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My Bath & Body Works App

We’re currently testing in select areas. Sign up for Bath & Body Works emails to be notified as we roll out to new locations! Earn FREE PRODUCT for doing what you love! Download the app to join our NEW Rewards Program and your purchases will add up to your choice of a Free Full-Size Product (up to $16.50).* Plus, get the best of Bath & Body Works at your fingertips! Unlock Members-Only Perks • Access the Wallet to see ALL offers in one place! • Be the first to see what’s new • Enjoy a special treat for your birthday • Get text obsessed with our Stickers! • Save your favorite products to your Love-It List Let’s get started with an exclusive Welcome Offer! Join today to get $10 off your $30 purchase (please allow 72 hours for this offer to appear in your Wallet).* Download and join today! Visit our website to see participating locations! *See app for full terms and conditions.

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My Bath & Body Works app reviews

  • Says not in my area 1/5

    By janan.i
    When I enter my zip it says sorry not in your area but there is a bath and body works store down the road that buy tons of stuff from . No wonder I never get any rewards that’s not fair.....
  • Confused 1/5

    By JustinBieber'smytwitterbuddy_1
    I can’t even use the app because the program apparently hasn’t been picked up in my area . Which I don’t think is fair at all ..
  • No purchases through the app? 2/5

    By MissIAmQueen
    I would give more stars if I weren’t redirected out of the app to make purchases. Kinda defeats the whole purpose of it.
  • Something wrong! 1/5

    By JazzySonic
    Every time I used the app it’s doesn’t work or let me log in! What’s wrong!
  • This app is great. Calm down. 5/5

    By Cate Samosky
    I’m confused as to why so many people would leave a negative review for an app that is still in testing and is literally unavailable to them.. I’m even more surprised that people don’t realize how common running tests like this is. Video games, other apps, even foods in restaurants are almost ALWAYS released to a smaller group or smaller region at first to work out bugs and get feedback. This is a very standard thing to do when releasing a new product. That being said, as someone who has had the privilege to be in a testing region for the app, I think it’s amazing! All of your coupons and rewards can be accessed in one place, and I’ve never had any issues with delays in getting credit for purchases. However, my favorite feature is definitely the notifications for large sales the day before. Flash sales are typically only announced the day of to your email, so they can be easy to miss. But with the app, you’ll get a notification the evening before! There’s even been times that I forgot to check my rewards before making a purchase and the cashiers always inform me when I have some! All in all, I think it’s an excellent app and an excellent rewards system. I get that it’s frustrating when you don’t have access to it yet, but you have to realize that it’s literally still in testing and that’s just how these things work!
  • Certain Areas 1/5

    By Braylinsmom
    Don’t make the app available if people can’t use it. There’s literally a store less than 5 miles from my house. But I can’t use the app cause it’s not available in my area. 👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽
  • Love the App, but plz ad... 4/5

    By Macloud03
    I love using my app. I love that all my coupons are right on my phone and the sales are showing. I really love earning my rewards. There are only two things I see that would make it 5⭐️s and that is a full launch. There are quite a few B&BW’s around me and only in two of them can I use the app. I know I can send a email through the app with my receipt number to get my points. But, there has been a few times I’ve been to a B&BW that had a product that I would have liked to use my reward on but couldn’t. The second change is actually an addition to what is already on the app. I think we should have our receipts available to view from the app.
  • Can’t get past the Terms & Conditions screen 1/5

    By Kellidianne
    While trying to create an account I kept tapping “Agree” on the screen and the screen flashes and looks like it’s about to do something, but it just stays on the same screen.
  • ????? 1/5

    By Bennett1095
    Why isn’t it working? It just says only for certain areas???
  • I love B&BW 5/5

    By JuicyAdro'
    B&BW is and has been an awesome store for me! I am a candle lover. They have some awesome essentials that’s smell amazing that I’m loving! The sales are amazing and they are good people and greet you with a smile and have great customer service make you feel appreciated for spending your money with them! Thank you
  • Boo!! CAN’T USE APP 1/5

    By Jonzie!!79...
    I don’t know why but the app doesn’t allow me to open it. It says the rewards program isn’t in my area. I just want to shop!! I guess I will just have it go to the web site.
  • great app! 4/5

    By PapaVic55
    i love this app for all the $$ ive saved! however the scanner/love it list feature unfortunately have never worked for me :-(

    By SKY$64$
    It seems like maybe 2 years that this app has been around, however, it is not available everywhere. It would be nice to go on the app to see what is new and shop online once in a while, but it is forfeit since it’s only for a couple of states. It would be nice for you people to get on the ball and open this up for everyone and not just a few lucky ones. PLEASE HURRY AND COMPLETE THE JOB!!!
  • What happened???!! 2/5

    By Ravyn1982
    I was using the app before I switched phones and now it says it’s not available in my location???? This is confusing and annoying! Please fix whatever bug this is !!!!
  • Missing The Most Important Feature 3/5

    By Kalboholic
    Should be able to shop online without leaving the app.
  • Online ordering WORST EVER! 1/5

    By Lizziee213
    I will NEVER order anything from Bath and Body again. I’d taken a picture of my shopping cart to show a friend what I want purchasing. Absolutely NOT what I received and then they treated me like I was a liar when I called, even after sending them the pics. Had they just said oh oops, let’s make this right.... what I ordered and what I got was the same price. Absolute joke.
  • Please!!!!!! 5/5

    By Dyamone715
    I love Bath & Bodyworks Can y’all pretty please hurry up and launch this app for Philadelphia
  • Don’t like it 1/5

    By Jaynysha21
    I just don’t understand how when I use the app to start shopping it takes me to the web browser version. Secondly when ordering from the site you can’t see your order history or etc. i personally don’t know why BBW Waisting folks time with this app taking up space in my honest given Opinion
  • Dislike this app 1/5

    By klmomma
    Don’t like this app, like the old app you had that you can actually order from.
  • Love this App! 5/5

    By ____________brenda_______
    I love the Bath and Body Works App so much! I just wish they would launch the app everywhere. Sometimes, I like to buy stuff when I travel, and it makes me sad that I can’t just have them scan my card. I’m glad that you allow us to at least call in the purchases! It would also be great if we can do some shopping on the app as well.
  • Seriously? 1/5

    By JemJewel
    How come you have an app that doesn’t service everyone. The company/stores are everywhere, yet your rewards program is not available to all? Like the app doesn’t function even for purchases
  • Functional app but tired of select cities 1/5

    By Pretii_Ladii
    I’m not sure what’s the hold up with releasing this this app nationally but BBW, you won’t receive another dollar from me until you get it together. I downloaded this app two years ago when I lived in Chicago. It’s convenient and it WORKS. The problem is that I travel for work, so when I want to shop in my free time in other states, can I use my rewards? NO! Can I use my in app coupons? NO! Senseless! You’re telling me I can only use this dumb app in certain cities or I’ll get nothing as far as a reward in all the other stores. It’s annoying. If after two years your IT department can’t get it together for a full rollout, just scrap the app all together. The inconsistency and the lack of support I’m getting from your workers in stores is disappointing too
  • Not available 1/5

    By KSaSS¥
    It’s weird that I live in the twin cities and it’s not available....
  • Not available everywhere 😖 1/5

    By Sunflower Chica
    Downloaded the app, get to the store to use it and was told that it’s not available to use at my location . Fayetteville, NC , right by Fort Bragg one of the largest military posts. What? Then was told that they are not sure when it will be ready here. Another time disappointed by this store.
  • Not avail on your area grrrr! 1/5

    By jmhgt265
    STILL not available in my area. Seriously?!! Does anyone get any benefits from this junky non-existent app? 😡
  • Why is this a regional thing? 1/5

    By AC SLATER77
    And at what point are we going to expand the regions that this reaches? Number one it’s not even fair that’s it’s a regional thing. Number two i have tried to download the app more than once over I’d say a year or so and it’s pretty ridiculous it still “isn’t in my area yet”
  • Other Areas?! 1/5

    By jessicanicole531
    When will testing begin in ALL areas or other POPULAR areas like Atlanta?! I’ve been waiting for this app to be tested in other areas for 2+ yrs!
  • Not fair 1/5

    By gyhgcvhyfcv12345
    Still not available for everyone! If we all spend our money we all deserve the points! Makes me want to stop shopping with a company that isn’t about inclusion!!!!
  • Background Music 3/5

    By Amy Walker
    Why, why, why would this app pause the music that I have playing on my phone? Seriously? I can’t be trusted with tunes while looking at candles? 🙄 Actually spending less money here because of it. App is otherwise fine.
  • What about the rest of us? 1/5

    By OnlyOneAngela
    Would love to have this in Arizona with as much as I shop at BABW 😡.
  • Expand your locations 1/5

    By LR9981
    This app is ridiculous. How is it only available in a handful of locations?? Get with the times. Open it up to everyone. It almost makes me want to boycott Bath & Body Works.
  • Okay 3/5

    By v wadi
    Wish I could see products on this app instead of opening safari and pulling up the bbw website. You guys want more revenue? Then you should put the ability to purchase products on your app instead of having a link to your site.
  • Can loyal customers expect to be enjoying rewards anytime soon??? 3/5

    By Loyal Customer WA
    I love bath & bodyworks, have shopped here for many years. However, I do have to agree with the fact that 2 yrs is and excessive amount of time to “roll out” a rewards program, and having that program only available to select areas. Not really sure what the point of that is. Like many other retailers who offer rewards programs. When it’s rolled out, it’s available to everyone. They then are able to get more feedback and be able to tweak their app/program as needed. Seems kinda pointless to only offer it to select areas only, especially for as long as it has been going on. Hope this can be made available to all your loyal customers soon.
  • Live in Charlotte, app doesn’t work 1/5

    By Phyld820
    I live in Charlotte yet I can’t get this app to work. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled several times! I’ve even tried different Charlotte zip codes but no luck. I’m also tired of sales associates telling me about the app. Don’t push something that doesn’t work. I live with in a 1/4 mile of a store. If I could give this a negative star I would
  • Change please 😫 1/5

    By sophiatran987
    Why have the app when it only lets you get the perks if your in a certain area. Just because I don’t live in a fancy area does not mean I can’t get perks like everyone else that does.
  • Not great 3/5

    By K194'fidnaakakamees
    I live in an area where the rewards program is a available, however it does not work correctly, the rewards don’t show in your app so you never get the reward. Emailed customer service for over 2 weeks now, they say it will be fixed and has not. So rewards program is a 0 star. But the app is nice for coupons because they can just scan your app bar code and apply coupons that way. So for the coupons it is a 5 star.
  • Why isn't it expanding?? 1/5

    By BekahJ13
    I don't understand why this isn't expanding??? People shop at more Baths and Body Works in more than three places! I personally shop there at least once every two months and it's 100% not fair that the rewards program is only set up in three places with what likes no hope of expanding to other locations.
  • I’d give 0 stars 1/5

    By KatrinaEVincent
    This app is awful. All I’m trying to see is what they have in store. However, if you’re not in their “zip code” you aren’t looking at their products on this app. You can enter your e-mail though, they’ll notify me if I’m no longer 45 minutes from the closest bath and body. 🙄
  • What a waste 1/5

    By Gtggtgtgtg
    This app is seriously a joke. If you don’t live in certain places (4) you can’t get the perks. Slow roll out for testing that has been over 2 years? How fair is that? I purchase in bulk every time I order for here or go to the store. GUESS WHAT? I won’t drop another dime on your products until you make it fair for everyone. You don’t even have a normal app for shopping. You’re upsetting your customers with this VIP members only nonsense. What this app has showed me, is your IT department is filled with idiots. The qualifications for the job must’ve been breathing. They shouldn’t test ran for a month or two max. Instead you all have dragged your feet and catered to a select few. How pathetic!!! Sad on your part really. Why keep advertising this mess on Facebook every day, all day. I’ve seen the perks in the sponsored ads you all buy into. It does no good if you all are not catering to all of your customers. I hope. That it hurts your profits to be honest. People can make or break a business. Your business motto here is unfair, disappointing, biased and to be honest a terrible way to do business. Get it together B&BW 😢
  • Add more places 1/5

    By Nikki101😊
    I live in Florida and I love b&bw but why can’t you do more places this program has been out for a while and still you can only use it in certain places.
  • Not available 4/5

    By Aguanilen
    Please please bring to Pensacola FL
  • 🤦🏾‍♂️😡 1/5

    By kingpro8938 mom
    Why is it that I cannot get on the Bath and Body Works site to place an order! This is ridiculous! Fine launch new money saving reward programs, I welcome them. But it is just plain old stupid to make it so customers can not place an order whenever they choose to.
  • Doesn’t make any sense 1/5

    By Doesnt make any sense
    How can you only use the app if your in a certain state. It’s not fair to the people who go here like once a week like myself an can’t even get any coupons but other people can because of the state they live in smh
  • Seriously?!! 1/5

    By NessaTW
    Your programmers should be fired! Why is this app not up & running for all? A kid could have had this working by now!
  • Selection issues with app 🥵🥺 1/5

    By yuk_mouth
    I downloaded the app with the understanding that I can use it with every purchase for points and coupons. Just realized that they’re testing the app in other states besides Atlanta 😪😦.
  • Other states 3/5

    By kpwaiting
    This has been going on for at least 2 years...why can’t other states be added....we shop at BBW too.
  • Waste of download 1/5

    By CaliT2K13
    Very SURPRISED this app isn’t offered in my area. I live in the city of Dallas, TX... They shouldn’t advertise this app until ALL can enjoy it. Very disappointed. This App gets DELTED!!!
  • I’m confused. 1/5

    By Sarahjc218
    Why are only certain places able to use the rewards app? I’m not able to access anything and it makes me very disappointed because I love the products here and go to the store almost every week.
  • Rewards program 2/5

    By DonnaAndy
    Why can’t I join the rewards program. I do most of my shopping online at bath and body works and I would like to get points for that.

My Bath & Body Works app comments

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