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My TWC® App

Charter Communications, Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks are now one company, and soon you’ll get to know us by the name Spectrum. This app is for customers in the former Time Warner Cable service area. Use My TWC® mobile app to manage your account and services, including review and pay your bill, get detailed billing information, and troubleshoot equipment for service issues, manage your existing service appointments and access Phone voicemail. Billing - View your bill summary, payment history, recent activity and last 6-month statements - Pay your bill using a credit card, debit card, checking account or savings account * - Schedule a future payment without waiting for a due date - Setup recurring payments using AutoPay and paperless billing preferences Troubleshooting - Activate your new set-top-box, modem & Digital Adapter - Check equipment connection status and troubleshoot service issues by reauthorizing equipment Services - Check your full list of existing services and equipment - Add or upgrade TWC services from the app Appointments - View/reschedule/cancel your existing service appointments - Manage your appointment notification preferences for existing appointments VoiceZone® - Receive notifications for new phone voicemails - Listen to and manage your phone voicemail - Use Call Forwarding to forward your phone when you¹re on the go Contact Us - Use Virtual Assistant to get answers about your services. - Schedule a call-back using Talk to TWC. You don¹t need to wait on hold, we¹ll connect you with an agent when you’re available. - Chat lets you text chat with a live representative for help on all your service questions. Other Features - Find TWC WiFi® Hotspots near you - Find TWC Stores near you - Access the TWC Channel Guide *Hawaii customers cannot make payments with checking and savings accounts


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My TWC® app reviews

  • My TWC app 1/5

    By Da Looza
    Easy to use app to pay bills. Hopeless for account history. Can’t check statement history ( turned off?? Why???). Somewhat useful to reset equipment. Very frustrating 😩😩to use for resolving issues. Always returns you to start when searching for answers. Or, redirecting you to a useless area. Then, returns you to start to input your issue all over again.
  • Never had more fun! 5/5

    By Butter1642
    ...than when I’m conversing with the live chat. The ‘bot is almost as illiterate and unhelpful as an actual human. The tech is breathtaking..and very troubling. I can’t believe I actually pay for it. I strongly encourage you to investigate every alternative before inevitably accepting this.
  • Forces My Spectrum app 1/5

    By Jeebuz
    This app now forces you to download the My Spectrum app when you log in. You can not access any of the services previously available. The My Spectrum app only has a payment option and absolutely nothing else.
  • Can’t use app anymore 1/5

    By Shakhan64
    When I log into this app it forces me to use the My Spectrum app. I used to be able to forward my phone from the app and listen to my VM but now this new app only has billing information and the ability to pay my bill, that’s it. I am very dissatisfied with this situation.
  • SassyNana 5/5

    By Nana_of_10
    I have been using this App for several years, it makes paying the bill very simple no matter where I might be. The service provided by Spectrum formally Time Warner has always been top notch. I chuckle when I hear folks talk about switching between this cable company and the other just to get a few dollars lower rate, the same goes for a cell phone carrier, my husband and I always say, you get what you pay for and we don’t mind paying when we receive excellent service..
  • TWC 3/5

    By Jacqueline53
    I’m trying out why I’m paying soooo much! When hardly watch TV. Anywho, this app is ok, I think the balance comes off long after you’ve paid & notified you thanking for paying your bill. Yet, the app is in sync. 😳😳😤😤
  • Horrible 1/5

    I have had so many problems with this app! Every time I try to make a payment I always get an “error message”. I can never pay online.... always have to call in an make the payment and the representative constantly tells me the system may be down. This has been going on for a year!
  • Can’t use this or Spectrum app 1/5

    By Salsaphile
    I’m a TWC customer but when I try and login I get a message that I need to download the MySpectrum app (in spite of the app description). The My Spectrum app doesn’t let me login either so essentially there’s no app solution for TWC customers now
  • App & the company are a joke 1/5

    By MacGuy1989
    Worst service by a public utility in the entire country. They should be investigated for anti trust and monopolistic business practices.
  • Why. 1/5

    By whhhy you no wokr
    This App doesn’t work properly. Absolutely disappointed. Totally disgusted with everything in the app. Another stellar “spectrum/Time Warner product” 🙁🙁🙁
  • App does not allow future payments 1/5

    By shinyjayhawk
    I tried for over a week to pay my bill on a future date on the app and on website but kept getting errors. I called customer service to report the issue but to no avail; they would allow me to pay over the phone and waive the fee for payment date of the day I called. They were not aware of any app or website issues. I deleted and reinstalled app today and it still would not allow a future payment on due date. Finally gave up and paid bill for payment date of today. Why allow the option to pay in advance if it doesn’t work?
  • Forced to use junk Spectrum app instead of my twc 1/5

    By haleymort
    Forced to use this junk useless Spectrum app now. Why does this crapp even exist? ABSOLUTELY USELESS ON IPAD &IPHONE!!!! THANKS FO SCREWING YOUR CUSTOMERS SPECTRUM!!!
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By TnTBooM!
    TERRIBLE!! I’ve tried several times to make a payment only to have the app not allow me to choose an account or delete others simply to make one account “preferred.” Deleting immediately.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Queen naji
    Don't like spectrum at all going to close my account with them smh
  • Don’t use chat support 1/5

    By Fun x fun
    I used chat support and received an answer that the phone reps stated was wrong information. The phone reps mentioned the app chat is more for technical issues and not service, billing or other issues
  • Managing payments 1/5

    By Marie Bono
    This app will not allow me to delete a charge card or ad a new card. What am I doing wrong?
  • Home Phone Missed Calls on the go!! 5/5

    By Anngeleyezz
    I like that I get to see missed calls notification for my home phone show up on my mobile device when I am away from home!!
  • Was great until.. 1/5

    By summerf28
    The chat support feature quit working!
  • Came in handy 4/5

    By Nolesbowl
    This app comes in handy for the normal things I need help with. Checking for issues, paying bill, was worth the download...
  • Lo máximo 5/5

    By alexs0ler
    Me gusta la app y es tan fácil todo en ella que puedo consultar mi saldo y hacer pagos en cualquier lugar y situación. La califico con 5 estrellas porque se lo han ganado en todo además la atención y en servicio es excelente lo MÁXIMO gracias
  • Makes everything easier and faster. 5/5

    By 4ssignment
    Must have.
  • Auto sign-off 1/5

    By TeD2D
    Signs me out and then can’t get back in without a whole production of resetting the password. It’s annoying in this day and age that they make you create a cryptic password, and then make you re-enter it constantly on your own phone. Useless App.
  • Awesome App. 5/5

    By Kimmie/22
    Very useful and user friendly!
  • My experience with just WiFi 1/5

    By AubreyRosePoplin
    I was suppose to pay $69 and some change every month for WiFi. I paid that the first money, the second month I went to pay my bill and it wouldn’t let me it kept saying declined. Panicking I check my bank account which has plenty of money. I then try again and it works. The next month same thing happens. I never can just easily hit pay when using the app. I’ve had so so so many problems with that. The fourth month my bill was increased a decent amount. I was told it would be taken off and they apologized. It was never taken off and now I pay $100 a month for JUST WiFi. I have no other features. Just WiFi only. I have had an UNBELIEVABLE amount of problems. No one will help, customer services is just rude they don’t help at all. From day one I have had behind bu problems. I am canceling my account today.
  • Less reason to call them 4/5

    By pjlee
    So far this app lets me handle things myself with just enough extra help. I always prefer Chat over calling in, too.
  • Home phone? 1/5

    By Fuddias
    Might be a great app if someone has home phone. We do not yet I get roughly 100+ notifications of calls. Even though I do not have a home phone. So makes me wonder who's calls I am seeing.
  • HORRIBLE 2/5

    By LABarnard
    Takes too long to load; oh can’t watch tv since they are having issues with app. Rent more digital boxes, ca Ching ca Ching Spectrum to make more $$$$ off of us. HORRIBLE!
  • Bad information 1/5

    By Kinky toymaker
    I work the graveyard shift and when I get home I’m not exactly ready to go to bed. I enjoy hopping on my Xbox to play for a little while before heading to sleep...when I have a connection issue I’m disappointed to find out that even though the app boasts 24/7 support, I find myself scheduling a call back from spectrum the following day leaving me with nothing to do for 2-3 hours (in this case 8 hours until 11am). With that being said, please update your information regarding the tech support to accurate availability instead of telling us that you’re available 24/7. Thank you.
  • Poder46 5/5

    By Poder223
  • Good stuff 5/5

    By clean Pole
    I enjoy the Spectrum, my TV because I can do things within a short time to inquire of, solve problems and obtain data in a short period of time. Due to this service, it makes utilization terrific
  • Phone to go app 1/5

    By Baie Jammer
    I am so very disappointed in Time Warner Spectrum - I have just had trouble will all their services. Avoid them as much as possible.
  • Awesome app love it 5/5

    By It's a alsome app
    Awesome app love it
  • Not logging into hotspots 3/5

    By ZipNLA
    I’m having a hard time using the app when logging into the hotspots :-/
  • Absolutely Love!! 5/5

    By MiLLie-SMiLeS:)
    Makes everything SO EASY! Paying the bill, looking at your services. Connecting your cell phone to your house phone. If I’m out & someone calls the home phone I can answer it right from my cell & when I’m inside the house they both ring. I get to choose which I pick up. I get text alerts if a voicemail is left. I can even text people from my home number using my cell. So cool. Plus there’s so many other things. Highly recommend. If ya don’t already have it...well don’t be a fool. Download it & give it a try! :)
  • POOR SERVICE!!! 2/5

    By Gino El Tonko
    Yes that’s right! I thought that something will change with the new name but no. I’m still paying a lot of money every month for a cheap service that goes on and off all the time. An internet service that at certain hours of the day looks and feels that I’m sharing my connection with with half of the neighborhood. Slowdown, freezes and on and on. I’m pretty sure whoever reads this won’t care but remember this “it’s hard to make a kingdom, but is even harder to maintain” Just imagine what would happen if 1% of your costumers think like me. How much longer do you think you will last when that 1% becomes bigger and bigger
  • Very helpful. 4/5

    By SWhite7
    Very helpful.
  • Crashing apps useless now 1/5

    By GelicaG
    Since you guys decided to merge with Spectrum I haven’t been able to speak with a rep via chat ..troubleshooting my box has been a total flop..just useless being TWC back
  • I can never make a payment 2/5

    By Bessie's Muzic
    Every time I try to make a payment with a different card, I enter all of the new card info and I click continue and it pulls up previous card payment info. I’ve overdrawn my account once not realizing it did this. I have tried to change the card info several times and it does not work! I had to suffer through doing it online through the slow internet! Please fix this glitch! It’s a pain!
  • Always at hand and in hand! 5/5

    By Kmusic1
    Whenever I have a question, problem, or just want to satisfy my curiosity, the app is available with no wait time to talk to a service rep or customer service person. There are times that a real person just can’t be replaced, but if I can take care of my needs without taking up time that could be devoted to someone who may need the personal touch, then it’s the app for me. Seldom have I found an app so comprehensive, yet user friendly. When I can reboot my DVR from my bed - now we’re talking! Combine this with the Spectrum app that allows me to control my TV experience as easily or more so than using my bulky remote and all I need is someone to feed me grapes and fan me! (I’m not really that lazy, but Caesar may have had better luck on the Ides of March if only he would have had this combination!? But then, it wouldn’t have made much of a story for Shakespeare and he would have been destined to write reviews. Wise move, William! Everybody else - get and use the app(s.)
  • Facial recognition 4/5

    By bdosd13
    Works fine but would like it support facial recognition like the old Time Warner app.
  • You’re app is a joke !!! 1/5

    By Jean540i
    I’ve changed my password and it still says incorrect credentials even though it was change several minutes ago . You easily take my money on auto pay but can’t fix my problem
  • Useless 1/5

    By SirWingnut212
    This app much like the service is overly useless. Online chat is hardly ever accessible, the tools often do not work, and the only feature that works well is the payment function - go figure. You can upgrade your service but zero ability to cancel or downgrade. Company and app are terrible.
  • Lost my deceased parents voice mails 1/5

    By 59sk
    Would rate zero if I could. Both my parents have passed away. But I still had several old voicemails that I could listen to when reflecting and feeling low. But several months ago the app started to show voicemail as unavailable. I worriedly that my parents voicemails were gone. I called customer support who told me while they were not available via the phone app they would be if I called to my phone directly and accessed voicemails. Well I did that and my deceased parents voicemails are gone. I am devastated and cannot believe they are gone forever. They were there under Time Warner. But not under spectrum. Shame on you Spectrum - your deletion is my loss FOREVER.
  • Greedy!!!!! 1/5

    By rob in sc
    Now I realize I may come off to most reading this review as “ one unhappy guy among a crowd of many who haven’t shared my experience....”. I HATE TIME WARNER/SPECTRUM CABLE COMPANY MORE THEN WORDS CAN EXPRESS. For many years I have had basic cable, no dvr fancy add ons. Each year the price has been driven up with unexplained fees... $168.78 is my average bill for basic Internet and basic cable. Now 4/2018 I’ve been forced with the choice to disconnect all together or to pay $18 a month more for these digital boxes... there are no other options besides dish... I HATE SPECTRUM... their app... anything to do with the name and can’t wait for the day a competitor comes in this area!!!!
  • Costs to much 1/5

    By Cat fashion show
    Bill went up $20 this month.
  • Needs an update 4/5

    By Basildad
    Have an iPhone 7 Plus. When someone calls my home I receive a notification on the main screen of my iPhone. Your app needs to be able to store this information so I can go and look at the numbers of the people that have called. Other than that I find the app very helpful but would like a list in the app of calls received on my home phone.
  • Very helpful 5/5

    By Stinkyrotten356$
    It’s very convenient having needed information in one app.
  • Needs more... 2/5

    By chrisking58
    This app is a good way to see an overview of your account, but that’s about all. Each time I try to see something related, it tells me I have limited access and takes me to the web browser to link. If that’s all it’s going to do, I’ll just save space on my phone and use the browser in the first place.
  • Bad Connection All the Time 1/5

    By RedScythe
    Nice app but connection problems recurring daily. Freezes and then it’s gone! Value for money? Naah! It’s like you are connecting on a cheap prepaid hotspot but at $60 a pop!
  • Excellent app 5/5

    By parkbench7
    The app has been extremely useful on numerous accessions. Especially with problems with equipment.

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