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My Talking Angela

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  • Current Version: 4.2.6
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Outfit7 Limited
  • Compatibility: Android
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My Talking Angela App

A FABULOUS FREE VIRTUAL PET GAME FROM THE CREATORS OF MY TALKING TOM! ADOPT A BABY KITTEN AND RAISE HER! Bathe her, decorate her home and feed her delicious food so she can grow up to be a beautiful and healthy cat girl! TALKING ANGELA WILL BECOME YOUR BEST FRIEND Have fun dancing, playing cool mini games and solving puzzles! You can collect cute stickers in your album and swap them with your friends. IT’S ALL ABOUT FASHION! Go shopping for that perfect dress and shoes and give her a stylish makeover by matching her outfit with a cute hairstyle and makeup. Feeling a bit more adventurous? Explore her collection of face paints for that extra added sparkle. CHECK OUT HER AMAZING DANCE STUDIO! Here you can learn the cool dance moves to your new favorite song. Just press play, feel the music and swipe away! No matter if you prefer ballet, K-pop or disco - take the stage and make some magic! DOWNLOAD FOR FREE AND START PLAYING MY TALKING ANGELA NOW! MAKE HER YOUR SUPERSTAR! “My Talking Angela” offers users an exclusive monthly subscription with additional exclusive gameplay features as an optional in-app purchase. Angela’s Gaming Superpowers monthly subscription is available on a monthly basis and priced at $4.99 per month. Monthly subscription will be charged to the user’s iTunes Account upon confirmation of purchase. The monthly subscription will automatically renew every month unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current month / payment period. If auto-renew remains active during that time, the user’s account will be charged. Subscriptions can be managed by the user; auto-renewal can be turned off in the user’s iTunes Account Settings after purchase. However, no cancellation of the subscription will be possible during an active subscription period. This app contains: - Promotion of Outfit7's products and advertising - Links that direct users to other apps and Outfit7's websites - Personalization of content to entice users to play the app again - The possibility to use and connect with friends via social networks - Watching videos of Outfit7's animated characters via You Tube integration - Items are available for different prices in virtual currency, depending on the current level reached by the player - Alternative options to access all functionalities of the app without making any in-app purchase using real money (level progress, games, in-game functionalities, ads) Terms of use: EEA privacy policy: US privacy policy: Rest of the world privacy policy: Customer support: [email protected]

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  • Gacha life girl 5/5

    By crystaww
    Ok ok I clearly think this game is the best and I hear some rumors that talking Angela is a hacker game and I also heard talking Tom is a hacker game like It makes me scared but I know that this game does not have stalkers cause it does not ask for my location and it does not ask for my phone number so anyways I love this game
  • Oh my god people really? 5/5

    By unicorn🦄🌈💩
    Personally,I love this game there’s just a few problems I’m getting sick of. First,I wanna say how annoying those “there’s a man in Angela’s eye”people, why do y’all do that. This is a fun game that 10 year olds ruined.i play this all the time and NOTHING has happened.ugh it drives me crazy.second, they are SO annoying.i get,like,20 per day. Maybe lower them, and thanks for letting us turn them off. Third, ok, now about the stuff in the game, food is very expensive. And it costs a lot for when I have 5,000 Coins and then I buy an outfit, then I realize I only have like 1,000 or 800 coins. So ya. If you are a five year old reading this, keep playing the game, there is no hacker, you are safe and protected. Bye, love unicorn.
  • Good game but, I found a terrible ad 4/5

    By Alaskachar
    I saw an ad that said “ Your guide to cannabis” as a kid myself I don’t want other kids to see that..... it’s just wrong so PLEASE DO SOMETHING 😫
  • It’s good but... 5/5

    By Natinoo
    This game is great but I kind of see it a bit strange.I have been playing this my whole life and bathing a full grown person.The other one is-As a baby for Angela she seems cute but there has been rumors that creepy stuff happens at 3:00 AM like death or “Scary” dares.I don’t really believe that so I give this game the rate of 100%
  • It’s awesome but 4/5

    By yft5tttftf
    There’s not enough gemsAnd costumes the flower girl so much money you need to pay for germs you should just choose your coins and I don’t like it when there’s nothing else to do and Angela is tired I just hate it and an Angela she copied you and also I just really hate the game
  • Bad idea for this app 1/5

    By mrszeno83
    DONT LET YOU ARE YOUR KIDS DOWNLOAD THIS APP DONT YOU DARE LET YOU OR YOUR CHILD DOWNLOAD THIS APP DONT RISK YOU OR CHILDREN LIFE their is an man in her eyes he is watching there are cameras hidden in her eyes plz don’t risk you private things even your body parts don’t download this app your risking your privacy plz I’m begging you don’t download this app DONT
  • Stalking you ALL THE TIME 1/5

    By lili girls
    She stalks u all the time I got a glitch I went to YouTube and millions said it’s stalking u and it’s ALL TRUE I went to google same thing so everyone don’t get it and to add that when you’re off the app they stalk your don’t like it there’s a MAN IN HER EYES 👀 ITS CREEPY 👻☠️😵.
  • Fun 5/5

    By Hamner's Girl
    Thank you for my Angela. She has my name.
  • DON'T DOWNLOAD THIS GAME or the others 1/5

    By ƈɧıƖƖı
    When I was five I loved this game and then one day I saw a man in Angela's eyes I was scared so I looked it up and I saw a lot of videos on YouTube that don't play this game even there was a girl missing I was so scared I deleted all my talking tom and Angela and I never looked at that game again
  • Fun game 5/5

    By Stephanie Davito
    Dress her up get different clothes & hairs
  • Love it 5/5

    By ffghfdstuhcswetubftujfstg
    DISCLAIMER!!!!NO hate the creator❤️This is a good game BUT EVERY time I go to the dance studio a add pops up SERIOUSLY but all though it’s a good game would not recommend for people who don’t like to take time aging up things also I like how u can choose boy or a girl ALSO NO person is in the eyes crazy people ok well I think that is it byeeee😘😋🥳😜
  • AWSOME for 2 or 3 days....... 4/5

    By angiefirece
    Well it’s an awsome app but...... it’s really boring after a while and I have seen that the talking Tom app has a LOT of new things to do! And the design the dress thing in outfits should have more ability’s!!!! And earning coins are really hard and maybe add a feature for Going to a hospital!
  • I use too like this game but I found out that there is a shelf in the back round and sometimes a man 1/5

    By not my liking
    And soo deleted it I don’t want my family in danger you kidnapper
  • Creepy 1/5

    By mehunknownlovespotatoe
    I know this game is for lids but don't download it this app is for hackers to see all ur information i never played this but i now this is never a good game to play if u look closely at her eye you could see a man or a something talking angelica will copy every face you will make
  • Enjoyable 5/5

    By Katrin8301
    I just think this is a really nice game and that’s all man
  • Great 3/5

    By foxalinpuppy
    This game is really fun too play and Angela is super cute but it would be nice if you could take her somewhere like the beach or the mall so she doesn’t just play video games and dance all day also why is there talking tom2 and there isn’t talking angela2. Great job making it thank you for reading this
  • One or two probs and seggestions 4/5

    By rainbow cupcake😛
    Ok so... I have been thinking, these things get annoying but I can wait for updates if I tell the creators! Great game, good grafics, settings, new stuff... welp that’s over with so now the probs! I got a lot of things on this app, and I was wondering... can we get 50 gems a day? We hardly get any! Imagine, a poor family living in an ally with a fire, tent, old tv, rug to sleep, and one phone. Then they find this app and tell their twins they can get anything but the gaming package. Then all they wanted was the gaming package and then they updated and all was free and they just had to tap and they had it free renew. No spamming adds if you do this! Your stealing 100s of dollars from kids. Ty for no toilet since she’s a lady. All is nice. Ty for the great graphics! P.s. read my review on talking Tom two! And... there is a hacker In the other game JUST talking Angela. Thank you for removing chat bar because it just got inoproppeate at the moment. When child mode was on, children would give personal information after turning this off. It releaved me when I saw a review about the prob. Keep up the good work trying to block the hacker stealing kids and killing them for their amusement. Wait until the hacker finds out! If the other games get hacked my family will try and contact you. All for now!
  • Best 5/5

    By 😉😊😁
    I got this game when I was like 6,I loved it then I heard about the man in her eyes so I deleted it then got it back now and it’s amazing! There is NO man in her eyes!
  • Play it! 5/5

    By nya the first
    Its fun and awesome! Plus the animations are on point!get more types of thos game! It makes me laugh when i say something angela would repeat. Its so funny! Like this reveiw if you already installed it and also really like this app/game!
  • AWSOME 5/5

    By gfjgcvnhz
    I just love it my son loves it uspescelly 💕
  • Ads 3/5

    By (;Bryn~Bryn;)
    I used to have this game a few years ago and I loved it. I just recently decided to get it again and it’s been probably 2 years since I’ve played and I instantly noticed how much more ads are on here. The amount of ads are ridiculous and it didn’t used to be like that. I can’t do much without an ad constantly popping up in my face. Other than that it’s a good game.
  • Don’t download my Angela 5/5

    By kidnappllpp
    My Angela is a bad app because she stalks you and she goes through ur pictures and she’s a stalker and she will kill u the man in the app will kidnapp. U
  • I love love loveeeeee this game 5/5

    By buzzybeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    Hi guys 🤩 I love this game so much because she is super cute and looks soooooo cuddly but there is 1 thing that makes it kinda annoying.......... it takes ages for her to go to sleep and also everything is kinda expensive but the worst thing is there is sooooooooooooo many adds like u go into the bathroom and before you get in there is an add then u go to the kitchen and there is another it’s just annoying But I still love it 😍 I recommend this so much Ps:plz change this outfit 7
  • Talking Angela the demon. 2/5

    By gangsta...🤣
    So, talking angela is pretty cute but if you zoom into her eyes when you screenshot it, you see a couch and sometimes a shelf in the back. Angela has stalkers in her eyes. Do not say you real name ever or give information about where to find you. I REPEAT, DO NOT GIVE ANYTHING TO ANGELA ABOUT WHO YOU ARE.
  • I love this game!!!!!!!!!!! 5/5

    By Candy 7 AM
    This is the best game I actually played
  • Delete it now while you can.. 5/5

    By Dakota pippens
    So I’ve been playing this game for a few minutes and I notice something in Angela’s eyes and I think I saw a grown man watching me plz delete this app now and there’s more after I deleted the app I came across something on YouTube it was about a boy getting kidnapped after installing the game plz delete this now for your kids safety and for your safety you’ve been warned...
  • Do not get this app!!!! 1/5

    By dbwgyg
    If you look at a nother comment what that other person was talking about just don’t get this app OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Awesome. 5/5

    Awesome game, but how do you send messages? If you know respond back. And can you make the pastel hair free? If you can please to that, so BAIIIII
  • Talking Angela 5/5

    By jane generous
    She is soo cute I can’t wait for her to get older and she’s going to love it omg is my time to get her older maybe I don’t know but she is so cute still 😂😂😂🥰😍❤️
  • Bueno 5/5

    By sebfufafvfkokbcaejxhkvtfsgck
    Lo mejor de lo mejor❤️
  • Yuck 1/5

    By potanu
    More ads
  • This game is awesome! 5/5

    By Evanrocks2015
    MeMe loves the game. Things MeMe wants in this game: 1: A toilet 🚽 2: A new wallpaper that has unicorns and rainbows 🦄🌈 3: A nail painting salon (A button with a nail polish bottle on it)💅🏻 4: Add music to Closet when you change her clothes, when you paint her nails 5: Make her have birthdays like Tom. 🎂 6: Add sleepy song when she sleeps 😪 7: Add upgrades to dance room 💃🏻 Creators of this game, please make My Talking Angela 2, It would be a sequel to this game! 😁
  • MADDD!!! 1/5

    By kittycupssss
    I HATEEEEEEEEEE that when you play a game it gets to a high level and it gives you a black screen or a frozen add what is wrong with you that does that and hay happened now but now I am sick of your game and I hate it now so you should probably fix it jeez
  • 4 stars by the real getfuzzycomiclover 4/5

    By squally elder
    There is something I want. It’s group chat and friends. I want friends because animal jam has friends... I also want online and offline because that way when someone is busy and it says they are still online and they are not online I could take care of their Angela. I will give a five star review if you make these tweaks
  • Yes but no 3/5

    By MFabulous567
    So. When I bought this game it was so much fun! But is changed. And I going to tell you why. (Warning it's gonna be long) 1. Make up. I bought orangey glittery blush put it on her and exited the makeup section. But then I go back later and see it's making me buy it again?! That's a waste of diamonds! You should really make the bought items stay bought!! 2. Dance moves. The dance moves are cute but not cute enough. We need cooler moves cause I've already bought all of them. We need stuff like fortnite emotes and lien moon walk or back flip. Nkt dance moves from 1990!! 3. Locked for levels. Maybe it's just me, but I HATE when it doesn't let you buy stuff cause your not at a special level. It's just annoying because what if you have enough for it now but not then. It's dumb 4. Lack of funny ness. I think it would be a bit funnier if you could like make Tom throw a paper airplane at her or like ginger throwing a dart at her ya know! It would make it more amusing. 5. To many adds. Unless I turn my wifi off and airplane mode on I get like an add for every button you click it shows a pop up add. It's just annoying cause some have a tini tiny screen and you can't exit it or when you click the X button it try's to make you buy the app?! And sometimes it's for an app you already own. To many ads people to many adds. 6. What's all this stuff about the "man in her eyes?" I'm seeing nothing and that was in the old talking Angela. So people man or no man you tell me. And last 7. It's weird when you talk to her she doesn't answer you. Lien you have to put your mouth up to the mike and talk loud. (Either that or my speakers just crappy cause I have an iPhone five lol) if you didn't know that then you would think there is something wrong. Well I hope the app creators answer my prayers and make my wishes come true. Like really app people LISTEN TO US MAN!!!! well hope it helped you to. And btw have a blessed day y'all
  • This game is weird and twisted 1/5

    By Giana Hampster
    I’ve seen all the bad things about past ones. I’ve noticed that when I have my notifications on,she only sends them to me after I’ve been on the app right when I’ve turned my phone on. This game is kids creepy. Sometimes she asks for access to my photos,my camera, and my mic. If stuff like that will scare you, DO NOT DOWNLOAD this app. I hate it I’m pressing delete.
  • It’s fun but 4/5

    By adrinich
    This game is awesome it’s like taking care of a real child part that I hate is the ads
  • Kicked out 1/5

    By Sudokuness
    Every time I try to look at the cards or open them, when I click to go to that screen, I get kicked out of the game. The game just closes. Please fix this glitch! Wrote this a while ago and this is still a problem. I even have a brand new phone now! Every time I try to get to my cards, the app just crashes!!
  • You’re terrible 1/5

    By spooky story 🥺
    Scribe I didn’t think I had my mom would have to pay a subscription for $10 game I’m so mad at you so now I will never less you can win versus I will not do any good reviews
  • I want flappy Tom 5/5

    By terdey mic ternsin
    Make a flappy Tom app please!😁
  • Most Creepy And Useless 1/5

    By Eleven Ralsei Mello-D
    I HATE this game. 😡👿 I updated it, and it's stuck. And I feel like she's starting into my soul. I used to LOVE this game, but kids, dont get it. It's tracking where you live. It's gonna probably do something nasty. Take my advice, and dont get My talking Angela. 🐱🐱👎🏻 ~Ralsei Fan Girl
  • Really Fun game 5/5

    By Mimkaygirl
    I love this game! I play it every day and I recommend it 100%. You can customize her look, dance with her, and take photos. She even has fun stickers you can collect. Please get this game!!!!!
  • Um it’s ok.😊 4/5

    By Unidragon🦄❤️😊
    So this game is really fun just the only thing is you have to buy like everything. So I’m like what? And also you level up so slow, and the pictures of the game look amazing but that is not what it looks like in the game and also the hair that Angela is wearing in the photo is like:4.99$ so ya. I kinda like it but ya that’s what I think. Lower the prices!!!🤑
  • Best Glitches In Photograph thing 🤣😂😂 5/5

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I'm Dying of Laghter at the poses that angela Was doing 1.after An Ad She dose the T Pose And 2.She looks at you smiling while she puts her Hand on her private And 3. She Smiles at you when she Itches her own ass🤣 And last She looks at you smiling with her Hand glitched where Her Wussy is lmao😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Developer Plz fix this before I die lmao😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • So much to do but way too many ads... 1/5

    By TheDoctor1975
    Like this game’s brother, My Talking Tom, My Talking Angela is plagued with ads, and that I’d of course a bad thing. There’s all kinds of fun things you can do such as dress Angela up, customize her rooms, upgrade her furniture and utilities, apply makeup onto your Angela, make her dance, take pictures of her in various poses, and collect stickers for rewards and more fun stuff like that! But the fun will be constantly cut short as the game suffers from a bombardment of ads... and there’s no way to remove them either! Maybe there was a way to get rid of the ads once upon a time, but unfortunately that option is no longer available for purchase if it was even there in the first place. I really hate having to give these cute and fun games such low scores, but I’m afraid I have to in hopes that the developers will see them and add my request for a remove ads option.
  • Love this game 4/5

    By Kittens_9121
    I love this game! Don’t change a thing except the ads. Thanks!
  • Alen was a great girl 5/5

    By dynesha. l9l
    She was the cutest girl
  • OMG GET THIS APP!!! 4/5

    By sophieplayz3164
    This app is the bet app in my Whole LIFETIME!!! Her eye shadow is NOT GLITTER! She is fat when she gets old but dude... REALLY!!! And bruh...THERE IS NO FAT BURNER!!! there is on talking Tom (regular talking Tom) THIS GAME IS.................... ok for a GAME...but some tragitys come with it to... LAST BUT NOT LEAST...!!! WAY TOO MANY ADS!!! I give this a four and a half AND...if you dont want addicting games don’t get this... ever since I FIRST GOT THIS... it was sooooooooooooooooo addicting!!!
  • Okeh 4/5

    By Ash__lEH
    Love the app except I keep getting adds whenever I try doing something... lol.... I tried getting rewards but it keeps giving me the same thing. But anywho I don’t have any more problems it’s a good game keeps me entertained

My Talking Angela app comments

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