myAir™ for Air10™ by ResMed

myAir™ for Air10™ by ResMed

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  • Current Version: 1.5.0
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myAir™ for Air10™ by ResMed App

myAir™ is a support program that enables you to track your sleep therapy with your ResMed AirSense™ 10 or AirCurve™ 10 machine (Air10™). Whether you're new to CPAP or a long time user, myAir allows you to easily follow your progress. After each therapy session, your Air10™ machine automatically uploads data to myAir. You can then sign in and view important information about your therapy at your convenience. In addition to personalized data, myAir also provides you with helpful tips and educational videos for long-term therapy comfort and success. myAir offers: • A myAir score showing a daily snapshot of your therapy • Detailed metrics to help track your therapy progress • Automated, personalized coaching and support • Videos and guides to answer common questions • Encouragement to help you stay engaged and build confidence Learn more at Note: myAir is only available for ResMed AirSense 10 and AirCurve 10 devices. For the AirMini™ device, please download the AirMini by ResMed app. iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S are not supported.

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  • myAir 1/5

    By StanJaxsr
    Today makes 9 straight days without a data update. I once loved this app and now I HATE it. Support should allow feedback from users so they can be made aware of what users need. I would downgrade this app from 1 star to NO stars but 1 star is the lowest rating allowed. ResMed never bothers to read these reviews. Write a note to yourself, you’ll get an answer quicker. LATELY it takes a week and a half for the app to download sleep totals. I will be searching for a better app. This was at one time a wonderful app, now it is NOT WORTH THE TROUBLE.
  • Decent app 4/5

    By Cwbaran413
    Gives you info would be nice to be able to enter note on the nights sleep. Ie has cold and coughing, nasal congestion, mask issue.
  • Can’t use it 1/5

    By Ahmahtbychew
    It might be great, but it’s worthless if I can’t successfully set up an account.
  • I don’t need these cutesie badges etc... 2/5

    By msdrpepper
    I’ve been using CPAP for more than five years and this is my second machine. I’m frustrated that the app does not add nap time to the evening sleep times. I took a 20 minute nap Monday afternoon, and then I went to bed Monday night and slept 7 hours (according to my @FitBit app which is Waaaaaay more “accurate” at generating random numbers for my total sleep time than your company is!)... and then the app gives me this silly “score” of like 37 points because I didn’t use my CPAP long enough. I need more sleep - I am a cancer patient and needed this machine because my weight has been diving downward and so I am not someone who is blowing off CPAP use. I saw how well my husband used and still loves his CPAP for over 10 years, before I ended up needing my CPAP. So this whole nonesense of “yippy yay you earned a silver badge” and yet not counting my nap time sleeps and my night time sleeps for my total for a “day” (most places it is a 24 hour arbitrary midnight to midnight spread, but if you are on Israeli time sundown to sundown I’m down with that too.) is total nonsense and not at all helpful information ...
  • Near Useless App 1/5

    By KCKP
    I was just started on an AirSense 10 APAP after five years using the S9 auto set and five years before that on CPAP.. The machine has almost no data, less than the s9, so I looked forward to using the app. The app has MINIMAL data — you slept last night for X hours; you took your mask off or it leaked, we don’t really know so we’ll call it “mask off”; and you had x number of apnea/hypopnea events. Do you want to know that your mask leaked? When? For how long? I’d like to. What was your pressure in the set range on APAP? None of it is available. If you’re a beginner who’s just trying to figure out if you slept with a mask on, and didn’t have a/h events, this app will work; after about a month you’ll find it useless, too.
  • Notification on app won’t go away 1/5

    By Bob_LaBlaw
    There is constantly a red (1) notification on my app icon and it won’t go away. You have responded to my previous review with a solution that has nothing to do with the problem. I have the most current version of the MyAir app.
  • Doesn’t always open 1/5

    By MFideas
    So, this is the third time the app hasn’t opened to let me view my sleep results. It’s been four days in a row too. I’m current on updates. I’m just gonna uninstall it.
  • What’s my pressure? Tell me and get more stars 2/5

    By hconn21
    Really annoyed that both the machine and the app will not tell me an average of what my pressure is each night. That info is being collected through the built in modem, so why is it a secret? I’m not asking to be able to change my therapy, I just want a more thorough snapshot of each night’s usage. Fix this and maybe you’ll get a better rating. Integration with the Apple health app would be great. I use the Apple Watch to monitor my actual sleep patterns of restlessness, sleep and awake periods. Would be great to see this data alongside my cpap data, WITH A PRESSURE READING!
  • Great for Beginner Motivation! But... 4/5

    By rey_fox
    I loaded the app on my first day. I’ve enjoyed it for the past 30 days. When you are starting, it can be hard to wear the mask for enough time without tearing it off. You just need motivation, proof of improvement, a way to know you are on the right track at first. This app does that for the beginner! Now that I’m past the need for motivation, I need information. The machine is collecting all kinds of data that the app won’t provide yet - when apenas occur and what types. More data means you can decide when to change sleep positions or call your doctor for adjustments to settings or masks. There are far better tools available for a desktop computer. Some of that could be shared in this app.
  • Does tell much / Too difficult 1/5

    By DisneyFanDML
    This is as much use as the old machines. The information is too minimal and of little use to the experienced user. The information is good for a new user to understand the issues they can resolve. As an experienced user, the app and the information available tells me very little that I didn’t already know with the old machines. It is also too difficult to change days. Once looking at the data for one day you should be able to swipe left or right to change days.
  • Missing a feature 5/5

    By CometWaves
    Really wish this App integrated with the Apple Health data to track the amount of sleep I get. The data might not be conclusive enough, IDK. I wish it was possible to track naps vs sleep. I am recovering from a medical issue and the App is unable to distinguish the two. It seems to be okay if I sleep, get up for a few minutes and return. In any case, it is a great tool.
  • feature request 4/5

    By Seattle Sleepy
    I like knowing my results of cpap therapy but I would find it useful if the developer could incorporate a ‘notes’ feature into each days results that the user could input comments, i.e. took a certain medicine, felt rested upon rising, did not sleep well, woke with headache, etc. thanks for considering.
  • An app for dummies 2/5

    By Tron1138
    Our CPAP machines have a wealth of life saving data. This app shows very little. Dumbs it down to a “score”, in case any of us are morons. If you buy a data card, and get computer software, you can see what life saving data the lazy app team conceals from you. RIP
  • App same as online 2/5

    By DRGaither
    Downloaded today after using the website for 2 1/2 mos. This is no better. The information is the same and neither gives enough information to change the app equipment useage for the better. The scores are what drive one to check the app and try to do better. Unfortunately, the scores are misleading. The real test is how you feel. I absolutely do not like the personal information requested in the app.
  • Endless loop 1/5

    By firecracker7
    My phone died so I bought a new phone and my apps disappeared so I had to download them again. I can no longer access the MyAir App. I tried doing a new password etc. and it’s still not working. I’m so frustrated. Isn’t there a number I could call or a tech support I could chat with?
  • Update not good 2/5

    By Mterry626
    Since the app update it does not track my hours of usage correctly 😢. Before the update it worked fine.
  • Sleep score. 4/5

    By Blut087
    So for the most part the app is great. I wear my mask all night for the appropriate amount of time each night and it still gives me a bad score. It’s not that I care about the score it just needs to be addressed for accuracy purposes. The only reason my score is low is for time usage. The rest are all max on score. So if ResMed reads this take a look and see if it’s something that can be fixed. Overall good app. Thanks!
  • Works as it should. Thanks! 5/5

    By Twobusy
    Update: ResMed responded to my below review and released an update that fixed the problem. It’s great to have an app to review my sleep patterns. I check it daily. Great app! On iPhone 8, the app tells me I must upgrade to MyAir Mini before the app will load. I have the Resmed 10 with no blue tooth mode. Not a mini. Why would I need to upgrade. So I’m uninstalling this app.
  • Fran C 5/5

    By jumpyleg
    Been using myAir for 7 months. Love checking my daily results and the help that comes. Getting back on because I hit the mini and thought I wanted that app butDuh I don’t have a mini. What more can I say at 85 years old. No more snoring and great sleep. Didn’t know I had sleep apnea until my cardiologist ordered the test thank you Dr Pam N. Took a while to find I use a flat pillow because of neck surgery. Thanks Res med. 😊
  • Very good app 5/5

    Only thing I wish is it had drill down capability. In other words, I would like to be able to see events by hour for the last few days along with the min/max pressure.
  • Wants me to update app, won’t let me 1/5

    By Ooohprettycolors
    Starting a couple days ago, when I open the app it says I must download the update. The app won’t open. So I click the “update now” button which takes me to the Apple App Store page for downloading the app for the resumed Mini. I do not have the mini, but I downloaded that app anyway. That app won’t work until I sync it with my mini machine, which I do not own. So now I can’t access the my air app at all. Please fix it.
  • Forced update, 7/24/18, don’t download mini! 3/5

    By TJB428
    I use this app to get a general sense of my sleep and have a Air-sense 10. When you open the old version of the app it defaults to the mini w/ a Bluetooth connection that CPAP/BiPAP Resmed Machine’s other than mini don’t have. They communicate and upload to your sleep doctor and site via cellular service. Make sure you get this updated version. You should have received and email regarding the 7/24/18 forced update. Just went through process but my old data seems to be intact once you sign in w/ your email and password. Resmed messed up having the old app default to the Bluetooth mini app.
  • Telling me to update 1/5

    By Cathey Bee
    The app has worked just fine until today. It is telling me to update to the latest version. There are no updates available. If I tap “update”, it takes me to the “airmini” app, which does not support my CPAP. The app is useless if it can not be opened.
  • Not good!!! 1/5

    By 7Gbs
    The app worked fine for the first 3 wks. Now when I open it I am told I need to update. When I tap UPDATE it takes me to the myAir mini app which I don’t need. I checked and I am running the newest version, so not really sure what to do. Meanwhile, I am unable to check my scores each day. Very aggravating!! Now I see why the app has received some low numbers in reviews! Because of a problem with my phone I am unable to delete the app, so I am stuck with a nonfunctional app!!
  • My Air App Broken 1/5

    By Tennisdame
    My Air is asking me to update before I can see my results. It takes me to the Air Mini app. The My Air app will not let me update. Now I can't see my results.
  • Show averages 5/5

    By Krithk
    What would be nice if there was the ability to show your average use and AHI rather then looking at the machine
  • Great app, but a few suggestions 4/5

    By Silverstar417
    It’s a great app, although I would like it to display more technical data, such as Total AI, Central AI, etc... I would also like it interface with the AirMini so when I travel (and use the AirMini instead of the AirSense 10) the data from both machines are on the same app.
  • Coaching : other issues re:surgery/Anethisia,sick,coping with splint 4/5

    By Lalalalalalamama
    There should be a way to communicate issues!! I was in a predicament trying to get comfortable and not being strangled by the hose/tube, the sling’s strap around my neck and another strap around my neck for a nerve block!!! Plus pillows to support my arm which was in a splint (plaster Paris craft and heavy!!).
  • The app is great. Could add some features 4/5

    By Microbioguy
    I really like the app. It is nice to be able to see my results on a daily basis. That said, I would love to see additional data that I know the machine keeps and send it to my healthcare provider such as, number of events, number of central events, or other data. It would also be nice to be able to Track my equipment such as poses, masks, filters, and other things. This way I would know when it was time to re-order.
  • Worthless 2/5

    By Soul Chile
    I downloaded this app with great excitement. I thought that this app would be really useful for helping me understand how to get better sleep and how to utilize my machine more effectively. Unfortunately, this app really doesn’t give any meaningful feedback other than telling you how many events you have (how many times you stopped breathing during the night). It also gives you completely arbitrary scores. When you click on each for more information they simply say that they are calculated based on several values - though it doesn’t specify what values are used or how those values are used to calculate the score, rendering the score completely useless since it has no real context. Don’t waste your time with this app, just learn how to read the information readout from your actual machine.
  • Sleep “night” poorly implemented 3/5

    By imMikeWoodruff
    The user/patient should have the option to set a sleep schedule (e.g., “from 10pm to 6am,” “from 2am-8am”). Last night, I stayed up late (until 2am), and thus got no “credit” for my good night’s sleep, and moreover, it could screw up Medicare compliance reporting because it appears that I, the patient, failed to wear the mask for the requisite four hours per night, when in fact, I had the mask on during the entire interval.
  • MEH 1/5

    By ashep78
    None of my data is synching. Have tried the past 6 days. No response so far after reaching out for help through the app.
  • App crashing 1/5

    By Zombie737
    I’ve been using this Approved for two years and now it’s suddenly crashing upon launch in all my devices. I thought it was just my phone but it crashes install on both of my iPads as well! Cannot use the app!!
  • The server is not responding. Please try again later. 1/5

    By benfishbus
    App began crashing on launch for me so I deleted and reinstalled from App Store. Can’t log in. Gives me the above error message. Temporary issue? How am I to know?
  • Good app 4/5

    By Acr21081
    Is there any opportunity to sync the AirMed data with the Apple Health data? It would be great to obtain the sleep data from this app!!
  • Password 4/5

    By Blue Jeans 2
    Since one of the updates my account will not remember my password. Since I have to log in every morning I stopped using it. That is sad because it was a big help for encouragement. It should be my option to have my password remembered or not.
  • Limited data, complicated registration, no interface with other apps 2/5

    By Indiana Ronnie
    To Listener Ruth: let me say politely, but directly, that you do not have the right to dictate to me what my expectations of an app should be. Also, if you’re going to allude to other software that provides more information than this app does, please disclose the names of those apps. I’ve yet to get the first data out of my machine. It’s taken me four days to complete the registration process as I kept getting feedback that there were technical problems. I finally had to delete the first installation and reinstall it to register. It was then that I discovered how clunky the registration process is. It wasn’t until after I registered and disclosed a significant amount of information about myself that I learn how limited the app is. Given the amount of information the company wishes to you obtain from the user, it seems that a great deal of information should be disclosed back to me. Instead, I discovered a cumbersome library and an app that provides me with little useful information. I was dismayed to learn the app would only store two weeks’ worth of information and couldn’t give me any of the data (which is on their machine) previous to the day I registered. This app quite frankly seems antiquated and if this is all the data it can provide, given that it’s taking up space on my phone, it seems pointless. It would almost be easier to keep track of it with pencil and paper?! I love apps and have considerable experience working with various apps and their quirks, so I know the difference between a functioning, usable app and one that is not. This app seems to fit in the latter and not the former category. And, yes, Listener Ruth, I do expect it to provide me with graphs and helpful data.
  • Some data but not deep 2/5

    By PJ20/20
    Having access to good data when you’re new to CPAP can be helpful, particularly in the beginning, when you’re trying to get things figured out. This app has useful, but very limited data, including length of use each night, how much your mask may be leaking, how many times you take the mask off, and how many AHI’s you have per hour. But that’s it. There are some video tutorials, somewhat useful, but again light. There is no links to information beyond the videos, and you can cycle through all of them in well under an hour. Your machine collects much more data about your sleep and breathing each night, but don’t expect this app to provide it to you. Bottom line, the app is limited and could improve greatly by unlocking more of your own data and providing analytics beyond smiley faces.
  • No data. 1/5

    By misslomogirl
    Since the update the app does not sync. “No data available.“
  • Worked only once 1/5

    By staryan
    It is day 4 with this app. I have only been able to see data for on day this week. When I went to trouble shoot on the app it only gave me limited information. make sure the device is turned and and receiving full bars, the more bars the better when downloading data? It was cool when it worked the one time but now I can’t get it to download anything?
  • Experiencing technical difficulties 3/5

    By Jordi Weiss
    App has been working adequately although not sure how accurate it measures my time on BIPAP. For last two days I have been receiving that my data is not being transmitted and then on the app website it says we are experiencing technical difficulties... This is very frustrating...
  • Data 2/5

    By OkieCAGirl
    I have used my new machine for 9 days now. My data was not transmitted to my phone on the first and 8th and 9th day but on the second day it did. Each time my phone was next to my machine.
  • not consistent 2/5

    By Cyanjester
    For the past 2 nights it hasn’t recorded anything though the actual machine has. when it works it is a good app
  • Stopped working 1/5

    By horoth
    All the sudden quit working and no support
  • HORRIBLE 1/5

    By HoneyHolly18
    Absolutely a nightmare. Makes sleeping worse. Constantly have to reregister. Info isn’t being sent to Dr. NO way to test anything. CPAP is next to my phone, which has full bars..yet CPAP machine has 1. It’s not recording ANYTHING And to top this off, I can’t even contact my doctor ( not the apps fault) Biggest waste of $$ and time. Almost been a YEAR AND STILL CANT SLEEP
  • Can’t creat an account 2/5

    By maddy3509
    Some how I cannot creat am account and I live in the United States
  • Great App 5/5

    By ConstableParks
    This is a great app that keeps track of my CPAP “score”. This is data that my old machine would collect only if I took the unit into the providers office. Now, my doctor sees the data without me needing to do anything and I get to see in an easy graphical style how I’m doing. It take about an hour to get the data after I wake up - so what. If you really need the data before then, the screen on the cpap will give you the basics. Great look and feel and it is very helpful. Well executed.
  • Fail, pure and simple 1/5

    By KMasonS
    Doesn't capture data accurately. I have used my machines for over 6 hours a night, every night, for years. On my third day using the app I took a nap for 1.5 hours. The app decided that the nap was my "night" and then completely ignored my sleep period later that evening. My machine recorded my data correctly. Not the app. Fail.
  • Seems useless to me 1/5

    By Rf10
    Just runs you around in circles trying to say what it does without reporting anything. I’ve been using it for more than a year and it reports everything as 1 or 0. It can’t be that complicated to make this somewhat useful. It’s just advertisement.
  • My air app 2/5

    By Teacher Gran
    I deleted this app. I like the medical information. After a month or so it asked for my password which I didn’t know so I went to the website and follow the links to get a new password. Worked horrible. Kept me in a continuous loop. The new password I put in never worked. I finally contacted a person on the phone. They were very unhelpful.

myAir™ for Air10™ by ResMed app comments

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