got. Then do it again, and again, and again… ◾Start the demolition derby: It's a one-way street headed straight for the monsters, pick your trajectory, hit the ramp and crash straight into the enemy, trying to cause maximum destruction. ◾Keep chipping away: Even the perfect crash isn't going to bring these giant monsters down first time, so chip away at them with multiple attacks until they finally crumble. ◾Study all angles: This is an all-action game, but it pays to use a little strategy if you want to destroy the monsters in the fewest number of moves. Judge the angle and velocity of your truck to maximize damage from each crash and try to bring your enemy tumbling down by hitting their support. ◾They won't go down without a fight: Monsters aren't just going to stand there while you keep ramming into them. Get ready to dodge a whole arsenal of fireballs, spikes on the road, and tossed bombs. ◾So hit them where it hurts: If you want to make your life easier, aim your first assaults at the monster's power source. That way you'll have less to deal with on the road to destruction. ◾And you've got something up your sleeve too: Each time you deal damage to a monster, you gain cogs, which you can spend on augmentations – including rocket launchers, giant bombs, or a size increase for your vehicle – or boosters to increase your armor, power, or bonus for the next crash. ◾Where did they come from and how did they get so big? The game has 52 different animated giant monsters to demolish, from dinosaurs to superheroes to horror legends to ancient myths. Each has their particular powers and weak points, so you'll have to adapt your smash tactics for every level to make progress in the game. ◾Fight the monsters with monster trucks: As you advance in the game, you'll be able to upgrade your pickup for even greater demolition damage, and eventually move on to bigger and better vehicles, including a police car and a full-size semi-truck. ◾Lovely views, shame about the weather: There are eight unique and beautiful locations in the game, from city high-rises to snowy mountain peaks and from abandoned parking lots to outer space, so be sure to enjoy the view while you're there. Unfortunately, you'll also have to deal with the local conditions, which include tornadoes, meteorites and lightning storms. ► KEEP IN TRUCKING Looking for an original action adventure with simple but addictive gameplay and increasingly challenging opponents? Ready to demolish an awesome range of massive monsters block by block? Then download Monster Demolition now, set your GPS to Destroy and hit the highway! Privacy Policy: Terms of Use:

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Monster Demolition - Giants 3D app reviews

  • Reset my stuff 1/5

    By bandit_kaos
    I deleted the game and got it back because it took almost a year for a new vehicle I have all the money saved up and everything for the next update then it resets my stuff this is dumb
  • Use to be good 2/5

    By f1771b
    This game use to be fun and great stress relief till the last upgrade. Now you get wasted no matter how you drive. You get wasted like 6 times in a row then are allowed to make one crash. I do like getting extra weapons by watching short ads however the developers removed the ability to buy weapons using the coins you earn. They have made a fun game a waste of time now!!! Need to go back to old ways.
  • Inappropriate for children 1/5

    By JustRobert🖕
    There is a male boss that is dressed like a track star and he has a huge bulge coming from his pants. Why is that in a kids game??
  • Fun but one game ruining bug 3/5

    By Luuuukkke
    There’s a bug that doesn’t give you the coins for defeating bosses which can make leveling very slow, I am owed over 5k coins as of right now
  • So read this idk if this guy has been strangled it’s just no prove 5/5

    By broibhjnnjjnjkkn
  • Man this game so good 5/5

    By hhahahzh
    BOII THIS GAME IS BUSSIN NO CAP😱😱😱😱💀💀💀 5 star the graphics are amazing😱😱😱💀💀😁😁😈
  • It was fun… until level 27 1/5

    By the. rapter. x
    It was a pretty good game. It was fun just watching myself go through monsters. It was really satisfying. I love how you can upgrade your weight, handling, and acceleration. The monsters, got a little hard, but overall, good. That’s why I WOULD, give it three stars. So I kept playing. UNTIL LEVEL 27. I didn’t know what to expect, as I just completed level, and I didn’t know which monster to expect. Because they’re really random. Not saying it’s bad, that’s what I like about the game. So what I saw was 1,000,000 % inappropriate. A giant, naked man NAKED NAKED NAKED!!!!!!! Absolutely inappropriate, and disgusting. I immediately deleted this game. Don’t play it if you’re more of, well, not that kinda guy ya know?
  • Recent update increased ads 2/5

    By josborne31
    A recent update drastically increased the number of ads shown. Prior to the update, I could sometimes go two levels without an ad. Now, I am lucky to go three jumps without an advertisement. I don’t mind ads as long as I’m getting more gameplay than ads. But the recent update forces so many ads, I don’t want to bother with the game anymore.
  • I got ripped off 1/5

    By JBrennan2526
    I paid for no ads on this game. I didn’t play for a couple weeks, and when I started playing again the ads were back. I tapped the restore purchases button , but that didn’t work. I sent a message to the support team, but nobody ever replied or fixed the problem.
  • Heck yeah woohoo awsome sauce 5/5

    By dhdjshdhsiwbdud
    Totally tubular
  • New levels 3/5

    By Good game1237!9
    The game is good and all, but when I finished level 100 the next level was the same monster that I fought at the beginning of the game.
  • Yet another fine game ruined by a deluge of ads 1/5

    By Nick was taken 1234
    I downloaded it then uninstalled after beating the first level. I get having ads between levels but having ads in the middle of the game? F off
  • Great 5/5

    By Cumulativevjhhhgghhhg
    This game is so great like I’m not joking like it’s fine. It is too fun. It’s like the amount of fun. It’ll be a level infinite.
  • Simple and Entertaining but Needs More 4/5

    By Pyrannor
    The game is exactly the kind of decompressing time-burner you need. Satisfying destruction physics, a decent learning curve for target practice, only 1 bugged level I’ve seen (cardboard knight boss seems to have a bug affecting acceleration), no real ad/pay requirements, and the ones you choose to watch for weapon boosts are quick, but once you’ve mastered the basics, you can course through each level with 1-2 hits making it easy to complete the three vehicles and see every boss variation quickly. There are slots for two more vehicles to upgrade (hopefully with new effects) and hopefully some bosses with interesting interactions, but no date on when those will arrive. Hopefully soon, otherwise it’s fun, especially for younger mobile players (parents will dig this for basic hand-eye coordination, problem solving, and patience building) but older players will tear through it quick.
  • Ads 1/5

    By HannySoloXD
    I get having ads on a mobile game but having ads every minute is crazy. I would’ve 100% bought the in game thing to get rid of ads but $8 to get rid of ads on a mobile game is outrageous. I could buy an entire PS4 game for that amount of money. One that took months to develop and an entire team. The most you can get away with charging to get rid of ads is $2 like seriously $8 is crazy and the fact you guys think that’s justifiable is just sad. So now instead of me paying you guys $2 I’m gonna give you 1 star and delete the game. L BOZO
  • New update ruined it 4/5

    By brayden da huntar
    I loved this game as it was addicting and fun. But now you need to watch adds for bombs and missles and when given after a stage your required to use them. I think it’s a good game but all it needs is that buff buying back.
  • Used to be fun 1/5

    By Biggestballsofthemall
    Now too many ads And game tokens are useless. Deleted
  • Good game 5/5

    By 1qqqqqwqqww
    This game is really good A little tip: if there is something blocking your way hit their arms (if they have them) then they will try to hit but nothing will happen. ;)
  • GREAT 5/5

    By mr smart pants is great
  • I’m going back to the one that will take me out for my first time at the gym 5/5

    By kkksoskos'sosk
  • New cars 5/5

    By Rtan517
    Needs new cars
  • Please fix consumables 1/5

    By geese_goose
    I bought the ad free version and since the latest update instead of being able to pay gold for bombs and rockets now I have to watch ads, cool I don’t mind, but I’ll watch an ad to get 3 bombs then when I’m back to the game it only gave me one! Either let us pay the gold to buy bombs again or please fix the amount that the ads give you. Also if I paid 8$ for no ads why do I have to watch them to get bombs anyways?
  • Ads and vehicles 5/5

    By Šhrêk
    The game is great but the ads are preventing just put my phone in airplane mode, but the vehicles they are good but I need more at least two more because I don’t only need a rig and and two more but that’s not the point please add at least two more vehicles
  • The ads for Royal Match RUIN the game!! 2/5

    By Dawgitty Dog
    All other ads run for 15 seconds. An ad for a reward will run 30 seconds. But…the ads for Royal Match run 1 minute and 45 seconds!! When a Royal Match ad begins I close the game and don’t open again until the next day. Please stop selling as time to Royal Match!!
  • Buy the game and still get “ads” 1/5

    By DMC3396
    Bought this game which is fun (not worth 8 bucks though) and you still get hit with “ads”… a lot of time before you start a run, you get this “watch this ad for an upgrade” right in the middle of the screen! So annoying! Didn’t I buy this so I would have to see this crap? If you wanna do this, at least put it off to the lower screen or off to the side. Don’t put it dead center of the screen! It’s extremely annoying and if I knew I would have this crap… I would have not bought the game… fix this!
  • Poor 1/5

    By enter a nickname200001211
    Could be a fun game, after a while just ended up getting a ads every other turn. Also after certain point all there is to fight are building. Literally taking forever to beat even with power ups 👎🏻
  • Fun 5/5

    By jrboyy214
  • Gave this 5 stars 5/5

    Gave this 5 stars because of level 14. Made me laugh devs know why lol.
  • Great but 4/5

    By clo clo642
    It’s awesome people but suddenly it kept crashing on me idk why but yeah really
  • Boss Too High - FIXED - Playable again! :) 5/5

    By Dainegerus
    So I was one of the several reviews pointing this out but it turns out I was wrong. After the car leaves the ramp, I assumed you can only steer it left or right in mid air… Turns out if you drag your finger to the top of the screen when leaving the ramp, your car will literally fly upwards like the DeLorean in Back to the Future, making every boss easy to destroy. Wish someone had explained this to me earlier, but I hope it helps! 10/10 game!
  • Adds 4/5

    By 😘😄😄😘😋😋😘😘😋
    I like adds a bit but to much
  • Eh 2/5

    By Billy1231234
    The game was fun at first because the ads only popped up a few times but now it’s like every other turn there’s an ad. I get having ads but the game traps you into playing it before it spams you.
  • Outstanding 5/5

    By JJ3)3)9)39):9):9:)0:)0:)0:6
    Very fun for people with adhd like myself
  • Is this the original game 3/5

    By duyegejehdkgddjhddhdj
    Pls tell me guys is it the original game
  • Want more bosses 5/5

    By Rese9978
    I haven’t liked a mobile phone game in a long time but I love this game. However, I wish there were more bosses. After the first 100 or so bosses it literally repeats the bosses over again. Even though you get a new vehicle the bosses are the exact same. I wish they would at lest be stronger but no. That’s it’s only downfall.
  • Great game but too much adds 4/5

    By hatristan
    I saw this game on TikTok and it was just like the add but there is a lot of adds
  • Ehhhhh 4/5

    By sidjchejxjdj
    So i love the game but the walmart giveaway i think is prety sure is fake
  • Good game 5/5

    By huddlebug14
    It is hard to play though
  • Nothing to do after you max out the 3rd vehicle. 3/5

    By lingeing
    Since I have completed all requirements, can I get more to complete? Or a prompt saying that I’ve beaten the game? I don’t play games to watch ads, so please give us something else to do here.
  • Level 63 is impossible 3/5

    By 829477492
    The game was great until level 63 which was a plane for me it was so far back from the ramp that I couldn’t jump far enough to get it and so then I tried using the missile which went over because as I said before it was too far away
  • Ads 1/5

    By Kindness jus
    I know you gotta make money but come on can’t even play
  • This game used to be fun…. 1/5

    By Nene55xx
    Now it’s all about watching MORE ads for bombs! Ugh! Why did you take away bombs? You could just make the levels more challenging instead of more ads! I’ll probably just delete this game unless they fix it!
  • Fun but… 3/5

    By Slimjimffisher
    Coming from someone who’s at level 163… the upgrades don’t actually do anything at all. All they do is progress you to the next COSMETIC upgrade and that’s it. My first car has a mass of 1420 and my newest one (truck) has a mass of 6500 yet they both do the exact same amount of damage. Cool concept but to anyone who’s grinding through ads to upgrade their vehicles, you’re playing yourself!😂
  • Glitchy Update 3/5

    By choynolds
    Happy for the update, but it’s buggy. Paid for no ads and now you need to watch ads for missiles and bombs (bummer). When you watch an ad for “multiple” missiles or bombs you only get one.
  • More upgrades 4/5

    By parks 1298
    I like this game a lot ! The only problem I have is that once I’ve upgraded all my vehicles I’m just waiting for the developers to release more vehicles to unlock. I like the recent update but there still no more vehicles they’re just “coming soon”. I guess I just save up coins until they release a new one …?
  • I love this game but 5/5

    By Jug gens
    I play this game everyday I’m already on level 500 but I don’t like your new update the new graphics hurt my eyes so much that I can’t even play the game anymore thru out the day because of how bad my eyes hurt I want the old ones back please
  • The game was updated and now it’s awful 2/5

    By cody771110
    The game just got an update and they took away the ability to watch videos for rockets and bombs. Takes too many attempts to beat each level.
  • Is bad 5/5

    By hehsjsjsjshd
    And yea is so bad
  • ehhh 2/5

    By ssapien1
    majority of all the characters end up in underwear or naked, just wanna put that out there for parents that let their kids play games like these. once you get to the higher levels past 25 the human characters are either naked or in underwear. one level was three men naked inside of a pot that was covering them until you broke through it.