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  • Current Version: 1.8.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: H-E-B, LP
  • Compatibility: Android
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My H-E-B App

Get a whole lot of Texas, right in your pocket. Order curbside pickup or delivery, browse digital coupons, create shopping lists of your favorite products, and so much more. It’s never been easier to shop online with H-E-B. Enjoy the convenience of curbside pickup or home delivery with in-app shopping and ordering. Plan your shop with shopping lists and coupons. No matter how you shop, the My H-E-B app offers new ways to save time and money. With the My H-E-B app, you can: • Easily order curbside pickup or delivery • Clip and redeem digital coupons online and in-store • Create and manage shopping lists • Quickly browse products and coupons • Find where items are located in your store • Keep track of your order progress • Browse and reorder your past purchases Questions about the app? Reach out to customer support at 1-800-432-3113.

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My H-E-B app reviews

  • Fix 3/5

    By taylormarie0900
    Everytime i try to put my card info in, it gives me failed to enter alert. How to fix
  • Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing 1/5

    By Dsbailey70
    Be very careful if you choose to use this app. Currently they will force you to accept substitutions on your entire order. Nevermind that you may not want subs, if you refuse to accept them, they will not allow you place the order. HEB may or may not notify you in advance that items are unavailable...but good luck in actually getting to speak to someone to resolve the problems. You’ll just have to wait and see what you get in your shopping bags. I’ve been trying to reach a live person for 3 hours now, but have been unable to actually speak to anyone.
  • Can’t use 1/5

    By Goddesskarolinr
    I’ve tried to log in multiple times, over the last two days and I always get the same error so I can’t even use the app. Very disappointing. I hope it’s fixed soon.
  • I can walk in and find what I’m looking for. . . 2/5

    By dsta wrighter
    However, ordering via HEB’s app is a different story. I have tried several times and each time receive text saying 3 or 4 things are not available. Going in an hour later I can find these things easily.
  • Thank you so much! 5/5

    By Speedo 38
    Just picked up our first curbside order. Cannot say enough about how efficient the process was. And our service person was just the best. HEB we are so grateful for your support to the community. Your whole organization is just the best.
  • Very frustrating, won’t show where to get certain products 2/5

    By Phoenix2000
    This app is so frustrating! It refuses to show me products that may not be in my store but that I know they carry, and I can’t get it to tell me what nearby stores carry it! Where can I get them? It won’t say! Plus the app keeps making me re-pick the location every time I open it. Why doesn’t it just remember?
  • Trouble logging in 2/5

    By 2020 H E B Consumer
    I have used this app and loved it. But since the update it will not let me sign in. I have deleted and reinstalled the app and I am still unable to log in. This is the error I get. Something went wrong Exception occurred while converting the model to Json. Can you fix this? I really love using this app but am frustrated that I have to go to other retailer apps to order my groceries. Thanks
  • Landscape 3/5

    By yellowrose3502
    Please make landscape view.
  • Difficult 1/5

    By David #2?.does it work 4 u?
    Hard to find HEB brand items Yes you can get most brand names But I can go to Walmarts app and do the same. HEB Bragg a lot about how there products are just as good as most name brands but they don’t seem to want to give you the opportunity to buy them on this app
  • App isn’t accurate 1/5

    By Samuel jarreau
    App isn’t working correctly this is the worst experience ever ... do not trust this app
  • Too many store brands 1/5

    By jcollins0236
    The HEB app may work okay, but most of what I want isn’t available because of the emphasis on store brands. Given that they stock the national brands in the store they should make them available through the app. The app menu forces me to settle for items I don’t want or to go to the store in person. Curbside pickup only works if the customer is willing to settle for less.
  • Something very wrong 1/5

    By rene.flores
    "Something went wrong. We ran into an issue. Please try again in a few seconds." And again. And again. And again. And again. And again.
  • Cannot Access My Order From App 3/5

    By Rdwngfn
    I placed an order last week that was to be picked up a week later. Whenever I try to look at my order on the app I get an error telling me something went wrong and I have to have an account to place an order. I am already logged in and can start a new order but to look at my order and leave notes I have to log on from a computer and not the app. Also when placing an order it only allows you to choose items that are currently stocked in the store. Why not show everything that is carried by that location and allow it to be selected. That’s one of the reasons ‘allow substitutions’ exists. When orders are being placed a week in advance product availability will be significantly different. Today the store is very well stocked compared to last week. And I cannot even access my order (see above) to request specific brands that are now in stock.
  • App 1/5

    By mowhatley
    HEB your curbside app needs a lot of improvement. You put in an item and do a search and it comes up with an item totally not related to what you searched for. You also ask people to use your app to avoid contact with others but when you order items you may get 10% of what you need. So I guess you want seniors to stand in line with close contact with other’s and take the chance of getting the virus. We know we have limited choices on where we shop.
  • Curb side needs some work 2/5

    By Nickmetoo
    I could not find a way to remove incorrect items from my order without starting completely over. VERY frustrating.
  • This app doesn’t work 1/5

    By Blue Dragon's Chainmaille
    And now H-E-B has asked me to let them know what is wrong and to redo my review, DONT TRY to contact H-E-B through the link they provide, it freezes up your safari and I wasn’t able to close it. Had to shut off phone to restart and get safari open and X out the H-E-B page before it started to load up again. I wish apple had a zero star spot in reviews, H-E-B doesn’t even deserve the one start we have to provide. 3/27/2020,11:53am. This is my second time writing about this app not working. They deleted the first on. I guess that’s why their app has a decent review so far. But that doesn’t fix the problems that you can’t get past the address part, it always has a problem and wants you to try again and again. H-E-B is not that great to me anymore. And let’s see how long or if this review makes it up. 3/22/2020. 9:47pm. I snapped a picture to. I might have to share this else we’re , if this gets deleted again....
  • Terrible 1/5

    By babebabdbabbd
    2 week wait time
  • Goods not available 1/5

    By Er iqch
    Your company had one chance to get this right. Put my order in and waited a week to be fulfilled only to find out my products are not available on the day of the pickup. Luckily I took it upon myself to shop and find what I needed at the stores on the shelf albeit putting myself and everybody else’s at risk during the Covid 19 crisis. In addition, the App is not intuitive at all. Looks like engineers wrote this app without input from creative designers. It’s a shame a company of your magnitude and get the technology and logistics right.
  • Show all products by row and bend # 5/5

    By Shackbo
    Being able to locate your item by row is a major improvement over the previous method of asking a red shirt where is it. Would suggest you follow Home Depot and others by listing all products (SKU’s) by row number-and divide the row into 12 or bins ...even numbers on the right side and odd on the left. Post this on your H-E-B app by product and your customers would rave about their record shopping time. To go a step further, customers would be encouraged to use the H-E-B app’s shopping list because it would prioritize how they should move through the store. No more traffic jams on the bread isle. Word would spread through the HEB kingdom and everyone would share how easy and wonderful it is to shop at HEB! Guys it’s a win win for everyone. It also frees the red shirts to keep the shelves stocked!
  • Nice idea, if you don’t have food allergies. 1/5

    By Jentropy
    Downloaded the app to try curbside delivery because of the coronavirus and my compromised immune system. Except a bunch of items can’t be added to a curbside delivery and can only be picked up in person. This is probably no big deal if you’re healthy and don’t have food allergies or diet-related illnesses, but that makes this app useless to me. Please rethink your app features and center your disabled customers. I promise, if your app works well for disabled customers, it will work great for ALL your customers.
  • Failing during the crisis 1/5

    By j_w_s
    We added just 2 items to our cart, planning to add more later. Even though our pickup time was 4 days out, it started telling me I couldn't add more items after the 4th addition. I HAD A TOTAL OF 6 ITEMS IN MY CART. Went back and forth with support on Twitter and they were completely clueless, giving me boilerplate responses to questions I wasn't asking. But apparently during the crisis they are limiting cart additions to 4. That would be fine, IF THEY TOLD YOU ABOUT IT. The help page says you can add items up to 4 hours before pickup so that's what we were assuming. My pickup now is in an hour, they just texted that 3 of the items weren't available so I'm going all the way to the grocery store to pickup a grand total of 3 items, and this was supposed to be my family's shopping for the week. We are hugely disappointed and frustrated, HEB. If you want to fix this, let the user know what the limits are UP FRONT.
  • Worthless 3/5

    By Sparrow-fart
    The app works well and is reasonably easy to use. There are an adequate number of useful items to be ordered, but it takes two weeks to pick up an order. Not HEBs fault of course due to the coronavirus emergency, but still of limited use.
  • Still not up to par with other grocery apops 2/5

    By Chilin out
    I hate that it is only viewable in one direction. Couponing is clunky. I like when you are shopping curbside or delivery it prompts you to complete the coupon by adding the other product for free. Let’s you know your options to save
  • You broke the app 1/5

    By dmg123456789
    It was working until one of the last two updates! I need this app because I have mobility issues. March 23, 2020
  • Needs work 1/5

    By Roadtrip2009
    This app is not user friendly. Now, My list disappeared and unable to make a new one. Currently trying to reload app.
  • THANK YOU H-E-B!!!! 5/5

    By Matty C Bradford
    We’re so lucky to have organizations like H-E-B that come into communities and ensure that they’re an amazing corporate citizen, good times or bad. The app is super smooth and nearly effortless. I’ll definitely be recommending it! I would love to be able to edit orders that won’t be picked up for several days and would also love to be alerted if the order you’re placing isn’t for that same day. Those are minor and for possible future releases. Thank you, H-E-B!!
  • Awesome 5/5

    By 2centpenny
    GREAT APP!! I would like to see notifications or alerts with sound when we add or remove something from the list. We share the app as a family and that would be a very helpful tool for multiple users in a family share the same list. 🙂
  • Sharing lists 4/5

    By annswife
    Like the continuing improvements Would love to be able to share my list with my wife.
  • An Embarrassment 1/5

    By DadYoureSo...
    One of the largest grocery chains and can’t get the app to work. Wouldn’t accept any credit cards. Kept saying “invalid date” and when I tried to scan credit card, that didn’t work. Store clerk says it’s been a problem for awhile.
  • Would be a great app 3/5

    By Orangefield for ever
    The app would get five (5) stars if it had a way to delete your search history. Love the fact that I can make a list for different stores. I want to thank for all the staffs are going over and beyond with trying to keep products in stock. At one of the stores I shop five (5) employees restocking bread products.
  • Driving company profits, not customer convenience 3/5

    By HopingForABetterApp
    This app doesn’t include even half of the items in the store. The app seems to only include items that have higher margins for the company. For example, they don’t include 1 gallon containers of milk, but they do include 1/2 gallon of milk. Per ounce the 1 gallon container is less expensive than the 1/2 gallon of Organic milk that is the only option. I don’t mind the app trying to steer customers to items, but blatantly exclude items is just not right. I’m looking for an app that will allow me to scan anything in my pantry so I can keep track of what I have. If any app should have every item in my pantry, it should be the app for the store I buy EVERYTHING from. Curbside delivery is even more limited. This I understand, however, there should be an option to pay a fee for items that are not currently offered for curbside.
  • Total trash 1/5

    By chuckading
    HEB, hire a real app developer and create an app that is scaled properly for an iPad. Also, there is no way to manually type in your address.
  • Share list 3/5

    By texasva10
    Hi, I’m not seeing this feature so let me know if it’s already available. It would be great if multiple users could share or contribute to a list. That way purchasing for one household (like friend or family) would be easier. Thanks!
  • No Benefit 2/5

    By New2iPhone16
    All windows on my iPad show very small rectangular vertical shaped pages. I, personally, found difficulty navigating. Search more oftentimes than not yielded “Not Found”. Out-of-stock is one thing, or not available. Does not found mean HEB does not sell the product or no longer carries that product? Due to low data storage on my device, I deleted the app. It is no help to me, therefore, no benefit.
  • Useless in every way possible, highly disappointed! 1/5

    By anthony zee
    Don’t expect H-E-B to fulfill orders on this app. I ordered over a week ago and on the day of pickup they remove 95 percent of my items. I thought that H-E-B would have it all together but man was I wrong, disgraceful and disappointed in every way. After 10 years of shopping at H-E-B I now have to find a different place to shoot at. Thanks for nothing!
  • Downloaded again and again 3/5

    By Addy 08
    I downloaded the new app, but every time I open the app it asks me to download it again, why is this happening? If in the App Store says open instead it tells me to download again
  • Not working 1/5

    By heb77373
    New app not working. Won’t Finnish download loading.
  • App not working for days 2/5

    By cajunmiss
    I am trying to order delivery or curbside and I keep getting a message that an error has occurred and to try later.
  • Tried again 1/5

    By Iphone_Junky
    After my first negative review about not being able to log in because of busy servers, I decided to try again. Now it won’t accept my expiration date for my debit card. Says it’s invalid. Your curbside app is not ready for prime time. Fire your deleopers, and hire your competitors. Their curb side app has worked flawlessly from the beginning.
  • Good but not the best...yet 4/5

    By Pharm_girl2013
    I love the new app. However my only issue right now with it is that it only shows product for the store I have chosen as my home store. The old app would show where products were at ALL HEBs. As an HEB partner I use this app to show customers where items are. It would be nice to have the all store feature to tell them the closest store they can get what they are looking for more easily.
  • App is mostly a disaster 1/5

    By west of the pecos
    Evidently built for an iPhone since that’s the size it is on my iPad. There is nothing intuitive about the App. I could add items to my shopping list that I had already paid for but could not delete an item that I no longer wanted or correct the amount of an item ordered. Using the App is pretty frustrating to the point that I would just as soon get in my car and drive to the store. Tried it first on my computer but there was no option to checkout and pay for the groceries. Would rather use my computer so I have the whole screen and can see more products at one time rather that 3”X4” view on my iPad or iPhone. As large as H-E-B is I would have thought they could have come up with something better than this school grade App. On a scale of 1 to 5, I give it a 1.
  • I get n error message when I need it the most 1/5

    By Gema76
    Trying to place curbside pick up order : 1. It tells me my contact info is incomplete. I go to my profile to renter my info BECAUSE all my info is there and I get n error message, “ something went wrong” try later in a few seconds. I get the same error messages whether I try seconds later, minutes or a couple hours.
  • Ashamed 5/5

    By LJ-Cool J
    What the hell is going on in Rockport. I seen a guy buying “20” ribeye steaks and a basket full of hamburger/sausage/chicken yesterday. Thomas, what the heck are you doing. Frigging lines out the door and you are letting folks take over. I’m ashamed of HEB!
  • Ugh 1/5

    By Satisfied***
    Cannot get app to work, just says: “something went wrong, try again in a few seconds “ frustrating.
  • IPAD? 2/5

    By Teresa2213
    I probably would use this app more if it had compatibility to be on an iPad and not be made just for iPhone.
  • Fantastic new design 5/5

    By shrothermel
    People are going to be relying on curbside much more over the next few months. Y’all really delivered with this update. Thank you!
  • Not everyone can use curbside 1/5

    By Texas_mom
    I like the app but only gave 1 star because if you are on EBT you can’t use all the features that HEB offers like curbside. When is that feature coming?? Just because some people have EBT doesn’t mean they wouldn’t like to use curbside.
  • Crappy app 1/5

    By unhappy may
    Unusable, search is crap, can’t find most items I purchase on a regular basis. Couldn’t add more than 7 items to my order. Specific sort even gives minimum options to choose from.
  • Glitch fest 1/5

    By Haze1414
    This new app has given me lots of issues. Coupons don’t load fast, I can’t access the order I was working on, nothing would load while I was in store, and now I can’t even log into the app without an error message. Useless app at this point, very disappointing.

My H-E-B app comments

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