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MoviePass is the nation’s premier theatrical subscription service, allowing you to see new movies in over 4000 theaters across the United States for one low subscription fee. - See new movies in theaters, no blackout dates - See any 2D movie in theaters from its first day of release - Available in over 4000 theaters nationwide How it Works: - Download the free MoviePass app and sign up to receive your card. - Once you receive your card in the mail, use the app to search for theaters, movies and showtimes. - Go to the theater and check into your selected showtime using the app. - Once you have checked in, your card will be activated; swipe your MoviePass card with a ticket agent or at a kiosk to get your ticket! - For theaters that accept e-ticketing via MoviePass, reserve your ticket and seat (when applicable) ahead of time from any location.


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  • Don’t waste your money!! 1/5

    By Hlife89
    MoviePass tricked people into enrolling and paying up front for annual plan contract but made changes, which impact everyone! Even if you signed up for prior to the changes you are still impacted even though they clearly state you won’t be. I see a lawsuit here this bait and switch in my opinion. The app is worthless as is customer service. They are trained to lie to their customers and they are not doing anything about fixing the issue.
  • Changed to a scam. 1/5

    By Frustrated.........…
    They keep changing their rules for the worse but the latest change moves to basically fraud. It now restricts movies by popularity, newness and time. That sounds sort of reasonable but they implement those rules so absurdly that only 1 movie has been available within 20 miles of me. (Slenderman) This is opposed to the dozens of showings available at the nearest theatre 1 mile off.
  • Great while it lasted 1/5

    By scottystunts
    I stuck with MoviePass through the constant changes, knowing it was still a great deal. Today my family wanted to see Christopher Robin. A lighthearted film that’s been out for 2+ weeks. I understand all the peak pricing/limitations etc. Planned an evening of it. Went to use it and lo and behold the only movie available is SlenderMan. Apparently no other theater in my area or state of GA for that matter is showing any other movie. Hmmm. Looks like a scam to me in the making. Funneling people to see certain films is a great way to make money through the back door. No thanks, Moviepass. But I’ll hand it to you, I enjoyed it for the few months I had it! Loyal customer and known big mouth for great deals and companies is out.
  • Never liked app 1/5

    By Rachmart
    If you look past the fact that as of right now I can “choose” from ONE movie I have no desire to see..the app itself is poorly designed. There are the same 15 movies on the home page and you have to search for all the others. Was so exited to get moviepass everyone was talking about it and loving it. One month after signing up everything went to hell in a handbasket. I would have been fine with 9.95 for three movies if I actually had the option to see the times and movies I wanted. Moviepass really screwed up with all the inconsistencies. I am not going to sit around wasting my money while they try to put the prices of their company back together.
  • Huge letdown 1/5

    By paytonat
    Moviepass was great for the first few months until they made their changes. They brought people in under the impression that people could get this and pay a certain amount a month and not have to worry about the ridiculous costs of movie theaters. Then changed everything and started telling people to “see more movies” but they would only let you see a movie once. Completely disregarding why people go see movies, if they wanted to see a different movies then they would obviously do that. Why would you tell people that they need to go out and see different movies? Everyone is sill getting money from either the monthly subscription or concessions, plus theaters are actually filling up seats. Then actually cutting movies out from the pass itself and deciding whether or not a movie will be available on the pass. Not to mention “peak pricing”. This completely makes having a movie pass irrelevant, if you don’t let people see 3D movies and then only have one movie/have peak pricing on the movie how exactly are you supposed to go out and use something that you pay $9.95 a month for? You might as well cancel and just go back to paying $11 for a ticket because that’s what you’d actually be paying for if you were to go see a movie at “peak times”, which is like an extra $3. No thanks.
  • Scam 1/5

    By Merc170
    This service has turned into an outright scam. First it was unlimited movies for a flat fee, then there was peak pricing fee, then they limited the service to 3 movies a month and now they limits the movies you can see. They offer you garbage children’s movies at super late times or just pure garbage movies period. I get that this was a terrible business plan but come on. I am currently awaiting the class action suit to recoup my monthly loses as this service is a joke
  • Too good to be true 1/5

    By bkrage94
    I can literally only watch one movie and it is the same price as if I were to pay for it at the theater, but the only thing is i don’t get to pick that movie. It is a movie I don’t want to see. The times on the app are not correct, so how am I supposed to even see the movie? I have two accounts, one for me and one for my girlfriend. They both have the same problems. THIS IS A SCAM
  • App is useless now 1/5

    By Psykokaotic
    Unless you are at the theater you can no longer see what movies are available. Who’s driving to the theater just to see if they can watch s movie???? What a waste of money!!!! I will be canceling!!!!
  • Movies don’t even show up anymore 1/5

    By gbarlakwjw
    There’s movies playing at my local theater but on the movie pass app it says it has no showtimes.... which is a bummer
  • Scam! 1/5

    By Truccckkkeeerr
    Don’t even think to subscribe this company. Never have available movie
  • Movie pass is trash now!!! 1/5

    By jxdiaz23
    Ladies and gentlemen whatever you do don’t waste your money on movie pass! It used to be a pretty good app, you used to be able to watch a movie everyday. Now they make it so you can only watch certain movies. Most of the new movies say their not supported by the movie pass because it’s a premium movie or there are no showings in your area. I would recommend just investing in the AMC movie theatre membership. You get to watch up to 6 movies per week watching any and every movie, not just certain ones. It’s 19.95 a month but it’s 1 million times better and easier than movie pass. Movie pass has a new update where you only get to watch 3 movies a month for $10 but still only get to watch certain movies. AMC just got a new happy member!!!
  • Terms of Service Constantly Changing and Getting Way More Restrictive 1/5

    By Ibetalo
    To make their business model profitable, the service is becoming restrictive to the point of being useless, to me anyway. Originally, could see one movie per day. Then, first change, you had to take a picture of your ticket to verify your purchase. Second change, you can’t watch the same movie again (not really a problem, but you could before). Third, surge pricing for popular times. Fourth, restricted show times. Not all times are available, but the ones that are appear to be in the surge pricing time slots. Fifth, “blockbuster” movies will no longer be available during the first two weeks in theaters. But “blockbuster” films appear to be any film that opens in a theater. Reality is crashing down on a service that is no longer too good to be true. It’s a one star service now but two stars for the awesome first half of my subscription. Time to do the AMC version. Update: latest change allows the choice of only one or two bad movies at bad times. They created a poor business model and are giving a big Eff U to their customers. AMC version looking better and better every day.
  • Unhappy with MoviePass! 1/5

    By Angry 357
    I understand why this company has to make changes and I will try to support it, but when they post movies times for my local theater and then change availability, it’s just wrong. I looked early this morning and I had choices between 4 movies and various times and now 2 1/2 hours later there’s only 1 movie available. This is upsetting and the company doesn’t seem to care that they mess up your plans for the day. Unless you want more people to cancel their subscriptions, you need to consistent and not play games.
  • Not worth it. 1/5

    By Grant DLH
    Lack of transparency, communication, an unsustainable business model. A malfunctioning app that displays movies that disappear once you get close enough to check in. I purchased a years subscription that has now been completely changed. Not worth it.
  • Used to love, now seems like a waste of money 1/5

    By jdnwksnfke
    I used to love MoviePass. It worked great. I could get behind all the recent changes, but now very few to no movies show up on the app’s listings. Even though the FAQ’s say that you can request a refund if the movie theater says to buy the ticket, MoviePass won’t refund you anymore. I tried talking to the customer service twice. It took me a whole day and they marked the conversation as resolved when the topic wasn’t even addressed. Why am I paying for something that hasn’t worked in the last month and has terrible customer service that I can’t even get my money back!
  • Movie pass 1/5

    By UT Eddie
    Worse Father’s Day present ever! First time I tried to use it The entire system was down. The second time I try to use it I got there one minute before the preview started and it wouldn’t let me buy a ticket. It’s a terrible app! I would not recommend this to anyone. Am I local movie theater I can go to a movie before 6 PM for $5.50. Why waste your money on movie pass
  • New member disappointment 1/5

    By Bonniewren
    I was so excited for this! I went as soon as I got the card a week ago. And to my surprise it was as simple as could be. But that didn’t last long. The next day I tried to use it again and it didn’t work. I checked the showtimes before I left and was good to go. But when I go to theatre to check in it say no show times were available at that theatre. However it was 20 minutes u t movies was to start not to mention there were several other movies that hadn’t started yet either. I was so excited too and had a few friends with me trying to convince them to get a movie pas too. And so disappointed when it didn’t even work. Then again today trying to use it and this morning I checked the show times and all movies were showing up. Now it’s time to go to the movie and I pull it up and again it says no movies at this theatre today. When obviously it’s the first showings of the day so there are plenty available. I asked the theatre associate who said it’s a movie pass issue. So frustrated. If this doesn’t resolve quick I’ll be canceling. What a disappointment.
  • Sorry to new subscribers 1/5

    By thegeekguy12
    MoviePass used to be amazing. Now they’re just circling the drain. Just go bankrupt already and stop giving hope that the subscription will get better.
  • It’s not what it was 2/5

    By rudierudierudie
    It was great when I first joined. Now there are no showings at any of my local theaters regardless of the time of day.
  • Garbage service 1/5

    By G<3
    Save yourself the frustration of dealing with awful movie selections and daily app crashes and don’t subscribe the MoviePass. Over the past two months there have been only a few showings of lower rated movies. Sometimes the showtimes will disappear before arriving at the theater, thus wasting my time.
  • Fraudulent Scammers 1/5

    By The Real Kyle McMahon
    Pre-Purchased an annual pass based on the advertising “Unlimited. Any theater. Any movie. Any day.” I haven’t been able to see a movie in 3 weeks due to their blocking them ALL out. Customer service is completely non-existent. You call the number which gives an automated message to use in app chat. In app chat gives you an automated message and ends the chat. On twitter they tell you to DM them & then don’t respond. They’re frauds plain & simple. Stay very very far away.
  • Not what you sign up for 1/5

    By asdfboy
    This company doesn’t deliver on what it promises. They constantly change their service with little to no notice. Most days there are no movies available to watch...
  • Locked out of theaters 2/5

    By Grandma91381
    We actually only have two theaters available to view movies. Other theaters on the list might look close, but are not accessible due to a mountain rage in between our location. This past week end, I was left high and dry not being able to view any movie, not even with paying an additional fee. This means that I have paid two months with only seeing one movie. Not so good!
  • Pay to watch movies you can’t watch? 1/5

    By Project24Films
    So a lot of growing pains has happened with this company to say the least. These last round of changes have indeed prompted me to go ahead and warn others, if they do so choose to use the service. The customer service chat is quite odd. It spun me around in this endless loop preventing me from getting a hold of someone. Case in point, not a single movie theater Sunday evening had a film showing displayed on the app on a 50 mile radius. Meaning, I couldn’t book a single film. When I contacted customer service and finally got someone, all I was told was to be patient and that that’s a new change in the service. Black out periods for certain theaters.......when I mentioned the nearest 25 theaters in my area were all blacked out, again I was told, patience. If there are new policies happening, just be more transparent. Email. Let us know. Because paying for a service we cannot use doesn’t seem very fair. Given I’m the percentage of users that use the service once every 3 months !!!!
  • Needs a lot of work 2/5

    By Vito_727
    App started off quite well but to the present, movie pass some times will not let you see any movies available and will charge you extra for most of the movies. Plus they changed it recently where you can only see 3 movies a month. So something to reconsider.
  • Don’t buy!! 1/5

    By Not getting what I paid for
    I would wait to buy this. They Change the rules almost weekly. Some days you can’t even pick any movies. They haven’t ironed out their mistakes. I have the annual pass and today they had only two choices of movies and I didn’t really want to see either, and it was sold out anyhow when I got to the ticket booth. I had to pay for the movie I wanted to see, so I didn’t even get to use The MoviePass I paid for.
  • Bittersweet Ending 1/5

    By Smile0ften
    Loved the concept behind MoviePass, but ultimately, lack of available showtimes prompted me to cancel after my annual plan ends. It’s nearly impossible to plan for the movies because either a) there are no available showings for the day, or b) your nearby theaters are limited to just one movie.
  • Save your money. Run. 1/5

    By Mrs.ALopez
    The terms keep changing weekly. You receive less and less. Requirements go up. You can not see movies opening weekend Buy tickets at Costco.
  • Movie is a rip off!!!!!!! 1/5

    Are you serious!!! On peak hours we have a surcharge of what use to be $4.50 at first, but wait now the surcharge is a whopping $8.00. Total MoviePass savings of $1.50!!!! Why the heck am I going to use my movie pass to purchase a ticket that without it only cost $9.50. If your smart watch all movies off peak hours and purchase your own on peak hours. I’m not giving MoviePass more money than I have to. I already pay $9.99 a month just for the membership. We shouldn’t have to pay any extra fees. Stop changing your policies. I guarantee you’ll go bankrupt if you keep this up.
  • Only 3 movies a month! 1/5

    By Pops ton
    You only get to watch 3movies a month that they choose and charge you extra on most all movies, washtub a rip off!!!
  • Once upon a time... 1/5

    By Endagr8
    App used to be great, but lately it seems like they’ve been changing the rules on us every week. I’m not getting what I initially paid for and I’ve grown very disappointed with this service.
  • MoviePass continues to disappoint 1/5

    By TLONG111
    It took almost a month to get my MoviePass card in the mail. Then they started cutting back on the movies and the showtimes I could see. Using MoviePass wasn’t even an option Friday, Saturday and Sunday this weekend at the theaters by my house because it didn’t support any showings. I tried to use MoviePass to see a popular movie last week and found a showing I wanted to see. I pulled in the parking lot, reserved my ticket for a 6:20 showing and waited in line to get my ticket only to be told by the employee working there wasn’t a 6:20 showing for that movie. I double checked the location, time and date and the app incorrectly added an additional showing. It even let me reserve the ticket. It was an embarrassing time when my friends showed up to find out there was no movie at the time I asked them to meet. I’ve been so disappointed by MoviePass because it has potential, but it has consistently let me down. I’ve since canceled my membership and have advised my friends not to join.
  • Horrible theater selections, no movies 1/5

    By Wherrett
    Tried to locate a movie theater in Austin that would allow us to see a flick using movie pass. ONE THEATER out of 20. Horrible. Canceling service.
  • Doesn’t always work and can’t get support 2/5

    By ZenJim
    Quite frequently it tells me there are no movie times left today when there are plenty of movie times actually left in the theaters. And then I try to get support through the app and it tells me that they will only support people who are currently trying to get into a movie at a theater, which I am, but they just cut me off and don’t give me support. So I try to get support through the website but it takes them a week to respond and they just referred me to the app and close my case
  • Constant changes and horrible customer service 1/5

    By ACrews1987
    Don’t pay for this if you don’t already have it. You don’t know one day to the next what you get with this as it changes constantly and without warning. Customer service is non-existent and now there is fine print where if you cancel you can’t resubscribe for something like nine months - I don’t know if this means it will get better but as it is now it’s not worth it.
  • Never any movie times on the weekend anymore 1/5

    By brashelles
    I understand that the system has to change to keep itself afloat, but I am an unlimited movie pass holder who hasn’t been able to see a single movie for three weeks. First there was no showings for anything, then only two showings at 3pm and after 10pm, then the week day showings were in the app but no showing in the app when the weekend rolls around ie the only time I can watch. You can’t just jerk all the movies on the weekend except for the one that is obviously paying to be advertised on your app and expect that it will satisfy anybody.
  • Trust me don’t bother 1/5

    By Mu2flyer
    I have a feeling this service will change names and he reinvented soon. Because with all the changes it now is awful. 3 changes in 2 months all for the worse. Save yourself the effort and don’t bother. Everything you read before is now gone!
  • Doesn’t have the movies 1/5

    By loooolsmh
    I got it two months ago because it seemed like a great deal but now it never has any movies playing. Complete trash and unsubscribed.
  • Going downhill fast... 1/5

    By Schlossinator
    I have been happy with MoviePass until recently. The new changes make watching any new movie impossible with the app. You are better off with a theatre subscription or Costco tickets with the new changes to movie pass. Hope things change for the better...
  • Only one or two movies available at any time... 2/5

    By Andesgal
    We paid for an entire year when we bought our passes. At first it worked great. However, in the last two weeks Movie Pass has taken away the ability to see most movies. For instance, this afternoon there is only one movie showing that we could see today. The rest are all grayed out. There are movies showing at the theaters around us that I would like to see but I only have the one choice. MoviePass said there would be changes but with only one movie we can see, it’s almost worthless. We are frustrated because this isn’t what we signed up for. We would only go to maybe two movies a month but this is ridiculous!
  • App not working 1/5

    By BroMH2005
    We went to use MoviePass today and the app showed only two movies available to select from our local theater even though there were eight other movies showing... had to pay out of pocket. Very disappointed.
  • Don’t waste your money 1/5

    By DorryBubbles
    With the new changes the app literally never works, so you spend $10 a month and are never even able to see a single movie.
  • It was great until it wasn’t 1/5

    By zigzag2525
    Loved this program until all the changes. I’m on a yearly plan and therefore supposed to keep getting a movie a day until my renewal date. Problem is, where once I could see any movie I wanted in standard mode, now I have a choice of exactly 2 out of 24 showing in my city today. Meg and Slender Man. Neither of which interest me. I’d rather be limited to 2 movies a week as long as I could pick from all that are playing. If this continues, it’s as good as worthless.
  • Movies unavailable 1/5

    By Loreheri
    Don’t waste your money on this. When you get to the cinema the movie is not available. When you contact customer service they tell you movies availability fluctuate during the day and they can’s refund you the money you had to pay out of pocket for the movie. The customer service is horrible and rude.

    By TyeNick
    Don’t do it . Not worth the crashing and the problems and the money you will waste.
  • Scam 1/5

    By cousin cole
    Even the description in the App Store is full of lies. "See any movie?" Nope, they barely let you see anything. Total scam
  • App is not working for about 10 days 1/5

    By Dimitriy732
    App says no available screenings in your location. Before it worked just fine. No customer support available. If app won’t start working - I will be forced to cancel subscription.
  • Scam company do not purchase 1/5

    By MynameisJack20
    This company is a scam. They will not give me my money back after I tried to cancel. There are only 2 movies that they allow us to watch. Not worth the money. They will be going out of business soon. 🖕
  • Just up the price to 20 dollars a month 2/5

    By 2389z18
    And keep the unlimited movies a month I’d pay up to 30 a month but I feel you guys should try 20 a month and see how that works maybe 20 a month and ad ads you have to see on the app before purchasing a movie
  • Used to Love It 1/5

    By H Stronger
    Trying to be patient through the “changes,” but there have only been TWO movies available at any theatre near us for two weeks, and neither one I’d like to see. Hope it improves.

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