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Monument Valley 2

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  • Current Version: 1.2.15
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: ustwo Games Ltd
  • Compatibility: Android
3,616 Ratings
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Monument Valley 2 App

Guide a mother and her child as they embark on a journey through magical architecture, discovering illusionary pathways and delightful puzzles as you learn the secrets of the Sacred Geometry. Sequel to the Apple Game of the Year 2014, Monument Valley 2 presents a brand new adventure set in a beautiful and impossible world. Help Ro as she teaches her child about the mysteries of the valley, exploring stunning environments and manipulating architecture to guide them on their way. ===== “Subtly more sophisticated than its predecessor” - WIRED “Little vignettes of a surreal world that works its socks off to make me happy” - POLYGON “I was enraptured by everything I saw and heard” - DESTRUCTOID “One of the best gaming experiences available on any device, let alone mobile” - POCKETGAMER ===== A STANDALONE ADVENTURE A completely new story from the Monument Valley universe. You don’t need to have previously played Monument Valley to enjoy Monument Valley 2. INDIVIDUALLY CRAFTED PUZZLES Enjoy beautiful levels filled with illusory, meditative puzzles, using brand new interactions to explore the changing dynamics between characters. CONTEMPORARY VISUALS Artwork inspired by an eclectic mixture of architectural styles, artistic movements and personal influences, each translated into stunning geometric structures. BEAUTIFUL AUDIO Immerse yourself in uniquely melodic interactive soundscapes, tailored perfectly to every step of Ro and her child’s journey. ===== Monument Valley 2 is only compatible with devices running iOS 9 or later.


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Monument Valley 2 app reviews

  • Crash 2/5

    By HesamBeig
    It crash in the first minutes of the game , My device is iphone X , and it doesn’t any update for this crash , what should I do ?
  • Best game I have ever played on my iPhone 5/5

    By Onghostly
    Hands down the best visuals and sounds you will ever get from any game on the App Store Definitely worth the money Can’t wait for a part 3 ❤️
  • Only a Millennial would think this is profound. 4/5

    By Smitaay35
    Okay, first, the puzzles are great. The music is great. The graphics are great. They nailed it just like in version 1. But the story. All I can say is lol. 🤣😂🤣😂 Only a bunch of flippin’ Millennial developers who lived with Mama until they were 30 would think that leaving your parents was some sort of profound event worthy of such pretentious treatment. What’s the next game? Going out and getting your license when you turn 16, or going to your first 8th grade dance 💃? Here’s a heads up, ladies and gents. You leaving your parents is what you’re SUPPOSED to do! It’s no more Earth shaking than graduating High School. If you don’t do it, then just consider yourself a loser, and certainly don’t make some game about it. You little goofballs. So, if you did like Monument Valley 1 which actually had a cool, intriguing story, go ahead and get this, but just mash the crap out of the continue button when they start trying to tell you that a girl leaving her mommy is something you should give two rips about. 😄🤣🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️ Who approved this story over the other ideas?
  • Cute but sadly short 5/5

    By 🖤Lil Auds 💜
    I got this game this morning and I’m already on the second to last chapter. I love this game so much; it’s heartbreaking, cute, challenging, and inspiring. But what makes me a bit annoyed is the fact that there’s only 14 chapters. I want more!! This is the most highly addictive game I have ever played and worth the money. Thanks so much and please consider making a 3rd Monument Valley in which Ro’s daughter embarks on her own adventure with her child!!
  • Enjoyed But it was fairly short 4/5

    By It's Naate
    Maybe i’m just too good at these games but it only took me about an hour to finish the game and there’s no real end game?
  • Not much of a game 2/5

    By Hogbuster
    Game is visually entertaining the first couple of levels but then you realize there is only so much you can do with perspective so they threw in trees then ended it. Not enough game to pay for. 2 stars for art and music, needs a game to get more.
  • ! 3/5

    By Iranparast
    Not good for iPhone 5s
  • Great game but audio issues 2/5

    By Spud1234321
    My girlfriend and I love playing this game together on my iPad. Unfortunately the audio is only working if we plug in headphones, not over the speakers. Have tried everything, force writing the app, restarting device, etc but sound still won't come out over speakers. None of my other apps have this problem
  • Looking forward to more! 5/5

    By Fan767
    This is definitely one of my favorite games. I really hope the developers bring more to this one...the possibilities are endless with a game like this! Looking forward to see new additions!
  • Review 5/5

    By ChemProff
    This is an amazing game. I play it every day, over and over. Even when I’ve finished it I still play it. The only thing I would like to see is a new set of stories, each with their own character, and then in the end have them all bump into each other and tackle a problem. I would make it an in app purchase, and name it Northern Hopes, and have the storyline of each character lead them north, to a snowy realm of monsters and death.
  • Beautiful game 5/5

    By AriR224
    I loved this game. It’s been a while since I found a game that I can’t stop playing. The only bad thing is I beat the game in two days. I wish have have continuously updated levels.
  • passenger 5/5

    By 阿 喜
    It's a good game for kids
  • Not difficult enough for price and too short 2/5

    By Claytonal
    Honestly enjoyed the game, however the game needed more. There was a lot more to the first game and it was a little bit more challenging than the second. The game was over too fast I finished this in about two hours where it took me a few days to finish the first. For 2.99 I was hoping to be challenged for a few days, and be stuck on levels for a little. it would take a child to figure out these uncomplicated levels. I wish there was more to this game and that it was a little more difficult than what I paid for. However it was still a decent game it would be nice if we got more challenging levels on an update that we didn’t have to pay for. I would recommend this game if you had an hour of time you wanted to waste.
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Foghorn🐔Leghorn
    Visually and aurally stunning. M.C. Escher type landscape and puzzles.
  • Great but... 3/5

    By Abbas.Amin
    It’s one of my favorite games ever but unfortunately it crashes repeatedly on my iPhone X😕, update soon please.
  • Better than the first Monument Valley 5/5

    By Sidddddddd
    Sure, Monument Valley I was a great game, and surprised us with brilliantly designed geometric and storytelling. Monument Valley II, however, is something of another level. The storyline would definitely resonate with anyone who is growing up and learning to be an adult, or even those who have a child that is about to leave home. I highly recommend it!
  • It made me cry 5/5

    By iamyourgod
    This game is so put together it’s so sweet the music is the best it actually made me cry at the end so worth the money it’s also so cool how’s there’s optical illusion also ro is a great parent hope you could make more levels
  • Incredible all around 5/5

    By Edowww42013
    Can spend hours playing and replaying because it’s gorgeous for one, and two it’s so addicting to play and figure out. My only wish is that more levels were created or maybe even Monument Valley 3?
  • Absolutely touching 5/5

    By Fred Huang
    It is strange to say that the moment he child appeared and jumped to hug Ro and started to follow her, my heart melted. It’s just really nice to experience the absolute trust and company they share in a magical, sometimes confusing world. A small suggestion to put a little “memory book” to re-live some of the moments.
  • Upsesion 5/5

    By bbbbbeeeellle
    I love this game I’m so upsesed I can’t stop playing
  • Loved this game!! 4/5

    By kariph89
    This is an amazing game, I do have to say I am upset there isn’t way more levels to the game though.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Shortcake 143
    When will a new one come out? Will it be playable on iPhone 6 still?
  • Beautiful and unique, but short. 4/5

    By tpkrause
    I think the game is a stunning play between simplicity and beautiful animation, and I enjoy the puzzle style gameplay, but I was disappointed to have finished the game in one sitting. I thought about only giving this game three stars, but it’s just not a three star game regardless of lacking levels. I’m sure I’ll buy the third whenever that comes out.
  • The visuals remain exceptional, but the challenge has diminished 3/5

    By RSpire
    I’m a big fan of the concept: the visual, mind-bending (and moving/actually bending) environments; the complimentary, otherworldly, atmospheric music; the (mostly implied) compelling storyline; and the hours of fun/challenge that can be had solving the geometric, illusion based puzzles that make up each setting/screen along the way. That said, when comparing this version to those previous, much of the challenge—and thus much of the time spent/ needed to solve puzzles and enjoy playing—has been removed. If you’ve played previous iterations, you’ll find most of the solutions repetitively simplistic. Worse yet, some screens/ levels involve no solving whatsoever—it’s simply point, click, and next screen. The result is that much of the enjoyment and value has been stripped away and, although you’re left with many beautiful moments, those moments are ultimately too short lived and relatively unsatisfying.
  • Mother-Daughter Feels and Gorgeous Gameplay 5/5

    By ImpossibleQuestsCrossing
    After playing Monument Valley II, I am a changed person. The game deals with the reality of letting go for mother and daughter as one is in the afternoon of her life while the other approaches twilight. Feelings of wabi-sabi-esque loneliness and the sheer joy of reunion are expressed by simplistically beautiful and dynamic characters. I recently returned home after four years of college and I now understand my Mom’s half of that experience because of a mobile game. Other than the amazing storyline, this game has a gorgeous soundtrack that sets the mood along with several different sound effects that correspond with the visuals. The puzzles are complicated but not impossible to keep users interested. When in doubt, think outside the box!
  • Wow 😲 5/5

    By hayekfamily
    Amazing but you could made it taller and added more characters
  • Expected a lot more 2/5

    By LauraOFtheBay
    My husband has been raving about this game forever. I finally decided to buy MV1 and MV2. I finished them both in about three hours (total). While the visuals are beautiful and well done and the concept is stellar, I was surprised when the game was suddenly over. I also kept expecting the levels to get harder, but they didn’t. This game was far too easy for me. I’m so disappointed... I feel like I didn’t get my money’s worth.
  • 5 stars but... 5/5

    By Carlosmayea
    I have to give this game 5 stars due to the fact that the gane is beatiful. The music really gets you going. Every single level looks fresh and makes you feel like you are in the game. My only issue wit this game is that it was too short. Yes, too short, i just didnt want it to end, i kust wanted to keep solving puzzles. If only they added a few more levels to the story it would be the best pizzle game ever.
  • iPad Pro 5/5

    By Scratch0
    I have an iPad Pro, and this truly takes it to the top. The details are so clear and the sound is awesome. So this is way better than the first. Oh, and by the way, will you guys make monument valley 3? (You could use the ideas that you didn’t use for this game)
  • Please add iCloud sync 5/5

    By qkriel
    Please add this so we can sync progress across all our devices

    By Anime_BTS💐🇰🇷
    It’s just beautiful in general Amazing visuals Amazing story Amazing everything
  • Stunningly beautiful 5/5

    By Jstbnce
    I did not want to finish this game simply because I did not want it to be over. It is visually stunning and remarkably designed. The story line is heartfelt. The optical illusions are sheer genius. It makes you think and feel and you will find yourself immersed in the game like no other game you have played before. Absolutely astounding! Please bring to life Monument Valley3!!
  • Best game ever!!!! 1 request though. 5/5

    By Lilliana Maxine
    I for one, think this is one of the best apps ever!! I love the concept and I love all the puzzles. When I saw the first monument valley I was immediately intrigued by it. Both of these apps are outstanding! I just have 1 request. It would be So Awesome if you could change the outfits of the playable characters. If that was added, this would definitely be the best app ever!!!
  • An Amazing Game (Maybe the Best)❤️❤️❤️ 5/5

    By Mmchee
    I love this game so much. It's so touching, happy, and just so perfect. However once you start you can never stop. I think maybe there should probably be several more, and longer games. (But please keep the same perfect design) I love how Monument is simple but just as much complex. It tells a beautiful story as well, it is not just a pointless game that goes nowhere and kinda has no point. I love Monument and Monument two, but there should either be more games, or more updates with more chapters.
  • LOVE ITTTTT!!!!❤️❤️❤️ 5/5

    By taco cat 200, age 9 1/2
    Although the creators probably have them already, and I haven’t finished the game yet, I have storylines for the characters. The little girls name to me is farren, meaning journey and venture. Every mom, starting with ida, (yes, I wrote her story too!) must continue her (ida’s)quest for forgiveness by teaching their daughter about the valley and monuments and how to navigate them. Lilly, as I call her, the storyteller was a girl who met ro on the quest when they were little and had just left their moms. Usually, people split up on quests and they are usually solitary, but she was lost and found ro. They traveled through the quest together until Lilly became the storyteller. This is all I have now, and like I said, I haven’t finished the game, but I love this app and everyone should get it ❤️ Oops I am just now editing this and when I wrote it I hadn’t finished the game yet but now I have and some details are a little off. Like Lilly, as I call her, is actually Ro’s mom. And they are trying to restore the monuments that Ida ruined, not trying to continue the quest. I still like the name Farren though. And, to the person who wrote the review on the first game that said it was ruined by the story, YOU were ruined by the story! Need some sunscreen for dat BURN? ( omg I’m sorry I’m horrible at this😑) But yeah I really liked the story and thought it was beautiful, but I’m actually just a weird, quirky and creative little girl who comes up with stories every minute of the day, so a lot of people probably don’t agree with me, so I respect your opinion and everyone else's, but I still think the story is beautiful. Monument valley (1&2) for life!!!!😆😆😆🦅<—- this is as close I could get to a crow
  • Less of a puzzle though more story-telling 4/5

    By 老用户20150519
    The light beams and the orchard are two creative inventions. Would give three stars if not for them. Other than that, the puzzle is significantly weakened. Not as intriguing as the first one. Disappointed, I'd rather say. Stop worrying about the story and give my puzzle back!
  • It is an amazingly designed game 4/5

    By A_hasanzadeh
    With the simple graphics, they have achieved the beauty of geometry and topology and illusion. The only reason to 4star this game is that I feel like it is a bit too short for what you pay. I wish each game had more levels to it. Or the price was lower. But still, definitely worth it.
  • This game is GREATTTT 4/5

    By @_kvylv__ on IG follow me
    I love this game sooooo much and I never pay for apps but instantly bought the 2nd one as soon as I saw it but I was kinda disappointed after i finished it the same day. Felt kinda like a waste but still an incredible game.
  • MV2 3/5

    By Dickschnepp
    Very fun but short. Can be beaten in an afternoon.
  • Too easy. Too short. 4/5

    By JCM102
    Some chapters were unbelievably short and overall the game was much easier than Monument I. Yes, it’s a beautiful, imaginative game but certainly not the revelation that volume one was for me anyway. I think I finished the whole game in about an hour, maybe a little bit more.
  • Great! Need more! 5/5

    By rick your morty
    This game is fun, amazing and addictive. I got both of them but was disappointed by how few levels there was. But the graphics are beautiful and this game is challenging but not frustrating. Would love to see a 3rd or 4th one 😂
  • Monument 3? 5/5

    I absolutely love this game I completed Monument 1 and 2. Will there be a Monument 3? If so when? Are you working on it?
  • Need more 5/5

    By Thispartofreviewisstupid
    I love these games but I need more I burned through them
  • Want more 5/5

    By Niceandcoolgurl322
    This game is amazing, my only problem was how little levels there were. There’s no games like it that I can find. I hope they either make more monument valleys or add levels to the already existing apps.
  • Only gave it 3 because of MV1 3/5

    By Softstorage
    MV2 is good. But if it were a standalone game without any predecessor, it’ll receive 2 stars. The levels, despite being extremely visually appealing, are not memorable. The game is also extremely short with puzzles that are way too easy. The music, although zen, is not appealing to me. I felt that it is not worth the price.
  • More!!!! 5/5

    By Hunter 🏹🏹🏹😁
    I love both of these games soooooo much, but they are just too short! You really should come up with one that has like multiple stories of different characters with each of them having like 20 or 30 chapters or pieces!!!
  • Undeniably Touching 5/5

    By agameronamission
    I have never once seen a game so gorgeous! The way you tell a story without the main characters using narration is fantastic. This game is a must-have!
  • A little disappointed... 3/5

    By Lander80
    I loved the first MV, and it took quite some time to beat. I had higher expectations for MV2 as far as the difficulty level. It was beautifully designed, but far to easy. N
  • Better than the 1st but still just ok 3/5

    By BillFontaine
    They are asking what I feel is a premium App Store price for a game that should cost .99 cents. The puzzles are clever and well designed but not difficult at all. Story is not captivating at all and game is slightly longer than the first version but still ends abruptly and is not really very long. If they lowered the cost to $1 I would give it 4 stars
  • Fun game. Not super hard. Keeps you thinking. 5/5

    By Gampapazanga
    I found out about this game a couple of years ago, thought it was very kiddish and for the youthful. Then I got hooked. I guess I’m a child or a kid at heart. But it’s really challenging on some levels. Very good game to help you fall asleep........or, it’ll keep you up all night. You pay for two and basically get four. I recommend it.

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