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MyBSWHealth App

Baylor Scott & White’s MyBSWHealth app gives you the ability to manage all of your healthcare needs in one place. Within the app, you can: • Find doctors and locations in your network and schedule appointments with ease • Securely communicate with your care team • View lab results and past visit summaries • Review and pay bills • Complete a telehealth visit and get a diagnosis and prescription on your smart phone without leaving home • View deductible, out of pocket max, and claims information if you are a member of the Scott and White Health Plan • Transfer or refill prescriptions at BSW pharmacies • Upload health and fitness data, including data from the “Apple Health app”, when enrolled in self-tracking programs • Manage your family’s healthcare needs from a single place The MyBSWHealth app is just one way that Baylor Scott & White is making healthcare the way it should be.

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MyBSWHealth app reviews

  • App not working when it was recently updated 1/5

    By Ra.Na.
    I was very happy using this app as it was a quick way to book appointments for myself and my kids and also make payments and Check lab reports. It also helped me to communicate well with my doctor. Until recently, when I was prompted to update this App, and after updating it, the App keeps crashing and doesn’t work at all. Kindly fix this problem. Thank you.
  • Not as User-Friendly as I Thought 3/5

    By jhmills99
    I have used this app for probably 2 years w/Southlake Family medicine and it has given me no issues until now. It let me schedule with a doctor who wasn’t even in the office so my appointment got cancelled but I was never notified until I showed up. I scheduled again with a different doctor but that appointment, again, was cancelled without me knowing bc I was a new patient to that doctor. I’m not sure if this is the app’s fault or my doctors office but it was pretty infuriating. From now on I will use it for everything other than scheduling appointments.
  • Dark mode breaks messaging part of app 3/5

    By Waco man
    See my title. I think devs need to update and test this app with dark mode enabled.
  • Watch your billing statements 1/5

    By iiitttcccc
    Poor care, poor follow-up, lack of response back, dishonest, very slow, takes weeks before you get labs,results etc and there is no accountability, they make false promises, no communication with other clinics in same building, a 5 minute physical. Do not trust them. Please watch everything they do and notice what they don’t do. Their website only reports the best reviews
  • Developers- please fix messages glitch 4/5

    By Cybree2006
    When I open the app after I receive a notification that I have a message. The messages section says no new messages, all caught up- but when I click on “see all” There is the new message. This has been an issue for a while now. The new glitch is that when you open messages everything is black like it was blocked out. But when you click on it, the message appears but not the top information. Oh one last thing, the new feature to add a dependent keeps giving me an error “sorry. Something went wrong. Please try again later” Please check these issues out and fix them. Other than these issues listen above I love the app! It’s be great! Thank you!
  • New version 2/5

    By The Spotted One.
    You can’t read messages on the new version.
  • Last Update 2/5

    By Shockfast
    The last update has made it where you can not see messages.
  • Emails are hard to read on iphone 2/5

    By whatnicknamie
    When I go into the app on iPhone and try to read messages the screen is mostly black! I’d love to send you examples but have found no way to send feedback directly to anyone who would be involved in app support!
  • Message Center App Bug 4/5

    By LdSmalls
    When dark mode is enabled, I can’t see the title on my messages in message center.
  • No Longer Works 2/5

    By Music5982
    Nothing loads anymore. Keeps getting error messages. Useless.
  • Used to be great now worthless 1/5

    By Bobrobyn
    I used this app all the time to access my lab records, medications and to send messages to my doctor. I opened today and everything is gone. I searched and can’t find anywhere to bring all that back. Only option is to link BSW pharmacy or book Urgent care appointment. Why did this change? App is worthless now.
  • Can’t respond to messages 4/5

    By ccs_1982
    Since the last update I cannot respond to new messages. A nurse requested MRI info from me, but when I tried to answer the message I couldn’t select a subject or type one in the spot. This prevents you from being able to respond to answering messages as well as canceling appointments because you have to select the reason why you’re canceling it
  • ???? 1/5

    By Kcolvap
    Been using for quite a while now with no problems but updated and text messages are whited out accidentally sent message to wrong doc and I don’t need this right now going through MS crisis. Should’ve never updated
  • Great app but I worry about privacy 4/5

    By KJ131
    I want the option of granting access to my information or locking access, per HEPA rules and regulations.
  • Can’t send pdf to provider 3/5

    By Casual user 1984
    One of the main reasons I downloaded this app to my iPhone was to be able to easily send PDFs of my iWatch ecg files to my cardiologist. But alas, one can only send images. One can do that on the bswhealth website using Firefox, but not with this mobile version.
  • Convenient 3/5

    By Taanzaa
    I have found the app to be functional, but some options don’t work. For example, I tried to download my doctors note and I got a blank page. Other than that seems to work well.
  • It’s only a cold! 2/5

    By DK 2
    Most everyone who fills out the questionnaire gets a “don’t worry it’s just a cold” result. Including my sister who tested on her own and is covidvirus positive!
  • Trying to get in 1/5

    By sydney122
    Hi, we’re trying to get tested for covid-19 and because of this app that’s stopping us! It first off never gave us a bar to put a username in just an email. When I finish registration and try to sign in with email it will not work. And when I press “forgot username” I enter all of the information CORRECTLY, I’ve checked 10x, it says none of that is in the system! OK so I go to make another account with the same info because we need to get tested as a physician so we can go back to work. It asks if this other email is the same thing (click yes) and it’ll take you back to log in and again doesn’t work. Click no and it’ll take you back to the login screen anyway. This stinks and I wish there was more help with this!
  • Behind the curve S&W 1/5

    By Janeofthehillcountry
    Are you taking into consideration Community Spread of this virus? Because it seems you are not allowing the test for Covid-19 unless there has been international travel. You diagnose upper respiratory infection when there are no sinus issues whatsoever. Weird.
  • Wow 5/5

    By Jnarbs3
    I usually don’t leave reviews but wow. The UX is buttery smooth. Hats off BSW.
  • Rating 5/5

    By chief "D"
    This site is incredible. I can do almost anything on site. Communication with Dr. Is just great. If I need a new refill or need to schedule appointment, I can do it from anywhere. Thanks!
  • Prompt Lab Reports 5/5

    By TXbeachgirl
    BSW-College Station’s timely lab results provide much needed information for the patient. At the close of each report, the patient can write a question to the physician for even more information exchange.
  • Not working 1/5

    By Javie79
    It’s not up to date I can’t see my app then throw the website
  • Informative portal, quick response from Dr 5/5

    By fran1456
  • Whoops!! App not available 1/5

    By VbS13Tx
    This this the message I get everyday. I have no pending updates, I have tried turnoff my phone and back on, my software is up to date- even tried deleting and reinstalling the app. ??
  • BSW Patient Potral 5/5

    By Dar_66
    This BSW app is so convenient, reliable and stress free. I love the way in which I can view all of my labs & test! Then without making an appointment I can ask or voice my concerns with my doctors without making appointments. This saves time & saves money. But also, it is comforting to have doctors reply without going through a third party. And the doctors reply in a very reasonable time frame. This is the best experience I have had in my ongoing medical care! 👍👍👍for BaylorScott&White who truly care about their patients!
  • Excellent application, until you have a problem and need to re-enter your birthday. 3/5

    By Shelly Saturn
    I’m trying to request my username, but there’s no option for the 31st of October. It goes 28, 29, 29, and 30. I’d like to give it five stars because it really is a wonderful app, but I can’t until I can use it again.
  • Can’t remember life before this app! 5/5

    By It was good but not good cv
    Honestly I don’t know how I managed my five daughters’ medical needs before this app was available for full clinical services ranging from refills, appointments, records and more! Now with the recent update it seems that we can start e-visits which means we’ll make the 2.5 hour commute from San Antonio much less frequently, saving even more time and increasing the expanding conveniences offered by the app to the general public! I have maintained my childrens’ medical care with Scott & White for 17 years now and considering their excellent staff of pediatricians, and their optimal performance of medical services, it’s been worth the extra time and effort needed for the past five years since we relocated out of the area to keep them under the S&W family medical care program! So not only do I recommend S&W but it’s app also deserves a hands down, five star, two thumbs up review imo!
  • Review 1/5

    By delores burk
    I have had this for 2 years and still can’t access it. I’ve called the help line and they can’t help me either.
  • Needs. Notifications for messages 4/5

    Would give 5 start if there were a notification option say for messages
  • New S&W app 1/5

    By Upgrade this app
    The old app worked fine. New version of app was upgraded. It does NOT work! Terrible app. Needs to be upgraded!
  • Medications list in my chart that I can review with out a eCheckin 5/5

    By Sunshinejean69
    Please put back the medication tab
  • Lousy app worse support 1/5

    By tpshtk
    I got this app so I could communicate with my Dr. Guess what is doesn’t work, and no one in the IT group has been able to help. I will probably have to change doctors now that all communications are via this app and it does not work!!!!
  • Scott and White 4/5

    By mayermayor
    I’ve been going to Scott and white for over 5 years, I got the app after I made an appointment. I’m unable to view my upcoming appointments. I’m also unable to read any of my mychart messages that my doctors have sent me.
  • Does NOT support iPad ... Boo! 3/5

    By SMac85
    I use this app frequently on my iPhone and find it a useful tool. But it does not support the iPad—it appears on the iPad as an iPhone app in vertical mode only. Will not work in iPad’s horizontal mode. This is not a BSW problem—it is an issue for the app developer, Epic. But BSW, please try to light a fire under Epic to make an iPad version of this app.
  • Unreliable. 1/5

    By Zhyanthan
    I keep getting emails to view messages in the app from a Baylor team member, but there is no place to access the supposed messages. I’ve also tried on numerous computers, and there is no way to access the messages they keep emailing me about (with nothing more than a button that links to a broken app). The app sometimes updates my credentials or physical. Sometimes, it removes something stating it is not yet completed when it has been even approved by the doctor to update. Terrible app. Stop emailing me, too.
  • Very convenient 5/5

    By Jdkdinekdd
    Great app. Very convenient. Easy to use
  • Last update 1/5

    By Ajdtymco
    Last update messed up pharmacy access. Please fix . I can’t order refills or check on status of prescriptions.
  • App 3/5

    By firelandon
    Can’t get the app to work without activation code
  • Balance 2/5

    By ihateithere58
    A major flaw in this app is that it doesn’t tell you your real balance until you click on the zero. So I thought I didn't owe anything until I got hit with a huge bill at the end of the year. It would be better to display how much is owed as soon as you look at your balance
  • E-check in 3/5

    By MommaBee5
    I’m confused about the purpose of e-check in when you still have to check-in 🤷‍♀️ Made an appointment through the app in the morning, went to the appointment and used the app to check-in, to then be told you still have to check-in at the desk. Creates more work for the patient.
  • Confirming Appointments 4/5

    By bigred555
    Love the app except unable to confirm appointments, as was available before.
  • Excellent health app 5/5

    By Rsm660
    Very easy to use application. It does it all!!
  • Slow - 3 dots always loading 2/5

    By ChrisChillz
    Simple things require long wait and load times
  • No Landscape view for iPad 2/5

    By al5z
    App is OK but it doesn’t work in landscape view.
  • Cant access notes or results 2/5

    By Lucesociator
    When I travel or move, I am unable to access reports and results of tests of my condition to show other providers. This is mainly a listing of past snd future appointments and encounter codes. It is useless for conveying my health information to other providers.
  • Honey 1/5

    By homestyle chick
    Great doctors and staff. App is a piece of junk. Today in the waiting area I ask people to raise their hands if they had trouble with the phone app. Amazingly everyone raised their hands. Why do I have so much trouble getting connected? I don’t have trouble with any other apps on my phone. I have tried for 4 days and even tried to call tech support and that call would not go through. What is the deal????
  • Baylor Scott & White Tx Spine and Joint Hospital in Tyler 5/5

    By Adscud
    I want to say thank you to Dr. Goodfried, Paul and their staff , my day nurse, Melanie and night nurse, Beth, and everyone that made my surgery and stay a positive experience! I did not meet one person that was not a professional! The best place in Tyler, Tx!!
  • How do you switch profiles? 3/5

    By Strosbros
    My son’s account is linked to me account. I can make appointments for him and I can see his messages. But I can’t see his billing for some reason. I have to log on to the website which from my phone tries to direct me back to the app. If this was available or more easily found I would have given more stars.

MyBSWHealth app comments

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