My Verizon For Business

My Verizon For Business

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  • Current Version: 4.9
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Verizon Wireless
  • Compatibility: Android
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My Verizon For Business App

With My Verizon for Business, information and control are at your fingertips. Make changes easily to your plans, activate new devices or features, manage One Talk and gather critical data metrics to help improve your operations. My Verizon for Business allows you to: • Access One Talk features such as creating or managing team schedules. • Upgrade/purchase new devices or accessories. • Set up auto-pay and manage settings. • Manage data alerts to keep track of your usage. • Review and pay your bill quickly. To review the Terms and Conditions for this app, visit Download My Verizon for Business today and manage your work on the go

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My Verizon For Business app reviews

  • Disappointed overall 1/5

    By super animal 3000
    So far I’ve had this business service for 2 months and had to call in about 5-6 times to get billing issues fixed just to have the same “services” I never asked for creep back up then to get it back to how it should have been in the first place you have to pay extra for their mistakes
  • The Verizon store on Broadway was terrible 1/5

    By Roslyn1963
    We went to the store 2 times and called at least 4 times. We ordered a phone for an employee and the order was lost in the system. They did not apologize the manager & sales person said these things happen. The phone was supposed to be delivered in 2 days the person sat home all day waiting for it. I would not recommend Verizon to anyone. Our bill has been incorrect many times & we have spent hours on the phone with numerous incompetent people. My bill is incorrect. I’ve been overcharged by $100.
  • TNT 1/5

    By tasnam
    Very poor network and very limited network coverage.
  • Terrible customer service 1/5

    By gladimnotpayingforit
    Nobody that works at the stores can do anything you can’t get a hold of anybody on the phone unless you want to talk to a Filipino hooker let’s just see if something better comes along Verizon will be in sad shape
  • Verizon business app annoying and hard to use 2/5

    By asdgjhty
    It was hard to install. Nobody informed me that with a business account I needed a special app. I have not run into this with any other vendor. Once installed the news feed function is annoying. and you get asked too many times to confirm a payment. Otherwise it seems to work.
  • Unreadable Chat Support Font! 1/5

    By ChristopherMusic
    Absolutely failed app. No way to get support without it logging you out every 3mins. Completely utterly unreadable font size throughout but especially in chat support threads. Simply an usable app.
  • Not modern 1/5

    By gvandd
    Clunky archaic badly laid out experience desperately in need of updating. Like they left it at good enough from 10 years ago. Expecting better from a tech company that's supposed to be delivering the best premium experience.
  • Excelente atención, cambiar sim por e-sim 1/5

    By Noel's Delivery
    Proceso imposible de realizar. He hablado con 2 agentes y me ha sido imposible de resolver el problema, primero me dicen que el simple cambio desde el mismo teléfono de una sim física por la sim integrada del equipo puede tardar hasta 2 horas porque tienen problema con el sistema. Al pasar las 2 horas vuelvo a llamar y me dicen que va a demorar 24 horas y la persona con la que estoy hablando me dice que va a monitorear mi línea de teléfono. Entonces es problema de verizon o es algún problema en mi línea de teléfono, he tenido muchos problemas con esta compañía, he gastado mucho dinero y realmente creo que esta compañía no es confiable, he presentado problemas para recibir llamadas, para recibir mensajes, inconsistencias en el internet, estoy pagando por 5g wu y realmente lo que estoy recibiendo 100 dBm. La plataforma es realmente buena, muy buena pero te dan muy pocas posibilidades pues presenta parches muy visibles y tienes funciones limitadas. De más está decirle que este es mi tercer review, los dos anteriores fueron borrados y eran mucho más explícito que este, creo que verizon se está yendo por el mejor postor a mi punto de vista con referencia a esto de las cuentas de negocios, solo las compañías grandes tienen la atención deseada que yo quisiera recibir, espero que este review no lo quiten y veré cómo encontrar un camino menos pedregoso que este que he tenido en los últimos 6 meses, aunque los review para estas compañías grandes como verizon es facil de solucionar pues tienen un review casi excelente de 4.5 Estrellas pero cada vez que filtro por los Reviews más recientes solo son de 1 estrella. Mi pregunta es como lo hacen? Para yo hacer lo mismo, solo fachada. Ojalá que alguien lea mi review!!!
  • Bit slow 5/5

    By yoiol
    Options are good and clear but slow somehow.
  • Slow and frustrating 1/5

    By It's That Guy
    I have so many issues with this app. It’s always so buggy and takes forever to login. Makes me want to leave Verizon altogether.
  • Owner 5/5

    By tjm920
    Finally an easy to navigate account site. Kiddos to Verizon webmasters
  • Terrible company 1/5

    By Mosher Electric
    I have my bill setup for autopay and they suspended my account for late payment. I was in the store the day before because I was getting text saying my bill was past due. They could not find an issue and told me it should be fine. No one in this company has the ability to do anything. They have to call someone else. Ridiculous!
  • Verizon website 1/5

    By very, very extremely limited
    The most Byzantine, and thoroughly frustrating website in the galaxy. The normal consumer portal does not work if you have a business calling plan. Live agents are nearly impossible to reach and do not understand English if you do reach them. Far too much time wasted trying to get answers. And no discounts or rebates received for accepting paperless billing or auto payments, as promoted. Please get bought by a competent company so that we can enjoy network services worthy of the devices we purchased.
  • Login 1/5

    By animal101097
    I try to login to my account every month and it always says “something went wrong” The app is junk.
  • Slow and inefficient 2/5

    By Biz_Customer
    The app requires you to sign in every time and takes a long time to open.
  • Payment. 1/5

    By tuatara52
    I have been trying to pay my bill on the Verizon for business app for several days. I continued Lee have received error messages. All the information on the app is good. However it crashes when you try to make a payment. I have reloaded the app several times.
  • Payment Processing 1/5

    By COD, LLC
    I set my payment up for the 3rd and the online system reset it for the 1st. If I wanted it paid on the 1st, I would have selected the 1st.
  • Not intuitive 1/5

    By TZMN
    This app it’s so complex to navigate absolutely preposterous and ridiculous, this why a lot of people are moving away from Verizon. This is not good for us the customer need to make changes on this app and the web page as well
  • Business App 2/5

    By MakeBoseBetter
    Very clumsy and difficult to use. This app needs serious improvements and should be embarrassing to Verizon in this day. Shows a lack of customer care and technical oversight.
  • Billing nightmare 1/5

    By Webb,V.
    Added a line to our business account and the bill has been wrong since then. Took our payment for the phone and didn’t credit account. Charged us double for accessories even though we paid for them at time of adding the line. Did not get the credits for promo discounts. Had to close my retail store as they wrongly cutoff my phone more than once which I use with Square,etc. This cost me $26,000!!! The line was added in April. Here it is almost Sept and bill is STILL wrong! Webb,V
  • Billing 5/5

    By Yoandry Fernandez
    Hazel was nice enough I called to see about my $4 raise on bill adn ahe gave be back a credit of $30 wow. That was awesome! Thank you Hazel
  • It’s like a scam !!! 1/5

    By 20 year verizon cust.
    Every time I change the amount I am about to pay I continue on to choose which card I want to use and it reverses my payment amount and changes it back to a higher amount which was originally on there that I had already changed this happens every month…… it’s just the same as if somebody was trying to steal money out of my bank account and I really don’t appreciate it I have mentioned this several times to representatives and it doesn’t matter it’s a glitch that favors you and your company and I’m fed up with it !!!!!!!!!!!!!…… I hope everybody reads this !!!
  • Very poor 1/5

    By Tony Aber
    Spotty glitches. For as much as our company pays this app should work at least 50% of the time which is does not. We keep registering compliance and Verizon does nothing. Seriously considering changing to another carrier. Verizon obviously does not value our business. I would encourage potential new customer service elsewhere. Just my opinion.
  • Verizon is THE BEST COMPANY EVER! 5/5

    By Bullelcid94
    We are so glad to make that switch over to Verizon! Our business has grown exponentially
  • Verizon Business is bad 1/5

    By Jeshrs
    I have a small small business and the lady at the store talked me into switching to a business account. Sold me having priority data over regular accounts. Dead wrong. I’ve been in numerous situations where I had very little service and my friend beside me had full service. Both phones are 13pro 5g. I’ve had to call in for assistance several times and can’t even get someone that is fluent in English. I went to upgrade one of my lines in June and never received the phone because Verizon only put 55 in the address line. No road name or nothing. But yet they continued to charge me as if I had the new phone. When I called they had no record of this order until I gave them the tracking number and then found it. I still do not have a phone for that line. They said they could only issue credit for next month. Verizon has turned into a complete circus!
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By Turbomugs1
    This app never works—doesn’t recognize biz name, my name, or phone number. Hate it
  • Never help 1/5

    By plgarts
    I've been call every month to fix something and everybody say will help and I need to call again and over. Stressful
  • Lost account info 1/5

    By Dc-th3469
    Horrible My Business site. I can’t login with what I set up at the store. Then to find that info they had wrong recovery phone number that I had never heard of. Secret question was not what I had chosen. I even went back to the store to figure out what was going on…. They said all as well. I went back into today and again wrong phone number, wrong secret question . I was able to get it resolved on my phone but not my desktop…
  • Warren Dillon 5/5

    By wdworkinghard
    Working with John Daley was a pleasure! He helped me with my questions and cared for me in a timely way. Thanks
  • Unsatisfied customer 1/5

    By unsatisfied with Verizon
    On 7/29/22 I spent more than an hour on the phone explaining that we no longer have the business and I needed to get out of the business account and set up a personal account for the four lines that we have. The gentleman quoted me the price of what it would be and said it would take affect immediately my cost was going to be 145 and whatever the tax fees were per month. That is not what was on this bill and the options of paying only that amount of course was not there so I have paid more than necessary again for another month. Very unsatisfied. looking for another service at this point.
  • Verizon is ISIS 1/5

    By SweetPeaPapa
    Worst company ever.
  • Verizon has many issues 1/5

    By FT887745792838
    They have bad service for business clients and they are refusing to give refunds to solve my business needs. My business has been under lots of restoration from cov-19 but i would have been went to T-mobile
  • Service is unacceptable 1/5

    By Storm watcher St. Louis Mo
    For the last two years I have operated my business using Verizon cell phone services. In the last two years I have and many others I’ve noticed that the service has declined in quality. There is less connection throughout our whole area, I know this because the last two years I drove around our whole area. There are many dead zones than ever before and there’s less connection or connectivity to be able to use Cell phone service much less data. I only hope that it gets better but unfortunately with 5G it has gotten worse. So if you’re reading this review don’t count on quality service to Verizon.
  • Not friendly 1/5

    By CRcrcr haha
    This app is picky when it wants to work, not user friendly at all
  • Waist of time 2/5

    By wahausa
    Home internet is a joke with Verizon , it doesn’t work . Plus customer service is very poor mostly at the stores or at least the store where I go
  • Snakes in the grass: 1/5

    By Matafleur1969
    Kept trying to change my payment amount. . They really want to screw me over for a phone that was supposed to be free with a new line…… SNAKES!!!!!
  • Verizon App 5/5

    By Jkasparian
    Very easy use and the best service!
  • Bill 1/5

    By summers270
    I was told my bill be 145 plus tax and it’s almost 200 lies will will change after devices paid for. Argued with them for months. Have text proof of what bill would be. Disgusted.
  • Customer service issues 1/5

    By zxcetyre1943
    For the last few monthes we have been charged for lines we do not own. We have called in constantle to verizon and for hours at a time waiting to get help from customer support. With very little help. We are highly disappointed with the world’s leading cell service provider. LJ33
  • Dr. Lynn 1/5

    By Dr Lynn A
    The service is mediocre for the price. They scammed me into changing over to business telling me it would be almost the same price as what I currently was on but when I received the bill for the last 3 months it’s been double from what I was originally paying. And the device runs out of data faster now just to charge me more money. Not satisfied
  • Keep going around and around to get set up 2/5

    By madukers
    Just a mess to get set up
  • Cody was AWESOME 5/5

    By Sharonaa712
    He’s the best representative I’ve had in years!! He walked me through, step by step, and got a new password setup, a new security question, and payment
  • Glitches and barely works always 1/5

    By Dj cinema
  • Easy to manage 5/5

    By SouthWindows
    Verizon Business App is easy to manage.

    By The Truth About VERIZON
    I have NOTHING positive to say about Verizon. Customer Service is incompetent as are employees in the stores. They lie and promise one monthly cost and the bill is actually 4 times higher!!! Yes, I said 4 times HIGHER than what was quoted in the store. AND, I’m still waiting for my phone credit and new customer credits although I switched over to THIS MESS in May. Verizon gets an F!!
  • Customer support is a joke, wrongfully billed, been months and still not rectified 1/5

    By Michael S504
    I switched to Verizon thinking they had great customer service. Silly me. I was supposed to receive 2 $100 bill credits on my first bill. Never received them on that bill. Nor the next one. Or the next one. I’ve contacted support 4 separate times about this. I also have device charges on my bills just as one line item and not broken down per accessory. I’ve requested this multiple times to no avail. I also wanted the “free” iPhone promo. I’ve been in dispute over the bill and then get charged “late fees”. I expected more from Verizon.
  • Too much trouble 1/5

    By rzitzman
    After putting in my payment method 3times with credit card that I know is good I finally had to bill my account instead of paying for it upfront
  • Too many one talk problems 1/5

    By Seales99
    I called in April with one talk issues. I was disconnected. Although I provided my number for call back- never got a call back. Now, One Talk is not functioning at all.
  • Review 1/5

    By #Friend of God
    Economic adjustment fee is quite simply price gauging. We will be looking for a new carrier.