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  • Current Version: 1.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: William Tanguay
  • Compatibility: Android
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Musi‖ App

Musill is a great music player you won't wanna miss, Best way to find and listen to the trending music! With Musill, you can listen any music or songs in music playlist. FEATURES √ Millions of Music Tons of music are here waiting for you, You can find every song and music you like on music player. √ Powerful Music Player It is a Powerful music player app, An amazing MP3 player, listen to the songs music anytime, anywhere you like. √ Great Listening Experience music player perfectly supported the Non-stop Music Playing. √ Well Picked up Music Playlist Music genres like Pop, Rock, Electronic, R&B, and Country music. √ Create your own Music Playlists Mark the music you like to the favorite playlist, Create your own Playlists, Personalized Music Playlists. Please NOTE: This app just an online music player, we do not provide any local music search or free music/ mp3/ songs download.

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  • Rip-off 1/5

    By ma_g36
    Bring back the old musi please this one is a joke!
  • Its ok. 2/5

    By lillybugg26
    When i joined im like heck yeah but im really really mad now. Even sad that Apple took down the REAL musi and left there fake ones its freaking sad 🙁😕😢
  • Worst app 1/5

    By zhhsneissn
    There is just way way to much ads you can’t tell witch one is the original song this why I’m glad I kept the first one but how y’all gonna make a second 1 and make it worst then the first 😐
  • NOT VALID 1/5

    By #emoji😜
    yeah no this app is not good.
  • Awful 1/5

    By emilie3721
    I had the original musi on my old phone and I used it all the time and I got a new phone a couple days ago and I had to redownload musi and I can’t even type in a song without an add popping up.
  • Good. Not good? 4/5

    By uwuchurros
    Not bad, just a tad bit to many ads ;/. The songs also sounds a different, for listening to them 50 times on YouTube it sounds way different. Not bad though :)
  • Go back to the old one🤦🏾‍♂️ 1/5

    By lilconcoted
    I got on the old Musi and I tried to play music and it said that my iPhone was blocked and I don’t know why, so I backed up my music and deleted the app, I went to the App Store to download it back and didn’t see it, after that I downloaded this app, first off there are way to many ads, you shouldn’t be getting apps as soon as you get on the app, next searching for music is not great at all, so just look for another app, may you please bring back the old musi🤦🏾‍♂️.
  • No youtube 2/5

    By nixksodjje
    Without the YouTube search, there’s little to none of my favorite songs on here that aren’t covers. Bring back the other app.
  • Disappointed! 1/5

    By Laviaaa233
    Why the hell did y’all remove the 1st one ! PUT IT BACK , this junk is so trash barely have the songs on there !! PLEASE BRING BACK THE OLD ONE ! All my music are gone , other music apps are not so good , the old version was so much better.
  • uh 3/5

    By Anonymous Ivy
    so when i first got this it was all free and i was sooo happy and it stayed free to me but then i deleted it because i was having some problems and downloaded it again and NOW ITS NOOT FREE this made me really sad and i had all my playlists nice and organized so that was a bummer
  • Songs 2/5

    By sonicgamer72
    The song only plays for 30 second for me and it’s really bad please fix it
  • Bad update to musi 1/5

    By hovan van
    Waste of 20 dollars I can’t even add my songs that I want because there is no video display the old Musi was much better this is a dumb update
  • Would put 0 stars if I could !! 1/5

    By lpqpwj
    Horrible new phone and have to deal with this bs !! Bring the old Musi back !!!
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Olajdei
    Please bring back the original Musi
  • This app 2/5

    By Pixar16
    Ads are too much. Old app made it easier to find songs/channels. Not only that but we can’t simply add playlist to our libraries anymore. That makes me upset. Too unorganized

    By Ellie 12
  • uhhh 3/5

    By Plz don't have my nick name
    i still have my original musi on my phone but the songs won't play. it keeps saying error. this version is cool and all but i miss the old general outlook of the old musi. the song options were smaller and you have the option of dark mode. also, there is no settings button? yeah, um...
  • Not a good music app 2/5

    By jrjj feed heeh
    When I try to play songs, the songs change for some reason and the unpause button doesn’t work
  • Terrible 4/5

    By jrockOC
    Terrible it always says error video playback failed
  • Imposter app 1/5

    By Sassyandfifi
    The REAL musi got taken off my Apple and they've been working to get it back on. This is an imposter, they have also posted about the imposter on Twitter. If you're going to make a music app, BE ORIGINAL! Don't claim to be an app you don't even actually own. Smh pathetic trash
  • Waste Of Money 1/5

    By By heart hill
    I just paid 20 dollars for the premium version of this app cause theres no way to use the regular version. And it won’t let me even search any music up nor get my old music. I want a refund just saying
  • WHY 1/5

    By Ramenoodlepoop
    I hate this app it doesn’t even have the right songs and the adds are super annoying !!!
  • Horrible 2/5

    By shata1991
    Was way better before the update . Songs only playing part of it.
  • *NOT* The REAL Musi 1/5

    By Fvl333
    This is NOT the original Musi. This is useless, not even a clone, that's why it doesn't work. Apple removed the original Musi without explanation. It is one of my favorite apps of all time. I don't know why Apple allows this and the other fakes, but won't allow the excellent original. No, I don't work for FeelTheMusi, I don't own stock, I'm just a guy who appreciates great apps. Don't waste your time downloading this.
  • Bad 1/5

    By Jos3h3r3
    I was able to find Hispanic music at first and right now no music pops up, what’s that bs
  • Eh 2/5

    By SmartCookie3.14159
    I really don’t like the fact that you can’t just download an album or playlist of music. you have to go in and search up each individual song from an artist or from an album and it’s frustrating and time consuming.
  • For real? 1/5

    By Kii Summoner
    So today, I went to Musi|| and typed “Animation Memes” and none of what I was looking for was there anymore!Then i said to myself,”Hm.. lets restart this.”and so I did.Then i typed “Cradles Meme” and guess what? Nothing showed up but things i wasn't looking for! If you don't fix this I'm then only stuck with the songs I have added! And thats not so many.
  • Musi 4/5

    By niquenique13
    I really like it
  • Definitely a downgrade 1/5

    By 🙄✋🏾
    Way more ads . And you can’t even find most songs and artists . This is definitely worst than the other Music app . Might uninstall
  • Bring the old one back 2/5

    By xoxoRissao9
    This one won’t play the songs all the way through & I can’t even recover my music from the old version 🤦🏾‍♀️ wish I didn’t have to get a new phone & I wouldn’t be in this boat 🗣🗣 BRING THE OLD VERSION BACK !!!!
  • Where is the youtube music search? 3/5

    By v3rmb0ter
    This musi is at least more stable than the first one. But my problem is what happened to the search option when you could play any youtube video/audio you found? Copy-write issues maybe? Also the ads are far more worse than the first app.
  • horrible 1/5

    By 🏀Charlie
    these ads are VERY UNACCEPTABLE! don't get this app

    By Squarahhh
    extremely annoying ads everytime you open the app or change a song, not all songs you want to hear are on the app, and is very laggy.
  • 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼 1/5

    By ymcbran
    Bring back the regular one
  • I hate this version 1/5

    By trullyours.ruby
    I liked the other one better This one has soo many adds I couldn’t get my old playlist back I miss the old one But if you guys are looking for a similar app like the old musi use : imusic it’s kind of similar and runs the same basically.
  • Complete garbage 1/5

    By vhklsndhehd
    BRING BACK THE ORIGINAL MUSI APP!!!! this app continuously skips a chunk of the songs and doesn’t completely play it. Too many ads, it’s honestly terrible.
  • 😤 1/5

    By ddddddddddddddddddddddr
  • Ads and playlists 1/5

    By storejs
    The ads are so annoying! You can’t even find playlists that other people have made! Just bring back the original!
  • Bruh what happened 4/5

    By Real #1 Directioner
    When i try to listen to my music they will put a ad and it’s so annoying all the songs i listen do that.What happened to old musi?
  • BIG RIP OFF 5/5

    By 🦌🐺
    This app is a rip-off where’s the old musi?i only put five stars so you could read this.i tried to find faded by Alan walker and it’s a bunch of hooha the real songs only last like 20 seconds and the other results are crap DONT WASTE YOUR TIME DOWNLOADING THIS!!!
  • It’s a no from me 1/5

    By Mickie40000000000
    Just download musi instead.
  • Trash compared to the original 1/5

    By Seiteiga1
    You can’t find music as easy anymore songs related to the song before don’t play afterwards. Throw this update away
  • It’s a great app but.... 3/5

    By pockinition
    Whenever I’m listening to music it skips songs halfway thru,🙄this app has great potential and would love to this fixed soon😉
  • Musi 3/5

    By derrick2618
    I just want the original app back I don’t understand why it was taken out in the first place.
  • Bring back the original 1/5

    I’m about to get YouTube music because this newer version is trashhh
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By Doodle_15
    It looks new and cool, but the ‘controls’ are way too confusing, and the search function doesn’t work like it used to; I look up a song or musical, and it shows things unrelated and not what I’m looking for. Bring the old one back, or fix this one.
  • LISTEN!! 5/5

    This app is a fake Musi! The real one got removed off the AppStore and they are working on getting it back. Don’t download this one please. I put 5 stars so this will be on top. But please wait until Musi’s back! It’s wayyyy better than this!
  • The original was better. 3/5

    By Loutrav220
    This app has no songs that I like, and there are ads every two seconds!
  • Feedback and fixing 4/5

    By Eriksonnn
    Love it just that It would be nice to have a black background and sometimes the songs are skipping by itself so I dont know what’s that about

Musi‖ app comments

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