Musi - Simple Music Streaming

Musi - Simple Music Streaming

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  • Current Version: 6.2.9
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Musi Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Musi - Simple Music Streaming App

"Best free music player app and I’ve tried all of them" - FaisalBeanzi "Best music experience I have used on the App Store to date!" - Lupini66444 Musi lets you stream and organize music directly from YouTube, build playlists, share music with friends, and more. Musi can also stream onto any AirPlay enabled device. Best of all? IT'S FREE! Here's a brief overview of Musi's features: - Stream any song from YouTube - Stream music to any AirPlay enabled device - Create infinite playlists and organize your music - Control Musi through your car, stereo, and more With over 1 million daily users, it's clear that Musi is the best music experience on the App Store. Download it now!

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Musi - Simple Music Streaming app reviews

  • Needs bug fixes! January 20 2021! 3/5

    By Wildangelfollowsgod
    I have used this app for 2 years and recently it started skipping through music. The app says that my Internet is not secure when it definitely is. This bug needs to be fixed; it’s still a wonderful app and I still believe in it. I’ve looked and I haven’t found any others that are compare but I hope they seriously Consider fixing this so we can still enjoy the app. If they don’t everyone’s going to stop using it.
  • 🤨 1/5

    By hejdheksgeuebdbkebdd
    They say this app is amazing but it won’t play music and god for bid if I go on to another app and it’s starting to make my phone slow SoundCloud is better
  • Not letting me play Music 1/5

    By dbdnfndn
    Can you fix it it not letting me play Music
  • App not working for me 3/5

    By Zaybutters
    It’s not working for me anymore, idk if it’s the update, but I have unlimited everything, so idk why it’s not working for me...
  • Phenomenal 5/5

    By anelson26
    I’ve been using Musi for several years now and all I can say is phenomenal. This app is by far the best free music streaming app. However, recently there has been a glitch where if I am not connected to my wifi, and use service instead, my songs will not play. This is the only bug I have ever experienced but this is a really bad bug and diminishes all of the hard work that has been put into the app to create it. Please fix it so I can continue to listen to my music for free in extremely good quality on the best app ever! Thank you!!!
  • I love the app, but 3/5

    By FlawsOrClaws
    Whenever I try to scroll through my playlist, it freezes. So then I have to close out of it. The app also randomly crashes, stopping the music.
  • I like Musi it help me do my home work 5/5

    By helperssssssssssh
    Thank you
  • musi review 5/5

    By Santa cruz bladdeee
    i love it because it has no ads it’s like youtube just you can turn off your phone
  • Terrible 1/5

    By ___11212
    Use to be a convenient app but now it constantly will freeze and stop playing your music for full days at a time. Waste of space
  • WAS a great app 3/5

    By queen8090
    It was great ive. Been using this app for over 2 years now and is awesome honestly but now when i click on anything and I mean ANYTHING it just crashes pretty much or it just sends me a error message and it drives me crazy to see that thing again and again so please fix this
  • It’s good BUT 4/5

    By licklickmyballs
    The app is good but if they can add “Siri support” for us iPhone users, it be really appreciated
  • The best 5/5

    By uridyyodu
    I use this app with my AirPods everyday I don’t like Spotify this app is way better I can search up a lyric of a song and it has the sing I want the best music app ever really recommend this please get it no regrets ❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • best music app!! 5/5

    By PheonixAD YT
    hello i hope you see this review!! so this app is a lot better than honestly in my opinion most music apps. the only problem i have with it is that i’m not able to delete songs off of my playlist
  • Not working 1/5

    By ang2020.
    I can no longer play music while Driving. All the songs just skipped and app turns off. I really don’t want to have to find anther app
  • I love this app 5/5

    By pheno16552974
    It’s just like Spotify premium but for free the best music app ever you should get it for sure
  • Error message 1/5

    By jumananananah
    This app used to work just fine before but now, every track I want to listen to has an error message. I’ve restarted the app and that hasn’t helped.
  • Hasn’t been working 3/5

    By Kyia V
    This app is great when it works! Recently it hasn’t been allowing me to play music without WiFi!
  • Love it but.. 5/5

    By Awesome Paw AJ
    I love musi! It has Videos of you tubers and Music! Best app I’ve found so far until wendsday, It began saying I didn’t have internet? So I closed the app and shut off my iPad to see if it’d help but no, I even deleted and retried. I believe it might need another update! :3 ty (update ) Tysvm for fixing the bug :) Musi = life
  • crashing 1/5

    By LC07326
    it’s not playing when you’re not on wifi. GET IT FIXED.
  • Problems with app 2/5

    By etyuuhhgfdklkjhgdd
    I love this app it’s the best thing to have for music but all of a sudden it won’t work off my 5 g on my phone it will only work on land line internet. I need to know what’s happening. It s a 10 star when it works I use this app every day.
  • bad connection 1/5

    By MustangHooves16
    every time I try to play it using cellular data it says I'm not connected to the internet and need to try again, but it worked just fine yesterday
  • Little problem 5/5

    By ch1ll boiiii
    App is great and one of my favorite music apps, but every time i unpause my music from my airpods after it being for more than 10 seconds, it won’t unpause and I know it’s this app because it works fine for apple music
  • Worked fine but 2/5

    By Chickeeeeen133
    I had a great time with it and it let me add all my YouTube playlists but after a while it added a limit to the amount of songs I could add on a playlist

    By The Gaming Kat
    Used this to replace my Spotify and it’s so amazing. No ads. You can go back and re listen to songs all you want. Unlimited skips. You can make play lists. You can move through our the songs and skip to the chorus of you want. And you can watch the videos on songs so you can watch the lyrics too. 10/10 LOVE IT. haven’t tested it offline yet. But you can leave the app and turn off your phone and music will still play.
  • amazing 5/5

    By my name is taken;-;
    so like musi you should sponsor me i gave you more users:)
  • Stopped working but Okay app 1/5

    By immagirl U-U
    It says the internet’s having issues but it’s happening to other people as well but I also have some pretty good things too like I can make playlist and play and turn my phone off with it on so it’s a pretty okay app and I mean it’s got its problems like I have to log in to watch some videos or listen to music but other than that it’s amazing! I highly recommend but I suggest fixing the problem!
  • Love 5/5

    By pokebdjbffibcjf
    I love it so much I my songs
  • This is a nice app 5/5

    By Kdsjsjdjd
    I was looking for a music app that wouldn’t show me videos of ads every time I open the app. I found it, y’all have ads but they’re not distracting you from your music which is a good thing. It simply is easier to user and less laggy than Trending. Thank you!!!
  • Problem 1/5

    By hffhhdud
    umm the app isn’t working no more
  • Great app 5/5

    By Dezmen12
    I haven’t seen an ad yet like this app is the best I used to have Apple Music I don’t wanna pay $10 for the same thing this is free and I can find songs that I can’t find on Apple Music
  • Great app 5/5

    By Minty _Paws ice cream lover
    It’s really nice app with great features. Great for all music great app in general
  • Music not playing. 1/5

    By oaknsisosns
    Love the app. Only problem is that whenever I go out of my house none of the music plays.
  • Are you having a problem playing music offline??? 4/5

    By Ti11man
    Login into your youtube acct through the app and poof!!! Problem fixed Follow the steps below if your Musi app is noting that it cannot play videos on your internet connection: Ensure that you are logged into a YouTube account in the “More > YouTube Login” area in the app. Ensure that you are able to play a video in the “More > YouTube Login” area in the app Should work after this
  • Amazing 5/5

    By panda 0&8877
    Best music app. You can play anything from YouTube. It works and loads very fast unlike other apps like this. No lag and the way they have the adds is perfect. No complaints, highly recommend.
  • Music is Life 5/5

    By mgo215
    Best music app since Apple Music , I love how the music plays through the ads , has any and every song you can think of. 5 stars all around!
  • Can only play on wifi 2/5

    By duck desuka
    I’ve had this app for a long time and at first I had no problems with it but now it won’t let me play music with my data on. It will only work on wifi which is annoying. Not going to use it again if nobody fixes this
  • help? 3/5

    By cassidy1023
    idk if i’m just dumb but you have to watch the music video to listen to the song? i just want to listen to the song idrc about the video. if i want the video i would go on youtube but is there a way i don’t have to watch the video?
  • Poor connection all of a sudden 4/5

    By Sexy carlos boo
    It’s great but it’s been lacking. The connection is not good enough in places I’ve listened to music since I installed it.
  • Ads 4/5

    By nocaptho
  • Best music videos 5/5

    By teeedybird
    Love this app for music 💕
  • .... 4/5

    By gweena85
  • Don’t know what went wrong 4/5

    By madi_0724
    I’ve had this app since 2016 and just recently it doesn’t seem to work when I’m outside only when I’m at home. It worked anywhere and now it doesn’t. I just want to know what happened because this is my goto app and I’m so sad that I can’t listen to anything unless I’m at home. Hopefully it gets fixed if not I will have to delete it. 🥲
  • It’s really good 5/5

    By Lilyrosé
    This is such a cool app o recommend to download this app.
  • It wont let me play music 1/5

    By davetolive
    This app is trash now it let me play music it keep say error error
  • Didn’t work 1/5

    By chicken lady!
    I was listening to music and it stopped playing for no reason please fix this bug I wanna listen to music again it won’t let me play anything
  • ads 1/5

    By Evelynmanzo1
    this app gives me way to many ads and long adds 🤮🤮
  • Tio Sergio 5/5

    By don peru
  • Meh 1/5

    By urforever_shorty
    It doesn’t work that good when your out and I hate it!🙄😤
  • Good 5/5

    By 0nly.Blue
    It’s such a good app I love it