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  • Current Version: 4.33.23
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MTA eTix App

The MTA eTix app allows customers on MNR’s Hudson, Harlem and New Haven lines and all LIRR branches to purchase tickets on their phones. ------------------------------------------------------- Never use a vending machine or wait in line again when purchasing your rail ticket for Metro-North Railroad or Long Island Rail Road. Your phone is the ticket machine. Better yet, your phone is the ticket. With MTA eTix, you can securely purchase One Way, Round Trip, CityTicket, Weekly and Monthly tickets in seconds. Purchasing a ticket is easy: sign up for an account, select your trip, buy your ticket and enter your card information, then activate your ticket just before you board. Benefits • Never worry about missing a train while you're stuck in line to buy your ticket • See all your tickets in your electronic wallet • 'Punch' your own ticket just before you board • Never misplace your ticket again • Take your ticket with you when you upgrade your phone If you are having issues using the app, please call customer services at 511 for support and ask to speak to a Representative after selecting your railroad. Customers outside NY State call 877 690 5114.

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MTA eTix app reviews

  • Gamer 5/5

    By Vern2333
    Much needed!
  • Like New York’s MTA: Slow & Irritating 1/5

    By David Vogler
    A loathsome app from a loathsome organization. This app is like their filthy trains: slow, poorly planned, often crashes, badly designed and unpleasant to use. However, unlike the MetroNorth trains that constantly smell like human urine; this app just plain stinks.
  • Limited use 2/5

    Ticket function works OK but I was just told by customer service that you can’t update your email address on the app and instead need to create a new profile. Laughable man!
  • Apple needs to review the quality of this app 1/5

    By LifeLongMetroNorthCommuter
    We all know the MetroNorth/MTA is a greedy and cheap monopoly but the number of fights I see every day on my commute because of this app is despicable. It crashes regularly, takes forever to load and move customers through the ticket purchase and activation process. The user design which doesn’t show activated ticket barcodes and information simultaneously adds an unnecessary extra step and friction between commuting customers and train staff. Apple if your listening please get this app fixed!
  • App doesn’t work at all 1/5

    By shelliehatesthisapp
    I tried downloading then redownloading it and it still won’t let me purchase tickets. The whole point of this stupid app is to make it easy to purchase tickets
  • Needs more improvement 2/5

    Not as easy as they claim to buy tickets. Especially Round trip The schedule us listed to 4 displayed at a time mm e and no more afterward. You have to wait some time to see the next set of departures.
  • MTA LIRR 1/5

    By sk8jgt19
    It’s made by MTA, don’t know why I’d expect anything better.
  • Worthless for internationals 1/5

    By WvAmsterdam
    You need a USA zip code to add a card for payment
  • Could be better but it’s the nyMTA 3/5

    By Lupe Lupita
    Nothing truly functions in ny especially public transpo. This works just enough to skip the machines if you’re running late. Unsure why the tickets have an expiration time (a date ok but an actual ticking clock, not necessary. Mark it used and move on to improving the app). I have used the app for four weeks. First two weeks bought single (peak/offP), no issues just unreasonably expensive. Next two weeks tried the 10day pass (no saving at all. Full unreasonable price...). Last week I was told by a conductor there is no longer peak hrs for when I board my train and had purchased in advance (still can’t find any verbiage to read on this...). The motto, as I’ve heard from a mta exec goes as such “don’t bring logic into this” and it is very true of public transportation in NY. It’s illogical and pure extortion alas they got us sheeping about and there isn’t much fight we can do without owning a vehicle. Overall the app itself is easy to handle for what I need (just tickets nothing more), luckily I have yet to experience issues as others but even with it I say it’s worth downloading to avoid missing your ride.
  • I’ll stick with paper 1/5

    By nyctt225
    Hate this app! I’ll open my monthly before boarding the train and if the app detects a change in the network connection the ticket disappears, almost always when the ticket collector walks up to me to check my ticket. They seem to get annoyed with me and I try to tell them I had it up and it disappeared and they give me “the look”. I then have to log out and log back in. Sometimes even after doing that the ticket won’t show. I’ll stick with paper.
  • Needs more time 1/5

    By New new york
    You don’t even get an hour to use the ticket it makes no sense if you have a transfer. What’s the point if the ticket expires before your next train comes
  • Worst App 1/5

    By Jus1nsane r
    Literally sitting on the train the last 20 minutes trying to buy my monthly pass and it doesn’t work. Look like an idiot and am going to have to pay out of pocket for the day on top of having to buy monthly because the app doesn’t freaking work!!
  • Warning Worked great briefly 1/5

    By churn 54
    No problem, now ‘we could not connect you try again’ Fortunately I found this out with plenty of time - it could have been an expensive fiasco. Delete/reinstall app - same problem
  • Not 100% Satisfied 2/5

    By Miss.Stephanie.Marie
    The ticket shouldn’t expire in an hour. My feedback is that the ticket should have a longer expiration time like 12 hours or 24 hours. I like the paper tickets better for that reason. This app is good to save time, that’s a plus.
  • Stopped working 2/5

    By RyeNY1
    Likewise this stopped working this morning and deleted all payment methods and history. Deleting and reinstalling doesn’t fix it.
  • Won’t let me purchase tickets anymore 1/5

    By kcorb37
    I used to love the convenience of this app everytime I need to travel home, but the past few times I’ve gone in to buy a ticket it won’t let me...and that’s the whole point of the app.
  • Don’t Do It !! 1/5

    By niina531
    I live in the city but travel to Long Island frequently so to purchase tickets fast and easy is great for the city life BUT take the time to wait in line and deal with a mta staff in person it’s safer than using the app. I was charged four times for a ticket that was never processed and a receipt that was never given to me. The total amount taken out of my account without consent was 300 dollars!! Stay safe with your money that you work hard to earn and do things in person with a live representative. I know it’s stressful with crowds and lines trust me I’m a reg at Penn Station BUT it’s safer for you!!!!
  • Frustrated 1/5

    By steven_s
    What is the point in allowing someone to save their payment information if you require them to enter the security code. Nobody does this but you.
  • Not my cup of tea 1/5

    By Hankaberle
    It’s not enough to just buy a ticket on this app and present it to the conductor after boarding the train. You also must press on a button so the conductor can then scan a pull down code. I’m going back to good old cash on the train (seniors don’t pay extra) I hand the conductor a twenty, I get my change and a receipt. Done!! This new technology is both cumbersome and inefficient. CASH RULES!!!
  • Touch ID Doesn’t Work 1/5

    By 33Mike33
    I have repeatedly tried to activate Touch ID so I don’t have to remember my long and complicated password. There’s a button to click on but it has no effect. If an option like this is offered, it should work!
  • App no longer works 1/5

    By ListsAreBroken
    The app cleared my saved info and logged me out, and whenever I try to purchase a ticket, it says it couldn’t process the order, every single time. This app worked great for 3 years, and suddenly it stops working when I needed it.
  • Wont accept cards anymore 2/5

    By Gernstein
    This app was good...for a while. It randomly decided to forget all my payment options and ride history. Now it won’t accept any cards i enter
  • App doesn’t work randomly 1/5

    By Srcahg
    Honestly I loved this app for the first month, it was so convenient since it worked offline and easily accessible because it was on my phone. Then randomly my app would crash or wouldn’t let me log in. I paid $226 for a monthly pass but since the app would crash or wouldn’t let me log in, I would end up paying $16 extra every time my app wouldn’t work.
  • This App No Longer Works 1/5

    This app used to save me so much time, but now, the app does not take ANY of my debit or credit cards. It gives me the “unconfirmed purchase” notification even after I deleted the app and then re-downloaded. This used to be the best app, now it is certainly the worst. Please fix this app! For all of those thinking that they may want to download this app- it is highly unreliable and do NOT download it. Spend that extra 5 minutes waiting in line at the station to get the hard copy ticket, I wish I had so many times; instead, I’ve had to pay an on-train ticket fee multiple times because this app refused to work.
  • Requires constant signing in 3/5

    By brooklynfoo
    If you don’t use this everyday it requires signing in and it doesn’t remember passwords. And then you have to type credit card security number which really takes the convenience out of this app. Not good when you’re in a rush for tickets. Otherwise would be 5 stars.
  • Update is awful 1/5

    By its making me pick a nickname
    I can’t buy tickets. It won’t let me. I tried all my cards. It won’t save my card. Won’t let me buy tickets. I tried everything.
  • Need to add Atlantic ticket 3/5

    By mmelnick
    This app doesn’t save time or money for me if I can’t buy an Atlantic terminal ticket on the app. The app only provides off peak for $7.50, and doesn’t have the Atlantic ticket for $5 going to the same destination at the same time.
  • Completely unreliable 1/5

    By dcs269
    Every single time I have attempted to use this app it fails to save credit card information. No matter how many times I have added the cards and selected 'save information' I find myself scrambling to punch it in. On top of this it takes multiple attempts at entering the information for it to even process a payment for a single use which makes it incredibly inconvenient for something as time sensitive as say... Catching a train.
  • Very useful and convenient! 5/5

    By JoePiervincenti
    Very useful and convenient!
  • What happened!? 1/5

    By eagledad79
    Been using this app since it came out, never had an issue till now. I purchased a weekly ticket used it everyday. Opened it up to show the conductor and the ticket was no longer in the app! It was completely gone! Never seen or had this happen before. If I have to purchase a one way to get home we are gonna have major issues....stay tuned
  • THIS APP HAS ISSUES! CHARED OVER $1000 in one transaction 1/5

    By onlyreviewbadservicesabeg
    Save yourself the headache and buy an actual ticket, second time this is happening to me. I try to buy a metro north e-ticket and got errors multiple times making me think something was wrong with my cards, I later discovered that i was charged for every time I tried, exactly $1,064.5 !!!! Customer service guy told me I have to wait till Monday to report, sent an email and got a response to send another email if it hasn’t been resolved in 30 days!!!! Don’t do it! Just don’t download this app!
  • Don’t see the advantage 1/5

    By glynn family
    I went back to buying paper tickets it just easier. The main reason is because of the whole activation nonsense. I don’t have to worry about being threatened to pay the onboard fare if the app isn’t working. Also if you don’t get punched part of the way (like from Jamaica to Penn which happens all the time) the paper ticket is still valid for next time through that segment. So then you just buy to Jamaica next time. This thing is based off of a timer.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Yay aye fun
    Easy app to use, you don’t have to go to a ticket machine. I use it all the time and I don’t have to worry about losing it or pulling it out of my wallet. 👍🏼👍🏼
  • This app works great 5/5

    By Bill Pants
    I don’t know why it’s rating is so low
  • Easy to use, does what it says 4/5

    By Awsedrfthyj
    Is this the most elegant app in the marketplace? No. But you don’t expect something pretty from the MTA, you just need it to function. This app is exactly that. You can buy tickets ahead of time on your phone and never worry about waiting in line or additional on-train fare. Would it be great if there was one app that integrated this and TrainTime? Again, yes, but this app does what it says which is fine with me.
  • It won't let me buy ticket 1/5

    By LI-Gregg
    I'm on the train train to buy a ticket as usual, but today the app won't open. The MTA makes enough money to pay a developer so this don't happen. Now I have to deal with the rudeness of the conductor for not having a ticket. FIX THIS CRAP OR GET RID OF IT.
  • Improved but still pathetic 2/5

    By ScriptorSpes
    FaceId has improved things but please integrate with Apple Wallet. There is no excuse for your own clumsy wallet. Use what they give you. Please.
  • How in 2019 does an iPhone app require a login but not support touchID or iCloud Keychain 1/5

    By 683710uniq
    It’s frustrating that this app is still better than the physical vending machines, because it’s such a bad user experience. Even with the app constantly forgetting your login, password, and credit card info it is still better than waiting in line for the kiosk. Still it’s unforgivable that an app which so obviously needs a strong password doesn’t support iCloud Keychain or Touch ID when those are part of iOS, and make strong passwords work for the users.
  • Doesn't work with ApplePay 1/5

    By ramdje
    Since I downloaded this app over a year ago I cannot pay using Apple pay. Not once has it worked. I've tried deleting the app, reinstalling, iOS updates - nothing. Very frustrating. Would not recommend this to anyone.
  • On the LIRR activate the ticket on the train 2/5

    By mikehihz
    I had the misfortune of activating an LIRR ticket before getting to the platform and it expired by the time the conductor came through the train with NO recourse. I had to activate the second half of my round trip. Welcome to the LIRR.
  • App Improvements 4/5

    By Qwertysx
    Make it possible to add tickets to apple wallet
  • This app has issues 2/5

    By !--cogs--!
    Great idea, but not updated.
  • Difficult to find password I Apple keychain 3/5

    By imho-813
    Convenient app, but I couldn’t find the password in the Apple keychain. There is no indication that it is stored under
  • Why mandatory updates are bad 3/5

    By Not full featured
    I don’t trust my mobile device to always have a full battery or to always have access to the internet. Consequently, I generally purchase a paper monthly and that works out. But once in a while my paper monthly doesn’t get me where I need to go. Last week the subway had a major delay to the point where I couldn’t expect an e train out of Jamaica for about 40 minutes. So, jumping back on the LIRR was the best option. I figured I’d start my Etix app, buy a saved ticket on my saved card and be done with it. My train was 2 minutes away. Could have been plenty of time. But oh no, what’s this? I cannot start my app because an update is required. Now I have to download the update over 4G on my iPhone 5C (at the time) Not going to make it in two minutes, I ran to the ticket counter to buy a paper one way. I’m a technologist. I’ve worked closely with developers. I found that with the proper planning it is very possible to achieve app forward compatibility. Updates are great. They fix bugs. The add or enhance features. But mandatory updates can be wildly inconvenient. MTA etix is a pretty reliable app. Let’s keep it that way. Thanks :)
  • App could not open resulting in an error force to update 2/5

    By Iaan W. Yng
    App could not open resulting in an error force to update underground in Penn Station. Good thing the conductor witness it or I had to pay extra fare.
  • Product manager: please stop asking for credit card CVV Number 1/5

    By Han C
    It’s extremely painful to enter the cvv number each time. You don’t need to ask the user for this each time. See uber or Lyft app flow. Thanks and hope to see the improvement soon.
  • Might’ve been hacked. 1/5

    By Javfcshe
    I can’t log back into my account. Every-time I try to it says that there’s another device logged on..I’ve only used one device to log on. I just bought my monthly ticket now it says I can’t log in for 6 months? I opened it to show my ticket and when the collector came by, the ticket wasn’t there and I was logged out of the account. So either the app bugging or I have been hacked due to poor security of the app.
  • Needs work 2/5

    By ....?(!)
    The app is only convenient in the sense that you don’t have to wait on a line other that it needs serious updating. You can’t purchase the 5 dollar Atlantic ticket on the app and when trying to use another 5 dollar ticket (senior ticket) They refused to accept it and called the cops on me and I was forced to pay step up fair for 16 dollars. Extremely poor customer service and I was essentially embarrassed and robbed of 11 dollars due to the fact that the fairs were the same price how do you have an app to purchase tickets but can’t purchase all available tickets
  • Just stopped accepting payment one day 1/5

    By Eminor3rd
    Train worker said I should paste the app so make it work again. App Store shows no update available. Reinstalled anyway, never worked again.

MTA eTix app comments

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