My Books – Unlimited Library

My Books – Unlimited Library

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My Books – Unlimited Library App

Download My Books and enjoy all books and audiobooks anytime you want. My Books has over 50k books that you can read with no limitations and with absolutely no cost. If you also like to listen to audiobooks there is a very low monthly subscription fee. The app also has a very fresh and modern app design that makes reading very enjoyable and comfortable for your eyes. Discover classic gems such as Ulysses, or all-time favorites such as the Adventure of Sherlock Holmes. You will also find fairy tales, fantasy books, science fiction, mythology, poetry, and many more. There is also a section featuring banned books - books that are banned at some point in history because of their controversial content. Listen to audiobooks when you don’t feel like reading by still want to enjoy the great classic story telling. Where do you go when you want to find some good reads? Do you go to your public library? Purchase ebooks online and download them to your ebook readers? Or buy audible books to listen to? Now you can conveniently access over 50k books in My Books app. We cover many genres: adventure, romance, mystery and crime such as Sherlock Holmes, ancient Greek literature such as the Ulysses, and so much more! You can also read History, writings by US Presidents and much more. Expand your mind and try to read some books that people deem controversial in Banned Books section. There are also books that will help you improve your English skills. It’s even better if you read and listen to it at the same time. === Why you should get My Books: === ● Enjoy one of the largest collections of free eBooks in Appstore: There are more than 50,000 eBooks to read. These are timeless classics, epic novels, fantasy books, thriller books, fairy tales and romance novels. ● Featured Content: We deliver fresh content and reading recommendation to you everyday. Try our recommendations when you don’t know what else to read. ● Audiobooks: Tired or reading? Just listen to it! Browse through our audio books section and start enjoying the stories while doing something else. Improve your English by listening and reading at the same time. ● New App Design: We’ve just created a new design for you! It looks fresh, clean, and very user friendly. There are also new features and new books added to make reading a lot more comfortable. === FEATURES OF MY BOOKS: === - Clean, modern, user friendly interface - Don’t know what to read? Try our recommendations! - Discover classic gems such as Ulysses from our Ancient Literature section. - Get inspired with Quotes of the day by classic novelists and authors. - Listen to our audiobooks. - Browse some good books to read by choosing Authors or Categories - Use Search function to look for a specific title. - Save favorite books to My Library CATEGORIES: ● Best Books of All Time. ● Adventure ● Autobiographies & Biographies ● Banned Books ● Drama ● English 101 ● Epic Stories ● Fantasy ● History ● Horror Stories ● Mystery ● Myth and Legends ● Philosophy ● Poetry ● Politic ● Romance Novels ● Science Fiction ● Theology ● Thriller Fictions ● Travel Books ● US Presidents ● War Stories ● Western stories ● Young Adult My Books is the best place to find good reads that you can access anytime, anywhere. Download it today and start reading! --- My Books app is free to download & use. To keep our app going, we need your help! Please take a minute to visit our Appstore page to give us a great feedback in the form of rating or review, which will help boost our app and let other people discover it. You can also help by sharing our free eBook app with your friends and family. Terms of use:

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My Books – Unlimited Library app reviews

  • subscription 2/5

    By GankedYaNub
    watch advertisements before being prompted to pay a subscription for books that are freely available online. -1⭐️ the app has one vital feature missing: dark mode. eye cancer galore, haha -1⭐️ sort by popularity and by rating are just alphabetical order. -1⭐️ rating: ⭐️⭐️ / ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • . 1/5

    By .Unknowm.
    I can’t find a lot of books I would normally read, it says it has all the books, or most of them on here, but, I can find any of the books I read
  • The best and worst 3/5

    By Armani 2107
    Have been using it for years but this last month all it has been doing is giving “can’t’ reach the server” message. Despite all the updates and fixes that I did, the same message keeps blocking me from downloading even one book. I encourage you to download it and try. Please report the issue if you have one, so we can help their tech support team to fix it as soon as possible. Let’s keep reading!
  • To many adds 3/5

    By sammythefisht
    There was too many adds
  • How bad it is 1/5

    By hdjshdhdkjdhdu
    I don’t think you should get this because when I tried to use the search speaker it didn’t let me put more than one word and I was trying to search for comic fantasy books because I’m into that and it won’t let me search it because it only is a one thing so I think it should be removed from the App Store
  • Ads freeze the entire app 1/5

    By Jeff-the-chiller
    I just wanted to read man
  • Not that much books! 3/5

    By 5, 18, 9, 3.
    I have been searching Diary of a Wimpy Kid books but I didn’t see one.
  • An Explanation of Why the Books Aren’t Recent 4/5

    By sweetlilpsycho
    People. Recently published books are copyrighted. The reason the books in this app are available and free to read is because they’re so old, there is no longer a copyright on them. You really thought you’d be able to read Harry Potter in a free book app? Seriously?
  • Waste of Time 1/5

    By DeeEmEye
    Unless you enjoy just reading random books you’ve never heard of (which is fine, just not my thing) this app will only frustrate you and waste your time. They don’t have any well known books at all, just a bunch of indie ones they probably pulled from WattPad
  • No HP 1/5

    By Smaster96
    Why is there no Harry Potter?!
  • Nothing popular 3/5

    By Tasha Purdin
    If you like fantasy or sci-fi books this is not the app for you. They do not have any popular books that I could find at all. Now if you want classics or old fairy tales like beauty and the beast or a tale of two cities then this app is great.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By vak9!
    I can’t even open this app
  • Needs new books! 3/5

    By cswimdear
    These are all old books! Don’t you have any new ones? Like Battle of the Book book’s (Lion on Mars, Catapillar Summer, Doughnut King, Numbed, etc…)
  • A ripoff - these are free audio books 1/5

    By dp99dp99
    This app writer is taking advantage of the free audiobook library called “Libri Vox”. Of which you can get free access in their own app. There is no need to pay for it here.
  • Great app but.. 3/5

    By bdydhwkso
    Great app for books but it every few chapters it skips a few pages so you miss part of the story.
  • Awful App! 1/5

    By perpledragonfly
    Somehow, books that I don’t want have shown up on this app. I have tried repeatedly to delete them from my app. The little dots on the right hand side is useless. Either l get no response when touching it, or it will open the book to read. Why would I want to read a book that I am desperately trying to remove? Zain
  • First Try, Already Disappointed 2/5

    By Wildsong
    It would be great to actually get the book you chose to read… Meditations by Marcus Aurelius is actually some history book about Spanish monarchs. It was the first book I downloaded so I’m already a bit let down. Hoping it gets better from here. I don’t much like getting catfished by a book app.
  • Good when it worked 2/5

    By Jwec3
    For the past short while, I have been unable to get the app to open at all. Half-way through Don Quixote (and loving it), but now unable to finish. I click on the icon, and the app opens up for about a half second and then disappears. I am using an iPad Pro, so it should not be an issue with out-of-date operating system In the app store, the link to support is broken - only get an error message. It is tough to fix a problem if you cannot get in touch with the developers….
  • Hi 5/5

    By yumyummygummy
    Amazing app but I have a few book suggestions so maybe Erin Hunter warrior cats like bluestars prophecy and all the other ones had it but this one doesn’t so please add the series of warrior cats to it
  • Hated the app 1/5

    By KCW08312018
    I had the app downloaded for a whole half hour before deleting it. I couldn’t find any of the books I wanted to read and I searched up like 25 books and couldn’t find anything. Was totally disappointed with this app
  • Review? 4/5

    By jessssddddeds
    I love this app and have enjoyed books on it but I am a bit confused when coming to the features of leaving a review. I want to leave a review but it proves to be a hard.
  • Poor app. 2/5

    By salty dag
    Exits app when you click on a downloaded book and ther are several places in many books with pages missing.
  • App won’t work 1/5

    By Readymadejoker0
    I really used to love this app but now whenever I try to use it the app closes on its own and won’t start. I would rate it five stars again if this problem were fixed.
  • No ad charges 1/5

    By Dry haiku
    Beware, if you click the link to delete ads, you automatically agree to monthly subscription fees. If you challenge the charge you will be ignored.
  • Great app but... one issue 4/5

    By I love horses🐴🐎🐴
    This app is great! I especially love the Sherlock Holmes series. But when I’m reading, I found that every few pages, the book would repeat the same page for three pages, then it would skip a few pages. Can you fix this bug? It’s really annoying!!
  • I HATE THIS APP!!! 1/5

    By Sama_darst
    This app isn’t even good, I search for the book that I LOVE and it shows NOT FOUND so I search for the author and the type of book it is AND IT DOESN'T SHOW
  • Have to buy audiobooks 2/5

    By creek joint
    I wanted an app to be able to listen to audiobooks for free when I find out that you have to buy a subscription.
  • Doesn’t have many common books 3/5

    By #happyplace10
    I tried looking for about 20 books that I actually wanted to read and found nothing. I think that they should have books that people actually want to read. I am a big book fan, not that picky. My other problem is that you have to pay for audio books. I like to read more than listen to audio books, but some books you might want to read and you’re stuck paying $1.99 a month to subscribe to get an audio book. The only reason I didn’t give this 1 star is because overall this app is neatly set out and I can easily read with no problems.
  • No good books 1/5

    By such stoic
    Horrible i couldn’t find a single book i asked for
  • Terrible app! 2/5

    By TwilightZoneRefugee
    I’ve had this app for many years and admit I don’t use it with great frequency. That being said, I often have issues when I do. I purchased it in 2015 to remove the ads and open more audiobook options, etc. They want me to pay again to remove adds and open more audiobook content! There is no “sign into account” option either which is really strange. I’ve reached out to them twice by email and have had no response. I’m very disappointed because this app had great potential. I’ve given it 2 stars because I can at use it like a free app. Don’t waste your money if you want more from this app!
  • Free? No. 1/5

    By sirfz
    I got this app because it said that I could have unlimited access to >50,000 books absolutely free. Somehow, however, I still have to pay them “1,99” a month (whatever that means) to borrow books. The description says the only cost is a “very small fee” for access to audiobooks! I would give this zero stars if I could.
  • Good 5/5

    By Silver Yemen
    iPad 1 iOS 5.1.1
  • Ooh please 1/5

    By foxieworld
    Seriously I don’t waste my time reading something I am not enjoying, I love cute and heartbroken stories, which I prefer romance but when I go to romance there is like 5 books T-T only FIVE BOOKS! Then I ask myself is this worth my time , NO!
  • My library problems 2/5

    By Nhv71
    I have had various versions of this app for years. In the past it has worked very well and i like being able to read classic titles. The newest upgrade however seems to have significant problems. For example, books get added to My Library i did not pick. The last time i opened the app around 100 titles were dumped in and more keep getting added. I did not search or pick any of these. Its time consuming to delete them and it makes it difficult to find the books i do want to read. Sometimes when i click to exit a title it exits the app. While effort was made to make the app look more attractive, the functionality seems to have gone down from previous versions. I miss the old versions of this app. Please fix the problems.
  • You need Nancy Drew 1/5

    By 😍or😡
    I don’t mind this app but you don’t have my favorite book series Nancy drew or Nancy drew diaries
  • Requires card even though it’s free 1/5

    By gizmo 9000
    To begin reading a book you must create an account in do so you most provide them with your credit card number if it’s free why do they need that information
  • All books 5/5

    By billy cnj
    I just delete the app after finishing a book and reinstall thanks for tip on getting full page
  • Hot Dog! 5/5

    By Jessagrube
    Yippie Skippy, a site that makes many books free and available right at your fingertips. The best part is the application is FREE! it seems like so many sites that when started we’re great and what made them super great was that they were free. Let’s stop all this greed. Lets all start realizing it feels so much better in life if you just share the wealth (book, Apple, a smile and a hello, open the door for someone, pay for the person behind you coffee)...the world needs more “free” and available to more than just the civilians with cash money all day long. Everyone has a story...don’t judge. Just for the fact I have books at my fingertips and I don’t have to take a trip to the library is super! Just to have this available during times my kids and I are waiting on something we can read together (instead of them playing some mindless game). It’s said best and we need to “rewind” our ways of thinking and treating one another “Come on people now, smile on your brother, everybody get together, and try to love one another right now”. Especially with all of us being trapped inside bc of this virus. I as a Triple Negative Cancer survivor says “F-that Ma͏s͏k” it’s like a kid playing in dirt...won’t hurt, builds immune, let your children do their job and be children and play!! It’s time we stop living in a constant fear of a virus that may or may not kill you...that is something not a single soul has a choice or say on and that is when it’s their/your time to go and be transformed in your next life. So, all that said Thank You! Read a Book! Read the banned books (I bought at a museum in Chicago a I love banned books bracelet and it has the books as little charms. Very bad ass! Looking forward to your site. Cheers!
  • Meh 1/5

    By lulu09082
    Didn’t really find interesting books and there way to many adds 🙄.
  • Don’t have famous books 2/5

    By srose borden
    I looked up “J.K. Rolwing” for Harry Potter but nothing came up and I looked up the magic treehouse series nothing came up
  • this is a sales app for an AUDIObooks subscription 1/5

    By Anon7558!(4)&
    You may find some regular books here. But by and large this is an AUDIObooks app. You can’t search books only, and the vast majority of hits are bleeping audio books that ask you if you want to subscribe. How incredibly annoying, I just want to READ. Also, totally false advertising as to what this app actually is.
  • ... 2/5

    By AidynH
    I didn’t relize that this app would be originals like divergent series doesn’t exist Harry Potter non-existent The maze runner not there I thought that this app would have those kind of books not the classical original books. I was very exited to read a book I’ve been wanting to read for a while and it wasn’t there I tried so many different searches and the books I wanted were not there I am sorry but u guys need to put more modern day books in there instead of classics.
  • Doesn’t have popular books 3/5

    By ajlanna16
    This app doesn’t have almost any popular or new books. I wanted to read a very popular book that came out in 2018 and when I searched for it, it wasn’t there. Then I thought “okay well maybe it just doesn’t have new books” and so I searched up “the hunger games”, a book that almost every book store and app has, and it didn’t even have that. It’s great that everything’s free but if you’re looking for something newer then I would not recommend this app.
  • Meh 4/5

    By Birdlover31
    It’s good but more books need to be added— it is a good app, though.
  • Good 5/5

    By jeon junk kook
    I like but it needs more books on witchcraft more on the beginner side for the people who are interested in it but can’t get books
  • Kids 2/5

    By emistyj
    This app doesn’t have any kid liking books, not the popular A to Z mystery’s or what waits in the woods which has been dieting to read.
  • Not what I was looking for 2/5

    By bristlefrost82
    I mean it’s something with mainly just historical characters which I don’t really want to read
  • Well done 4/5

    By mstdancer
    I enjoy the classic audio books here. The selection is good. I just wish there was a sleep timer option as I like to fall asleep listening to books but it don’t want them running all night as I sleep.
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By ehy am i alive
    I got this app to read and you have to pay to read!! I do not think this is a good app so if your looking for a app that you can actually read on for free get A different app!!