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My Verizon

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  • Current Version: 10.5.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Verizon Wireless
  • Compatibility: Android
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My Verizon App

The My Verizon app is the all-in-one hub of your Verizon experience, allowing you to keep track of account changes and the latest offers, easily switch to Verizon, and much more. With My Verizon, you can: • Switch to Verizon in minutes (and bring your phone), thanks to auto-detection of your device and the ability to scan your ID for quick setup. • Check to see which offers you're eligible for. • View your account in one seamless feed. • Get on-demand support tools, such as Live Chat and step-by-step troubleshooting instructions as needed. • Monitor data usage via a control center that lets you see how much data is being used, who is using it and how to get more when you need it. • Change or manage your account safely anywhere, anytime. • Switch to a different plan easily or go Unlimited right from your device. • Make secure payments quickly. Manage and pay your bills easily, or simply enroll in Auto Pay. • Score rewards, once-in-a-lifetime experiences and exclusive perks from your favorite brands when you register for Verizon Up. • Shop phones, wearables, smart devices and accessories, and get delivery as quickly as the same day. Download My Verizon now and control your entire Verizon experience in just one app.

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My Verizon app reviews

  • Great service 5/5

    By Service Verizon
    The person helping me was great at helping me upgrade my services and great attitude and helpful !
  • Súper útil 5/5

    By jdnfnnxnxnnxnf
    Me Gusta los servicios que me ofrece Verizone
  • Good company horrible app! 1/5

    By 1ranger61
    The app never works, every time I try I have to re-enter all my info. I end up having to call customer service and get put on hold for ever waiting. Once I get to a human it usually goes well.
  • Great service 5/5

    By kmsrscsjs
    I love Verizon - great phone and internet service and great customer service. App is easy to use and account changes easy to make.
  • Review 5/5

    By nitestormz
    He was polite and very helpful, thank you!
  • I hate this app 1/5

    By RexTheNoodlr
    If I bring up a web browser so I can log in to, put in my sign-in credentials, the web browser immediately leaps to the app and opens it and sends me into a login loop until I have to reset the password. I dumped the stupid app and then my browser was able to bring up the login fine. Verizon, just get rid of this stinky app, I feel really sorry for any older adults trying to navigate this, this is exactly how you lose customers to your competitors.
  • Useless 1/5

    By No nicknames 78
    Worst app ever
  • This App blocks all your logins 2/5

    By Sus C R
    I have been with Verizon for almost twenty years. When I have had my most recent issues it is the fault of this app. Sometimes you can make a split payment, but if you need additional help, you have to call a financial services live agent for a $10 fee. Sometimes it doesn’t allow the split pay and chatting with someone on the app doesn’t allow you to do other things on Verizon. You cannot login on your phone without it redirecting you to the app. You cannot login on your computer without it redirecting you to the app. But beware, then it will lock you out for getting an authorization code three times (even though it kept making you log back in each time) and no one can help you for at least 24 hours. If you try to contact Verizon for service (internet connection) issues, and you cannot authenticate in the app, they will not help you. Even if the problem is their service/connection and you cannot get enough of a solid connection for the app to properly work. If you have app issues and cannot authenticate on the app, they will not help you. If you try to login from a separate device, it will redirect you to the app on your phone. It is beyond ridiculous and no one will help you. I am fed up. I cannot even contact a live person because it will not help - they said I have to wait 24 hours when it was the stupid app that blocked me for logging in each time it disconnected me unnecessarily. And their reps just say they can only try three times, and now I cannot fix my phone for over 24 hours. No other way. They say I cannot even file a complaint because they won’t verify me without authentication from this app. Fix this Verizon. You were supposed to be the better service.
  • Verizon 5/5

    By Patricia Govan
    I received a text telling me that I have a loyalty pay of $10 every month but for last 4 months I have been paying $40 so why I didn’t get it yet and if I don’t pay the $43.95 you cut my service off and when I pay it you still send me the same text saying that I still unless these are lies you are telling you loyalty customers
  • Change in menu does not help 2/5

    By LogicBig
    Access to how much data used to be on the first screen when you opened the app. Now it is just a sales page. Verizon up program is no longer interesting and you cannot see the choice from the first screen. Less user friendly navigation
  • Glitching 1/5

    By Leaz77
    I think the whole website (and app) are down. It’s extremely frustrating.
  • Verizon Wireless 5/5

    By Pj Neslo
    In my opinion Verizon Wireless is pretty affordable with various plans to accommodate just about any and all types if incomes . I’ve had other carriers and of all Verizon is the most customer friendly
  • Garbage 1/5

    By savpaul93
    This app has been trash on every Verizon phone I’ve had over the last 9 years. I rarely use it but when I do it’s an annoying experience.
  • Smh 2/5

    By Mac1hunnit
    Why does Verizon have the worst internet connection ever , I mean what’s the point of unlimited data if it buffs an lags regardless, im definitely switching…
  • Never able to claim Verizon up rewards 1/5

    By H.h.d
    I never even bother to claim verizon up rewards but when i do i never get it
  • IPhone 5/5

    By pampetty
    Never had a dropped call or been in a dead zone!!!
  • Terrible Customer Service 1/5

    By justmdandy
    Customer service delivered via app has severely declined. Chat feature barely works with long waits. Slowly pulling my lines from Verizon
  • the world 1/5

    By Meow moew user iphone blah
    worst customer service, cell service is average , and the app is full junk. apps should have a cleaner ui to make it simple to find things from your phone never will use verizon again in the future after having to deal with the all the issues with my bill and not receiving the full trade in credit for my old phones i was also charged an extra fee without my consent or knowledge for switching to a different plan. never again
  • Excelente servicio 5/5

    By John18$
    Excelente servicio
  • Best cellular Company! 5/5

    By $$deezNuTz$$
    Have very good coverage and haven’t been any where yet that didn’t have service witch is big peace of mind when we are on road trips! Not to mention the customer service people are so friendly and patient and always help resolve any issues if any are to come but have never had any issues with Verizon love the customer experience snd that they make me feel valued as a customer!
  • Why is this even called an app? 1/5

    By Over it81
    Multiple redirects causing the need for multiple login attempts, just to get to an error page that, YET AGAIN, tells me to use a desktop browser to log in again, to try and access my account settings or my bill. This feels like more of a password/biometric farming software than a mobile app. Way to go Verizon for developing password skimming bloatware for our mobile devices!
  • Me encanta. 5/5

    By Leivis Montero
    Me gusta.
  • Solid App 4/5

    By ambartee
    You can view your account easily and shop easily as well. Pretty happy with it.
  • Top Notch Service & Support 5/5

    By Nanaof2x2
    We have been Verizon service for a lot of years and even though it can get rather costly I would not change it for anything you want the best you pay for the best, and Verizon is truly the best service. Customer service, tech support, insurance and thy work to make everything if ever need be. As for our family we highly recommend Verizon!!!
  • W Verizon 5/5

    By charlesscookk
    W Verizon
  • Not functional 2/5

    By David Trujillo p
    Lots of glitches and issues
  • Works better now 5/5

    By femtorchestra
    Used to hang or crash in certain menus. Not having that issue at this time anymore.
  • Fast withdrawl 5/5

    By shaybababay
    I know many people will relate to this because lots of other companies DELAY a withdrawal for days at a time. I absolutely love that the payments come out of my account so fast, like within seconds. 10/10 fastest withdrawal company🫶🏻😅
  • Garbage App 1/5

    By Irritatedzzzz
    Have to verify 3 dang times just to access my account. Soon theyll one my first born child and a DNA sample just to get into my account.
  • Verizon! Best ever!! 5/5

    By Giltol
    Rizon is the best mobile provider ever, and most reliable!
  • 1y5m with Verizon and every time they can lower the quality of service. 1/5

    By francisco2959
    I am trying for 2/3 days buying a simple package of internet. Apps does not work. Says invalid every time. I tried customer success and after spending 2h with different CS reps that were all AI, I still could not get a simple upgrade on my account. Apparently my card that has been used for almost 2y to prepay the package is no longer being accepted. Even though 10min before trying with a live CS rep I was buying gas with that card. I am wondering how the gas pump accepts but not Verizon… Been waiting for 30min in the store now again for a simple upgrade on internet package. Honestly I will be looking for other services! I am done with bad apps and websites that never work and the annoying and long AI bot CS that never leads you anywhere except run out of patience! Honestly BAD BAD BAD experience! Also hardly get more than 2 bars in Phoenix. I was told Verizon was one of the biggest around here. Never really have a lot of service!
  • Troubles 5/5

    By Bigred0341
    Call 611 to talk to live person but that did not work and I was hung up on after continually saying I needed to talk to a representative
  • I love Verizon. 5/5

    By Omar bejarano-amparan
    Even if it’s a little bit they reach out to you for offers.That's why I like them you create a loyalty trust. I hope to expect more of a giving hand.
  • One-stop shopping 5/5

    By The Old Shatterhand
    I love that I can order new equipment, view and pay my bill, and adjust my plan all from the same app.
  • App never works 1/5

    By Verizonsuckssssss
    The app never remembers my credentials seems like there could be easier ways to log in
  • Loving my Perks glad to be part of this service so far 5/5

    By The Best Compamy Ever
  • Does Not Work on iPhone 14 Pro Max 1/5

    By QueenPrincessFancyPants
    The app gives an error about sms unavailable and no email id. Called customer support and confirmed that is not the case. Several calls and hour(s) later no fix. I was told a ticket was started two of the times I called, although no one has reached out and I’m still unable to log into and use my account through the app.
  • Hit for the spot 5/5

    By ironhorsenc
    My tech resolved the hot spot issues completely within 30 minutes.
  • Most helpful Verizon employee 5/5

    By Pleased lady one
    Jen was the most helpful and efficient person I have dealt with at Verizon. Extremely knowledgeable and very polite. A great representative for Verizon.
  • Great deals , amazing 5/5

    By Fairly Farrah
    Great deals , amazing
  • I choose Verizon 5/5

    By studshot
    Verizon is Expensive But that’s because it Actually Works The tech support and product value is Why We may hate the bill But we Love our Service and reliability Thanks.
  • 🚪🚪 5/5

    By fullname here
    What’s the password
  • I hate it 1/5

    By Livesinnewmexico
    Every interaction with Verizon makes it more apparent how much they’re screwing us over on prices.
  • Verizon Is Terrible 1/5

    By Letmereviewthisalready66666
    I switched from T Mobile hoping for better service. What I got was significantly worse service and a ridiculously high phone bill. Thanks, Verizon!
  • Wi-Fi on iPads and iPhone 1/5

    By Ed Upton
    Unfortunately we switched from older Android phones to iPhone 12 from a fast talking phone sales rep with promises of happiness and so much better service. Ever since then approximately 2 years ago our service has gone down hill. Constantly asking for backup/updates, and try to backup or use hot spot and will not happen UNLESS we go 12 miles into town and hop on the restaurants Wi-Fi for several minutes or go to a phone store. We get buffering and a message “cannot be completed because of poor network conditions”. NEVER had to do this with the Android phones. We are seniors trying to stay caught up and you have taken advantage of us having to pay more for less. I went back to express concerns to that rep and she had moved on(no replacement) to another phone store. I have been to local Verizon store for help and they did help with a problem at that moment. I ask a couple of those reps if they used iPhone and they smiled and said, nope android and will stay with it. Hope you can help me, thank you.
  • Worst customer service 1/5

    By ocdiane
    If I could give 0 I would ! This was my fourth call to Verizon and each time I call I get someone overseas that doesn’t speak good English or doesn’t understand me ! Constantly have to repeat the same issue & put on hold I guess for them to call someone in the US and am told they are going to fix the problem but it is never resolved after being on the phone for more than an hour At one time I use to say Verizon had the best customer service this is defiantly not true anymore ! ! Been a wireless customer since they started selling phones but am really fed up and ready to take our business to another company after this customer service experience with them !
  • App keeps being down 1/5

    By GoddessOfEden
    Every month when I try to pay my bill I keep having issues with the app so I have to go online to do it instead.
  • Good service. 5/5

    By Sst787
    Good service. No complaints.
  • Prices are fair 5/5

    By Payn3b0y
    Great service and perks!