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My Sprint Mobile

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My Sprint Mobile App

On the move, or on the couch, My Sprint encourages users to live their lives without worrying about their Sprint account. Check for upgrade eligibility, view and pay your bill or find the tech support you need. Improving your experience is important to us. Feel free to let us know the ups and downs of your journey by contacting us at [email protected]

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  • Poor customer support 1/5

    By warfighter1000
    As usual your customer service foreign idiots screwed up my account. Gave me a past due balance which I paid. So I’ll see what my valence will be for next month
  • Expensive plans 1/5

    By Gr8Crab!!!
    2 much money
  • Don’t do it! 1/5

    By xdawnx88
    Unless you have a provider worse than Sprint ... (which i don’t think is possible with the amount of dead zones & dropped calls I have) do not change!! Don’t let ANYONE talk you into it! I can’t look at the internet when I’m on phone calls, the above mentioned is a HUGE problem & if they send you a black box .. SEND IT BACK! We get WORSE coverage at home with it on than we do when it’s off ... go figure.
  • Worst company ever!!!! 1/5

    By sprint killa
    I’ve been dealing with these clowns who love to charge customers for things that were never order. I don’t have enough space to write about all the wrongs I’ve been through with this company!
  • Payment review 5/5

    By Thank you gram
    Thank you, for offering the payment arrangements. It has been very helpful the last couple of months while our family has gone though some financial changes. Thank you again The Wells Family
  • إنها واحدة من أسوأ الشركات ، اللصوص والمخادعين ، وأنا لا أوصي أي شخص بالتعامل معهم 1/5

    إنها واحدة من أسوأ الشركات ، اللصوص والمخادعين ، وأنا لا أوصي أي شخص بالتعامل معهم
  • I HATE SPRINT!!!!!! 1/5

    By TayeBaye👊✌️😁
    Every chance I get I will tell other people about my horrible experience with y’all!
  • Sprint service 1/5

    By service review1234
    Miserable phone / data service . Awful customer service in store.
  • Terrible service 1/5

    By sprint blows
    Had a payment arrangement set up that did not go through, sprint seems unwilling to work with me for 7 days, even though I left att for sprint, I have yet to see them pay off my att bill. I will just att if this is not resolved.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Brucelitroy
    Sprint is the best hands down
  • Terrible service 1/5

    By jp652
    I never could use my data because I never had service. I could only get online if there was WiFi that I could sign into
  • Quick To Charge 1/5

    By RenzoMdez
    Sprint is quick to charge any amount they think is good for them. But when it comes to removing overcharged fees. It’s a whole lot of calling, different departments, and a lot of problems and they make us feel that they deserve that money.
  • Billing 3/5

    By karmit511
    Billing should show the amount that needs to be paid. I don’t have the bill on me so it would be nice to have it on sight.
  • Quick pay 3/5

    By Hamm's Mom
    It’s easy but it doesn’t show how much I owe.
  • No good service 1/5

    By alda566
    The service is not good my internet service is the worst my phone is terrible other oarty can barely hear me
  • Calificación de la red. 1/5

    By dianalvarez
    Es la red de teléfonos más mala q existe, además no cumplen con ninguna oferta.
  • Makes life easier 5/5

    By SFLther
    A lot easier using the app then to wait on hold forever trying to get the right person on the phone by using the correct prompt. Maybe the phone so difficult is a way Sprint is trying to have us use the app more often. Many times I don’t even understand what the person is saying and have to ask him or her to repeat themselves. I guess that’s a result of outsourcing jobs.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By anlashok52
    You’ve reminded me in short order why I left you the 1st time. Substandard doesnt even begin to convey. Funny aside: my chosen nickname of “sprintsux” was already taken. It would seem Im not alone.
  • Terrible needs many updates 1/5

    By ChingyBlingy16
    Can’t access anything, when I try to open up other tabs or parts of the app it opens my safari and crashes. Pay so much for such terrible service smh.
  • App Not Loading 1/5

    By JerryJayJ
    The app doesn’t load my account summaries or billing anymore
  • Very poor connection 1/5

    By wamuyu86
    Sprint has been horrible since the last few past months. The connections to internet and general network is very very poor. I complained so many times till I stopped complaining. The first months when we started using it it was perfect but now its a no go zone.
  • Bad network 1/5

    By el perro lico de mi compadre
    My network goes out all the time ... I’m getting pretty tired and about to go back to att.
  • Payment arrangements 1/5

    By Paymad
    Just because you make the arrangement on the app, doesn’t mean it will actually occur that way. Avoid this feature if you’d like to avoid overdraft fees from your bank.
  • Rates 2/5

    By 6 Angel Givens
    My account needs to be over looked by corporate an work with me because I shouldn’t have one late fee since I started with you’ll and I deserve to be treated fairly so my payments history can be all on time.
  • Purposely Angered 1/5

    By Sava's bud
    Left on hold for an hour

    By LuLu, Houston,Tx
    In May 2019, Sprint was promoting the purchase of an iPhone 7 Plus for $300 and a rebate of $100 in the form of a VISA card. I went in to purchase the phone and I was informed I’d need to switch my mobile plan to their network. Then I learned the iPhone I would be purchasing was a refurbished phone. I should have turned around then but I was going through a financial hardship and really desired an “updated iPhone” for my job as an independent delivery driver and I thought inexpensive mobile access might be nice for a change (*cough* *cough*). How bad could it be in a big city like Houston, Texas? So I chose their $25/month unlimited plan and transferred the mobile number I’ve had for the past 12 years. I was also informed that I would be eligible for the $100 rebate VISA card until being on their network for 2 billing cycles. During my time on sprint I have made multiple complaints to support personal and completed at least 2 online customer surveys. During all interactions with Sprint I have voiced my disappointment and frustration with dropped internet access all over the city. As an independent delivery driver, I rely heavily on Internet access so I can view and accept available deliveries on the network, pull up navigational maps so I have directions and estimated arrival times and have a means to stay in contact with the employer & customer during the delivery. If I do not have internet access I cannot accept delivery opportunities (which equates to earning no money), I do not have access to navigational apps to guide me from one location to another or supply arrival times, I am unable to keep in contact with the employer/ customer which results in low customer satisfaction ratings, I have no way of updating the status of a delivery or marking it as delivered so I can accept another delivery, I cannot open a support ticket on the all online support group if I encounter problems during the delivery. As it turns out I have lost approximately $100.00/week in wages since transferring my mobile service to sprint. Originally I stayed with sprint to receive my $100 rebate. Pretty soon I didn’t even care about that $100 anymore. At first I was counting on it. Then I needed it to reimburse me some of the money I’ve lost. Then I no longer cared about it because that $100.00 was a drop in the bucket compared to the hundreds of dollars they have cost me. The ONLY reason I’m still with them is because they will not release my telephone number to take back to the AT&T network until day 50 (tomorrow!). I guess one may say I wasn’t fed up enough to give up my phone number... believe me... it’s been an act of God to stick it out this long with them. Additionally, after the several dissatisfied reviews I’ve left, not one person with sprint has gotten in touch with me to “try and make things right”...Also, the battery on my new (refurbished) iPhone 7 Plus does not last all day. I have to have it charging in my car all day and it still completely dies on me around 9pm-10pm at night. The battery on my iPhone 6 will last an entire day and night. I am looking forward to switching back to AT&T and even paying $10/month more for service. Sprint is now offering to pay $650.00 in fees to switch new customers to their network. DON’T DO IT FOR ANY AMOUNT OF MONEY IF YOUR LIVELIHOOD DEPENDS ON INTERNET ACCESS. It would only be right for them to REIMBURSE ME $650.00 to go back to AT&T but I’ll do it for free. Maybe I can somehow “make up” for all my lost wages. Thank you Sprint. Don’t you know that a dissatisfied customer is going to tell more people how dissatisfied they are compared to a satisfied customer? Shame on you Sprint.
  • Phone/ contact 1/5

    By doesnt make any $
    As long as I’ve been with sprint I don’t understand My contract is up but I still don’t own the phones I’ve been paying on for almost two years now. I’m sure this is a simple fix but, why is sprint leaving that up to me? If the money of someone who has been with sprint since 2012 was valued; is enough for this to be rectified. I should own the phones at this point and only pay for service
  • Worst service ever! Trash! 1/5

    By super angry, unhappy client
    Hate sprint! Worst service ever, always drops calls and always over charged!
  • Need iPad version 3/5

    By Ramandude
    The app works great on iPhone, but needs an iPad-native version that can run in landscape mode.
  • Easy 5/5

    By TruckingTee
    App is way better experience then calling.
  • Bad customer service 2/5

    By Sharmota1940
    The Customer service really bad you need to call for the same issue 10 times and still it’s not gonna be solve
  • Awesome 5/5

  • $ 1/5

    By 🙂funny faces
  • Worse sevice provider ever. 1/5

    By satisfaction notsogauranteed
    Worse service provider ever. I get cut off from the network constantly. I can’t use network features while on a call. A service rep lied to me and said they would be changing that feature in June of this year now it’s almost August and it’s still the same. Worse part is they advertise having this “a1” network but in actuality it’s not even a “f0”. I’m stuck in a contract with the worse service provider on earth😭😭😭😭
  • Threats to cut off service 1/5

    By crampina
    I am a week Late with my monthly payment and Sprint threatens to cut off my service? You dont want to keep good customers do you? Then u demand i pay July and Aug billing today? I could do that but i should not have to
  • Sprint 1/5

    By Ethanj12
    My service is not as good as I was told it would be. I lose my connection during text and internet often. I went from a quote of 133.00 month to a bill of 190.00 a month. It’s wrong and I would never pick them again. I use my phone for business which I made very clear. I’m very disappointed. Sarah Jones I also can’t text anyone that doesn’t have a iPhone? No one on your staff seems to be able to figure it out.
  • Service 1/5

    By 35Pookie
    I have a lot of dropped calls, when someone calls you can’t hear them, it is echoing . I am a senior when I am out my phone will not make calls, because Sprint signals isn’t any good. 07/16/2019
  • Limited 3/5

    By ok2rate
    Can’t file claim for lost phone
  • Bad service 1/5

    By felictystar
    Bad service and to expensive for what you get!
  • Spotty service-data 1/5

    By Connerjgordon
    Spotty service data
  • Hackers and restrictions in sending text messages 3/5

    By SeventhNanaGimel
    Unable to get the maximum charge on phone and freezing of pages at night time hours when sending family text.
  • Been lied to 1/5

    By tosborn47
    I was not given the whole story from my original associate, he did not tell me about the auto pay and paperless discount . He told me my bill would be around 225.00 my fist bill was 300.12. He also did not tell me that after a year I would have to pay an additional 100.00 per month . Unless the had a better deal or extended my current deal but there is no promise of that.
  • 2815411719 2/5

    By vusal_q
    Very bad antenna
  • Rich 5/5

    By Just for Today! 🏃🏾‍♂️
    The site helps to stay updated on my account. Details are clear and payments are easy to make.
  • Payment fluctuates 1/5

    By res19mbx
    I attempted to log in and could not, again. I attempted to change the password, multiple times. It did not work. I wanted to see the charges on my bill since the amount went up when I have a standard plan. When I finally got in, it showed an increase in the taxes. Every time I attempt to see something on the website, it is very frustrating and time consuming. I would love to know why the amount went up some cents but I don’t feel like spending two hours on hold, talking back and forth. Sprint, please explain why the amounts go up and how these taxes seem to increase and why there’s a Torrance city tax when I don’t even live there.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By jtrader1975
    I have had so many issues with Sprint customer service that I am disappointed that can’t treat existing customers as well as new customers.
  • Wish I could switch 1/5

    By kanyees mom
    The app never works properly. It takes several attempts to log in. It’s difficult to get off of the “upgrade” screen. I finally deleted it off my phone. Also not happy with my bill.
  • consistently having to enter user name and password 1/5

    By g0kus0n
    i have to enter my user name and password numerous times ( & yes i do know my fkn password). i had to change my password 3 times.
  • Best company ever 5/5

    By Anastasia onishea
    Sprint has been the best cell phone company I have ever been with and I must say I have tried several. They have great brand new and preowned upgrade options and a wonderful customer service team but has no problem working with you to make ends meet

My Sprint Mobile app comments

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