• Category: Photo & Video
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 1.061
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Johannes Pfahler
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
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MoshUp App

With Moshup you can do live datamoshing on your iPhone or iPad. Capture a short clip and then film something different. The first recording will be transformed by the motion of your second recording. You can create some interesting mapping effects. You can also repeat Frames in order or randomly. Save the result as image or video. Full Version Features: - import videos or pictures from your gallery - videos can be imported in reverse - sound can be recorded - reverse the final videos in the gallery Have fun datamoshing :)

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MoshUp app reviews

  • Great app 4/5

    By BlackDahlia555
    Please add an option to pay to remove watermark
  • I have question 5/5

    By JoeJustDance
    Is the premium one time purchase or is it 3.99 a month
  • Totally bad !! 1/5

    By Nseet Al kalam
    Even after I buy the full version the resolution is very very bad! I want my money back!!
  • Good. 4/5

    By jay ayy raps
    It’s good, ok. I want a mode so the photo when you glitch stays on the object you glitch into. It would stay that way until you glitch onto another video.
  • This is unreal! 5/5

    By CobeyK
    I saw a video on Reddit of datamoshing and searched for an app. I bought the full version of this within two minutes of playing with it. So freaking cool!
  • Suggestion 5/5

    By 123Django
    Wish it had undo and redo button!!
  • Works as it’s supposed to. 4/5

    By BeauDenison
    Nice app, it’s going to be able to do what I need. feedback: The interface can use a retouch to be more modern looking, but otherwise it works fine.
  • Great app, but... 4/5

    By 🅱️ean💢
    This is an amazing app that I love to use, but the only thing is, it doesn’t allow me to make the camera bigger. The size of my phone camera allows me to to take much bigger videos, but there is no option on the app that I can find to fix this. Maybe add it?
  • Please do this! 5/5

    By Momto2pups
    Hey developer please respond to this! I want it so that I can use sound without pro version, my mother won’t let me have it and I really want some funny sound! Or atleast a whole minute with recording time, a funny 60 second video for tik tok instead of 7 or 8 love the app cause data moshing takes hours on pc when this takes seconds.
  • Fixed 5/5

    By nixopinion
    Fixed my issue i misunderstood the app
  • Full version 5/5

    By fjs dkckdnscxh
    This is a great app! You can do some really cool and trippy stuff with it. The quality is great too! I do have one question however. What does the full version allow, and what can it do that the original doesn’t won’t? I just need to know if it is worth the purchase. Thank you!
  • It’s great 5/5

    By zxxftee
    I love the app and how easy it is to use
  • Love it but it keeps crashing 4/5

    By seandotnet
    First I have to say, this app is insanely cool. Makes something like “datamoshing” a trivial task and it’s super fun. Unfortunately, it’s been regularly crashing on me. At first it was like “ok whatever, this happens sometimes with other apps”, but it’s been doing it on every other video I create and it’s very frustrating. Especially when I’ve been working on it for 30 minutes and didn’t save :/ I’ll give it a 5/5 without a doubt if the developers can sort out the crash issue!
  • Its really fun 5/5

    By moshup player
    The only thing is that if you want the full version you cant find it anywhere
  • How can I get the full version 5/5

    By Handsomenatedog
    This is a great app and it’s really fun to use. I was never into datamoshing but this is a really good app that can get people into it. I just have one problem, how do you get the full version? I’ve been looking all over and I can’t seem to find it. Other then that, great app.
  • Worth spending money on! 5/5

    By PuppyPeeWeePandaGirl
    This app is incredible and I enjoyed it a lot call me. But please make an update for android! It’s the kind of phone I have!
  • :( 4/5

    By so bad i discusting
    I like it but I can’t use it on my iPad
  • Purchase price 4/5

    By ajunkaesthetic
    Why did it say $3.99 to purchase then charged me $8 dollars?!?
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By CriticalPanda
    I love this app and I use it so much! It takes a little time to learn but one you got it down it is amazing!
  • Great App! 5/5

    By Ghfzc
    This app gives you exactly what it says it will, and the premium version is less than $5. However, you can still make short videos with a barely noticeable watermark for free. Strongly recommend!
  • iPhone 8 Plus 2/5

    By iPaidMoney
    Other apps using video froze too. Had to restart phone.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Luigi#1⭐️⭐️⭐️
    Suggestion: add a timer function so you can record yourself
  • 5 stars 5/5

    By cuteanimegirl6969
    Really cool and easy to use, I made a lot of fun videos with this app.
  • Really cool app but 5/5

    By Tryit1213
    So first off this app is amazing 5 stars sometimes when I switch to a different angle the pixels alright load in so it doesn’t give off much illusion not that bad but a thing I would add is when I’m playing a video I choose and then I go to record something else the audio from the clip I selected stops playing. It would be really nice if there was a option to keep the audio going or to be able to switch back to the clip
  • k 5/5

    By pâríś
    Good get it now
  • Not what I payed for 1/5

    By pikminhut
    I payed the 4 dollars and didnt get what I what I payed for. It gave me nothing
  • Great app, responsive developer 5/5

    By CFB JR
    I love this app. Love experimenting and trying new things. Datamoshing live is the coolest thing ever, but you can also add videos and datamosh them together as well. The workflow is very intuitive in that when you save a clip, it also saves the last frame so you can create another clip using that frame and then edit them together. Also the developer/designer is reachable and responsive
  • Great but one question 5/5

    By vxbdhtendfd
    So I'm trying to see if you have to pay 4$ a month or just 4$ for full access
  • Moar 5/5

    By DukeDeSouth
    Make please switch where picture exchange without moving and clearly update exposition correction.
  • Finally a real, actually decent mosh app 5/5

    By doomedslacker
    Anyone who knows how to datamosh knows how tedious and time consuming it can be. Before I would havto sit in front of my cpu for hrs to get basically the same results I get in a matter of minutes by using this app. I am also honestly really impressed by how far I can push this app before it crashes out. I dont write reviews much but I figured you deserve some credit. Please keep polishing and updating. This is one of only a few glitch related phone apps available that’s actually worth using. Thank you
  • It never told me that you needed to pay 1/5

    By numuberblockscool
    I was playing the app and it only goes up to 5 seconds that when I saw that you had to pay
  • Great app 5/5

    By logicBeach
    Coming from someone who has done this the ‘old fashion way’ for awhile this app is amazing. That being said is there any plans to Lee this app be downloadable on Big Sur? I was all excited to use this on my new Mac for music videos but it’s not in the iOS store on Mac OS Big Sur. Major points if you add it! Cheers
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By gangyellow
    I just bought the premium version, and I gotta say 10/10! This is heavily underrated. There’s a few things here and there that are off, but for the most part it’s great!😃👍
  • Works good but... 4/5

    By tamrick188
    So I have been using this and I noticed it really mostly works outside and not so good inside can you fix it
  • Just one annoyance 4/5

    By gavin_wishall
    I’m just saying if you made one thing free (the flash control) then you would probably get way more money and good reviews and when/if that happens I’ll give you 5 stars
  • So cool 5/5

    By dActdidvate1
    This is such a cool app. Where can I buy the full version?
  • Love the app, and the developer 5/5

    By Dreadful 35
    This app is great. I recently bought the full version. The app used to have this bug, so I contacted the developer and he fixed it! The dev is very kind
  • good but need some awnsers 5/5

    By that one unknown person...
    i want to know how you get full acces to film lonher videos other than that it works perfect
  • cool app but 4/5

    By ColinHere DFR
    where is the full version? i can’t find the button
  • Feature Request 5/5

    By Colin Flynn
    Can you please add a feature where you can just delete one clip? For example, if I record a pencil and then stop the video, I will be able to delete just that clip, and keep the all other clips before that.
  • Great 5/5

    By Marcus5121
    Would be nice if they can add it to the App Store on Mac OS!

    By joe the 3
    its not even a game wym but i love it so 5 stars off tha batt
  • Bug, but this app is great! 4/5

    By 234jak
    I recently downloaded the app, and when I open it, it records automatically. I don’t know how to fix this but if you can please help. But aside from that, it’s a great app
  • Love this app! However.. 3/5

    By unapleeling
    Now I absolutely love this app, and I’m glad they added this to mobile devices. Pretty cool and probably the best out there for phones, HOWEVER... when editing a video, I’m not sure if it’s just me, but when I try importing a video it freezes up while uploading if it’s over like 13 seconds or so, leaving you with just a randomly trimmed part of the video to work with. This can be very frustrating, especially since I paid money for this. Could you guys please fix this? Thank you.
  • Only one problem 4/5

    By ItzCrystalFlame
    I love that app, it’s really cool, but one thing that would make it so much easier would be if you were able to have like a 3 or 10 second timer before it starts recording. Other than that i love it!
  • You have to pay 😡 2/5

    By JackBarkhurst
    This app is good except that you have to pay like I would rather have ads and it be free than having to pay ughhh don’t download if you don’t want to pay ):
  • Buy this app! 5/5

    By pleasefixthisprob
    I’ve always wanted to try datamoshing but I saw you needed a computer to do it so I searched to see if there was a app and I found this. I downloaded and gave it a try and it’s AMAZING. It’s super easy to use and super fun to see the results 10/10 Buy this app
  • I don’t have any money to pay 1/5

    By madikonss93&47483
    My parents won’t let me pay for it.the should be another way to a seas the video I just made.I don’t like the fact I have to pay to have fun
  • Has Potential but I’m Disappointed 2/5

    By jawlezz
    I find it silly that we can’t use videos from our gallery without paying. I get the ads and the watermark but removing a key feature behind a paywall is really disappointing.