MSB Parent, USA

MSB Parent, USA

  • Category: Education
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  • Current Version: 12.2.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Heartland Payment Systems, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
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MSB Parent, USA App

MySchoolBucks makes school meal payments easy for busy parents on-the-go!  Quickly and securely add money to your student’s school meal account using your credit card, debit card or electronic check.  You can also view recent cafeteria purchases and check current meal account balances for each student.  MySchoolBucks is backed by Heartland Payment Systems, one of the largest and most trusted payment processors in the United States.

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MSB Parent, USA app reviews

  • Log in issues 1/5

    By purdon73
    Try to log in and it comes up with a session errors and logs out
  • Issues with app after recent update 2/5

    By Florida or bust
    Trying for the last 2 days to add money to my son’s lunch account. All it keeps doing is showing “we’re sorry- session has expired” and kicks me out. It’s happened before, but now more so after app update. Frustrating. I can’t seem to delete any notifications either, so they’ve basically become permanent notifications for the last 4 years. Can’t wait to delete this app once my kid graduates in May ‘23. This app is a complete waste of time.
  • Does not Open 1/5

    By QueenMacD
    Every time I try to log in, the app crashes. I have uninstalled and reinstalled and it still won’t open.
  • Useless App 1/5

    By Lady SBH
    This app continues to give me problems, from not updating the balance after purchases are made, to not opening at all! I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app SEVERAL times and restarted my phone multiple times and this app still won’t work! Completely disappointed!!!
  • Worked fine - now constant error that won’t allow a login 2/5

    By mamaKJSS
    It’s not a password issue as I can login on the website, but I am constantly getting an error forcing me to login again and again without bringing me to my account page upon submitting my password. Appears to be caught in an error loop and even uninstalled and reinstalled without resolution.
  • Just bad 1/5

    By Jollybike157!
    The app constantly shuts down. I try to load money on to kids account and the app freezes up, so I have to go back to wait to make sure payment doesn’t try to process more than once. Most of the time it freezes and the app itself closes out. I just did an update and I can’t even access the app now. Tried restarting phone and tried loading the app and nothing. It’s unfortunate and frustrating.
  • Useless 1/5

    By soooomnyads
    I tried to add money and the payments keeps coming up as a negative in her account. The school said they have never seen this happen and couldn’t help me. The manager of the school cafeteria gave me a number to call and it left me on hold for 43 minutes, while I was at work, without EVER talking to a human. I tried the other number provided on the app in the contact info and the call would just be disconnected after the greeting ended. I’ve been working with the school for about 2 weeks and we haven’t gotten any closer to an answer. I think MSB is a little to proud of their app to be charging $3 a transaction. I have to add, it’s the the worst app I’ve ever had.
  • Remember when this app used to work? 1/5

    By Cat Creator
    Now, it won’t even open.
  • Horrible App 1/5

    By Lexie2569
    Constant errors stating my login session expired & to log back in. Always stuck in a loop. It never clears even after I close the entire app. Makes it very hard for parents to manage their kids account with issues like this.
  • Bad App 1/5

    By Uncle_BobbyB
    Was slow as heck before. New update won’t even open the program. Keeps crashing.
  • Can’t Log In Anymore 1/5

    By Tommy Walnuts 2
    Bugs! And more Bugs! Can’t log in, keep getting “session time out” error msg. No way to log in. Deleted and reinstalled, still not working.
  • This is the most unreliable app I have ever had to use. 1/5

    By this app ruins lunchtime
    This is the most unreliable app I have ever had to use.
  • Hassle logging in 1/5

    By CDLP14
    This app used to be so simple to use . Now it constantly says my session has ended and won’t let me log in . I’ve reset the password rebooted my iPhone, deleted the app reinstalled still get the same message. Thoroughly disgusted at this point . KEEP YOUR APP SIMPLE like it used to be . Now I’m in a situation where I can’t check my child’s balance or add funds . Now just trying to send a review in ,you have to choose a nickname . Every nickname I pick is taken .
  • Used to work better 1/5

    By spencer12343
    I’ve used this app for a few years and it used to work better. Filters don’t work, notifications reappear after I’ve cleared them out, the search function doesn’t work. The web based version works fine but the app is rage inducing.
  • It doesn’t work 1/5

    By Michelle63129
    I can’t log in. Keeps saying login expired. And the support is non existent. No chat and waiting to actually talk to someone is a joke.
  • too difficult 1/5

    By #RobloxIsTheBest!!!
    this is literally the worst. im in my freshman year of high school and my first time actually liking and eating school lunch. my school only uses this as a payment deposit and i cant even get signed in! its so complicated and my dad cant even add me because it cant even find me or my school- like wth? anyways, dont get this app its impossible to use and all these bad reviews are accurate.
  • Can’t add money 1/5

    By Bguy2660
    Since the last update I have been trying to log in and add money to my children's account. Every time I log in it says error and makes me log in again. Password and log in are 100% correct. Please update the app
  • Login issues 1/5

    By Irritated Boy Mom
    The app worked great for a couple months. Now it won’t let me login. It gives me an error and immediately logs me out as soon as I login in. Tired of messing with it.
  • Ridiculously Riddled With Bugs 1/5

    By NotALuddite2022
    Does MSB bribe school officials to use this app? As it is the only option offered to pay for my students’ lunch and extracurriculars, I must waste entire evenings attempting the simplest tasks. Dreadful. Have you no shame, MSB?
  • Can’t log in 1/5

    By Traveler Fred
    The app needs to be updated for the new iOS; unable to log in.
  • Just use the website 1/5

    By Kimmo44
    Since this is our schools only option for putting money on lunch accounts I use it. The app has had to be uninstalled multiple times just so I can log in. My husband can’t even log in without needing a code. It’s definitely the worst app and website I’ve ever had to use.
  • Please fix 1/5

    By Ilcurry
    Can’t login.
  • Missing money 1/5

    By money lost to the system
    This app does not integrate with Hobbs Middle School Milton, Fl cafeteria at all! My daughter shows she has money on the app and the school is showing a completely different amount (money lost) once this issue was brought to the cafeteria worker’s attention my app just stopped working now I can’t even open the app
  • Not living up to potential 2/5

    By Curly2929
    First off, app has lots of bugs and considering this is a simple app, developers are more concerned with getting money from the service charge to add value, than fixing operational issues. Constantly getting error messages saying session timed out when trying to add value? Deleted, reinstalled and same problem. Guess I won’t be using this app for much longer
  • Crashing 1/5

    By sehehejsnfnd
    I never had issues with this app till recently. The app crashes once I try to open it. I have tried deleting the app and turning my phone off and on and downloading it again and it’s still crashing. I have had to resort to the website to add money to accounts. It’s getting ridiculous.
  • Subpar 2/5

    By KelsoF365
    App does not work very well. The pages are not scaled to my phone. I couldn’t add money to my child’s lunch account because the button was off screen. Now it’s glitching and won’t let me log in at all.
  • App does not work well 1/5

    By flossymae0813
    For some reason I’ve not had a problem with the app until recent. It keeps on saying my session has expired, but there’s no way it has considering I’ll add my username and password and it just will not connect. I have to log in through safari or Google chrome. The app is supposed to be convenient, but it’s not convenient at all, instead it creates frustration. All I wanted to do was to check the balance and add more money to the account. But instead it caused frustration. The rating for this app is so low that I’m so surprised that the schools are using this as a way to even pre-pay for our children(s) meals. Is there any way to fix the bugs and do read all the other reviews so that way no one has to deal with the frustrations of the app not working. Why is it glitching all of a sudden? Please mitigate the problem and ensure this app is easy to use and access so we can make sure our kids lunches are pre-paid.
  • Frustrating!!! 1/5

    By improvementisneeded
    Why can I not log in anymore? I have been trying to log in for over a week now. This app was once a 5 but now it’s a 0.
  • Trash 1/5

    By Mz Angie B.
    I’ve been trying to log in and it keeps telling me that my session has expired and I have to log in again. I’ve logged in over 15 times and it’s still telling me the same thing
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By Gacha Naz
    It’s keep saying that it’s expired. Like if it expired than why was it made in the first place?? Thank god I deleted this app!! Worst app ever!!
  • Insanely Horrible 1/5

    By Cbj2012
    I can’t log in. The app freezes. The website doesn’t work yet they want me to dump money into my kids’ accounts constantly. I can’t log in to do so and I’m beyond frustrated. FIX IT.
  • Keeps crashing 1/5

    By jlous789
    Can’t view how much my child has left or upload any money. My child may not be able to eat the next few days if he has no money on his account, but I won’t know. Just keeps crashing every time I try and log on and it logs me back out. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling, tried changing passwords and nothing is working. Worthless. Where is the $2.75 fee going every time we put money on?? It’s definitely not app maintenance. Horrible app.
  • Keep having to sign in?? 2/5

    By gfsrf buuvc
    Why do I have to sign in every time the app opens? Also, now it keeps saying that my session has expired, sign in AGAIN, and my correct password is working, but it goes straight to “session expired” note. Over and over. Yes, I updated the app. Yes, I uninstalled and reinstalled. My other 2 kids’ school used My Kids Spending app. Much better app. Frustrated.
  • Please fix 2/5

    By SeoulDaddy05
    Please fix the app so it will actually work. I’ve reinstalled and now it won’t accept my login.
  • Recent update 2/5

    By th3rsiaa
    I’ve been using this since my oldest was in Pre-k, he’s in 5th now and never had an issue until the most recent update. It keeps telling me my session expired and I need to sign in again. I do that and it keeps telling me the same thing 😒might as well just use Safari to do everything rather than the app.
  • It just isn’t working 1/5

    By waffles2016!
    Tried 6x to input the code for Multifactor Authentication and it keeps saying it’s invalid, how can it be invalid if I’m inputting it correctly!!!!????? Very disappointing because this is the only way to put money on my kids lunch account!!
  • Nonexistent Customer Service 1/5

    By Ethanezo
    Getting an error message, “We’re sorry. Your session has expired. Please log in again.” This happens every time I try to log in. I have changed my password and am still receiving this message. On hold now to speak with someone for over 45 minutes!!!!! Where is customer service? The chat bot was just as bad. Would not recommend app and will discourage school from using app next year.
  • Always an error 1/5

    By SportsMom328
    When it works it’s good. This app has a lot of glitches. Randomly signs you out, will keep asking you to add your student when you already have a student attached, and you have to keep deleting and downloading the app.
  • Apps Is Terrible 1/5

    By Buck 1992
    When log into app it says “session has ended” on goes back to login screen… and kerps looping. Log in on internet site with my password, logs in fine.
  • Terrible 2/5

    By Living local
    I can’t even get it to open anymore. Also, why do I have to pay 2.75 every single time I add funds??? It’s just not great.
  • Update error 1/5

    By Roo_berry
    Was prompted to do an update, now it will not open.
  • Crashes & this company charges a fee! 1/5

    By School Parent of 5
    It crashes every time now, so it’s useless! I also think it’s awful that this company charges a fee every time I put money on the account. I have 5 children at school, it’s $2.75 for each child so a $13.75 fee every time I top up their accounts.
  • Not worth it 1/5

    By not user friendly 123
    Only rating it one star because it won’t let me rate zero!This site is a pain! On hold with customer service for over 20 minutes! Can’t get a live person via chat or on the phone! Keeps saying my session is ended, but it won’t let me log back in!! And you have to pay a processing fee!! For what??!! Schools should not switch to this!
  • App crashes 1/5

    By dirty_brown_taco
    After a recent update, application will not open. Launches, icon spins and app closes. Very poor experience when it is the only means to put money on my kids lunch account.
  • Frustrating 1/5

    By GJP photo
    Why do I need to login twice? Liking my parent account and student account is something that’s should require me to go outside the app and login again. What’s the point of having an app? Also the app keeps logging me out automatically and then I’m back to the frustration of logging and we keep getting stuck in the cycle. If I’m already logged in on the web mobile, the app will not reload. Also why not make Apple Pay or google pay an option to speed this up.
  • Needs complete update 2/5

    By nerdbirder
    It’s convenient when it works. It’s a headache most other times. My session expired when adding money to my kids account. Tried to log back in and a box comes up saying “your session expired…please log in again”. I tried. Dozens of times for the last 2 days, same message 😤Also, messages won’t clear after being read and “deleted”. Keeps coming back. Developers don’t need to ignore all of the problems this app is having. Schools should have better options than this crap.
  • App is the worst I’ve seen 1/5

    By Dumbfounded in Colorado
    The app is not formatted correctly and doesn’t fit your phones screen. When you try to add money to your child’s account, the payment options are off the top of your screen. You can find them by pulling the screen down, but it will not let you select the payment option. Totally unexceptional after so many complaints. This company obviously does not care about its users or it’s reputation because the issues would have been fixed by now. How can we trust a payment company to protect our payment information if they can’t even get their app to work! The public has gotten so used to bad service and bad companies, it is becoming normalized. Why do schools use a company with no integrity or talent? Dumbfounded!!!
  • How updated version is worse than before? 1/5

    By S.Risen
    I just left a review today then there was an update. Hoped this would solve the issue. But now it is worse than before that I cannot even open this app. This is the WORST APP!! Original review: First time worked as it should. I was able to see kids’ account after I deposited money with high fee. Then after second deposit of money. App erased all my kids and the account balances as if I never used this app before-No kids and no money left but my login ID. I removed the app and downloaded again but didn’t solve the issues.
  • Non-Functional 1/5

    By Dfc6h
    When trying to add money on iPhone, the number buttons don’t work so can only add the preset amounts with a maximum of $35. With a $2 per transaction fee, you should be charged with violating usury laws by not letting us deposit more than $35.