Mr. Number Call Block & Lookup

Mr. Number Call Block & Lookup

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  • Current Version: 4.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Hiya
  • Compatibility: Android
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Mr. Number Call Block & Lookup App

Mr. Number - the #1 Call Blocking and Spam Protection app is now available on iOS. Get the industry-leading solution to identify and block spam and fraud calls. Mr. Number lets you avoid unwanted calls with spam detection and fast reverse phone lookup, powered by a community dedicated to fighting phone spam. New features in 4.0 iOS 10 CALLKIT INTEGRATION Native integration for incoming call screen, call logs and support for blocking calls CREATE & MANAGE A BLOCKLIST Avoid unwanted calls by creating a personal blocklist. SPAM DETECTION & BLOCKING Get real-time alerts warning you of incoming spam and scam calls. Auto-block spam/scam calls. REPORT SPAM Help others in the community by blocking and reporting spam. REVERSE PHONE LOOKUP Search for any number to find out if it is spam, scam, malware, a virus threat, adware, or spyware. SUBSCRIPTION PRODUCTS Mr. Number is free to download and comes with spam, scam and robocall identifying and blocking features for free. Mr. Number also offers monthly and yearly subscription products that add Caller ID, name lookups, and more frequent spam updates. Subscriptions can be sampled for free with no charge for 7 days. After your trial period ends, payment for your Mr. Number Premium auto-renewing subscription will be charged to your iTunes account within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. You can manage or turn off Mr. Number Premium auto-renew from your iTunes account settings. Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours before your subscription ends to avoid renewal. Terms of Service: Privacy Policy:


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Mr. Number Call Block & Lookup app reviews

  • The best 1/5

    By Ctydfhefuvnkn
    After years of dealing with a regular phone and spammers and then call waiting was helpful but this app by far is the most reliable and the fact that it goes to voicemail in case I do miss an important call is what I like the most because I’m one of those people that thinks every call could be important. I am so tired of dealing with spammers especially around the holidays Thank you Mr. number
  • Disappointed! 2/5

    By Brygreer
    That’s all!
  • Wack app 1/5

    By gingerbr3ad
    I thought this would work..not at all!!!!!😡😡😡😡
  • I had this app for years... Now they wanna charge 3/5

    By jcjujusan
    I loved this app, did the job. But now they want you to pay. Not cool.
  • Free but not have to pay? 1/5

    By Thatonekid22
    This was a good app but it recently required payment. Bait and switch.
  • Now Mr. Number is charging us for names? 1/5

    By Matrix1031
    This is BS. It’s been free for last year now you are charging us? That’s crap.
  • Mostly works 3/5

    By Pr. Meepers
    I have it setup to block numbers, 4 out of 5 make is past without being blocked. Some say name available with premium so I try to find a premium version but it won’t connect to iTunes.
  • Forcing to pay for a once free app 2/5

    By TonyGalata
    I will not pay to upgrade.
  • Works great to avoid unnecessary calls!! 5/5

    By Sandy_Sharma
    I've had huge issues with telemarketers and spoof calls so this app works perfect for me. I'm not super techy savvy but it's easier to figure out and set up to warn or block unwanted calls. Definitely recommend!!!
  • Not a free caller ID anymore. 1/5

    By Corban324
    Ever since version “4.0” Mr. Number stopped providing Caller ID for free. They now want users to pay $2.99 a month for the privilege of using their service.... Only problem is that they built their database by harvesting data from people’s address books, and by users crowdsourcing spammers and scammers. I didn’t even realize I was giving Mr. Number my info until it was too late... Now they want to take your contacts for free, have you do the work by reporting spam callers, and charge you $2.99 a month? No thanks!
  • B.S. 1/5

    By truthitis
    I’ve had this app for years and I’ve always recommended it to friends. Now that they have made it to where you have to pay to see whose number it is....deleted.
  • Zero stars 1/5

    By Abeyc
    I use to see ppl name now I have to buy app in order to see who’s calling me.:. Bye bye
  • Spam calls still go through 1/5

    By nfkakdhf
    Spam calls still go through. I never once got warned. And now they have a premium option. Used to be a great app. Not anymore.
  • New pay model 1/5

    By Faulk28
    1 star. They downgraded the app to require monthly $$$ for key functionality.
  • Needs a few upgrades 5/5

    By Donkey Kilometers NFL
    This app is cool but it would be great if they could change outgoing caller ID and have a recording answer when telemarketing weezels call
  • Blocker 5/5

    By ?$&;66)@
    A great call blocker. My phone is finally quite
  • Incomplete Protection 1/5

    By NSoltz
    Does not allow blocking spoofed calls. Even with all options set to block, it rarely blocks calls. A very defective app. Wish I could give it a negative rating
  • Forcing to Premium 2/5

    By #3gilmoregirlNE
    I used to love this app, now they are trying to force me to change to the Premium and instead I’ll be deleting this app.
  • Stacy 2/5

    By by Vauled Customer
    Really liked the app before. Not that it truly stops them completely. But it at least told you about the call and how many reports the number had on it. Now you need to pay to get anything. Will he deleting it.
  • Now it costs 1/5

    By Tlsewel
    This was a free app that works good but now they want $2.99 a month. The information you get with out paying is useless. I will delete the app now
  • It works!!! 5/5

    By Akron Mary
    This has definitely filtered out calls. If one gets through, it’s flagged that it might be questionable. Definitely recommend
  • Won’t block unknown callers 1/5

    By Frustrated9909
    So what’s the point? Still get scams everyday
  • Awful bait and switch app. Don’t DOWNLOAD 1/5

    By Linkeats
    I had this app for a few months, free and it worked. Now whenever I go to look up a number, it says I can fine out who’s calling only in premium! BOOOOOO- HISSS
  • Liked the older version better 1/5

    By zuli09
    Mr. Number allowed you to see the name before and now in order to see the name you have to upgrade to premium
  • Disappointing update 2/5

    By E. Boisselle
    I really liked this app, but the recent update is now charging for identifying numbers. Guess it’s time for a new app.
  • After years of use now it wants $ to use. 1/5

    By TimpBullz
    I have loved this app for a while. Very helpful.... until the 4.2 version. Now to see who called I have to upgrade and pay for premium.
  • Use to be free 1/5

    By Tangodown1987
    This app use to be free now they have in app purchases.
  • Happy 5/5

    By Burk986
    Very happy with this application. If you are looking for a call blocking app to identify telemarketers or spammers this is the one. Easy userface and all around great app.
  • No longer good, since you have to pay 4ID 2/5

    By Pandora PDX
    Used it for years. But now they want you to pay to get the names, so what’s the point? They just made r so you have to pay, about a month ago. Uninstalling and reinstalling other, similar apps
  • Awesome app 1/5

    Thanks for this amazing app. Helps keep scams and fraud away by giving you a little background on the caller. Thanks Just got ruined by charging for the name of who is calling, this used to be free in the app. Time delete the app
  • Does not work like it should. 2/5

    By bovine_monk
    The identification aspect sometimes returns a useful result after the call has come through. I often get called by numbers that I specifically told the app to block. Before anyone asks I gave the app permission to block in phone settings. Why have this app if it only occasionally helps with identification and does not block calls when I ask it to? Not useful.
  • Not sure what... 1/5

    By TonyTortoise
    Not sure what happens when this app is used. When I forget about the app and leave it alone, maybe I get two calls a week. When I “protect”, which is the update feature, I’ll get like 3-4 in the same hour. Now I cant even see the name of the annoying callers without a premium subscription. Didn’t used to be that way. I guess I need to try a different app...
  • Loss of service 3/5

    By Sol I. Tare
    Now wanting to charge for names associated with numbers. Was free. Greedy!
  • USED to be good 1/5

    By Whit8989
    They updated their stupid app so now you can only see names of who's calling if you pay. That was the only reason I used the app. No longer going to use if they're just going to try and take money from me
  • Great app!! 5/5

    By Damien_
    Thanks it has reduced my junk calls to zero!
  • Used to be free 1/5

    By LisaMirk76
    Suddenly there is a premium version. I will never pay a subscription for something like this. Disappointed. Was a great app. I recommend it to many of my friends and family. It would have been the right thing to do to grandfather those who had already downloaded the free version in with the new “premium” paid version. Moving on.
  • Used to be 5 Star, they got greedy 2/5

    By JAG9882
    I’ve been using this app since long before it was well known. I recommended and shared this app with so many of my friends/family, and everyone who downloaded it - LOVED it. Sadly, someone got greedy, because it used to all be free. Free to look up a number of a missed call, and it would give you various stats and info about volumes blocked. Not any more, unless you pay them. It may block suspected scam and fraud for free, and sure that’s nice, but even nicer - when I could look up missed call numbers for free.
  • Loved the app when it was free! 3/5

    By mbuck6027
    Used this app for the last year while it was free. Will be deleting since no longer allowed to look at my numbers with out paying a premium. Bummed
  • Loved it until the upgrade 1/5

    By stevemetsfan
    Used to be able to check numbers, block them, etc. especially if it was annoying telemarketers or scam calls. Now, every number that I try to check comes up with a statement that I only can see what the number is if I pay for “premium,“ Including my own number. This used to be one of my favorite apps, now I’m deleting it.
  • Greedy developers 1/5

    By Gatorzoomie
    I loved this app until yesterday. Had it forever and was great free app. Now suddenly need premium for it to work. Deleted it immediately.
  • charges apply now 5/5

    By Sydneypepper
    I absolutely loved this app .. till probably a week ago - they now charging and you need to upgrade to premium in order to get the name of caller ... well, there goes another app ... sad
  • Update removes expected previous functionality 1/5

    By GGITech
    I have been using Mr. Number since it came out. Deleted it and moved to ATT call protect, which is driven by hiya/mrnumber. The latest update removes the ability to see the persons name on query. This used to work without paying monthly for the junk app. Now that is part of the service. The app also installs the premium call blacker for trial, without asking if you want to install(does not enable it). This is critical as this rule of install is elevated in nature (they can do bad stuff). We already give them our entire contact list so they know the people in our address book are probably not spam. We built their system FOR FREE, and now they want us all to pay. I'm done with Hiya/and mr number. Bye. Bye.
  • Highly recommend! 5/5

    By Kea35nTX
    This app has been a must have for my sanity. My only gripe is that I wish there was a way to block entire area codes. I’ve tried just entering the 3 digits and blocking, but that doesn’t work. There are several robo-callers that just switch up a number and dial again. I block them on my phone and in this app and they just dial again 20 minutes later with one number difference. Please figure out how to block the area codes. Otherwise, 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    By Lyssa Hemming
  • Makes owning a phone fun again 5/5

    By phazlett
    You need this app. It effectively combats dirtbags and marketing salesholes! I’d give it 6 stars,
  • Unhappy 1/5

    By Dizzydank
    Had mister number for years now all of a sudden it wants premium? Bad move mr number
  • Amores 5/5

    By Dftffasg
  • Upset!! 2/5

    By MsBeachLizard
    I got this app to help screen my calls. It's not even close to the app I had on my Android. Those calls never made it thru because they weren't in my contacts. This app is mostly in a per call basis it seems. Yesterday I received a text from a number I didn't recognize so I went to look it up! I had to pay to get the info! So I did! I blocked it and posted it on Facebook. Turns out the number belonged to a friend of mine who has had that number for a couple years (i had her other number) -- IT WAS NOT WHO THE APP SAID IT WAS!! What the heck! How often do you really update your app?? Now I'm trying to figure out how to cancel my "subscription."
  • New Cost $ 2.99 and $14.99 2/5

    By Sincerre
    The app worked great besides me having to manually add phone numbers, however the disappointing part was today, Friday, April 13th, 2018 I sought to use the app and now there his a charge associated with identifying the caller. The app previously would show the callers name, now for a charge they want to give you a feature that was previously FREE. I HATE WHEN developers try to get money by removing services/features you’ve always had to make you pay. I deleted the app the same day it’s 4/13/2018 and this app is history.
  • No longer free 1/5

    By MsCotton
    The app no longer gives name of unidentified caller without paying. 👎🏾

Mr. Number Call Block & Lookup app comments


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