Musi - Simple Music Streaming

Musi - Simple Music Streaming

  • Category: Music
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  • Current Version: 6.2.15
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Musi Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
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Musi - Simple Music Streaming App

"Best free music player app and I’ve tried all of them" - FaisalBeanzi "Best music experience I have used on the App Store to date!" - Lupini66444 Musi lets you bookmark and organize your favourite music videos, build playlists, share with friends, and more. Musi can also stream onto any AirPlay enabled device. Best of all? IT'S FREE! Here's a brief overview of Musi's features: - Create infinite playlists and build the perfect library - Share playlists with your friends - Fine tune audio with a built in equalizer - Stream content to any AirPlay enabled device - Control Musi through your car, stereo, and more Download the app now and become part of the Musi squad!

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Musi - Simple Music Streaming app reviews

  • Love this app use it daily 4/5

    By matugjv
    Lately this app has been pausing my music idk what it is bc it always works fine for me any suggestions?.
  • I’m the best ever I am super Allah forever. 3/5

    By xbnit go 567
  • Amazing 🥲😩🤠🤌 4/5

    By GachaFan101Bobapanda Xx_qt
    I love this platform so much! I would honestly prefer Musii over Spotify because,’s free. 2. You can mute ads (so it’s good for the creator and you). 3. The entire thing is just better. This app is better than Dino nuggies, that right there is very hard to beat. If this is better than Dino nuggies, then why wouldn’t you get it, hm? If you don’t have it already then, get it I highly recommend this! ❤️🥳 (I just wish there was more variety in ads as to I’m tired of seeing royal match pop up for every ad I see)
  • Fine 2/5

    By Dawsdog944
    Ok it’s good but it is just YouTube and why the he🏒🏒 do you have inappropriate videos I mean come on we just want Music not that stuff so please get rid of that
  • I love thus app 5/5

    By paris hate TikTok
    I love this app
  • Somethings wrong 3/5

    By hefickic
    I had this app for a long time and it was good but now it’s not working whenever I get off the app it stops the music and last time I remembered it doesn’t stop the music when I get off the app so I feel like it’s not supposed to be like I had it before and it never stopped in the middle of it I mean I think the ad OK because I don’t like have sound
  • Best music app 5/5

    By isaiahj0210
    Love this app. I’ve been using it for so long and it’s amazing
  • Great 5/5

    By murhaf2006
    Best app ever beside apps
  • Doesn’t work for the 13 pro max?! 2/5

    By helpefepls
    i tried to play music from here but everytime i shut off my phone, it doesn’t play. Is not compatible with the new IOS or phone or something? really just wanna play music :(
  • Why I lie it 5/5

    By kiria❤️
    It is the best music app that I ever used💜💜💜
  • El número 1 de todas aplicaciones 5/5

    By @Mixteco
    La mejor aplicación
  • Raul rates muis 5/5

    By Elcolon
    musi is way better then all the other music apps. no ads, plays the songs u want, n infinite skips like🙌🏽if it aint musi it ain’t nothing🅿️
  • Good 5/5

    By sendaddychulo
    I like this app as you can listen to music for free and still click out of the app and do other stuff while still listening, you can also close your phone and still play the music. Can create your own playlist of songs, and loop songs, the only thing is there is ads however they don’t play any sound so you can still listen to music and after a couple seconds you can skip them. If your not on the app and listening to music they won’t pop up but if you are in the app say changing your song and an ad comes on then you can skip it. Great app!!
  • Suggestion features 5/5

    By Tannerknights
    Hi, this is a great music/video player, you can play music while doing any task unlike youtube. I like that. My suggestion is that, if you guy can add offline mode to listen music offline. Have a feature that allow to download and available to play offline. Like Trending.
  • Musi 5/5

    By goldenlady8136
    I absolutely love, love, love my Musi! Please don’t ever take it away! Thank you so much!
  • review 5/5

    By Andrea Desiree
    this is the best musics app ever !
  • One of the best 5/5

    By nice guy141
    It’s hard to find a free music streaming app! I didn’t get any add whatsoever literally one of the best I’ve seen!
  • Music 5/5

    By angelicaa.lovee
    Love it gets my needs
  • It’s cool but... 3/5

    By jaythebull420
    Download for offline in case phones off you know
  • Amazing! Just a problem, 4/5

    By Mintee-Mint
    It’s a great app, just when you play a song, sometimes it randomly stops and the music goes silent and so the the video or whatever your watching. It’s really annoying when it happens cause when you refresh the app it plays for the first few minutes then stops again, I’ve made sure it’s not my internet, buts it starting to get really annoying.
  • STAR 5/5

    By 𝙷𝙸
    I love Ice ;) it’s going to be my birthday December 9 :D nice oh well bye
  • This is such a good app 5/5

    By Faded.Zodiac
    This is one if not the best app for music, when a ad comes on it doesn’t stop your music and the ads aren’t random games and things the games are pretty decent and i downloaded a few. Idk what i would do if it went unavailable, would be a heart break the load time is so fast sometimes it lags but thats on data when you used it a lot, still a 10/10 app and easy to find what ur looking for i make music and found my song that less than 10 seconds it was the first one this is a 10/10
  • Best free music 5/5

    By Mads 🙂
    It has any song you can think of, cause they got it from YouTube and it has many things you can do. You can make playlists or a library.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Aldolf and Aldolf2.0
    I feel it’s better than Spotify because you don’t. Have to pay to get your own playlist, you can use ANY video and it’s way simpler than other apps and you don’t have to pay, at this point I don’t mind the ads they only come by every so often
  • My review 5/5

    By Allison wiard
    I love you can play music and there will be ads at the same time and the music still keeps playing. 10/10 recommend
  • Olivia 5/5

    By ffcgfgfgdhddxgf
    I Love. This app❤️❤️❤️❤️🧡💛💚🤍💜🖤🖤🤍🤍🤎🤎❤️‍🩹❤️‍🩹❣️💕💕💘💖💗💓❤️‍🩹💕💞💝💗❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❣️💕💞💞💕❤️‍🩹❤️‍🔥💜🧡💛💚💙🤍🤍🤍🖤🖤❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🩹❣️💕
  • Love it but it messes up a lot! 3/5

    By maygenreanne
    This app would get a full 5 stars from me, but it’s super buggy and messes up a lot! If they fix this problem then I’d definitely give it 5 stars!
  • Too many adds 5/5

    By kayflockmydadfr
    Too many adds bro
  • Musi 5/5

    By sj-suzi
    Musi is the best I definitely recommend it over anything out there
  • 5 stars 5/5

    By somegirlmeme
    5 stars period, I don’t have to pay to listen to music, nor do I have to worry about the app not having the music I want to listen to. Also finally i can listen to music non stop without 6 ads
  • Music stops playing when you’re not on the app 2/5

    By jenna_nicole22
    I’ve really loved using Musi since I could listen to music without having to have the app open on my screen. However, as of recently, my music won’t play in the background when I’m using a different tab. I hope the developers fix this!
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Nayleemar
    I love listening to music for free for however long I want to🥰
  • It’s to glitchy 3/5

    By Kimk2012
    I really like it it’s just that it’s so glitchy and whenever I try to play some thing it stops immediately but other than that I really like it
  • Best app 4/5

    By maitayeb
    Loved itttttttttttt so happyy 🥰😍😍😍😍
  • 🙄🙄🙄 3/5

    By HizzleJizzle
    I use to love this app!! However now instead of continuously playing when I lock my phone or go to another app, the music stops. Might as well just use YouTube if it's gonna do that🙄🙄 PLEASE FIX THAT!!
  • Glitches 2/5

    By mavi e
    Then I play the song it starts to glitch and make weird sounds then randomly stop and then starts playing again it’s not my phone because I tested to see on other apps and videos and it didn’t do that. What’s up?
  • It has a bug 1/5

    By 666avery
    Saying YouTube is restricting the music or something and it skips songs but plays others
  • Offline 5/5

    By XD ehhehehe
    I honestly wish there was offline
  • Best app 5/5

    By cocofourty
    This is the best app it’s best for kids and it’s free if your reading this download this app right now
  • Great App 5/5

    By jahervbsbs
    Great music app with great quality
  • Rauli 5/5

    By Rulincito
  • Idea review 3/5

    By JayDidThat216
    If you can download music for offline play for bad service won’t bug out
  • Almost perfect! 4/5

    By AlphaZygma
    I enjoy the App, it’s like a simplified version of YT and I don’t feel to intrusive with ads. Plus I get to keep playing even if I put the app in the background to use a different app. There are only a few things they could improve and why I gave 4 out of 5 stars: 1. To know whether a video is single or part of a playlist (I just want to play one sometimes before going to bed and if it was a playlist it will go into an infinite loop) 2. That the playlists we make have a choice of looping or stopping with the last entry 3. Automatic full screen with rotation of phone
  • Good but there’s a problem 5/5

    By darkkitten8729
    It’s a good app and I would recommend it but for some reason it doesn’t let me turn off my device and still listen to it like it used to
  • It’s not to bad 4/5

    By Badmantrey
    It freezes up sometimes and won’t play music but it’s back to normal
  • Free 5/5

    By Drkob524
    This is the best it has free songs, but you have to have internet
  • FREE MUSIC !!!!!~~ 5/5

    By Nj88415
    The only downside is that it drains your battery fast 🤣But you can still play music will ads are playing so you don’t notice it until you want to change the song manually.
  • I need my money back or something 4/5

    By BlazaV420
    So I bought the remove ads forever and it worked like the first day then the 2nd day or so it stopped working i get ads still
  • Amazing app but one problem 5/5

    By Molly🐝
    I love this app, but one small problem is that in the middle of the video the audio would stop playing. The video would still go on but the screen would fade to black and you wouldn’t be able to hear anything. If someone could tell me why this is happening I would be very grateful. Overall amazing app 10/10 would recommend!