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MyChart App

Use your existing MyChart account to manage your health information and communicate with your doctor on your mobile devices, including Apple Watch. With MyChart you can: • Review test results, medications, immunization history, and more • Stay in touch with your physician • Manage your appointments • Upload health and fitness data, including data from the Apple Health app, when enrolled in self-tracking programs • View and pay your bill • Access your family's health information You must first create an account through your healthcare provider's MyChart website. If your healthcare provider is not listed, or if you require support accessing your existing account, contact them directly or visit their MyChart website for more help options. Remember: If you need to log in to another account, simply log out and add a new organization using the My Organizations option from the menu that’s accessible from the upper-left corner of the screen. You can then swipe between them to log in to the one you need! Have feedback about the app? Email us at [email protected]

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MyChart app reviews

  • Simply awful 1/5

    By N/A 1234
    1. For years there has been a bug in iPads using landscape mode. Seemingly no plans to fix. What are you going to do to support iPadOS coming in September? 2. No dark mode support. Are you planning to support iOS 13?
  • Last update won’t run. Don’t update. 1/5

    By Mr. Sir, Sir
    It worked before the update. Doesn’t work at all now.
  • MyChart 1/5

    By Krwest99
    Nothing about this app or program works. I did exactly what it asked to sign up. It does not remember my account or username or my password. Most useless app I ever used, Totally worthless!!!
  • Needs IT support 1/5

    By Kylie55
    I hate this app but have to use it to interact with MY DOCTORS. The issue is, a doctor suddenly appeared at the top who will NOT see me. Like they literally sent me a letter discharging me as a patient due to my being on Medicaid. I had seen this doctor for years previous to My Chart. I find it extremely upsetting to see his name and such up there like when I go in to messages because he is NOT a provider to me. But NO ONE will assist me in removing him. So until that happens I give this app a big fat 0 for horrible customer support actually worse than horrible apparently non-existent.
  • What?? 1/5

    By azmeema
    This wants me to get refills on medications that I don’t take and lists doctors that I have ever seen. No thank you! Azmeema
  • Used to be good 1/5

    By Cliffdwllr
    This app used to work. Now the phone can’t load test results or messages at all. It just tries to load and then I get an error message. The computer website works but just barely. Even my doctor cannot get his to work. Please fix it. It was a great app when it was working.
  • Obtuse 1/5

    By Dread Lord CyberSkull
    While the long awaited integration of HealthKit is a welcome addition, the app's obtuse interface makes finding it impossible. I can't tell if supposed features of the app are missing, disabled or what (or unsupported by my provider?). The UI needs an overhaul. The app supports notifications, but not badges or sounds. The notifications need to have more information, such as “new message” or some such as the current “there has been an update” message looks more like the app is telling me there is a new version in the App Store. A badge showing me the number of unread items is sorely needed. There is no support for Apple Pay for making my copay and paying other bills. This makes making payments quite frustrating as the current payment interface is quite poor on the iPhone. Touch ID doesn’t work very well. After a few days it expires and I have to log in with my password (an affair more complicated than it should be) and set it up again, negating the convenience of the feature.
  • Not so good if you have multiple providers 2/5

    By DebbieP357
    Rochester NY has two major health care provider groups (UR Medicine & Rochester Regional). The MyChart app lets you access both groups, but you can’t easily switch from one to another (you have to sign out, then sign back in for the other group).
  • So so 3/5

    By 64otis
    I’ll try again, last one terrible
  • Updated and now 404 error 1/5

    By Frustrated judge
    I updated my app, and now I get a 404 error when I open it. Perhaps something to do with conversion from DeanCare to SSHMC?
  • Works for me 4/5

    By AyaniELF
    Maybe depending on your hospital, results may vary. For my mother’s hospital this works great so I can monitor when she has appointments and keep tabs on her medications. The only issue I have is with emails to her doctor. Either he’s not receiving them or ignoring them. There’s no way to verify if an email I’ve sent was actually received, let alone sent properly in the first place. I hope this can be revised in the future.
  • Test information 1/5

    I called to find out the results of a follow up blood test I took after not hearing about my original blood test for a long time. Instead I got this useless way to sign into my records which did not show any test results nor would I have known what it meant without some note from my doctor. Completely unsatisfied!!! Satisfaction is getting worse trying to send this! And two more tries!
  • Needs Desk# 4/5

    By Slicknik79
    It would be great if the desk number shows up in the appointment information as well!
  • For quick reference, lil Info 3/5

    By mtcolors
    App is ok for quick info, Improvements deff can be made. Info is limited. When you get a notification you have a bill / owe money, amount owed is given not which Doctor it is coming from. But app serves its purpose.
  • Server Error 2/5

    By _lea/
    It never works. Half the time I try to login it says server error
  • Needs majorly improved! 1/5

    By Clarkvivo69
    We all know the good things about it! Here’s the bad: 1. My biggest pet peeve is how you CANNOT read notes from a visit through the app with an iPhone or iPad, like you can online. I mean WTH??? Why not? This really needs fixed ASAP. 2. Editing meds and dosage is a major pain and many times doesn’t get changed even though somebody says it has been changed at the Dr office 3. The app asked me to click on a link to “verify details of today’s appt,” and there’s nothing to verify after clicking. 4. I also work at Duke. It keeps giving me flu shot reminder even though I already got it done thru work. We need to be able to change this to reflect its done. 5. It also needs to connect to my kids doctors so it sees when they have had their flu shots as well. PLEASE FIX THESE THINGS!
  • The app serves no apparent purpose 1/5

    By fjpoblam
    The “to-do” list is a list of nagging reminders for health procedures, with no linkage to procedures performed at other locations. (I do not and will not put all my eggs in one basket for health care.) The to-do list does not allow editing by me, and thus continuously shows items left undone. It is worthless. Further, the billing reminder leads me to a screen on which a balance of $0.00 is due. The enduring reminder which cannot be deleted is worthless. I can go to the website when I wish to pay a bill online. As for usefulness of the app, I must suggest, NOT.
  • Like but could be better 5/5

    By Ma'Dom
    I love the app but wish it did more. I cannot make a dr appointment, the feature isn’t working right on my phone. The one thing I wish is if multiple doctor chains could use it. I’m signed in to my Hendricks Regional Health but my other Dr with St Francis uses it to but I can only use the app for one. This would be epic if I could swap from one network to another. I still haven’t figured out how to add multiple dr from one chain. 8/5/19 Since my 3 star review above, they have updated the app and now I have the option to switch. Thank you! You have 5 stars now!
  • Won’t open 2/5

    By Candles430
    Can’t log in says terms and conditions can’t be loaded... then shuts down- I’ve re- downloaded it twice still does same thing!
  • Bad app 1/5

    By tazzio123
    Tried it, and couldn’t login. The hospital couldn’t even get it to work. Maybe they can get it to work with some tweaking
  • No todos hablan Inglés 2/5

    By Antopn21
    Deberían poner la App también en español no todos sus pacientes hablan inglés
  • My chart 1/5

    By 10271962
    Won’t load on new iPhone
  • Absolutely useless 1/5

    By Wallsisalls
    I receive an email that my test results are in. Open the app. Open the test results. See a message that reads “More information for this test result is available on the website”. Open the website. Result aren’t available there either. Why in the hell do I even have the app???
  • Oops! There was a problem communicating w the server 1/5

    By westcststruttin
    48 hours is this error message. Deleted & reloaded. Still won’t work. Not a password issue as I can do through safari and still log in. So I’ve reported this to UCI Health who recommended (demanded) I download it for HIPAA compliant emails. I’m deleting it as it’s useless and taking up unnecessary space. Kind of a joke as it onjj worked about a week or so.
  • It can NEVER pull Data just errors out 1/5

    By jmanriquez66
    Have used this app for quite a long time, great access. Now though all I get are errors. It can never pull data or connect to server. Does not matter if I’m on WiFi or cellular. Seems that they are putting a pretty face on the application but killing it usefulness. If you all actually read these reviews I believe it’s time to refresh you folks working on this app.
  • iPad issue 2/5

    By Sd08NC
    Finally deleted it from m iPad because it doesn’t support landscape format. Useless if you have a keyboard in use.
  • Superb app does everything I need 5/5

    By mmayberry
    This app is an absolute necessity. It does everything I need to manage my health care on a daily basis. I can see test results, order medication refills, schedule appointments, and pay my bill. But the most useful function is messaging. I can contact my doctor, my nurse, or anyone on my care team. I don’t feel like I’m interrupting more important work and they don’t have to respond immediately. That said, I almost always receive a response same day. Health care is a very complicated topic. This app makes managing it simple.
  • Apple watch error logging in 3/5

    By Saya1001
    Worked on Apple watch first time. Had to re-pair watch and now unable to verify passcode. Resetting passcode does not since problem. Did something change?
  • Great app but... 4/5

    By HenryOfHonolulu
    It’s a great app but it would be even better if it had Apple Pay.
  • Broken if you manage someone else’s care 1/5

    By Bgiese
    I added my child to my account so I can manage myself and my child. The app will no longer open because of a proxy error.
  • It wasn’t what I hoped it would be 2/5

    By Take a bite, gently
    Okay, so the ability to add multiple Epic-based facilities so you can have them under one app is a good idea. Also linking between medical facilities to share your medical data is good too. This is great if you have a specialist that would want to see you lab results instead of ordering them separately, making you pay again for the same lab tests. But the lack of TouchID or FaceID protection is awful. There are no settings to add that so you don’t have to log manually into each faculty’s access. Common data such as from various lab results for different doctors cannot unify as one chart to see trends in one place. Instead, I have to swipe between facilities to view that separately. One of the other medical facilities I use was listed to be able to be added, so I did. But it warned me that the access or log in was not secure so that made me really nervous. Maybe this app will be better later, but for now I will use each medical facility’s app and keep the security and convenience of FaceID logging in. — Update: the developer said FaceID is supported but that each health system determines it through their own app. The standalone app for my provider does support it, but when access for that provider is through MyChart, the FaceID feature is not there.
  • Love the utility, but the app has some glitches 3/5

    By wilglide
    Great app for communication with PHY and office, staying on top of medical/meds history, ordering meds etc, however I’m receiving 3-4 notifications per day that I have a new bill, but none exist after access the application.
  • Bill pay 2/5

    By jlosted74
    I cannot see bills from more than one hospital. I want to pay my bill for Ochsner and University but do not have access even though there is an option to link the two.
  • Okay 2/5

    By TaurusTheBull91
    Can’t schedule a doctor appointment, can’t e check in. I keep getting an error about the server.
  • I love it 5/5

    By youtube-mememeeja
    I been using this since it has first dropped. I love it. It’s 2019 and a month or so ago I went and logged in and it say I have messages when I click it just stay sitting on loading like what’s going on even the website I can’t get through to see messages
  • Poor design 1/5

    By Dior356
    Great idea but poor design. What I am inferring is the name; My Chart. You can name it whatever but for me I only use 1 hospital and rely on the apps hospital name to remember. My Chart does nothing for me. Now if there is a way I could change the app name that would be great. I know I know....I can create a folder on my iPad with my hospital name but that will not work. You see, I already have a folder on my iPad named medical and that is where I keep ALL of my medical apps. With the design as such your forcing people to set up files because of capturing a name. Now just imagine if all my medical apps decide to do the same thing as ‘My Chart’....nightmare!!!
  • Needs a LOT of work 3/5

    By mwalker
    While it will be good to have information in one place, this app is still less function than the John Muir app was a long time ago. Why can’t I use TouchID/FaceID to log in? Why doesn’t it dump reports to my Apple Health app? It’s frankly ridiculous to have to move backwards to a less-functional app. These guys need to get their act together. Three stars because it (at the very least) provides my test results, even if it’s a pain to get them. Edit: it seems, from reading other reviews, that the excuse is “it’s not us, it’s the individual providers.” I say, if you can’t get the providers on board, you shouldn’t have released this app!
  • need facial recognition security for login 3/5

    By tapastartorate10
  • BAdddd! 1/5

    By Lisa "baby" shorty
    I used it for two three days at most, I have to go to internet to use it
  • Always have to go to the website 2/5

    By elroy07
    I ended up deleting the app because a lot of functionality is missing and you have to sign in through the website to see it.
  • Support 1/5

    By Williang3
    Impossible to get support unless it’s normal office hours so if you’re waiting for important results you have to wait until Monday when a physicians office can fix it. Should be able to fix anytime. Extremely disappointed
  • Important Features Removed 1/5

    By TicklesTapeworm
    With a recent change, I can no longer send messages to my dr, nor set appointments. This must be done through the website now. There is zero reason to keep this app installed due to the removal of these features.
  • App does not perform 1/5

    By Winthrop gal
    I can’t get into my information because there is a flaw or glitch that Safari cannot read . Therefore this application is worthless to me. Am I the only one it affects?
  • Too Complicated! 1/5

    By Mrs. Clutch
    I detest using this. It’s way too complicated.
  • App features needed 3/5

    By 200 in1 app
    On MyChart in the messages section when I slide to the left only delete comes up and not hide. There needs to be a hide button beside delete on every message so that the message doesn’t have to be deleted and doesn’t have to still be showing up on the screen. Then messages would be uncluttered and clean out the message section on MyChart.
  • “Your data cannot be retrieved at this time” 1/5

    By Bizill
    This app is absolutely useless. Roughly 80% of the time, I get the message “your data cannot be retrieved at this time” when trying to check messages, medications, appointments, etc from Providence Health in Oregon. If I’m really patient, I can keep hitting the “messages” button, watching the wheel spin for about 30 seconds, and maybe after 8 or 9 tries I can see them. But if I’m anywhere near a computer, it’s far faster to go directly through the website.
  • Was great, now it’s useless 1/5

    By E191843
    It hasn’t worked in a month. I keep getting emails telling me to check it but when I do it won’t connect, says I have to be connected to a network. Well I am. It happens during both cellular data and WiFi. Useless.
  • Unable to log in 1/5

    By Hezmana
    When I enter user name and password, I get a pop up that says “terms and conditions could not be loaded at this time”. Have not been able to get past this screen. Developer responded to my review say8mg it is the Healthcare system problem. So why have the app?
  • Terrible user experience 2/5

    By Audiophilz
    Update: Developers responded to this feedback. Hoping to see some improvement. iOS cannot recognize the password autofills. No Touch ID or Face ID Appointments are not front and center The whole thing looks like a mini desktop screen with icons

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