My Water Balance: Daily Drink Tracker & Reminder

My Water Balance: Daily Drink Tracker & Reminder

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  • Current Version: 3.5
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Viktor Sharov
  • Compatibility: Android
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My Water Balance: Daily Drink Tracker & Reminder App

"My Water" helps you drink water regularly. Calculate your daily water intake and get notifications! Water is essential for life on our planet. Roughly 70 percent of the body is made of water. We require water for almost every function within our bodies, from flushing out toxins to digestion. Water is essential to good health, yet needs vary between individuals. This app can help ensure you drink enough fluids. Application features: * Water requirement calculator * Reminders * Units (Metric and fl oz) * Statistics in graphs * Motivational awards * Useful tips about water You may need to modify your total fluid intake depending on how active you are, the climate you live in, your health status, etc., the calculation is only recommendation. The application supports Apple Watch and is integrated with Apple Health. This is one of the first applications with support Apple Watch! Application integrated with Apple Health to get information about your body measurement to calculate your water intake.


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My Water Balance: Daily Drink Tracker & Reminder app reviews

  • Good but not perfect 3/5

    By dyan007
    This is definitely the best of several water apps I tried. The range of features and tracking is good. And the one-time price to get full features is a value I’m okay with. I like that it remembers my frequent sizes for my most common drinks...i.e. defaults to 16 oz for water, 12 oz for coffee, 8 oz for milk, etc. which are my regular cup sizes for these things. A couple of things bug me though. When I log 12oz, it doesn’t credit me 12oz on my total (it clocks less for any amount I log but using 12 as an example). I’ve poked around to see if there’s any explanation for this, but found none. I went to contact through the app and got an error saying no email account is configured, but I have email on my phone. I’ve run into this before with another app but haven’t gotten any explanation so don’t know why this is happening. Likewise, hitting “write a review” through the app takes me to the App Store but says it can’t connect. However, I’m here because I came to the App Store directly and searched manually for My Water. I created a login after a few days of using the app and deciding to stick with this one and my previous logs all got duplicated. I noticed a review where someone else had logs duplicated but they were unable to change it using the free version. It did let me delete all the duplicates, I guess because I had purchased the full version. Not a big deal but developers need to know about it. One last thing...which is more of a feature request than a of the apps that I tested popped little icons down at the bottom of the screen for every drink I logged. That was really helpful in case I don’t remember whether I logged a drink or want to see how many of what kinds of drink I’ve had so far that day. I can go into the stats view here and see that info but it’s clicking through several screens to get there, rather than keeping a running log for the day right on the main screen. So I have some complaints/requests, but again, this is the most user friendly overall and best value of at least half a dozen I tried out. I like that it tracks caffeine intake (at least it pops a number over into the Health app, but you don’t see it within the water app itself). I like that it interfaces with the Health app. Graphics could be improved a little but I prefer the clean design to several of the others (though would be better with the addition of a running visual log of entries along the bottom) and the reminders are good and reliable.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By Teefee33333
    It used to work great, but now even after a re-install I get zero notifications on my Apple Watch. Everything should be working fine but nope. Nothin. Gonna have to switch to another app.
  • Honestly more fun than anything 5/5

    By Pointe Dancer
    I thought I would download this app so it would remind me to drink water, but found myself drinking water just to record it!
  • Notification intervals don’t work, no fixes for months 1/5

    By EternityInBlack
    Bought the app a few weeks ago and set notifications to 30 minutes. Wanted to change it to an hour but it always resets back to 30 minutes each time. Considering the devs haven’t updated this app in 11 months, I can’t say that it was worth the money I paid for. Look elsewhere.
  • Could be 5 stars 1/5

    By Doeavev
    I love the app and I’d rate the app 5 stars but whatever water I log through my Apple Watch app DOES NOT sync to my health app, and whatever I log in the iOS app DOES make it to the health app. I emailed support about this months ago and got a response that a solution would be out shortly, but it’s been 11 months since the app has been updated and still no fix. Come on guys....
  • Notifications 1/5

    By mlv9376
    I set it up to remind me every 15 mins and it doesn’t work
  • Great app 4/5

    By aconibel
    So far, the only problem I have encountered with this app is that you can’t edit your drink entries if you enter the incorrect time or amount. It isn’t a huge deal, but it would be a nice to be able to keep an accurate record since I sometimes can’t enter my drinks right away.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Ansley1111
    Love it
  • Good but.... 2/5

    By Darla Y.
    I’ve had to uninstall the app and installing it again because it would NOT let me add water from the watch. It’s very inconvenient when I have to open the app to track my water when the app isn’t working on the Apple Watch. I like how easy and simple I can add water when it was working.
  • Ummm I never thought I’d say this 3/5

    By Chelissa
    But it won’t let me upgrade the app. Whenever I attempt to purchase it, it says loading and never proceeds forward.
  • Apple Watch Syncing Problem 4/5

    By Saving reset
    Ever since the latest Apple Watch update, syncing of data to the watch and iPhone is quite inconsistent.
  • Read-only with iWatch2? 3/5

    By BuKa H.
    Love the app but it does not seem to work for adding drinks from iWatch. It does not respond when i tap “add”.
  • More beverages needed 5/5

    By Teeroni1
    Please add Iced Coffee, Iced Tea and Seltzer water. I feel that the water coefficients should be higher than the 5 oz.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Monkey girl 🐵
    This app is great because it reminds you to stay healthy and drink water!
  • Why do I have to pay? 4/5

    By ern_luvs_ping
    I would like this app a lot more if I did not have to pay to enter different drinks. Now I’m essentially on a diet because all that I can record drinking is tea, water, and coffee. Other than that one issue this app is useful and rewarding.
  • This app can’t math 3/5

    By Meggy Meggy Megroll
    I really like the idea of this all, but the execution could be better. The numbers displayed by the app are consistently wonky and don’t match what I’ve logged. For example I logged two 12oz mugs of tea this morning but the app says “10.04 oz” consumed out of my “64.43 oz” goal. When I click on my entries they are correct. Not sure what’s going on here (where are these decimal points coming from??) but I’m switching to a different app.
  • On Apple ok Android is the pits 3/5

    By Tonerpie
    I was excited to use this app. I even paid to upgrade right away. I loaded it to my Samsung 8 and the app continues to crash, can't even use it. However, it is working on my iPad. I do like what the app has to offer.
  • Meh 3/5

    By Tessa_River
    It’s okay. I appreciate being reminded to drink water but I also wish I had more access to different drink types without having to pay. I also wish that the app would say you need to drink more water not just any drinkable liquid. You do need more water than anything else and other consumable liquids should not count to your water in take.
  • It’s great but.... 4/5

    By maddiemoo12385
    It’s great but you should be aloud to choose any drink.
  • It does not work with the Apple Watch 5/5

    By ابو عمر الكثيري
    It was perfect but in Iphone x it doesn’t work good like before when i use this app in iPhone 7 I mean when I sync it with Apple Watch 😔
  • Cannot Delete Account 1/5

    By SyntaxMatters
    Fair warning to those who read the reviews, you cannot delete your account once you have created it. There's also no way to change your email address. It's pretty concerning there's no way to easily revoke the permissions granted when one signs up for an account. The developer's website is a glorified advertisement for his apps. I would not recommend this app based on privacy concerns, lack of features, high price to remove ads, and the lack of transparency on part of the developer.
  • Very simple. Very nice. 5/5

    By A-Dev-who-is-also-a-user
    This app is simple, log your water, coffee, and tea (more with premium) and it will save that data to Health. I downloaded this app because I wanted to log water to the Health app non-manually, I do have a calorie counter but it logs water as 0 calories instead of 250ml of water. This app logs 250ml water X mg of caffeine. My favorite feature is the notifications every two hours telling you to drink water. P. S. This is not a paid review. I know that’s what someone who was paid would say. But I was not paid.
  • Good app 2/5

    By Ahmed kam
    it’s good app but there is some problems it’s crashing when I open friends list. Also it doesn’t support IPHONE X. Thank You! Also my friend sometimes see my drinking status but isn’t correct !
  • Too expensive 4/5

    By Mama726
    This is a great app and helps you stay on track with water intake. However. For those who drink other things like milk, juice, or smoothies you have to pay 4.99 to unlock. I don’t find this app to be worth that much. $2.99, now we’re talking. There are plenty of other apps that do not charge this much. I could see if it did something substantial but all it really does is add a few more drinks and allows you to enter into other days. Just can’t justify paying 5 bucks for that. They would definitely have more buyers if they lowered the price, or even had a quick sale. Just my opinion.
  • Apple Watch Issues / Great When it Works 2/5

    By HeyMarinaMcC
    When this works, it’s great. However, it freezes up on my Apple Watch all the time. The only way I seem to be able to rectify is to uninstall and reinstall it. It’s quite a hassle - especially for a paid app!
  • Great, when it works. 5/5

    By Webstars6
    Updating my review. The app is working really well and very user friendly! Thanks for fixing the app, love it now!
  • Good tool, bad interface design 3/5

    By cmjhawk86
    Handy tool for recording all my drinks and the coefficient for non-water drinks is very helpful. Reminders are a good prompt but not intrusive. However, I hate the entry screen for adding drinks. The placement of the check mark (which means submit an entry) right next to the customize button is terrible design and I have accidentally submitted several incorrect entries. Worse, once you do that, there is no way to undo or correct the entry. Very frustrating.
  • Great App For Watching My Water Intake 4/5

    By MacKimBo
    Love this app! Notifies me every hour to drink. I did not purchase the upgrade so I only have water, tea and coffee. The price for the full version is too high. If you reduce to .99-1.99 I’ll buy and give 5 stars. But until then, works great, especially with my Apple Watch. This app has not drained my watch battery. I’ve had it since January. There are times when I have to uninstall it from my watch due to not being able to add drinks. Once I reinstall, it works fine again.
  • Family share isn’t working 3/5

    By sichfam
    My husband and I purchased the app so we both could use it but it only works on one of our phones. There doesn’t seem to be a way to look for or talk to support.
  • Pregnancy option 4/5

    By Liveitup0924
    There should be an option for women who are pregnant. I have tried to customize the water that I know I need to be intaking being so, however it always reverts back to my weight. Other than that, it’s a great app!
  • Would be five... 4/5

    By Ksjam
    If I could actually connect to my social networks instead of getting the message “unfortunately you do not have a (insert social network) account setup”
  • I need more water 5/5

    By fatimaycucho
    I recently started drinking more soda and my stomach wasn't having it and today at this moment I'm giving it up for 2 weeks I think this app is gonna help me keep track of that. You guys should try this with me too!!!!!!
  • It’s OK 3/5

    By mckinley.eve.13
    Ok so I love the My Water app bc it helps motivate me to drink the correct amount of water I need each day but I wish that when you put in a custom amount of liquid it doesn’t save that amount...usually when people are putting a custom amount it is bc that is how much their water bottle holds and it could be a water bottle they use all the time. This frustrates me bc my water bottle is sip by swell and it is 15oz not 16 which is what the app has and a plastic bottle that I buy a lot is 16.9 so it’s frustrating that I have to do custom almost every time I add something...
  • Annoying 5/5

    By Timid Sauce
    But so is my health
  • Great App 5/5

    By Angiejal
    This app is very helpful to remind me to drink enough water. I do wish there were was one more option of beverage to be able to add at the free level, but I drink primarily water or coffee, so it works well for me. The tracking is nice too, but I noticed one day all the previous day's totals were higher than they actually were. Not sure what happened there, but, oh well
  • Helped me 5/5

    By 77MiniPhan77
    I’m horrible at drinking water, and I have tried many apps to help me be more hydrated and this one has honestly worked the best. Would definitely recommend it
  • So hydrated 5/5

    By Gary Von Oldman
  • Nice! 4/5

    By Lalalalali1296
    It won't let you add drinks from previous day if you forgot to log it.
  • Meh 2/5

    By Tasha.Camille
    I wasn’t the biggest fan of this. It counts soda and coffee towards your water intake instead of taking from it.
  • All I have to say... 2/5

    By LaLaLiiiz
    Is I didn't get past the part where I thought to myself.. "Hey this is a really cool concept!!! I love this app! I sure wish that I had found this a lot sooner. Then... It happened.. 'premium this,premium that's Aww mannn. You can't even get the benefits of the app at all unless you pay. Even if you are JUST drinking water. Waste of space unless you are willing to pay.
  • Re: Life Rewarding 5/5

    By Tmr123456788
    This app keeps me focused and on task to complete my 30 day challenge of a gallon water or more...I highly recommend it to anyone.
  • Does not give an accurate total of fluid consumption 3/5

    By brentc11
    You should note that this app does not give an accurate total for fluid consumption. Caffeine and alcohol drinks are discounted for water equivalents. This may be appropriate for some but it does not have an option for the real fluid total.
  • Great integration with Apple Watch 5/5

    By Dillasaysgo
    This app is an iPhone essential for living a healthier life. Very clean and intuitive design. Well thought out. Not complicated. It just works. This app keeps track of not only drinking water itself but all drinks you may have and their coefficients. I was skeptical at first could it be really worth a full 5 starts. Yes. Absolutely! Hands down. Get the premium version. You won't be disappointed.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Drewbie36
    Great for keeping track of water and easy to use
  • Crashes a lot, very weird math 3/5

    By Which name?
    The Apple Watch app crashes when I try to add water at least half the time. Also, for some reason it is not tracking whole numbers. Right now, it says I've had 69.4 oz of water today, but everything I've tracked has been 2, 12 or 18 ounces. My goal is 72 ounces but it shows up as 71.69 ounces. It's bizarre.
  • Love the functionality. Doesn’t sync well with Fitbit app 3/5

    By AA4k
    I love the quick functionality to add drinks from the app, but it is not syncing accurately to my Fitbit app. For instance if I record 30oz of water on this app, it records 34.3oz on the Fitbit app.
  • Motivating without guilt tripping 5/5

    By xxblackheartkittehxx
    I like the reminders and tracking setup. I also appreciate that the app sends encouragement with the reminders
  • It’s OK but too slow on watch and buggy 3/5

    By Gto1966
    When you try to add a drink it takes a long time to respond on the watch. Sometimes it takes 5-10 secs before it respond. If you add a drink in the phone, the App takes a while to show up on the watch. The app on the phone tends to crash a lot. Ever since on installing on watch battery life is not as good as before.
  • Killing apple watch series 3 battery 3/5

    By Luha2
    Something happened in January 2018 with this app because it quickly starting draining my apple watch series 3 battery. Ive had this app since purchasing my watch back in October and never had any issues. Then in January i noticed my watch battery was drained and dead in 8 hours. Now, im pretty pathetic with my apple watch, so far i have a sleep app and the my water app on it.. thats it! I called Apple complaining about my battery and they ran numerous tests which took up all my afternoons. I decided to one by one remove my two apps from my phone and do some testing of my own. Yes, the my water app failed... something on their end is causing my battery to die. Yes, i looked into notifications and settings and made adjustments.. still kills my watch in 8hrs if i have the app on my apple watch. Please look into this and fix. This app is part of the reason i invested in the apple watch and at $450 dollars its a bit investment for me. Thank you
  • Great, but premium version? 4/5

    By Ben636365
    I can honestly say that this app has actually helped me start drinking water! The daily goal is motivation to achieve it daily. Just one thing: I wish the free version included more drinks, or at least the ability to add drinks in case I forget, or it’s past 12 AM. I understand you guys need to sustain yourselves, but $4.99? It’s way too much! I don’t mind paying $1 or $2 for the full version, but I don’t think it’s worth $5. Anyways, despite that, the free version is still awesome! Just wish you could add those features or lower the price a bit.

My Water Balance: Daily Drink Tracker & Reminder app comments


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