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MoviePass App

MoviePass is the nation’s premier theatrical subscription service, allowing you to see a movie a day in over 4000 theaters across the United States for one low subscription fee. - See a movie a day in theaters, no blackout dates - See any 2D movie in theaters from its first day of release - Available in over 4000 theaters nationwide How it Works: - Download the free MoviePass app and sign up to receive your card. - Once you receive your card in the mail, use the app to search for theaters, movies and showtimes. - Go to the theater and check into your selected showtime using the app. - Once you have checked in, your card will be activated; swipe your MoviePass card with a ticket agent or at a kiosk to get your ticket! - For theaters that accept e-ticketing via MoviePass, reserve your ticket and seat (when applicable) ahead of time from any location.


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MoviePass app reviews

  • Great to use 5/5

    By Pinkscourge
    So easy and convinient!
  • Garbage. 1/5

    By FirstsonofMachOne
    Garbage. Doesn’t work half the time and when the app does work the theatres (that say they accept it won’t allow it). Garbage.
  • Love the company itself but the app... 3/5

    By Swannimal
    Customer service aside, the app itself after the recent update isn’t working as well as before. UI needs to be revisited and updated.
  • No proper show timings., 2/5

    By Theja_Bodempudi
    Timings in the app and timings in the cinema theatre differs., If we swipe the card for a different show timing they are cancelling the card as well., This is not well.,
  • Worth it after the very first movie! 5/5

    By SanchezKlauss
    Signed up, got card, went to movies. No problem. It’s a very new company, so I am sure they have things to streamline and improve, but it’s one of the very few deals out there that has such a tremendous value for the consumer!
  • Update is terrible 1/5

    By Vghjdsjjgsgsadfss
    Idiot CEO bragging about stealing people’s location data has led to me being stuck in an infinite menu where all I can do is click “enable location services” ad infinitum to no avail. Can’t believe Moviepass is going to crap so quickly. Worst app development I’ve ever seen. Somehow the previous stoneage app with next to no functionality was better.
  • Please fix latest update bugs 1/5

    By Englandismine621
    I cannot even use the app bc it will not go beyond the location services screen no matter what I do. Please fix I’d like to see some movies.
  • Movieking 5/5

    I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!
  • Good concept executed horribly 1/5

    By Some Canadian dude
    I’ve had my card for about 2 weeks. I’ve gone to 3 movies with it and each time the card has been declined at the box office which forces you to step out of line, write them on the app(because they have no number to call) and hope they get back to you in time to see your movie. 2 of the 3 Times they didn’t respond and I had to buy the tickets out of pocket which obviously defeats the purpose of the card. They have zero customer service and if the card doesn’t work then they are literally just taking money from you and providing no service. Not to mention, my girlfriend paid for her card over a month ago and still hasn’t received it. This is a pretty shabby company. Too good to be true? Yep.
  • Formal complaint 1/5

    By hi-smiles
    I would give this app and the company running it or lack there of a ZERO. I bought this subscription March 1st, it’s been 16 days and my card has not come in the mail. When I first became concerned I contacted MoviePass through their help “contact us” chat room. This was on March 11th. When I didn’t get a response after I sent further messages on the 13th. Still no response so then I decided to try their support team by submitting a ticket on that same day. Now it is March 16th and I’ve even tried calling the phone number on the back of a friends MoviePass card with no avail. It doesn’t even let you wait on the line until an operator/agent is available to speak with you, it just says apologies and try back again before hanging up on you. So now I have resorted to telling the whole world how CRAPPY of a service this company is. I would NOT recommend this membership to anyone. there is NO technical support whatsoever.
  • Doesn’t work sometimes 2/5

    By mistasage
    I just drove to the theater, checked in on app, go up to window to buy but the card is declined. Stand there trying to check in again but says checked in. Had to pay for ticket out of pocket
  • Locked Out 1/5

    By tgrwillie
    Update 3.0.8 installed automatically on 3/15/2018, PROHIBITS ACCESS! Asks user to “Allow Location,” but when “tapped,” does NOT RESPOND AT ALL—FROZEN, DEMISED, POSITIVELY COMATOSE, DEAD, BEYOND CRYOGENICALLY REVIVABLE! And then there’s the frustration of being unable to reach HQ—cannot even sleuth an old school phone number!!! “What’s App” with this SAD, SAD turn of Cinematic sophistry, especially just before the weekend? Did Pi Day overwhelm the Ides of March? We Cinephiles want, we NEED, ANSWERS!
  • Use a card you can cancel 1/5

    By 5682thtry
    Because you won’t be able to cancel in the app without an “unexpected error”, then you’ll send tickets for weeks with no reply from customer service and then when they do finally cancel it they’ll just keep charging you for months.
  • Billed yet no card sent 1/5

    By Holly jolly followed
    I ordered a card on February 3rd and was billed two days later. It is now March 16th and I have still yet to receive my card. This is not the first complaint of this kind. I don’t know if this company can be trusted. My boyfriend ordered his the same day and received it. Yet when we went to the movie theater, his card didn’t work. Overall this seems like a scam.
  • broke almost every time i tried to use it 1/5

    By punkneverdie
    this is no exaggerating. i have tried to use it four times since i became a member. only one of them actually worked out. as a developer myself, the brokenness of this app makes me feel that it was written by a subpar developer with no QA and no product management whatsoever. every company is a tech company now. if you have an idea that’s gonna sell but you don’t have the technology to back it up then just don’t do it. simple as that.
  • Latest version fail 1/5

    By CR8V
    Went to use the app and stays on landing page asking to enable location services. Clicking any option does not work. Complete failure when they updated app one day ago. I'm using an iPhone 7 plus with latest iOS. Please fix today🙏
  • No customer support response 1/5

    By 1980Faul
    When your app doesn't work and you give no customer support response for hours, what are your customers supposed to do at the box office? This is a good idea, but I can't recommend it to anyone without customer support.
  • No customer service 1/5

    By drgray
    My card was supposed to arrive over a week ago. The link they sent me expired for “No, I have not received my card yet.” And no response to phone, email or chat inquiries from customer service. I’m still schedule to be charged but for what?! Very unhappy.
  • Completely non-functional since latest update 2/5

    By World's Foremost Expert
    The most recent update has rendered the app completely non-functional. When the app is opened, it gives the user two options, one to enable location services (they're already enabled) and one to continue using the app without location services. The first button, when pressed does nothing. The second button, on the other hand, does nothing. I'm just baffled that they allow these extreme goofs to go through. Recently the app failed, so I contacted customer service. Weeks later? Still no response. Get it together you guys! Still a good deal when it works, but that's less and less often these days.
  • App cannot be opened. 1/5

    By Karthiku
    Asks for enabling location services and when in click on it, nothing happens. Asks to upload my ticket stub again & again! Please fix!
  • How can anyone not LOVE this?! 5/5

    By KermitDahFrog
    But seriously. About 10$ a month. For a movie a day? Even one movie a month, pays for the service. Does it have its little quirks. Of course. But again. 10$ a month for theater movies!! Movie studios and theaters complain about “pirates” stealing movies.... and some stupid theater chains (YES YOU AMC) say they won’t accept this?? Shame on you AMC. I will NEVER watch a movie in ANY of your chains again. Neither will ANY member of my family or friends. MOVIEPASS, may you Live Long and Prosper! Need me to take a pic of my ticket stub?! NO PROBLEM! (10$ a month!!!) Want to “track” what theater I go to or places I go to eat before or after?! NO PROBLEM!!! (10$ a month!!!!!!) KEEP UP THE AWESOME SERVICE
  • So simple if you can read. 5/5

    By reana ranae
    The app, it’s literally the easiest thing to use as long as you can read. I ordered mine and my husbands car on the same day and receive them both in the mail on the same day. I can go to basically any theater. As you’re walking up you check in and that is it! If you have an IQ higher than a third grader this app should be no problem.
  • Zero Customer Support 1/5

    By Jhowe16
    You better hope you don’t have any issues because you won’t get any help. There is phone number or live person to talk to. You have to send them a message and they will get back to you when they feel like it. Took a month to get a response to a question I asked. Didn’t even answer my question. When it works it’s pretty slick. Unfortunately it doesn’t work too often.
  • Theater Map/List Awful 1/5

    By hunt1482
    Another awful update. For some reason they changed the theaters to a zoomed-out map view instead of a “nearby” list. There’s no option to change the default. You can tap list view, but it shouldn’t be necessary; the map shouldn’t be a permanent default. Especially if en route to the theater and driving, more taps than necessary are bad. Of course I’ll still use the app because I have to, but I don’t understand the change and don’t like it.
  • Can’t Progress Past Location Warning 1/5

    By Eugene Ko
    My location services are turned on for the app and I still cannot get past the screen warning about location services needing to be turned on.
  • Where is my pass? 1/5

    By Wow.. really?
    I ordered my movie pass the middle of January and have still not received it! I already contacted support in February who said they sent a new one and I will receive it in “7-10 days”...yet another month has gone by and nothing. I contacted support again earlier this week and haven’t received a response. This is getting ridiculous.
  • Costomer service 1/5

    By Sfeihc
    This the worst Money I spent I Purchased my membership through Costco because they offer $89 instead of $10 a month if you go straight to MoviePass. After Being a member for a month I had an issue of retrieving my password I’ve been contacting them doing a live chat emailing them. Their responses so poor and it’s been two months now and still my problem is not fix. Unfortunately I paid a whole year membership. I only got to use the card once. So save yourself some headache don’t buy MoviePass.
  • Current version is buggy garbage 1/5

    By Alexcress15
    Me and my friend updated the app yesterday. Never had a problem before. Tonight we got to the theatre and tried to check in, but it said there was already a pending confirmation. I went to the tab to see what movie that was, and it was the one i was trying to check into, so i tried to buy my ticket and the payment was declined. I tried to cancel in the app and reconfirm and it wouldnt let me or my friend cancel. We missed the movie. Grrrr
  • Great concept but not reliable 2/5

    By TheVintageHairSalon
    Had my movie pass for 2months. Loved the idea of it, too good to be true. Need to work out a lot of bugs in the app/load card system. Easy to check into movie. BUT even though your app says your card was loaded w/ funds and to proceed it will still come up declined. Which means you have to call in (if they are open, m-f 9-5) it took me a half hour just to get through the line on a fri at 2pm because so many people were calling them. The lady was able to load the card and i was 20min late to the movie. Tonight i had the same thing happen and could not see the movie because the customer support was closed. You can send them a message in the app but it will take 4-5 days for them to get back to you (so pointless).
  • Don’t buy this product 1/5

    By Tronfoxapple7
    It just brings you a headache and bad moments.
  • If it worked it would be worth it. 1/5

    By agaffney
    I loved the concept but this is just messy. After waiting two months for my card and being charged for those months I finally received my card for me to go to the movies to use it and it not work!!! Unbelievable! The costumer service is so slow, they should have phone service. I would just save the headache and not bother.
  • Pretty Good 4/5

    By Mr. T-boneSnoopdog
    Love the movies and this app allows me to have a great time. Took a while after getting my card for it to be activated. Once it was activated I had a choice of a movie each day. There were some glitches with the app and one time I almost wasn’t able to acquire a movie ticket due to some kind of weird error but eventually I got the ticket that night but missed my intended movie time. it’s been fixed since then. ALSO, during a special day (Valentines Day) the app wouldnt work. Im assuming that the app servers were overwhelmed. I would (and do) recommend this service to everyone I come in contact with.
  • Good in theory but terrible in practice 1/5

    By adoraim
    Okay so I’ve had MoviePass for about 6 months now and when it works, it’s great. But more often than not, you will waste your time driving to the theater only to find your MoviePass card declining or not supporting the movie you want to see even after it says you’re ready to buy your tickets. It’s a great concept and everything, but half the time you will end up frustrated at their poor service.
  • No 1/5

    By bodacious bobbilicious
    MoviePass TAKES and TAKES $$$ MONEY, does not deliver product and DOES NOT HAVE CUSTOMER SERVICES.

    By Eggggggggggggggg
    This is the worst customer service I’ve ever had. They said my card was delivered, but it wasn’t, and now they are RADIO SILENT. There is no phone number to call. I’m so mad I didn’t read the reviews before I purchased this stupid service. Total SCAM. My money is gone into a service I can’t use!!!! Good luck if you have any questions or problems.
  • Love this service 5/5

    By Tonysmooth
    Amazing value! App is getting better with each update!! This is the future of moviegoing!!!
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Kamboslice
    I love moviepass, I had it before and had cancelled it because it was $40 a month and I got to a point where I never went due to working a lot but now that’s it’s $10 a month you seriously can’t beat it. You go to one movie and you have your money’s worth already. And if you forget your pass like I did on vacation, you can call them ahead of time and they can issue a refund with the picture of your ticket! That sealed the deal for me, I was super worried because I didn’t have my pass and didn’t want to pay for a movie because I had it just not with me. So they were kind enough to refund my ticket that I paid out of pocket for. 💕 Also I LOVE that you can use it at the “nice” theatres , with reclining seat and all. I love movie tavern and regal theaters and moviepass supports them. All I wish is that they had more eticket movie theaters available so if you did not have a pass you can pay for it through the app. I would also suggest being able to add the pass to your Apple wallet so you can’t leave it.

    By Gleefull3
    I’ve had a pass for years. It’s the greatest thing ever. We go see a movie almost every night. I love that i can even see them more than once! The process is super simple, so I don't understand why the low ratings. It’s not rocket science people! Go to the theatre, check in while you’re walking from the car, buy your ticket, swipe the card, and see a movie. Super easy. AND THE BEST PART, you can still earn reward points at some theaters! As far as the customer service and app glitches, I’ve only encountered it once. IN OVER 3 YEARS. Call customer service. I feel like I shouldn’t have to mention this part, DON’T BE RUDE! If you’re polite to them, they are more inclined to correct your issue quickly. Nobody likes to get yelled at.
  • Dream Come True 5/5

    By OfficialBry
    This service is a dream come true for me. I’ve always loved movies. I have no issues with the app.
  • Amazing. Don’t listen to haters. 5/5

    By happygodavid
    This is the best money I have spent on entertainment in years. I’ve seen a ton of movies for $10 a month. Their customer service has gotten immensely better in the past few months. I’ve had a couple of issues and have been able to resolve them in minutes by chatting with support through the app. Also, for those with tinfoil hats... Do your research before listening to the mostly uninformed negativity about data tracking. I recommend watching the CEO’s interview on the Screen Junkies News channel. He explains how they use data and how they plan on making money. It’s easy; if you don’t want your location tracked, go to settings, location services, allow while using the app. It’s iOS 101. I can’t recommend this app and service enough. Get it!
  • 5/5 5/5

    By Imfreakingboss12
    This absolutely the best deal out there! I haven’t had any issues with any transaction, and everything has worked flawlessly. I highly recommend movie pass to anyone who is an active movie goer!
  • Buyer beware! 1/5

    By webzilla.
    Never received my card, moviepass billed my credit card several times. Never responded to multiple emails to “customer service.” Contacted my credit card company, they gave me a number to call, it was disconnected.
  • You should be rating the app itself. 4/5

    By Niamanicheese
    I never understand why people are rating an app using their experiences with the service and not the app. It does not help developers in anyway to make THE APP better and if the app is not being made better guess what you have issues with... checking in, reserving seats, server issues etc. Customer service has a number, there is Twitter, there is instagram, there are tickets and chats. Eventually something will get fixed but complaining about the service and not the app is not helping your situation. The developers are seeing this not the people in customer service or the people that hire them. The app is self looks great after the update. As long as you keep it updated and have all of your permissions and data right you shouldn’t have an issue, I haven’t had one.
  • Murphy’s Law 2/5

    By aberinkulasmin
    Do not expect a polished experience in any capacity. Whatever can happen will happen. The app will sign you out for some reason. It’ll crash. It’ll stop working and then start again. Your account will not work and start working and then it turns out they think you never had an account at all. This is all in the context of a company that doesn’t really provide much in the way of customer service, so when things are really boned, you don’t really have many other options. Especially if the app doesn’t work, because it’s the only way to cancel your account. If you enjoy your films with a heaping side of chaos, this is the service for you. Everyone else would be better spending their sanity elsewhere.
  • Needs some changes. 2/5

    By OHJ90H9
    Please add the option to view times for future days! I hate having to use another app to check showtimes for a showing the next day because MoviePass only shows the current day.
  • 2018 obsession 5/5

    By super sioux
    ok me and my boyfriend got this around christmas bc we were tired of just sitting at home all the time but we don’t want to spend money on dates. moviepass is literally the perfect solution it still sounds way too good to be true it’s only $10 per month and where i live one movie ticket is more than $10 so if you use it once per month you’re already saving money. we both got our cards in less than two weeks and have never had any problems with the app or with the theaters or anything. maybe i’m just lucky and some people have bad experiences but i would give this 10 stars if i could. it’s almost so good i don’t want to tell people about it. almost. so yeah get moviepass
  • Awesome 5/5

    By .j.t.l.
    My whole family uses this service and love it! Great concept!
  • Completely unresponsive to problems 1/5

    By David from R.
    My wife bought 4 movie pass deals from Costco for the family around the first of the year. The program requires a physical card for most theaters. My wife and kids received their cards promptly. It is now mid marc and mine has not arrived. I’ve contacted the company through the app six or seven times. Once, they asked me to verify my address and said they would send out the card immediately. It is now 3 1/2 months later and I have not received a card. My repeated messages to them go unanswered. I have not received the item that I paid for and, even though I have made repeated attempts to have the problem fixed, I have been unable to get any type of response from them.
  • GREAT 5/5

    By dougiez
    Works every time. No problems
  • Potentially great? 1/5

    By Vijr24
    I’m sure this is great if you do not need any customer service support. There is no phone number and I have gone multiple days without a response to simple questions. If you have an issue, be prepared to get ut possibly resolved within 70 days. That’s how long it took me to finally be able to use mine that was gifted.

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