My Red Lobster Rewards℠

My Red Lobster Rewards℠

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  • Current Version: 1.11.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Red Lobster
  • Compatibility: Android
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My Red Lobster Rewards℠ App

My Red Lobster Rewards℠ Earn points toward delicious rewards every time you eat at Red Lobster. Valid at any Red Lobster location in the U.S. (excl. PR) EVERY DOLLAR COUNTS You’ll earn 1 point for every $1 you spend on meals at Red Lobster. YOUR PERKS START RIGHT AWAY Score 75 bonus points when you sign up with the app. That’s just 50 points away from your first reward! EASY EARNING Just scan your receipts with the app, then watch your points add up to free rewards. TAKE YOUR PICK OF FREEBIES Every time you reach 125 points, your reward is up to you. Choose 1 of 3 tempting options. GET DELICIOUS DEALS Members are the first to hear about Red Lobster offers and events. MORE TASTY FEATURES Use the app to find the closest Red Lobster, join the Wait List, order Red Lobster To Go and explore our mouthwatering menu. Subject to terms and conditions at

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My Red Lobster Rewards℠ app reviews

  • Needs Work 2/5

    By claarbear
    I created the account with Facebook. I can no longer log into the account. When you go go verify with FB, it automatically takes you back to the log in screen.
  • how stupid is that? 3/5

    By 2pitsa
    any rewards you earn will expire if you dont use them fast enough. how stupid is that?
  • App not working and then it works 3/5

    By 23munchkin
    Keeps telling my email is incorrect which is laughable as they send me emails just about everyday in connection with the app. . app is now working again after abut a week of not working, have no idea why. Good when it does work.
  • Red lobster 1/5

    By Gene/52/1
    I have a big complaint I don’t go to red lobster often I knew I had like 110 points toward something free the last time I tried to log my recipe in it wouldn’t let me log in but I’m still getting e-mails from red lobster I know the correct password in but keeps rejecting it I like you to resolve this problem 11/16/18 I tried a few times again and I still can’t log in yet 12/5/18
  • Expired rewards 1/5

    By Sugars156
    Was planning on using my rewards today this was the day they expired but they already expired. go figure. What kind of reward club is this? The local Red Lobster manager said there was nothing he could do. The 800 manager didn’t know what to do so he sent me back to local manager. Very unprofessional way to treat your customers. Unhappy customer in Fayetteville NY
  • App won’t work IN the restaurant! 1/5

    By Sheltonz
    No matter how many times I have tried using the app, it will NOT work inside the restaurant! The Managers always say there is a “black hole” inside and that I have to scan the QR outside. REALLY?!?! Your app won’t work in your own establishment. Sad!!!
  • No Reward Code!!!! 1/5

    By bloodraid3351
    Terrible App! It has hardly any functions feels like a poorly designed website. It literally has to redirect you to the web to order. I went on the app to use my reward today and clicked get code then it never gave out a code for the reward, It just redirected to my reward is empty page. No info about what happen to my reward or anything. Worst app I have ever used!!
  • Need help 1/5

    By hgihfdr
    Tried to delete it from my phone but when I restart it , it’s pops up as a white icon.
  • Server down 1/5

    By HeatherMy23
    Won’t let me login, says my password is wrong, when I try changing it it says it is unable to send an e-mail. When I tried to make a new account it says the server is down. Please fix!
  • Wait List Crashes App 1/5

    By usmp97
    Tried to get on wait list for our local Red Lobster, but when I click to join the list, the app crashes and closes
  • Ughhh 1/5

    By Diamonds708
    I really loved this app. But now I can’t log in and it’s been happening for a few weeks now. It prompts me to request a new password and that don’t even work. Wanted to use my birthday rewards and couldn’t use them because I couldn’t log in. Also had two rewards that I don’t have access to because the app is malfunctioning. 😩🤦🏾‍♀️
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By JOCT99
    I can never log in. It keeps saying the password is incorrect. I try to reset the password and it keeps telling me “unable to reset password.” I have lost multiple points because I can never get this stupid app working. Makes me want to not go to Red Lobster because of the frustration of their app. Yet they can email me continuously about how I haven’t been to red lobster and earned points. Hello? It’s because your app doesn’t work so I can’t put my points in.
  • Lame and Useless…as expected 1/5

    By Trunk-Diggity-Dog
    See Title…
  • Reward choice should improve 1/5

    By c&m77
    My husband is the red lobster fan in our family! He would go there every time we eat out if it weren’t for my wanting a variety of restaurants to go to We were both disappointed in the choices given on the rewards app. We would never order or enjoy chocolate cake or clam chowder and we do not order appetizers because we have more than enough food with Red Lobster’s meals. What would encourage us to visit choosing Red Lobster is if we could apply the rewards to our bill. It’s no use to us as far as the rewards. So there’s no reward for us who are frequent customers. That’s pretty sad. Please reconsider the reward options.
  • Garbage App That Should Be Zero Stars 1/5

    By Ana Maria Lozano
    It was going good, until the app signed me out. I have tried every username and password I have ever used, and can’t sign in. I’ve emailed Red Lobster, multiple times, because I NEVER receive the link to reset it. They assured me, they’ve sent it to me. IT NEVER ARRIVES! There is no way for me to sign in. I’m sure I’ve lost the 2 rewards I had on my account, because this app is garbage, and for some unknown (since no one can help) reason the reset password button, DOES NOT SEND THE LINK!
  • Please consolidate accounts 3/5

    By cman314
    You need two different accounts if you want to order online. Please let us one identity for the app and online ordering. On the plus side, using the app made me really hungry.
  • !! 5/5

    By Ehsten
  • Personal info 1/5

    By texapmech
    This app forces you to give out personal information that is not necessary. My phone number should not be needed. I removed this app from my phone since I can’t use it without giving my personal information. Thanks but no thanks. I have my phone listed on the no call list for a reason.
  • Useless for Waitlist 2/5

    By brian.bowling
    Apparently this app is useless for using the “join the waitlist” feature. Arrived on time and had the same wait as everyone else coming in off the street. What’s the point?
  • Lost business 1/5

    By dckream
    Because this app never loads the menu you have lost my business! I will spend my money at other restaurants which have no problems with there apps.
  • Great easy to use app! 5/5

    By The bosss man peoples
    Love the easy to use navigation and generous loyalty points. I love dining at Red Lobster with my family and earning loyalty points using the app. Great to see the rewards I have earned and the easy ability to redeem! Keep up the good work!
  • Expiration dates are BS 1/5

    By BSNURSE138
    We eat at Red Lobster a few times per year. The closest restaurant is 25 miles from us and rather expensive for a family of four. When we go it’s usually a treat or celebrating something. I had accursed two rewards in January and planned on using them today only to find out they had expiration dates so we didn’t go but instead went somewhere else. The app is fine unless you don’t notice the expiration dates for rewards.
  • Error msg. 1/5

    By neelizp
    This app won’t let me Sign up.
  • Excellent app and easy to use! 5/5

    By NickyTheWrench
    Downloaded the app for the first time today. Signing up for the rewards was a breeze. Scanning my receipt was super easy, and I already earned a reward! The developers did an excellent job on this app! I love that little video of the biscuit being crumbled after I signed up haha - keep up the great work Red Lob!
  • Waitress Barbara 4/5

    By bcacbd
    Did a great job! We’re at the Rocky Mount location. It’s Mother’s Day so its super busy but Barbara was very attentive! Happy Mother’s Day Barbara!
  • I eat here like 3x a month, not satisfied 3/5

    By a customer who feels CHEATED!
    The app is good and easy to maneuver but I’m tired I’m getting the option of those nasty tasting plates after I’ve spent $125. It’s not worth spending that money to get a nasty tasting plate that’s small and only 2 people get to taste it! The app promotes the option of getting a free appetizer but I’ve filled my meter up at least 6 times and each time I get the option of a tasting plate or soup. I want a free appetizer!
  • Our server Trina G 5/5

    By karnsm46
    Our server Trina G did an excellent job! She brought brought everything in a timely manner! She brought salad fresh and scrumptious! Rolls When she brought our lobster pizza it was very warm and crispy!! She has a great personality and sweet smile! She is beautiful inside and out🙏🏼😍 karynsm46
  • The worst! 1/5

    By Granada250
    This app is no use. Does not work with Verizon data and always looses your points and/or rewards. Don’t get it!
  • LOVE IT!!! 5/5

    By Harper In Texas
    I love the FreeFood!!!
  • Seriously, Don’t Waste Your Time! 2/5

    By LG148
    Earn points just to have the app not actually give you a code to redeem. I was at the restaurant when i clicked on the choices to redeem my reward (125 points) and nothing happened. No code, just back to beginning with zero points now. I was completely disappointed and decided to send a message via the “contact us” section. I scanned my receipt to earn 75 points for the transaction and waited for a reply. The next day I did receive a reply asking for some details. They could not determine the cause and recommended not clicking the redeem now button until the server is at the table to take down the code... never mind I never got a code the first time but I guess the server could witness? Anyway, they decided instead of replacing the 125 points they would instead just add 50 points to my 75 to get me to my next reward. Now i just feel cheated... I think i’m done with this and suggest everyone learn from my experience and stay away. I did rate 2 stars because they did a least respond.
  • Does not work. 1/5

    By Frapp Lover
    Does not update your points correctly. I could not scan more than one receipt in a 24hr period.
  • Update points automatically 2/5

    By Aniyah24!
    Why don't the app update the points automatically when placing an online order? Sometimes I forget to do it and end up losing my receipt. Then your process to retrieve point is dispointing. I would have to go all the way back to the store from them to pull up a transaction. When I placed the order in the app.
  • Red Lobster App 3/5

    By Sixtoze
    I like the rewards program and use several other restaurants apps. All I can say is keep an eye on your rewards expiration date, I don’t think they should expire. I have no complaints with the service or food at Red Lobster.
  • Ridiculous 1/5

    By boco++
    Dined at RL on 11/28/17 and earned rewards, which was wiped out on the app before I could redeem it on 12/20/17 Luckily, I had the email for it and the manager accepted it. I have tried multiple times to upload the receipt from 12/20/17 and have been unable to. “Unable to load page.” I even emailed RL to address the issue - twice. No response. So, I guess no more rewards at RL, and maybe no more dining there. A shame for RL as my family and I went twice a month, when we felt valued. Thanks for the service over the years. It was appreciated.
  • May not be worth it 2/5

    By bluflash24
    I like the rewards program but it should allow me to bank points and use the rewards when I’m ready to use them. As is now, once I earn 125 points, it automatically issues a reward with an expiration date. I don’t go a lot so I may not use it by the expiration so it may expire. Why use a rewards app if I can’t use the reward when I want to. Either make the rewards without expirations or let the points bank up and let me choose when I want to use them. Learn from TGI Fridays. They have an amazing rewards program!!
  • Won’t install on iPhone X 1/5

    By kjm1997
    Won’t install
  • Total Not Adding Correctly 1/5

    By Ghe2oazn15
    I understand the tip isn’t included. I paid $39 (before tip), but only got credited $35 onto the account. Please fix this and I’ll update my review. Thanks!
  • The Restaurant 3/5

    By RedlobsterLover
  • Needs improvement! 3/5

    By Dzny gurl
    I love RL but sometimes my rewards just disappear before they expire. I had 2 free rewards and gone. Also it doesn’t allow you to login sometimes so it’s hard to use a reward if you can’t login.
  • Thank you for the wait list on 3400 W. Century Blvd 5/5

    By Lkennice
    THANK YOU FOR THE WAIT LIST AVAILABLE on 3400 W. Century Blvd, ESPECIALLY with the football stadium being built here in Inglewood!!!!
  • 3.5 4/5

    By Absol Fanatic
    Navigation is a little weird on menus and the lack of an allergen menu is a bit of a letdown but nice start to develop on and update
  • Pretty Much Worthless 2/5

    By JenkinsJ
    Still can't order with it. Still can't use it for call ahead seating. I bumped it to two stars because I can now get to the menu. The app looks like it is pretty much a view into a responsive web site. I like the scan feature to track rewards. I think there is still room for improvement. Benchmark the competition. Make it more like an app and not a web page. Allow me to place myself in the queue for seating so I don’t have to wait as long in the restaurant on a busy night. It’s getting better.
  • Interface needs loooooots of work... 2/5

    By ThirtyFiveThousand opinions
    -Navigation is all dropdowns and side arrows. It’s all efficient and clean, which is perfect for engineers and web designers. For normal humans (for example impatient wives and not tech-savvy parents. I’ll tell you about it later) however, hyper-clean mobile layout isn’t always the clearest to read/interact with. -The menu sub-menu contains a few inescapable rabbit holes that force you to abandon online ordering altogether should you foolishly opt to enter them. In my experience, entering options for a baked potato meant stopping the entire online ordering process, which is why I bothered to download it at all. -Like many developers, the crew that made this phone and tablet compatible app left it locked to vertical, no rotation possible. Annoying for those of us who use our iPads with Smart Keyboard covers, or simply don’t always use portrait mode 24/7. The development team that made this restaurant app for regular consumers should maybe leave their offices, go to an actual restaurant, and meet a real human or two. It might help.
  • My server was great!!!! 5/5

    By foxyzmom
    Raquel is the best!!! We enjoyed our birthday dinner. And didn’t even have to think about refills they were always there.
  • Why 1/5

    By Chggvffdtyjcfhb
    You still can’t use it to pay your bill so tell me this app is very useless thanks for nothing
  • Great servers at Parkersburg location! 5/5

    By Ironworker8
    Our server Lindsay is the best server I have ever had and I have-dined out a lot in my life. Are used to work for the Four Seasons Hotel chain so I know good service and this girl has it! RW
  • LIARS!!!!!! 1/5

    By Tchow692016
    Liars!! Liars!! Liars!! Don’t believe Red Lobsters lies when it comes to their reward app. They say every dollar spent results in one point earned. This is a complete lie! I just ate at Red Lobster in Palmdale, Ca. My total before tax was $48.27, following their statement I should have earned 48 points, but points earned was only 37. What a complete load of b.s.
  • Finally! 5/5

    By cardnalfriend
    Exited that this app is now available in California! Looks like their pilot test is over. Now I can earn some rewards.
  • Don't bother 1/5

    By Taz1333b
    My local red lobster had signs up to download the app earn rewards but after I opened says not available in your area what a waste of time to download and why have signs up in a location you can't use it at

My Red Lobster Rewards℠ app comments

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