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myAT&T App

Now, staying on top of your AT&T accounts is much easier with the myAT&T app. • Check data usage: Want to keep tabs on your wireless or Internet data usage? Open the app to check usage on the overview screen. • Pay your bill: Never miss another payment. View/pay your bill in the app. Tell us how and when, and we'll let you know when your bill is ready. • Upgrade your phone or plan: Pick it up in the store, or have it delivered to you. You can also make changes to your plan right from the app.

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myAT&T app reviews

  • Yes it is 5/5

    By Suckitsanta
    So easy a caveman can do it
  • Very difficult 2/5

    By Jumbo pp
    I oft times feel like I’m going in a circle when I use this app. I got a notice that they were in app purchases and when I try to track them down it is nearly impossible. The app works. It does not crash. It is just difficult to use
  • app 1/5

    By Dotsyg
    Sorry but there is something wring with the att app as no matter what i do i cannot get into At&t app
  • Very let down 2/5

    By atthastrickme after 14 years
    Unlimited not clean cut I am elite program and it supposed to up to a 100gbt but now it says that is only 8.2 gbt not sure and mad that my net is so slow
  • Getting help is awful 1/5

    By christyc57
    I can’t get internet to connect to a new tv and I am also getting a text saying I owe 505.00 when I am on auto pay
  • Frustrated!!! 1/5

    By leggomeggo93
    I got two huge bills for Internet and phone. I was not told that there would be TWO huge bills, only one. So I’m trying to figure this all out but I can’t see my phone bill on this app, only internet! I’m gonna pull my hair out! About to switch back to t mobile
  • Needs to be updated 2/5

    By PeytonRob
    This app is old, it looks old, feels old, and runs like an old app, compare it to Verizon’s app it’s modern fast not confusing. This app doesn’t even look like an app it looks like it’s just running the website in a crappy window.
  • Won’t load 1/5

    By Akins1264!
    Won’t load at all
  • Poorest app on the internet 1/5

    By pknbhitdx
    This app is slow, unresponsive
  • Issues since October 2019 3/5

    By Michele Hackney Hodge
    My most recent experience with Hannah via chat and Kendall via phone was awesome If the issue is taken care of and the other 25 previous people and countless hours I wish I could say the same. It’s been constant issues being my account was in disaster mode. I have spent multiple hours on the phone and at one point one call was almost 5 hours which is insane to say the least. As if being put out of my home wasn’t bad enough the issues with being billed for services not used and so forth is just uncalled for. Your constant price increase as well is just beyond normal however I hope this issue is resolved. Being a customer service manager myself the last two representatives were awesome and I pray my issue is resolved and your equipment will be returned tomorrow. Thanks to Hannah and Kendall both, for their professionalism and customer service. We always hear the bad and never any good so other than this being on going problem their help was actually awesome to say the least. They should be recognized and I hope they have handled my problem moving forward. This will determine if we use you guys at our new home.
  • Loads forever 4/5

    By kaxfrs
    When clicking sections for more details, the page loads FOREVER! I tried closing down the app and trying again, same issue. I’ll try hours later and it works, not sure what causes this.
  • Not impressed 1/5

    By Wallysears
    Complicated hard to navigate
  • ZERO STARS 1/5

    By lukeydoomom2019
    I had them cone out and install an extra genie for my sons room. They told there would be a one time charge of $99 plus the $7 monthly fee. They won’t wound up charging me the $99 twice . I’ve called 3 times to fix this problem, they say they fix it and to wait a couple hours for it to reflect on my account. Every morning when I go to pay my bill, that extra $99 charge is still on there. Now my account is getting way past due, so they are probably going to cut of my service and I’m gonna have to go without and probably have to pay a reconnect fee because of their mistake that they refuse to fix. If I could give them zero stars I would. I do not recommend.
  • Takes forever!!!!! 1/5

    By RomanticOnr
    Trying to change my cable plan has taken Forever!!!!! Poor internet connection and too many delays accessing a simple feature!
  • Hate Hate Hate 1/5

    By Ilovescruffy
    Why I hate AT&T: AT&T is the worst company that I have ever had. Overpriced, deceitful, liars........ I think company must be run by Satan. Why I like AT&T: Nothing at all
  • Crashes every time 1/5

    By MsGardner
    This app crashes every time I try to use it. I’ve up dated. I’ve deleted and re-downloaded. Never works.
  • Reception 4/5

    By Dee-Dallas
    I don’t understand why reception is so slow in my home.
  • Slow and useless 2/5

    By HMF SF
    This app is so unbelievably slow and often times out or send you in circles. For the amount of money I pay in cell service you would think it would be important to provide a decent platform to check on your account but no. It continues to have soooo many issues. It is very frustrating.
  • Always down 2/5

    By helloagain98
    App looks nice and is organized well but doesn’t work half of the time and you can’t view bill or pay. Same with ATT’s website which is always down.
  • I hate AT&T 1/5

    By Robsmith1234
    Worse service ever
  • Service 1/5

    By Clap12345
    Your Directv service and functionality online is embarrassingly poor.
  • One of the worst applications I use 1/5

    By Allbadnicknames
    Pathetically slow Un-informative, bordering on fradulent Slow It’s terrible to use since it is extremely slow. For example, you told me I was selected to fill out a survey if I wanted to. I said yes, after over 3 minutes I then received a message asking If I would rate the app - was that the extent of the survey? Un-informative AllI I want to do is upgrade one of my phones. So I tell the app which phone I want to upgrade and they show options with prices BUT it totally unclear which price are for upgrading and which are for other things. For example, looking at the “price details” for several of the phones it says you can save xxx$ by switching from another carrier, etc etc etc which give her monthly price shown. You know I want to upgrade a specific phone, why are you showing me phones/prices that do not apply to upgrading a phone Then there are the prices if I want to add a line and get unlimited service. Great I understand the offer but it’s not relevant to me. I have a two person household with two phones (plus other equipment). I am happy to know I have the option to get a lower price for the phone if I get another line but I don’t need or want another line. All I WANT TO KNOW IS WHAT ARE THE MONTLY PRICES FOR THE VARIOUS IPHONES I AM CONSIDERING UPGRADING TOO. YES LOOKING AT EACH PHONE SHOWN AND CHECKING THE PRICE DETAILS OF EACH ONE I CAN EVENTUALLY FIGURE IT OUT (At least I think I can I decided not to go on an idiotic treasure hunt)
  • Terrible Customer Service 1/5

    By XTYXZ!!!!!!
    We hate att phone and direct tv !!!! In processing of switching both. Customer service is horrible!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Ayuda por término de servicio 5/5

    By luis garced
    Ayuda...!! Estoy cancelando el servicio de Directv por motivos urgentes, soy cliente de AT&T por muchos años, tengo cuatro líneas de celulares más una tableta y el servicio de DIRECTV, nunca me hablaron de que tenia un “contrato” y la señorita que me atendió me dijo que tenía que pagar una multa de $110 más impuestos por terminar el “contrato”, por favor AYÚDAME, no tengo trabajo y he sido cliente fiel de ustedes por muchos años. Evíteme ese pago o multa de “contrato”que nunca me hablaron cuando tome sus servicios...!!🙏🙏🙏🙏
  • Needs to be worked on 1/5

    By Matis86
    This app constantly logs you off for no reason
  • Internet service 1/5

    By bcjdjdjwofkfhriwoakfjf
    I have been trying to get internet at my house for TWO days! Every time I call it’s always something. They told me they don’t provide at my address even though the previous owner had AT&T and all the boxed are hooked up! I guess they don’t want more of my business. I would love for someone to call and get this set up.
  • I would give this app a zero if it were possible 1/5

    By skyehigh59
    Pretty poor when you can’t even navigate the site without getting stuck in cowled spinning limbo
  • Att 3/5

    By tiffffbeeeee
    The website moves slow and sometimes takes a long time to update accounts information
  • Claims 1/5

    By oscar duran dernandez
    I have already called and we agree that I owe you NOTHING I don't know why 85; 88 $ come out I also told them that I will not pay ANYTHING because I DO NOT owe them because I did not receive any service I already spoke with EQUIFAX AND TRANSUNION and they are only waiting for them to go up to Colection because I am not going to pay them ANYTHING I repeat because NOTHING I owe them
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Beck dad
    Tried for four days to log in to my email and the web site(app) is absolutely terrible. Will not allow me access even though I know my password and I’d. Is there not an easy way to call and get help!!!!!!’
  • Wont let me link my account 1/5

    By Blackie 1313
    Wont let me link my account so I can’t see my accounts
  • AT&T App 1/5

    By Fed Up # 2
    Once sign in. App will not let me review my bill. Keep indicating my account is not linked. Said I must bundle my account. Very frustrating !
  • Under their Thumb 1/5

    By Nika3131
    The way AT&T controls how you can payoff a device (phone) is disgraceful- taking financial decisions out of consumers hands causes resentment and hesitation. AT&T will find customer loyalty a problem in the very new future if it’s not ALREADY! Wireless is extremely competitive and AT&T doesn’t seem to understand working with patrons inspires rather than dictating to them. David N
  • Service is terrible 1/5

    By ATT Garbage
    The satellite service is terrible compared to Dish. Automated service to pay your bill is down often along with the App. ATT is very technologically challenged.
  • Deseo tener 5G en mi I Phone 5/5

    By julioluis10
    Envíen la señal 5 G aquí o díganme como puedo recibirla o qué plan debo tener para recibirte el 5G aquí en mi hogar Carr 972 km 1.9 Bo Mariana Naguabo, PR 00718 - 2979
  • Worse company, worse customer service ever . 1/5

    By eydls
    Worse experience ever . I have been with at&t for more them 5 years And it has been the worse, time to go back to spring.
  • App not working 1/5

    By Mbat38
    Why close midnight the AT&T app not working?
  • Lousy support 1/5

    By Wild Buzz
    Signing in to myATT is impossible! You keep begging me to pay online or go paperless and I can never, ever, set up an account! I’m tired of having to wait in the ATT store to pay! My contract is nearing an end and I’m seriously considering change to another company! The local ATT store says they can’t help me with this issue. What?!
  • Worst customer service 1/5

    By attsucks74
    Spent over an hour on the phone with them to simply have them cancel long distance being made from the phone. They said they could not do it and I would have to do it online still can’t do it, advised they would call me back still no call back. Worst customer service inexperienced service people very sad company
  • Never connected 1/5

    By Older woman 63
    I had no connection to how to get hbo max. Held on for minutes.
  • Frustrating 1/5

    By tired 😡
    It’s ridiculous that when u want to talk to a representative they transfer you to some one out of the country and u can’t hardly understand what they are saying and u still are u able to get access to your account.
  • AT&T 2/5

    By lit wal
    I cannot get no internet on my phone.
  • App doesn’t even work 1/5

    By RJCJR1775
    I have tried this app off and on for over a year. I can log in but then nothing happens. It is completely useless.
  • Login Loop 1/5

    By Kerrigan888
    Stuck in a login loop. Face ID literally takes me to a log in page which loops me back to another log in page. I’ve reinstalled the app to no avail.
  • Internet Down 1/5

    By frustratedgoatonaboat
  • Terrible 1/5

    By arlened
    So difficult to sign in ..I just want want to pay my bill geez
  • Pay bill 1/5

    By gb Bi tru
    I’m just trying to pay my bill and I can’t even get into my account.
  • La mejor 5/5

    By chito juarez
    100% At&t
  • AT$T Service 3/5

    By Camuson
    I’ve had this service for about 20 years, never switched! Service isn’t very good in a lot of mountainous areas compared with other carriers. AT&T is very expensive comparatively speaking. Sometimes I wonder why I stay loyal and yet pay way more for similar, or less, than what other carriers charge.

myAT&T app comments

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