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My H-E-B

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  • Current Version: 3.22.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: H-E-B, LP
  • Compatibility: Android
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My H-E-B App

The My H-E-B app is here to make shopping online and in the store even easier. No matter how you shop, the My H-E-B app offers new ways to save time and money. SAVE TIME • Order groceries and more for easy curbside pickup • Get delivery right to your door, even same-day • Plan your meals and your trip with our shopping lists • Quickly find where items are located in your store • Easily view and reorder from your past orders SAVE MONEY • Clip digital coupons personalized for you • Redeem digital coupons online or in store • Browse our weekly ad and find new ways to save • Shop our everyday low prices • Pay with your SNAP EBT card for pickup and delivery DISCOVER • Explore our sprawling selection of fresh food and unique products • Shop our curated selections to make meal planning a cinch • Scan barcodes at home to quickly find items online Download the My H-E-B app today to shop and save at Texas’ favorite grocery store.

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My H-E-B app reviews

  • Login issues 1/5

    It’s very annoying that on a weekly basis I will be randomly logged out from the app. As well as when there is an update, I’m always logged out. Other features like Touch/Face ID need to be implemented as another form to log into the app.
  • Pharmacy Addition 3/5

    By carryonkym000
    I like that the 2 H‑E‑B apps were combined but you can’t see the prescription prices anymore. Could you please add that back?
  • WRONG APP 1/5

    By Nobody from Del Valle
    From a link on HEB PHARMACY APP to update I get sent to the HEB MY APP w/no apparent update available. How do I avoid the store app because it’s so complicated and confusing I don’t use it, but I do use the pharmacy app and really need to check for updates…
  • Can’t log in 1/5

    By Rosiemunoz83
    What’s going on with the app. I updated my phone and since then it logged me out and now I can’t log back in. I also can’t update the HEB app either.
  • HEB Pharmacy 1/5

    By 38563
    I cannot access the pharmacy. It used to be so easy to order refills. It keeps telling me that my email address is already been used. That I should get a new one. I’m in my 60s and this is the only personal email address I have always had. A. Rdz
  • Payment will not save 1/5

    By krisnetto
    I’ve always been a H‑E‑B lover but for some reason the app doesn’t allow me to add my payment so I can’t check out!!!! Useless, so I uninstalled and will be going elsewhere
  • I love H‑E‑B 1/5

    By Atxakd
    My favor driver from ordering H‑E‑B stole a package off the porch. (I have it on camera). It was my son’s medicine. It cost me $270 to replace. Probably more than the theft I’m disappointed with the companies response. I called H‑E‑B 12/12/22 and got an apology and we will escalate this. I was also told to reach out to favor. Favor wouldn’t talk to me. I never heard back from H‑E‑B. I followed up again on 1/11 with H‑E‑B and have heard nothing.
  • Worthless 1/5

    By SamoaPDog
    This works only if you remember to scan the coupons, you see the coupons and the person ringing you up asks for them before completing your order. There is no way to scan it yourself and have all discounts apply, or at least enter a number to automatically have coupons applied. It’s a money grab and it makes me angry every time I shop. Add to that issues getting it to load AT H‑E‑B and it makes me never want to shop at H-E-B. It borders on dishonest when they advertise the price but you have to use this dumb app to get it.
  • App requires use of text messages 1/5

    By Danielrcummins
    This app requires the use of text messages. randomly changes order to pick instead of delivery.
  • Doesn’t incorporate any features from Rx Pharmacy app 1/5

    By appleproha
    HEB has a separate HEB Rx Pharmacy app that has extensive tools like more detailed prescription info, drug interactions, pill identification, extensive account history, and more. None of these features were added to the Pharmacy section of the new app. In fact, the new app gives almost no information about even your current prescriptions. If you use the pharmacy, stick with the old app for its rich features.
  • Love the app! 5/5

    By RememberCindy
    This makes life so much easier! Love the app. My one suggestion is to allow user to ‘favorite’ items or make a frequently purchase category for quicker access.
  • Coupons is a scam 1/5

    By Keska201
    I used to use my app to save coupons and then go shopping. Lately none all the coupons clipped will be pulled at the store and employees say they cannot grant the coupon because the app is different. So worthless app
  • Pharmacy 3/5

    By Hatdot
    The grocery side of the app works well but they merged the pharmacy app onto it and I now have to manually log in on the app to view my prescriptions and I absolutely hate that, please fix it
  • Missing recipe box? 3/5

    By msoq
    I can find my recipe box in the web but not in the app ☹️
  • Ridiculous 1/5

    By tex edwards
    Just fire whoever on your team thought you needed to deep dive into tracking your customers. Scanning for discounts, what’s next membership cards. Seriously just be yourselves. No one needs an app for every business.
  • No Product Reviews on App 2/5

    By NWFoodie
    HEB does not allow users to review the products listed on their app. Walmart, Target, and Costco apps all allow users to rate every item including groceries. Inexcusable shortcoming that makes HEB look like they are afraid of bad reviews. They appear to forget that good reviews could sell more products.
  • HEB Coupons Rock Rock 5/5

    Thank You 🙏 Thank You H-E-B 😊☺️. Y’all saved Me sooo much money Thank You 🎉H-E-B For y’alls future savings!!!
  • I hate this app 1/5

    By ButchandSundanceeat
    H-E-B had a good pharmacy app but they deleted it and hid it in this crappy , complicated, pushy, junky app. H-E-B we expect better.
  • Not user-friendly at all 1/5

    By SuperStarEars
    Impossible to login, even though I just set up an account. I am visually impaired and the app won’t give me an audio challenge when I ask for it. Then it tells me the password that I just looked up and typed in is wrong. Do I really have to go through this much trouble to get into an app for a grocery store? This is absolutely insane. I got a developer response, but for some reason, it is addressed to my husband and not me. I have the H.E.B. app on my phone and set up an account with them, and they don’t even know who they are responding to. I used my ownphone number and email and created a password for my own account, and they think they are talking to my husband. I am going to contact the phone number. They gave me and get them to acknowledge the existence of my account and fix this problem.
  • Downhill 2/5

    By byondca
    This apps going downhill. Sometimes it does not let me uncheck substations. Then the fact it doesn’t let ya know what’s out of stock until later ruins plans. Especially since curbside gives that convenience of not having to waste an additional hour walking around getting things. Then when you delete checked items it comes back. Even after you confirm/review the order. I’m only giving it one more chance but some bugs need to be fixed.
  • Next week’s ad 3/5

    By Tweet615
    I like to look at next week’s ad on Tuesday to help me plan my shopping for the week. Where did it go?! So frustrating…. The competition has their new ad up today…. There is lot of competition in Houston, and I love H‑E‑B… please fix this!
  • Awesome but 4/5

    By SJMaddali
    H‑E‑B is always listening to their customers, and constantly improving the digital experience of shopping at H‑E‑B. In the shopping list, can you add options for checked items to fall to the bottom. Currently, checked items stay where they are and I have to scroll to the bottom to see the unchecked item. Thanks
  • Coercion 2/5

    By dwayneOttemyer
    - I resent being forced to install this just to continue shopping with coupons - you are forced to have multiple shopping lists (extra click when adding items rather than it just being a single tap) - weekly ad feels hidden - wants background data?? + at least you can set it to show actual prices
  • No keyboard to log into account iOS 16.2 1/5

    By djfjcown
    Can’t log in with the app because keyboard option is not available
  • Sad that H‑E‑B is trying to move pharmacy here 1/5

    By CSW SK
    The current H‑E‑B pharmacy app is really great, and now H‑E‑B is trying to force me to use this regular H‑E‑B app for pharmacy needs. The pharmacy section is terrible. You have to physically log into it every time, and I can use Face ID on the pharmacy app. I use the H‑E‑B pharmacy app and don’t want to have to remember my password every time I am out. I also don’t want my password stored on my phone in case someone else were to get ahold of my phone. I want Face ID for this. The stand alone pharmacy has so many more features that are not offered on this app. I am extremely disappointed with this change. I will use the standalone pharmacy app as long as I am able.
  • H‑E‑B Go Feature 2/5

    By I Am Brian F
    Why not combine the H‑E‑B Go app into this? Am I crazy, or can you just add an “H‑E‑B Go” button at the top when you are in store at an eligible location? It seems easier than programming delivery or curbside, and you can get rid of an entirely redundant app after combining this feature. Maybe I’m missing something
  • Lack of iPad support 4/5

    By waikelejake
    I love the iPhone app and quickly downloaded it to my iPad all to find out that there is no native iPad support. When doing shopping, I like the bigger screen of my iPad. Please make make the app available natively on iPad, not the iPhone version.
  • Can’t login 1/5

    By doliv
    I keep getting “ops, something went wrong” and can never login to the app.
  • Logging In thru iPhone 1/5

    By Pang90
    Unable to log into the app. When you sign up it routes you to the internet where you receive a white screen stating “Whoops something went wrong” I’ve tried via two multiple browsers and receive same message. Deleted and downloaded app twice to encounter similar message. It’s concerning as I frequently utilize the app for curbside.
  • Typically love this app 4/5

    By D~H
    I order groceries weekly using this app, I typically love it- the times I do go in store it also is very helpful for finding items and checking prices. The only irritating thing (that only recently started) is that it logs you out so every time you open it you have to log in again (which takes you to a webpage to login and then back to the app). If it let you stay logged in like it used to or if the login happened in the app like most other apps do it would be better
  • App doesn’t work 2/5

    By Midnight highway
    It is beyond annoying when trying to place an order and the AVAILABLE delivery times don’t work. I even tried to schedule an order 3 days in advance and it’s STILL faded out saying I can’t order
  • Coupon needed app 1/5

    By LoganBynum
    After I scanned the coupon thing, which I had to make an account for, it never told me where to find the QR code for checkout, which I only found out after I had already bought the item. It’d be nice if I didn’t have to have an account and app to get a dollar coupon. Overall just wasn’t a fun experience.
  • Can you please add auto-rotation for Ipad. 5/5

    By SincerelyNeL
    Love the app on my iphone, but when I’m at home and doing work, I do everything on landscape mode on my ipad and use a wireless keyboard. It would be great just to have the whole thing rotate. Thank you!
  • Many broken features 2/5

    By weezo727
    Some things work, like item finder. Too many things don’t, like coupon scanning. Ten minutes for a scanned coupon to process! Seriously??!! AND manager will “get in trouble if they push it through.”
  • Great App 5/5

    By Brimoy
    Would like to see a list of individual items I’ve purchased in the past with a buy again option.
  • Horrible, old school design 1/5

    By EiffelElysee
    Items are put into categories which makes it hard to find the most recent added items to the cart, have to scroll up and down. Can only see a couple items at a time in the cart without scrolling. The worst part is it removes items without any notification as they become out of stock!!! Move them to a separate list or mark as out of stock and keep them there or something but don’t just remove them!! I have to takes screen shots of my cart, two items at a time since that’s all the fits, and compare the photos to the cart before placing an order! Maddening and time consuming!! Improve the app!!!!
  • Digital coupon don’t work. 1/5

    By Puntoed
    Dev team n QA team needs to do proper verification before releasing to prod. 1. Create a new account in app. 2. Clip digital coupons 3. Try to scan and checkout using self checkout kiosk. 4. Coupons never gets applied. Execute the above steps for every release by creating new accounts. It’s called regression testing. In store , floor managers struggle to find solutions for these challenges while checking out. By the time , checkout queue would have grown long.
  • App could be better 3/5

    By Jb8088
    Wished you were able to cancel or change a pickup order through the app
  • App prevents login 1/5

    By GG103837
    Each and every time I try to log into the app, an error message appears. This is a developer issue. No one is going to call H-E-B’s CS number to resolve a technical issue. Fix your app, developers. You are causing H-E-B an incredible amount of money by preventing curbside orders. I used this app with no issues for nearly 2 years. This is a new issue and the developers refuse to solve it.
  • Love BUT SUGGESTION… 4/5

    By mxhoneyd
    I absolutely love the H‑E‑B app! It’s so helpful and convenient to always be able to find the items I want while in the store as it tells the aisle. It’s also incredibly helpful to be able to add items to my curbside throughout the week so nothing is ever missed. LOVE IT!! The one thing I wish the H‑E‑B app had was the ability to have multiple carts. As I add items throughout the week for the big shopping trip, sometimes I need to make a smaller order in the middle of the week. In order to do this I have to remove all items out of my cart and create a list, create a new cart, then move all the items from the list back to the cart. It would be a much smoother process to be able to have multiple carts so I can have my main order and have a small immediate one when needed.
  • App Stinks 1/5

    By JoMou
    App will not load on my I phone 13. Have been to TMobile and Apple and they are perfect. Your tech staff is no help. E Miller The staff has tried everything with no changes except for 5 password changes. Account is in order but getting past the opening just says “whoop” we have a problem.” Unbelievable mess !!
  • Bad Update 2/5

    By TxSOLR
    When I want to add item to my cart, it takes me to a page with my name as a list and another choice of wishlist. I must select one before anything is done. Why create more steps? I do not like the app as it is. Why can’t we just select “add to cart” as before? Sometimes it seems creators are so anxious to make something different when the app has been working great and straightforward already. Change just for change sake is not a great idea.
  • ZERO stars if I could! The Clipped Coupons NEVER work at the check out 1/5

    By teeteebahbah
    I would give this pathetic app ZERO stars if I could. The Clipped Coupons NEVER works at the check out. Every HEB I go to they never work & the store managers all say the same thing! HEB probably foolishly outsourced this to some pathetic software company. Absolutely joke of an app! OMT. And yes my account is verified!
  • Suggestion 4/5

    By Juany722
    This app will be even more useful by adding the aisles to which each item can be located.
  • iOS update for iPad 1/5

    By Anime2143
    Needs iOS for iPad update
  • Decent app 4/5

    By Gomez3419
    App I mostly good. A little unorganized at times. And can y’all please add where we can add two numbers on same account for order pickup? The people always have to come out to my truck to ask who it is for because the order is under my wife’s phone number
  • Improvement suggestions: 4/5

    By Akhyar siam
    I would love to see products similar to the ones that I selected. Let’s say I click on a H-E-B mango yogurt. You guys should list out similar products/ flavors at the bottom of the page. Have an import feature that can automatically add products to cart based on a meal ingredients list. I would love to just scan a list, and the app automatically detects the ingredients.
  • H‑E‑B App Keeps Thinking I’m In Another Country 1/5

    By StormeSixx
    First of all, I’m in Texas, USA, and the last time I checked (and the last time the H‑E‑B app worked), the USA is a country supported by the H‑E‑B app. My issues are (1) the H‑E‑B app won’t let me log in now that I am on iOS 16 and (2) you need better tech support people. Since I updated my iOS to 16, the app keeps telling me that my network is in a country not supported by the H‑E‑B app and that I needed to change my network access or use the website. I have done the following on my phone … verified my country/region setting (its set to United States), uninstalled and reinstalled the app, I have updated my iOS and the app, I have tried accessing it on two different wifi networks, I have tried accessing the app using cellular, I have tried accessing it with and without VPN, and I have rebooted the router. Nothing works. I have the H‑E‑B app installed on an old iPad with iOS 15 and the app works fine (on the same wifi network and cellular.) The problem is now I can’t update my iPad for fear of the H‑E‑B app not working on any device. I called the H‑E‑B help line and spoke with two different people. The first didn’t know what was going on. He just created a ticket for me. (No one called me back with an update, BTW. I had to call back after 2 weeks only to be told IT’s solution was to have me reboot my router.) When I called back and spoke with the second person, they latched on to the first acronym they were familiar with and told me that must be the issue - even after I gave him the litany of what I had tried and the fact that the app works on an older iOS version. He insisted it was my VPN and that VPNs can “backtrack” my location to the H‑E‑B app even when it has been turned off and show a different country. (I did not tell him I worked in IT and that’s not how VPN works.) His solution was for me to lug my 10” iPad to the store and use that instead since the app works on the iPad. At that point, I gave up and decided to drop a review here with my issue. Maybe someone more knowledgeable can help me or fix the H‑E‑B app.
  • For what? 1/5

    By groftj
    Walking around the store, updating the app, resetting password, scanning the e-coupon bar code for every item, showing the checker my phone, confirming i got the e-coupon for said items, is a lot of unnecessary work. I’ve used the heb app a few times and find it makes shopping unenjoyable. All that distraction, for what? Also, the app is not intuitive. It has a bunch of useless stuff on it. Why is it not ready to scan codes the second the app is opened? Instead, you have to tell it you want to scan the code. Do they really think I’ll use the app for something else? Love HEB. hate the heb app.