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No matter where you purchase your favorite movies, Movies Anywhere lets you bring them together in one app. NO SUBSCRIPTION FEE, EVER Create an account with Movies Anywhere and only pay for the movies you want to watch. CONNECT AND SYNC IN SECONDS Sync your digital accounts to bring your movies together from iTunes and other participating retailers in your Movies Anywhere collection in seconds! DISCOVER NEW MOVIES Whether it’s date night or a late night, we’ve got you covered. With over 7,500 movies, there’s a movie for every occasion. YOUR MOVIES, ALWAYS WITH YOU Stream your movies AND download for later. No matter where you go, your Movies Anywhere collection will go with you. WATCH ANYWHERE Smartphone, laptop, connected TV, tablet — wherever you want to watch, we’re there.

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  • Your terms of service are unethical! 1/5

    By ellewis123064
    Why do you think I’d want you sharing my data with retailers? If this is a terms of service regulation in order to use your service for “MY” digital downloads, I’ll pass and I’ll stop purchasing the dvds with the digital download option. -Real!
  • License for this movie has expired. Really? 1/5

    By Mi-Mi-2014
    I do not understand how this is possible when I own the movie.
  • Movies expiring 2/5

    By QueenBellaBean
    I can’t watch my movies I paid for and DLed. Error comes up saying “Licensing expired” for Disney movies or any movies.
  • Wishlist doesn’t work 5/5

    By ORHobbes
    I love finally having an app that merges my digital movie collections across iTunes, Disney, Amazon, Vudu, etc. I also love that it lets me download movies to watch offline. My only issue is that when you add a movie to your Wishlist, it doesn’t do anything. You cannot view all the movies on your wishlist inside the app, and you do not get any notifications if a movie on your wishlist goes on sale. Also, if a movie is available to stream on Disney+ or Amazon Prime, it doesn’t tell you that. So you could end up buying/renting a movie that you could have seen for free. Other than that, it’s a great app.
  • App Won’t Load 1/5

    By ironhorseblues
    After the last update Movies Anywhere when launching the app you get a message that says “there was a problem loading this page please try again” do not update this app until the devs fix it!
  • Doesn’t work with chrome cast 1/5

    By Soccerrock
    Like the title says. All of my other streaming apps work besides this.
  • App not loading 1/5

    By Princess312431
    Went to add a new movie into our collection and the app refuses to load on any IOS devices. I have tried deleting and downloading the app again but nothing is working. Hope they fix this problem soon as it seems we aren’t the only ones having issues
  • No Microsoft titles 2/5

    By Steveyboy1223444
    I have a bunch of shows I downloaded from Microsoft. They show up on my Xbox but no other devices. I emailed the support team and they told me nothing was wrong and to try and re login. This did not work. Still cannot see the Microsoft movies even though I linked the account to my moviesanywhere with the same email.
  • Doesn’t work anymore 1/5

    By Juelfsmeister
    App doesn’t work anymore. I just get a “something went wrong” when I try to load it.
  • Not all classic movies added to Movies Anywhere 4/5

    By Adrian E. P.
    I would love it if they put Don’t tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead as part of Movies anywhere because Vudu also offer the movie but they don’t link it. If that is done i would gladly give it a 5 stars.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By ricneo1467
    Says movies can be connected to Vudu but not entirely true .
  • Sleeping Beauty 1/5

    By betha55
    I purchased this dvd because it has the dvs audio description for my visually impaired family member, but the app doesn’t allow access to that feature. I assume all my purchased movies will be like this so the app is useless to us.
  • “Try Again”?? 2/5

    By Mikkiray
    I can’t get the app to load anymore on either my iPhone or my iPad. I did the recent update and still won’t load. I hope all my movies are still there in my account. I can’t check. ☹️
  • New update won’t let me open the app 2/5

    By Trevallen81
    With the new update a week ago I’ve had to delete and download the app 3 times only to get one use each time from the app. Please help. I use the app daily prior to this.
  • Doesn’t work! 1/5

    By brahmabully3jto
    None of our iOS devices work with movies anywhere anymore. I’ve got two IPhone 11 Pro and 2 iPad minis and the app won’t load my library on any of the devices.
  • Pretty Good 5/5

    By JLAkth
    Really great app definitely use it.
  • Good movies 5/5

    By Lydia Gaskin
    I like horror movies
  • Frustrating app 2/5

    By gev103
    When the app works, it’s great. However it seems that updates to the app often cause my downloaded movies to stop working and I get an error message. They say they are aware of the issue and working on a fix, but it’s been many months and I have had to download my entire library at least 5 times. Hours wasted. I now know well enough to check that my saved movies will play offline before traveling with my kids. The first couple times, what a nightmare.
  • App used to work 1/5

    By ciara mizt free
    I just used it on my iPad (newest version) last week. Tonight the app won’t even open. Deleted and reinstalled, updated iOS, restarted/rebooted iPad many times and app won’t open.
  • Great! 5/5

    By MobileDrip_IOS
    Nice and simple !
  • Very dumb 1/5

    By sndbebbec
    Apparently your license expires for movies you bought ?! WHAT IS THIS!
  • Doesn't work 1/5

    App doesn't work at all. Completely useless!
  • Critical Flaw Renders App Complete Garbage 1/5

    By wwreith
    Welcome to the world of big business competence. Ever since Flixster’s demise, at least that is what I am blaming, any purchases made on a family members account can never be synced through this app. So when my wife bought Frozen II for my daughter the movie never populated on any other account because guess what they are all linked to my account. This issue causes constant logging in and out on our tv anytime we want to watch a movie because no one remembers which account the movie belonged to. This is completely stupid and fixable. All you have to do is allow families with shared accounts to share outside of iTunes. It is that simple!!! But I am sure until the govt steps in and forces you to do something you never will.
  • Crashing 1/5

    By StuMuffin
    Won’t launch on iPad after last update 2/6/20. No link for tech support anywhere, just FAQs.
  • Great Idea, Great Service, Useless App 1/5

    By $RUM
    At one time this was a great app. Now you'll just get page failed to load errors for everything. Once that happens all navigation locks up and you're forced to relaunch the app. Deleted the app, reinstalled, sign in, sign out, disconnect all services, reconnect all services — still inoperable. The website seems to offer a better experience. But here too recent purchases, even after a month, fail to load/show up in the library. Literally this is the CORE function of MoviesAnywhere.
  • Love App 5/5

    By Kary Bravo
    I love how I can keep all my purchased movies in one app
  • Awesome, but needs TV 4/5

    By marshallmt0827
    I absolutely love this app, I use it to interstate my apple accounts and my husbands other accounts, like vudu. We like different platforms. But this app allows us to merge our libraries on all of our devices, even in the kids’ rooms. I just wish it would do the same for tv shows.
  • Love this app 5/5

    By Lumik0
    I like this app
  • Rediculous 1/5

    By D3 Kobae
    I am a 19 year old. I can build a computer, I can code, I can figure out anything about ANYTHING with a computer. But this app is unusable. They absolutely purposefully made it difficult to use for some unknown reason. I thought this was a multi million dollar company. Why is it not user friendly in the slightest. “Enter the activation code displayed on your device” “ account email ********” PLEASE EXPLAIN WHAT DEVICE YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT DO YOU MEAN MY EMAIL ACCOUNT OR MICROSOFT ACCOUNT OR DO YOU MEAN IT IS SUPPOSE TO BE ON MY “device” (which it is not.) I looked in the help section and typed in the EXACT BUTTON I CLICK “Activate Your Device” ABSOLUTELY USELESS!!! I try “activation code” EEN MORE USELESS. Don’t even try with this ridiculous app it does not work. The support team is useless.
  • Can’t watch my movies 1/5

    By killerdog120
    There has been a few updates since my last review I’m still having the same problems I can’t watch movies that I have the codes redeemed I get the same message something about the licensing Can you please fix this even after this update I still happens
  • Licensing Issues 2/5

    By Leave My Movies Alone
    I am constantly having to delete my videos that I have PURCHASED and re-download them due to “Licensing Expiration” Issues. If I have Purchased movies I should be able to keep them downloaded as long as I like.
  • None of my stuff is here 1/5

    By Augma15
    None of my movies or shows are appearing. I downloaded this app because I wanted to watch movies and show from my Xbox anywhere, but none of them are appearing, I connected my Microsoft account, but still nothing.
  • Doesn’t show on iTunes 1/5

    By Jimbob6275
    Why are we forced to download with you. Why can’t movies just be redeemed on iTunes or at least let movies downloaded on your app show in iTunes library
  • NOTHING on here works... 1/5

    By SilverStar-Burst
    I know at one point it did work, because I redeemed a code for the Meg on here. But now, literally nothing works. Every page pops up with “there was a problem loading this page” and a try again button. But no matter what you click on, it won’t pull up anything from your own redeemed movies to any you could redeem directly from the app. Extremely frustrating, especially since it was literally just updated a couple of days ago. According to my family member, who tried to redeem a movie code months ago, it’s been like this a long time. Clearly I don’t use it a lot, but if you’ve got a code to redeem a digital movie, of course you want to do that, so it’s very annoying that you can’t. One star since I can’t use the app at all to evaluate it beyond that.
  • Rip Off 1/5

    By Minbri
    I purchased a movie that included a coupon for a free movie through this app. So I went through all the hassle to download the app and create an account which will undoubtedly result in more unwanted emails. When I redeemed the code for the new movie it awarded me with a free movie all right, but it was the one I just bought that had the coupon in it. Goof grief, what a rip off.
  • Great while it lasted 3/5

    By Raymanhusbando
    I didn’t know my movies would eventually expire...
  • One problem.... 3/5

    By Rommie117
    I really like this app, but when I click on a movie it says Licensing Error and won’t let me play the movie. I downloaded them a year ago and I still would like to watch them. If I paid for the movie itself, why would there be an error that prevents me from watching the movie. It is very frustrating and please please fix it. The app is still amazing and works awesome other than that.
  • Doesn’t even work anymore... 1/5

    By kyler hickman
    We’ve tried everything and it hasn’t worked in over a year. Not on iPads or iPhones or Apple TV’s. Just continually says the page can’t be loaded. We’ve updated our devices, updated the app and still nothing.
  • Disney movies anywhere 5/5

    By jjggknjvh bkjbm/bmbhm
    I love Disney movies anywhere
  • User Friendly 5/5

    By GAP2979
    So easy to use and love the connectivity to all the other movie apps.
  • Completely unhappy with this app 1/5

    By Ashnuwaya
    Sync account is useless. Not working completely on iphone and on fire stick tv.
  • Can’t stand this app 1/5

    By Gonzosprecision
    If I own a movie there is no reason for it to “expire”. Went on a trip and even with the movies saved to my device it would say the movie is expired.... how I own it, I bought it.
  • Finominal genius app 5/5

    By daniarmani187765
    Great and genius!!!
  • Great Movies 5/5

    By Speed Arlo
    Excellent app
  • Useless 1/5

    By andydrew15
    First off took me forever just to be able to long into and account that I know I have. Uninstalled reinstalled and it worked. Then I get it try to sync my video watching account such as my Microsoft one and apparently it is already connected but no movies show up but it also listed in the not connected on the list of different streaming platforms
  • Horrible App 1/5

    By acjruk
    Can’t ever connect to to other movies
  • Good but still needs a key feature or two 4/5

    By Wrxrox
    Live the app although I enter codes on my Mac as the mobile app has no ability to scan the code itself or QR code’s. This feature would help make the mobile app a bit more user friendly.
  • Not satisfied 1/5

    By mallaki
    Have tried syncing with FandagoNow but unsuccessfully.. this app needs improvements.. for now i am deleting this app and all its associations. Good idea but poor execution.
  • Rocco 5/5

    By Rocco213
    Great deal!

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