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MyChart App

Use your existing MyChart account to manage your health information and communicate with your doctor on your mobile devices, including Apple Watch. With MyChart you can: • Review test results, medications, immunization history, and more • Stay in touch with your physician • Manage your appointments • Upload health and fitness data, including data from the Apple Health app, when enrolled in self-tracking programs • View and pay your bill • Access your family's health information You must first create an account through your healthcare provider's MyChart website. If your healthcare provider is not listed, or if you require support accessing your existing account, contact them directly or visit their MyChart website for more help options. Remember: If you need to log in to another account, simply log out and add a new organization using the My Organizations option from the menu that’s accessible from the upper-left corner of the screen. You can then swipe between them to log in to the one you need! Have feedback about the app? Email us at [email protected]

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MyChart app reviews

  • Obnoxious 1/5

    By oOoLeilanioOo
    Won’t let you login to older versions to just get done paying bills... who knew forcing updates that we don’t need was more important than receiving money.
  • Bill payment issue 3/5

    By Garri123456
    You click the “Billing”, you chose the Amount, next page asks Payment Information, you fill credit card information out and then nothing, dead end! only “Back” and “Cancel” appears, but sorry, none of those buttons won’t help me to proceed the Payment! Where is the “Next” button ??? Please put that button there that I could proceed my payment! (This issue only in App version, on website it’s appears)
  • Buggy 3/5

    By kfloody
    I’ve been trying to use the “schedule appointment” feature and it doesn’t work at all. The user experience is extremely poor. When you click it, it takes you to a screen that looks like a tiny web sign in page with no additional directions.
  • This app is poorly developed 1/5

    By iEpic2.0v
    Im using MyChart for BMC and i cant pay my bill. One thing which i need this app the most i cant do. How do i pay my bill? After i have given my info i have three options to close, cancel or go back. Where is the submit or pay button? Come on Epic you can do much more then this crap.
  • Needs work 3/5

    By Juliam1930
    I cannot make an appointment for one of my providers with this app. It only allows me to make an appointment with my primary care provider. I then tried to make an appointment five weeks out with my primary care provider, and it wouldn’t let me. I do think it has many plusses and is convenient. I just wish they would fix these issues.
  • Love the update 4/5

    By *sely85*
    I like the fact that I know everything that is going on with my health far as results and etc also the fact that I can now pay my bills on there as well that is a plus
  • Its Ok 1/5

    By Mizzladixoxo12
    I love using apps because of the convenience, however EVERY TIME I try to use this app it says “oops we were unable to load terms and conditions” therefore not allowing me access into my account via app.
  • Doesn’t actually connect to your doctor’s office 1/5

    By zerodark
    If you like pretending to talk to your doctor, and pretending to make changes to your medical/medication information, this is the perfect app for you. But anyone who actually wants or needs a good app to communicate with their doctor’s office would need to look elsewhere, and avoid this steaming pile of crap.
  • Not all epics are alike 2/5

    By Blakkwene
    The one that integrates with my iphone health has outdated information and it causes issues confusion with my non epic providers. The epic providers I see all the time won’t integrate into application. I hate flipping back and forth especially when this supposed one stop application is already provided on my phone.
  • Test results not viewable 2/5

    By mmtng02
    Despite the fact that the results are “available” on MyChart- they are not there. Indications of “messages” to read in MyChart are not available. Disappointing app.
  • Happy with this. 5/5

    By jojov2005
    I’m super happy to see my test results and upcoming appointments. This is a great app and I’m happy I signed up for it. If you like to check your lab results and ask questions about any health concerns this is a great app. Love it.
  • Fix the orientation 1/5

    By Deep River
    Fix the design flaw that requires portrait orientation. It is a lot easier to hold a tablet in landscape mode, at least for me, but it should be the users choice. At this point in time it is easier to login using a browser.
  • To get that 5th ⭐️... 4/5

    By AppleJack1963
    - Allow notes to be added to a doctor appointment for discussion during the visit - In addition to allowing image attachments to messages, allow PDF attachments to messages for transmitting forms - Add the means to send feedback through the app
  • Billing center on app needs major improvement 2/5

    By M ONeal
    While I appreciate UCLA trying to offer a mobile app to make things convenient for patients, this app (and it’s web platform actually) needs to majorly revamp the billing portion. For example, the app (and web portal) will update you that you have a bill due, showing a balance but then proceeds to take days to actually upload the statement explaining what the balance is for. The bills are usually due within 21 days so this lag is troublesome given how long it takes for insurance to respond if there is a problem with the bill. UCLA in general makes the billing process difficult by separating charges as “hospital” (which also include routine services like blood tests, xrays etc.) and “physician,” but this just adds another level of frustration to an already complicated system.
  • Can’t even use it 1/5

    By tabbycat07
    Downloaded this app to help track things on the go. When I try to log in, I get an error that says “Oops, can’t load terms and conditions!” So it’s just a dead app.
  • Nothing but problems 1/5

    By Daviodiva
    I have had glitch after glitch trying to get my account established! A lot of error messages. It says to call your doctor’s office...they said to call a main MyChart number for their hospital system. Then my code was invalid. Then I would click the link in the email the doctor’s office sent me and it said it was an invalid link! I finally got into my account because the dr office set up the account for me with a temporary password. There seems to be no place to change my password. The app is NOT user friendly. There are no back buttons or even a home button. And this was my 2nd account. I already had one with a different hospital system. The setup for the first one was equally a nightmare to set up.
  • Disfunctional app 1/5

    By sailorsd
    Unable to log in to MyChart since a new version was out. Fine, did the download and got an error message about not being able to open a secure server. That persisted for 12 hours or so. Then, as Zi became frustrated enough to begin writing a review, the app launched! Wonderful! Not! Two more failures to launch. Now, it launches and I try to send a message. Ie seems my data can’t be retrieved at this time. It may be that all of this will work out, but it looks like the launch was predicated on making a due date before development was complete. This is being written in real time.
  • Was useful but now not 2/5

    By Drichpdx
    Before the latest update, app loaded quickly and messages, test results, etc. loaded in a reasonable length of time but now it is incredibly slow and messages won’t load. Makes the app almost useless.
  • Notifications: Badges Needed 3/5

    By Jon A Snow
    In the next version of this app, could you add notification badges? I often miss alerts about new messages because I dismiss banner notifications in the Notification Center and Lock Screen. Adding badges would be helpful. Thanks!
  • Oops! Terms & Conditions Can’t be Loaded at this time 1/5

    By Jacwert
    Was excited to try this app so I don’t always have to log in from the computer. Installed it. Did my log in and got the message “oops! terms and conditions can’t be loaded at this time”. Nice. Problems before I even get in. What’s next?
  • Stopped working! 1/5

    By Sweetpaine23
    My app has stopped working! And I missed one of my appointments because I was unable to get my reminders like I usually get. I took off the app, and re downloaded it and it’s still is not working!
  • Constant issues with login 1/5

    By Sdurden23
    Constantly getting server errors and lagging with login. It’s getting to the point where it is functionally useless
  • Not notifying 3/5

    By MaryClare Akers
    This app is good except it will not notify me of new messages or other alerts despite having the settings for all notifications.
  • Good app, but needs Apple Health integration to be great 3/5

    By Shard
    I really like the UI and the layout of the app. The inclusion of normal, high and low ranges for various diagnostic tests in particular is very helpful. However, it REALLY needs to integrate with the medical records section of Apple Health the the Quest app and others already do. It’s just a matter of the developer team incorporating Apple’s Health API into the app so it shouldn’t be that difficult. That’d make a good 3 star app an outstanding, best-in-class 5 star app for sure.
  • Not User Friendly 3/5

    By My name is Demi
    It’s just ok. There’s no option to add other medical organizations to your records. If you switch medical facilities, how is the app helpful?
  • Good but needs Landscape mode for iPad 4/5

    By chucks02
    I like this app better than others i have used. My main request for improvement is to enable landscape mode for use on iPad - useful when sending messages with iPad using keyboard.
  • Very good except for attachments 5/5

    By Jj air
    The only attachment accepted in a m sage is that from the photo album. I wanted to send a PBF of my ECG but couldn’t. The app should be fixed to allow attachments from files ( eg icloud)
  • Labs 4/5

    By Irie_mami
    Just started using the app and so far I’m ok with it. My only issue for now is how the lab results are sent. It’s a little annoying having to scroll through the same message from the doctor 8 times in 8 different messages. Can it be shown all at once?
  • Contact 3/5

    By Sonamagani
    No Chatroom. No text contact. Only phone contact. I cannot add provider which used to be so convenient about a year ago. Thanks
  • Why in the world is there not a link to the website? 1/5

    By scottman34
    There is literally a button that says you need to go to the website to access this information. And then there is no button anywhere in the app to link you to the website. How is that even a thing? That is the most absurd thing in the world. I am literally here leaving a review talking about how absurd it is instead of looking for the website. That’s how upset I am. That’s why you’re getting this one star review.
  • Not available on foreign app store 1/5

    By clairepansies
    The app is not available in other countries’ app stores. My aunt is undergoing treatment in the US, and can’t get this app that her doctor told her to get because it’s not on the Chinese Apple App Store
  • Fantastic 5/5

    By Kevo409
    I can’t say enough good things about this app! Having my health record online where I can view it is tremendous! Thank you!
  • Can’t connect 3/5

    By John285m
    on My Chart Mt. Sinai (New York) I get a message stating “Safari cannot open the page because too many redirects occurred”. I have no idea what that means, but it’s preventing me from getting vital information.
  • Needs improvement 3/5

    By LAJCWalker
    I want to be able to print out my medications and test. That way I can take it with me to see a new Doctor that’s not in this system. OR have those Doctors read my charts instead of having me come 15 minutes early to fill out redundant paperwork.
  • Active User View Point 3/5

    By 🔥🤬🤯😤😝🔥
    As with everything, it could be better. On the positive side, communication between your MD(s) and you is great. On the negative side, it needs a short cut icon for My Chart Tech Assistance. Billing needs work too. I would like to be able to e-mail billing my question(s) instead of calling. This app should strive to provide communication between doctors, billing,etc...
  • What happened? 1/5

    By Medievalcamelot
    I have been using this app faithfully for several years. In the last few months, it has stopped working. Looking at messages, labs, scheduling appointments... it times out and gives me an error. I have to access MyChart using my web browser now.
  • Needs more 3/5

    By lmhkrb
    It’s convenient to have an app to keep track of things for sure, and I can see all of my medical history from the current office. However I cannot see any history from outside of the current office. It would be nice to be able to have my sons info on there as well, rather than have to create a whole new portal account. The other thing that has actually caused mix ups more than once, is the lack of ability to reschedule appointment rather than cancel and make a new one. With having to do the latter, I still have not done anything I was supposed to do at the appointment that I needed rescheduled.
  • Great Concept, needs Health App integration 3/5

    By 488;8,84&3&&3&:
    Health App integration would be extremely helpful for my provider to have a better view of my apps contents.
  • Bill Payment Won’t Work 2/5

    By BMSsci
    Can’t pay my bills any more. Buttons are obscured by a “Cancel/Back” pop-up and I’m obviously supposed to click something that I can’t see in order to complete the process. Using an iPhone 6. Sometimes I can get to the “I’m not a robot” stage, but after clicking the photos that show cars, nothing happens. Ah well, I guess LifeSpan doesn’t want my payments any more! I can still contact my doctor and see test results so I’m OK.
  • Trouble logging in 1/5

    By oht38
    I just got my personal code and set up my account. I put in a username and password. I get sent back to login page and get “invalid information “. ‘‘Tis on my iPhone app, my android tablet, and the website. I try to reset my password and I get the same message. I know I am using the right username, because my phone saved it.
  • No more second opinion's 1/5

    By YouNeedABetterITGuy
    The "one eye" that sits atop the pyramid see's and knows all. One Dr will not go against an others opinion, not good for the profession. Second opinion! If you have doubts, is there any doubt? Seek out a good holistic practitioner before they too are absorbed. Ah; but we are now forced to at least pay in, there is no longer "freedom of choice"! Roll up your sleeve, we have many vaccine's to give you. Electronic record's are easily changed, altered or deleted. You did make a copy didn't you? Oh no! You kept them in the CLOUD! Ha ha ha ga!
  • Concept is fine 1/5

    By Nicoleeeee E
    The overall concept of the app is smart. However it’s not that user friendly and could have gone through way better UX/UI texting. Also extremely dissatisfied with how long it takes to get a reply from someone (either nurse or doctor). Takes 2 days + for each message’s 2019 it’s not being sent by an owl. Not sure if that’s an app issue or what but it’s ridiculous by all means. If I have an issue and need an answer from my doctor it shouldn’t take that long.
  • Update Error 3/5

    By Ryhuber226993
    Since the last update it will not allow me to login in to the mobile app.
  • Can’t log in to my chart. 1/5

    By Trh9101
    I’ve tried to log in and have not been successful. I deleted the app and reinstalled and tried again but still nothing.
  • Won’t work 1/5

    By Stenoch
    Every time I try to connect it says it can’t secure a connection to the server.
  • Need capability to read summary 4/5

    By col mruger
    Currently have to go to web page. Why? Otherwise great app! I know. I worked on poor systems 30 plus years another company.
  • I can’t remember my Medical Record number 2/5

    By swthrtldy
    I don’t work 9am to 5pm. I work odd hours. So MyChart is helpful when I have questions for my doctor, make appointments, see my test results and so on. What gives this app and mychart two starts is the medical record number. I have reset my phone or computer i have to ask the app to re remember my username. A lot of times I forget what it is. So I go through the precess like you do with any other app website. But I get hold up by one thing. Medical record number. I try to call the numbers they provide but I never seem to be able to get a hold on them on their Business hours. It says the number is on your last visit to the doctor summary report. I never keep those I throw them out. I am just beside myself. This is why people who work odd hours like me are in poor health! IT IS FROM STRESS FROM EVERYONE WHO REFUSE TO THINK ABOUT PEOPLE LIKE ME!
  • Leaves much to be desired 1/5

    By 9th Gate
    Today, I attempted to create an account with the activation code provided to me on my billing statement. After receiving an error of invalid information, I retried to create an account again to no avail. I decided to download the app to see if I could access the account and pay off my bill through that medium. Again, I was met with an error message. Before this began, I called the number given to me on my statement and tried to pay the bill through the automated system, I did not have my account number and was routed to a live representative. I explained to the representative that the website was not working for me, but she wasn’t a very active listener as she encouraged me to pay online through the website. There was also a long delay, not sure if it was due to my cellphone or just how the system operates. Overall, I think the application and website could use some improvements. More so, the website should offer the option to contact the company if someone is experiences issues, though I somehow doubt that will happen with so many jobs being eliminated or automated.
  • Why do you charge for this? 5/5

    By ward girls
    Do you charge for requesting a prescription?

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