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MSNBC is your destination for full episodes of your favorite MSNBC shows, including new episodes available the day after they air. Log in with your TV provider account (cable, satellite or telco provider of TV) and open up a whole new way to enjoy MSNBC – anywhere and anytime. On-demand full episodes of your favorite shows, including: • The Rachel Maddow Show • Morning Joe • Hardball with Chris Matthews • The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell • All in with Chris Hayes MSNBC Features: • Full episode viewing when you sign in with your TV provider account • Save your favorite shows to your watchlist for quick access to the latest episodes • Chromecast and AirPlay! You can now start the episodes in the app and stream MSNBC to your TV and Apple TV. • Free trial – watch up to 3 full episodes of your choice for one month • Can't finish an episode in one sitting? The app saves your place! • Special clips, interviews and behind-the-scenes video • MSNBC program guide • Facebook, Twitter, and email sharing

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  • Keeps forgetting my xfinity credentials 1/5

    By mikephl
    Really frustrating!!
  • Crap app 1/5

    By AppAfficionado
    Constantly gives me error messages telling me I can’t watch a live or archived show for some reason or another. Also, the app invites me to rate it and write a review of it only if I’m enjoying the app. This biases it’s reviews upward, an unsavory practice.
  • Technical Isssues👎, Great Reporting 🤙 2/5

    By JNBCK
    Great content, shows, and hosts. Honest in depth reporting. However, the app has many, many, technical problems, such as losing and freezing video, audio dropouts, etc. which occurs even with strong signal strength. Also, shows are sometimes posted hours or even days after original airing. This app needs a lot of work to be up to par in order to compliment MSNBC and it’s fine programming.
  • Want to watch it live! 4/5

    By BlakeCoker
    I like MSNBC very much, but I would like to be able to watch it live on my phone, instead of seeing episodes after they air. Thanks!
  • Great App 5/5

    By Fun New Games
    I really like to watch MSNBC and always miss Deadline Whitehouse. That is a great show and the moderator always makes it informative and fun. Since I can’t get it on Demand, I have to rely on the app. At least I can watch it here. Thanks!
  • Can do better 3/5

    By Bahiahonda76
    You have to do the whole show?
  • Made for us donkeys and getting better 4/5

    By ampsarus
    Update: Credit is due, From 3 stars to 4 stars here. The app is working well for content on my Apple TV, iPad and iPhone. Kudos! It is odd that the freezing is now mostly during the advertisements, which are as repetitive as ever. This month it is a pharmaceutical that Improves the appearance of intestinal lining, but might kill the patient. Or a white box with blue feet in the restroom, made for the Mute button. All in all, thanks Comcast Universal NBC, it is much better for the viewer, not much for advertisers but you jack them all, every break on the stream. Feature or bug? I use several streaming apps in conjunction with my Dish subscription. This one is still the worst, but my favorite because of the programs. Katy, Nicole, Chuck, Chris, Rachel Larry and even Brian. Update: It is suggested if not evident that the servers NBC uses to roll out streams may be the culprit, and perhaps no fault rests with the MSNBC app itself. Maybe an engineer with Comcast Universal NBC can find time and money to chime in and give relevant information.
  • Why can’t the best news network deliver a reliable app? 1/5

    By egis1
    Emailed, comments, tweets are met with silence. How about making “streaming matters” as a priority to communicate with your audience.
  • Freezing 4/5

    By GRCrosby13
    Freezes often , crashes few times fix that and get 5 stars
  • 3 out of 5 because.... 3/5

    By Ty Ler J.
    ...Simply because I primarily use this app to Chromecast to my living room TV and cuts out abruptly after 10-15 minutes of use. Please fix this! Update 2/14/19: still cuts out while casting to my tv.
  • IPad fine iPhone... not so much 2/5

    By Ryrooy
    I have little to no problems on my iPad 4, but I really can’t watch for more than 20 minutes on my iPhone 6 before the app crashes, then I need to restart my phone if I want to watch another 20 minutes. Very annoying.
  • Better than ABC & CBS news 4/5

    By Mss845
    I’ve noticed many one star reviews but I don’t see why. My app freezes occasionally but not very often.
  • Don’t Waste Time Downloading tho Useless App 1/5

    By Fond of Words
    Want to stream Rachel & Wallace—no can do on this dopey app; so maybe you’d like to stream them at 10:30 pm & 5:30 pm, a 1/2 hr respectively after each show is over—again, no can do. Rachel available hours & hours after show is over, Wallace even longer. MSNBC must not realize these are NEWS shows, not time capsules. Bizarre, stupid, lazy, incompetent, neglectful, disrespectful, uncaring, disdainful—take your pick, any and all of these descriptors apply to this app & MSNBC’s neglect of the viewers of these & other MSNBC shows who can’t be in front of a tv & need to get news & analysis on their phones, tablets or computers.
  • Worse and worse 1/5

    By Robzettt
    Everyday the app gets worse and worse. Since Microsoft owns half the station you would think they would be able to make an app that works. Apparently they can’t.
  • Worst app in the history of apps!!! 1/5

    By Zorvan75
    The mobile and tablet app is great but, the Apple TV app is the worst I’ve ever experienced. I’d give it zero stars if I could. I go through the trouble of unlocking it with my provider and I’m booted after 15 min to an hour and have to resubmit my info. I used to think the AMC and History Channel apps where the worst but, this app takes the cake. The developers need to be fired and the advertisers should know that their investment is being wasted. This app is so bad that it makes me dislike the network as a whole and I absolutely love MSNBC well now it’s more of I like MSNBC given this app and my opinion is making my feelings towards MSNBC go down day by day as thee developers ignore my communication. They don’t even respond to me. Guess CNN will and they’re advertisers will be getting my views because their developers know how to get it right. Btw: The NBC app is the same.
  • Good customer service 4/5

    By Lburg Lady
    I keep getting requests to rate this app and usually don’t because I am either annoyed at it when it’s not working or just want to watch my show when it is. The things that regularly annoy me are the sign in when it tells me “this show is not included with your subscription (it is!) check with your provider” or they don’t get shows uploaded in a timely manner. I generally watch the previous evening shows while I’m getting ready in the morning. It’s annoying when they aren’t uploaded. Also, I find it annoying that the app doesn’t always remember where I am in the show. I shouldn’t have to make a mental note that I’m 29 minutes in and then fast forward and watch MORE commercials to get there. Having said all that, I’m writing because I got so frustrated with the sign in problem that I emailed the help folks never expecting a response. I was pleasantly surprised to hear back from them really quickly and they were incredibly polite and fixed the problem. Since then, I still have to sign in more often than I’d like, but at least it accepts my sign in attempt each time. Also, when I was searching for help I found the live stream that I hadn’t known was there. That’s also a nice feature. So, your customer service earns an extra star. Make sure they know.
  • Lousy app 1/5

    By klobucharisabullu
    I expected stories and get little useful commentary i have come to expect from Msnbc
  • Rachel Maddow is a teacher at heart. 5/5

    By ReginaldLaurent
    Ms. Maddow’s format of presenting factual information is premiere education. Maddow is near a communication genius. Children and folks of lesser learning possess the capacity of understanding her presentation of the news. She and her journalistic style are most beneficial to the survival of our democratic republic under the present precarious circumstances. Invaluable! Thank you, Rachel. May God bless and keep you - always! Reginald J. Laurent, City Prosecutor, City of Slidell, Louisiana. February 9, 2019.
  • Get a life 5/5

    By dwaynepd
    I love msnbc don’t blame the app. Get a new cable or satellite service.
  • No News Channel Better ! 5/5

    By Honest Reporting
    Keep up you Excellent & Honest Reporting!
  • MSNBC is too controlling - why? 2/5

    By RuthyVirginia
    MSNBC is by far my favorite TV channel because I feel the people’s hearts in the truths they tell me most every day. I love them and trust them to do their best to tell the truth as they see it. The company itself, though, has become very controlling of its website and now this app. I used to be able to watch for free on the web - now I have to have already bought into some of the most expensive cable programming available to watch any of it! Just over a year ago I could upload segments for free and now it is very complicated to do so - they often even leave off the dates of the segments! And the app - it’s cool to be able to watch it on another device but you’re forced to watch the commercials and after a point you can’t even skip forward! Is it really this important to you to make so much money off of us, NBC? Don’t you already make enough? And why does everyone have so much to say that they can’t allow their guests to be greeted properly? Why is Rachel the only one left who allows each guest the courtesy of saying hello and good-bye? Not relaxing. The rudeness is stressful. Thank you for hiring such wonderful, loving truth-tellers, MSNBC. I would like you to make them more easily available to everyone. Doesn’t our country need and deserve that? Thank you, Ruth Virginia
  • Does the job 4/5

    By PackLeader1965
    There are a lot of time when the transmission spools either due to internet traffic or the app itself. I just wish there was an option to leave the sound running if you have to switch to answer a text or something like that.
  • Great App! 5/5

    By LA Fran
    Both my husband and I use this app every day, often many times in a single day. It provides live coverage and archived shows from my favorite reporters. I think it is one of the very best apps out there and I congratulate their developers!
  • Thank you for fixing the streaming issues 5/5

    By mar-rah
    I waited for a few weeks to make sure it was true. The app finally stays connected while streaming. Thank you.
  • Love this App 5/5

    By porkey1916
    Use this app all the time, I’ve had no issues.
  • Frequent loss of signal 2/5

    By snowbird747
    I use app on my IPhone and will loose sound multiple times in a two hour period
  • Crash cast 1/5

    By Chukman
    The app does cast well. It crashes each time it is cast. Cast it to Google Chrome Cast and it crashes with in 10 minutes.
  • Fix This App 1/5

    By RoboticJazz
    Love MSNBC and the fact that your team is forward thinking enough to provide such an app. But, this app has major issues when casting the live stream on to my TV. All is good for a couple of minutes and then screen goes black but for the live indicator in the bottom left.
  • My favorite app 5/5

    By tugbk
    Five plus
  • Too many dropped connections 2/5

    By blushwriter
    I don’t have this problem with any other app. I have to wait while the app attempts to reconnect.
  • Not intuitive to load or get started 1/5

    By rustybenthook
    Not sure how to rate it since I can not get it to work. I get a black screen with a few icons, but no video or sound. The Murphy circle shows up indicating it is loading. But assume the Murphy circle is just a display and not a true meter of down loading.
  • Don’t know what I would do without this app 5/5

    I travel a lot in Mexico and this app always works it keeps me informed stations like MSNBC is not available in Mexico I can stay up-to-date I have very few issues with this app. I did have one issue I got in contact with them and they fixed it right away
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Ncsu7665
    App freezes constantly whether on WiFi or data.
  • Keeps crashing 1/5

    By ffjfsudiuytyjhh
    Every time I log in the site freezes or crashes
  • Freezes. To often 3/5

    By Over the hill also
    Cannot watch alive show without freezing every ten minutes. Closed captions do not work most of the time when streaming
  • Looks good to me. 5/5

    By J 40205
    I recently started to view the MSNBC app. I like it. It was a bit difficult to get connected to my service so I could watch it live. Everything has worked very well and I was surprised to read reviews that are very critical. Hopefully that is because the app has been improved in response to the criticisms.

    By therox
    My favorite is Rachel Maddow. She gives an honest assessment of the news each time. Unlike some other news shows where the guests and the host spend most of the show yelling over each other, Rachel’s show is an easy listen.
  • Pathetic 1/5

    By end-of-the-rope
    Does anyone at NBC Universal know or care that the MSNBC and NBC apps have been completely inoperable on Apple products for weeks now?!? This on top of horrible App performance for years and one of the worst ratings in the Apple App Store. CNN doesn’t have this problem. This is how people get their content now. Accept it. Get your act together.
  • Unable to sign in 2/5

    By fedupapp
    I’ve checked with apple & my provider concerning the in ability to launch your app, both parties say that your app is misreading my account as a business account instead of a residential. I’ve tried to contact MSNBC. I am the original first time call long time listener & as such I’m awaiting contact to assist you in improving your app. The clock is ticking!
  • Difficult to use 5/5

    By Patchmd
    I live in an assisted living facility and Spectrum provides my TV SERVICE. When asked for info about my Spectrum account I cannot give it because the contract is between Spectrum and Meridian management of my assisted living facility BirchCreek. I am trying to get access to the information needed.
  • Love Hate Relationship 2/5

    By Bevo6369
    I love MSNBC and its programming. However, I agree with most other reviewers that it’s app and streaming capabilities are in need of improvement. Many times I cannot login to the streaming mode from my PC and it is very frustrating.
  • Freeze frame 3/5

    When watching away from home, the app freezes numerous times during broadcast.
  • Freezing constantly 1/5

    By Lol876544
    I came here to see if the reviews mirrored my experience with the app and unfortunately I was right to do so. I’m a big fan of MSNBC, but it’s a shame that their app doesn’t perform when it comes to live streaming. It takes a bit for the stream to even begin and then once it does, it tends to freeze very periodically for minutes on end, usually causing one to miss pieces of segments or details at the height of a story. Thought it could just be my connection until I came here. Please, please, please fix this issue. Thank you.
  • App is unstable 1/5

    By paulleary-org
    Completely infuriating. Crashes all the time. Beyond belief a major media giant has the worst app out of all other news organizations.
  • Apple MSNBC App Best 4/5

    By Bella Sibella
    This MSNBC app is by far the best one on the market with far fewer stalls than on the ones on Google Play, which either don’t work at all or barely function. They had one that was awesome, but then they “updated” it & it’s trash now. I count on the Apple MSNBC app as of now.
  • Did not work 1/5

    By Fdtech
    Signed up Signed in Got a message “ try later” Waste of time
  • Won’t let me log in 2/5

    By lindr78
    Need to log in with your TV account to watch (only lets you watch 3 episodes without logging in) but every time I try to log in it tells me it’s wrong. I just gave up
  • Love that I can watch anywhere 5/5

    By kzgunn
    I love that I can walk out my door and keep listening on my way to work.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By Mentisda
    Too many errors and crashing with both WiFi or cellular

MSNBC app comments

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