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Watch full episodes of MTV shows any time, anywhere with the MTV app. Stream episodes, clips, and live events on your TV with Chromecast. FULL EPISODES Just sign in with your TV provider to watch full episodes from current and classic MTV series including: Jersey Shore Family Vacation Ex on the Beach Fear Factor Teen Wolf Sweet/Vicious Catfish Are You the One? Ridiculousness Teen Mom: OG Teen Mom 2 The Shannara Chronicles Scream The Challenge The Real World True Life Girl Code Jersey Shore Beavis and Butt-head Daria The Hills Awkward Faking It + More! Access to all full episodes is included with your TV subscription to participating providers. If your provider isn’t listed, don’t panic! We are working hard to get all TV providers to participate. FREE, UNLOCKED CONTENT You won’t need to sign in to watch other great MTV and MTV News videos, including select full episodes, after shows, bonus clips, sneak peeks, and exclusive, digital series. CHROMECAST SUPPORT The MTV app is Chromecast ready, so you can cast your favorite shows to your TV. WATCH & STREAM LIVE EVENTS Get inside access to the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) and the MTV Movie Awards with exclusive clips, backstage interviews, and red carpet highlights. Watch real-time livestream coverage from music festivals, San Diego Comic-Con and other events! This app requires iOS10 or later. MTV is also available on the App Store on Apple TV. ------ For more information on this app and online behavioral advertising, see The Terms of Use for this app includes arbitration for disputes – see

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  • Love the shows...Not the PAUSE in commercials 3/5

    By brittany123b
    Love MTV & the App - super convenient to watch anywhere. For me, I use it mostly at home; hooked up to my HDMI converter. I have to get up about 3 times each commercial break to press play. I wish the app didn’t pause the commercials so I can conveniently watch at home.
  • Limited shows 3/5

    By jochee85
    It bugs me that I can go to the desktop website and have wide variety of shows to pick from but in the app there is only limited amount. Also bugs me that the website hasn’t updated the Directv website to log in ever since it merge with AT&T. Don’t need an email anymore to log into Directv. It works for your app but it isn’t working for the website!
  • Worst app deserves 1st review 1/5

    By Jinkage
    “Commercials” constantly get stuck on repeat and have to restart app. When that isn’t the problem twice every episode, sound goes out once every episode and a restart of app is necessary. Every restart takes you through 5 minutes of garbage. Takes 90 minutes to watch a single episode of anything. Ridiculous
  • Mad 1/5

    By vesvfs
    You can’t watch fear factor
  • PLEASE ADD !! 5/5

    By LB_1222
    Can you please add another season of Jersey Shore ?
  • Why don’t you have Comcast/Xfinty 1/5

    By babykwgil
    You expect us to download the app but it doesn’t have Comcast/Xfinty that is not right like I have Xfinty and I want to watch jersey shore on the go but I can’t like can you please add Comcast or Xfinty to the app that’s all I’m asking for. Please and thank you!
  • Show options 3/5

    By sarahhbelle
    My question is why is it I can watch episodes on the website of the challenge previous seasons however when I go onto the app it’s only showing the last 3? I want to watch the old seasons too. So am I supposed to just pull them up on my iPad and then send it to my Apple TV? I’m confused.
  • I hate it 1/5

    By A.denBoo(# ゚Д゚)
    This is just horrible I love MTV but this is just a bad excuse of an app. So to start off there are so many ads also they don’t even have all the episodes of shows that you want to watch they only have a few shows and all the episodes are mixed up they don’t even say where you left off so you have to remember the exact time are you going to have to start over well anyway other people may like it would think it’s fair but in my opinion it’s just a bad app
  • No Xfinity?!? Really?? 1/5

    By GAFJ40Jeff
    I know it is probably not all of MTV’s fault that Xfinity isn’t a provider but it still really stinks... the app and website are useless because they don’t have my provider to log in so almost every episode is locked.... so what’s the point in having the app??????? Guess I’ll check back in a few months to see if Xfinity has been added....... : (
  • Doesn’t works at Brazil 1/5

    By Giovanna Giulia
    Doesn’t works at Brazil
  • Are you the one 4/5

    By teamwilliams013117
    Season 6 keeps messing up and keeps fast forwarding so I only gave 4 stars 🤢 for are you the one please fix lol
  • No such thing as resume 1/5

    By Lauren Du
    Impossible to resume and episode and the instant you try to seek/rewind/fast forward, the app goes crazy and takes you to scenes you haven’t seen
  • Crashes all the time 1/5

    By Kaos1074
    Why does this app crash and not play the shows
  • Adyyyy 1/5

    By gdbeheurhrbrnr
    Where’s teen wolf ?
  • Worst thing ever 1/5

    By queen_anja101
    I want to watch teen Wolf but they don’t even have that and why don’t they have a search bar? This app is stupid plz fix.
  • 2 BIG issues 1/5

    By madmom747829208574
    I do enjoy the program, but i have two issues with this 1) the same commercial that is actually terrifying keeps playing as I'm watching tv with my daughter and shes getting frightened which is frustrating like pick new commercials its not hard. and 2) why aren't there any of the older shows? such as teen wold, lost, etc. EDIT: THE BLACK OUT ADD IS VERY TRIGGERING ?! what is wrong w u ppl

    By WandDsMom
  • I would not recommend. 1/5

    By Pagie💗Larson 💗...
    Plays more ad’s than shows. Skips scenes.
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By Jonathan2728
    It’s so ridiculous I can’t use the app because there’s no support for Optimum at all. Seeing as that is my cable provider can’t use this app.
  • The 24 hours does not work 1/5

    By From 🗣
    You have to stay in the app for it to work as soon as you leave the app it stops working
  • They don’t have xfinity 3/5

    By ____lexxxyy___
    If they had xfinity i would of given them a 5 star rating but they don’t and that’s my provider.
  • Frustrating 1/5

    By Kent2131
    I have MTV with Spectrum but every time I use the app it says I don’t have MTV and to contact Spectrum to have it added to my plan. So frustrating.
  • It's ok 🤷🏽‍♀️ 3/5

    By Janylah Edwards
    I don't like u need a tv provider all I wanna watch is Floribama shore without a tv provider
  • Annoying! 3/5

    By 💯 cristaaal
    The only problem I have with this app is that a 3 minute add comes up every 5-6 minutes. I have other streaming apps that don’t have any adds throughout an episode. It’s annoying.
  • Just a thought 1/5

    By solson401
    I’m one of the many who don’t own cable.... you should come up with your own monthly streaming plan. I would 100% pay for that.
  • Hmm... 1/5

    By 0163472589
    I wish this whole app could be free despite the ads. I mean the abc app is free even with the ads. Shouldn’t the ads pay you too for putting their ads up? That way it’ll be user friendly and for free which will give you more viewers? Anyway oh well. I guess I won’t be able to watch anything on your app. Btw I couldn’t even sign in after I uploaded this app too.
  • Worst app ever!!!!!!!!! 1/5

    By M.S Ca
    Can’t access episodes, app is ridiculously hard to navigate etc etc etc absolute crap!!!! With SO MANY TERRIBLE REVIEWS ITS SUSPICIOUS HOW ITS GOT A 5 star rating! Shows how shady everything is rigged now a days..
  • Disappointing 2/5

    By kaf14
    I use to love this app to be able to catch up on shows when I am not home. However I am no longer able to sign in with my cable provider which is xfinity and I am not going to pay for the app when I am already paying for cable services. This makes this app useless to me and I will probably have to delete it.
  • Glitchy 3/5

    By Bsimone07
    I love the app but recently its been glitchy it keeps fast forwarding me through my shows without me doing it and then when I rewind back to where I originally was it does it again. I tried exiting out of the app, restating my phone, & even deleting the app and redownloading it. It’s really annoying makes me not even want to watch it you know. I’m deleting it permanently I can’t deal with this anymore it’s so annoying
  • Horrible app. Don’t waste your phone space! 1/5

    By saint&luarent
    The worst app to watch shows. Wanted to watch the new episodes of catfish and couldn’t even get it to stop buffering longer than the actual episode time so I gave up after it only played 2 minutes of the show in 30 minutes waiting for it to load. Whoever created this app doesn’t know what they’re doing and that’s like blank. Don’t waste your phone space! It doesn’t even work !
  • Annoying skips. 3/5

    By 21556757;8;8:8:8;6:
    To start with it’s not a bad app, I didn’t have issues until recently. I’ll be watching a show and it will take me back to a certain scene over and over again. It will not let me watch certain parts but only the scene it takes me back to REPEATEDLY throughout an episode . It’s extremely annoying
  • Can’t cast episodes 1/5

    By KMill515
    Every time I attempt to cast an episode, I receive an error message from the app. Since barely any shows are available On Demand, I downloaded this app hoping to enjoy some of my favorite shows. I’m disappointed.
  • Rate 1/5

    By QueenKailee
    Way less commercials and you’d get 5 stars !! Also the most annoying thing about the app is that the same commercial plays over and over again . Makes me dread using the app .
  • Xfinity 1/5

    By babyraeraebitch
    I don’t like the fact how this app doesn’t have Xfinity/Comcast as their tv provider. They use to have it I don’t understand why they took that cable off their app.
  • Seriously stop putting in a act 2/5

    By Serenoty
    As I’m reading through the comments I see familiar problems with this app and you guys rapt the same thing over and over and yet I still see more and more of the same complaints being written because they don’t care instead there promising stuff and not following through
  • TV Providers 1/5

    By cam5642
    I was very mad when I saw that there wasn’t an Xfinity TV provider option. I used the free pass, but then it expired. So now I’m mad because I can’t finish watching “Ex On The Beach” So if y’all could, please make that an option.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Sar-bear541
    I want to catch up on my shows but every time I do I sit through 5 minutes of adds and 2 seconds into my show the app crashes. Very frustrating!!!!!
  • Opens and then closes 1/5

    By JAT34
    App won’t open. I am also hoping once it does stay open it will have current episodes of the show I want to watch ?
  • Commercials 1/5

    By mmmmmmmkkkkkkkknnnnnnn
    Can not stand watching mtv with headphones on a phone or iPad. The commercials are so loud they could blow someone’s ear drums out. The Purdue commercial in particular is the loudest of them all. This should be against the law. If I don’t realize when it’s going to commercial and rip my headphones out then my ears rings all day.
  • Ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads & more ads 1/5

    By Lokijuhygt
    The ads repeat so much. Can't even fast forward and try and find where you left off on what you were watching without it triggering 90 second ads. Then if you aren't at the spot you need to be at you have to watch more ads because you fast forwarded through an ad trigger point. No other ap does this. Easy fix. Fix it. Fix. It.
  • Would love if app worked 1/5

    By Digitman101
    I have tried downloading and redownloading but the app never gets past an error that won't allow me to enter my tv subscription info so I can't log in. Please fix error!
  • Would give zero if I could 1/5

    By Bobenna95
    The whole point of this app is to be able to watch on the go. Why did xfinity get removed from the app? I already pay for cable why should I have to pay more to watch a channel I already pay for. Very disappointing.
  • Too many adds 3/5

    By JRR🥶🎉
    Love the shows but way to many adds when you go back to an episode you don’t finish you watch 2-3 adds then watch a couple minutes of your show then back to adds please less adds. I can barely enjoy my show right now because it number 1 brings me to the wrong episode and when I get there it puts me to the right part then five minutes in it rewinds to where I began. It’s so annoying.
  • Skipping 1/5

    By skipping!
    Holy skipping!!! This is ridiculous.
  • Why not put old shows 1/5

    By Sahirp13
    I bet you that a lot of people have downloaded this app to find one of the shows that were filmed before like teen wolf or something. So why no keep those shows so other people can see them. Why make this app limited to certain shows when you can put old shows so that people can watch. In my opinion i believe that this would make this app more money and popularity.
  • Too many ads 2/5

    By Muriyah
    I love that I can keep up on my shows, but there are waaaaaaaay too many ads!!!!!!
  • Tv provider 3/5

    By Fedznikay
    My tv provider is not on mtv app and I want to watch my favorite shows

    By AwesomeSauceTheBoss
    I like some of the show on this app but if you check out their YouTube channel, all you see is white-shaming left bs that is so annoying. The funny things is that nobody believes their crap on YouTube. Remember when MTV made music videos?

    By Anna Keller
    I was generally happy that I saw this app because I was really happy to watch my shows. But when I clicked to find my T.V sub scription. I could NOT find x Finity I know that some people don’t have Xfinity but I do and I really want to watch my shows but now I can’t because Xfinity isn’t even on there they have all these weird subscriptions but not even Xfinity a lot of people have Xfinity . I want this to be fixed right now immediately please.

MTV app comments

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