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My BMW App

With a modern design and intuitive user guidance features, the My BMW App is made to help you navigate a completely new mobility experience. Check the status of your BMW, use one of the many remote control features, plan trips in advance, book your next service appointment, or discover the world of BMW – all from the convenience of your smartphone. The My BMW App at a glance: •Immediate access to vehicle status and functions •Smart e-mobility services •Extensive navigation and map features for planning trips •Stories and news from the world of BMW •Direct access to your BMW Service •Use app in demo mode even without owning vehicle •Regular updates and upgrades for all features Discover what makes the My BMW App great: CHECK YOUR VEHICLE STATUS “All Good” – The My BMW App provides you with an overview of crucial status information like your BMW’s drive-ready state, enabling you to: •View your vehicle's location •Check your current fuel level and range •Check that doors and windows are locked •Keep vehicle software up to date OPERATE YOUR VEHICLE REMOTELY Use your BMW's features directly from your smartphone: •Plan and switch on air conditioning •Lock and unlock doors, operate the horn and flashers •Record images from the vehicle environment •Set up your BMW Digital Key PLAN DRIVES Find and send destinations, gas stations, charging stations, and parking areas directly to the navigation system •Plan trips and keep an eye on current traffic •Read detailed information on gas stations and charging stations •Find parking spaces at your destination •Consider charging times in load-optimized route planning ENHANCED E-MOBILITY Smart e-mobility support for planning vehicle range and necessary charging: •Plan electric range and necessary charging •Find nearby charging stations •View your charging history at any time EXPLORE THE WORLD OF BMW Stay up to date and find the right products for your BMW: •Discover exclusive stories and news from BMW •Receive messages in the Message Center •Link directly to BMW Shop and BMW Financial Services MANAGE REQUIRED SERVICES The My BMW App is your direct line to your dealer if service is needed: •Keep an eye on required services •Book service appointments via the app EXPERIENCE THE My BMW APP WITH DEMO MODE Explore the benefits of the My BMW app even without owning a vehicle: • Select an attractive BMW demo vehicle in the app garage • Get to know the variety of app functions, e.g. for electric mobility • Use of My BMW app to get you into the world of BMW Download the My BMW App now and try out its many features. The My BMW App is optimized for vehicles built from 2014 onwards. The availability of individual app features depends on your vehicle equipment and your ConnectedDrive contract. The availability of app features may vary between countries.

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My BMW app reviews

  • BMW app 1/5

    By park/drive
    Whenever I try and plug my phone into the bmw while having the bmw app open the app just closes only when it’s plugged into my bmw
  • Thank you 5/5

    By jNoora
    It’s perfect I would thank Cameron the sale man for treats me good
  • EPIC Fail-Class action potential. 1/5

    By The Anthony D
    I will never understand why companies nowadays feel compelled to change a perfectly functional app and replace them with something that no longer works. My account says that I have connected services until 2025. Not with the mybmw app, I don’t. Nothing works. Not great for brand loyalty. I literally went from a fully functioning connected drive app, to the mybmw, in which nothing works for my 2015 328i. Won’t receive directions, won’t locate, unlock, etc…. Hopefully, a class action is coming.
  • App NEVER has connectivity when Adding a Car 1/5

    By Not 3- D
    Useless trash. BMW connected was 1000 times better than this dumpster fire app. Nothing works and it constantly crashes. Way to go. So much for these luxury cars.
  • Convenience 5/5

    By cheche507
    It’s great to have everything at your fingertips - send addresses for upcoming trips, book an appointment and status of my vehicle!
  • No remote start 1/5

    By Sonofsako
    I would think, BMW could update their systems to allow cars to have remote start options.
  • Ordered accessories 1/5

    By jp9803
    I ordered a 167.00 item, paid for it but never received it.
  • Keeps crashing 1/5

    By cjacjacja129
    I just downloaded this app. Anytime it’s connected to my car it crashes. I’m really frustrated by this. I have a 2015 x1 bmw. Please help with this issue.
  • Works GREAT except when it doesn’t 3/5

    By Kellertwin
    When the app is working, it’s fantastic, there may be a few modifications I would like, but it’s pretty good. That’s when it’s working, which is not all the time. (As of now, my car won’t connect, error that I’m “not connected to internet” (#2910). I am connected and the car is charged.) When it does work, I like being updated when the car is fully charged. In the winter, it’s nice to precondition for driving. All times of year it’s great to check that your car is locked and all windows and doors are closed.
  • Keeps getting worse 1/5

    By DaveR1969
    Update: now they have an Apple Watch app and are in the running for the grand prize of “most totally useless app ever made”. Can it unlock the car? Nope, remote start? Nope, tell you where the car is? Nope. literally does nothing but tell you the range and state of charge. Tried this morning multiple times to set a departure time. My car is connected and the app is connected but it keeps failing. Maybe BMW should consider hiring at least one professional developer to work on this app. Either that or contract with Hyundai who seems to have this figured out. Probably fails at least half the time I try to start pre conditioning. I have a good connection for both my phone and the car but still I get the “failed to send…” error. Pretty disappointing for a BMW.
  • Can’t remote ventilate now 1/5

    By Rater1234
    In the hottest time of the year, way to go guys, thanks for breaking functionality…
  • Vehicle Finder not working 1/5

    By IMHBLH22
    Vehicle finder is not working since the update, the map location displayed in vehicle is miles east of where the car actually sits. Appears to be the same distance off regardless of where I park the car.
  • Needs improvement 3/5

    It takes too long to start vehicle, unlock vehicle. Should be seem less.
  • Power options and ignition start 1/5

    By StockMonter34
    Can’t not unlock vehicle nor auto start the vehicle. I don’t know what is going on with this app.
  • Unreliable and full of bugs 2/5

    By mymymyte
    Scheduled charging times for my plug in hybrid 530e x-drive are unreliable. App resets daily to default and charging times and days have to be reentered. Features (e.g. individual trip and average gas, electric, and combined consumption) are less than in old BMW Connected App - this app is a step backwards. Tech support via phone is useless
  • App auto-launches whether you like it or not! 3/5

    By TwoTrillion
    2021 BMW i3 BEV. App has some functionality that I find useful. It also has a “feature“ that is rather annoying. It automatically launches on my iPhone 13 Pro when I power up my i3. The only way to stop this unwanted behavior is to disable the Bluetooth connection. My BMW dealer and other BMW resources are stumped. No app should automatically launch unless enabled and permitted by the driver!! BMW, please take a look at this.
  • App is frozen 1/5

    By riptide1776
    Never been able to use it. The app is frozen and won’t allow me to get past the “location” setup. I’ve removed/deleted it and reinstalled, still doesn’t work.
  • Ot 5/5

    By otkotch
    Great app love it!!!
  • Bmw review 5/5

    By SHAZ M5
    I love the way my car looks and I am totally recommending this to everybody because the way Bmw build their cars and give the performers which you need in order to get what you want out of it Bmw is the best car to get and the people who work in there are the best people out there in the town who can take care of you in a matter of no time especially Joe Freng who hooked me up with 2022 M5 Competition which got here after building my own car in no time so happy can’t explain.
  • Destination search broken 1/5

    By Rzande1
    Trying to search for a destination and it only provides results in Europe even though I am located in the US. Even an exact us address only results in an attempted search of Europe.
  • Meh 1/5

    By GS-221
    On my 2020 M340 remote features worked for about three months. Two trips to the dealer and no fix. The latest disappointment is the app gives false unlock readings. It does give accurate location and fuel information however. An app worth every cent of the purchase price.
  • Works great! 5/5

    By bflow9898
    Maybe if I give a good review they won’t charge for remote start. ;)
  • Manual passwords every time!!!!! 1/5

    By axolotls
    It asks me to login EVERY TIME, does not use keychain to auto fill passwords! I have a 20 digit password with small caps, large caps, numbers, symbols! This isn’t hard, Apple does this. This is just a web app and you can’t even use the keychain! Level up BMW
  • BMW app 5/5

    By MDS.. Missy DeSerio
    Very precise and convenient.
  • Has come along way since it was released 4/5

    By Bandooti
    I have to give credit where credit is due. When this app was first released, it was a terrible replacement for the old Connected Drive app. However, in the last 12 months or so, the developers have dramatically improved the experience. They brought back almost all the features of the old app and have added many new ones. It seems to work flawlessly at this point for what it does, and that is better than the old app. Unfortunately, we are still missing one feature of the old app that I used daily. When I got in my car when the old app was still active, if I had an upcoming trip, the car would automatically pop that onto the screen and allow me to select it for navigation with a single click. With this app I have to go into my car, press the apps button, navigate to My BMW, and then select the next upcoming trip. It takes five steps of clicking and scrolling/selecting to do what used to be a single click. It would be great if the old functionality could be brought back.
  • Doesn’t Work can’t get support 1/5

    By Mandles1
    The app will not do anything if I’m not in my car and connected via USB, but when I’m connected in the car, the app crashes immediately after opening. 🤷🏽‍♀️
  • Charging section could do more 3/5

    By Morachd
    I want to be able to define specific times when my car should charge. … when my electricity costs least (obviously). And this isn’t connected to the time I plan to depart. So just having the “pre-conditioning” isn’t enough. Seems like an easy (and also obvious) thing to add.
  • Charge status not working 4/5

    By disappointed Signal lover
    For my X5 hybrid. Just says Status Not Available and Charging Plan Not Available, Something Went Wrong. I loved this feature when it worked, and everything else is great. Afraid to delete and reinstall for fear of losing all my data. Help me BMW, you’re my only hope.
  • Can’t retrieve terms & condition 1/5

    By roman Washington dc
    Can’t use the app because it’s stuck trying to retrieve terms & conditions. Very disappointing.
  • Financial rep 5/5

    By misdyc
    The financial rep I spoke to today was very helpful with answering my options for extending my lease and using BMW financial services to take out a loan.
  • Good interface, easy to use 5/5

    By Headley Lamar
    Thoughtfully designed, easy to use. Like the easy access to vehicle status, doors, windows, etc. and auto ventilation, nice on those hot days.
  • It just so simple to say well made 5/5

    By blackaphil
    Love my BMW
  • Unreliable 1/5

    By Zen367
    The only really useful feature of this app is the remote start which doesn’t work half the time. I swear they must have a dial up 56K modem in the car for an internet connection. This is all in an area with excellent cell coverage. And when it does work it doesn’t update the status in the app most of the time. You have to wait an eternity or close the app and reload to get the status.
  • Please bring back the watch app 3/5

    By Alex7673759
    This app has all the same functionality of the old app, less the Apple Watch app. They put on a new skin and moved things around. Please bring back the Apple Watch app! Update 7/18- watch app has returned with limited features.
  • Horrible, finicky app 1/5

    By RyanC883
    This is truly an awful app. It rarely connects/updates the cars status. Perhaps not a huge deal usually, but an issue if charging and would lime to know range, or sending directions to the car.
  • Classical example of promotional app with no value to a customer 1/5

    By lennygran
    This is classical example of an application full of promotional links, materials, mostly linking to the BMW web site. There’s next to zero value to a regular customer, at least like myself.
  • $18/month for heated seats 1/5

    By Alejandropf44
    Disgusting practices for this company, the heated seats are already in the car! So much for a car that spends more time in the shop that in the streets. Never getting a BMW again. Audi it is!
  • Queen HJ BMW X7 5/5

    By diamondtbarbie
    The vehicle, the app all allow me to be the ultimate driver while driving the ultimate driving machine. #BMWFORLIFE #U=U=U (ultimate driver,ultimate machine, unique experience). Take away is you.
  • What a mess 1/5

    By Somewhere warm 27
    I definitely won’t be buying a BMW after using its useless technology integration
  • Finally an apple watch app! Lots of stability in the latest release! 4/5

    By Maxwellp101
    Previously I’ve written reviews for the MYBMW app and have seen the growth since its launch. It has progressed and evolved over time (especially reliability). Within the most recent updates they have included home screen widgets and now and it’s most recent update supports the Apple Watch. I remember around last year they had a survey asking BMW owners what they would like to see the Apple Watch app have, they showed watch complications and animations for charging ect. As I believe this rudimentary Apple Watch app is just a steppingstone in the Apple Watch development process, it definitely is better than the bmw connected drive version. The new Apple Watch app allows you to refresh and have the most up to date data, but it is lacking with no watch face complications. I hope they add Watch complications that’s the one thing I was looking forward to most. In addition I would like to see BMW incorporate the “Live Activities” feature launching in iOS 16 to show charging status live on the lock screen. I know IOS is limited with animated widgets for charging and can’t provide updated info in that way but “live activities” would be perfect for that, I think this would be very helpful for EV owners. Also can you add an iPad version of the app, I have the widget on my homescreen of the iPad just a blown up version of the app that fits the screen would be great. Also could you have a little lock or unlock on the homescreen widget so I can know the most recent status of my vehicle.
  • Solid. Don’t give up on configuration 5/5

    By McMurtry Fan
    I can use the app fully in place of a key. I only use my phone to everything I would use the key for including remote start. However the dealerships need more training. I had to figure it out myself after the dealership told me I needed a iPhone 13 (I have an 11) or higher. The person at BMW genius could not figure out the app or the key card. It works great once you have it working.
  • Off more than on 1/5

    By VBM1966
    This app is probably the worst one I have. Can never use it because it’s always logged out. I don’t carry my passwords around with me and can never use it then
  • Subscription for Heated Seats? 1/5

    By Jay112323
    Subscription for Heated Seats? This is a ridiculous non-starter. Will NOT be buying a BMW!
  • Best! 5/5

    By Heb52
    Without doubt the best engineered vehicle available!The Heb
  • Why have a MyBMW App? 1/5

    By StillRunningOnEmpty
    I have dreamed of owning a BMW for years. Love the 228xi I bought two years ago. That being said, the MyBMW App NEVER delivers as advertised in the slick BMW videos or the BMW website. It is unreliable and what functionality it is supposed to have just doesn’t work. I am constantly calling BMW simply to get representatives to initiate a “ticket” to allow me to access the remote services I am subscribed for. Latest example of the App’s lack of functionality - I just tried to simply schedule service for my vehicle. When I try to do so I am prompted to call my preferred service department. Now, if I wanted to talk to a person at that dealership I could have easily done so. The App advertises a feature that allows you to seamlessly make such appointments from within the App. I am not one to leave reviews am doing so to help me vent my frustration. BMW can, and should do better.
  • Slow and lacking apple watch 1/5

    By Cbns
    The app is super slow to communicate with the cars. Takes MINUTES just to unlock. They killed apple watch support. The ONLY app that doesn't support pro motion and lags while scrolling on the iPhone 13. This feels more like a Fiat app than a premium bmw app
  • Constantly crashing 1/5

    By digitim
    iOS 15.2 iPhone 11 Pro can’t play one song plugged into USB without it crashing.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Taterbread
    I love that I can start the car my my iPhone.
  • Bad connected 3/5

    By Nor Who
    После последнего обновления не могу подключить автомобиль в приложении (((