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My Flexcar

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  • Current Version: 2.11.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Zipcar
  • Compatibility: Android
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My Flexcar App

Flexcar is a new way to have a car. Keep as long as you want. Cancel or swap cars anytime. With Flexcar, you can choose from a variety of cars for a low weekly rate. Keep the car for as long as you want with the option to swap cars or cancel anytime. Plus, maintenance, insurance & roadside assistance are all included. How Flexcar works: 1) Order your car online: Select from a variety of cars that meet your needs, including sedans, SUVs and luxury cars in various colors. 2) Set up your account: Join Flexcar with just your contact information, driver’s license and credit card. 3) Schedule your contact-free pickup: Schedule your car pickup date from an easily accessible location near you. 4) Return or Swap anytime: There’s no commitment, so keep the car as long as you want, from weeks to months, it’s up to you. Download the app now and turn on Push Notifications to stay updated on your Flexcar!

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  • DONT DO IT 1/5

    By Wrightandre41
    Flexcar literally not figuratively just attempted to steal $430 from. Scheduled a pick up for 8/15 on 8/13. Paid for everything and got a confirmation email from Flexcar. Then I get another email stating that they have canceled my order internally and they will process my refund. After a couple days of no refund and my bank confirming nothing is pending, I reached back out to Flexcar and spoke with a supervisor who told me that while they canceled my order no one bothered to process my refund so it’s been sitting there. “Waiting for me”. I literally hate the customer service side of flex car, the cars are fine, but the customer service is THE WORST. They will attempt to rob you, delay your pick ups, change your cars color right before you are set to pick up. 10/10 would NOT recommend you using this service. I repeat DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE, they will take your money for literally no reason not provide you with a car and not do anything to fix what they have stated is an internal mistake. If they can’t fix there mistakes they cannot be trusted.
  • Satisfied Customer 5/5

    By Abu Kendra
    Great alternative for those, who cannot pay interest ( riba) due to religious or financial issues, have less than stellar credit or are simply in need of a reliable car until they can get their car repaired, replaced or purchase a new/used one.
  • Never again 1/5

    By Brittdenise20
    Only giving one star because it makes you give at least one to leave a review. I attempted to use this service to get around to work after months of being unemployed after losing my job. I set up my account and all of my information was confirmed and verified. Finally got my first check and paid my deposit only for them to email my seconds later saying they would actually be unable to approve me. Now I have to wait days for a refund after it took y’all seconds to take my money. I do not live near public transportation and will have to miss work or spend EXTRA unnecessary money to get around. My question is, why do you take peoples money before you’re done processing an application???? Shouldn’t you verify all details you need before payment? Because if our money is take we’re assuming that everything is good to go. First and last time patronizing this company.
  • Staff successfully lost company profit 1/5

    By Dafratucker
    Flexcar could not have handled a situation worse. The odometer quit reporting to them, but no problem with the odometer itself. I missed a maintenance appt, apologized, tried to set up a new one. No. Could I swap? No. Send roadside assistance to fix the car? No. They sent a repossession agent!! As If I was hiding the car!! SO many better ways to deal with my situation. Lost a customer, lost payment on mileage. Stupid way to do business—losing money.
  • Out of stock 3/5

    By cmacedo218
    Lot of people talking about this app, but they never got car available in atlanta
  • Buggy app 1/5

    By Scithia
    I was able to login into my account but that’s about it. App home shows “No internet connection” I tried on wifi and on data. I thought it was my iPhone but everything else is working fine. Emailed support but they didn’t provide any helpful tip for the app. The web version returned a 403 error code when trying to pay. Couldn’t rent a car on time to pick family from airport :(
  • Is this a real app?? 1/5

    By DeLo0725
    If your app is 4 yrs old according to App Store, why are there a total of 9 reviews going back less than a year
  • Misinformation 1/5

    By Empoweryourmind
    I was told that if I opted in for the annual membership weekly mileage usage would be capped but that isn’t true at all. I contacted support and they emailed me back with a link to their website to read an article, not answering my question directly. Unfortunately I will be returning. I believe I was told the wrong information so I would subscribe to the membership.
  • Stay away- poor app 1/5

    By Jordan Stiles
    I read the poor reviews and thought it was mostly users not thoroughly reading the terms, but I gave it a try because it seems great. The car simply wouldn’t unlock. I called support and was on hold for 20 minutes until they hung up on me. Then I was on hold again for 30 minutes while they tried to open the car to no avail. So I just stood in the parking lot for over 30 minutes while it was 40 degrees outside. They couldn’t get me another car until the NEXT day! So I am just canceling it and they said I should get a full refund. They also said I would get a refund of my $199 I paid for the subscription… I will update if I get that back or not. The software/application is poor quality. If it fails you will be stranded because they don’t have anyone to come help you. Avoid this company… which is a shame because the idea is solid. Very poor user experience though.
  • 3 month rental - Great Experience! 5/5

    By jeiebrusjlwowhen
    I was very skeptical of this service at first but tried because I needed a car for a short period of time. I was moving from the United States to Germany and my car broke down three months before my move. It did not make sense to buy a car for that short time so I tried a car subscription service. Flexcar was very easy to work with. I booked my car from the app. All features are pretty much automated. It was easy for me to check my mileage and I had the option to change cars if I wanted. I only had to call customer support twice (once to book the car and once to return it). Both times I called the representatives were very helpful and friendly. Everything went very smoothly and the service worked for me completely as advertised. If you are in need of a car for a short period of time consider giving this a a try!
  • really bad experience 1/5

    By swaggy_hua
    I schedule swap car at 8:30am. In the email it said call them when arive. And says, theri working hour is08:30am. But when i called, the phone told me the begin at 9am. Then i wait another hour. Now its.9.24. I still waiting for calls. Really bad customer service. really bad experience.
  • Renter BEWARE 3/5

    By cece lulu
    Unlike other car rental companies where a week would be from the day and time you pick the car up to the next week at the same day and time (eg. Monday 12pm to next Monday 12pm), this company charges you for a week after only having the car for six days. So if you pick the car up Monday you have to bring it back Sunday. Otherwise you will be charged for an entirely new week. You will be charged for having had the car for two weeks when you have technically only had it for six days.
  • Easy process but It’s pointless 1/5

    By RDCG3
    I rented to just see if it is worth it and it is NOT. You might as well get you a car note or just rent the regular way or Hyercar. They get you with the mileage. $110 a week for the car and over $300 in mileage. People have to commute and run errands. So if you don’t work close to home and do everything literally by home I DO NOT RECOMMEND at all!! Like I said the pick up and drop off was easy. Also my best friend has a rental car with them right now check engine light on. She had to call rode side and the guy told them the car needs a new battery or alternator, they have yet to switch out her vehicle smh but y’all want your money on time. Y’all could have a good program but you all need to do A LOT more work and thinking to do to come up with a better system because I don’t see you all sticking around long. When you have companies like HyreCar where you can drive up to 500+ miles a day and pay 300+ a week just saying.
  • Needs improvement 2/5

    By R + D
    Getting a car initially was simple but Swapping a car is too difficult. No one picks up the phone during business hours and I’ve requested a vehicle only to be told it is unavailable the day before. The logistics just seem to be off and should be a lot simpler overall.
  • Looks like a scam 1/5

    By The Real --sm
    Saw all of these reviews. Haven’t even picked the car up yet and called to cancel. What they are doing is shady business
  • They’ll try to take every dollar. 1/5

    By thestoryiswrong
    This app is more or less unnecessary, as you need to call them to initiate a return. I would say it worked to book the car, but the car was not even close to the pickup location on the Sunday I went to pick it up. So I had to call and was told to return on Monday, and that I’d be given a $25 for an Uber, which still hasn’t happened. Moving on, I go back on Monday and look at my receipt and see I have to return it the following Sunday. Odd, but I see the receipt was not adjusted to show the pickup occurred a day late, so I assume the return is actually the following Monday. Wrong, they hit me with another week’s charge that following Sunday. I call and they are closed. Hmm, call back on Monday (they open at 8 but don’t pick up until around 9) and any empathy? Nope, not even a partial credit if I bring the car back right away, which I did anyway. So at that point, they have me for my deposit of $250 + 2 weeks of use, when in reality I’ve had the car for roughly 6.5 days. So that’s $410 right there. What choice but to get the deposit back immediately and forfeit the additional week they already charged me for. Fix the pilot or don’t expand your shady cash grab. Someone else will do it fairly.