Moodpath: Depression & Anxiety

Moodpath: Depression & Anxiety

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Moodpath: Depression & Anxiety App

Feeling stressed, sad or suffering from a lack in energy? Find out if you show symptoms of depression in an interactive depression screening and improve your mental well-being. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Moodpath is an interactive mental health screening and improvement program that detects symptoms of depression. After answering questions concerning your emotional and physical well-being you receive a professional assessment of your mental health that you can share and discuss with your physician or therapist. Moodpath is a CE-certified medical product and does not collect any personal data. FEATURES - 14 day depression screening with 3 question blocks per day - Interactive modules to understand the psychology behind your mood - After 14 days: Professional assessment that you can share with your GP or therapist - Statistics allow you to keep track of your mental well-being BENEFITS - Reduce uncertainty whether or not you suffer from a depressive episode - Monitor your mental well-being - Understand the psychology behind your mood - Use Moodpath as mood journal during psychotherapy ABOUT Worldwide over 350 million people experience a depressive episode each year. Moodpath is designed to empower people affected, to foster self-awareness and to decrease stigma. The app was developed with scientists in the field of online therapy research and is a CE-certified medical product. It can be used by patients to support the process of psychotherapy but is made available to anyone suffering from emotional distress. HOW IT WORKS Moodpath will ask you 3 times a day questions concerning your emotional and physical well-being over the course of 14 days. After the screening you will receive an indication whether or not you exhibit symptoms that fall into the category of a “clinical depression” and if you are recommended to consult with a mental health professional. The information that you provide during the screening will be made available as a pdf file that you can either print out or send as e-mail to the healthcare professional of your choice. Additionally, you have access to a broad range of interactive psychoeducative modules that explain causes of depression, how you detect a depression and strategies to overcome a depression. CONNECT WITH US Web – Facebook – Twitter – Mail - [email protected]


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Moodpath: Depression & Anxiety app reviews

  • Really helps. 5/5

    By Livia Jeffery
    It’s a good app and it helps me understand and think thoroughly through my feelings and vent. Would totally recommend whether you have a therapist or not.
  • App stopped working 1/5

    By d6g8j3h9
    Started out great. I’m on round 2 of the test period and I can no longer load results after 14 days. After Day 16 the app has stopped tracking all together. Super disappointing.
  • needs improvements 3/5

    By meowmixkitkat
    while i believe this will be a valuable tool to help me assess how i’m feeling throughout the week, i can’t say how many times over even the past three days where i’ve put in a good mood and not 20 minutes later something has happened to worsen it. because of this, it’s not an accurate view of how i’m doing on a day-to-day basis. there are many times throughout the day where my mood fluctuates, not just three. there’s also a lot of times where i’m not really on the negative end or the positive end, just sort of in the middle area. “calm” and “okay”(or something to that extent) would be good options to add when specifying how i’m feeling. i’d like to see how this app improves.
  • Love it 5/5

    By 87154bac
    I’m 16 and have lost my dad, gone through my mom having cancer and just a lot at a young age, but I downloaded this to see how badly my depression has been and this app helps me so much and helps me understand what’s going on in my mind/body
  • Helps my counsellor and I track my mood 5/5

    By Sariah👑
    Recently I’ve been diagnosis MDD. It was all very hard and I had a few episodes after. When I was first diagnosed I had taken the test to see how severe the depression was, I scored 22/27 so pretty bad. Once I got the app and tracked my mood and good things were happening and now that I am slowly accepting the help I need and the support I need when I recently took it again with my counsellor because I don’t take anti-depressants I scored a 13/27 so I went down quite a lot. I know that I will never get rid of my depression. It will be with me till the day I die. But It’s very positive seeing and reassuring all the progress you make and even better when you right down what causes you to feel the way you do because when you are feeling the lowest level of very bad you know what causes it and when you are ready you can do something that causes you to have a very good day.
  • Lol 5/5

    By knightcrime
    I like it it help me get to know myself
  • I love the knowledge 5/5

    By Azim crippen
    Great knowledge
  • I feel good 5/5

    By ccb8490
    I’m loving this and recommending to my mom and sister.
  • pretty good but... 4/5

    By i hate jacob sartorious
    i love this app and it’s very helpful for me to figure out what’s going on with me and i definitely would recommend it. however, answering the questions on time is tricky. i’ve missed around 5 questions and that messes up with the data and i miss them because when i get the notification i’m busy and i go back on to answer the questions but it’s too late. i wish you had more time to answer them or manipulate the time, but overall i think it’s a really great app!
  • Pretty Good 4/5

    By Elohino
    I love this app because it gives me chance to express my feelings. I love how it tracks the statistics of my everyday mood. It lets me vent with someone judging me.
  • SO Useful 5/5

    By H kids
    This app is so insightful and helps me know my symptoms more, and helps me talk more in depth with my doctor to get a better treatment plan, and it even helps me know what caused my problems! 10/10 would recommend.
  • Not bad 4/5

    By Hza138
    I like it a lot, but would like the ability to get into moods I’ve missed rather than it say no entry. The assessment should have a few more questions too.
  • Great! 5/5

    By Avagrah
    Update: Haven’t experienced any problems since my first time using the app. Great app. Continued to use after the 14 days. A great way to track your mood and progress! Didn’t log the correct time of my first entry. I wrote that I woke up in a good mood, then it was logged as evening. That seems to ruin the point of date/time tracker. Then I tried for two more days to retake to answer the questions again but it won’t let me. Would re-evaluate rating if this got fix.
  • It’s good but.. 4/5

    By ConceredPerson
    Sometimes I pick the wrong choice when asked questions like the ‘do you think about death often’ I picked yes because of the stories I read in books, not really like MY death or anything. I panicked because then the app was suggesting I talk to a help line and it wouldn’t let me change my answer, I don’t want this answer to change anything!!
  • Helpful 4/5

    By Popo417
    This app seems to help me have more control over my anxiety.
  • Great app 4/5

    By G1¡ch3d 0u7
    Great app but it should maybe switch around the times like instead of afternoon it could be midday and then night is around 9:00. At the moment it seems to be focused at a single part of the day
  • So far, nice. 4/5

    By Love2teachlittlepeople
    This app is working well. However where it asks questions, I would like to have other options verses yes and no. Sometimes things aren’t always yes and no. I’m sticking with the app for now. I like having the graph to see the mood changes after several days.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By SituatedAction
    First days were great, but today I act on the push notifications and it won’t let me enter answers. No matter what I do, there’s no ability for me to enter the answers... no explanation why. Deleting.
  • Good app 3/5

    By Bettyboo1392
    I like this app. Its helpful to look at my mood patterns
  • Great 4/5

    By emilycat.
    I really like this app for tracking my mood and it's helpful but please fix the bugs!! It's so slow sometimes and doesn't load and just sits there. I have a pretty strong wireless and network connect and often I switch between the two or exit out of the app and reload it to get it to work
  • Good. 4/5

    By malena💕
    It’s kinda like a diary. You just ask a few questions and tell how you feel today. It is really good for someone who like to keep up with their feelings and mood swings.
  • Since it’s in English, needs a couple tweaks 3/5

    By sirpaulfan
    UPDATE: My original view stated that the times of notification were off. I have since seen that under “settings” you can choose notifications and enter your wake up time, and that seems to fix that problem. In my case I’d forgotten I had entered 11:00 pm as my wake up time because I work midnights; nevertheless it makes sense to me to follow the sun’s wake up time instead. On first glance it appears this is an app specifically for Americans. It’s written in English w / US spelling. It does come with terrific information—although I wish it at least mentioned genetic factors among the risk factors for depression. (Maybe the developers don’t think it’s a factor but most of the world does. They could at least say why they disagree with that, if so). And I do like being able to keep track of my mood. I hope they add a link to some international resources or for to those for places other than Europe.
  • Please Read 2/5

    By JC Jarbi
    I do not recommend this app for people who might show symptoms of bipolar depression because in the three times it asks you questions a day and you are in different mood swings you answer very differently. In my experience I was already diagnosed with depression and anxiety by my psychiatrist and I got this app as a way to track my moods. Because I answered differently, the app seem to level out my moods as stable and proceeded to say that I show no symptoms of depression. That is not true and I would not use this app as a credible source. I think going to a medical health professional is best because also if you have anxiety in a similar way to me and you listen to this app with 100% seriousness, you may have more feelings of self guilt and self doubt. A common answer for me was answering Moderate as how I was feeling and when this app would send notifications in those moments where I was in a dark place I did not want to answer the questions to begin with so it did not accurately reflect my thoughts and feelings. So my advice is this is not for people that have severe mood swings because I feel like this app levels out extreme happiness and extreme sadness as normal when in reality it is still a mood disorder.
  • Continues to be helpful every day 5/5

    By Kansas Cosmonaut
    I originally thought that this app would only go for two weeks. I am now finishing my 10th week. It helps me keep track of myself and it gives me a little time to think about how I am feeling. These are things that I had never done before. Warning - You might get very frustrated with yourself if you miss a block of questions. It may become very important to you and your daily schedule. But, in my opinion, that’s a good thing.
  • Wrong date bug 3/5

    By Fineactually
    Would be a perfect score except for a bug where your questions end up in the wrong space. I.e. night questions from the 24th end up in the slot for the 25th. I feel like that’s kinda important.
  • Will not work 3/5

    By babyj6194
    I’m trying to use the app but it will not work. I’m connected to WiFi and i made sure to read the privacy policy. It gets stuck on the first question. I’ve deleted and added the app back and restart my phone.
  • It's useless 1/5

    By patruladedunare
    Basically, you have to set up your mood 3 times a day. So if you get the notification at 8am let's say and you miss it because you have a life and see the notification about 4 minutes later your chance of answering the questions are gone, which makes this app useless unless you have some severe case of OCD and you're up on your time game. Good bye. It was nice to meet you.
  • great 5/5

    this app is a great way to keep track of my moods and emotions throughout the day, especially when starting a new medication
  • Got Messed Up 1/5

    By Lindsey980
    This was great until like day 6, everything messed up and it was hard to organize everything. If anything it just increased my anxiety.
  • Depression tracker, some issues 4/5

    By Kf_85
    I find this a useful tool for depression awareness. It could be fun to add in a positive suggestion as a helpful suggestion, because there are numerous things to do in helping fight depression. I know I entered my data for two days in the morning and that data didn’t save and I can’t edit that. Otherwise, this is a fine app for monitoring for severe depressive symptoms. Knowing is half the battle.
  • Available in 14 days 2/5

    By Holodoctor1
    I keep trying to get the detailed overview of symptoms, but it says available in 14 days, even if I've done the path for 14 days. All well.
  • Cycle 4/5

    By 16dell
    This made me put down what I feel and give me something to do everyday that gave me time to release some stress...
  • Timezone issue 4/5

    By LeiQ107
    Very helpful, but I found that the app uses different timezone with mine. Hope you can fix it soon.
  • Awesome app, awesome idea! 5/5

    By Haxordude487
    The idea of this app is really cool, and the app itself is flawless (I haven't seen any glitches so far). 5/5 - nice job!
  • I love it 4/5

    By Cheerleader1313
    Hopefully you can make ones for other disorders to track their moods and thoughts. I have borderline personality disorder, so this basically tracks mine but at the end its about depression not what i use it for though.
  • Amazing app 5/5

    By Scribbles888888
    The people who made the app care. It's really thorough and really tries to help.
  • Great app and helpful 4/5

    By Garrettk1234
    So far I'm loving this app. Only used it for about two days, but it makes it simple and less stressful to track my mood with the simple question. I think I'll find this app very helpful!
  • Really great except... 3/5

    By Moni A.
    I've been looking for an app that helps me manage and track my anxiety and depression and this has been perfect for me. The only thing I have difficulty with is getting my evening posts on the same day. It always posts on the next evening. I wouldn't normally complain on something so minor, especially since it's free, but for tracking app seems like an important thing to address. Maybe I'm missing a setting, but I've reached out to their support and no response. Otherwise, would recommend.
  • Easy to use and informative 4/5

    By ChristopherMcD
    Very easy to track mood with this app and very informative information on depressive episodes and management. A few minor bugs.
  • Review 5/5

    By Diana19631964
    Exceptional!! Very insightful, informative and easy to use. I highly recommend.
  • Very helpful 5/5

    By Bigsis121995
    This app is a great tool for myself and for therapist reference. Simple enough to not feel overwhelming, but thorough enough to provide an accurate picture. This app is a great idea and has helped me a great deal in monitoring my mental health.

Moodpath: Depression & Anxiety app comments


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