My Red Lobster Rewards℠

My Red Lobster Rewards℠

  • Category: Food & Drink
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  • Current Version: 1.19.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Red Lobster
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
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My Red Lobster Rewards℠ App

My Red Lobster Rewards℠ Earn points toward delicious rewards every time you eat at Red Lobster. Valid at any Red Lobster location in the U.S. (excl. PR and Guam) MEMBERSHIP IS DELICIOUSLY SATISFYING You’ll earn 1 point for every $1 you spend on meals at Red Lobster. YOUR PERKS START RIGHT AWAY That’s over halfway to your first mouth-watering reward. It’s just a little welcome gift from us to you! EASY EARNING Just scan your receipts with the app, then watch your points pile up to free rewards. CHOOSE THE REWARD YOU WANT Every time you reach 125 points, your reward is up to you. Choose 1 of 3 tempting options. MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS Get exclusive offers, level up for incredible extras, and earn points toward irresistible rewards. GET DELICIOUS DEALS Members are the first to hear about Red Lobster offers and events. MORE TASTY FEATURES Use the app to find the closest Red Lobster, join the Wait List, order Red Lobster To Go and explore our mouthwatering menu. Subject to terms and conditions at

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My Red Lobster Rewards℠ app reviews

  • Red lobster during covid 2/5

    By styker&$#
    Quality and quantity of food has gone down. Disappointing side dishes offered.
  • Great game for fun 5/5

    By queeniefreb
    On my iPhone Yes great 😊 game
  • Great App 5/5

    By Review#101
    Can order, find locations, see my points snd rewards, make a waitlist reservation!
  • Cannot get to payment screen! 1/5

    By Dbl0Don
    Rewards member - I can enter my order and even include a reward request - but when I click “payment” the screen dims and it will not allow me to complete the order. I end up calling it in and paying at the restaurant. Please fix this!
  • Terrible app for online orders 2/5

    By Grogu (The Child)
    This app does not do very well when ordering online. Menu is even more limited on app than the restaurant and didn’t offer many side options. When I was ordering I was trying to use one of my rewards I was trying to put the code in but not working. I decided to go inside restaurant to pay so I could use my reward. Once I opened it my code was gone and apparently once you open it, it goes away when you close it. Does not say that anywhere on their app. You have to be present in person to use rewards and being able to show them the code at the restaurant. Very bad experience for me.
  • Cannot sign in 1/5

    By Rob M33
    Somehow, I was logged out of the app (never happened before) and now it is asking to use red to sign in and even if I say continue it won’t log in and if I cancel, there is no option to sign in. All it says “sorry could not log in. Try again later” I didn’t even have a chance to log in and am pretty sure I have a reward that will be expiring soon.
  • Won’t let me sign up 5/5

    By Yaeline Vega
    It won’t let me sign up no matter how many times I delete it. Anyone can help me?
  • Upgraded phone does not scan receipts 3/5

    By MsCarlaH
    I got an iPhone 11 and now I cannot scan receipts?? Says camera not authorized, nit sure why not, my iPhone 7 was able to? And when I tried to enter manually it kept rejecting it, have not been able to add points when I dine :(
  • Useless app 1/5

    By cnypete
    Used to be simple. Someone really screwed this up. We used to enjoy Red Lobster. Now, not so much...sad..
  • STOP muting my sound 2/5

    By bluecruiser
    There’s no reason for a food app to mute my sound, but this app does.
  • Can’t paste password from lip board 1/5

    By Wrongful Charges
    The space above the password field does not allow the user to select paste. Resultantly, the users of a password manager are discouraged to use this app. This is a bad design for Safari users who have password managers.
  • After reading some reviews, I’m forewarned 1/5

    By Lacemaker 427
    I’ll probably have a “good” experience with this app, because after reading so many dismal reviews, I don’t expect much, however, I doubt anyone will consider this a positive review.
  • Junk 1/5

    By junkassshit
    This app is junk
  • Wrong location 1/5

    By mshissy
    App fixed on north canton oh. Can’t change to Wooster oh.
  • Great food! 5/5

    By mferbandez
    Outstanding service by Bisan Wayne Red Lobster!
  • One of the worst 2/5

    By mytw0b1ts
    As far as restaurants go, this is by far one of the worst apps and quickly declining. You can’t even place orders thru the app. It directs you to call or takes you online to a site to do something so simple. They also butchered the heck out of the rewards program to where it’s basically useless. At one point, a dozen cheddar bay biscuits was a reward. Not only do a lot of restaurants over-bake these to where they’re hard as rocks - they just generally don’t keep or store well and something tells me with a dozen you’re not likely eating that in a single sitting. Beyond that, they sent out an email blast basically saying they want to help you get to your next reward by offering a multiplier on your next purchase. I got 3x but all the dishes are like $30 and up. You tried it!
  • Red lobster 1/5

    By Gene/52/1
    Yeah I just left red lobster here in Findlay Oh I just enrolled again in my red lobster rewards I scanned my receipt and didn’t give me credit for the points of the bill the was $61:66 7/21/20
  • Buggy App - Customer Service not responding 1/5

    By MP_Shield
    Installed the app, placed an online order, but when i scanned the receipt , the app won’t accept it either by QR Code or manually entering the code. Contacted the restaurant manager and was told to contact the customer support. Sent a message thru the app, but never received any response.
  • Doing good job 4/5

    By Mtj1969
    I know it’s not perfected but it works good enough to order. It’s My favorite chain restaurant and today they were partnered with door dash and offered customers free delivery. My Cesar salad was missing but I’m still happy with the apps progress over time and the delivery of Door Dash. I’d like to see that partnership fine tuned and permanent.
  • Badge App Icon Won’t Go Away 1/5

    By TD 23
    I like the features of the app. However- the badge app icon won’t update when I have messages, nor will it go away when I’ve visited the app and clicked on everything. I am ready just delete it and deal with the inconvenience of having to login to the website. I will update my review when this is fixed.
  • Very Ineffective 2/5

    By uticawildcat
    I have used the app several times since I downloaded it. Rewards appear on my account and then they simply disappear. It’s very frustrating and makes me not want to use to app or eat at Red Lobster. I emailed regarding the issues I was having and never heard back from anyone. The advantage to using the app over DoorDash is being able to achieve rewards. But there is not advantage when DoorDash has free delivery and this app just takes away your rewards.
  • Was great, now frozen! 2/5

    By JeniEatWorld
    I’ve used the app for awhile and it was pretty functional. I had no issues with it. But I used a reward about six weeks ago and the redeem screen has stayed at the top of the screen since then. I’ve clicked on “done”, I’ve updated the app, I’ve even deleted it and reinstalled it - but it’s still there! This of course makes the app completely useless since I can’t clear that off the screen! 🤦🏻‍♀️
  • Too hard to pay 1/5

    By FKW63
    The transition from cart to payment to login to cart is very bad.
  • FRUSTRATING!!!! 1/5

    By Bielzebub
    This app would be so much better if you didn’t tap on something and it automatically sent you back to the main menu resetting all of your order. I had a notification pop-up I swiped up to dismiss it and it erased my entire order! I went back in to re-order and when I accidentally hit the wrong thing and hit cancel it sent me back to the main menu and canceled my entire order again! This is garbage!
  • Used to be great but last update ruined it 1/5

    By Google play waste of time
    Unable to scan receipts and I keep missing out on my expensive earnings
  • Frustrating 1/5

    By Anu2124
    There is some issue with the updated version. It logged out of my account and instead tries to log into a separate account I use for Facebook. Moreover, you cannot navigate back. Missed my points and treat as well☹️
  • Everyone is shut-in... 1/5

    By Dntusayit
    So we are all trying to make the best of it. I only opted to order because it was my mom's birthday. Pros: I saved $3.00 off of a $98.00 bill. The delivery arrived pretty fast, they use door dash, but it's cheaper to have it delivered through red lobster. Cons: They were out of vegetables and there were no other options offered. My $30 combo equated to $20. There wasn't a lot of food for the cost. The delivery guy through door dash did not understand social distancing as he wanted to walk up and hand it to me.🤦🏽‍♀️
  • Online ordering 2/5

    By Probablyreadin'
    The app itself is fine, but does have flaws. The biggest one is that I’m signed into the app, but when I try to order online, you have to sign-in again to earn points. And sometimes the login to earn points gets stuck, and keeps rerouting back to the login screen instead of allowing me to continue with my order. Also there does not appear to be a way to redeem a reward from the app in an online order. I tried and ended up losing the reward. Thank goodness for good customer service, since they were able to re-add it to my account.
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By Jatuin
    It is extremely frustrating app, and makes you not want to go to red lobster it talks about rewards but won’t let you log in as soon as you try at check out it glitches out of the menu and brings you back to main page.
  • App Has Too Many Performance Issues 1/5

    By GldnGdess
    This app is very delayed. I am on my 6th try trying to order two meals and it keeps either lagging or it eventually drops my order. I then went to change my last names since I am not married and it had a constant error regarding my birthday. FRUSTRATED!
  • Seriously needs help 1/5

    By Disappointed in all the hype
    This is one of the worst restaurant apps. It loops back and forth between the app and red, making you sign in multiple times, and STILL doesn’t capture the order with the login. Sends me back to the app to login again! Needs some work, developers.
  • Terrible to place app orders 1/5

    By Rigo's iPad
    Not only is this app super slow, it glitches and kicks me off. Same thing online when doing online orders, once I click cart and then sign in, it takes forever and the. Give mes message error 504 Gateway Time-out. Incredibly frustrating, I’ve been attempting to place this order for the last 15 minutes. You are better off calling the store, or simply taking your business elsewhere. Thank you Red Lobster!!
  • Logging in 1/5

    By Red Ross
    Try signing in and says my number already exist. No way to back out of that screen. Must delete app to get back to start screen
  • Wont work on iphone XS 1/5

    By iMonkey71
    The app used to work on my ipone but in teh last 6 months it stopped working. Tried deleting and reinstalling and still wont work. It wont let me sign in. But, i can sign in on the website on my computer and the app works fine on my ipad pro. It just wont work on my iphone XS. It keeps saying “invalid state”.
  • Frustrated! 2/5

    By Cayaplaying
    I like the app but there seems to be no way for the restaurant to scan it. I have to manually add receipts. Time-consuming! Also, the app always indicates that it needs attention -message, points, ??? I go to the app and click on every screen, open messages. The indicator NEVER goes away! Not sure the app is worth the inconvenience and aggravation!
  • Can’t online order with rewards 3/5

    By chefboy82
    Tried ordering today and wanted to redeem a reward I had earned, when I went to checkout it told me I needed to sign in so I would and it would take me back to the home screen where it shows my points total and rewards. So I would go back to the cart to finishing checking out and it would say I’m still not signed in. Went through this three times before I gave up. Also disappointed that the online menu is much more limited then the instore menu. Had to choose 2 sides with my meal and my only options were fries, rice, mashed potatoes and broccoli. Didn’t even have the option for a salad!? Only continued with the order because we had a gift card to use, otherwise would have ordered elsewhere.
  • App is continually stuck!! 1/5

    By DJ03072020*
    I hope as finally able to open my app and scan a receipt. Then the next time I used it, it was still stuck on the same page. It’s been there for over a month!!!! So I can’t use it or scan any other receipts. Useless!
  • Problem fixed 5/5

    By Danilo Grillo
    Thanks for fixed the points
  • Really good, but 1 problem. 4/5

    By Tim48536
    The app is overall very good in my opinion. However, if you removed the expiration on the rewards that would be great! I would just love to build up the reward dishes, and try to have one big meal with the family.
  • Frozen 2/5

    By kalenot
    My app is frozen on my free appetizer
  • RL stuff 1/5

    By RL Feedback
    After the update the app does not work. Invalid state error message
  • Wow not good 1/5

    By Stinkytruck
    Downloaded one week ago and have had continual problems. Have not one time been able to actually use the app. “Wrong State”, “Having trouble logging in” are just a few of the issues. Please fix or restructure the app. No good to anyone this way.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Christian3245
    App won’t let me in no matter how many times I put password in. Tried numerous times to reset with no luck what a waste of time
  • Fail 1/5

    By WJAR89
    I ate at Red Lobster this weekend and was suggested to sign up for the rewards program. Download the app, put in all the info & got an account. Logged into the table kiosk. Kiosk confirmed I was logged in & displayed my name multiple places. Paid for my $50 order and was instructed that if I had signed in the points would be automatically attached to my account. Of course, I logged in today to check, and no points. What’s the point of a rewards program if the app doesn’t award you the points for the order?
  • A little buggy but it works now 3/5

    By NJPrinceAlbert
    I reported a screen size problem and they fixed it with a new release. When selecting buttons on the bottom the first time it still just refreshes the points screen but the second press works. Thanks for the update!
  • Stuck on redemption screen 2/5

    By MellyMel210
    I just redeemed my 1st reward yesterday. I pulled up the code, showed to my server (as instructed) and it would not let me close the page with the reward code. I have tried EVERYTHING and no matter what the screen still pops up when I open the app.... it’s annoying and frustrating!
  • Needs work. Annoying 2/5

    By 3121pinkbaby
    1) while trying to toggle back n forth from email to app to enter scanner code for points, it keeps kicking me off of the “manual code enter” page and goes right back to showing me how many points I have. Annoying 2) it takes 24 hours for rewards to post to your account. That’s just a ridiculously absurd amount of time for them to take to validate a receipt. Annoying 3) while it’s taking 24 hours for new points to post, it could at the very least have a “points pending,” but it doesn’t. Also annoying Three annoyances = 3 stars taken off
  • Update App 4/5

    By Sweeetcheeeks
    Love using my red lobster app. Get great deals on free appetizers or desserts. Glad it finally updated. And for taking the time to reach out to me as well..
  • Rewards frustrating! 1/5

    By lmosma
    I’ve spent an hour trying to load my latest trip to Red Lobster totals! I can’t get the email to reset my password! There’s no “Contact Us” information to get any help with resetting my password either! This rewards program needs lots more work to make it user friendly!