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Monster Job Search App

Instantly search through millions of new jobs. Simply apply by swiping right! Monster Job Search is 100% free & the highest rated job app! 1. Install the free Monster Job Search app 2. Create a profile or upload your resume / CV 3. Adjust filters to find the perfect job around you! 4. Apply to jobs instantly! Hear back quickly Features: • Get interviews faster than any other app! • Apply instantly by swiping right • Set a location radius around you • Use search to filter specific roles Featured in NPR, ABC, Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch, Bloomberg, FastCompany and Quartz. ---

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Monster Job Search app reviews

  • Pleased 5/5

    By jjjjaaaayyyyyy
    A pretty decent job hunting app
  • Great 5/5

    By Brownsugar62
    Love the new format
  • Great website 5/5

    By Abdo R
    Easy to use and find jobs
  • Nothing but fake Indian recruiters harassing u all day 1/5

    By Sm94536
    It’s the worst app ever! A waste of time ! Heaven forbid leave ur number and email address on your resume and fake Indian recruiters will harass u u Tim u give up! You block them From one number and they will call you right away with a new one ! They are not even smart enough to change their awful accent or voice ! I’m going to call monster tomorrow and let them have it ! I’m not sure why these time wasters waste time on the net ! I’m Glad trump is ready to kick these Indians back to India
  • Great so far can wait 5/5

    By til tac
    This is awesome simple
  • Cant change location after moving to Florida so this App is worthless to me now 1/5

    By teepeecheetah
    Cant change location after moving to Florida so this App is worthless to me now
  • Terrible 1/5

    By ChelleRiccio
    I am searching for a job, not a date. It is much easier to read from a list than looking at one post. ESP. if you are filtering through the Avon’s, Uber’s, and’s. Once you get 10 + of those in a row I just gave up.
  • All they offered wastruck driving 2/5

    By Melmduc
    I was looking for office jobs. All I kept getting were truck driving class offers and LPN. I’m neither. It would be nice to be able to specify a little better.
  • Worst Job site 1/5

    By Champi000
    This whole app is a joke. Spam after spam. Not showing relevant jobs. Don’t waste your time.
  • Great pay 5/5

    By Wxzard
    They compasate workksers.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Casperianian
    It literally kept giving me the same jobs that i passed. I do not recommend.
  • 2 Stars 2/5

    By cookiesNcreamYall
    Repeated job postings and the job matches are rarely a match. Take this whole app back and rework it or update job files and listings thanks!
  • No filters? 1/5

    By Hitecguy
    Why do I see so many jobs that don’t apply to my skills? And so many so far from my city?? Where are the settings to change these searches?
  • Pretty good 5/5

    By sefffo
    So far so good. I’m getting a lot of job suggestions. It’s very synonymous with the swipe left swipe right applications of today but in job interest form. You like the job, swipe right to apply. Not interested in the job, swipe left. And other similar features. Your whole job search is in your finger tips. So far everything is awesome with this app. Start searching for the job you want now!
  • Hourly positions 1/5

    By Deerbrook08!
    The companies have a rate or range of pay, I feel they should post this and eliminate excessive inquiries.
  • Pass or save 1/5

    By justin case you care
    I should be able to skip jobs without passing on them and never being able to apply to them.
  • Jobs 5/5

    By ofalvarez
    Great tool to find new jobs
  • Applying 3/5

    By Maryrm
    When applying to some employers the links from resume doesn’t pick up and it information is jumbled. The process of correction is very time consuming and a waste of time. It should be a simplified process. I suggest looking into glitch. The main company is Advantage Resourcing. They do have great jobs that I need to apply for employment.
  • No filters 2/5

    By indeed is better
    The reason I’m giving feed back is because I’m a retail sales manager. This company keeps giving me job openings for nurses and CDL drivers. All the “topic” areas have been filled in as “retail manager” This app does not help with applying within the field your looking for. I had much success with indeed though.
  • Terrible App 1/5

    By Linds1128
    Do you want us to get our identities stolen? Geez to use this app you are required to put in your name, education, and current job. Then to search for some reason it can’t use all that information in requires your resume too. I was already displeased that after I entered that information on the website I found out I couldn’t set my profile private or tell if it was already private but I could switch my name to initials. But at least I didn’t have to upload a resume to search. And the profile shows our email and since I can’t tell if this is public or not I don’t know how many people have all that info and my email. I will not also give you my resume and all the information on that for scammers to use. And I highly recommend you add what other sites have toggles to set the profile and resume to private. There are a lot of scammers and identify thieves in this day and age and to be required to give all that information to use one of the most well know job sites is just too high of a price. Not to mention if someone was exploring new job options while at their current job and didn’t want their employer to know. The privacy is important in that respect as well.
  • Good app 5/5

    By yammer123
    Very good user experience, thank you for advertising to me on YouTube to get the ball rolling on this.
  • Tinder for work? 1/5

    By Savage Zirk
    Really poor design trying to follow the hype. Hopefully they hear the crowd out because as of now I’m skipping this search engine.
  • Monster review 4/5

    By LovetoLearn1992
    I like the app i feel it’s organized but it needs to expand the locations more in the central north jersey area to be more specific.
  • Great App 4/5

    By dirkdigler420
    Very helpful for a person seeking new job.
  • Jobs that you aren’t searching for, sponsored by UNER EATS! 1/5

    By CherrySigler
    This is a job searching app that doesn’t know how to show me jobs I’m looking for. It just shows everything and Uber eats. Seriously. ‘Literally’ every 2-5 swipes I get Uber Eats. During the tutorial it said if I swiped left that job posting would be gone forever because that means I’m not interested. That’s obviously not the case because I have swiped left on Uber 100 times. Tried searching for ‘bar manager’ positions didn’t get anything. Tried bartender and got a few mixed in with server jobs which are not the same. But seriously 80% of the jobs shown to me have nothing to do with my preferences. I constantly get IT positions when I am looking for manager positions in restaurants and customer service. This app is literally useless for me. And I am looking for some of the most common jobs. Also, before you say it’s just my ‘area’ I am looking between Ann Arbor MI, and Detroit MI. So that’s not the problem. There’s 100s of relevant jobs on other job apps that come up for me, and about 4 on Monster. DELETE.
  • Thank 5/5

    By qwertY3427
    Good app
  • The worst 1/5

    By Damnman
    The worst job app I’ve tried. They decided tinder was a good concept to emulate. Job offers are $100/ yr. Chat started with someone who doesn’t respond for assistance. Just god awful.
  • Awful App 1/5

    By Kyle_AR
    The swipe left or right thing is horrible for this. You only see what your potential matches are. And what is the “match” criteria? I only had 3 matches and none of which were in my field. Guess I’ll go back to Indeed.
  • Tinder of job search... doesn’t like to find the exact fit 1/5

    By nemea
    Monster used to be a better package, I’ve used it since 1997. Major problem, the search capability has gone down hill. I’m searching for a specific job, I only want that job title. Instead of providing the specific results, AI based engine demonstrates that’s an idiot by providing exclusively irrelevant jobs. Its kind of like I’m searching for jobs as a teacher and Monster’s AI is only telling me about opportunities driving Uber and Lyft... If the AI was that smart, it would know I can’t drive because I’ve totaled several cars in the past two years and can’t get insurance. Kind of discouraging. Then there’s also the spam from the “recruiters” who seem to scour the board trolling for a piece of the action. Most of them seem to be from India, and they are very excited to tell about a different wrong job. I almost wish “Want ads” would return.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Ifonedude
    Search does NOT work. I search for IT jobs I get restaurant and child care results ???? Really ? I find one in a million job, I try to send resume, failed to send. This is useless. Waste of space really. I would even take the time to download it. Those of you that read this don't. Find another app this will just leave you frustrated.
  • Cannot browse jobs 1/5

    By jt1of5
    This app shows you one job possibility at a time. Then it forces you to do one of three things: 1. pass on it, never being able to go back to it, or 2. Save it, or 3. Apply for the job. Until you perform one of those actions, you cannot move on to the next job. I just want to browse what jobs are out there, but not with this app.
  • Dissatisfied 1/5

    By Dalia<3 love
    The app has problems!! I’ve edited the app on my laptop because the phone app didn’t reflect my background. Thought all was well until I checked my app again for a job I applied for (I recd a email confirmation). App shows no jobs applied for, and, it once again is not reflective of all my experience that I thought I fixed! It’s also suggesting positions that have not in the least to do with my profile.
  • Education professional 1/5

    By nickname is frustrated
    Terrible app The jobs they match you with are not in line with your resume, skills or experience. One of the worst job seeking apps/ services I’ve ever used. If I could give it zero stars I would.
  • Doesn’t search correct job title 1/5

    By MyriahLynn
    I type in “licensed practical nurse” “nurse” or “LPN” I get back real estate agents, bankers, licensed plumbers, CNAs, and medical assistants. Once I swipe past all of the unrelated jobs, it says there are no more recommendations and that I should try later. It’s been pretty useless so far. The website searches these jobs just fine. It’s just the app that’s junk.
  • bad 1/5

    By Akcs331
    doesn’t do anything useful and nobody contacts you, it’s seems like there isn’t anybody behind the computer looking at your resume
  • Equipment Operation/Management 3/5

    By CasketCream
    The Reason I gave 3Star’s I never been called from no Job though this Website nor been emailed for a interview like most websites or websites I’ve got hired also emailed for interviews, not stating it’s not a bad website only been sent Jobs and applied but never called for a job order😉🤓
  • Great job search 3/5

    By BavarianMotors
    I’ve been getting interviews through monster for the past two weeks!
  • Indeed is better and has wider range of jobs 1/5

    By Royal Ak
    If you’re looking for warehouse or manual labor this isn’t the app for you
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By -$))
    I like the idea of swipe left and right. The pictures are distracting because the are unrelated to the job. The info on the initial post is not helpful. The filters are mediocre at best.
  • Sous Chef 2/5

    By cecee g
    I like the way the app is set up like dating web sites. Swipe right to apply or left to apply or not. There really not that many job opportunities on this website for me. I don’t accept a dishwasher position as a job opportunity & then there are several other random job postings that don’t relate at all to my job search. Most of the postings were previously listed elsewhere so I have already applied.
  • YomamaYodada 5/5

    By YomamaYodada
    So far not much issues yet.
  • This isn’t a dating app 1/5

    By PersyJack
    Left swipe right swipe thing isn’t a good way to search for jobs. Once you swipe it’s gone. What happened to keeping it simple.. have a list of jobs, let me click through. Put more information instead of copying useless features from social apps
  • Same 2/5

    By (Blankman)
    There mostly staffing agencies you’re applying to.
  • Tinder or monster? 1/5

    By Joe123432112344321
    I should be able to scroll through different listings like any other normal job posting website or app. If I wanted to “swipe left” or “swipe right” I would go to tinder.
  • Ok for some job searches. 3/5

    By TimWygal
    App appears to ok for some types of jobs. I was very specific about my searches and a lot of non related ones came to me. Regional and local jobs - for me- show up more frequently on other job search apps.
  • Excelente APP de búsqueda para trabajos 5/5

    By 911gaty
    Muchas gracias por la ayuda a la comunidad en su búsqueda de trabajos
  • Great app 5/5

    By BeccaHz
    This app is so user friendly a great way to find your next job opportunity!
  • Job listings 1/5

    By Lboraa
    The job postings aren’t showing up the way they were intended.. instead of a neat description, everything is squished together Also, the recommended jobs that show up are all engineering positions but my experience is clearly events and marketing so that seems like a glitch.
  • It can’t sort out the wrong jobs 1/5

    By Erath24
    Can y’all pleeeaase help this thing sort out the wrong kinds of nursing jobs? I look for “nurse practitioner” and I’ll get ONE hit for NP and then a million for Registered nurse or licensed practical nurse and it’s so frustrating. I can’t even use the app to job search.

Monster Job Search app comments

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