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No matter where you purchase your favorite movies, Movies Anywhere lets you bring them together in one app. BRING YOUR MOVIE COLLECTION TOGETHER Create an account with Movies Anywhere. Signing up is free, and there’s no subscription fee. Only pay for the movies you want to watch. CONNECT AND SYNC IN SECONDS Connect your digital retailer accounts to import your movies from iTunes and other retailers. Watch your movies come together in your new Movies Anywhere library in seconds! DISCOVER NEW MOVIES Whether it’s date night or a late night, we’ve got you covered. With over 7,000 movies, there’s a movie for everyone. YOUR MOVIES, ALWAYS WITH YOU Stream your movies or save them for later. No matter where you go, your Movies Anywhere library will go with you. WATCH ANYWHERE Phone, laptop, TV, tablet – wherever you want to watch, we’re there.


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  • It’s ok but keeps signing me out. 2/5

    By The Pudgy Pup
    When I get in to a movie it kicks me out and says sign in.
  • Terrible streaming quality 1/5

    By .B.R.A.D.
    This app never streams correctly for me. It has skipped over 100 times in a two hour movie and made the film watching process unbearable. When it does actually work, the image quality is very poor. I would not recommend this app to anyone.
  • This is one outstanding app! 5/5

    By ThePrawns
    This app has been without doubt the best way I have found to take all my movies wherever I go and in my experience it has been a very stable app. My one (tiny) criticism is that a list of movies show in the 'continue watching' section if you've not watched through every second of the end credits.
  • One of the BEST APPS I have 5/5

    By Jess's Dad
    I have all my movies in one place. (Not Paramount😞) but great sent my family on vacation and my daughter hade all our movies to play on the long flight.
  • Limited. 1/5

    By Dave8880989n
    Missing major studios. Still need other apps if you want to add to your movie collection.
  • Can't download my movies on iPad2 1/5

    By mp1222emecee
    Like many people, I have upgraded my iPad etc with the intention of using my older iPad for the kids. Just before a road trip when I decide to make sure the Disney movies I purchased were downloaded and ready to watch, I am greeted with a "must update" message, and after the update the app tells me I have to update to iOS 10 to download movies. The iPad 2 cannot run iOS 10, so now I am just denied the ability to download movies I already bought. Being able to stream them is no comfort given potential breaks in service (and this will be a problem on planes too). So frustrating and there needs to be a solution for this.
  • Unable to link 1/5

    By Bostoncape
    Able to link most of my libraries. iTunes however is stuck connected, but showing no movies from library. I am also unable to disconnect the library from this app. The instructions to go to iTunes ID and manage retailers setting in order to disconnect account are useless if the setting doesn’t appear. There is a disconnect all right. Just not the disconnect that is necessary. The app still is not fully functional for me.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Micahg06
    Horrible asks for personal information
  • Wide Screen 3/5

    By azuwhr
    The app seems great, the only problem that I have is that it’s only wide screen it doesn’t give you the option to blow the picture up at all. When using Google play or using iTunes to watch movies I have that option.
  • Not safe for children 1/5

    By juniperkay1975
    Are there plans to allow me to switch and lock my son’s sub profile on his iPad? Since it is not a mobile device, this feature does not exist in the current version. This makes this app unsafe for an 8 year old who can easily watch previews for R rated movies under Explore. I have set it to only show PG movies in My Movies, but he is still able to access inappropriate content in other ares of the app. Until this issue is resolved I do not recommend this app for use on a child’s iPad.
  • Ok, not great 2/5

    By Artemis 23
    I have almost 30 movies from other apps (Vudu, google play, and iTunes) that haven’t shown up yet (including “Grease” that I bought like a month ago on Vudu) in the movies anywhere app. On Vudu I have 152 movies and on movies anywhere I have 123. That’s a big difference. Please fix this and other issues mentioned below so I can change my review to 5 stars. You still need to have the other streaming movie services Vudu, google, prime because not all of your movies show up in the movie anywhere app. You will miss those movies that don’t all transfer. You should be able to pick on the movies anywhere app which service you want to buy it through like buying a movie through Vudu, Google or iTunes within the movies anywhere app. My biggest complaint would be that my wife and I have a family account linked with our kids but only the one account that is linked works. If my account is linked on movies anywhere app then a movie my wife buys on Google won’t show up because hers is not linked to movies anywhere. I have to unlink my account and wait six months to log into her account for her movies to show up or just use my google movie app to watch the movie she bought. All my families movies should be linked so all of their movie purchases show up as well as mine because we are linked on google. Itunes as well has family linked accounts and should be the same thing. If on person on the account buys a movie it should automatically show up in movies anywhere. Please fix these things to make movies anywhere app a better place to keep all of mine AND MY FAMILIES movies.
  • :( 1/5

    By Jlschrad
    After the update the app will not work:(
  • Perfect Answer 5/5

    By Wvharry1973
    Could not watch Vudu on my Amazon Fire. Thanks. Now I don’t have to look so hard at my iPhone when I don’t want to watch what my wife is watching.
  • Doesn’t support all movies 1/5

    By ivhs72
    Purchased a movie on iTunes but it doesn’t show on Movies Anywhere. When I asked why I was told they don’t have all the movies in their library only certain studios. It makes me wary of purchasing movies now.
  • Where is PIP? 3/5

    By wojovox
    I like this app for bringing all my movies together and appreciate playing iTunes movies through chrome cast. My issue is that PIP does not exist, how? I want to watch a movie while browsing the web on my iPad. when PIP is added, and only then will this app rank supreme amongst all video players. After reading the develop response, I’m still left bewildered how PIP is a great suggestion but not already implemented. This is the only video playing app I’m aware of on iPad that does not support PIP. It feels unprofessional that what iTunes, Netflix, VUDU, FandangoNow, etc. all have is a suggestion for MoviesAnywhere. If this app supported PIP, then it would outclass ALL other video players and land a 5 Star review from me. But I’m currently still using the other video services over this one for their PIP support.

    By Famousdrummer
    You’re telling me that millions of dollars in the movie industry are funneling people into an app that can’t maintain a proper login, can’t connect to third parties for verification, and can’t provide instant access to material the is available on massive servers. This is trash. There is NO. EXCUSE. Do your best to avoid it and leave a solid and honest review as I have.
  • Great app!!! 5/5

    By Bnhill92
    This app is amazing!! I’m so glad that I can put all of my movies on this app and watch them on the go!!
  • Disney No Where 1/5

    By Batiste07
    How is it that a movie that is download buffers ? I thought the whole point of downloading was so that there’s no need for wi fi ... or any connection. Disney has a lot of cash flow this app should not be acting like this #Uninstalling
  • Pauses streaming all the time 1/5

    By SKYNET081
    This is the worst application I have ever used. You can’t get through one movie without it buffering every 30 seconds. It’s amazing to me for such a huge company that this is the worst buffering I have ever seen out of any application even at their infancy. I’ve definitely gone back to VUDU.
  • So convenient 5/5

    By LegoJowns
    Movies Anywhere is the best!
  • Coolest thing ever! 5/5

    By Trev2flawless
    As much as I wanted to watch and own “the greatest showman” on dvd.. the fact that I could type in a code and “movies anywhere” allows me to watch this movie on any device!! Blew my mind! Thank you for this!!
  • Good Movie App 5/5

    By Poop Daddy
    This App is easy to use. It’s a great way to take your movies with you.
  • Really annoyed 1/5

    By Disappointed4689753357
    I’m really annoyed that I was forced into this app for my digital download. Up until now I’ve always been offered a choice of platform options. I understand a company wanting to promote a new service, but I’m not interested. I now have a collection of movies elsewhere and this one random movie on a random app that I didn’t ask for.
  • Really? 2/5

    By Tom boy batman lover
    I saw this app when I got The Greatest Showman.You have to buy the movies!It never showed that in the pictures!
  • Don’t use this service. 1/5

    By These people are the worst
    I was gifted a movie with a redemption code in it so I could have a digital copy as well. I went to redeem it and it said it was added, no problems. I went to watch the movie the next day and it was not in my list. So I tried to redeem it again thinking maybe I did something wrong. Well a message popped up and said I already have that title in my list, but it so clearly was not in my list. I contacted customer support and it was anything but supportive. They told me that I was lying about putting the code on my account, which is impossible because the pop up message even said I already have the code and cannot re-enter it. They told me that the only way it would do that was if I had another email attached to it because a different email was assigned to the code when they looked it up, but I have no other emails AT ALL. So instead of trying to solve the problem the girl, “Kara” said I was lying and she wasn’t going to help me. When she emailed me she didn’t even use proper English. One sentence said, “I defiantly want to help you, but you are lying.” TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. I will not be continuing my account with this app and I DEFINITELY do not recommend it to anyone.
  • It won’t let me log in on my iPhone 1/5

    By Brenda in FL
    I can log in to the app on my desktop computer, but not on my iPhone. I’ve tried everything they’ve recommended so far, and I cannot log in to it on my iPhone. It works fine from my desktop computer (an Apple iMac), but not from my iPhone. Same login information (ID and password), but does not work on my phone. They’re asking for extensive information now in order to escalate my case to Tier 2 support. It should not be this hard. I’m done trying.
  • Good app, needs three things to improve upon the next update 4/5

    By Miguel the Stone Jaguar Slayer
    It’s a good app and all, but I think there are three things that are a MUST for Movies Anywhere: - Picture In Picture mode support on iPad devices (for playback) - An added download capability on devices that are under iOS Update 10 (or suggested update, whatever it is) - Titles from Lionsgate, Paramount and others to be added on Movies Anywhere (including connected iTunes, VUDU, Amazon Video, etc. accounts) With all the updates coming soon in the near future, hopefully these are some things that will be added.
  • DisneyMoviesAnywhere is fine 2/5

    By bobbydaworm
    The app is fine because one day I went to Walmart and got dr strange than when I tried using the code it did not work
  • Doesn’t stay connected 1/5

    By heyhomoviesletsgo
    This thing doesn’t keep my accounts connected
  • About time we have a video share app. 4/5

    By Captian Kirt
    Does majority of your videos but not all. Just load and you’ll be happy
  • Movies never play offline. Pointless. 1/5

    By CL238
    I had this use this app because Disney stopped supporting. It hasn't once ever played movies offline and that's the whole point of using this app.
  • Free movies 5/5

    By Jonnyrk
    Got four free movies for adding accounts
  • I thought it was great at first 3/5

    By Spazzinga
    It works on its own app, but when connecting through YouTube there is a licensing error that pops up every 2 minutes, very annoying and unwatchable, needs to be fixed
  • Horrible app sorry to say that 1/5

    By Can you accomplish my request
    I am so angry you have to pay to watch the movie or create an account and I would rather watch move in the website I always watch
  • Coolest app ever 5/5

    By jcbreath
    Like it
  • Terrible.. 1/5

    By Memah Ranch
    When we were FORCED to leave Disney on the go and had to have this crappy app... we lost all movies. Wanting us to buy again....
  • Love hate 3/5

    By ssbonefam
    I love movie anywhere, on my phone and my IPad Air, but I am disappointed that I can’t download and save on our IPad mini 1’s that our kids have. I don’t know if that is something the developer could address, or if it is because Apple decided to stop updating 1st generation mini’s. Either way super annoying.
  • Thank God 5/5

    By AA2GJ
    Finally a way to bring all of my streaming content together, I started with iTunes years ago then switched to VUDU for my streaming, now I won’t need to rebuy the videos on iTunes to enjoy it in VUDU. I highly recommend this free service to bring together your streaming content.
  • Excellent customer service 5/5

    By scjyounger
    The app has functioned as promised. The best part, though, is their customer service! I emailed them when I realized not all my movies synced with the new program because they were listed under two email addresses. The customer service rep, Lacy, was quick to discover the problem and have my issue resolved within 24 hours. Through several exchanges she was polite and considerate.
  • New Update hasn’t fixed anything 1/5

    By TheMasterOfDoggos
    It won’t work none of my past movies this year that I added are not playing FIX IT I DIDNT SPEND 25$FOR NOTHING!!!
  • Perfect 5/5

    By Rollers236
  • Don’t log out!! - Updated 5/5

    By tivofamily
    After a couple of emails with the developer and investigating the issue, my issue about not able to log back in has been fixed. Great customer service.
  • Not working 5/5

    By Zenki256
    It won't let me play my saved movies offline. *edit* I apologize to the developers because the reason it wasn't working was due to my wifi connection
  • Apps won't connect 2/5

    By Ryan MovingViolationz
    The Vudu, iTunes and all of the other apps give a notification that they are already connected when the app itself says they are not. Plus I go to the My Movies section in the app and it doesn't say any of my movies. It says to connect the VUDU, Amazon apps, etc. Please fix.
  • Movies 3/5

    By cuzzoburgerz
    Hey! I love the app , PLEASE partner with more movie studios 2 bring more codes so u could get more amazing movies to the app, I have a few movie codes I used on here , I got 7 in (MY MOVIES) but PLEASE Use pitch 2 zoom on the I phone 10 I’m looking at a very small box..
  • Not worth getting 2/5

    By Darth Scorp
    As someone who uses both VUDU and Movies Anywhere, MA is sorely lacking. Half of my digital movies from VUDU are nonexistent in MA and no TV shows are in MA. The only reason I gave 2 stars instead of one is because some movies that are HD in VUDU are 4K in MA
  • Ruined movie night 1/5

    By Pete12321.
    Your movies can only buffer and error when reloading for so long before all your friends go home. If you want to invite your friends over for a movie, look somewhere else.
  • Casting is terrible. 2/5

    By Mateo19k
    I’ve had this app for quite a while in cast to my Vizio M50-e0. I tried on 5 GHz Wi-Fi and 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi along with hardwired. Quality dips in and out or flat out pauses consistently. I also use a 3rd gen Apple TV which doesn’t have the quality issues, but it’s hit or miss if I can actually play a movie. The app runs fine if I’m watching in my phone. I’ve tried all the trouble shooting and nothing works. Every other app that I cast to my Vizio works flawlessly. MAJOR UPDATE NEEDED.
  • Stinks!! 1/5

    By Nat195784
    For the last two weeks my new movies I bought are giving a licensing error and I’ve contacted support three times now and still have not been able to play my two new movies that I bought for my girls
  • Movies Anywhere 4/5

    By Anothergameaddict
    Good help connecting several digital copies from multiple digital streaming companies!

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