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myAT&T App

Now, staying on top of your AT&T accounts is much easier with the myAT&T app. • Check data usage: Want to keep tabs on your wireless or Internet data usage? Open the app to check usage on the overview screen. • Pay your bill: Never miss another payment. View/pay your bill in the app. Tell us how and when, and we'll let you know when your bill is ready. • Upgrade your phone or plan: Pick it up in the store, or have it delivered to you. You can also make changes to your plan right from the app.

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myAT&T app reviews

  • Slow and not connecting. 1/5

    By biscocolili
    Not connecting. My internet is soooo slow. Also keeps breaking off
  • Multiple failed login attempts 2/5

    By Bob Cztwin
    Especially while roaming or on wifi while traveling overseas, keep getting error until I can find or install a VPN to pay my bill. Then before I can finish transaction it kicks me off and I have to log in again. Nobody else makes it so difficult to pay them!
  • Long term customer: 1/5

    By I'm done with it!!
    ATT/Direct TV do not understand that one will effect another. Direct wants to increase there price on the low income customers and I can’t see paying 60.00 dollars a month for nothing TV. When I drop my TV service I’ll drop my phone service !!!!! It will be good bye to AT&T also.
  • Ready to give up totally!!! 1/5

    By pattibarz
    If I could give a negative star rating...I would. Since AT&T merged with direct tv I am constantly pulling my hair out monthly to sign into my at&t internet account. Since I keep a great record of my passwords, I can’t seem to understand why it tells me every month that it doesn’t match. When I go to forgot my password (even though I know I have the correct one) ends up changing my direct tv one. When I sign in most of the time it sends me to the direct tv page. Or it tells me I am using my direct tv email & password to try and sign in.....and their system is not quite ready for that. Well then the 2 shouldn’t have a tie together at all. I do not have hours to spend on phone!!!! I’m about to change service companies for both tv & internet. It shouldn’t be this confusing to pay a freakin bill!
  • Great We like the app 5/5

    By chasscasey😭
    It seems to switch between accounts easily
  • Confusing 2/5

    By tiptoeGSXR
    It’s a little confusing for me...I have a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury). Too much info on a tiny screen, you know? (I only have my cellular device)
  • Customer Since Analog days 4/5

    By Aquapets
    I have been a long time ATT Mobile customer dating back to before digital and I had to change my number to get a digital phone and service. Well over 25 years ago, long before Cingular and then back to ATT, I never even changed my simcard during the few years of the Cingular name. I have 2 separate accounts all this time and I have always loved the service I get from not only the cellular coverage but mostly from the person service I get from the staff whenever I have called customer service. Admittedly I would call monthly to make payments or payment arrangements (once they started charging) Now for the App I find it very helpful for making payment arrangements and setting up a direct payment from my bank account once information is in it’s easy to change what account to pay from The notification of payment overdue is helpful and the easy access to everything about the account it nice things like data usage is right there in front of you and easy to see I would suggest that making earlier notifications like a week or so before bill is overdue would be helpful Of all the apps I use for things this app is really the easiest and best I have used
  • Customer service 1/5

    By Eldo7
    I wish I could give zero stars. This company has the worst customer service than any vendor I have ever been in contact with. Nearly impossible to resolve an issue. If you have any other options take them.
  • Can’t setup 1/5

    By aenigmaz
    I can’t login to the app. My user is and password work on the website just fine but I can’t proceed within the app.
  • Poor app 1/5

    By funstuffxyz
    How can we continue to stay on top of things when the app continues to crash? Need to update and fix the bug that’s causing us to not be able sign into our accounts.
  • Can’t pay my bill 1/5

    By Jayswt122
    AT&T get it together. I can’t log in via the website or myatt app, why not? I haven’t had problems the past 10 years logging in and paying via either of these means but now you want me to mail in payment or go by an AT&T store? That’s not progressing that’s regressing and I don’t understand why you have let this happen. Get it together
  • Not happy 1/5

    By addys grandy
    I have been trying to access my account to view my bill for over 30minutes and I still can’t get into my account.
  • This is a Mobius app 1/5

    By jonesthingNYC
    It just keeps taking me round and round in circles. I can never accomplish the task I want to achieve.
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By Bean Minister
    App consistently crashes , has even caused me to pay late fees on my bills because it doesn’t process my payments . The app will only load my information when it feels it should , every other time it just crashes and puts me back to my Home Screen . This app is complete garbage .
  • Timing out untimely 2/5

    By Coors1
    App timing out during a customer service conversation, erasing entire conversation makes it difficult to address billing errors. It just adds to the frustration.
  • Terrible service 1/5

    By kmstaiger
    The chat app keeps crashing and assigning me to new agents, the when I finally got ahold of a representative they hung up on me when I asked for a transcript of the call....
  • Super easy app 5/5

    By cynthiassilva
    The app is really easy to use, fast, and I can keep track on how much internet we use.
  • Horrible customer service 1/5

    By Petagay Davy
    I’ve been getting charged for Direct tv on my Bill, although I disconnected services in October. Calling the main number to discuss I was transferred twice because it’s a “unified bill” then I was placed on hold and got a Spanish speaking voicemail with no assistance, just horrible.
  • Awful 1/5

    By b1993t
    They make it so hard to get to anything your looking for. Half the time my app won’t update and shows the wrong month. Constantly signs me out when I click anything.
  • Hard to pay my cellphone bill 1/5

    By ohsphdohdogs
    I do not like this app.
  • Several options to please consider 5/5

    By pbick1967
    Please Add HULU to the App Store Do not drop FOX NEWS, OAN and Newsmax. Thank you
  • FYM! 1/5

    By shdbdnsks
    The worst company on the planet. Go eat a bag of a million dicks!
  • Changing scheduling w/o approval 1/5

    By gftyihvxd
    What happened to putting the customer first?
  • Looking for a balance on amount owed on devices. 1/5

    Cannot find out how much I owe on my IPhone 12’s. Not happy.
  • My three accounts 2/5

    By whatmetired?
    No longer showing up.
  • No Sirve 1/5

    By buena pero no sirve
    No sirve ...
  • You guys charged me twice . 1/5

    By gmendez1127
    So y’all charged me a late fee for being a day late (that was on me ) but then y’all also charged me TWICE a couple days apart including the late fee . I wasn’t behind so I don’t understand why y’all charged me twice . Annoyed
  • Billing 5/5

    By G_MonSTAR
    I like this app and it’s functionality. It’s easy for me to see how AT&T screws with my bill every month. It’s never consistent and they can’t seem to figure out how to automatically apply my promotional discounts appropriately after an upgrade...SMH. Its a constant outbound call to billing. It’s almost intentional...
  • Convenient! 5/5

    By pathallsd
    Appreciate being able to access and make changes to my plan from my phone- thanks!
  • Sllllloooooowww 1/5

    By RobynWC
    Slowest app ever when trying to review a bill. I can not get the pdf version of the bill to print.
  • Poor web site 1/5

    By Gardsup
    This is without a doubt the hardest website or app that I have to navigate. I try my best not to use it.
  • Bad 1/5

    By Rafael160874
    Bad service
  • AT&T is always a beat down 2/5

    By DFWKK
    Any time I have to deal with AT&T is a total beat down. Nothing ever goes smoothly and when you finally have to call or chat with someone it is so frustrating. They talk like robots and recap the situation over and over. Why can’t AT&T hire customer service agents that can talk to us normally??
  • Bill, service 3/5

    By Eaglefeathers62
    Service is good but the bill is just way too much.
  • MyAT&T 5/5

    By HCI5164
    Your app is great allows me to pay in advance and I love that I try to pay bills quarterly and this is a big help. Thank You
  • Making a payment 1/5

    By Marleeann
    It is virtually impossible to pay your Bill online
  • Cannot activate new phone 1/5

    By Takes to long to set nic name
    Cannot reach anyone and the AI is useless. Get hung up on, you’d think att was better then this
  • Can’t even view wireless account 1/5

    By applefan0699
    I don’t want to see my Direct TV account I want to see only my wireless account, and I can’t! 2/22/2021 Still can’t see wireless account, when canceling a order 10 time it still shows up on my order status page as processing, this morning all my devices went offline, took 2 1/2 hours to get them back, unreal
  • Erica was the BEST!!! 5/5

    By Ncscums
    Erica was fantastic!!! Pleasant, knowledgeable, professional and kind!!!!
  • Viewing bill 1/5

    By Q-Dogg77
    All I can see is the direct tv bill. How do I see my phone bill? I should be able to see both when I view my acct but all I get is crap for directv
  • Not Happy 1/5

    By ok if you want to play
    I have been with AT&T for many years. Loved them. Now, I find the company is getting to be too difficult to deal with. I can’t use their app for some unknown reason. It keeps telling me I have logged out when I trying to log in. I have explained to the customer service technician that I can’t log in and they have no idea why. Changing the password doesn’t help. I’m told it’s because I have an old Bellsouth email. I also had Uverse. It was great until I received a bill that was double. Seems they don’t notify you when your contract runs out. I canceled as soon as I got the bill , but was told I still owed the bill. I refused to pay it so now it’s in Collections. This goes on and on. I bought 2 phones where the deal was buy and get one 1/2 price. When I checked into it for the credit I was told I had to pay the phones off first then I would get the credit. That hasn’t happened yet.
  • Review 1/5

    By JonE662
    Trouble with all devices
  • Can’t use app anymore 1/5

    By Wizard of Skype
    Can’t even log in. The app gets confused between my AT&T and DirecTV logins and sends me into an endless loop. Every time they update the app, they break it. Need new IT
  • Log in 1/5

    By Jeepgirl11227
    Your log in process is not easy
  • App not good 1/5

    By app67
    This app is definitely not good. Hard to log in, it is almost useless. Truthfully I would think that the company providing service would have something much better. Have I said already, definitely disappointed with the app, service and everything else about att and direct tv.
  • Our bill 5/5

    By hanibull
    Bruce was very helpful & professional. I am computer ignorant.He helped me with everything I didn’t understand ! Jack J Horwath Jr
  • Customer service 5/5

    By Dette143
    Anytime I have a problem I called customer service they are courteous considerate and a well listener. I’ve been with AT&T since 1994 and I will stay with this company because I always get excellent service.
  • Everything is terrible 1/5

    By AVL28804
    In my experience, AT&T is the most incapable company I’ve ever experienced. Nothing they do works. Their apps, automated operators, staff members... it’s all ridiculously horrible.
  • Poor service 1/5

    By elvis4 ever
    On hold for over 30 minutes. Never spoke to anyone!
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