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MPLS Parking App

MPLS Parking – Find Parking in Minneapolis A Smarter Way to Park Parkmobile USA, Inc. The MPLS Parking app, powered by ParkMobile, gives you a smarter way to park in Minneapolis. Easily pay for on-street and off-street parking right from your mobile device. You can also reserve parking ahead of time in lots, garages, venues, airports, and universities across the country. You can use the MPLS Parking app in over 370 other cities across the country, including New York, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., Atlanta, Chicago, Miami, New Orleans, Dallas, St. Louis, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and more. Why Use the MPLS Parking App? • Skip the meter and easily pay for parking from your mobile device • Extend your parking duration remotely from the app • Get alerts so you know when your parking session is going to expire • Reserve parking spots ahead of time to save time and money • Use ParkMobile in over 3000 locations coast-to-coast including venues, airports, and universities How to Set Up Your Account • Download the MPLS Parking app and create an account with your email address and password • Enter your license plate number and the state where your vehicle is registered • Add your method of payment and start using the MPLS Parking app How It Works On-Street and Off-Street Parking: • Enter the zone number on the posted signs around the meter • Select the amount of time you want to park and confirm your information • Touch the “Start Parking” button to begin your parking session • Extend time in the app if you are running late • Touch the “Stop” button to end your active parking session Parking Reservations: • Search for the area where you want to park and select the specific parking location • Choose the date/time and complete your reservation • Follow the instructions in your confirmation to redeem at the parking facility App Features • Customizable notifications delivered via email, text, and/or app • Save your favorite parking locations for next time • Store up to five cars in your account • “Find your car” feature directs you back to the location where you parked • Turn-by-turn directions to the parking garage where you reserved your spot • Multiple payment methods available including PayPal, Visa Checkout, ApplePay, MasterPass, ChasePay, and most major credit cards About ParkMobile Parkmobile, LLC is the leading provider ParkMobile, LLC is the leading provider of parking payment solutions in the United States, helping over 13 million people easily find, reserve, and pay for parking from their mobile devices. Looking for Help? At ParkMobile, we’re serious about customer service. We process over 200,000 parking transactions every day and we know that every now and then, something might go wrong. If you have an issue, we will do everything we can to make it right. Our customer service is 24/7/365. If you need help, here’s how to get in touch with us: Web: Email: [email protected] Online Help Center: Video Tutorials: Twitter: Facebook:

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MPLS Parking app reviews

  • This app has come a long way! 5/5

    By NV2012
    I’m amazed by how much you guys continue to update this app. Today it’s very efficient and super easy/fast to use. Tons of payment options which is very convenient (especially when you’re in a rush and don’t have time to pull out a card and manually enter all the numbers). What’s also nice is you get a timed warning before it expires. So while you’re still at dinner or at a meeting that’s running over time, you can simply extend the parking time rather than running out to the meter in person. One thing that would be a nice addition is to have an option to view pricing. Also maybe a notification or start up display for holidays/days where parking is free. Continue the good work!
  • Trash 1/5

    By Nquaviun
    Used this app the night before so I wouldn’t have to wake up early every morning to go outside. Get up and ready for the next day and it’s a ticket on my car. 😑
  • App will not let you update vehicle info 1/5

    By Allthewaygearedup
    App will not let you update vehicle info
  • Convenient but lousy map locations 2/5

    By Slien1972
    I used this today and though it was super easy to pay to extend my parking time, the map was so inaccurate. I parked in the St. Anthony Main area but the map said my meter was on the other side of the river. I had to just hope I didn’t get ticketed. If you fix the mapping location of your meters, this would be a great app!
  • Doesn’t work where I park 1/5

    By Tasha-2
    I’ve had this app for two weeks and it has never worked for the area I need to park. Other businesses in the area say their customers have said the same thing. So, for me it is useless. Very disappointing.
  • This app is garbage 1/5

    By Grace99667
    Every time I use the app it populates that I’m in a different spot that I’m actually parked it. I have gotten a ticket because of it. Always double check that the spot is the right one that you’re actually parked in.
  • Excellent app. Need options 4/5

    By Kiet T
    The app works great! However, I wish that there’s an option to change the license plate after you paid for parking. Sometimes, I forgot to change to the correct license plate before paying, and I ended up pay for one parking spot twice.
  • Doesn’t work if you can’t pay 1/5

    By KevinTheAmazing!
    This app used to work amazingly and made parking a breeze. But then it started occasionally deleting the credit card from payment options. Then stopped letting you add a payment option at all. It has been like this for 6+ months on multiple phones. Please fix it.
  • Trouble adding credit card for payment 4/5

    By MPR lover
    Great app, but occasionally credit card info disappears and there is no option to re-add that card without using Apple Pay, Visa Checkout, Masterpass or similar platforms. A big pain - please fix so simple credit / debit card addition is always an option!
  • Convenient but Unforgiving 3/5

    By 50words
    While it’s much more convenient to use this app, it also encourages expensive mistakes. If you entered the wrong space number or selected the wrong vehicle, there is no way to correct your session. You just have to pay again. That can be pretty expensive when you’re parking downtown. And as far as I can tell, there is no way to request a refund.
  • Double Charged my Account 2/5

    By NicoMarret
    Me and my gf both paid for the same spot from different phones. They was no free parking and she felt unsafe so I paid for her parking. They double charged my account for a parking space and refuse to give me a refund.
  • Support 1/5

    By A___10
    It’s incredibly challenging to get support from the owners. Email requests are not supported, there is no phone number to call, only a support ticket system. I’ve had a ticket open for a couple days and still no response or acknowledgement.
  • Horrible. 1/5

    By omd1993
    This app is horrible. I’ve used it three times and each time it says my space is across town, even though I’ve typed it correctly. Gives me zero confidence that I won’t get ticketed even though I’ve paid for that spot. Also can’t get ahold of anyone... I would rather freeze and walk to pay than use this app.
  • Why License Plate Needed 2/5

    By sunny_Barb
    Better plan ahead for this app. Don’t know why plate needed since other info at hand. How many people know theirs. Needed to extend time but unable to. Probably will have ticket waiting. Thanks for nothing
  • Great overall, need ability to cancel 3/5

    By Armond Washington
    This is a great service, but we need the ability to cancel reservations.
  • Doesn’t show correct meter location. 1/5

    By Dr.Shanopstalot
    Every time I park, it shows the spot as being downtown somewhere even when I’m in Uptown, NE, or Dinkytown. I end up having to use the kiosk since I can’t trust I won’t get a ticket.
  • Cannot change default payment method 1/5

    By NLForbes
    I added a new credit card number , deleted an old credit card number that was the default payment method. Now ApplePay is listed as the default and I cannot change the default to the new credit card number. I called for Help, the person did not know how to change the default payment method. Frustrating and silly.
  • No Apple Pay 3/5

    By Gobbeeish
    I switched from this app to the full ParkMobile app to get Apple Pay support, only to be told that "this zone does not support Apple Pay." Why not? What is the timeline for getting with the program and correcting this embarrassing omission?
  • Slow and unresponsive but works 2/5

    By RammerB
    Just set the app up and, boy howdy! Is it slow. Slow to refresh. Slow to respond. It took over 20 minutes to try and re-up my parking meter. Ended up doing it online and not from the app. Hopefully, this is due to it being freshly installed. Also, hopefully I don’t have a parking ticket on my windshield.
  • Impossible set up 1/5

    By Nedinski
    Flow doesn’t work. Start to park? Add a card and start over. Try to park again? Add a vehicle and start over. All that after authentication. Only use when meter doesn’t work (which was the case today)
  • Useless overcharging disaster of an app! 1/5

    By Lazarus_Blackstar
    This app is HORRENDOUS for reserving a ramp spot for work!! Without fail it ALWAYS overcharges at the gate when leaving. WHAT IS THE POINT OF PAYING ONE THING IN THE APP IF IT IS JUST GOING TO OVERCHARGE ANYWAY?? And no, I am not leaving late. It inexplicably charges more money at the gate when leaving no matter what.
  • Maps 1/5

    By sarahkelly7
    Maps are not accurate! I park outside my boyfriends Apartments every week and the spots are not correct on your map. 22913 is the spot I am at and it says it’s in the wrong spot. I’m on s 9th street.
  • Easy to use ! 5/5

    By Becky ))
    It’s great ! But being my first time I didn’t realize you need the license plate #
  • Frustrating 1/5

    By lissy_marie
    Used to be a great app but I canNOT get it to function smoothly any longer. EVERY single time i try to start a parking session, it says to add a payment method even though I have at least 3 payment methods loaded. Therefore, I cannot move on to the next screen to start the session. Very glitchy and unresponsive. A frustrating experience but no alternatives at the time 🙄
  • Convenient! 5/5

    By Brenda-rates-it
    This is very convenient!!
  • Non Existent Customer Service 1/5

    By Charles526311
    It is rare that I ever give someone/something a poor rating, but it is how a company responds when something goes wrong that is a true test of service. In this case that service was non existent. (I would give zero stars if I could, but it won’t let me.) I used your system to reserve an off site airport parking spot for a ten day trip. Reservation process was smooth, but when I went to park my car the gate scanner said “Unknown Ticket”, no matter how I tried to put it under the scanner. Cars were backed up behind me waiting to get in, there are no attendants to help. I pushed the button for a regular ticket , parked my car and immediately called your help number. Help tickets were submitted, I responded with answers and never heard back answers to my questions. After three days I was informed my ticket was closed, as I had not submitted anything - even though my reservation was not up yet. I could not reopen the ticket as it said I could. I submitted other tickets and got no responses. To not respond at all - to either apologize, get info as to what might have gone wrong, what could possibly be done to maybe remedy the problem before I returned and then to simply close my ticket with out asking why I have not submitted anything is not Good Service. I therefore do not have any trust in your product to want to use it again in the future. I had used this parking area many times before you took over reservations and had no problems. Again, the measure of a company is what it does to help customers when things don’t go right and there are no such things as full proof programs/business models. In this case there was no customer service.
  • Too many steps 2/5

    By Nam 1 Nam 1
    St. Paul has a better login system for users. This is my first time trying to use the mobile parking system and it took me a bit of time. Needs to be more user friendly.
  • Works well when it works 3/5

    By Mallwitt
    The app works well when it works. That said, the new version has one of the best examples of how not to design a user interface I’ve seen in a while. Options that force more decisions than are necessary, excessive prompting, and functions that invariably have issues if the server response is not *just* right. Also, your parking history and expiration notifications may or may not work (hint, local timer/alerts guys, not server push).
  • Is not optimized for customer service ease. 1/5

    By bikefighter
    I’m often frustrated with this app because it makes it unnecessarily difficult. I just went to a game with my brother, offered to pay for parking and paid $24. Then realized I typed his license in wrong. The solution? Pay $24 again with the correct license plate number. Support was no help, even on the phone. If I had paid at the machine on the street the license number would have been irrelevant.
  • Redundant and clunky 2/5

    By AimeeGoeman
    Why do I need a license plate AND a space number? If I rent a car then i have to update my vehicles every time. Why!? I’m in the space and I enter the number.
  • Won’t let me edit payment 1/5

    By Fbiser
    One of my cards is expired and this app won’t let me use the other one I have stored! So I can’t pay for parking.
  • Received Ticket Due to App 1/5

    By Stinknugz
    Put in parking spot number. App says Free Parking! Get ticket erroneously anyway. Also, the map showing the location of the parking spot you’ve entered is always wrong. Very confusing. Fix the app if you’re going to promote its use. Or accept that the app will have issues and provide an easier way for people to dispute tickets than making a GD court appearance.
  • Map location 4/5

    By flooring installer
    I am currently working downtown new construction. All the meters around me are 4 hr or 2 hr max. I thought I would download the app so I don’t have to leave to put $ in the meter? But when I enter the space number it pops up on the map as a different location than where I am parked ??
  • It works! 5/5

    By DeanH.
    There’s very little else that I care of in a parking app beyond two simple things that this app does well: first, it needs to work. Secondly, it Hass to work easily and intuitively so that I can figure it out on my own when I’m in a hurry. Well done Minneapolis parking app!
  • Map never displays correct location. 1/5

    By not a jim
    This worked great the first time I used the app, but stopped working recently. When I enter my parking number, the location shown on the map doesn’t match where my car is parked. I haven’t used it since this started happening because I’m worried i will get a ticket. I am not sure if it’s good enough to trust the number I entered, or if the app is paying for the (random?) location shown on the map.
  • Super convenient 5/5

    By Top doen, audio on
    Being an infrequent visitor to Mpls, I hate fumbling through paying the parking meters, this app makes it SUPER convenient and easy to park. I especially appreciate the reminder to feed the meter.
  • License plate lameness 1/5

    By killerkawi
    You shouldn’t need a license plate number to pay. I have a dozen vehicles I use. Hate.
  • Still get tickets when I pay through the app 1/5

    By Peddl
    Parking enforcement doesn’t always double check to see if a spot has been paid for before handing out tickets. Hassle to clean that up. Also the menus are confusing and no good way of checking your history. Buggy.
  • This app is a scam 1/5

    Paid $12.10 to park in convention center ramp. Received QR code and gained access. Parked and attended camping & RV show. When I tried to exit, the machine would not accept QR code. It said I owed $11. Vehicles were lining up behind me so I had to pay the additional $11 to exit. When I called the number on the app, they basically said “there’s nothing they can do”. Will NEVER use this app again. Use at your own risk!!!!!!
  • Great App! 5/5

    By Mike LaMotte
    I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to set this Minneapolis parking app up. I was set up and ready to go in five minutes. Good job!
  • Mpls parking app 5/5

    By Samuel W Anderson
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By ehfjroekd
    Unable to use a debit card to load onto the app anymore. I used to love this app and am really disappointed with the change
  • Charges 4/5

    By Lhakey
    I don’t know if anyone else is experiencing problems with the display of amount charge? Mine just says AFN2 and I have to check my email every time to see how much am I paying. I would really appreciate it if anyone has solution for that. This was not the issue on previous version and I noticed that some of my friends are able to see charges on theirs. They have android and I wonder if that makes any difference? Love this app, it’s convenient and very easy to use.
  • Accurate location 1/5

    By Erickmpls
    I punched in the parking lot number and the location showed no where near where I was parked. I hope I don’t get fined
  • Credit card 1/5

    By islandsinthestream
    Still having problems with credit card use to pay.... WTH
  • Super annoying app 1/5

    By Frish001
    I know I’ve used this before but not in a while. It forced me to put in about 7 minutes of detail it already had - no easy way to assign a vehicle once I started the process. All in all it was frustrating to use
  • App limited 1/5

    By Mpls cheapy
    The app charges more and doesn’t allow you to see how much time on an existing meter session.
  • Could be a little more helpful 2/5

    By gooygoul
    The “Mpls” parking app reserved for me a spot in Arlington, VA when I accidentally transposed two of the numbers. Thanks for nothing!
  • Payment method 4/5

    By Cosmonaut1999
    Why is it so hard to change default card?

MPLS Parking app comments

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