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myAT&T App

Now, staying on top of your AT&T accounts is much easier with the myAT&T app. • Check data usage: Want to keep tabs on your wireless or Internet data usage? Open the app to check usage on the overview screen. Or, use our today view widget to keep it constantly visible. • Pay your bill: Never miss another payment. View/pay your bill in the app. Tell us how and when, and we'll let you know when your bill is ready. • Upgrade your phone or plan: Pick it up in the store, or have it delivered to you. You can also make changes to your plan right from the app.

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  • ATT app 5/5

    By sh0804$$
    Love the App simple to use all information you need an paying the bill is 1-2-3 done.
  • Unable to log in or change password 1/5

    By bludoy
    Unable to log in to check status also only able to log in one time after changing password
  • Why does the app have to redirect to the full site? 1/5

    By MrAlex2You
    This app (both the previous version and the current update) redirect me to the full site if I want to update my internet plan or get additional details about my usage. Initially the links appear unresponsive, but they’re not - just EXTREMELY delayed. When I have to select my account from the full site through the app, I can’t see the “continue” button. The site doesn’t scroll enough to show the button so I’m unable to continue. The same thing actually happens through the site on my iPhone, so I’m sure it’s website related, which leads me to my question of why does the app require a redirect to the full site? Yes, it’s possible for everything to be integrated into the app because other major corporations do it.
  • This app is awful! 1/5

    By The it guuurrrlll from ky
    This app is awful! It’s absolutely ridiculous how bad the AT&T app is. I don’t remember a time when the app actually worked correctly. I have to exit the app and reload it constantly every time I try to pay my bill which doesn’t help much anyways. Because it will not scroll down the page, this is an issue for everything I try to look at on this app. I can only see the top part of any “page”/tab I open because it will not scroll down no matter what I do. My app is up to date, my phone is up to date on all also takes forever to load/open somethings if it opens them at all! Fix your app AT&T!!!
  • Accesibilidad es difícil 2/5

    By Lynit Dyaz
    Deben hacerla más sencilla
  • $$$$ 1/5

    By backdoorbob69
    AT&T could give a hoot about THIER they’re only worried about getting our money. In addition to this their customer service is very very poor. Whenever I have an issue, I get pawned off to some call center in a far way land to people who can barley speak English, which ends up only making matters worse. If I had the choice, I wouldn’t even give them 1 star....
  • Hate the updated app 1/5

    By Rastamomma.NOLA
    I don’t like the look of the app update (white background rather than blue), I also don’t like that have to now take extra steps in order to see my phone bill.
  • App doesn’t update 2/5

    By Eric ^
    It’s May and the app show bill due Jan.
  • Needs Improvement 1/5

    By Froger207
    This app used to work perfectly but after making some “improvements” it doesn’t work well. The information is unreliable. It doesn’t update balance or next due date. It also freezes while retrieving balance.
  • Payment process using your app 5/5

    By birthday hirl
    So very easy, very friendly. Now that’s the way to pay a bill!!
  • Terrible ! 1/5

    By Mohammad Fathi Alsaghir
    This app gets worse and worse everytime wow
  • Last update 1/5

    By qerhjikffhbbxgjkbcdeujc
    Old style better w bill out front
  • Rip off 3/5

    By Mr4170
    Over charging
  • App 1/5

    By Valle G
    To many bugs takes to long to load🤦🏾‍♂️
  • Can’t get anything to work 1/5

    By Speckmath
    Trying to check my account and my data and none of the links respond. Totally useless!
  • Love it 5/5

    By chrro0
    At&t forever
  • App doesn’t work after the recent update. 1/5

    By Nem-Nem
    I tried uninstalling and then reinstalling the app but I still get the blank white screen and not get to my account overview page immediately. I thought this problem got fixed in the most recent update.
  • Melissa Davis 1/5

    By MAJ Davis
    This is the worst app I have ever had. It never works quickly or correctly. I always need help. Even tapping the stars went wrong!!!!!!!! I would not even give it one star. I doubt anyone will ever read this or respond to the review. AT&T is the worst!!!!!!! I hate AT&T and if I could get another service I would immediately. Unfortunately where I lived, no other type of service is available!!!!!
  • Awesome 5/5

    By FenixPJS3rge
    The only downside I have with them is if the gigabytes are going over instead of leaving messages I wish they would call! My kids play their game and have went over & i don’t know until I’m already in debt! But other than that they are awesome
  • New upgrade 1/5

    By BigWormBigPerm
    Newest update is basically nonfunctional. Will not load my account. Worked well before
  • Difficult 1/5

    By lw1196
    Getting access was difficult. Even to send the review was difficult
  • Fire the head of engineering for this app 1/5

    By sath06
    This is the worst app i have seen so far. So much paid to UX/developers. Do they have ever tried this app?
  • For a tech company worst app ever 1/5

    By DOGsoldier17
    The app never loads, I am a long time att customer . I always have to go to the website because the app never loads when I want to see account details, bill details or anything else
  • Fix the issue!!! 1/5

    App asks to send security code and just freezes. No code. Go back to the original. Update for nothing. Fix the problem!!!!!
  • Confuse 2/5

    By Must_Ash
    Not easy to use.
  • New App 1/5

    By TheCatsClaw
    I just want to pay my bill. Already purchased. Shame you turned it into a store.
  • Sad start 2/5

    By Jenzdimom
    The app can only tell me that a month ago my balance due was zero. Selecting support and going to my account on the website clearly shows I have a balance due. Looking for my account overview spins and locks so that I have to close and reopen. At the moment I’m really missing the app BEFORE the updates.
  • Bad service 3/5

    By Futbolista15
    I went on vacation last week and I had trouble getting signal on the way there, while I was there and on the way home
  • Your new app 1/5

    By your new app
    It made me feel like I was going to AT& versus to my account to pay a bill I had a hard time finding a place to pay my bill it took me four four tries for different days the past week
  • Slow service app 1/5

    By hicock 44
    Worst app I ever used for anything.😡😡😡
  • What Happened to This App? 1/5

    By Dahminator1991
    This app used to be incredibly easy to use. I mainly used it to pay my bill and track data usage. Since the app updated last week, it has been rendered useless. All I see is a spinning circle indicating the app is loading, but nothing happens, even after several minutes. Additionally it says my payment was due in April, despite the fact that I paid that bill and am attempting to pay my May bill. This is extremely frustrating and seems like others are experiencing similar difficulties. I have the app so I don’t have to mess around with the website.
  • Slow system now since the upgrade 3/5

    By Milto53
    It used to be I could open the app, and it would update my usage and notifications and “NOT” require me to log in “EVERY SINGLE TIME”. I hate this app now. Trouble is - since AT&T insists on paperless, I have to use the app. Very frustrating.
  • This is for the birds 1/5

    By eally mad customer
    Confusing and useless
  • Spotty, unreliable and most expensive service 1/5

    By Jon-12345687654
    Service is spotty and unreliable. I have to reset my iPhone X several times per day to get decent speed. Even lightly inside buildings, the service slows to a crawl and often drops calls. For being the most expensive carrier, the service should be far better.
  • Crappy merger 1/5

    By 001678
    You decided to merge my direct tv and att together. Well now I can’t get on to my direct tv and your so called tech are idiots and English is not one of their languages spoken. I will go to another company for my phones and cable sounds good now. Good by.
  • This app needs serious work 2/5

    By 70GSjosh
    Please ATT/Directv or whoever is running the show get your stuff together. None of your apps work properly, they close constantly and have tons of bugs If you are going to combine att and directv then why do I have like 8 different email addresses and passwords? Why not make everything one acount with with log in name and password? Please simplify this or go back to having to separate apps, the old directv app was great, the att one has always been bad
  • Train staff the same 3/5

    By SassyazE
    I don't know if there is a breakdown between stores, stores and corporate or if the employees are not getting the training they need from the start. There are always those few ppl that just don't care, but it seems to go way beyond that. I have never walked into my local AT&T store and seen the same person twice, not once! If you call, it's luck of the draw, you may get someone that's extremely helpful, answers all your questions, professional, helps in anyway possible. Then you call the next day and all of a sudden they are not allowed to do certain things, and the nice, helpful person you talked to the day before, well they were not supposed to do that and act like they have given company secrets away!!! Even some of them that try, don't have a clue as to what their doing. PLEASE, there has to be a way to be more consistent. One day I can ask a question about my account with the correct password, the next day, it's changed.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Starbucks Guru
    Best service!
  • No help with disaster 1/5

    By help 506
    I was affected by Hurricane Michael and AT&T disconnected my services. When I finished my home repairs AT&T started me as if I never had phone services. Credit check and new application was required. My phone bill ran $250 til $330 each month. I’m totally disappointed

    By BigThelonious
  • AT&T App Review 1/5

    By kelleyd
    The app is annoying because I have to log in 2-3 times before it accepts my password!!
  • Terrible since update 1/5

    By Nicco throckhammer
    App hasn’t worked since the update. Cannot pay bills, cannot see the bill. Isn’t worth installing. Help center is just as bad as the app. Wish I could give no stars
  • Can’t get to the essentials 1/5

    By Amigo123456789
    Want to pay your bill using this app and that’s it......too much’s keep it simple and don’t bombard us with advertisements.
  • Why change 1/5

    By PMT625
    I was perfectly happy with how the app was a new change the entire app don’t like it
  • Data update 1/5

    By amylee163
    Hard to update the data..
  • Non function 2/5

    By moneyphone3
    I have to keep trying to open the management of my account section over and over. The App Keeps Telling Me To Try Again. It is very difficult to go straight to contact and chat.
  • The widget stoped working ! 1/5

    By ElBarto247
    The only reason I got this app was for the “data usage widget” that AT&T has on the iPhone. Unfortunately it stoped working months ago. I have given AT&T time to update but mum is the word or even acknowledgment that their is a problem. Tired of waiting and plan to delay the app until the fix their broken widget problem.
  • Brutal 1/5

    By jefe618
    Slow, glitchy, unhelpful App is joke
  • Payment 1/5

    By fhjddfy
    App did not allow me to schedule payment

myAT&T app comments

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