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Daily Bible App App

** Get My Daily Devotion - The Premier Daily Religious Bible App for iOS** My Daily Devotion provides daily inspiration each and every day on your smartphone. Every day you are greeted with a new prayer to take on the day in addition to a Bible verse with added commentary. All of this is presented in a beautiful and easy to use app. We now have Bible Trivia included in the app and the addition of Prayer Points. You earn prayer points for the way you interact with the app and can use them for additional features! My Daily Devotion is an app created by TheBibleAppProject.org. TheBibleAppProject.org is devoted to providing religious apps to millions of users around the world. Our goal is to provide great Bible content to Christians, such as daily inspiration though Bible quotes and Bible Verses. Get the most important scripture with this app. This app also provides different prayer guides and Bible guides which will help get you through your day. Use any of these for your Bible Study! We also have a "Favorites" feature. This allows you to save your favorite scriptures, quotes and prayers. This will allow you to have quick and easy access to them during your next study.


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Daily Bible App app reviews

  • App 4/5

    By Vgh2616
    Love the app. I use it at least twice a day. Really enjoy the daily trivia questions. The only problem I have are the ads.
  • Trivia 4/5

    By grammal 2
    I love the app. The only problem I have is that it sometimes omits the second line of a trivia question. I have to guess at the rest of the question.
  • Is bringing me closer to The Lord already!!! 5/5

    By Kyanky26
    I saw this on an add and I decided that I should get this to help bring me closer to God. It has worked and I love how it has a verse, trivia and a prayer in the morning, afternoon and evening. It only takes two minutes to do all of it. Just a little bit of time out of your day to spend with the Lord. Also you can do extra courses if you want. The app is not glitchy and I would rate it five stars!!!
  • Correction 5/5

    By Wdts58
    One of you question on today’s trivia was wrong. The question concerning acts 1:8. The List of places that was mention that they will be witnesses in. You which one was NOT mentioned. The answer was ROME. Which was correct, but the game said it was wrong. Please correct it thanks.
  • Helpful 4/5

    By Roni126
    The app is great so far but I would like to get rid of the ads because while you are reading all types of ads are popping up you should have a choice to get rid of the ads.
  • Prayer 5/5

    By Bottle bees888
    Need to come untied for a better government. For a greatest in the educational system. Also for better jobs . For the immigrants to have a better opportunity to get their visa at a better price cause they only wanted a best life here in USA!!!!
  • Love the app 5/5

    By Mcm224
    I really love the app and the prayers. I have been. Sharing the prayers on my Facebook page, but until recently I haven't been able to do so because Facebook now considers them to be spam. I am really surprised about this. Because there is absolutely nothing offensive in any of the prayers that you provide, and I have told them as much. But I have been blocked ftom sharing them. This makes me really sad. But I will continue to red them because they bless me. And I absolutely love the trivia questions. Thanks for all you do.
  • My Daily Devotion 5/5

    By Maryann Jimenez
    I really enjoy 😉 reading 📖 the book 📚 but how do I get more of the questions and give me more space to our favorite Prayers because I would love to have more space to keep my favorite Prayers and if you can help me with this app please let me know and I thank you for trying to help me and listen to my questions. Thank you so much for trying to do something about what you can do to help me keep more favorite prayers!📖😉💕🌹🦄💒💜🐕
  • Best app ever 1/5

    By Jenny Hooks
    I like your app very much but I am having problems. I continue to get the same question over and over. Basically repeated questions. It would be nice to have different questions in order to learn more from my bible and through your app. Thank you very much.best app ever on 11-24 we received a question that asks———- what do the 24 elders have which are the prayers of the saints ? You have the ans as vials full of adopts and that is wrong it’s ( censers full of incense please try to corrected it cause it takes points of you and we need the right ans please give us new questions we have the some ones over and over would love to learn more of the Bible it is very interesting to know your bible
  • Pray books 1/5

    By waltzde
    Certain books will not open when you buy them
  • Refreshing 4/5

    By Kgcsv
    The prayers and trivia are great! The prayers truly evoke peace. Two issues That were encountered, today’s trivia marked my second answer wrong when it was actually correct. The second issue was that prayer booklet would not open with my points.
  • Bugs 4/5

    By H2o Tech
    Love this app, however it does have some bugs that need to be fixed. Prayer books are not labeled correctly. Also can’t open some bonus features like the deluxe prayer booklet it says see below there is no below? Please fix this I use it every day, morning ,noon and night.
  • What she said 👆🏻 2/5

    By rynebbird
    Good app but has some bugs especially with the bonus features/prayer books
  • I simply love it 5/5

    By Gloria Barquero-Rios
    Is a total inspiration, makes my day smoother. Blessings!
  • It’s good but somethings aren’t working 3/5

    By londinoxx
    Awesome but I’ve used points various times and it won’t give me the “prayerbook” that I requested and used points on
  • Great App but some things don’t work 3/5

    By Tito 45
    The app is really good but I’m not able to save more than 4 prayers even though I’ve already earned enough bonus points and followed the procedures to save more. That’s why the app gets 3 stars otherwise I would rate it 5 stars.
  • Somewhat Frustrating 2/5

    By Naterman10
    I love the prayers and verses. Thank you making it available to us. But I don't like having to earn and redeem points in order to save a prayer or verse. I find that a bit frustrating having to unlock this and unlock that. I really think they should be readily available at all times when we need them.
  • Has some faults 3/5

    By NimmiFutch
    I loooove the app! Especially the prayers.. the only thing is I’ve spent a lot of my points to open bonus features and prayer books only to have the hem not opened... I just now spent most of my points to have the 30day prayer n verse feature and I tried three times to open up the prayer book for bedtime prayers and I ended up out with opening prayer for patriotism for some reason..
  • Great 5/5

    By Healthnurse
    I love the Bible trivia and way to save favorite Prayers and verses
  • Great 5/5

    By Lexus dula
    The best devotion app for on the go. My mom and I love this app. I read every morning and night.
  • God's Word 5/5

    By Mom2L2
    I love any app that allows me to indulge in His word.
  • Saved and Thankful in Cali 5/5

    By CoffeePheand
    I have read the Bible a few times and attended different types of Churches in my journey and I appreciate this app. Although I am quite aware of my Lord Jesus Christ and his Blessings, the verses and prayers help remind me anew of his message. Great work.
  • Excellent devotional app 5/5

    By Bobsayo
    This is one of the best daily devotional app out there. It has morning, afternoon devotional-prayers and Bible verses. The trivial questions are insightfully challenging
  • Larger print 3/5

    By Slowe0029
    Love the app and trivia but have to find my readers Everytime I use it. Could you put a larger text option in somewhere?
  • Where are my bonus purchase 1/5

    By FedUpGMom
    Update 9/9/2017 still having problems the prayer books are incomplete prayers, I hit next thinking it's going to take me to the rest........you know what this is too much hassle, deleting this app....... Update just today I saw the prayer books I was able to purchase with my points BUT they are incomplete can't read all of it, ending is missing..I hit next and it goes to the next prayer, still give this app a One Star..... I earned 80 bonus points and used them to get a bedtime prayer book and I can't locate where the book is. It said to click on the right menu icon which I did but it's not there.. 😩 not happy😡, now as of 8/3/2017 the app keeps crashing...
  • Bonus Questions 3/5

    By GOD'S GIRL#1
    I love the prayers but I find that some of the answers to the bonus questions are incorrect!!! (Not good!! Sad face!!) Please make sure that the answers based on the Scriptures!!
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Shellz48
    I find this App to be very comforting and educational. I love it and the prayer books. Thank you, God bless.
  • No prayer booklet 3/5

    By JayRaesMom
    I love the daily prayers and verses and the trivia but I was really looking forward to the prayer booklets and I bought the same one twice and was never able to even access it. It just kept wanting me to spend my points on it.
  • I enjoy the app 4/5

    By J J mommy
    I enjoy the app but I can not read the entire prayers in the booklets. The booklets are not showing the complete prayers.
  • Wonderful App 5/5

    By Don't bother284847377447
    I absolutely love this app, but I can't read the full prayer booklets. Otherwise I truly love this app. Thank you
  • Refreshing 5/5

    By Cityj2
    The app is truly a blessing and have shared with others. Thank you very much.
  • I can't read the prayer in the new black print it's hard for me to read 3/5

    By Henriabby
    Please put the white print back
  • Amazing 5/5

    By religiousTexanGal
    Very useful to stay close with Him. I wake up am greeted with this app, and a lovely devotion and reflection to start my day. Even better, it is updated all day long! I can even reflect with my family in the evening
  • Big problems 1/5

    By Surfinintheusa
    Are used to love your app, however, now when the prayers come up to read they are all in Spanish which is a big problem because I don't speak Spanish I speak English. Also I have not been able to play trivia for at least a month now. Please fix these problems as soon as possible so that I can keep using this app that I love so much. God bless you and thank you very much for your help.
  • Calliee 1/5

    By Calliee777
    Are used to love this app. You had morning afternoon and evening prayers. But something happened to this app it now says label it won't give it to me in in English. I don't know what happened to this app, very disappointed I wish you'd go back to the other one I deleted it. That's why I'm giving you One star bring back the the old one not something in whatever language.🙃🙃🙃😔😥!!!
  • Fix this up please😡 2/5

    By BIgMurd2
    App is better but still needs fixing. TWICE NOW Used points for a booklet where it took the points but didn't give access to the booklet. Also still too many ads!! Rather have a legitimate version🙁
  • Just what I needed 5/5

    By Sg818
    I am a religious person and I this app just appeared when I needed it most in my life! I guess it must be a sign!!
  • Good vs evil 3/5

    By Tammy264
    I love the app... when it works. I does mess up at times and I delete it off my phone, reboot, then reinstall it and it works fine again. Unfortunately I lose all my bonus points and favorites but I still really enjoy it. The good out weighs the evil (bad updates) in this case
  • Jesus watching 1/5

    By Word100
    Would be a good app if not all the other garbage on it, slots, really!
  • Not good anymore 1/5

    By Poiuuxbjxh ivi
    This app used to be great but then after the last update everything is in foreign languages or will not load
  • What happened?? 1/5

    By Blond1e94
    After the update, I no longer have a prayer; it's blank and just says "label". And the verse is in another language that I can't read. Some of the words at the bottom are overlapped and can't be read. I used to love this app, but with each update, it gets worse. Bring back previous versions which were better with no issues.
  • New update is terrible 1/5

    By sheroc1
    I updated this app a few days ago and now it doesn't work. Please fix this.
  • Bad app update 2/5

    By USACEwife
    Loved this app....but after the last update, I can't use it. It does not show the today's prayer, and when I try to go into the today's verse- it's all in Latin. Please fix!!
  • Love it😊💕 4/5

    By Smiles4💖
    Just love it
  • Daily devotional 3/5

    By Mama wan
    I love the daily prayers but am frustrated I can't save more than 10. The booklets also stop in the middle of the prayers. I couldn't find a way to contact the site to fix these issues.
  • I wish this app had different trivia questions 4/5

    By Survivingthisoleworld
    This app is wonderful except you get the same trivia questions over and over. I've had the same questions answered for over a year!! How do I get different trivia questions? Also I wish I could save more verses to my favorites. Other than that I love this app!
  • Great App! 4/5

    By Malamonkey213
    Love the App but the quiz questions are repeated too often. Would also like to have the amount of favorites increased. Sometimes only part of the prayers on the booklet can be read...very aggravating!
  • Rating app 3/5

    By Diolem
    The app is good but there are too many ads and the prayer booklet does not offer complete prayers. I am only able to read partial prayers but no complete. That is very disheartening as they are beautiful prayers and I'd like to see the complete version.
  • ❤ 5/5

    By Desiray1203
    Love it
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Lsc00
    Love this app! Keeps me going through my day, especially the tough days!!!

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