myAir™ for Air10™ by ResMed

myAir™ for Air10™ by ResMed

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  • Current Version: 1.4.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: ResMed
  • Compatibility: Android
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myAir™ for Air10™ by ResMed App

myAir™ is a support program that enables you to track your sleep therapy with your ResMed AirSense™ 10 or AirCurve™ 10 machine (Air10™). Whether you're new to CPAP or a long time user, myAir allows you to easily follow your progress. After each therapy session, your Air10™ machine automatically uploads data to myAir. You can then sign in and view important information about your therapy at your convenience. In addition to personalized data, myAir also provides you with helpful tips and educational videos for long-term therapy comfort and success. myAir offers: • A myAir score showing a daily snapshot of your therapy • Detailed metrics to help track your therapy progress • Automated, personalized coaching and support • Videos and guides to answer common questions • Encouragement to help you stay engaged and build confidence Learn more at Note: myAir is only available for ResMed AirSense 10 and AirCurve 10 devices. For the AirMini™ device, please download the AirMini by ResMed app. iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S are not supported.


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myAir™ for Air10™ by ResMed app reviews

  • Better app support 3/5

    By BrokeAl
    My machine tracks history and consolidated data to provide averages. When I downloaded the app, my machine had several days worth of use that was not transferred to the app. Further, the app does not have a way to look at average useage. The app is ok, but it would be better if it could grab all of the data from the machine, as well as show graphs from the data, show averages, and so forth.
  • Will not update correctly 1/5

    By Cb0446
    App shows sleep reported usage of 3 1/2 hours however the machine gives me a sleep report that shows my usage of eight is not accurate.
  • Scoring is not right 3/5

    By naz9ul9
    Scoring is heavily weighted to sleep time and then to the mask seal. The number of apnea during the night should have the heaviest weight. Followed by sleep time and mask seal. Doesn’t make sense that I could potentially have no change in the number of apneas per hour from before I used the machine and I can still get a score of 95.
  • Needs crucial updating 1/5

    By Poboywillie
    It would be great if we could define are normal sleeping timeframe so actual asleep is calculated correctly if you do shiftwork. Furthermore this app should be combined with the Air Mini app. That device is a great supplement for traveling. Would be nice to have all my data in one place and have more access to it.
  • Customer support rates a 10 5/5

    By nan.jaxn
    Just received and was fitted for my APAP and couldn’t be more pleased. Tech delivered to my home, fitted the head piece, gave detailed step by step instructions and took the time to answer all my questions/concerns. Totally diff experience than what I had with Sleep Med. Looking forward to a good night’s rest and tracking my progress with this app.
  • App doesn’t integrate on iPhone 1/5

    By Sorcerer2007
    Although RESMED S+ integrated with iPhone Health app this app doesn’t and there are 12 other apps that do but I have a RESMED A10 so I wanted this app to help establish my complete health picture.
  • Password Problems 2/5

    By wolfdancer26
    The app is okay. It gives very basic information with no details. Goes overboard with the grades and badges. The HUGE problem I have is that it constantly says my password is invalid and then I have to make a new one that works one time and then I have to start all over. I have tried closing the app and restarting the phone with no luck. Now I just feel like removing it from my phone.
  • Garbage App 1/5

    By Dude0u812
    It walks you through all the privacy-surrendering language into the second step, where you then check a box to agree to let them have what you hadn’t already given. Hit the “CONTINUE” button over and over ad nauseam and it never progresses. From what I’m reading here, even if you are able to get past this and get the program to complete, they only share a tiny portion of the data with you, and it doesn’t even work with HealthKit(?!?!?). When I lose my insurance (and this machine) will probably look for a used Phillips machine on eBay, seems their app is a solid 4.5.
  • TouchID needed 4/5

    By Scotts27
    Since posting this review touchid support was added. Now I would love to see it share data with Apple health. Also, as a user pointed out a graph view would be great for seeing trends. Glad to see the app getting updated from time to time.
  • Does not work 1/5

    By Gibbemania
    Well the hours it records are meaningless, about 1/3-1/2 ever make it to the server do yeah, duck this app
  • Great app! HealthKit Integration Please! 5/5

    By ShaunMcDonnell
    Love the app but it really needs HealthKit integration to be of use long term.
  • Nope 1/5

    By Rkdoer
    Waste of time. Doesn’t work. All it shows is what equipment I have. Worthless.
  • Pretty good but... 4/5

    By GuashZ
    Would be nice if I can have this app sync with apple’s health data sleep analysis.
  • App making navigating sleep apnea easier 5/5

    By MLGstudy
    This app has been great to have because the companies that Medicare contracts with make mistakes frequently and anytime things change all of a sudden my doctor can’t see my usage. Now I can at leave give him some information, while it’s not the complete picture it’s better then nothing. Thanks for continuing to upgrade the app. Now can you make things more affordable so friends without medical coverage can still get supplies and sleep?
  • Too simplified 3/5

    By WillStan
    This app is still too simple to be useful. I had hopes this had been improved when I received an email indicating a new version was available. This update only seems to provide more push notifications which I find annoying at best. ResMed had at one time a secure website you could log into and obtain detailed stats from your CPAP machine which has been discontinued. I would prefer to have that functionality reinstated versus this overly simplistic app that provides scores I find useless in helping manage my sleep apnea treatment.
  • Nice motivational tool 5/5

    By laker1943
    This app is just a nice simple motivational tool to encourage you to use the machine at least seven hours per night and to allow you to see that number of events you are having.
  • Cleaning 3/5

    By Philsept
    Machines are to hard to clean for people with allergies from mold. And who can afford the cleaning machine that you need for cleaning at least a decent payment play would be nice since it’s not even covered by insurance. I keep a sinus infection half the time since I’ve been using my machine
  • Good but could be better 3/5

    By Sbcgrace
    I appreciate this app as I start my CPAP therapy. Understanding my doctor and insurance company will be reviewing my usage data from this device, I wish I had the ability, as the user, to insert comments on each day about what was going on. For example, maybe one day I used my device for only two hours because I was so stopped up from a cold that I couldn’t breathe through my nose, rendering the use of my CPAP impossible. I hope the app developers are reading these reviews and can add this important piece for better patient to doctor data.
  • Very good/helpful app 5/5

    By Listener Ruth
    When you look at the app review score be sure to read the reviews that give low scores. They are often giving reviews of their provider or their experience with the CPAP, not the app (which this review area is about). The app give you a general overview of how you and the CPAP interacted through your period of sleep. Because it is general information one should not expect to find detailed graphs and other information. The app purpose is to let you evaluate how you are doing and adjust. You may not realize that you have an air leak while you are sleeping. Thus, the app will let you know the next day. At that point you can adjust your mask to avoid leaks the following night. If you want something more detailed there are means to get it through other software. So, use this app for basic info on how you are doing and don't get wrapped-up in the complicated info that the majority of people don't understand.
  • Did not register 1/5

    By Jdwhocareswhatmynameis
    I don’t think this app needs my date of birth. Year of birth maybe, but not the entire date of birth.
  • Needs to have more 4/5

    By SerenityStorm
    My friend has a phillips cpap and the app for theirs is amazing. It goes in to a lot more detail on how many episodes a person has in a night. Tells a person how many total clear airway apneas, total obstructive apneas, and total hypopneas they have each night. I’d like to see ResMed update their app to do the same. Other than being a little behind on the technology of this app, it’s works good.
  • Lacking in so many ways 1/5

    By DMMccoy
    I agree with all of the negative reviews. I accidentally logged off and could not remember my password. Hit the “forgot password” and got a message the system was down. This just added to my total disgust for this app and ResMed. There is no way of getting the information on my computer to keep from having to use the app
  • Junk 1/5

    By Bentcypress
    This app is junk. It does not work at all. Don’t bother with it. I have tried contacting the company and they do not respond. I can’t see any value in having an app that doesn’t work.
  • No support. 2/5

    By GuitarKillaz
    The reason I am giving this 2 stars is because there does not seem to be any support. When I click on support in the email it takes me to the app! Great there’s no support inside the app. I am trying to change the registered email. I receive a confirmation email stating I need to click to confirm the change and yet it still doesn’t work!
  • Good App, but could be better 4/5

    By Conundrum71
    The app is simple to use. It has good information it displays. However, it should improve is information display. The scale of the hours slept is locked to 15 hours, so it’s difficult to see between 8 hours and 7 hours on the chart. Also, it would be great to have the ability to download your data to your phone as an excel file. Good app though
  • Awesome app, but missing one thing... 4/5

    By Slippotot
    I love the app and the data set that it gives. I have been using my machine for a little less than a week, but the gamification of my sleep is really quite fun. I look forward to reviewing my score every morning and the feedback helps me to improve my sleep patterns. However, there is a missing piece. I would love to see integration with Apple’s Health app. Please use HealthKit to allow for this data set to be linked with the rest of my medical data in Apple’s Health app. That would make this app perfect.
  • Doesn't sync Data 1/5

    By moebeerman
    Two days and still no data sync. Horrible joke of an app.
  • Update?? 1/5

    By cpapuser
    I have been using the myAir app for over a year but since the latest update, it won’t open on my iPhone.
  • Health Kit support PLEASE!! 3/5

    By Perrymedik
    If you are using a CPAP then you are likely tracking almost every metric available about your nights sleep. Not having the ability to have this data in iOS Health Kit, where every other quality ‘wearable’ sends its data is frustrating! Additionally, the information provided is vague. I don’t want to know the average “Events” per hour, I want to know when each event was and how long it lasted. Instead of telling me how many times my mask was off, tell me when and for how long. Also allow me to edit events. Maybe it wasn’t that the mask came off in my sleep, maybe I hade to use the bathroom or I was thirsty. Also, adding the option for an alarm if the mask stay off for a certain amount of time so that I can put it back on would be a welcome addition. All in all, the machine works great, but effort needs to be put into making the app just As great. Feel free to contact me!
  • My Air App 1/5

    By Grizzly600
    This app is by far the worst app that I have had the displeasure to try to use. It is "never wrong", as far as resmed and the developer are concerned all users of this app are less than human. After not receiving updates for five days they (res med ) instructions want you to move your CPAP closer to your wifi which now sets five feet from my CPAP. I can hardly believe that insurance companies, medical companies, and Medicare pay for the use of the related programs at sleep centers.
  • Please add to Health kit! 3/5

    By sksmiles77
    I don't always look in this app would prefer to be added to the health kit where I get all my readings from all my apps. Please add this feature
  • Not password manager compatible 1/5

    By eTip
    Amazingly STUPID to not allow you to paste passwords into the app. No one with any sense has a password that can be easily typed so your failure to allow pasting of passwords forces your customers to use crappy passwords thus putting our personal data at risk. Shameful.
  • Decent App 3/5

    By Big Russ
    Should have an option to add reasons for not using mask...hospitalized, returning child to college, up writing essays for college, illness, etc. Since this therapy matters, the option to add context should as well. Device data seems to take a while to upload, often over an hour. Would recommend this app because it allows you to see how you are doing. Not quite in real time, but daily.
  • Score definition 4/5

    By jjmcieee
    Isn’t that the weighted average of the type of the events? If you scroll down, you can see the individual number calculation. Simple and informative. Jjmc
  • Great support app 5/5

    By Jerry Cowboy Jones
    This is a great app to monitor your sleep with my Resmed unit. I wish I could raise the min. 7 hour sleep goal that it bases the sleep score on. I like to sleep a min. Of 7.5 hours nightly and would like the ability to be scored on that benchmark. Again it’s a great app.
  • Please fix 2/5

    By mike110hurdler
    I like the app to let me know how I sleep at night. It’s a lot easier and faster than getting on my computer in the mornings. However, the update two weeks ago just causes my app to crash and not even open. Please fix!
  • Over 3 Hours, Still No Data! Lame. 2/5

    By Dark_Athena
    I’ve been waiting for over 3 hours for the data to sync. I doubt this is an app issue versus an equipment/backend problem but it’s still lame. They’re basically touting a worthless app.
  • Please add swipe 3/5

    By Hhicd
    I’d like to see them add a swipe left/right feature to page through the daily summary values.
  • App Does Not Work 1/5

    By Mike&Sonija
    This app is garbage. After creating an account and attempting to login I was immediately faced with a “incorrect password” error. I changed the password but to no avail, still no success through the app. Logging in through a mobile browser on the other hand works with no problems. I am aware of not being the only one with this issue, just saying...
  • App not working 1/5

    By Ebby04
    I can’t really rate the app because after I registered it never would let me login. I tried resetting my password thinking I fat fingered it and it told me I couldn’t use a password that I have used in the past. If I am getting a glitch before even using the app then I can’t imagine the problems that I would have if I was successful at logging on.
  • Can log in 2/5

    By No free books I wanna read
    What’s Wong with this app. I keep having To reset my password but it always fails and tells me my email address or password is incorrect each time . Fix it [email protected]&)(:())[email protected]!?,,)&77!
  • Only good reviews allowed 1/5

    By sarcastically thrilled
    Good riddance
  • No Data 1/5

    By Dgcolindos
    After this update, my machine and app do not talk to each other. I get “No Data” and a reference to unhelpful troubleshooting information that does not fix the problem.
  • Problem with Mask on/off calculation 4/5

    By Zysman
    I just loaded the latest app version. Says I took my mask off 5 times last night. That didn’t happen. Needs fixing This only happened once so it must have been me. I’m modifying my review.
  • Need more access to data. 2/5

    By Flying sombrero
    Needs better access to data. Very basic view. Would like to see a timeline or something that would align data from machine to another sleeping app or just sharing data in general.
  • Selling your info! 1/5

    By NorCalAl
    Now that the equipment is web enabled and we have an app, ResMed is going to sell our actual contact information. Not just anonymous data. Any attempt to change your settings or stop it requires you to login and ACCEPT THE TERMS OF THE NEW AGREEMENT! So no opting out without first agreeing! How deceitful is that?
  • App is not available for iPad 3/5

    By DAE Sr
    I use this app on my iPhone but app states it’s compatible for iPad does not come up in searching for app on my iPad
  • Need to fix it 1/5

    By mzwannie
    I just updated this app n it won’t even open
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Hewalkedonwater
    I have had the resmed airsense10 for almost 4 years now. I absolutely love it. This app seems to work well with my machine and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you
  • Can’t get past the registration screen 1/5

    By Mggtymllt1
    I would love to be able to use this, but it has bombed out when it asks where you live- and doesn’t give you any choices or scroll through menu. I’ve tried to do this a couple of times, and the app closes and I lose all previous info. I’m pretty disgusted with it.

myAir™ for Air10™ by ResMed app comments


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