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  • Connection issues 1/5

    By God_gift
    I would like to say good update but I can’t seeing that the app won’t let me log in.
  • Needs more testing and support 1/5

    By aardwolf
    This app is just terrible. They obviously didn’t check it out on a single iPhone X before releasing the “iPhone X” update, because the UI is totally messed up. Add to that the app rarely actually lets us use it to pay, and I’m beginning to think it’s just not worth the hassle for an extra 2 cents off per gallon.
  • Once was a good app 1/5

    By Acrylicbarrel86
    Well it's a nice app when it works. Half the time the mobile pay just won't work, will error out saying something went wrong. Update: 2018 Honestly I think the developer does not care about this app any more... that includes Mapco as well. Lots of little things reported but no updates to the app for over a year to fix any of them. But on that note still same issues cant do mobile payments half the time, app just crashes over and over and over, this all stared when iOS 11 came out. Uninstalled the app to try and fix these issues but now I can not login to my rewards account, even though it works fine on the web site.
  • Love MAPCO, Hate this app 1/5

    By Timot00
    Come on MAPCO, this app is useless when traveling. Features are not working. I should be able to see nearby MAPCO locations and fuel prices. At least the app tells me I should. However, when I try, all I get is a message stating locations loading. They never load, it just locks up the app. AND it runs my battery down. I really enjoy my new MAPCO express and I love getting discounts. But this app is poorly designed and poorly maintained. Needs immediate improvement. February 2018, app is still useless. I don’t understand how somebody can’t see that at MAPCO. Shirley you’re looking at this aren’t you?
  • Don’t bother 1/5

    By Don't get ripped off
    Just picked up a card and tried to sign up with the app. It will not allow it. It closes as soon as you open to input your profile. Deleted app. Throughout card. Moving on.
  • Cannot log in, so it’s useless. 1/5

    By 52malmal25
    I’ve used the app for a few years, but moved away from my usual store and hadn’t used my rewards/points for a few months. Tried to log in yesterday while at a mapco, thinking I’d use my points to get a drink or something and my pin wouldn’t work, so I changed it, still wouldn’t work, deleted and redownloaded the app, still nothing. When I click on this page for support, it just goes to the website with general information, not to any kind of app support. Do better.
  • Crash 2/5

    By KJVBeliever1
    Every thing works fine except when I try to go to my profile and do that stuff it crashes every time

    By rebekahelisabeth
    The app won’t let me input any information! It needs to have a bug fix update where I can log on to it.
  • Off to a bad start.. 1/5

    By Technical Sales Rep
    First time that I finally registered my rewards card and it crashes every time when trying to set up my profile.
  • Crash and burn 1/5

    By Lokijacks
    Every time I try to view my profile the app crashes. No way will I put payment info into an app that doesn’t work correctly!
  • Crashing 1/5

    By Goennova123
    Constantly crashing plz fix thank you
  • Can not register new card. Cannot sign in on old card. 1/5

    By Hazilrane
    Nothing works. Registration fails. Connecting Facebook fails. Signing into old accounts fail. Even updating profile fails. Just don’t even bother.
  • Crashes 1/5

    By Megxxlo
    I just got the app and I can’t even view my profile. Every time I go to click on my profile the whole app crashes. This definitely needs to be fixed.
  • ‘Customer Obsessed’ 1/5

    By Maci A
    When a website says they are customer obsessed, you’d think they’d take time to fix the app for their customers to save the money the advertise. I recently got a card and it was an easy log in, but won’t let me build my profile to fully activate the rewards. Shuts down as soon as I get on that screen.
  • Bug, fix it. 1/5

    By Bhudghresgioonkogfd
    Every time I try to set up my profile it force closes. Fix please.
  • Worthless 1/5

    By Root0848
    Hello! Fix your app!!!! Can’t build profile, most functionality is garbage. Make it into something.
  • Horrible App 1/5

    By RicanLyfe
    The app doesn’t let you sign in and continues to say something went wrong when using the correct login. This is the worst!
  • Absolute crap 1/5

    By RobertJohnson92
    The whole reason I got this was because of the fuel points. I only have the keychain card and it requires either the full size card at the pump or a phone number linked to your account, but the app crashes when I try to add my phone number to my profile. It won’t even let me open the my profile tab without crashing.
  • Needs updating badly 1/5

    By Pennypincher2
    Won't let me enter profile info!! Great idea. Poor execution.
  • Zero Stars!!! 1/5

    By Grave-Yard
    Can't even create a profile, crashes every time I open the app. Useless App!!!
  • Doesn't work 1/5

    By Fjfrhmfshjstj
    The app use to work but now it won't load any information. Even on wifi or cellular data it doesn't work. Please fix this problem.
  • App is useless 1/5

    By bigdog1967
    I drive about 16 miles to your closest location for fuel. The least you could do is offer a working app. Useless rewards and discounts if the app isn't functioning.
  • App never works when you need it. 1/5

    By Justice37334
    I use to use the app at least once a week because I could pay using PayPal. The last three times I've tried to use this app I've wound up leaving and going to a different station. If the app isn't going to work reliably then I have no use for MAPCO stations at all since most all of the other stations in my town are at least three cents cheaper per gallon.
  • Don't Bother‼️ 1/5

    By nikkiann628
    This app rarely works. The fueling stations for which it supposedly supports are NEVER accessible to it. In short, it is a useless app--UNUSABLE
  • I just don't understand. 1/5

    I used to love this app. It worked like a charm. At certain stores it works and certain stores it doesn't. My points are never updated and today I noticed I had fewer than I had yesterday and I didn't use any! It never connects. It says payment is declined whenever I have money. Whatever was updated needs to be removed because it worked like a harm originally.
  • Points 2/5

    By JMac-n-cheeze
    I had over 2000 points then it mysteriously went to 179
  • Please fix this app! 1/5

    By ClownsR(Sic)66
    I recently became a mapco card recipient yet I can't check my point balance conveniently. The app is very broke and deleted
  • Terrible. Constant crashing. 1/5

    By ColbyBuster
    Does not let me enter my information to register. App crashes EVERY time I try. I will just delete the app and go to a different gas station. Worthless!
  • Doesn't work most of the time. 2/5

    By Fortner102
    App frequently says network error please try again. It's not very dependable.
  • Don't launch the app when it doesn't work 1/5

    By Really? C'mon man!!
    I've TRIED to use this app for almost a year. 75% of the time it doesn't work. The most frustrating part is when I receive an email for a one day only reward of $.10 off per gallon so I plan my day around getting to a mapco for a fill up and find I can't access the app and forfeit my rewards discount. I've sold web development software for years and the number one rule is DON'T LAUNCH AND GO LIVE UNTIL YOU KNOW IT WORKS!!
  • Doesn't work 1/5

    By AvTooFresh
    I was on E and was looking to download this app to activate my rewards card to fill up my tank and save some money; however, you can't even log into your account because the app is so bad. It just tells you that something went wrong and to try again but it never works. This app is a piece of garbage.
  • Worked well for a while 2/5

    By Nashtop
    I really liked this app for a while. It allowed me to not have to touch the buttons on the pump at all. But over past month the app has not been working. It just says it is turning on the pump but nothing ever happens. Disappointing.
  • App & website do not work 1/5

    By OangieD
    Terrible app and website. Downloaded app on advice of worker at mapco store & it still doesn't work nor the website. Customer service number is horrible too. No help just a bunch of offers. I love the fuel discounts but accessing my points on card is AWFUL.
  • Frustrating 1/5

    By BE A STAR don't follow one
    See the review before this as it is a perfect explanation of why this app is frustrating. Flat out doesn't work. Don't bother downloading.
  • Worst APP Ever! It's 💩 1/5

    By DoodleJam
    Charged $20 gas, they held $100 via PayPal. Is that really worth .05cents off a gallon. Too many steps. Sorry Mapco you lost my business.
  • Doesn't work 1/5

    By craigc013
    Tried to use PayPal on the app, but it isn't user-friendly or quick to access. After taking the time to confirm payment with PayPal, the app said it was not able to process the transaction.
  • Horrible! 1/5

    By Tahnya511
    I used to love this app. Don't know what they did to it, but it's horrible now! Wouldn't let me sign in - said information I was entering was incorrect so I ended up going to their website (as instructed) to reset my PIN (even though I hadn't changed it). After doing that, it still said my info was incorrect! I tried logging in using my phone number, my email, and my Mapco rewards card number and the new PIN that I had just changed. All were rejected! Totally lame! What good is collecting rewards if you aren't able to access them?! Fix this, Please!!
  • Love it 5/5

    By _tifffany_renea
    As an employee of a Mapco store. I love it, and of course recommend all customers to use it even if they aren't a regular Mapco user.
  • No apples pay 2/5

    By Intheblue06
    Where is Apple Pay would be more convenient then PayPal.
  • How am I the only one who likes this app? 5/5

    By AnnieLouWho555
    What do ya'll think this app does? It tells you where the nearest Mapco is, their price per gallon, and how many points you have along with what free stuff you can get. I can't ask for much more.
  • Used to work, doesn't anymore 1/5

    By Budro00
    After the update I can't login to my account to get my discounts or points. Very frustrating.
  • Was half way ok now garbage. 1/5

    By Kenny Reed
    Has recently stopped working please fix the app. Was a half way good app now doesn't even respond.
  • Absolutely terrible 1/5

    By jms_239
    Worked great at first and allowed me to get the fuel discount of $0.10 off per gallon every Thursday and Sunday. All of a sudden it quits working and customer service is a joke. Just tried using 2 different Mapco's in the last 30 minutes and both declined my card. Called the bank to make sure my card wasn't the issue and they told me it was fine. Went to the Walmart gas station across the street, paid $0.14 more per gallon and zero problems with my card. Mapco...please get your s*** together and fix this terrible app. You've lost my business until you fix your worthless app.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By MsMuhree
    Only downloaded the app due to receiving an email that if get 500 points. For starters the link in the email didn't work. Downloaded app in App Store and I can't log in. Keep giving me an error that it can't connect to their mobile servers. Tried to skip the step and it just sits there with a "loading stores" screen. Deleting this app. Wish I could give no stars at all. 👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽
  • App is broken 3/5

    By AUTbone
    Apparently there has been an update, or it is incompatible with iOS nine. The last couple times I have tried to use it, it sits at the "loading stores" map. I don't want to see a map with stores I want to go directly to the payment screen. But I cannot get away from the stupid map. I guess I will shop elsewhere for gas now.
  • Runs In Background 1/5

    By colinlord
    I stop at a Mapco only when I am traveling for business. I haven't been to one for a couple months and that was the last time I opened the app. In spite of that, upon reviewing my iPhone battery usage, this app has been running in the background and using 3% of my battery just in the last 24 hours. This app is useful for getting gas and discounts. However, they must address this background and battery issue before I reinstall this app.
  • Junk! 1/5

    By ~Md~
    This is not a viable option to enabling Apple Pay NFC payments. Just a bunch of spam on your phone.
  • MAPCO 1/5

    By TLPSR
    Thanks for taking almost all of my points away. I wanted to use 1500 to get 12 cents off, that's all I wanted, you take 17000 away. I guess what I wanted to use my point for doesn't matter. To bad I can't rate a ZERO for customer satisfaction.
  • Text Message ... 1/5

    By Hug&Kisses
    Seriously consider adding the capability of "text message" option for special offers that are currently only sent via "email".
  • no login 1/5

    By LOLZ ☠
    unable to login, useless app

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