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My H-E-B

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  • Current Version: 3.17.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: H-E-B, LP
  • Compatibility: Android
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My H-E-B App

The My H-E-B app is here to make shopping online and in the store even easier. No matter how you shop, the My H-E-B app offers new ways to save time and money. SAVE TIME • Order groceries and more for easy curbside pickup • Get delivery right to your door, even same-day • Plan your meals and your trip with our shopping lists • Quickly find where items are located in your store • Easily view and reorder from your past orders SAVE MONEY • Clip digital coupons personalized for you • Redeem digital coupons online or in store • Browse our weekly ad and find new ways to save • Shop our everyday low prices • Pay with your SNAP EBT card for pickup and delivery DISCOVER • Explore our sprawling selection of fresh food and unique products • Shop our curated selections to make meal planning a cinch • Scan barcodes at home to quickly find items online Download the My H-E-B app today to shop and save at Texas’ favorite grocery store.

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My H-E-B app reviews

  • Another fantastic app ruined… 1/5

    By oakleys47
    The recent update logged me out of my account, but whichever genius decided to write the login made it such that it needs reCaptcha… which does not load within the in-app browser. Can’t log in on the app and thus all of the actually useful features of the app are locked. Did anyone test this before moving it to production??????
  • App No Good If You’re at a Distance 2/5

    By batchy42
    I grew up with HEB in San Antonio, almost 50 years ago. I’ve always loved their products. I’m glad to see they are FINALLY moving to the North DFW area. We need one here in Sherman, as well! Anyway, when I try to use the app, it has you select how you want to shop and the locater page never completes. It’s just a spinning red circle. Forever. Not even a way to bypass it, just to browse the app / products of a particular location. I’m thinking this is because the closest HEB is 44 miles away, but that shouldn’t matter. Please resolve this!
  • Nothanks2525 1/5

    By nothanks2525
    App has not accepted my payment information. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app, changed payment information multiple times. I called HEB directly and was told to delete the app and reinstall. That did not resolve the issue. Beyond frustrated.
  • Add a function to remove added coupon. 4/5

    By Root app user
  • Digital Ad 1/5

    By 1lucydog
    I’m no longer receiving the weekly email for the digital ad on coupons/specials. Why?
  • Almost to 5 star status! 4/5

    By JessicaLeeW
    App is great most of the time. I’d love an “unclip coupon” option. Target app has it and it is very helpful if you decide against getting something. Also- the ad flyer doesn’t load sometimes. Other than that, love the app!
  • Payment system NEVER works! 1/5

    By Ticingtimebomb
    Most of the time the payment will not go through on the App. I have checked with the bank. My debit card is fine, all of its information has been entered correctly. everything is working on the bank’s end and there is enough funds in the account. YET the payment will not go through! I have added and deleted and re added the card multiple times to no avail. Most of the time I get an error saying the card cannot be added! I have no problems in store. Though at times in store shopping is no longer an option for me due to mobility issues and health concerns there fore it would be great if this app actually worked!
  • App is again great 5/5

    By KnowNaMe
    I was unable to sign into the app for like a year because of the security features thinking a replaced iPhone screen was somehow a security issue/threat. I am able to sign in again now that the app uses web authentication (i.e. has you sign into the H‑E‑B website in a built-in web browser, instead of signing into the app itself).
  • App automatically logs me out if I am using a VPN 1/5

    By BusyStudent7
    The HEB will automatically log me out when I use a VPN on my iPhone. Other apps don’t log me out, so this is definitely something particular to the HEB app. Please fix this issue ASAP! Other than that flaw, it’s a great app!
  • Product Info 3/5

    By Suziekc
    While the app looks and operates fine, product information was lazily entered. I could, and would, buy a lot more if nutrition facts had been entered. Nutrition and ingredients are important to those on special diets, like diabetics, or those with allergies. I know you are losing sales from me due to the lack of information provided.
  • This app is crap 1/5

    By WP72Vino
    The app hardly ever works. It malfunctions when I try to look up items and what really irks me is it doesn’t work to clip coupons. It keeps saying try again in a few seconds, even if you enter the coupon code manually. Having digital coupons is a poor business decision. Maybe HEB thinks problems with the app will cause customers to just not get the savings, which makes HEB more money. But all it does is anger customers and make them wonder why they are so sold on the idea that everything has to be digital! Bring back paper coupons!
  • Clipped coupons 1/5

    By cluffird
    I don’t like having to look at the app to find coupons not advertised in the store. And what I really don’t like is that when I do clip them, I usually get credit for 1/2 the coupons I clipped. Today I caught it as my bar code was being scanned and had the cashier to take the purchase off until I could deal with it later as the lines were long and I didn’t want to make people irritated. The app never works in the store so I have to turn off my Wi-Fi and hope I have access to the coupons. I usually use a screen-shot of the bar code since it’s a nightmare to use the app in the store and then I’m caught off-guard when I don’t get all my coupons. I’m beginning to think this is a ploy of H‑E‑B to get you to buy things with a coupon and then you don’t pay attention when it’s scanned so you end up paying full price.
  • App Won’t Let Me Add Payment 1/5

    App won’t let me add payment method. Keeps saying failed - and every card I tried is most definitely valid. Deleting this app as now it’s useless.
  • Great app to keep shopping list sorted by location in store 5/5

    By ABarber22
    Love the app to keep track of my shopping list and, as a bonus, items are sorted by location in my local H-E-B making shopping very efficient. I’ve even looked up an item while in the store just to see where to find it! My only real gripe is there is no option to hide or move “completed” items to the bottom of the list. I like to keep some of my mainstays on my list indefinitely so I can quickly uncheck them when I need them again but I don’t purchase every item every trip. The issue with this is my list is a mess of checked and unchecked items mixed in together. An option to automatically move completed items to the bottom of the list or hide them would be amazing!
  • Love the app but… 4/5

    By Yelpaphile
    I shop at three different HEBs. I really wish that the app would automatically switch stores based on GPS location. Also, searching for items in the store only give the aisle number-more specificity would be great.
  • I love love love the H‑E‑B app. But… 4/5

    By donnalynnebrown
    I would love love love to have the feature Save For Later for the shopping cart. So many of us, I dare say easily half if not more of your customers are on a tight budget and/or fixed income. It makes it so much easier to shop and use your full allotted budget each week when you can keep in a queue the items you couldn’t afford one week but can get them the next week. Those items would be readily handy in the Save For Later area. Thank you.. Donna
  • Major missing feature & problematic change 3/5

    By Joshua-Jake
    Since the COVID shutdown my family has used this to order our curbside groceries. Overall we appreciate the simplicity of the app. We use this every week so please don’t take this review as a hatred of the app. We are grateful but frustration have been building. There are two major areas that need improvement. Both center around the fact that my wife and I both work on the same order from different devices. There was some technical change in the last three months that makes this difficult. First the counter on the cart stopped updating when upon loading - this means the cart appears empty before we import an old order so we assume the other person has not added any items yet. Not true most of the time. The missing feature is the ability to see when and how the order was added to the cart(the how could be some sort of small icon over the image to symbolize the import) and at seeing when it was added would also allow us to know that the additional items were purposefully placed. Honestly at the core of the issue is that the app isn’t friendly for multiple users. It has even started glitching when we are both trying to work on the list when it never used to. Sure we can work around these issues but it makes us hate the process. Please consider heavily the frustration and anger this causes us and likely others every week, and recognize that a feeling of dread when we need groceries isn’t good for business.
  • Not letting me login 1/5

    By Texmexwoman
    I have changed my passwords , deleted the app , redownloaded & the app still doesn’t not let me use it whatsoever , I even tried creating another account & still nothing , it continues to tell me to try again another time ! What is this ! I just want to login
  • App works well but could use a couple tweaks 4/5

    By Pretty well satisfied
    Two suggestions for improvement: 1) Allow “check-in” within the app rather than just through text message. 2) I wish the app would show unavailable items. It’s better to know something you’ve bought before is out of stock rather than it not show up in a search at all.
  • Lists have me close to uninstalling 2/5

    By JDGoesMarching
    This is a very simple flow that works fine on the website: I want to select things from my lists and add them all to my cart at once. Right now your options are to add the entire list or add each item individually. Why would you make it so difficult for repeat shoppers to easily make new orders? Making it easy for returning customers to give you money should not be this low of a priority.
  • We need H‑E‑B in my area 5/5

    By Deedotacy
    I live in Tyler Tx I work in Hearne Tx and I visit HEB quite frequently in Bryan Tx! Why can’t we get H‑E‑B in the Tyler Lindale area?
  • Needs Apple Pay support 5/5

    By rymack1
    It’s a great app but wish they’d add support for Apple Pay
  • Unusable 1/5

    By Batman11111111111114
    I couldn’t even log in or make an account because it said “could not determine if you are human”. Their captcha never showed up for me.
  • Half of the coupons don't work 1/5

    By Bluebunnybabe
    I just had to change my review to one star after having coupons not work again today. There should be a barcode for each specific coupon or something. The people at the store told me I can call a number and have the money credited to my account. Like, y'all can't be serious. I have to call an 800 number each time your coupons don't work correctly? I'd rather just return the items, which is what I did.
  • It thinks I am not human. 1/5

    By pfultz24
    Pretty useless as I can’t login because it thinks I am not human.
  • Meh! 3/5

    By Gabbypozo30
    I enjoy shopping at the store, every time I use their app to try to do curbside pickup or even deliveries it’s such a pain! Why? Because I add all the items to the cart and every time I choose a time, even if not the same day and it’s 2 days later it chooses the time and then when I’m about to check out it prompts me for a new one. It actually picked a time once before and i was able to check out, but not any of the other times available on the app (the earliest one!) and even if I do that now, I still can’t check out! Make this thing work!!!!
  • Please add Chat Feature 4/5

    By gggfynklmhghj
    Hi, App is great! Easy to use. Sometimes I don’t receive text messages from delivery driver or updates until after groceries/ order has been delivered. It’ll be nice if they need to reach customer they can directly reach customer within the app
  • Transparency is lacking 2/5

    By BetBet87
    I used to a proud H‑E‑B customer, but now I feel duped. I have always been a deal seeker and coupon cutter. I would normally not go out of my way for a better price, but due to the current economy it has become necessity. Recently, I had plans for a trip to H‑E‑B and another store. I was using both store’s app to compare prices and create my shopping list. I was surprised to see most of my items were higher at H‑E‑B. The variation was 10 cents to $2, with all the items on my list it would have added up to about $20. I went to H‑E‑B and purchased the items on my list, but started to notice some of the price differences. I looked at some of the items I had planned to buy at the other store and noticed the labeled price was about the same as the other store. Why??! It turns out that the “Free Curbside” is not free, many of the items include an up-charge. I have not been able to find a way to tell which items have an up-charge and which don’t and how much each upcharge is. All that I know is, is that I will never do curbside again with H‑E‑B; because if you are buying a cart full of groceries, it will probably be around a $20 “free curbside” upcharge , that is not disclosed whatsoever. I am also very disappointed on how the coupons are applied. There is no transaction history of your used coupons in the app. Several times I have purchased items because of a coupon to find out later it did not get applied.
  • Coupons 2/5

    By Ohhhheyyy
    I wish there was a feature to unclip coupons. Because of this I am unable to get maximum savings on items because the app is showing that I have another coupon clipped that is related to the same thing so instead of buying three get the fourth free I have to buy four because another coupon wants me to save one dollar… This has been brought to their attention in 2021 but still nothing.
  • Not letting me checkout 1/5

    By geebee02
    I have tried for over a week to order grocery pickup, on both my phone and laptop, and both times upon checkout I am prompted with a error.
  • I love HEB 4/5

    By Nanny'n
    I now live in a different state without HEB but I need everyone to know that HEB is top notch with their app. Being able to look at the ingredients is something I took for granted that I have not found in a single other grocery store app at any of the stores near me. There are other things too but that is one way that HEB goes out of its way for their customers. Thank you 💕
  • Love this app 5/5

    By Paranoia024
    Thank you!
  • Ignores No Substitutions 1/5

    By KoowanPStark
    Regardless of whether you indicate “no substitutions” for an item you’ll still frequently get their crappy house brand when ordering name brand items. It has happened at different stores so I have to suspect the app itself ignores your choices. I’ve had to return the unwanted substitutes four different times at three different HEB stores so this isn’t an accident. Deleted the app. Waste of time.
  • I can’t place an order 1/5

    By Liam is bae ❤️💕💁
    Every time I try to check out it says try again or insufficient process
  • Really dig it but… 5/5

    By hsjcjd
    (1) I really wish that users could shop by diet type (vegan, keto, etc.) (2) it would be so cool if the most popular and local recipes were incorporated into the app. Then users could add the ingredients to their shopping cart at the touch of a button.
  • 👍🏻 5/5

    By devlogic
    Does what it says on the label, does it well.
  • Convenient to go back to the store for missing items 1/5

    By The avg college student
    You might as well go to the store these guys forget everything and still charge you for the items they didn’t even put in your bag substitute half of your bag this is ridiculous doesn’t make sense
  • App update not working on iOS 1/5

    By Chitown56$
    Update: I received no help and it’s almost three weeks later. I have not been able to get the app to work fir four days but since your update it is not working. Both my daughter and myself have deleted it and added it back to no avail. I called for assistance and was told they couldn’t figure it out and would enter an IT ticket and someone would get back to me, but haven’t heard anything. I’ve been trying to enter a delivery order for four days I sure would appreciate some assistance.

    By bigred555
    I love the app updates except now, with the latest update, I’m unable to use the “Touch ID”. Please fix this. Thank you
  • Needs some basic enhancements 3/5

    By opinions are like
    1) Out of stock items are often listed as available. I’ve been in the store, saw zero stock of an item, yet there it is available for selection in the app. 2) Needs a toggle switch at check out for switching method of payment. Specifically, at the “Place Order” screen. Most other apps that allow multiple forms of payment have this option. The current method of having to go into my profile and update it, then place order, them remember to go back into my profile and change it back is klugey and behind the times. 3) Should be able to update tip AFTER delivery. Sometimes I forget to set it and the default amount is WAY too low, so I’’d like to increase it after delivery. Other times, I’ve tipped high but the delivery person has done things like dump expensive organic blueberries all over the patio, and so I’d like to adjust the tip down.
  • Latest update unacceptable 1/5

    By zorkguy
    WTH, H-E-B? Now not only can I not login with Face ID, but I have to go through CAPTCHA once or twice? Fortunately there is a another chain’s store right across the street.
  • Broken checkout 1/5

    By Bear183284
    Used to work very well , but recently I haven’t been able to checkout. It won’t save my delivery time . It’s frustrating to spend an hour or so making a list just to not be able to checkout. Needs fixing .
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By Duke7960
    I loveD the H‑E‑B app used it all the time it was very convenient for me to use. The other day I tried to login to make an order and it would not let me login kept saying wrong ID or password so I did what it told me to do…try new password…told me to check my email for code never received anything in my email or junk email nothing…
  • Shrimp 5/5

    By Kcaples
    I want to thank you for keeping it real we brought some it was the only store in the area that didn’t freeze it fresh is so mush better then frozen once again thank you so much and for building us a new H‑E‑B IN KINGWOOD Texas on North Park Drive God Bless
  • Problem with Substitution Note 3/5

    By Pancakes In Houston
    There is a problem where the substitution note opens and then shrinks the note area so that I can neither see my note nor type a new one. This is a big problem. I deleted the app from my iPhone and downloaded it again hoping there was a recent fix but nope. Please fix this bug. Thank you.
  • Need to add fuel prices 5/5

    By Firesheriff
    Great app. I like the coupons best. Can fuel prices be added to the app please???
  • Could Be Better 3/5

    By Kickerdog
    The app is fine, but it’s really irritating when you do curbside, and they replace an item … why can’t you accept the replacement? I can remove the replacement, but why can’t I accept it? This leads to the inevitable, are you okay with the replacement at the car window. I mean, I could have just clicked “yep” I’m okay with it.
  • Make View Weekly Ad more visible. 3/5

    By Crystal Salt
    Should be better if make “View Weekly Ad “ more easily to browse.
  • Save for later 4/5

    By Sydni A.
    This app is great but missing one thing.. Needs a “save for later” option.