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My Sprint Mobile

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My Sprint Mobile App

The My Sprint app keeps customers in-the-know while on-the-go. It’s got the basics you need like bill pay and support as well as the fun stuff like custom offers and app-exclusive experiences. Your account is always at your fingertips with the My Sprint app. Please tell us what you think at [email protected]

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  • Elton 5/5

    By Sgt. E.
    I love the service that I have gotten kind people that have waited on me on the phone and in the store .
  • Costs 2/5

    By donewithallstate
    These upgrade fees are crazy my payment history is dang near perfect and after 1 yr and a half I’m still building credit what gives it’s rediculous.
  • Mint: personal & finance App. blocked by sprint 1/5

    By Sherif Zedan
    Hello, I use Mint app to manage my finances and utilities bills. Sprint has recently blocked this app from accessing my account. I called Sprint and was asked to leave a message for the developer to contact me. Thanks
  • SPRINT,Cheat, lies and scams are Us 1/5

    By T4troubleS4sissy
    That is what they’re name should be aren’t even worthy of 1 star. Every add is a lie. We switched because saw add that said switch to sprint and get 3 lines on us that’s 5 lines for 100.00 dollars or 20.00 dollars each. I even called and asked Sprint store if they had that deal steal going on and they said yes plus asked before signing the contract so we got 3 lines Free for switching right and they replied yes. Well guess what first bill charges for lines then they said oh well no was a limited time and you had to get a specific plan!! BAIT AND SWITCH SCAMS ARE US sooo much FRAUD going on at SPRINT I have no idea why there not being investigated I HAVE PICTURES OF ADD 2 different ones. Later they put up one that said for limited time and had get certain plans but I HAVE PICTURES OF THE ONES BEFORE!!! Plus chat transcripts of them BALDFACE LIENG ABOUT THE FRAUD THEY HAVE COMMITTED. IM FILLING FOR A HEARING. Stop being a VICTIM OF SPRINTS FRAUD AND SCAMS FILE AN ONLINE FRAUD COMPLAINT WITH GOVERNMENT TAKES ONLY FEW MINUTES. Help SAVE SOMEONE ELSE!! MAKE GOVERNMENT HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE FOR BAIT AND SWITCH AND CRAMMING!!! Agent literally told me was NO THIRD PARTY CHARGES ON MY ACCOUNT I HAVE A BLOCK SO SHOULD BE NON she was BALD-FACE LIENG. I called back MINUTES LATER had another agent CHECK AND YES THERE WAS EVEN THOUGH HAD A BLOCK. I HAVE BOTH CHATS TO PROVE IT TOO!!! CHEATING, LIENG, CRAMMING, FRAUD, CRIMINALS. DON’T walk RUN past a SPRINT STORE!!!
  • Poor Operations from department to department 1/5

    By HC-Unbelievable
    After 3 hours in the phone and disconnected twice. Don’t want to order any more phones and I need them. I WILL GONTO A COMPETITOR!!!!
  • Network 3/5

    By vVVVbHhHb
    It’s not the best in my residential area
  • Love Sprint 5/5

    By pily133
    Great easy to use App
  • Can’t activate phone 1/5

    By karl roebling
    New phone Sprint sent me wasn’t activated. Sprint chat agent couldn’t help so, after several tries, I guessed my Sprint account ID and password to 'sign in’. No joy—to ‘improve security' no one could sign in to a Sprint account until they sent a secret code to my phone & I typed that code in... But my phone isn’t activated—how am I to receive a code, secret or otherwise, from an I activated phone!!!????
  • Sprint mobile app 2/5

    By Mystic7823
    I have been a Sprint customer for years but seems like since they merged with T-Mobile my service is terrible. And since the latest upgrade of the app on my new IPhone 11 Pro Max, it just crashes! I can’t even pay my bill with the app anymore. Very disappointed.
  • The app doesn’t work 1/5

    By OTEagle
    The app is awful I’ve been with sprint for about six years now, and ever since they teamed up with T-mobile it’s been worse than ever. The app won’t let my changed my password, it won’t let me sign in, and it won’t even show me my bill. I’m just about done with sprint because the only way I can accomplish anything is if I walk into a store and take care of business that way.
  • This is a phone app 1/5

    By JimO-PDX
    Terrible that in 2020 this app is for phone use. No landscape. Terrible app on the iPad.
  • Fast with great options. 5/5

    By Sarge Don
    My old iPad gave up the ghost quite suddenly today, and it’s very important to what I do. I was able to shop and buy a new iPad with better options than my old one. I’m very pleased also because it has one business day delivery.
  • TERRIBLE 1/5

    By ciscokidd21
  • Failure to help! 1/5

    By katie swinyer
    I was promised after 2 weeks of phone being destroyed phone because I hit by 18 wheeler; I have talked to 15 plus Sprint individuals trying to pay off balance and buy new phone. I was promised on Wednesday May 20th by supervisor to receive a call on Friday to purchase new due to 30 day limit of owning a new phone in Sprint. I endure broken phone waiting o. Friday at a 2pm promised called by retention supervisor. The call never came as promised. I have to order, and hope I did new lease correctly all by myself. Member since Nextel 2002, and I just thought loyalty would give me a helping hand. So sad and frustrated, Sprint.
  • Love the deals 5/5

    By melton titus
    Thought I would never afford this but what do you know, look at sprint go !
  • Turtle Phones 5/5

    By Ib2slow
    I have 4 phones on my account. Been a Sprint customer for years and wouldn't go any where else. Great service. Great people.
  • Outstanding customer service 5/5

    By But fact
    Sales rep was excellent. I wish it would have been an option to place the order for the upgrade thru him versus online. He deserves any accolades or commissions associated with that call .
  • horrible 1/5

    By no help rip off
  • Great Assistence 5/5

    By Cidoka VIX
    Great CSR Johali ... congrats
  • 11 5/5

    By nickname4337
    Muy bien 👌🏽
  • Really good mobile carrier app. 5/5

    By EvoTech462
    I’m familiar with the apps for Verizon and AT&T, the Sprint one is by far the best for keeping track of your data use and bill and for shopping and support. Hope it isn’t negatively affected by the merger!
  • Service is very expensive 1/5

    By leyoonar
    I do not suggest anyone
  • 💫💫💫 5/5

    By Big nipsey
    Sprint been working excellent
  • New update 1/5

    By KelH502
    Since this latest update, I am unable to view my bikes text messages
  • Happy 5/5

    By gsr61123952dj
    This app makes everything so easy
  • Out of stock 3/5

    By B-Rsat
    Very few options, majority out of stock and expensive prices for old phones plus high monthly payments. Sprint overcharges
  • Worst carrier possible 1/5

    By Jdarroyo324
    Sprint is the worst I just found about they have been charging me a lease even through my phone is already paid. They’ve been charging me 41 dollars for more than six months without ever telling me that it was already paid.
  • Worst company I’ve ever been 1/5

    By vivalaaniixx
    Worst company ever and the costumer service is the worst
  • Bad service Told me one price got to check out and it was additional $50 1/5

    By 815 edward
    The service is terrible the price is way too high for this low quality service just a shame
  • Customer service is worthless 1/5

    By Cavecare
    Why would you make an app that doesn’t rotate for iPad?l And, why aren’t my bills available on the app, only the balance?
  • Change is not easy 2/5

    By centerofpromise
    After halfway through the order I decided I wanted a different color and it would not allow me to do that without canceling the entire order.
  • Online Order 5/5

    By Mhaddad80
    Easy, fast, efficient
  • On line help 5/5

    By timetied
    The staff was fantastic. Not only did they help me with a new plan but she called me back the next day to finish some of details. A-1 customer service.
  • Great App 5/5

    By Deehzle
    I love using this app!! Really user friendly and easy to use. I can do just about anything and even getting ahold of someone on text is easy! I can set up payment arrangements, cancel them, make payments, process upgrades, and so much more!
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Hilzer86
    Best service! Great people
  • Stay with your service plan don’t switch to Sprint 1/5

    By Just #>¥}! Happy
    They advertised that they had excellent service in my area. A lie! They advertised that they were improving their service. Another lie. Just 3 more months and I am done with this joke of a phone service.
  • Trying to pay off a phone 1/5

    By Vazian
    Do not give an option to buy out a phone and ask to call customer service or visit a store. Give the option on the app or online.
  • Hello Sprint 5/5

    By TJS2520
    Great News I like your Apple phones but it’s going to be great owning a new watch
  • Y’all better don’t f..k with sprint 1/5

    By SabrinaPiper
    You’ll be sorry if you leave your carrier your with to come with sprint. My bill every month is $960 $940 $1088 lowest bill was $780. And I still didn’t own the phones had to end up paying another $1000+ to own the phones. As soon this moth is over I’m switching to another carrier cause sprint ain’t it.
  • Worst decision of my life 1/5

    By dad545ll
    If I could rate a NO STAR at all, I absolutely would! Since I’ve been with sprint I’ve been constantly ripped off and swindled out of so much money. Their promos are never what they say they are and there’s always some extra gimmick to get you out of more and more money. I never get the proper help I need. And all honestly I can’t wait until my last least is up that’ll be the last dime they ever get from me👎🏻👎🏻
  • Worthless App 1/5

    By Wrath1968
    Zero detail. Allows you to pay you bill but not look at billing detail.

    By TLK0985
    What crap is this?! I’ve been a loyal customer for years!! Always paid in full and on time on multiple lines! This is a bs way to collect fees up front! Maybe it’s time to move to ATT!!
  • Sprint was good t mobile bad 3/5

    By didntlikeit
    In my experience I loved t mobile in the early days. I was with them for almost 6 years. That last sixth year t mobile changed their customer service approach to supporting their customers and it was the worst. No dependable tech support at the time and customer service wasn’t willing to even work with me. T mobile literally had a decent coverage when I lived in Michigan. When I moved to Los Angeles my, what a drop in quality for a service provider. I switched to sprint. Sprint had ok tech service but their customer service was top notch flexible, understanding and would really get to the nitty gritty of the problems I had. When people talk about sprint, I get their complaints about the technical side, but they never went to resolve it with customer service. Now with this merger official with sprint and T-Mobile I’m on the edge of my seat to see if I need to find a different provider because the experience 6 years ago that ended my time with T-Mobile might comeback. And that’s horrible. Did I forget I was apart of t mobiles grandfathered accounts having been with them as a loyal customer and still got treated like poo? Yeah, it’s very personal. If this merger ends up like how t mobile ruined my experience I’m never ever coming back. T mobile is literally the worst provider with the worst customer service. Maybe sprint can help, but honestly I don’t think this is a good thing because I’ll never come back since t mobile never made it about the customer experience.
  • On iPad 3/5

    By Go KRWZN
    Why is the Sprint App display the size of a phone on my iPad? It should fill the screen.
  • app crashes when i am signed in 3/5

    By mauric3gonzalez
    the app crashes every time after about a minute of being signed in. iphone 8, ios 12.4.1
  • Became a nightmare 1/5

    By 5y sprint customer
    Idk what kind of training the customer service department gets but it’s one of the worse... Mc Donald’s has better customer service than y’all. I’ve with sprint for 5 years with several devices bought from them... and finally decided to change to another company after I called to make an upgrade, the lady said ima call you later(never called me) second person stood quiet like he didn’t wanna make business mannn I’m trynna spend $ on you... you don’t sound like you wanna get the credit.... I’m over it. And I don’t usually leave reviews but I just had to do it this time...
  • Bad service 1/5

    By Sor1ner
    Been a long time sprint customer and never been happy with them. Treat new customers better and way to expensive with all the hidden taxes. Never get back to you.
  • Ea 5/5

    By KnuYork
    Convenient & easy to navigate. Upgraded quicker than on a computer!
  • They just take your money 1/5

    By thisisonetime
    We were told when buying the phones the bill would be only $342 every month which me were okay with. The first month I paid the price was then $392.99 I just paid it anyways and when I tried to call Sprint they didn’t get back to me. This month they tried to charge me $427.89 and when I talked to customer service they sent me all the charges and there were many charges that didn’t make sense like they hav multiple tax charges, I was being charged for subscriptions I never subscribed to, they have a $8 fee just because you don’t set up an automatic payment (which is dumb because they’re just going to keep raising prices and hope you don’t notice. They are very greedy for money and when I always have 1 or 2 bars for data. I would HIGHLY recommend you choose a different company.

My Sprint Mobile app comments

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