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  • Current Version: 6.1.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Jobr, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Monster Job Search App

Instantly search through millions of new jobs. Simply apply by swiping right! Monster Job Search is 100% free & the highest rated job app! 1. Install the free Monster Job Search app 2. Create a profile or upload your resume / CV 3. Adjust filters to find the perfect job around you! 4. Apply to jobs instantly! Hear back quickly Features: • Get interviews faster than any other app! • Apply instantly by swiping right • Set a location radius around you • Use search to filter specific roles Featured in NPR, ABC, Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch, Bloomberg, FastCompany and Quartz. ---


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Monster Job Search app reviews

  • 0 stars 1/5

    By HolaSoledad
    I hadn’t used monster in the App and I finally did yesterday. I applied for like 10 jobs without even being aware I was. Why do you have to complicate things? I won’t be using the App anymore.
  • No human support 1/5

    By Diorite hagfishes
    This app is probably great for some people, but my experience was terrible. I wanted to get a job and it was impossible to contact actual people for my questions. They use a horrible auto response bot that doesn’t give you any relevant information on your problems or concerns.
  • Best app 5/5

    By Soltani.m89
    I like this app, because it show me new opportunity for business
  • Miracle Worker 5/5

    By CozyBoiiAJ
    Got a job within less than 24 hours paying 13/hr full time. No experience.
  • The UI is what is holding this app back. 2/5

    By Armagumo
    I can't believe an app for job hunting would take on the UI of [mobile] dating apps i.e, implementing the system of swiping left to pass, or swiping right to approve but without the match function which is kind of integral to the aforementioned design. I highly doubt an employer is going to kick back and search for potential prospects by swiping left or right, but it's here to stay it seems. The app also comes with the caveat of a user not being able to change anything in their profile except their resume. That choice of design got me curious about the stock image they use for your profile. It's that stock image which is a universal one usually indicating it can be changed by the user. And in this case it's so they can upload a professional photo. But there's no option for that. Kind of weird to include when it could have been left out altogether. I'm well aware a lot of websites and apps have stock user account photos, but on a job hunting app, including it could only mean it's there to be changed in favor of putting a face to the name and resume. Overall, it doesn't deserve more than 2 stars since you'll have difficulty finding jobs which were posted less than 3 weeks anyways. You can sort it by date, but you'll most likely end up with several jobs which were posted between 24-72 but the rest will be older postings. This varies obviously a lot by city, and bigger cities probably won't have this issue. But in between the jobs which are bollocks, you know, the call center jobs — there may as well be nothing in the region. And I say that within a reasonable amount of distance. 25 miles is [reasonable] a wide area but job availability seems to be lacking somehow coupled with the fact the postings are old. So, yeah. The whole app should just be redesigned.
  • Works well so far, but I need more time with it. 4/5

    By The House of El
    I haven’t yet had a lot of time to play around with the app, but so far it’s very intuitive and easy to use. It functions similarly to many dating apps where you can swipe to choose if you apply for a job or if you pass on it. The search function has lots of customization features as well so you can really zero in on something more specific if you know what type of jobs you’re looking for. I subtracted 1 Star off it because although it has many options for uploading a resume it does not allow you to upload one from your iPhone’s pages app. I find that disappointing considering the app is on iPhone and Apple has allowed other apps to connect to the Pages app.
  • New user 5/5

    By Addnour
    This App is my favorite!
  • So Far So Good 5/5

    By Good app for road trip.
    I’ve been using the newer guys and their systems for job search. Little to no luck, switched to monster and was reached out to by employers. Great experience.
  • Mibile app is awesome 5/5

    By amggutz
    Love how efficient this app is! Thank you
  • Monster is like Tinder for jobs! 5/5

    By Longtime Firefox User
    Great functionality-fast and easy!
  • New to this app 5/5

    By Loki909
    Still learning how this all works but so far the monster staff has been great about helping me figure it out. Thanks guys!
  • Waste of Time 1/5

    By Music phenomenon
    Do not get this app, I’ve tried everything i could to change the filters hopefully able to get another insight into the businesses hiring around me but after the fifth swipe it goes back into rotation showing me the same jobs that i didn’t even want over and over again. I don’t know if anyone else is having this problem but it just seems to me that this app really isn’t all what it was intended to be.
  • The Reps Assisting you are great! 3/5

    I’m still trying to get used to the updated version of the app. The representatives online ready to chat with you and answer your questions are great. It’s a neat new feature they have to give you extra support to help you find a job. The selection of jobs available isn’t that great, but I think that is the case across the board with all the job hunting sites.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Trimmsas567
    Great app tells you everything you need to know about the job and let you know who interested in you! It's amazing and simple to use.
  • New job seeker 5/5

    By PSU84Writer
    Easy to use and very responsive.
  • So far so good 5/5

    By G.G Allen
    I set up a profile and in about 5 seconds an ACTUAL PERSON from the company sent me an ACTUAL NON-auto sent message offering logistical support. No robots, real people. That's quality in my book
  • Excellent FAST and easy 5/5

    By Grnlake
    Be sure you swiped right to apply and left to pass. I had to learn that the hard way but other than my own oversight. It’s very easy
  • JUST SPAM 1/5

    By Bennyboyyyyyyhahsh
    I asked for absolutely zero notifications yet after i applies for 30 or so jobs i check my email and i have 70+ emails all from monster. i even used my work email for my account because i thought i would be getting legitimate emails but i guess not.
  • Innovative 5/5

    By SabaKemmer123
    A fresh, easy, new way to apply and find jobs.
  • Where did my Monster go? 1/5

    By d-d-n
    In the words of Steve Jobs, “what the (bleep) is this!?” I’ve used Monster in the past to search for very specific jobs all over the U.S., and this new app doesn’t even do the old app justice. Yeah, no thanks, Monster, I’ll be swiping left on you. Delete!
  • Drug Safety Scientist 5/5

    By syedfaruque
    It’s awesom.
  • GreatApp 5/5

    By MDeMotta
    Need to use this more often! Jobs kept coming in to chose from! Thanks Monster!!
  • Messages 4/5

    By music latie
    Need to be able to delete messages.
  • Version 6.1.1 is a Step Back 1/5

    By Adam Vols Fan
    The old version of the app allowed you to set the filter parameters and see a list of jobs that met the criteria. The new app makes you flick right to accept and automatically apply or left to reject each job. This is far more time consuming because I must flick right or left to see the next job on the list. It also is too easy to flick the wrong direction and apply. You have no option to recall the application. Please consider giving an option of the old list view.
  • Awesome Job 5/5

    By VETTE98
    These guys are Awesome. I sent in a Resume and "BOOM" instant results. I've already had two interviews. Thanks Again Jay Willie Clanton Jr.
  • Quick Reponse 5/5

    By Catb20
    Responds quickly to you and your search area.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By DD2Stacked
    This app is not very useful. I feel like I’m on Tender, swiping left and right. What if the jobs is a maybe? Very disappointing.
  • Stop showing the exact same job 1/5

    By gtfdisfuxthkhff
    After passing on a job listing it will continue to be shown again and again and again and again......
  • The very useful app i have seen! 5/5

    By mo7ammed91
    Thanks for the great app
  • It works pretty well so far 5/5

    By Eve245
    Just started using the app.
  • Natasha 1/5

    By Natasha☝🏽Qnatti
    I couldn’t even create an account..signed in through Facebook but apparently that was not good enough and it wouldn’t let me create an account at all...Delete 👋🏻
  • App is a pain 3/5

    By Dorhea
    If I Pass On a job I don’t want to see it next time when I open the app and have to waste my time sifting. This use to be the place to look for jobs and now it looks to be place of aggravation as not easy to surf. Really 1000 Uber jobs takes up 20 of the 49 pages in area or the constant repeats of jobs on different pages
  • Terrible functionality 1/5

    By MandaMac14
    All you have to do to apply for a job is swipe right, which makes it all to easy to accidentally apply when you’re trying to figure out the controls and there’s NO way to delete an application. Extremely awkward!
  • Monster Site is a Delight, but this App is Giving me a lot of Crap 1/5

    By JessesMom77
    It’s dysfunctional. I don’t want to limit my search to a 100 mile radius of one pinpoint location. I prefer regions and countries instead of cities as the sole search criteria. What is more, the list-view is missing. I have to swipe through irrelevant jobs. During inquires, only job titles, not key words (like a software that I have mastered), produce matching job results. I will give it another try but it’s not a pleasant experience.
  • Functionally is horrible 1/5

    By Azalea E. 🙃🙂🙃
    I’ve been using the app for a few days now and have not been able to figure out how to do an advanced search. The job listings I see are not remotely relevant. Also, the swipe feature is too sensitive. I accidentally applied for two jobs and cannot figure out how how to withdraw the application. It’s not user-friendly.
  • Job searcher in Silicon Valley 5/5

    By Brian Puente
    Great site! Seems to really be improving! Lots of jobs!
  • USELESS 1/5

    By DJBannan
    Absolutely Monster has become a useless job search app.
  • Monster is a very resourceful website for job seekers 5/5

    By IDream Comics
    Monster is a resourceful site for job seekers
  • Doesn’t Filter on the exact title 2/5

    By Lorson
    I have a very specific title and Monster brings back jobs with the some of words. Im a seasoned professional and I am getting results for entry level positions. Not really impressed with the Swipe feature as it doesn’t always work.
  • I don’t believe they exist... 1/5

    By FreedomLegacy43
    I actually like the use of the app and it’s search/apply features, albeit there are glitches with data and it takes too much entry to have a full profile. Nonetheless, I wanted to continue using the app. Until!!! I received so many marketing emails I started sending them to spam, NO MATTER how many times I unsubscribed. I emailed them directly, sent in support tickets, unsubscribed every way I could find, and finally deactivated my account. And STILL I receive marketing emails. Gross, and deplorable. Don’t trust these potentially nonexistent nincompoops with your primary email. Very disappointed.
  • Deleted—no way to search US 1/5

    By nelliebelle1158
    What if I want to search the whole US for a job? Nope, you have to pick specific locations. Tedious, and pretty antiquated if you ask me.
  • monster 5/5

    By tamera 🤞🏾
    very fast and accurate
  • Great Service 5/5

    By Stacymorgan25
    Monster is right on to of things! Reached out to me to see if I needed help! Love it!
  • Thanks 5/5

    By AndreaFabre7
    Excellent job search engine resource!!! Thanks
  • Terrible. 1/5

    By JJ in Savannah
    What an awful design.
  • Looks good and complete. 5/5

    By Nelsonmnh
    UI is good. Easy to navigate. Short learning curve.
  • 👍🏽👍🏽 5/5

    By PapiBrenda
    👍🏽👍🏽 good app
  • Great App! 5/5

    By Juliea26
    Easy to use!
  • Really Poor App 1/5

    By Lord Humongus
    Mobile application fails miserably. Now finding job matches, I have to swipe thru several jobs that have little to do with my background to find one that’s barely close to my background to even consider applying. Need to rework the App so it is more intelligent. It’s not useful and trying to make it useful is no longer worth the effort. Other Apps like Indeed, Zip Recruiter, and LinkedIn are far more superior.
  • Needs work 1/5

    By raphaelroses
    I am looking for a job within 35 miles of where I live. Even with the filter applied, it only shows me jobs all the way across the state. Useless.

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