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My Verizon App

***The My Verizon App works best if you are on one of our newer plans. Don’t have a S, M, L or Unlimited? Switch now.*** The My Verizon App has a new look! Use this app to manage your entire Verizon account from anywhere, in style. Features include: The Feed All you need to know about your data, plan, and bill in one seamless Feed, personalized with products and content just for you. The Data Hub Your data control center. Clearly see how much data is being used, who is using it and how to get more the second you need it. Plan Management Review and manage your plan from anywhere. Easily switch to a different plan or go unlimited at any time right from the palm of your hand. Simplified Bill A clear and simple bill that explains what's changed from month to month. Understand and pay your bill with just a few taps Verizon Up Rewards Rewards you really, really want. Just for being a Verizon customer. From amazing once-in-a-lifetime experiences to tons of good stuff from the brands you love. Because, thanks. Simply, enroll today, exclusively in the My Verizon app. On-Demand Support In-app support that’s there before you need it. Instant access to the answers you want without having to call for help. Shop Tech The fastest and easiest way to browse, buy and customize the latest devices and accessories, all without leaving the app. In-Store App Experiences In your settings, set app location services to “Always” prior to your visit and take advantage of customize in-store experiences. Optimize your visit by checking-in for appointments upon arrival, scanning accessories for self-checkout, and much more. One app. Total control. ***The My Verizon App is now also available to conveniently serve all prepaid self-service needs.  Make payments, enroll in Auto Pay, monitor usage, add data or change a plan directly on your prepaid device. Managing your prepaid account on the most reliable network has never been easier.***

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My Verizon app reviews

  • Poor customer service 2/5

    By Toycollr
    I get a message : Review Your Requested Details About Your Upcoming Bill. What the hell does this mean Tell me where I need to go exactly to find out what your message you sent means. This is outrageous that no one can detail the issue you sent, instead you send 3 email stating the about message We went to the Verizon office in Greenbrook no and she indicated that there was nothing wrong. So why are you sending these stupid messages and causing chaotic situation. Talk English not Verizon English!!!!!
  • Intalled, deleted, installed and does not open 1/5

    By RobertValenzuela
    It does not open after installing. Deinstalling and installing. No luck. Message saying We’re sorry. It looks like we are having trouble connecting. Check your connection and try again. All the while being connected to the internet without ad blockers of any kind. Endless wheel is turning. Using iPhone XS Max and iOS 12.4.1. After upgrading to iOS 13, it had the same error. Notice this: It works fine after installing on iPad Pro 9.7 A1674 with iOS 12.4.1. Also works on my work iPhone XR with iOS 13 and earlier iOS versions for more than a year.
  • Review 1/5

    By givenrunaround
    I had 6 different chat windows open over a 90 minute timeframe and did not get anything resolved except a great wast of time. And then I was told that I did not submit proof of military and government GS-11 service so 2 people Rory and someone no name were the people helping me by not being helpful ya not a good move with the robot that wastes our time and creating chat windows where the employee does not need to identify themselves and a web interface that has greater access then the chat session through iChat don’t know what you are aiming for but if it is to wast the time of 3 people then wow you hit it out of the park wish I worked at Verizon better yet I would not know how to deal with the total disregard for fiscal matters my chat session cost you all 2.5 hrs of manhours just to tell me that I am incompetitwnt and that they are in the right lol sounds bas akwards but it’s your business model not mine
  • My Verizon 5/5

    By Suzy Erica
    Totally enjoy wireless and Fios. Dependable, no dropped calls and data use lasts a long time.
  • more options 4/5

    By NeRdYAshyLarry
    Need more options, feel stuck.
  • Best service 5/5

    By aflores091
    By far the best service I’ve ever had you pay for what you get 💯
  • Billing nightmare 1/5

    By RussGroupon
    Ever tried to speak to an agent?
  • Bad service on the phone and at store 1/5

    By largas esperas 12345
    I am at the store for a charge of a gizmo band that I didn’t buy. It took forever on the phone and it’s taken forever at the store. 49 min waiting on the phone.
  • Unusable 1/5

    By Movielover222
    This app does not recognize my phone number, user id . It forces me to sign up when I should sign in. Totally useless.
  • Great 5/5

    By Squeaker J
    Very useful and helpful. Use a lot.
  • Can’t login 1/5

    By Jasonnova
    They changed something, we sign in and go in circles with creating username, but we just want to login to what we have. Most frustrated we have been in ages.
  • Customer service 1/5

    By xyzxcvbnmm
    Your website stinks when you need help. It’s all marketing and hard to use so now we have to call and wait 40 mins on hold. The chat feature doesn’t work because I’m out of data. Sprint can’t be any worse.
  • Spinning app will not load up 1/5

    By jodyandcobee09
    1st if all the only way to see your account for points is to use the app, secondly you only earn one point a month and it expires in 30 days, and third, the app will not even open up on my devices. Ridiculous if you ask me. I doubt there is any offer that cost one 7+months I do not think I have ever been able to see my account or the details of its offerings.
  • Verizon 5/5

    By Diz60
    Great phones and great data
  • Useless App 1/5

    By yochana113
    Trying to report that someone is using my number because I received two calls today from my number. Called customer service three times and have been on hold in excess of 15 minutes each time. Called local store who advised me to call Fraud which unfortunately is the same customer service number. Tried the app which is suggesting that I change my number... can I ever speak to someone on the telephone without having to drive to the store?
  • Verizon is downgrading peoples credit 1/5

    By qualityporn
    I switched from tmobile a few months ago and was given promises of paying for my phones if i traded them in, then was told that i was not going to receive the credits after 1 month of service so I now could not return my phones. But service was ok so I decide to stick with the new plan since my tmobile account was canceled. After 2 months I found out that they decreased my credit amount which has done it for me. Initially I had 3150 dollars credit for financing and used the hole amount for 3 iPhones, after 2 months I now over my spending limit because they decided to bring it down to 2000. On too of that because I am on a sales maker verizon decided to not allow me to upgrade my phones at all! So I have a broken phone that wants to pay off and purchase a iPhone 11 pro max but they will not even sell me the new phone at full price.
  • Best Network 5/5

    By Mexicanfolife
    Thank you Verizon for being the best network and having such an amazing team!
  • Very Disappointed 1/5

    By 4velb4
    I have been trying to be switched to be an account manager for several days and all I get is the runaround! ☹️😞
  • Zero communication between departments 1/5

    By Shotee
    Verizon can never get it right. I ordered a phone back in June but I never accepted it. I returned it back to UPS because I changed my mind. According to Verizon they received the phone back but the charges are still there. My bill has been reflecting a $500+ phone bill every since and it’s frustrating because now 3 months later I would like to order the new iPhone and can’t because of the pending $500+ bill. Why does it take this long to remove the charges?? I don’t even know how much my real bill is. It’s super frustrating and I’m so very tempted to leave and go to AT&T.
  • Simplicity 5/5

    By Cavalry Blue
    I’m glad I switched to Verizon.
  • Data usage 3/5

    By BSmirh
    Would like to be able to carry data over more than just one month until double the data base.
  • Why when I use my MiFi does not data go so fast 1/5

    By allawishes hutch
    Well I never get a straight answer and they want to charge me more and such thing as customer guess I need to look for another carrier
  • Speed 1/5

    By Mia20082010
    Verizon is always flowing down your speed on your data
  • My Verizon very good app 5/5

    By UncleC001
    Great app
  • Always wrong on data reports 1/5

    By cyberwasted
    I have had text and emails saying I have so 10% data left and go and check my verizon app say I’m at 2%
  • Review 2/5

    By 1994 fighter always
    This app use to run perfectly but now you can’t do the one thing that this app should be good for. Making payments from the app. I want to give a fair rating but I’ve had nothing but issues lately with the app.
  • Verizon’s decline 2/5

    By verizons money scheem
    Your calls drop all the time now and service is getting worse. Coverage and customer Probably get away from Verizon.
  • Great service 5/5

    By JSch.
    Great customer service. Awesome Fios tv and wireless service.
  • Customer service 3/5

    By Rubber fishy toy
    I was told that if I called in in a certain day that I would be eligible for the iPhone 7 for $5 a month, called and the lady I spoke with was aware of the promotion but it wasn’t notes on my account as being a loyal customer so I couldn’t get offer even though I was told to call back in a certain day and it would be notes. Been with Verizon 20 plus years!! Also, all deals are for new lines, what about your customers that have been with you for 20 YEARS GIESS WE don’t MATTER, it’s like u have to go back and forth to get a decent deal, awful service for your loyal customers
  • Well designed, but crashes often 3/5

    By Jegs25
    Good design keeps important information easy to find. I’ve experienced many stability issues - I often need to kill the app and restart.
  • Verizon up 5/5

    By Nbaucom3
    Love the Verizon up rewards!!!!
  • My Verizon is the best ever 5/5

    By Sandralou1061
  • Safety mode on/off not working 1/5

    By pppppnnnnnnpppn
    In order to avoid data overage charges, safety mode needs to be turned ON, otherwise $15 per GB of data will be billed.
  • iPhone XS Max 3/5

    By disappointed w/ my service
    I don’t know if it’s my phone or my service but lately I haven’t been getting good service. This has been going on for a little over a year. I blame the construction in my area but I’m not sure because I have the same problem at work also. My phone seem to be worse then my husband and daughter. I get absolutely no signal when I pull into my garage that never happen before I got this phone. I barely get signal in my room and that’s on and off my WiFi. I’m going to get the new iPhone 11 pro max and hope that I have a better luck... I will pay more attention this time and I won’t let it go so long. I hope it’s not Verizon because I refuse to go to at&t and I know I had the same issue before with sprint but my son went to sprint and his service is the same as mines. We shall see
  • Acct holder 1/5

    By G9i10
    Not pleased. I had charges removed last month and they are showing up on my bill again
  • Stcud’sf Was 5/5

    By grannytwist
    He ygg lty e f trggrrt
  • App not working 1/5

    By Shayla's World
    This app will not open. It has been like this for several days now. Please fix
  • Poor service 1/5

    By £}~%
    Phone call to customer service routes me into the app for a chat that failed. I could not complete my business and had to call back to customer service to continue.
  • Billing 2/5

    By issue with documents
    I payvto much for service and I will be canceling come 2/2020 smh
  • Verizon App 5/5

    By StayblessedAlways
    This app is awesome I give it 5 stars cause I can navigate to all with I need to use it for in an instant.
  • PoLpo 5/5

    By pnnjnnbyin
    N kilnjaajanijiajii iI John lo L I I M Oh lillkh Lpokpliwiollii Mmipp The Ooo Ok the I’mkis
  • Loved it 5/5

    By C.J Haacke
  • Nope 1/5

    By WolviBeast
    This app is trash
  • Very frustrating... 2/5

    By Flyboyzgrl
    I keep telling Verizon that a member of our plan is now deceased. They still have his name on the account, and the App won’t recognize me as an Account Manager, so I can’t do much with the App. It has been over five years that I’ve been trying to clear this up. I am so frustrated and angry!! I pay the bill, I should be able to manage the Acct!
  • Nice easy smooth 5/5

    By Divianct
    Very convenience and easy Verizon app to use and navigate. I do love for you guys in the future to give us more power like to lock other Devices data on the family plan like previously was posible to turn off data I haven’t see this future since last update.
  • Fantastic service 5/5

    By Ertariq
    I love to have Verizon wireless service.
  • How to join to Verizon on e-sim??? 1/5

    By irynamanuk
    On web site and support Verizon say me I can add new line and get eSIM from app My Verizon but what I see that’s put you number how I can put number if I not have jet account verizon?? Stupid work all system join new customers to Verizon!!!
  • Best !!! Wireless!!! Company!!! Yes!!! 5/5

    By Alma2842
    They say yes ,when others say no
  • Simple yet complex 5/5

    By MMustacio
    There were times when I was hiking in The HIMALAYAS searching for a hot spot. I came across Poonjubman Rajiharishiniya. He had coverage from Verizon! Amazing!😄

My Verizon app comments

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