My Walmart Schedule

My Walmart Schedule

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  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 25.0.11
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Walmart
  • Compatibility: Android
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My Walmart Schedule App

The My Walmart Schedule App is available for all Managers and Associates in stores using the new My Walmart Schedule system. This app provides visibility into your schedules, approved time off and allows associates to pick up unfilled shifts. If you have any issues, please contact: 1-700-Walmart (From Store Network during your scheduled hours)

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My Walmart Schedule app reviews

  • This app is trash 1/5

    By JohnthaJulio
    Walmart is estupid . Always changing apps since they can’t make one that works . Smh . ay dios mío . Sentita Virgen
  • I like this 5/5

    By Jeffrey leppelman
    I like this app don’t go I hate the [email protected] app it keeps crashing
  • Useless,like Walmart management 1/5

    By Frustrated User 73
    After waiting almost a week to get someone to tell me how to check my schedule (an employee,not management who could care less)I downloaded the app.I logged into a computer at work and it still won’t complete the two step verification so I still cannot use the app.So basically there’s no way for me to look at my schedule
  • Good 5/5

    By HotNSpicyMcChicken
    So much better then the new [email protected] app.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Lombanaface
    Billion dollar company and they can’t get a app to work. Ridiculous
  • Not working 1/5

    By Dro60
    The was gud at first now it’s now working at all
  • Only to check schedule 2/5

    By Jimishmong
    Nothing else works. Only can check schedule and can not request time off etc. pretty useless other than schedule.
  • Mediocre 1/5

    By GET THE DELUXE Nas #KingEsco
    A dismal app all around. Can’t view paystub, dont ever get notified of a schedule Change causing points to accrue. But wait there’s more!! If for any reason i have an emergency and can’t get to work i no longer have the option to call out!! I have to pick up the phone and dial the number Like it’s 1994 news flash Walmart is 2020!!
  • Sam walton 5/5

    By Mexhnx
    Guys this app changed my life. Sam Walton appeared to me in a dream and gifted this app to me for a one time charge of 6.99$. What a bargain. I LOVE WALMART
  • After update 1/5

    By Heidi 2o
    After updating the app I can no longer log on. There is now where to use fingerprint or to enter password. Please fix this!
  • Doesn’t work half the time 2/5

    By Justbemusical
    i spent more time trying to get it to load than i ever do looking at it. i’ve gotten nothing but error messages for 2 days straight now, and the app is completely updated.
  • Not working! 1/5

    By ishdie
    Does this app not work on I phone 11? 🙄
  • FIX IT 1/5

    By BabyBlu21
    Wish I could give ZERO stars.
  • Constantly crashes 1/5

    By Sam (54M)
    When I first downloaded the app it would crash once I logged in, but then I could log in again and it’d be fine. Now it crashes every single time I try to log in so I literally cannot check my schedule from home anymore.
  • Having trouble 1/5

    By Rselah
    I can’t log into to see my schedule through this app
  • Can’t check schedule 2/5

    By Cking711
    I’ve used this app for bout two months just fine, then all of the sudden when I try to push send verify right after says no connection to safari. Then I try to go to app support from my phone and says I can’t access this from my phone. Well why have the option if you can’t use it.
  • Error 1/5

    By bosboy101
    Can’t load the app any more, I do the 2 step process and then get an error won’t load
  • App Not Working Anymore 1/5

    By AppleHime
    I don’t know who to contact but my app isn’t allowing me to login anymore. Whether it’s the fact that it won’t let me hit continue and now I can’t select Pharmacy Store/Club. I’ve updated all my devices and the apps and nothing is working. I tried calling support and they said that they couldn’t help me and that it just utterly frustrating

    By jeslieM
    Download the “ [email protected]” app !!! it’s the new schedule app. ! Spelled exactly like “ [email protected]
  • App not working properly 1/5

    By lchnt95
    After signing In shows an error every time. That doesn’t just happen to me also happens to other associates.
  • Crapp 1/5

    By kkcoby
    Works today then off the next day smh
  • App does not work for me!! 1/5

    By Angeell.x
    Every time I login to the app and it has me do the 2 step verification, and after that it does not not work!!! it never works!!
  • Walmart app 1/5

    By Dfuhgdfjj
    Stopped letting me log in. Terrible app.
  • Not Loading Please Fix 1/5

    By Darthvader1234
    Was working fine previously then out of nowhere it prompts me to sign in to the wire, ok so i do that and authenticate the login and it comes up saying safari could not open the page because network connection was lost and i tap the refresh and it says error: please close your browser and log back in and has been doing this for a couple weeks now. Really frustrating, and this is only on iOS, the app works fine with android....please fix this
  • Can’t login 1/5

    By cul_tim
    I tried to login on it for three weeks now and it doesn’t work what ever I try
  • Only worth it about a third of the time 2/5

    By sgowsley
    It’s so frustrating that they are so many issues with this app. A few tips for associates who are about to download... 1. If it lets you sign-in, take a screen shot (good chance you won’t be let in next time). 2. If you plan on picking up a shift, or swapping shifts with another associate, make very sure it actually accepted the changes and take screenshots as proof. 3. It’s a pain in the butt to sign in..and even when the two part-verification works there’s a good chance it still won’t let you in. It would be great if it were updated so it would work more efficiently... for example actually let us access our schedule every time we signed in, or notifying us when changes have been made to already posted shifts
  • Crashed 1/5

    By @TheReal_Demzy
    App was working fine, and now won’t work at all.
  • It hardly works. 1/5

    By 10cashier10
    It will work well for a month, then it will make you resign in and send a push, but getting this app and VIP to work together is down right impossible for weeks at a time. Very inconvenient app. I wish all the bugs were worked out by now so we didn’t have to write down hours in the store to put them on calendars at home.
  • I quit 1/5

    By TheTrejo95
    Wish they would let u request time off from the app. And that managers wouldn’t take away your over time. Pretty much making people work for free.
  • Incredibly Poor Performance for Such a Vital App 1/5

    The features of the app are great, but the app is very broken. It crashes 5 or 6 times for every once it lets me in. Needs a complete overhaul for performance, especially considering how vital this app can be for Walmart employees.
  • App needs more improvement 1/5

    By ajw6868
    I have an iPhone 6+ and the app never wants to log on. I have to delete it and add it back about 3 times a week to get updated schedule.
  • Could use a few additional features 3/5

    By KreynoldsGraphics
    This app would be more useful if you could make time off requests or report absences in the app. An export feature that would automatically sync to show our schedule in iCalendar or Google calendar would be great. Right now there is no way to contact the app devs in the app or through the App Store.
  • Not working properly 1/5

    By Oh/(&;/)!
    I been using this app lately for my schedule but for some reason now every time I try to log in it says it lost connection .
  • Works great for me. 5/5

    By Cheshire 4321
    This is a cool app. I like the info I can get from it and it’s easy to use. I really loved the fingerprint sign on, but I just got a new phone and it does the face recognition for the password but I still have to send a text message for a code. Don’t know if that’s an app issue or an operator error being as the phone is still so new to me.
  • Doesn’t work properly at all 2/5

    By Curtisuk1
    Won’t even let me check my schedule most of the time. I’ll sign in and it goes back to my home page on my iPhone. I have to delete the app and reinstall it to even check my schedule
  • It crashes or fails to open constantly 1/5

    By HeathenSix
    It would be an extremely useful app if it actually worked. I have tried using on my 6s and now 7 and it doesn’t open up majority of time without have to delete it first then reload it
  • Not working AGAIN 2/5

    By stabwest13
    Once again the app isn’t working! I put in my 4 digit pin and it takes me to sign into the wire and then when I sign into the wire it won’t load past a certain point and then I can’t do anything! What is the point of am having a schedule app that only works about half the time? Get it fixed or get a new app
  • Unfilled shifts 1/5

    By /&::'xkakjsjz
    I really wish that I could see the unfilled shifts, like I did when I got hired! If I could give zero stars, I would! One star is WAY too dang generous!!!
  • Broken app that you refuse to fix 1/5

    By Ruthlessawesome
    This app hasn’t been able to log in ANYONE (as far as i know, i’ve spoken to managers and others about it) for WEEKS now. It’s ridiculous. The actual walmart app has been updated twice i believe since this one broke, and yet NO FIX for this app at all. It’s really inconvenient to not be able to see my schedule easily.
  • Latest update no good 2/5

    By M.E.L.#1
    There was a new update to this app and I can no longer sign in. I’ve tried taking this app off and on my phone. I’ve tried turning my phone off and on. The app will no longer recognize me as a user. What happened to this app. I loved it; until this new update. I don’t like this app any more. Please fix it and help me so that I can look at my schedule again. From latest update no good. Please help.
  • Availability 2/5

    By cjjr8352
    It would be nice to see our availability. For all associates, not just level C & D.
  • Login 1/5

    By 100 poo poo bits
    Every time I exit the app it makes me sign in again, and then it sends me a security code that I have to use every single time I wanna check my schedule. Very inconvenient. Good app other than that one major flaw.
  • Can’t sign in 1/5

    By JQ:12/19
    I can’t even log in. I’ve already did my two step verification.
  • Bug 1/5

    By shay4094
    Still won’t let me log in on my iPhone XR. Been over a month! Please help me fix this!!!!!
  • Having issues when on a new phone? 1/5

    By jisellio
    I upgraded iPhones and now it gives me the options of “send push notification to device” or “security code from app”. I don’t know what to do I have never had this issue before. I just want to check my schedule.
  • Verification code is annoying 2/5

    By Jknightz
    Every time I log in they call for to give me my code and it’s super annoying.
  • App only opens once 1/5

    By darwinfl08
    App only works once. Have to delete it and reinstall it if I want to use it more than once. Attempts to open then closes out as it gets to opening screen with schedule.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By Acrylic Geek11
    Me amongst a lot of other employees at my job find that the after signing in the app doesn’t work.
  • Absolutely useless!!! 1/5

    By Dark Angel 115
    I cant even check my scheduel anymore with this app. Whats even the point of this app?

My Walmart Schedule app comments

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