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MoviePass App

MoviePass is back! The only movie theater subscription that lets you save at any theater for one low price. Save on all the latest movies at any theater in the country. Get tickets, select a seat, and receive promotions directly in the MoviePass app. Here’s how it works: 1. Select a monthly plan. 2. Browse the app and start seeing movies the same day with e-ticketing at our partner theaters. 3. You can go to any theater in the country with your MoviePass card. 4. Roll over unused credits. 5. There’s no commitment - cancel anytime. Frequently Asked Questions What makes MoviePass unique? MoviePass is the only movie theater subscription that lets you see any movie at any theater for one low price. How many credits does a movie cost? The credit value of a movie is based on showtime, day of the week, and theater location. MoviePass is partnered with over 30% of movie theaters to bring you the biggest savings with same-day e-ticketing! You always have access to movie theaters outside of our network, but you’ll see the best deals at partner theaters. Do my credits rollover? Yes! Your credits rollover up to the amount you have in your current plan. How many movies can I see a month? You decide the number of movies you see every month, based on the plan you choose. Current plans offer 1-3 movies, 2-4 movies, 3-5 movies. The range has to do with the difference between peak and off-peak. Will my credits rollover? Yes! Your credits rollover up to the amount you have in your current plan. So if your plan is for 23 credits per month, you can have up to 46 credits in your account. How long will it take for my MoviePass card to get here? Your MoviePass card will arrive within 10 days of your sign up. Your account will renew one month after you’ve activated your card. When can I start going to the movies? See a movie the same day you sign up with e-ticketing at any of our partner theaters. Non-partner theaters will require the MoviePass card for a ticket purchase. Need a movie break? Cancel anytime and rejoin whenever you’re ready to get back to the dazzling silver screen. How can I reach customer support? Thank you for using our app! For customer support, use chat support within your MoviePass app or email [email protected] Any movie. Any theater. One MoviePass.

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MoviePass app reviews

  • Not for me 2/5

    By mckenzieck
    I live in NYC so was not going to get an amazing deal anyway (higher ticket prices). But I chose not to even try bc you have to be physically at the theater to buy the ticket. Nope. As for the app, it's glitchy and important info (like which theaters participate) is hidden. Oh well.
  • False Advertising 1/5

    By ParanoidOptomist
    When signing up, it says the card will take 10 days to get to you, but in the meantime, you can use electronic ticketing at theaters that will except it… After looking through about 70 theaters in my area and not one takes electronic ticketing so they get 10 days of my money for NOTHING in return.
  • Bugs 1/5

    By manishmishra1304
    I faced this issue in the past when it launched and that’s why I haven’t taken its subscription but still getting the same, when I open this app, it shows “Something went wrong. Please try again!”. I can neither join any subscription through app nor through laptop”. Can someone look into it so I can join it. Currently giving 1 star because nothing is working.
  • Shaky Start - Updated Review 3/5

    By RacyLaserJet
    This app got off to a rocky start I got an email that my wait was over and I could sign up now. So of course I went to the site and attempted to sign up with it failing and hanging on picking my plan. Then I downloaded the app. I was able to sign in with my username and password but the top still says “Join”. I also still can’t pick a plan because it says “Error Something went wrong. Please try again. I sent screenshots to support but am not holding my breath. Support got back to me a few hours later and I was able to complete sign up. I'll try a movie in the next day or two.
  • Do not bother!! 1/5

    By Blake92
    MoviePass will fall faster than it did last time. It’s a total scam. False advertising claiming I can get 3-7 tickets a month when the credits per ticket is so high. Just get a regal or amc membership if you can.

    By restinpepperoniz
    - App DOES NOT allow you to cancel subscription. You click cancel and nothin happens - “Support” DOES NOT work at all Call your bank to block future transactions.
  • Bad UX and bad product 1/5

    By thisisme0103
    UX is horrible, it doesn’t allow you to search movies. You have to scroll through all to find the movie you want to see. Also when I tried to type in my login credential, the keypad stays on the screen and covers up other information on the screen, and you can minimize it. Not a good experience with app. Now to the product, what the marketing material does not tell you is that you can only see movies of the day, and you have to physically show up in the theater, so if a movie is sold out or have awful seats, you are out of luck because you can’t see the seat chart in advance before you head into the theater. I guess you can go to the theater website to see if you want but again, if I pay $20 per month, I expect to get more out of it, like being able to reserve seats in advance, pay in advance, etc. so that I feel secured going into the theater. I quickly canceled my subscription that I just signed up 15 min ago after playing with the app for 10 min. Very easy decision to make. Sorry MoviePass, I gave it a second chance but it still does not live up with my expectation.

    By Henny054
    I had the OG MoviePass back in the day where it was $10 for unlimited movies every month. It was flawless and incredible. I just received an email tonight that said I was eligible to get my pass again, so I signed up, pay the $10 and was sent to this weird glitchy page that said my account was confirmed and that they would send me an email. Hours later I never received an email and had no way to log on to view because it kept putting me through the steps to sign up again. I decided to download this app and it's not accepting my login and when I tried to recover the password it keeps booting me out. Of course they had no problem already charging my account so I'm going to dispute this and try my hardest to cancel and hope they don't charge me every month. This is absolutely ridiculous and the CEO of MoviePass should be ashamed of trying to release this garbage.
  • Welp I just lost $20 1/5

    By Thelman537
    So I signed up for the basic package because I got an invitation. After I signed up I downloaded the app and that’s when I saw all the 1-2 star reviews and realized it was a too good to be true. I decided I’ll try it for the month I subscribed but that I will cancel my subscription right now so I don’t forget to. Welp I did that and lost all my credits for the month I already subscribed for, and did not receive a refund. So moral of the story, read reviews before you buy 🤦🏽‍♂️
  • Just don't fall into 1/5

    By Roshanak Safi
    No confirmation email. No way to reach customer service. No way to type your need in live chat. No section to remove your card information. No movie is available in your area. Wow!
  • Returning Customer Disappointed Day 1 1/5

    By @DinoWilliams
    I wanted to love this again. This credit system is horrible. I chose the basic plan (34 credits) which they estimate 1-3 movies per month. EVERY single movie at every theater is 34 credits no mater what time it was today. Meaning that 1 movie will use all my 34 credits for this billing period which costs 10$ per month. My wife and I like to watch new releases on Tuesdays at our local (large) theater… and tickets on Tuesdays are only $7.50 each. There as no way to know if the movie theaters in my state (Arkansas) were e-ticket provider partners. All 23 (or what ever the count is) NONE of them are NOT: which means I have to wait 7-10 days for my card to arrive. *if it actually arrived on time. When I was a customer the first time at the creation of the company, it took 3 months to receive my card. I already plan on canceling at the end of this first month.
  • Cheaper Without MoviePass 1/5

    By ZackBurns
    My wife and I were initial MoviePass customers and told all our friends. We saw all kinds of movies we’d never normally see. We spent money on concessions - which is the real money maker for theaters. When the company went bankrupt we were unhappy and barely went to the movies for years. Now that’s MoviePass is back - we were initially excited and signed up for the “beta”. After viewing and comparing “credits” vs actual prices at the theater - it’s cheaper to just pay out of pocket (especially matinees)…so there’s no real reason to support MoviePass - it’s not a deal anymore.

    By Fbskskhddnndksksbdbdowieuei
    So I enjoyed movie pass when it first came out; I saw a bunch of movies for only $10. It was a great deal, obviously unsustainable but nice while it lasted. This new iteration is terrible, you get a certain amount of points per your membership, they say you can get 1-3 movies for a basic ($10) membership, thinking it would be worth it to see 2 or 3 movies for $10 I signed up. Well surprise surprise, EVERY movie near me was for 34 points or credits, the full amount I have for one month, so you aren’t seeing 1-3 movies in reality, you are seeing 1. Blatant false advertising, don’t fall for their scam. Already cancelled and disputed the charge with my bank due to the blatant false advertising.
  • Fraudulent company 1/5

    By Nico Ali B
    In update to my last post. I had unsubscribed and then noticed they still charged me. When I redownload the app it had me as subscribed again and no where to remove or change payment information. I’ve emailed them but I have low to no hopes I’ll get a reply so Ive disputed the charge. I “canceled” my subscription again and realized no confirmation is sent if the cancellation. Basically removing any proof of a cancellation. Smh such a shady company.
  • This App and Platform has the potential to be great 2/5

    By $WAG M0NAY
    I love moviepass, I was one of the first people to sign up when it originally came out around 2018. I went to so many movies I loved it. The app was very easy to use back then. The problems that need to be fixed now are as follows: - Location Services glitch all the time. It is actively using my location but says that I don’t have my location services on. - It will say that no movies are available when they are, sometimes you have to search for a theater instead of a movie to get it to show up. - Customer Support chat doesn’t work at all, whether or not you are in the chat during business hours it will not work. - You are unable to edit or cancel your subscription on the account subscription page, it’s as if the buttons are inactive, they do not work. Overall I think moviepass is great, there are just some kinks to work out on the development side that I know have and will frustrate users. Hopefully once these issues are fixed, the overall rating for the app will go up!
  • Lies lies lies 1/5

    By Framework FTW
    App shows all movies and cinemas in the area, when you click to select a movie, it tells you that no movies are available in my area... Took 5 minutes to create the account and 2 seconds to cancel it.. if it gets really cancel. Watch your bank statement to be sure they are not getting any penny for this scam 2.0
  • Worst development 1/5

    By karenandamy
    1. The subscription page is not working - can’t change subscription, can’t cancel. 2. It sometimes doesn’t show any availability movies/theaters 3. No customer service so there’s no way to change subscription or cancel. 4. I’m charged $15 per month which doesn’t fall into any subscriptions cuz the page shows $10 or $20 per month. I’m stuck with it.
  • SCAM 1/5

    By imunurme
    Where to begin. My credit card was charged $10 and I never received the points I was promised. I have emailed moviepass numerous times and haven’t received a reply. My girlfriend has also experienced issues. In her case she did receive points but tried on three separate occasions to use them and couldn’t. She has also emailed MoviePass support but has been ignored. MoviePass claims to have a card account customer support number (855)449-2273. But the only thing they can help you with is by telling you how you’ve used the card (which movies you’ve seen). The back of the card also notes a phone number for account questions (855)410-3161. However, when I first called that number (a few weeks back) the person who answered said it was for another business. Now that number appears to be a non working number. The app has a contact support section that doesn’t work. The app also used to have a button in the subscription section to cancel the subscription. It didn’t work. You would press it and nothing would happen. They now removed that button. Moviepass is good at presenting a nice looking app and providing you with a debit card that makes it seem like everything is legit. But that is it. It’s all for appearance purposes. If you’re not willing to give them money for only this and not expect to have any type of service in return, don’t fall into this trap.
  • How is this legal? 1/5

    By DonVitoYo
    I’ve had my account since November and I’ve had zero credits roll over despite not using it. You can’t even cancel your own subscription through the app despite the big red “CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION” in your account settings. Cannot wait for the class action lawsuit on this one.

    By doow1anit
  • Horrendous app, borderline bait and switch subscriptions 1/5

    By JsrQ👑
    This app is garbage. Sometimes it will load all of the local movies and theaters, sometimes it says there aren’t any movies playing and won’t let you watch anything. Good luck if you’re standing in line for tickets and the app decides the movie isn’t playing or that you aren’t at the theater with it’s questionable gps usage. Also the movie credit model is a total scam. You get 34 credits for $10/month and based on normal pricing through the app this usually equates to just one movie. As much as I hate to say this because I loved the original app you’re better off avoiding MoviePass.
  • Stay away! 1/5

    By ilovelofi
    I’m not one to leave negative reviews, but I really want to save my fellow moviegoers some stress and advise you all to stay away from the new MoviePass until they get their act together. • The theaters supported are pretty much limited to chains • The showtimes that *are* supported resulted in a successful purchase for only two of the four showtimes I tried, and you’re already at the theater at the point where the app errors out • None of my customer service requests ever received a response • The button to cancel your subscription is suspiciously non-functional, so I’m stuck waiting for a customer service reply that will either never come or take weeks. I foresee a dispute with my bank in my future *sigh*
  • It seems broken 1/5

    By Harsha-reddy
    Tried booking my ticket from the theater and the app kept loading and I couldn’t book from it. I wouldn’t recommend it.
  • Try it out for yourself 5/5

    By mjs009
    I read all the 1 star reviews. Has to be either haters or people that live in BfE. Worked like a charm in Tampa Bay. It's just as inconvenient but a money saver as the 1.0 version. I like how the card itself is black and not coupon clipper red like before.
  • Scam, garbage app 1/5

    By Wordfanzzz
    Apple, please remove this app from your store. Moviepass billed me, nothing works, and the cancel subscription button is not clickable. I’ll dispute the charge with my credit card company.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By abcd tradesphone
    No customer service can’t reach anyone after a week still. No new movies that are playing in my area. Then can’t find movies at all Or theaters and no movie time’s available
  • Worst App ever 1/5

    By @Lokii
    It’s the worst app I ever seen. I guess they are back to cover there losses. I am not even able to cancel the subscription. Customer service is a nightmare. Do not do not subscribe it, will be losing your money it’s a scam to recover there money back
  • False advertising 1/5

    By iamchristianp
    FALSE ADVERTISING! NO CUSTOMER SUPPORT! Email says movies cost 10-20 points depending on WHEN you watch it. I paid $10 for 34 points, which should be 3 movies per month. While my card was being mailed to me, the app said movies cost 17 points per movie, which is 2 movies per month. After my card arrived, movies now cost 18-44 points depending on the theater, with most theaters requiring over 34 points. This is 1 movie per month and I can’t even go to most theaters. They do not send out emails whenever they change their business model or pricing. They could start charging 100 points per movie and they wouldn’t make any official announcement, even to their investors. I tried contacting support twice and there hasn’t been a response. Also they lied about previous members getting bonus credits. Do not subscribe to this service because it’ll likely go out of business at any moment and you won’t be able to get a refund. They’ll probably keep allowing people to subscribe after their service is dead because that’s the type of people running this service.
  • How do you get worse with every relaunch?? 1/5

    By Josuke
    They say third times a charm, but apparently Moviepass didn’t get the memo as this is the WORST reincarnation of this company. The app doesn’t work. Every time I try to look for theaters it say there are none around me, but if I tap on a movie it shows me all the theaters around me I can use. The problem is your can only reserve a ticket through the theaters section, which again says there are no theaters around me. I’ve tried to contact customer support through chat but apparently they don’t exist bc 4 hours later and I’ve gotten zero response. Mind you it’s Noon EST, 9 am pst on Friday, so there’s no reason they shouldn’t be working. I’ll be cancelling my subscription and watch on the sidelines as Moviepass fails again. Might be time for whoever keeps trying to bring this back to just give up…..
  • SCAM: lie about movie credit costs and no support 1/5

    By C3POrator
    Original pass holder. This new start is worse than the fall of the original moviepass. The point credit system in app does NOT match what is promised/advertised prior to starting your subscription. Everything costs 17 credits no matter time or day. Matinees that should be 10 credits, are still 17 credits. The in-app support chat hasn’t responded and it’s been over 48 hours. Do not fall for the SCAM.
  • Will Fail Again 1/5

    By Icicles I've had
    App doesn't give you enough information. Isn't even a user guide. I've been to 2 theaters in the same day and haven't been able to use the card. It's been over an Hr and still waiting for someone to respond. Don't waste your money. Can't even get the location feature right smh

    By MW001212
    Save your money and your time. This app is incredibly annoying to use and the credit system seems explicitly designed to force you to purchase more credits. Also their ‘cancel’ button doesn’t work and their customer service doesn’t answer so there appears to be no way to cancel your subscription.
  • The “Cancel Subscription” Button Does Not Work 1/5

    By ninnydotnet
    That’s all that you need to know, really.
  • Issues 1/5

    By Secured Homeowner
    My card is activated and it took 17 tickets for a movie. When I went to swipe the card it didn’t work. We tried 3 times and nothing. I had to pay cash. I haven’t gotten a answer back from customer service. All I’m asking for is to fix the problem and my 17 tickets back or more for the embarrassment and holding the line up.
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By md12573
    It’s one of most buggy app I ever used , looks like the app was written by middle school kids for school project . If I start the issue the list goes on…., don’t take the subscription guys . Earlier version of the movie pass is much better , I had huge expectations from movies pass when they said they are coming back to the market , now they are the worst ever. I can’t even close my account…
  • Cannot cancel subscription 1/5

    By areddy3693
    The button that says cancel subscription is not working. i see only very few theatres.
  • Seriously 1/5

    By Baker2401212
    This app is a waste of space. As a previous movie pass user I was hoping this would be better. So far it’s worse
  • 34 Credits isn’t enough 1/5

    By RossLapin
    I can only watch one movie this month near me, every theater is charging 20 credits, leaving me to purchase an additional ticket for my partner and saving no money.
  • I gave them a second try… shame on me 1/5

    By Mlbten
    Bad. Just bad. The credit system is not good. I got the entry level plan to see how it works after being burned on the original MoviePass. This is soooo much worse!!! I was IN the theatre and trying to get my ticket(again, have to be in close proximity just like the original). It said “too far from theatre”. I tried multiple times to no avail. I sent an email because there is ZERO way to get support. It’s been 3 weeks. No response. I bought the ticket on top of what I paid this app. 🤮. Get it together MoviePass or get out. I’ve report this as a scam. Save your money— AMCStubs is apparently “Best In Show”
  • Waste of Time and Money - Worst support 1/5

    By PramodVemula
    Movie pass experience - WORST Credits given 34 for $15 plan Time wasted - One full day in booking 2 tickets Support - Nill. I have tried mailing them no one responded back till now App Experience - WORST In Both beta and main movie pass apps, most of the buttons do not work. Examples: 1) Subscription cancellation button 2) Ticket booking do not work through checkin in theatre. Even though I was in theater, it asks me to be in theater. All privacy options are enabled. Debit card experience - WORST They do not have any visibility on what’s going on with Moviepass Overall, do not waste your time and money with Movie pass
  • App doesn’t work 1/5

    By big sigh lil sigh
    The beta didn’t work and now this one won’t even let me log in. I feel like I wasted my money. I never got to watch a movie on top of not being able to sign in I emailed them and I still haven’t received an email back.
  • Can’t Activate my card 1/5

    By Adinodragon
    Just got my card for the new moviepass and there is literally nowhere in the app to activate it, which the letter that came with the card told me to do. Plus, I was told to use the “in-app support line” to clear up any questions and conveniently the app doesn’t have that either. Really wanted this to work this time around but looks like MoviePass 2.0 is even a bigger mess than the original. STEER CLEAR.
  • No place to activate card 1/5

    By leeslotushy
    I got my new card today and can’t activate it anywhere on the app. There’s no contact us button to reach out for any help. This mailpiece came with a piece of information that read my card limit is 5000$. I was never told i am being sent a credit card that i can use anywhere. This is absolutely trash. Old movie pass was so much better. Don’t get it guys!!
  • Houston area decent 4/5

    By Jboy23231
    Just got the invite and signed up for the 34 credit plan. Looking at the app it does appear this would get me two tickets a month in the Houston region so not to bad an option and it did appear to support AMC, Regal, and Cinemark. I didn’t see any 3d upgrade options though the app only showed me price for 2d movies. Will give it a try once I get my card.
  • Credit System doesn’t work 1/5

    By losgiorgos
    Any remotely new movie and any remotely close theater cost more credits than the $15 plan? It seems silly to pay for a subscription to have to wait or drive a while to go see anything. I know the old movie pass isn’t possible, but this ain’t it
  • Poor Beta Experience 1/5

    By vicky.txt
    I was a previous member of MoviePass, and while I still remember how frustrating that experience had been, I was willing to give 2.0 a chance. Just for a month to see what’s new, I told myself. I can cancel right after, I thought. But so far, so bad. There’s no in-app chat support as promised. The sign-up process had been seamless, but after, there’s no way to manage your own subscription, so you’re stuck until someone from the support email replies to you. The credit system is weird (34 = 2 movies). I don’t understand why a theater will show up one day and not the next, when I already know that there’s a showtime available for the movie I want to see, making it very hard to make any plans unless I have plenty of free time to show up on location and take a chance to see if the app will work. Smh.
  • Pass on the MoviePass 1/5

    By j607s597
    The credit system does not equate to multiple movies a month. One move at my local theater is more than my monthly credit limit and the monthly fee is already the price of a ticket.
  • Not so great deals on new movies with cheapest plans. 4/5

    By wavs do die:(
    Seems like new movies come out to 24 credits with the cheapest plan only giving you 34. Movies that have been out which are only like 2 at the moment with the current catalog are 14 so you can get atleast 2 movies in. I can see the credits per movies going down after awhile or like me you would like this after waiting awhile for the crowds to die down and go to the theaters.
  • False advertising 1/5

    By Williams2W
    Claims 2 movies a month for 34 credits tier and then in the app every single movie 2D or 3D costs 35 credit each???

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