Motor World: Car Factory

Motor World: Car Factory

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  • Current Version: 1.9017
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Oh BiBi socialtainment
  • Compatibility: Android
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Motor World: Car Factory App

BECOME THE GREATEST CAR MAKER IN THE WORLD! Step into the captivating and cheerful Motor World, filled with amazing cars and shiny, happy people! Run a small car factory and turn it into the best company in the world. Build your cars, create new ones, make your workers happy, please your customers, arrange your retail stores and play with your friends. RUN YOUR CAR COMPANY ▪ Mix & create over 300 cars! You’ve gotta build them all! ▪ Manage & evolve your workers ▪ Improve your factory and retailing stores to attract customers EXPAND YOUR REPUTATION WORLDWIDE ▪ Be the trend maker! Produce range of cars that reflects your personality ▪ Conquer fans around the world ▪ Overcome wacky quests & unexpected events PLAY WITH FRIENDS ▪ Compete with other car makers on Game Center ▪ Race against friends ▪ Recruit them as workers ▪ Send items & receive gifts HAVE FUN IN A LIVELY WORLD ▪ Enjoy several bonus mini-games ▪ Meet colorful characters, including FatCheez, The Doc, Catman, Mr Coffee and many more! ▪ The life-like crowd, wacky situations, intuitive controls and hitch-less game mechanics will get you hooked forever! Find secrets & tips to become the best car maker on: Facebook at: Twitter: @oh_bibi


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Motor World: Car Factory app reviews

  • Awesome 5/5

    I love this game so much!
  • Nice, but glitchy. 2/5

    By ShjonsGaming
    That’s all I gotta say really, 3 Stars because of the gamebreaking glitches.
  • Referral Code 4/5

    By MotorMan184
    Motor World is a great game but it won’t let me access my referral code and I’m lvl 42! His game really needs an update
  • Error 2/5

    By Kaseylite
    The app icon hasn’t changed when I updated
  • Played a long time. Impressed and disappointed 2/5

    By Gajdkakhcjwjcjsj skejkfjehwhf
    Played the game way back on my iPod touch 4th gen. Was an amazing app, happy they now allow you to watch an add to get doughnuts or mystery cards. But the random pop up adds when you are just in the game, and haven’t clicked anything, make it extremely annoying. I get the idea of ads, and I understand they are needed. But it’s annoying when they always pop up during the game, and not somewhere where they make more sense. Like when you are trying to get items to help in game. Conclusion- AMAZING game. But two stars because the ads are boarder line deal breakers for me playing this. Especially when i first started playing the game, there were few if any adds
  • Very fun but... 5/5

    By 123breakfast123
    I love this game a lot but the only issue is that almost every friends are based on Facebook. If you don’t have an account for Facebook it is hard to get friends and get the cool car rewards. Other than that I think the game is great and I love the purpose and random events that gain you money or make you pay up. It’s great.
  • I got ripped off 3/5

    By Sandermier
    The game is good but I was mad when I bought a thing for 4.99 thinking I would get all 4 things 2 workers and 2 things of cash. But I got 80 cash which was on of the things.It never said anything about getting one of them it made it sound like you get all 4 things.wish I could get my money back.
  • Great Game!!! 5/5

    By DragonMaster28
    This game has me coming back every time I delete it! So addictive and fun👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
  • Best ever 5/5

    By Gins95cobra
    Get it
  • Problem with in game offers 4/5

    By Yz 666
    I really enjoy playing the game and there is plenty to do within the game. The only problem I am having is when I watch an ad in order to receive an in game product I do not always receive The product. An example of this is when watching an ad to skip research I will watch the ad and then not receive the time skip for the research. If this problem could be addressed I would enjoy the game much more. Thank you.
  • Best game ever. Now unplayable! 1/5

    By Jimmycrawdad
    This was my favorite game in the history of all apps. The first app I ever spent money on because I loved it so much. I’ve spent hours playing this game but it is unplayable now. The ads are INSANE. I get they need to make money but having to watch 1 add for every 3 bikes you make is insane. Haven’t played this game in months hoping that it got more reasonable but nope! There is a middle ground. Please find it.
  • Lit 5/5

    By Jordyn dillon
    This game is good
  • Grand Prix 5/5

    By Steeeejxjcjsms
    Grand Prix is glitched
  • Why? 4/5

    By Doviesue2
    Why did you rate this game 12 up i would give full suport if you could lower rate age to 9 up and i will write a more possitive review (5 stars)
  • Don’t waste the space on your phone. 1/5

    By Bunirules101
    There is a terrible amount of ads, it feels like you spend more time watching them than playing the game. It’s completely unplayable and it’s a complete cash grab.
  • Annoying Bugs 2/5

    By TheKidInTheBlue
    Overall this is a fun game that you can play every now and then to pass time, but there are more bugs than i’d like to admit. The most infuriating is the pointless live events. Once you start one, you are required to finish the entire event before you can start doing any quests. So now i’m level 90, and i still haven’t given CatMan his SUV’s because the developers over at OhBiBi are more concerned about $ than the performance of the game.
  • A bug but still a good game 4/5

    By Cougmeister
    Oh bibi. Wonderful game but there is a bug. When I do a quest(like Mr coffee and his Berliner turbos(I think))the truck disappears. This has happened multiple times and I am getting annoyed. Please fix this or I am never going to get anywhere quest wise.
  • احب هذه العبه 5/5

    By احب مصر
    اجمل لعبه شوفته في حياتي
  • Very fun but needs some work 5/5

    By Nyalon3
    This is on if my favorite mobile games I have ever played. The only things I don’t like about it is sometimes you try to tap one thing next to a car for sale or something, it just opens the car. Like make it so that in order to open something you have to tap directly on it. Another thing is it would be great if you could drag a worker to a certain car to work on it so you can control what worker goes where. Other than that it’s a great game but less adds would be nice
  • Cash grab 2/5

    By PresumedChicken
    I really like this game and I play it a lot. But it has way to many ads, that sometimes crash my game. Also if I want to skip 30 minutes ahead by watching an ad a lot of times it won’t skip, and others it will just crash. I also have a problem with the doughnut cap. I have max 34 doughnuts right now, but I have to start paying cash to keep upgrading the cap. Which is frustrating because the price slowly increases but the extra amount always stays at 1 doughnut per increase, which is unfortunate because the workers have very little stamina and don’t last very long without needing more doughnuts, especially when you make more expensive cars. BUT even through all this I’ve watched countless ads to refill my doughnuts, and upgrade my workers and have even gotten some engineers, still really annoying to advance in the game. Unless I buy cash using real money which is WAY too expensive in my opinion. It goes way too quick. I would think this is a 5 star game if 1. We could upgrade doughnut cap with out using cash, just coins 2. Engineers didn’t need cash to buy the 4th, and also had a noticeable amount of increase to stamina. 3. Cash was not nearly as expensive, or items in game where not as expensive, so you don’t waste cash so quickly
  • I have an idea for a new factory game! 5/5

    By Puncher34
    This game and all the others have always been rly rly fun but I have a new idea! Maybe you could make another factory like this one but with trains or boats I think it would bring you guys up so much!! Thank you in advance!!!!
  • Game has become unusable 1/5

    By Richgott
    Game has become so bad, nothing works on it anymore and no support. Deleting game as it’s become a source of frustration and not fun. Can’t get rewards during events...can’t do referrals... can’t do much with the game sense the last update. No reason to continue to play it.
  • Fun but... 2/5

    By Dkxhxhhdhzhzgxjxjndjxoc
    Alright so this game is fun but it’s so incredibly annoying how you have to “revive” your workers with donuts, and you also have to use donuts to level up workers. They eat about 3 at a time so before you know it you could be out of donuts cause you have a max capacity of 30. Otherwise the game is fun I dig cars n such but if you could change the donuts to make them easier to use or just trash the whole idea that would be great. Thanks.
  • Ads and workers 1/5

    By IMercer
    You cannot go ten seconds without having to give a worker a donut. It’s super annoying and other workers walk in the way of me trying to feed the worker. There are never ending ads. You cannot change your company name to anything other that oh bibi. I hate this. This game is also desperate for money and will lie to achieve a dollar. Do not waste your time with this stupid game. 😡🤬🔪
  • Ads, and stuff 1/5

    By Duck Step
    Ad during tutorial, 10 seconds in. No thanks. Also I hate when games have “pixel” art but the pixels are different sizes and the stuff moves smoothly. Looks like you’re just trying too hard to be trendy. No idea what this game is about but if you want to lure in customers at least let them play the game before you throw 20 ads in their face...
  • So awesome 5/5

    By bich get out the way
    Plz you have to get this
  • Automatic things 4/5

    By Shhshehhdjdnd
    I think that this game should make it where you don’t have to click the car to make the car I feel like they should do it automatically by finding the nearest car that needs to be built and hope you guys read this I hope you can make this a thing
  • 👍 5/5

    By Jen&B85
  • Rename: “Motor World Ad Factory” 1/5

    By JoeliusCaesar
    I understand the need for ads to financially support game development but this game has taken it to an extreme. I’ve been playing and really enjoying Car Factory for years and their new ad campaign has destroyed the experience. There are more ads than there is gameplay. I have contacted support and was told to make purchases to remove ads; didn’t work. Ads are still cancerous. It’s not fun anymore and I have uninstalled the app.
  • Pay to pay at its worst 1/5

    By hk94
    I've been playing for close to a year and can honestly say that it is a fun game that I didn't mind buying a couple of app purchases into to support. But I need to consider this game a 1 star until they fix some balance issues. When you get to around level 90-100, the game will hit a wall where you will be unable to progress in the events without super rare characters. At 1200 game bucks each, or sometimes up to $50 in real money via special offers, you aren't going anywhere soon. Even with 5 strong characters, I can rarely complete an event. So I turned my focus into trying to build all the cars. Except so many of the cars are won through the racing portion of the game - which is hopelessly broken. If you attempt to race, you'll get 3 random options who most likely are inactive accounts. In the past year, I've maybe stumbled over a dozen actually active accounts that respond to a race request. So many cars will never be unlocked. I am keeping this game on the phone in case they address the balance issues because I've put so much time into it. But I think it's a long shot. The developers are happy to collect money but have offered zero in the way of game enhancements and improvements since I've been playing.
  • Lil whipper snapper. 5/5

    By Joaquin+39
    Great great game. I like the ability to use the assembly line and build multiple vehicles at once. Graphics are awesome as well.
  • Best game ever 5/5

    By Dpg8149509
    Love it
  • Ads 1/5

    By ItsRachelKay
    I played this game non stop for almost a year and now these ads are everywhere. Any time I do anything, there’s an ad. It’s unbearable. Get rid of the ads and maybe I’ll play again. I’ve even tried spending money on the game to get rid of the ads and it isn’t working.
  • Holy ads! 2/5

    By Ska not
    I’m usually the one defending ads to justify expenses of making and maintaining games but this is just ridiculous. Like every 30-60 seconds I’m getting an ad. Good game otherwise
  • The ads are fine 5/5

    By laronblaster
    Since the ads have been annoying a bi doesn’t mean it’s a big deal it’s just an ad just a couple seconds and it will go away
  • 10/10 5/5

    By eternal wolf bark
    Best game that's all there is to it
  • Ads killed the game 1/5

    By zeromsi
    I’ve played this game over a few years. The recent button addition and pop up ads killed the fun of the game. It’s excessive now.
  • Please fix 1/5

    By Ieirjfjeififjeiwurueiejfjrjw
    First off it’s a good and addictive game but what pulls it back to a one star is you can’t do one thing without a ad showing up. The ads are short but still, there ads.
  • Fun game but... 2/5

    By xMiLkToAsTx
    Great game and fun but the ADS!!!!!! Omg the ads are ridiculous. How the heck can you expect someone to enjoy the game when they watch the ads more than play the game? It’s frustrating. This game would be a 4-5 star game if the ads were just 75% less frequent. They just kill the games for me.
  • Not what I expected 5/5

    By xXGrimIsGrimXx
    This so addicting I love how you keep on making the separate parts of the car and how you can make your own deal when it’s done like raise or lower the price overall really well made game 😃
  • I like this game but the ads 4/5

    By Mrdaddycupcakes
    Ads are a problem all I have to say

    By Still hardest game Ever
    If you don’t fix it I will never play again and I tried deleting and redownloading it didn’t work
  • Fun for a free game 1/5

    By Capt Hayes
    It's fun for a free game The addition to the adds are annoying at best. Puts off the game play. Of this keeps up I will delete it and all the games associated with it.
  • No 2/5

    By Shitinbrix
    Way too many ads now. It used to be great where you would get rewarded by watching ads but the extra randomly timed ads are extremely annoying.
  • Ads need to stop 4/5

    By Jeffrij
    The game is fantastic, only thing is the ads always pop up when you do anything. If you have never played this game I highly recommend the game, just prepare for ads.
  • Ads and glitches EVERYWHERE! 1/5

    By Nubular nibble nub
    I have played this game for nearly three years, and never have I ever had problems like this. I get an ad after anything and everything that I do in the game, and it glitches after watching these ads as well. It is not uncommon to get 10 ads every few minutes, pop up ads that are 30 seconds long, that you can NOT click off of. I am done with this game and have uninstalled it.
  • Ads killed the mood 2/5

    By Ammunite
    I have been playing off and on for the past 5 years and must say the addition of ads have really pulled this game. Support says if you make a purchase he ads go away. I have made 2 purchases and haven’t gotten a receipt for them and they never hit my bank account. And to top it off I still have these ads plaguing every move. Here’s a tip to the devs, either make them less of a burden to deal with or lose players. This really kills the game. Lastly, if you are doing a timed quest the ads actually eat into that time. Seriously Bibi fix this.
  • Ads are too much 1/5

    By mwarnec2
    It was great before all the ads now every 5 seconds I have to sit through an ad it’s very annoying
  • Way too many ads 1/5

    By 14239732574321985448
    The amount of advertisements in this game is ridiculous. It feels like I’m watching ads more than I am playing the game. It would be a fun game if the amount of ads was drastically reduced, and I probably would’ve given it 4 stars. However, playing the game isn’t worth sitting through so many ads.
  • Play if bored 4/5

    By Kingoma02927
    This game is great for when you’re bored. I love tycoons and this happens to be the best one!

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