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  • Current Version: 2.0.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Bath & Body Works Brand Management, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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My Bath & Body Works App

We’re currently testing in select areas. Sign up for Bath & Body Works emails to know as soon as we roll out to new locations. Earn FREE PRODUCT for doing what you love—and get the best of Bath & Body Works at your fingertips! Download and join to unlock these perks: • Earn points toward your choice of FREE full-size products (up to $16.50)* • See all available offers in your Wallet • Check your points anytime, anywhere • Be alerted about big deals FIRST • Access exclusive previews and app-only content Oh, and snag this Welcome Offer: $10 off your $30 purchase (just allow up to 72 hours for the offer to show up in your Wallet)!* Download and join today! Visit our website to see participating locations! *See app for full terms and conditions.

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My Bath & Body Works app reviews

  • Love the CoCo Shea 5/5

    By Shaun's Opinion
    I recently purchased the CocoShea Honey Lotion and I absolutely love it this lotion makes my skin feel silky smooth.
  • Move 5/5

    By 6644Tita
    Hello i just want change the address
  • It doesn’t work 1/5

    By redragonfly09
    I downloaded this in the store and it always says “oops! Something went wrong, try again. “ So sadly it’s not working at all for me.
  • Shame 1/5

    By belmont91
    Why launch an APP if everyone cannot join?? I tried & it says not available for my zip code yet. I’ve spent so much money there to be excluded. Shame B&B Works!!!!
  • Upgrade doesn't work 1/5

    By Julietthegirl
    Thanks B&BW. I have $57 in e-gift cards sitting in my "wallet" of your app and for the 3rd, yes 3rd consecutive week now, I cannot even open my app!! It told me I needed to upgrade, and so I did and since then, it just takes me in a tireless loop when I try to open the app, but never with any success. I called customer service two weeks ago and they weren't able to resolve it; said they were opening a ticket and it's been crickets since. DON'T DO IT PEOPLE--you'll lose your points and possibly your money if you upload gift cards to the wallet of the app. Ridiculous!
  • It won’t let me login 1/5

    By brit2021
    It won’t let me login on my iPhone, keeps telling me something went wrong, I deleted the app re install it and it worked after I re installed it. When I closed out the app and tried logging back in, it said sorry something went wrong again. I give it a 1 Star for the iPhone. Yet login on my husband phone with no problems. So I’ll just use my husband phone from here on out. Deleting this app off my iPhone now
  • Only in certain areas 1/5

    By Melh1020
    Once I put in my zip code, the site said I wasn’t in an area that worked. I deleted the app.
  • Need this app in Florida 5/5

    By Selah24
    I travel to Savannah every other Thursday and I always make a stop at BBW . I always get asked about the rewards program and I ALWAYS get upset because they dont have them where I live. It is not fair. Im giving you 5 stars because I need you guys to realize that there are more states who want this rewards program to be available.
  • Upgrade 1/5

    By musiclover4us2
    I opened my bath and body app on my phone, and it told me there was an upgrade I had to do. I hit the upgrade button and it took me to my App Store, were the only option I had was to open. There is no upgrade option
  • AWFUL 1/5

    By AnnaMaiBaby
    this app won’t even let you LOOK at products unless you are in a target area. so either shop in store or nothing apparently 🤷🏻‍♀️
  • No stars 1/5

    By Cari Vianei
    I updated my app yesterday August 06, 2019 and lost all my points. SMH.
  • Complications 2/5

    By LyricalPheonix6
    Yo I literally can’t even get passed one screen to shop on here 🙄😓.
  • Love 5/5

    By Nistytee
    I love this place my sister and I live in two different states and we sit back and compare to what we bought for that they’ll be cut into body and bath works we’re going today I’m visiting her from Connecticut so I’m excited we’re going to the sale today
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By annaBella6034
    After signing into the app, it sends you through a “free gift” repeating progress. After following directions it’s back to the same screen. Deleting this useless app.
  • Nationwide? NOPE 1/5

    By Ambolicious123
    I’m sure the app is great, I’m sure even some bugs. But can you roll this out nationwide already?? Absolutely ridiculous having to wait this long. It takes years to figure out of your rewards system works or not? Come on.
  • Bath and Body App 4/5

    By Grench zax
    I love the bath and body App ! I don’t have time to shop like I would like to, the wallet give me a chance to get the bargains I missed
  • Love the App 4/5

    By RegLynnSmit
    I love have this app. Improvements to make - all stores including those not using it yet need to honor the coupons + make the reward -16.50 off order not off one product. What if I want wallflowers or hand sanitizer and not a full size product!?
  • Really 1/5

    By ruizsabrina
    You need to live in certain states for the app to work I got the app to see what products are out but can’t go anywhere because my state is not one of the states that it works with why can’t we just see the products I don’t care if I’m a member or not
  • Please Add New York and New Jersey! 4/5

    By abcmommyof6
    I'm really looking forward into using this app. So Please Add New York City And New Jersey. I spend lots of money at your store. It would be nice to earn points and special rewards here and there. As a Stay at home mom I don't always have money to buy when SAS comes around so I miss out. Overall I would like to earn some points for when I do spend. Thanks for selling great products.
  • Over two years in Beta testing? 1/5

    By Pandora3SP
    That’s ridiculous. At least open the testing to further large markets. I’m in metro Detroit, we have these everywhere but apparently not worth the effort? I’ve never heard of two years to Beta rest a simple rewards app. I can open my CRM and create a gorgeous branded community in about an hour then click a single button to make it into an app. This is not that difficult.
  • Doesn’t work for me 1/5

    By ogie pogie
    Tried to add info into the app and it didn’t work for me, even the associate couldn’t make it work. So sad
  • I want Rose’ Champagne back 2/5

    By Schootot
    I want Rose’ Champagne back!!!! It says 100% satisfied, I am not cause you took this off, pleaseeeeeee bring it back!!!!!
  • Having trouble 1/5

    By Mr Nate Daniels
    I downloaded this app to order candles and it keep asking me to enter my email which I did phone number which I did & my birthday which I did, and it says you are not offering the special in my area which is Houston, TX, the Problem is that sign up part I cannot get out of in order to order candles from my I-phone, can you fix it please? Thank best regards
  • June Frederiksen 5/5

    By freddygit
    I love giving bath and body as gifts. Everyone seems to love it as well and think it is really a great gift
  • Plug ins for Wallflowers 5/5

    By Grandma always
    I absolutely love all the new plug ins. I have several around my house and really enjoy buying them for gifts as well. There are so many new beautiful ones for every season and holidays as well as lots of different colors to match everyone and anyone’s taste for room decor. I can’t say enough about how much I love looking at these every time I come into your store. Thank you.
  • ❤️ B&BW 5/5

  • Unavailable in my area = unusable app 1/5

    By hellocamry
    When you open the app the ONLY option is to type in your ZIP to see if this is even available in your area. If it’s not the app will say “Sorry! Unavailable in your area at this time!” And you can not access ANYTHING ELSE. You can’t even browse!!!! I live in where does this even work if you’re unavailable in such a huge city.
  • What’s going on? 1/5

    By hotcocoa315
    I downloaded the BBW app and they had me sign the user agreement 5 or 6 times and then it just wouldn’t let me out of that section of the app. There are some serious issues with the app that need to be resolved.
  • Confused 1/5

    By Lab3331
    Just because the rewards are not available in my area, the app should still be available for shopping, etc. Downloaded, opened said rewards not available in my area and that was it. No options to get on the site to shop or anything else ???
  • Pointless to download! 1/5

    By PinkAsBree
    It’s been 2 years!! And it’s still in testing... what’s the point of having it on my phone if I can’t even use it. I can’t even place an order on it or anything? It makes zero sense to me. Who thought this was a good idea???
  • Stink 1/5

    By joy old ipod
    I really don’t understand why bath and body is so slow to the table to get an app. Then again I don’t understand why sometimes I get coupons and sometimes I don’t or why they yank every scent that is good and keeps the horrid scents. It’s to the point where body shop is the place to shop and they actually listen to their customers unlike bath and body works
  • Zip codes 1/5

    By Jenilee02
    Why does it go off zip codes. We have one out our local mall, even that zip didn’t work. Plus o have shopped online. What is wrong with just opening it up for everyone even folks that don’t live in a bigger cities. Wake up bath and body.
  • Can’t get into the app 1/5

    By Rose_Pop?!?
    My family has this app so I decided to get it as well. When I downloaded it, the app said check if this works for your area but I couldn’t type in my zip code. So I deleted it and then redownloaded it. The same thing happened and I even checked the help in the App Store and it says nothing to help with my problem. If the app will let me use it I will rewrite my review. Please fix this and help me.
  • Zip Code Error? 1/5

    By Andrea011203
    I downloaded the app hoping to be able to sign into my account I had set up in store but when the app asks for a zip code, I enter my zip code, and it says no matches?? I live in Vegas, bath and body works is everywhere... Seriously??
  • Availability 2/5

    By something_68
    I understand about the test for availability for rewards but shouldn’t we be able to use the app in the meantime? I’d like to try ordering products.
  • Second App for Bath&Body works 1/5

    By PlazaBoi08
    This is actually bath and body works 2nd attempt at a app and yet again it is a complete joke. Can’t use the app unless you live in a certain area which good luck finding one. Doesn’t even let you continue as guest to see what’s out. This app is the biggest joke of an app that I’ve ever seen. At least with the first one you could earn points for daily puzzles and check ins. But what they did to the customers when they suddenly stopped the app was down right wrong. So many customers lost points and rewards with no notice. It’s just a matter of time before they do it again.
  • No access to store 1/5

    By Amptx
    I downloaded the app, just to find out the rewards aren’t available in my area. But I also don’t seem to be able to access products and shopping on the app. Every other store under the sun has a shopping app. What’s the hold up?
  • Sometimes it works a sometimes it doesn’t 3/5

    By kaykayswords
    I love this company, and when I first downloaded the app everything worked well. But since spending more money it seems the app no longer even loads. I have a free product from how much I’ve spent and for my birthday and I can’t even seen them because the app doesn’t work. Please fix.
  • Not available in my area 1/5

    By daroross
    Useless, doesn’t do anything or have any features if they haven’t rolled out the rewards program across the entire US.
  • Poor redeeming 2/5

    By Alphantina
    I emailed you on 7/11/19 & no reply 2 days later. My code for my free item up to $16.50 would not work. I lost my free item. This is the 2nd time this has happened. I took screenshots of it. Months ago no one replied to my email when it happened the first time. It's like a dead end trying to contact someone in regards to this rewards program.
  • Can’t use the app 1/5

    By lerich1111
    I love B&BW, it is on it my favorite stores and they really do have the best discounts and deals for their customers. There app is VERY frustrating because you can’t even use it at most locations. I earned several rewards through the app but you can’t use it due to the store not “having” the app yet. If you put out a rewards app like this, it should be used at all locations.
  • Not offered in my area 1/5

    By Tifmason
    This is a great idea but it is not offered at any of the locations in my area. Three different Bath and Bodyworks and none of them work for the rewards. 🙄
  • Perfectly useless 1/5

    By Snowviolet
    First Page (required to use ap): Enter your zip code. *enters zip code* Error message: something went wrong. That’s it. That’s your ap. Well done. :/

    By HailsOR98
    How is this not available in Portland, OR?? Please expand, I’d like rewards please! 💕
  • Why not in all States?!?!?! 1/5

    By Montre1984
    I don’t understand why this is not open to use in all states?!?!?!
  • Exterminate Your Bugs!! 1/5

    Have an account unable to access due to the website saying that the info doesn’t match in records. BS! Had an online account forever but created another one to see what would happen & nothing! Ugghhh !!!
  • What program? 1/5

    By forgivenj316
    Why would B&BW send me something in the mail that tells me to download the app for the new rewards program......when it’s not even in available in my area?!?!? How stupid!
  • Great but needs improvements! 2/5

    By MommaL5
    It’s inconsistent with receiving credit for purchases. There should be a transaction history with points history so you know what you’re receiving credit for. I have contacted customer service with this issue. I would give this a 5 star rating once this happens and gets tweaked. Who doesn’t love free stuff and getting rewarded for customer loyalty! Thank you!
  • Not available in my state 1/5

    By Lightcommastix
    I downloaded the app, but functionality isn’t available to anyone living in my zip code (or state!). What a waste.

My Bath & Body Works app comments

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